Wake in Fright (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Part 2

You all did well this year.
You all deserve a nice Christmas holiday.
- MAN: Leaving? - Yep.
- Better pay? - No.
Better place? - (GASPS) - (TYRES SQUEAL) - WOMAN: Been to the Yabba before? - No.
Best little town on earth.
What kind of man are you, John Grant? You don't want a drink? Or you can't drink? You know, just one, maybe.
MAN: Centre's set! Come in, spinner! Easy game, two-up.
Easy to win.
$1,000 on tails! Easy to lose.
- MICK: Are you done, are you? - I've reached my daily limit.
Oh, hey, I could spot you a bit.
(CHEERING) The bank's cancelled my cards.
Teacher needs a lesson.
Oh, hello, Jaffries.
Beaut day.
You're their daughter.
Someone special? Do you have a girlfriend? - What's her name? - Robyn.
I'm surprised to see you here, Evan.
Especially this time of year.
DOC: A man about to be engaged.
Engaging in strange dalliances.
- Look, I'm sorry about last night - We have enough problems, John.
Here they are.
- I can get your money.
- Hop in.
Doc? - What did you see? - Nothing.
- Are we going shooting? - Ooh, you're one clever guy! Been shot before, Teach? - What? - Shot before? You've got to get me out of here! It's too late, John.
- What for? - Out! (SOFTLY) What the fuck?! - Please.
I'll get your money, okay? - (CHUCKLES) Come on.
Give it a go.
I-I don't really want to.
Yeah, you do.
(OPENS BREECH) (JOE CHUCKLES) You like it, Teacher? So, uh, you two are brother and sister? Why? You want to fuck me? - No.
- Why not? What's wrong with me? - No, I didn't mean that.
I just - Come on, John! This is Mickey J! Undefeated women's MMA champion.
Are you wondering, if she's undefeated, what's she doing living out here? Don't fuckin' push it, Tydon.
I don't want to hear any of your crap tonight.
(DOG GROWLS, BARKS) - Right, here we go! - (REVS ENGINE) (PIG SQUEALS) Gotcha, little piggie! - (CACKLES) - Come on, Teach! - Hurry up, Teach! - Uh (GRUNTS NERVOUSLY) Come on, shoot it! That's it! - (PIG SQUEALS) - Hey, sharpshooter! (ALL CHEER, LAUGH) Come on, Teach, get it! (SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY) - (FIRES GUN) - (PIG SQUEALS) Kill it! Shoot it! (DOG BARKS) (CACKLES) - Gut it.
- (DOC LAUGHS) - (STABS) - Not a virgin anymore, Teach! - (CACKLES) - (DOG GROWLS) - (GUNSHOT) - (ALL LAUGH) - Hey-hey! - Shoot it, John! Shoot it! (OVERLAPPING VOICES, LAUGHTER) Yeah! (LAUGHS) - Oh, you love it, don't you?! - (LAUGHS) - Go on, shoot the fucking thing! - (VOMITS) (GUNSHOT) (LAUGHS) Whoo-hoo! - Whoo-hoo! - Whoo! (PIG SQUEALS) - Whoo! - (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOT) - MICK: What did he see? - DOC: I don't know.
You keep your mouth shut! Or it'll be you out there! - (MICK'S VOICE ECHOES) - Hey.
(PIG SQUEALS, DOG SNARLS) Come on, your shot, Teach! - Come on, Teach! - Go on! (FIRES GUN) (PIG SQUEALS) - (FIRES) - (ALL LAUGH) - Come on! - Whoo! (LAUGHS) (JOHN PANTS) Hey, where'd the big one go? I know I hit it.
Yeah, he must have run off into the bushes.
- No, can't the dog go in? - Uh-uh.
Too big for Boots.
Let's finish it off.
(NIGHT VISION SCOPE WHINES) You hold your nerve.
- Whoo! - Hey! DOC: No, I think they're just worried.
