Voyagers! s01e11 Episode Script

Merry Christmas, Bogg

(SINGING) deck the halls with boughs of holly Merry Christmas, boys.
Merry Christmas, General Washington.
Seize that man! He's a rebel spy.
Come on, Bogg.
Amy and I would like Jeffrey to live with us.
It's a home.
And he needs that.
What do you think you're doing? What I should've done a long time ago.
Giving you a home with a mother and father who love you.
No! BOGG: We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI dings) Green light, kid! We did it! CAROLERS: (SINGING) O come, all ye faithful Joyful and triumphant O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem Come and behold him Born the King of Angels O come, let us adore him O come, let us adore him O come, let us adore him Form it up, then.
Get a leg on, Schmidt.
Christ the Lord Sing, choirs of angels Sing in exultation Tonight being Christmas Eve, we should pay special attention to any kind of unusual activity.
This is just the time for the colonist rebels to play one of their dirty little tricks.
Schmidt and Mueller will patrol the south of town.
Danziger's group will take the west.
Bohm, the east, Hertzman, up north.
If we hurry with our patrols we might make it back for a little reveling of our own.
Lord, we greet thee Born this happy morning Will you stop that confounded singing and get out of here? I can't hear myself think! Sorry about that, Colonel.
We thought you could use some holiday spirit.
I could use some peace and quiet.
NATHAN: We will give you as much of that as we can.
Merry Christmas, sir.
(SINGING) Joy to the world, the Lord is come Let earth receive her King (PLUMMETING) Let every heart (BOTH GRUNTING) Prepare him room And Heaven and nature sing Where are we? (BEEPING) Jersey.
New Jersey? I guess.
How old could Jersey be in 1776? What's wrong? That a bad year or something? Come on, Bogg, you couldn't have skipped that class.
It's the Revolution.
The Revolution, right.
Pancho Villa.
The American Revolution.
George Washington? Right.
It's pretty peaceful for a revolution.
Well, it's gotta be here somewhere.
All we got to do is find it.
Yeah, well, let me tell you something about revolutions.
If you stay around long enough in one place they'll find you.
Hey! Get out of there! Hey, there's a bomb in there! A bomb? Jump, kid! Hurry.
Follow me.
You all right? Yeah.
Let's go! We've got to run! Get them! Get them! Hurry, this way.
Around the corner.
Come on.
Like I said, kid.
The revolution'll find you.
You'll be okay, Jeff? I'll be all right.
Except for a frozen tuber, I'm fine.
It isn't a very pleasant way for a boy to spend Christmas Eve.
You should be by a warm hearth with your parents.
I don't have any parents.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
To tell you the truth, I think it's kind of exciting being here in the Revolution.
Is that what you call our feeble little attempts against the Redcoats? A revolution? Feeble? What about Concord? The Battle of Bunker Hill? Battles? They were more like routs.
We just don't have a strong military leader.
Oh, Sam and John Adams were handling things pretty well up in Boston.
Until they were caught and hung.
That can't be.
John Adams became our second President.
President of what? Trouble, huh? Big trouble.
Well, here they are, Admiral.
The three fanatics.
Looks more like two and a half.
Release the boy.
Admiral, he's as guilty as the others.
Imprisoning children is hardly the way to convince the colonists we deserve to rule them.
Send him home to his parents.
What about the other two? Arrange a trial as quickly as possible.
A trial.
A fair trial, Colonel.
Carry on.
Yes, Admiral.
That's what happens when they put the British navy in command.
What are you doing? But the Admiral said After a couple of hands of cards in the tavern.
Come on, Schmidt, warm your hands inside.
You know, that British Admiral sure did look familiar.
Washington? He should.
He's in charge of the whole area? Wait a second.
We're not talking about George Washington? The best they have.
We think it's because he was born in the Colonies.
He didn't leave Virginia to join the Limey Navy until he was 14.
Well, that's it then.
We can't do anything until we get out of these stocks though.
Maybe they only made these things in adult sizes.
(EXCLAIMS) Where is it? On my belt.
You're going to be okay, Nathan.
Over there.
Is that the Colonel coming back? Where? I don't see anyone.
(PLUMMETING) (LEAVES RUSTLING) BOGG: Where are we, kid? JEFFREY: Virginia.
