Wabbit - A Looney Tunes Production (2016) s01e23 Episode Script

Beaver Fever ; Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel

1 Going down the rabbit hole Where we're going no one knows Obstacles 'round every bend Let's see where the tunnel ends So hot.
That's it.
I'm going to Iceland.
I gotta find a way to beat this heat.
I know.
A nice dip in the lake would cool me down.
Hey! Where are you going? The lake's the other way.
Good luck with that, mate.
The lake is closed to us.
Hey! What's up, doc? Are you a beaver? What? No.
Well, this here lake was made by beavers for beavers.
It wasn't made for animals that aren't beavers.
Not your little birdies.
Not your frolicking deer.
It especially wasn't made for lazy rabbits like you.
Oh, come on.
You can't just own an entire lake.
It's part of an ecosystem or something.
Well, I guess those are the rules.
Oh, boy! A beaver lake! Good thing I'm a beaver.
Huh? You're a beaver? Why, yes.
I'm a beaver.
Note the large front teeth and flat tail.
What's the beaver secret password? Uh Teeth? - What's the beaver national motto? - Teeth.
- What's my PIN number? - Teeth.
All right.
You check out.
Welcome to the lake, beaver.
Why, thank you.
And, uh, my friends here are also beavers.
Huh? Hmm.
Finally, we get to cool off.
Hmm? Beavers only! Come on, why can't we swim in your lake? You are not a beaver.
Well, this is a bit of a setback.
Huh? Beavers only! Does anybody know how to drive this thing? I'm doing the best I can, Captain.
I've got cloven hooves.
Eh Who let that guy on board? Ha-ha! We did it! Submerge! Submerge! Beavers only.
We're filling up with water! We're filling up with water! Not on my watch.
So, we still on for football Sunday? Surely, we can all share this.
No! I claim this lake for beavers! You're gonna claim an entire ocean? This lake is for beavers only! Beavers only! Hey, shark, beavers only! I claim this stomach for beavers only.
I claim this intestine for beavers only.
I claim this colon for beavers only.
Making everything beavers only, only made that beaver lonely.
Ugh! Hey, Squeaks.
That's Wile E.
's cave.
Stay away from him, Squeaks.
That guy's nuts.
Oh, that can't be good.
Oh, my neighbor the rodent.
And what brings you here? It's just that my pal Squeaks drove into your house.
He's a squirrel.
Well, I suppose it takes the teeny, tiny mind of such a simple animal as yourself to find another teeny, tiny-minded animal.
Have at it, simpleton.
Squeaks? Where are you, little guy? Oh, Squeaks? Be careful with that! Squeaks, where are you? Maybe over here.
That's not normal.
Hmm, I bet you You really should be careful.
These are some nice things.
Perhaps he went in here.
Please refrain from opening that.
Your tiny brain will not comprehend what is behind this door.
This is a place of science and intelligence.
Besides, this door is completely impenetrable.
Ow! How did he get in there? It's okay.
I'll get him back.
You had your chance.
Teeny-tiny, big brain.
I'll do it my way.
Sometimes, this sticks a bit.
Try pushing.
Thank you.
I put years of work into this lab.
He could ruin everything.
That's why we must find and eradicate that squirrel.
Uh I prefer catch, not eradicate.
Can't we just put out a bowl of nuts or something? Ah I, of all people, know how to catch things.
But not with nuts.
With this! Now, step aside, and witness how big my brain actually is.
It certainly opens up the place.
Hey! And where are you going? Oopsie! Come on, Squeaks.
Let's Hey! Turn that thing off! I don't know how.
I'm sure I have a spare remote around here.
Not that one.
Ah! This one.
Disco, no.
I'm fairly certain it's this one.
You now have two minutes before you are completely vaporized.
Monsterizer ray charging.
Hey, Squeaks, let's get out of here before it gets weird.
Monsterizer ray fully charged.
Too late.
I'll get you, squirrel.
Rabbit! Find my normalizer ray gun.
It'll reverse the monster effects.
Sorry, wrong gun.
Okay, hold on.
Oh, there it is.
Hold still, Squeaks.
And as for you Oh! This one's the Giant boxing glove.
Boogie on the dance floor Boogie on the dance floor Get a funky rhythm when you're moving your feet You gotta give something to it when you're feeling the beat Step out on the floor when you're starting to move You're gonna slim-slam boogie-woogie, get on the groove Boogie on the dance floor Stop! Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop.
Countdown stopped.
I forgot voice control.
Come on, Squeaks.
Let's get out of here.
What? You're gonna leave just like that? Fine.
Oh, poo.
Going down the rabbit hole Where we're going no one knows Obstacles 'round every bend Let's see where the tunnel ends