(INDISTINCT VOICES, LAUGHTER) Their secrets aren't safe with me.
- (GASPS) - MICK: You keep your mouth shut! (GASPS) (SIGHS) Fuck.
You keep your mouth shut! Or it'll be you out there! (VOICE ECHOES) Hey, you're in trouble with them too? No, I think they're just worried their secrets aren't safe with me.
MICK: You keep your mouth shut! (ENGINE REVS) Hey! Help! Help! (PANTS DESPERATELY) Morning, John.
How are you? You know, this isn't the sort of place you can run around with a firearm, John.
Folks get a bit worried.
Do you mind? (PANTS, TRIES TO SPEAK) You look as though you've had a bit of a night, John.
What have you been up to? Doc's dead! - Doc Tydon? - Yeah! Shot! Righto.
You shot him, did you? No, no! No, M-Mick and Joe.
It was them! Oh, right? You went shooting with Mick and Joe? Yeah! And they shot him.
You have a shooter's licence, John? What? No, I No, no What have you taken, John? It's not just booze, is it? No, just look, it Doc's dead, okay? They they shot him! Mick and Joe, they shot him, and h-he's dead.
He he's dead Did you see Mick and Joe shoot Doc, did you? (PIG SQUEALS) (GUNSHOTS) Um, I yeah.
Look, John, if you've taken anything illegal Oh, Jesus Christ! He's dead! There's a there's a man dead back there! Righto.
Let's go and have a look.
(STARTS ENGINE) But He was here.
I didn't imagine it! They must have They must have switched the body.
Who, Mick and Joe? Yeah.
Where are we going? Well, you've accused two people of killing a bloke and interfering with a corpse.
Why don't we go and see what they have to say? (THUMPS ON WALL) Hey, Mickey? Joe? Sarge.
And John Grant.
- How are you both? - Oh, not too badly.
Coffee? Yeah.
Yeah, why not? Oh, so, you've got no offers on the place yet? Not yet.
Touch wood.
So, what can we do you for? - (POURS COFFEE) - Well, John here claims that you two shot Doc Tydon last night.
And hid his body.
Got any sugar? Really? And why would we want to shoot Doc? You thought I didn't notice.
You keep your mouth shut! But I saw you.
I saw you arguing with him last night.
You argued with us last night, John.
You're not dead.
- Gut it.
- Oh, fuck off! All right.
Well, what was that about? John owes us money.
That's why we took him pigging.
- Work some of the debt off.
- It's not about me.
It's about Doc.
All right.
So, you did take him shooting last night? We did.
Oh, by the way, have you got my gun, John? - No, I've got it.
- Oh, good.
Not a cheapie.
No, it's a nice one.
Quite like the Rugers.
What about what about Doc? Did you know that John's not licensed? What? Well, I'm sorry, Sarge.
We had no idea.
He said he could shoot.
Oh, well.
Might have to talk about a bit of a fine.
Are you fucking serious?! They shot Doc.
I saw it.
I saw his dead body.
You moved it.
Any drugs last night? No.
Seriously? Well, not us.
I don't know about Teach here.
We picked him up from Doc's caravan.
Who knows what those two were up to? (LAUGHTER ECHOES) Did Doc give you any drugs? - They were just pills.
- Oh, right? What kind of pills? There were other drugs.
Their their drugs.
They have chemicals in there.
They're cooking meth.
Hey, Mickey, Joe? You mind if we, uh, take a squiz inside? Ah.
You've still got it, eh? Yeah, I miss Karen and Bob.
Nice people.
So, John? There.
Oh, no, that's not them.
No, those aren't the ones that were in there before.
(SNIFFS) Is it picloram? Devil's rope in the back gully.
Yeah, well, they're lying! They're lying! They moved it.
They changed it around! Hey, thanks for the squiz.
Think I might take John down to the station and get his thoughts down on paper, eh? SANDY: (ON RADIO) Yankee 1-7.
Are you there, Sarge? Go ahead, Sandy.