This Mount Vernon? I don't know.
Mom and Dad brought me here when I was seven.
Sure was a lot different.
Maybe this is before the big house was built.
Well, all we have to do is find George Washington.
Come here.
Well, Mother, I guess it's goodbye.
I'm sure you'll find lots of new things to enjoy, places to see That him? Yeah.
Must be.
The Father of our country.
If we could stop him from joining the wrong side.
Everyone says the Royal Navy's going to be good for me.
I know.
It's just that you're so young.
If you really don't want me to go I mean, someone has to look after the estate.
It's what you want that counts, George.
Oh, I just want what you want.
It sounds like they both know what they want, but won't admit it.
WASHINGTON: Let me look at you.
Listen, I have an idea.
I'll write you.
I know.
George! (COUGHS) Your father would have been very proud of you.
Goodbye, Mother.
Goodbye, George.
Hey, good luck.
BOGG: Ahoy there, Mrs.
Oh, if you're here for George, he's already left for the dock.
Oh, yes, yes, I know.
I passed him on the way.
Just wanted to stop by and tell you not to worry.
Oh, well, I wouldn't say I was worried.
Oh, good, good.
'Cause it's awful easy to worry when you don't have any idea where he is or what he's up to.
But I will.
George has promised to write.
(LAUGHING) He did, did he? Well, that's what they all say.
But they never do.
Never? Oh, you'll get used to it.
Just keep telling yourself that the Navy's getting better every day.
Oh, why, almost half of our cabin boys missed the scurvy.
Scurvy? Oh, now that's not counting the ones lost in battle.
Boys George's age are real curious.
Keep forgetting to keep their head out of the range of cannon fire.
Oh, dear! Oh, no.
I know how you feel, Mrs.
But it's not nearly as hard on the boys as some say.
There's always something to keep the boys real cheery.
Like the rum ration.
Did you say rum? Oh, I'll admit it's not the best quality in the world, but the quantity is just right.
Half a quart a day.
And that's not counting the other fringe benefits of the Navy.
More than a man can fight off.
George is 14 years old! But don't let that worry you.
The girls that chase the fleet around don't mind them young.
Oh, yes, ma'am.
The Navy's gonna be the making of your son.
I started of as a cabin boy myself, you know.
George will probably end up just like me.
(LAUGHING) (SIGHS) So, how long have you been a cabin boy? About a year.
It's really exciting.
But there's lots of things they don't tell you.
Like what? Like how much you miss your family.
You miss yours? Sometimes it really hurts.
On your birthday and Christmas (SIGHS) You're out there doing things.
Even if it's helping people.
And all you want is to be home.
And all you want is a hug from your mom.
I'd give anything for a hug from my mother.
George! George! I can't let you go, George.
I'm sorry, but I just can't.
It's all right, Mother.
I don't want to go.
What'd you tell him? Well, whatever it was, it sure worked.
(SIGHING) (DINGS) We got a green light.
Hey, you okay? Oh, yeah.
Just got something in my eye.
Bogg, get me out of here.
Right away.
(PLUMMETING) (CARRIAGE WHEELS CLATTERING) (BOTH GRUNTING) Not exactly the kind of place to cheer me up.
(BEEPING) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
December 24th, 1892.
Hey, Christmas Eve again.
So? So why can't we be like normal people? So why can't we take a day off and have presents and stuff? I don't know.
Well, ask the Omni.
Light's red.
You mean voyagers don't get time off for holidays? Well, I'm sorry.
But if we didn't do our jobs when it needs doing, there'd be nothing for folks to celebrate.
It doesn't seem fair.
No, I guess it isn't.
Jeff, you know if there's any way for the Omni to get you back home I know, I know.
But anyway, with Mom and Dad gone, home just wouldn't be the same.
MAN: Gompers, you're delaying.
That's all you're doing, you're just delaying.
GOMPERS: Your families deserve more.
That doesn't sound like a holiday party.
Come on.
We got to stick together as a team.
MAN: We got to eat.
Our families got nothing.
You've got to hang in there.
What are you waiting for? You got to trust me.
We can't keep striking if we can't afford to eat.
Ten minutes.
You stay on the line and I swear Jones'll be here with the money.
