Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s07e08 Episode Script

The Last Stand, Part 2

- [alarm blaring] - [man on PA] All personnel, proceed to your command stations immediately.
Scanners have yet to detect any signs of a sub-orbital defense system.
Planetary surface reports indicate offensive capability, extremely low.
Begin the assault.
[weapon charging] - [alarm blaring] - Move, move, move! Power the surface-to-air blasters.
Dispatch the first wave of Garrison fighters.
Prep the next wave immediately.
Wait! We can't use the standard defenses.
We're going to hit those aliens with hundreds of thousands of pounds of thermobaric missiles and finish them off with the best pilots the world has to offer.
They don't stand a chance out there.
We need to scramble the MFE fighters.
[Sanda] The pilots of the MFEs are just cadets.
[Holt] So are the pilots of Voltron.
[Sanda] Launch base defenses according to protocol.
I know you have wartime authorization, but maybe we should listen to That's an order.
We can't risk the planet on untested military weaponry piloted by cadets.
This is Commander Iverson.
Initiate base defense protocol, Beta-Five.
I repeat, initiate base defense protocol, Beta-Five.
You heard the man.
We're up.
You've just doomed those men and women.
[zapping] [missiles thudding] Our weapons have no effect! [man] Evasive maneuvers! Wildcat's gone.
Titan's not responding.
[woman] I can't shake these things.
He's got me on target lock.
[man 2] Hang in there! I'm heading your way! - [woman] I can't No! - [explosion] [woman 2] Be aware, another Galra fleet is launching and approaching.
[woman 3] I've got target lock.
No! [screams] - [explosion] - [radio static crackling] This is Commander Sendak of the Fire of Purification.
I am here for the Voltron Lions.
Turn them over to me or I will destroy your planet.
- Open a line.
- [Veronica] Yes, Admiral.
This is Admiral Sanda of Earth.
We have received your communication requesting the Voltron Lions.
Please be advised that our planet is not harboring them nor do we know where they are.
We'll see.
Tell all Garrison bases to call back fighters.
All Garrison bases are under attack.
They're not responding.
They've already scrambled fighters.
Battle report.
The planet has offered little resistance, with the exception of this single location.
It appears to be utilizing particle barrier technology.
Focus all firepower on that shield.
The ion cannon will make short work of it.
Sir, it looks like the alien ships are focusing in on our location.
Scramble the MFE-Ares fighters.
Begin powering up the fusion cannon.
Yes, sir.
I will court-martial you if you utter one command against my orders.
There won't be a court to try me in if we don't listen to Commander Holt.
[Iverson on PA] MFE-Ares pilots, begin loading sequence.
Activate interlock.
Dynotherms connected.
[Rizavi] Mega-thrusters are go.
We're ready to depart on your mark, Commander Iverson.
[Iverson] Three Two One Mark! [Hepta] They're scrambling fighters, Commander.
Fire the ion cannon.
[cannon charging] The particle barrier shows no signs of structural damage.
Okay, team, we've trained for this.
We know their maneuvers and have the firepower to knock them out.
- Leifsdottir, you're my wing.
- 10-4.
Rizavi, you and Kinkade keep those fighters off our back.
- Fusion cannon online.
- Fire! [explosion] [Veronica] Direct hit.
Target destroyed.
- Fusion cannon status report.
- It's drained substantial power.
Estimating enough for two more shots before recharge, sir.
Sendak doesn't know that.
The cannon appears to be charging for another shot.
This is the only place on the planet well-defended.
Fall back out of its range.
We will attack where they are vulnerable.
[Veronica] The entire fleet is pulling out.
They're focusing their attacks on the remaining cities.
Update the rest of the globe.
They need to evacuate to safe zones immediately.
We should go after them.
Your weapons actually mounted an offense.
The fighters are only short range and the cannon is immobile.
If we leave its proximity, we'd be decimated.
Sir, communication with all of Western Europe has gone dark.
East Coast Base, please acknowledge, over.
Can anyone on the East Coast respond? Over.
Please? Scouting reports show no signs of the Voltron Lions.
Shall we continue the occupation, sir? Yes, the Paladins will return.
And we'll be waiting for them.
[static crackling] Commander, we are no longer receiving responses on any channels.
What are your orders? The Galra just delivered a critical blow.
I know many of you in this room feel we should press our attack.
And believe me when I say I wish we could.
Even with all we've accomplished, we're still not ready to fight the Galra head-on.
However, while this base stands, Earth still has a chance.
I believe in each and every one of you.
You made it here because of your ability to overcome adversity.
And now the freedom of planet Earth is dependent on that ability.
Everyone break to their sub-commands.
I want a full status update of this base.
We will prevail.
When this is all said and done, I'm going to have you both stripped of your rank and thrown in the brig for defying my orders.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, we don't have the Lions.
Why is Sendak still invading? You don't understand the Galra.
They've been conquering the universe for over 10,000 years.
Sendak must have a plan.
Supplies are limited.
We don't have enough food to sustain us for more than a couple of months.
[Holt] And construction materials? Do we have enough to complete the IGF-Atlas? Negative.
We can't give up.
Voltron will come.
We just need to get supplies and wait out Sendak.
Well, there is a supply depot not too far from here.
It was abandoned during the initial attack and the Galra haven't occupied that area yet.
But how would we transport the supplies? [Veronica] We could use the underground tunnel system.