You at Doc's? Yeah.
No Doc.
It's a bit of a mess.
Broken bottles.
There's glass everywhere.
Anything else? Yeah, in a cupboard, some pills and marijuana.
Bag 'em up? Yes, please.
Oh, and, Sandy, would you bring me that broken glass? Will do.
Meet us at the pub, will you? Over.
Copy that.
What, did you and Doc have a bit of a blue, did you? (OBJECTS CLATTER, SMASH) JOYCE: Jock.
- Coldie? - Uh, maybe a bit later.
Could you sort out Mr Grant's bags? Yeah.
We ought to have tossed 'em! Can't just leave stuff lying around.
We're not a dump.
Don't suppose you've got a room we could use, have you, Joycey? To tidy Mr Grant up a bit? (SIGHS) Yeah.
Good on you.
This way, Mr Grant.
What? Strip.
I didn't do anything.
You know that? You don't mind if we check these over, do you, Mr Grant? You've got a change of clothes in your bag? Do I need to call a lawyer? I don't know.
Do you? (SHOWER DRIPS) SANDY: Doc and the teacher? JANETTE: Evan in the caravan, John outside.
- And they were both naked? - Yes.
More or less.
- Do you know why? - No.
And the glass? That was broken then? - What are you doing here? - Jesus! What happened to you? Mr Grant hasn't given a formal statement yet, so we'll keep this professional.
Now? Yeah.
Take a seat, Mr Grant.
Janette will be taking a blood sample.
I'm not giving blood.
I haven't done anything.
Are you refusing to give a sample? (WHISPERS) You've got to help me.
Keep the chitchat down.
(WHISPERS) Please.
You finished? I just need to check his eyes.
He was mildly concussed from the car accident.
Keep it wide, please.
(WHISPERS) You've got to get me out of here.
(WHISPERS) What's this got to do with Doc? - Doc's - Okay, then.
Are we done? Yes.
Thanks very much, Janette.
Get yourself dressed then pop over to the station and we'll get that statement, yeah? (DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) (MICK AND JOE'S UTE PULLS UP) (ENGINE STOPS, DOORS OPEN) Shit! (PANTS) Shit.
(KNOCKS LOUDLY) John? Open up! You're causing a real headache here, mate! (LOUD KNOCK) We just want to talk to you, that's all.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, yeah.
It's for an old lady.
Uh Oh, no, I don't know much about sewing machines, but just as long as it's reliable.
Yeah, something to keep her busy over Christmas, you know.
Yeah, great.
Yeah, that suits me.
No worries.
(SIGHS) Shit! Fuck! She's out.
Oh, shit! Hey! Mrs Hynes! Mrs Hynes, uh, could I get a lift, please? (PANTS) Get in.
Oh, shit! Are you in trouble, Mr Grant? I think I might be.
I think they're murderers.
They are.
The lot of them.
They cover it up.
Well, then then you'll help me get out of here? Take me somewhere out of town? Keep your head down.
Why are we here? Come on.
Look, maybe I could borrow your car.
- (OPENS DOOR) - Here we are.
(LOCKS DOOR) - Mrs Hynes? - (RATTLES DOOR HANDLE) Mrs Hynes! Mrs Hynes! (SIGHS) JANETTE: Hi.
This is Janette Hynes.
- Please leave a message.
- (DOOR OPENS) (BEEP) You can borrow the car.
Thank you.
Look, I don't I just I just want to get out of here.
You said.
You said they were murderers.
They are.
They lie and they cover up.
And then they they think that we'll keep each other's secrets.
- And we do.
- Uh - That's what's so funny.
We do.
- (PANTS NERVOUSLY) Ursula I know what you and my daughter did out there under my roses.
Ursula She made her choice and now I'm making mine.
Please Your girlfriend will never know about me or Janette.
- Please.
- And who knows? Maybe you'll stay.
- Mrs Hynes! - (OBJECTS CLATTER) Fuck you.