We don't believe you, Gompers! Did you hear what he called that man? Yeah, it's a shame.
But if I can learn to live with a name like Bogg, he can adjust to one like Gompers.
Samuel Gompers was the greatest labor leader America ever had.
My great-grandfather knew him real well.
Yeah? Without him people would still be working seven days a week.
Like voyagers.
GOMPERS: It's the only thing It's the only way we're going to get anything.
Samuel! Sam, I'm back.
It's Jones.
Jones is here with the money! (MEN GRUNTING) Stay here, I'm going after Gompers.
Bogg! (MEN GRUNTING) Bogg, look out! (MEN COUGHING) MAN: What's this stuff? I can't breathe.
Bogg! Bogg! Bogg, where are you? Stay out of this, kid.
(WHISTLES) Let's get out of here! You okay? Yeah.
MAN: Did you get it? Yeah.
Come on.
Are you all right, Fred? Yeah.
Have you seen Sam? I'm right behind you.
I was counting on you saving the Union.
Well, you saved the Union.
Oh, I didn't do any more than these two fellas.
You fellas got names? Yeah.
Phineas Bogg.
This is Jeffrey Jones.
Jones, huh? Seems we've got the same handle.
Stephen Jones.
And this is Samuel Gompers.
Did Jones bring the money? Just like we promised you, boys, they can't smoke us out, they can't starve us out.
It's in the carriage.
(BEEPING) It's still red.
He said his name is Stephen Jones.
Pretty common name.
I'll bet there was only one Stephen Jones that worked as a lawyer for Samuel Gompers.
So? So he's my great-grandfather.
Gone? What do you mean gone? I don't understand.
Those company goons must have taken it.
I don't believe that.
I bet there wasn't any money from the start.
Another stall to keep our hopes up.
MEN: Yeah.
Are you sure? It's got to be him.
Now, boys, relax.
The company would like nothing better than for us to fight each other instead of them.
Fight's over, Sam.
Fred's right.
We can't go on striking without food.
And you'll get it.
Just give us more time.
More time? We've been striking for five months! And all it's gotten us is more of your broken promises.
Look, if you feel that way why don't you crawl back to the owners? They'll put you to work at half your old wages.
It's better than starving, huh? Right.
When that gate opens, I'm reporting back to work.
Wait! Now think about it, boys.
If you do that, you're gonna kill the Federation.
Your AFL is a wishful dream, Sam.
We have to give it up before it kills us.
No, you can't mean that.
Every worker in America is counting on us.
It's not just our showdown, now it's theirs.
We can't let them down.
Now tomorrow is Christmas, the plant'll be closed.
Give me that one day to go back to the other unions and ask them to pass the hat for us one more time.
Another stall.
But it's worth a try.
Look, just give Sam a chance to raise more money.
I agree.
Who are you? The guy who pulled you out of that fight back there, that's who.
Look, you've been on strike for five months.
What's one more day? Consider it Christmas present for Mr.
Gompers here.
(ALL MUTTERING) Okay, Sam, you got 24 hours, but that's all.
All right.
STEPHEN: Let me tell Amy we've got guests.
Make yourselves at home.
I'll also try to find you some warmer clothes.
That'd be great.
(DOOR CLOSING) (CLOCK TICKING) Bogg! What? I used to be rocked to sleep in this.
Are you sure? Well, it had a lot more scratches and dents in it.
This is the one.
Dad would rock me fast, Ma would rock me slow.
(SIGHING) I never thought I'd see it again.
(EXCLAIMING) Bogg, look at this! We used to have this on our Christmas tree.
You're good at family history, you know.
It's easy.
Look at this.
It's just like my own home.
AMY: Oh, Stephen, no! That is just not fair.
STEPHEN: Amy, please.
You don't want our guests to hear you.
I don't care who hears.
You've given your life to that Union.
And now they accuse you of lying about that money.
That is not fair! The men are scared and they're hungry.
They didn't mean it.
They turn on you and still you take their side.
How much more can you give them? I can give them one more day.
And then will you start taking legal clients who can pay you? I can't let the men down.
Oh, Amy, don't you see, there'll be plenty of time for making money after we save the Union.
The Union! I don't care about the Union! But, Amy, the Union I care about you.