It's an older setup from World War III.
The trains haven't been used since, but the tunnels are sound and the tracks are still intact and run directly beneath the base.
If we were to send a small team, we could load up supplies onto one of the old trains, repair it and ride it directly back here.
What does Galra activity in that area look like? None currently, but judging by the Galra's movements, that won't last long.
It's hard to give an exact estimate.
Their occupation efforts seem to be focused on major metropolitan areas, but they're scattering out in what look like random patrol patterns.
[Holt] Then our team will have to move quickly.
- [Griffin] Okay, I'll drive.
- [Veronica] I'm coming with you.
Name's Veronica.
I'm an analyst and your handler.
We don't need a handler.
Do you know how to get to the depot? [chuckles] Well, no, but, you know, I'll just use the guidance system.
That uses the world communication network.
Which, oh, yeah, these tunnels were designed to block.
And Cadet Rizavi should drive.
She has the highest marks with the AW-Cruiser.
I like her.
Oh, and shotgun.
I really like her.
[Veronica] Left here.
[scope beeping] All clear.
These tracks are a straight shot to the depot.
Let's get to work.
They left her in pretty good shape.
I think we'll have her running in under an hour.
[supplies clanging] Griffin checking in.
What's your status? [Veronica] Supplies are 95 percent loaded.
Rizavi here.
Almost done with repairs.
[footsteps approaching] We've got company, just south of the Cruiser.
[Rizavi] Copy.
On our way.
Our weapons have no effect on them.
Go! Get the train running.
I'll hold them off.
[Veronica grunts] [electricity buzzing] - [panting] - [footsteps approaching] You two, get this thing started.
Kinkade, you're with me.
Train's up and running.
Let's go.
[Griffin] Veronica, get in here! [grunting] Veronica! What are you doing? Just go! We're not gonna leave her.
Stop the train.
[explosion] No! She saved the mission.
And us.
Does anyone know how to get back? Two lefts, two rights, left, middle tunnel, right, left, and then one more right.
Thank goodness you're back.
Where's Veronica? She She didn't make it.
Her sacrifice will not be in vain.
We have a chance now.
A chance for what? We just bought ourselves time.
What is that gonna do for us? Voltron will come.
You really believe that? Yes.
And in the meantime, we need to finish our work on the IGF-Atlas and figure out a way to power it.
She'll be sorely needed when we liberate the planet.
[satellites beeping] Begin the next phase of the assault.
Destroy their communications network.
Forgive me for questioning your orders, but why are we cutting off their communications? Do we not want Voltron to hear the distress signal? When you hear an animal crying out in pain, you proceed with caution.
Silence promotes haste.
[display beeping] He's destroying all of our satellites.
He's cutting off our communication with the outside world.
And all we can do is watch.
[alarm blaring] Commander, how should the fleet proceed regarding the last stronghold? Time will conquer them for us.
It seems we will have enough raw material to complete the superstructure for the IGF-Atlas.
How's morale? It's low.
We're using every trick in the book to keep spirits high, but when the world is in the shape it's in If the IGF-Atlas becomes operational, do you think it could defend Earth? She's been outfitted with all our most advanced weaponry, but it's still just one ship, and an untested one at that.
[phone beeping] This is Commander Holt, over.
[man] Sir, you're gonna wanna come to the hangar to see this.
- [indistinct chatter] - [Veronica chuckles] [woman] Oh, Veronica.
[Veronica gasps] [man] It's great to see you.
Veronica, you're alive.
How? These people saved me.
I've been working with an underground resistance network.
The network is small, but highly mobile.
And they've gathered a great deal of intel and supplies that could prove extremely useful to us.
Their intel even led me to my family.
So I led them here.
I thought we should be working together.
Your brother would be very proud of you.
Speaking of Lance Have you heard anything? From Voltron? No.
Not yet.
And supplies are getting dangerously low.
What you've brought will certainly help, but only for so long.
I'm afraid I've got more bad news to add to that.
I have some intel from the resistance network.
The Galra have begun to group able-bodied citizens together into work camps.
They're utilizing them for manual labor.
Reports indicate that construction has begun on multiple Galran installations around the globe.
We need to get one last message out to Voltron.
[man on PA] Commencing launch in ten, nine, eight, - seven, six, five, four - Let's hope you're right about this.
three, two, one.
[man on PA] Liftoff.
[display beeping] Sir, the base has launched a projectile.
Destroy it.
[weapons charging] - [woman] Yes! We did it! - [cheering] He fell for it.
[Hepta] I'm picking up a signal.
They're broadcasting.
They're micro transmitters, millions of them, spreading throughout the sector.
What are they broadcasting? [Holt on transmitters] To any beings who receive this message, planet Earth has been overrun by Galra.
Most of the citizens have been captured.
Those of us remaining are making our last stand.
If you get this message, please get word to Voltron.
We need help.
So they do think Voltron will return.
[Holt] Earth has been conquered.
We are the last holdout in an evil occupation.
And we must face facts.
Our supplies are running out.
They have hammered us and hurt the ones we love.
Our backs are completely up against the wall.
And nothing makes us more dangerous.
We only have enough resources for one last stand.
Regardless of the outcome, if we stand united, we will let them know that planet Earth, our home, will not go down without a fight.
[all cheering] Well, what are we waiting for? [grunts]