Fuck you! (SNIFFS) Fuck Tim! (SOBS) Fuck Crawford! Fuck Doc! FUCK ALL OF YOU! (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) - TIM: Ursula? - Shhh! (DROPS KEYS ON TABLE) Are you home, love? (KEYS JINGLE) (SNIFFS) You're home early.
Are you hungry? Do you want lunch? Have you heard what's going on? No.
They're searching for him everywhere.
For whom? The teacher.
He went shooting with the Jaffries.
And Doc.
- And? - And he's missing.
Who? Doc or the teacher? Both.
So, Doc's missing? What happened to Doc? (SOBS SOFTLY) I was sure he was a buyer.
I was so sure.
I used to know people.
I used to be able to read people.
How could I have got it so wrong? (SOBS SOFTLY) Oh, it'll be okay.
It's okay.
- I used to look after us.
- Oh! (SOBS) And now - I can't even do that.
- Shhh.
You were right.
You said, "Don't sink all our money here.
" But I did.
And now we're gonna lose it all.
And I'm so sorry.
- (SOBS) - We're gonna be okay.
- Gonna be okay.
- (SOBS) (ALARM SOUNDS) (JOHN PANTS) - MAN: Oh, let me freshen your glass.
- ROBYN: Mmm.
- Thank you, Mr Lenham.
- Oh, Wayne.
Hello? Mr Mr Lenham? W-Wayne? John? Yeah.
We were wondering when you'd call.
Um yeah, look, I'm sorry to bother.
I just - I-I really - Where are you? I'm in a town called the Yabba.
Um - I really need your help.
- Bun-where? - (LINE CRACKLES) - Bundanyabba.
Bundany (BUSY TONE) (SHOUTS) Bastard! (GRUNTS) Okay Fuck! (CAR APPROACHES) Shit! (GRUNTS) Arggh! (SIGHS) (RINGS DOORBELL) (SIGHS) Janette? What happened to you? Uh, don't worry about it.
- What have you done? - Nothing.
Look, I just, um I need you to drive me somewhere.
Sit down.
Really, I just want to get out of town.
Sit down.
Put it down, please.
You and Doc had a girl.
I asked you to sit.
Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause it's not your business.
I know something's happened and no one's talking to me.
And I ask people what's happening, what's happening with you, what's happening with Doc No one's telling me anything.
So you tell me.
What happened? We went shooting.
You and the Jaffries? And Doc.
Evan got shot? He's dead? But it wasn't me.
You killed him? No.
Mick and Joe.
They're they're saying I did it, but it wasn't me.
It wasn't.
You killed him.
- No.
- All of you.
- You shits! - No.
No! - You fucking shits! - No! You've got to believe me! - I swear! - You killed him! - No! - You killed him! - I didn't do it! - You did! You all did! (SCREAMS) Get out! Get out! GET OUT! (SCREECHES) Get out! (WAILS) Get out.
- (DOG SNARLS) (PIG SQUEALS) DOC: Their secrets aren't safe with me.
(GUNSHOT) But it's okay.
Yours are.
ROBYN: John, what have you done? (GASPS) Oh! (SIGHS) (FOOTSTEPS, PANTING) (ENGINE RUMBLES) Hey! Mr Teacher.
Can I get a lift? (GRUNTS) Thank you.
(GRUNTS) (SIGHS) Peppermint? Yeah.
- Hey, can I have a couple? - Yeah, go on.
You don't want to know what happened to me? You went off to a better place, didn't you? (TRAIN HORN SOUNDS) - Thanks for the ride.
- Righto.
No chance of getting petrol money off you, then, is there? (SIGHS) Shout you a drink? No, thanks.
I, um I've had enough to drink.
I just need a lift to Sydney.
Fair enough.
(MEN SHOUT) - MAN: Come on! - MAN: Come on, you fuckin' Hi.
I can't afford a drink.
I just want to talk to the owner of the truck out front.
Give it a bit.