And I care about our baby.
I'd rather see the Union die than to watch it destroy you.
Don't you understand? I love you.
You Stubborn goat.
A stubborn goat, am I? You should've heard what I wanted to call you.
(STEPHEN SIGHING) I know what I put you through.
But I'll make it up to you.
Make it up to me.
You've got five seconds.
Five seconds.
Well, what can I do in five seconds? I know.
What are they doing? Being a family.
This is great soup, Ms.
If you like potato peels and water.
Would you like some more? No, thanks.
We're not really that hungry.
Well, you two are the only ones in Pittsburg who can say that, besides the mill owners.
Is there something wrong with your plate, Jeff? You keep staring at it.
It's great! My mom used to have some just like these.
Used to? Jeff's folks are gone.
I'm sorry, son.
What are you two doing for Christmas? Would you like to spend it with us? Are you kidding? Oh, that's awfully nice of you to ask, but could Jeff and I talk about it? If you're worried about imposing, don't be.
We'd really like you to stay.
Could we, Bogg? (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hold on a second.
I'll get it.
Sam! Come on in.
Sorry to spoil your dinner, everybody.
Oh, that's okay.
Bad news.
The council turned you down? Even worse.
They're holding you and me responsible for the stolen money.
I'm afraid it's over.
The strike, this Union.
We've lost everything.
There must be some other place we could go for money.
GOMPERS: I've tried every place.
I know somebody that has the exact amount you're looking for.
Who? The people who stole it.
The strikebreakers? That's right.
It's your money.
Maybe I can get it back.
It's worth a try.
Do you know where they keep it? Well, there's a large safe in the company payroll office.
That's the most logical place.
Okay, that's where I'll look.
How will I know it? It was in a black satchel in $20 gold pieces.
But Phineas, you don't stand a chance.
It must be guarded by a small army of company police.
I always prefer a small one to a large army.
Come on, Jeff.
Hey, you know you never gave them an answer about Christmas.
That's because I don't know what answer to give them.
Oh, please, Bogg, they're my family.
But we're supposed to be helping, right? (OMNI BEEPING) Yeah.
Let's try a window.
Good idea.
Except, they're all up there.
No problem.
We got a problem.
Look, why don't Give me a boost.
Good thinking.
All clear.
(MEN LAUGHING) (BARKING) I thought you said it was clear.
(DOG SNARLING) There's nothing to be afraid of.
I think he's glad to see us.
That's because he thinks we're lunch.
Wait a minute, I got a better idea.
(WHINES) Come on, boy.
Go get it.
You know, he's gonna be really mad when he finds out you tricked him.
What's he gonna do about it? Slip under the door? Come on.
You know, I think you got something against dogs.
I don't have anything against dogs.
What I have is teeth marks.
Millenniums of teeth marks.
Bogg, look.
It's locked.
No problem.
This one's locked, too.
Too bad.
But I think I can lick it.
(DOG BARKING) You hear something? (SIGHS) This one's really tough.
Maybe too tough.
Check those desks over there.
Maybe the combination's written down somewhere.
(DOG BARKING) Hey, there's somebody up there.
Charlie! Mike! Over here! Open it.
(BOGG MUMBLING) (SIGHING) I don't think I can open this one.
You don't have to.
Look what I've found.
I guess the guys that stole it didn't know how to open the safe either.
(DOG BARKING) Follow him.
About time we had some good luck.
Come on.
(GROWLING) Hold it right there.
I told you he was gonna be mad.
You put that satchel down real easy.
Or by the time he gets through with you, you'll look like beef jerky.
(DOG SNARLING) Sic them, boy.
Sic them.
Do something, Bogg.
Maybe beef jerky isn't such a bad idea.
Okay, dog, you win.
Here, boy, dessert.
(MEN GROANING) Grab the satchel.
(BEEPING) All right.
(PLUMMETING) (BOTH GRUNTING) Where are we? Hold on a sec, I'll check.
Don't bother.
We're back in Colonies.
It's 1776 again.
How'd you know? Over there.
Remember him? Carry on, Major.
Thank you, General Washington.
George Washington.
And he's on the right side.
So what are we doing back here? We fixed his life.
