Wabbit - A Looney Tunes Production (2016) s01e18 Episode Script

Snow Wabbit/Aromatherapist

1 Going down the rabbit hole Where we're going no one knows Obstacles 'round every bend Let's see where the tunnel ends Ew.
Bugs! Ugh.
Wile E! How many times have I told you to keep lids on your garbage cans! Because, it stinks! How hard is it to keep your stench on your side of the fence? My stench? How dare you? Well, it's coming from your side of the bushes.
Doesn't anyone knock anymore? Skunk! My work here, is done.
Make it stop! Stop! Oh, my eyes! My eyes! We both got the funk of skunk.
Come on, Wile E.
, I have just the thing to get the stink out.
Let me guess, you're going to use to-mah-to juice? Well, to-may-to juice.
I've got four cans in my pantry.
I think I'll pass.
You see, you say, "To-may-to", I say, "Science!" You can handle this problem with technology.
Okay, Wile E.
, suit yourself.
You'll see, ferret, I'll be smelling fresh as a daisy in no time.
This ought to do the trick.
Still trying the old fashioned way, hmm? Wile E.
, everybody knows the acid in tomato juice gets rid of the skunk smell.
Acid, huh? I'm sorry, rodent, but, I don't think that's going to cut it.
It is a commonly known fact that tomato juice is simply an abrasive agent.
But, if you really want to rub away the odiferous molecules, you need something with more density.
Like concrete.
One shouldn't be too stingy in its application.
It's all about quantity.
Just rub it in like so.
Gah! Rodent, would you mind helping me? Always helpful, that's me.
Aw, you want a hug? This is all the thanks I need.
You're wasting your time, rabbit.
To rid oneself of a foul aroma you need to work from the inside out.
Making the stinkies be gone is easy with my patented.
Vapo-Deodorizer Mach 5.
Just blend and breathe the fresh essence and it cleans your pores from the inside out.
I'll put in some cologne, daisies, cinnamon, mint, vanilla extract.
- Powdered soap - Dirty underwear.
Dirty underwear.
- Vinegar.
- Vinegar.
- Fish-heads.
- Fish-heads.
- Rotten eggs.
- Rotten eggs.
You think that's going to spray the stink away? You need more power than that.
Little help? Spray away.
You got it, doc.
Oh, you want me to turn it up to level eight? Will do.
Guess he had a bone to pick with me.
What is that? A towel? How primitive.
What will you use next, the sun? Please.
Allow me to introduce, iStink 3000.
One trip through this gentle giant and I'll come out smelling like a rose.
Like you rose from the dead.
I call it the Sucktank.
"Sucktank", huh? Exactly.
All I have to do, is step inside and the centrifugal force of these electron turbines will create a vacuum, sucking all my concentrated stink into that glass bulb.
Let's begin.
Rabbit, would you do the honors? No problem.
Stage one commencing.
It's working! You can turn it off, now.
Uh, there is no off button.
- What? - Stage two commencing.
Stage 3 commencing.
- Ow! - Stage 4 commencing.
Argh! Oh, my word, what is that terrible smell? I think you're looking for that guy over there.
What? System overload.
System overload.
Maybe, I will take you up on that tomato juice.
Going down the rabbit hole Where we're going no one knows Obstacles 'round every bend Let's see where the tunnel ends