- What? - Give it a bit.
(MEN SHOUT) - Come on! - Come on! (MEN CHEER, GROAN) Oi.
This gent's looking for the owner of the truck out front.
I, uh I saw your truck.
Hey, I just wanted to see if, um Well, I was hoping to get a lift.
- I'm trying to get home.
Just - You're in trouble, are you? - No.
- Come on.
Look at you.
Cops after you or something? What? No.
Why? Why? City bloke, nice tweeds hitching? (CHUCKLES) You've got to be in some sort of trouble, mate.
What's it worth to you? - What's it - Worth, mate.
Got to be worth something.
Taking a risk transporting a bloke on his heels.
What have you got? Well, I'm, uh I'm afraid I'm broke.
That's why I'm hitching.
Yeah, well, that's it, then, eh? Wait.
That stolen? No.
There's another couple of races I want a flutter on, right? Grab yourself a drink.
That's right.
You can't.
Never mind.
See you in a bit.
Oh, shit! (PANTS) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) There you are! Thought you'd changed your mind.
- You hopping in or what? - (DOG BARKS LOUDLY) No, no, no, no.
Honey rides in the front.
You ride in the back.
All right? Good girl.
Good girl.
Come on.
Come on, mate, jump up.
- CRAWFORD: How are you? All right? (PANTS) Hey, you haven't come across a young bloke, have you? 20s, white fella, sort of angling for a ride? What did he do? Oh, just after a bit of a chat, that's all.
- Well, I ain't seen no young bloke.
- Mm-hm.
- Where are you headed? - I'm going home.
All right.
- Safe journey, eh? - Thanks.
You're home, mate.
(CROW CAWS) Wait wait, I thought you said Sydney.
Hey? Oh, no.
That was there when I bought it.
I just run between here and Yelonda, mate.
I really ought to take that off, eh? You all right? I thought Sydney.
Take it.
You paid thinking you was going to Sydney.
I got pride.
You want a drink of water? That'd be nice.
We'll get those cuts of yours looked at.
Come on.
(SIGHS) I'm afraid we only have one holding cell.
Are you insane? Am am I insane? Why do you keep running away like a frickin' dickhead? We had the whole Doc thing sorted! Doc's always going walkabout.
Everyone knows he was gonna go missing sooner or later.
We vanished him.
We were trying to tell you before you gave a statement just to shut the fuck up and it'd all blow over.
- I said we should - You said too fucking much! It would have worked if he hadn't run around shouting bloody "Doc's dead.
They shot him.
" And then took off! Christ! Now we're gonna have cops crawling all over the yard.
They'll find out what we've been doing.
We just wanted to keep our place.
We grew up there.
It was Dad's.
We couldn't make the payments.
What a mess you've made! I woke up by myself next to Doc's dead body! I thought you wanted to fucking kill me! I want to fuckin' kill you now! You keep your mouth shut! (PIG SQUEALS, GUNSHOTS) You shot Doc.
I saw you arguing! Doc's a sneaky shit who never liked paying for his Xannies.
He said if we didn't wipe his debt, he'd start telling people what we were cooking.
They're just worried their secrets aren't safe with me.
But we didn't shoot him.
Well, I didn't.
Come on.
(OPENS DOOR) It's good to see you, John.
Yeah, I was a bit surprised when you didn't come by and just give us that statement.
All makes sense now.
So you found Doc's body? Yeah.
Joe let us know where he and Michaela had, um had shifted him.
And we'll have a good look at him shortly.
MICK: Give it a go.
I d I don't want to.
It's quite the night you all had.
MICK: Yeah, you do.
Yeah, there's quite a few hours of this, and, um look, frankly, at the end of it you're not in great shape.
Are you, John? Hey, where'd the big one go? I know I hit it.
DOC: He must have run off into the bushes.
You hold your nerve.
Yeah, you shot him.
Well is it murder, then? Well, John what we need to know is, um did you know it was Doc in front of you when you pulled the trigger? No! I didn't.