(BEEPING) If we fixed it, why's the Omni red? He maybe the father of your country but George there needs a lot of babysitting.
Well, I think I'll get a little rest while I can.
Hey, duck.
What are we ducking for? That Major, he walks sneaky.
I'm here, darling.
I've missed you so.
And I've missed you.
But soon it will all be over, I promise.
What's this? Washington is launching an attack across the Delaware tonight.
On Christmas? What better time for a surprise? This is his battle plan.
Deliver this note to Colonel Rall.
The Hessians can capture Washington's entire army and put an end to this whole, stupid rebellion.
And then we'll live in London, like you promised? Even better than I promised.
Oh, David! We got to get that note back.
Somehow we've got to beat her back to Rall.
Isn't he the guy that put us in those stocks? Sure is.
Then we've got more than one reason for wanting to see him again.
Come on.
There she is! Let's go.
(COINS RATTLING) Put this over.
Merry Christmas, Colonel.
From all your loyal friends.
We're too late? No, we aren't.
That's my game they're playing.
Bogg, how many times do I have to tell you? It's called poker.
Lucky we brought these table stakes.
That's the Union's money.
Trust me.
Bogg, come back! Can anyone get in this game? Anybody with money.
(COINS RATTLING) Mind if I deal? (MAN COUGHING) Four aces.
(PEOPLE MURMURING) Guess that means I win again.
Means you won everything.
Game's over.
Oh, too bad.
It was just getting to be fun.
Fun for you maybe.
Shall we go? Tell you what.
Why don't we keep playing, I'll bet money against whatever you like? That's decent of you.
Like what? I don't know.
How about that coat you're wearing, Colonel? My coat? Why not? It's a real pretty red.
What if I told you this coat is worth four of those gold coins? I'd say that's fair.
Then give me the cards and I'll deal.
SOLDIER 1: (LAUGHING) Look at Rall.
SOLDIER 2: (LAUGHING) Looks like it got him over his head this time.
(COINS JINGLING) General Washington will be glad to see this.
And you also made a pretty good profit for the Union.
We're in pretty good shape.
Let's report back to General Washington.
Seize that man! He's a card cheat for certain, and probably a rebel spy.
Stay where you are, man.
There's no escape.
Bogg, I don't think there's a back door.
Stick with me.
Come on, Bogg.
Come on, this way.
Bogg, wait! We already tried this way.
Remember? Oh, right.
(CAROLERS SINGING) Get that thing out of there! Get it out! Come on, keep it moving! Search the streets! I want those two! Move it.
Quiet! I said quiet! That's better.
Sorry, sir.
We were just trying to spread some Christmas cheer.
I'm trying to find two rebel spies, a man and a boy.
They come through here? I didn't see anyone go through here.
You didn't, did you? All right.
Get out of here.
Thank you, sir, and Merry Christmas.
(GRUNTS) (SINGING) deck the halls with boughs of holly Fa la la la la, la la la la 'Tis the season to be jolly Fa la la la la, la la la la You're sure the British never read my plan? They never had a chance.
General Washington, I guarantee your attack will be a surprise and a success.
I hope so.
We could use a success right now.
Morale is low.
We have suffered too many defeats.
Thank you for your help.
I wish I could express it more fully, but it's time to go.
Can we see you off? Of course.
You know, I hate boats.
I'm just lucky I never joined the Navy.
I get seasick.
Mind a bit of advice? Good advice I never mind, bad advice I tolerate.
Stand in the bow.
You get the wind in your face.
Makes your stomach think it's on dry land.
I'll try it.
SOLDIER: Hurry up.
Get the boat over here, and the oars.
Thanks again.
And Merry Christmas, boys.
Merry Christmas, General Washington.
Merry Christmas.
Can you believe it? George Washington himself wished us a Merry Christmas.
Glad you liked it.
(DINGS) Omni liked it, too.
Green light.
Now can we go back and help my great-grandparents? I have a feeling they're gonna be real glad to see us and this.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Say hello to your husband, Mrs.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas and God bless you.
AMY: Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Ben.
Thanks, Sam.
I want to apologize for ever having doubted you.
You, too, Stephen.
Forget it, Ben.
Just stay with us until we win the strike.
I'll stay.
I always wanted to.
Couldn't do it with hungry kids.