How could I? Quite the situation, John.
(JOHN SNIFFLES) Now I don't have to lock you up again, do I? While we sort this out? (SNIFFLES) (SHOTGUN COCKS) (ROBYN CHUCKLES) (GIGGLES) John, stop! Jeez, are we even allowed to drink on this beach? They'd forgive me.
Oh, really? Why? John, what have you done? (GASPS) Uh I love you.
I thought you loved me.
Babe, we've only known each other, like, four months.
I know you.
If you did, you'd know I wasn't even Can't we just enjoy being together? Have fun? - You're being silly.
- Yeah, well, this is expensive.
I can return the ring, I can't return this.
I've got to cool down.
Come and swim.
I'm fine.
John, don't let it ruin the day.
I'm fine! You go.
(SIGHS) Whatever! (SIGHS) (GUNSHOT RINGS OUT) JANETTE: You're a shitty shot.
(JOHN GROANS SOFTLY) CRAWFORD: You get some sleep, did you? Yeah.
Yeah, it's a funny old town, you know, the Yabba.
It's dry, it's you know, it's bloody hot.
When the mine goes down, blokes don't have two bob to rub together.
You know, that's why we need visitors, you know? Keep the cash coming in.
Can't afford the Yabba to get a you know, a reputation.
Mick and Joe went a bit too far, I'm afraid.
They've left town now.
Anyway, um speaking of reputation, while you were laid up, I took the liberty of, uh, drafting up a statement about what might have happened to you while you were up there on, um Tailings Hill.
"While taking a morning walk near Reid Street, I discovered a rifle.
"Afraid the weapon might fall into young hands, "I picked it up, intending to take it to the local police station.
"While walking around the main street tailings pile, "I lost my footing on loose gravel and dropped the gun.
"I presume it discharged, but I have no memory of that.
" Well, that's pretty much exactly it, Jock.
All right.
(SIGNS STATEMENT) Did, um Um what about Doc? Ah, Doc.
Yeah, we're calling that, um we're calling that death by misadventure.
Yeah, you might want to talk to Janette about that one.
What happened? She drowned.
She was a climber.
She loved to climb.
(SOBS) I was at work.
Evan was home looking after her.
He's the town's only doctor.
Always on call.
Always exhausted.
He fell asleep on the couch.
Didn't hear her go outside to the pool move the chair He drank after that.
I thought the drink would kill him.
Instead Jock said "death by misadventure".
He said I should talk to you.
They found this in his pocket.
DOC: "Dear Janette, "How do you look so beautiful after all we've been through? "That's the difference between you and me.
"You've survived, I've rather not.
" - Listen, listen, listen - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm listening.
- I'm not - I'm listening.
- (GLASS BREAKS) - I'm listening.
Don't hurt yourself.
Onto the bed.
Get it off.
Let's cool you down.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) (MURMURS) Oh, thank you.
"You know that after Livie died, I tried to keep going, "but I think whatever was worthwhile in me died when she did.
"People need to know that I loved her too.
I really did.
"And I know that just seeing me reminds you and hurts you, so "I think I'd better go.
" You hold your nerve.
"I'm sorry for everything, Janette.
"I love you.
" (PIG SQUEALS) Why don't you leave? People need me.
And I can't leave her.
I heard your girlfriend drowned too.
Water, eh? (CHILDREN CHATTER) All right, everyone, in your seats.
Four to a table.
I hope you all had a great Christmas break.
I know I did.
I heard you killed a bloke.
Well, you'd better behave yourself, then, hadn't you, Lucas? (CHILDREN LAUGH) All right, it's gonna be an easy start.
I'm gonna go round one by one and I want you each to tell me what you got up to on your break.
Chloe? I went to a friend's house and we had a slumber party.
A slumber party.
That's fun.
Darcy? I went to Townsville with my cousins and we, um we went fishing and we played with their dogs.
And we also went swimming in their pool.
Oh, swimming?