Ben's right.
We can all hold out now.
As long as it takes? Even longer than that.
Sam, you got yourself a Union.
Oh, it's not mine.
It's yours.
There you are! Could you two stop working for just a minute? Why? Well, Stephen wants Mr.
Gompers to tell the men that it was really you two who got the money back.
Oh, I'd rather you didn't do that.
Why not? The men are going to need Sam Gompers and Stephen Jones to look up to long after we're gone.
Stephen isn't gonna like that.
I really think it's best.
You're just as stubborn as he is, aren't you? Well, I'm more stubborn.
And I insist that you two can't leave until you've had Christmas dinner with Stephen and me.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
We'll see you home at 7:00 then.
Okay? How does it look? Perfect.
(SIGHS) I don't know.
Perfectly strange I think, you mean.
Oh, let's face it, Jeffrey.
I'm just not very handy.
You know I always flunked in sewing class? By my own mother.
I think it's a terrific angel.
Oh, well.
Next year we'll get a real one and we'll throw this joke away.
No, no, no.
Don't do that.
Why not? Well, I like this one.
And I bet your baby will.
And your other kids will.
And your grandkids.
It's so klutzy-Iooking, it It just makes you feel good.
Angel, you've got a job.
Isn't she great? Spunky lady.
And Stephen.
He's a lot like my dad.
Then I'd say your dad was a good man.
The best.
Dad was named after him, you know.
No, I didn't know.
I need two volunteers.
Well, for what? Well, it's sort of a self-discipline test.
You see if you can manage to string up any of this popcorn as Christmas ornaments before you eat it all up.
Oh, I'll volunteer.
How about you, Phineas? Come on, Bogg.
No, Amy.
You leave Phineas alone.
I want to talk with him.
You want us to wait for you? No, no.
Go ahead.
Come on, leave them to their man-talk.
Besides, it just leaves more for you and me to eat.
Why don't you sit there and I'll give you a needle and thread.
In the rocker? Yes, in the rocker.
Here you go.
Go on, sit down.
We're very grateful to you, Phineas.
And I've been trying to think of a way to repay you.
Forget it.
None of us can forget what you've done.
And we want to return the favor.
And I think I know how.
I think we can help you with Jeffrey.
What do you mean? Well, to begin with, he must be a great responsibility for you.
Oh, no.
He's no trouble at all.
In fact, I kind of like having him around.
I can see how you'd feel that way.
He's a wonderful boy.
But you do have to consider his side of it.
It's not right for a young boy to miss school.
Now, he's very smart.
Oh, I know.
It's just with all the travel around we do That's where I think we can help you.
Amy and I would like Jeffrey to live with us.
Live here? All the time? Yes.
Now, we don't have much, but it's a home.
And he needs that.
You think so, huh? Oh, you've seen how starved he is to be part of a real family.
It's not easy for a boy that young to lose his parents.
Now, Phineas, I wouldn't even bring it up if I didn't know that you want the best for Jeffrey.
(SINGING) Silent night Holy night All is calm All is bright Round yon Virgin Mother and Child Holy Infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Silent night Holy night Shepherds quake Shepherds quake At the sight Glories stream from heaven above Where's Bogg? Jeffrey.
Jeffrey, wait! Jeff, wait.
Bogg! Bogg, wait.
We were singing Christmas carols, and all of a sudden you were just gone.
Where's your coat? You're gonna catch a cold.
Bogg, what's going on? Where are you going? I'm leaving.
Leaving? Without me? Yeah.
Without you.
But why? Your great-grandfather can say it a million times better than I can.
Say what? That they can take care of you better than I can.
There's nothing wrong with the way you take care of me.
Being a voyager is no life for a kid.
Greek food one day, Chinese food the next.
No holidays Did you ever hear me complaining? Yeah.
A lot.
Now go back there and get warm and happy.
Bogg, stop it! What do you think you're doing? What I should've done a long time ago.
Giving you a home with a mother and father who love you.
But I don't want them.
I want you.
You can have a family.
But I've already got a family! Don't you understand? It's you.
(SOBBING) JEFFREY: If you wanna learn about George Washington and the American Revolution, or Samuel Gompers and the American Labor Movement, take a voyage down to your public library.
It's all in books!