Walker (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Fine is a Four Letter Word

1 All right! Breakfast is served! Our pièce De résistance.
- Didn't know I spoke French, did you? - That was good, Dad.
You didn't know him then.
You have no idea what he was like.
Constant driving obsession.
It sucked the life out of every second of his day.
Consumed him.
My brother was convinced that Carlos Mendoza didn't kill Emily, and we all said there was no conspiracy.
We were wrong.
How long have you been sleeping in your office? Mm.
Um Since I got back from Mexico.
That was a week ago.
They may have followed me here.
So I haven't seen Bret.
I will not go back to the ranch.
I don't want to risk putting anybody's life in danger.
But the people in your life deserve to know.
Someone blew up our car.
Did James tell you that? Look, all James told me was to be on guard.
And when someone says that and doesn't share why, I I tend to dig.
I put all these pieces together myself.
But help me connect the last dots.
Okay, so James and I went down to Mexico to follow up on Mendoza's innocence, and we found out that Northside Nation was using his family businesses as fronts.
But we don't know if the bomb in our car was them, and I don't want to make people worried if I can't tell them what they should be worried about.
Forensics came back on the bomb this morning.
Matches Northside Nations' known M.
It was them, Liam.
Listen, I understand how hard it is to say something out loud to the right person.
Believe me.
But this isn't your secret to keep.
Walker needs to know that his wife's killer is still out there and that person is now targeting his brother and his captain.
This is a lot to It's a lot to take in.
But I'm gonna tell him.
I promise.
Got your stuff.
Who are you even writing letters to these days? Well, it's important to keep up with friends, no matter where they are.
You're looking sharp, buddy.
You got a hot date? Just going to a dance.
Hey, Roddy, I'll get you two barbecue sammies from the vending machines you let me grab some of those flowers your pretty lady brought.
Shame your mom's not around to see you taking out our old buddy what's Duke really called? Cordell? Cordell Walker's daughter.
Seeing you all dressed up like this, your mom might even forgive him for killing her.
You're getting nice and close though, aren't you? You know, Stella's mom passed away, too.
Well, look at that.
Something in common.
That's my boy.
Go ahead and give her that nice little gift from me.
No dandelions.
Those are weeds, babe.
Go give 'em to her.
I mean hate to see you go But you love to watch me walk away.
And no dandelions, because those - are weeds.
- It's great, Dad.
And, um, I think your mom would like this for you.
So, can we take the Mustang? Nope.
Can't blame you for trying.
- Hi.
- Wait! - Wow.
- I need pictures! Where's August? Oh, uh, he went to school to set up for AV Club.
Bel's getting there early, so I figured we should, too.
Oh, nice.
Your turn.
Should I trust you around sharp things? Probably not.
- So sweet.
- Okay.
- Bye! - Bye, you guys.
- Y'all have fun.
Be safe.
- Yes, sir.
When are we going dancing? You know I don't dance.
Old dog and all that.
Besides, I have to go to the feed store, get some supplies.
You want to join? You sure know how to plan a date night.
I wish you could've been here for this.
With mixed reception from border town residents the temporary shelters may never be installed.
The Lucifer hummingbird has been spotted in Hey, stinker.
Are you okay? Uh, yeah.
I just sent Stella off to her first big dance.
Um You want to grab a beer tomorrow? Tomorrow? Both of my kids are at a high school dance for the first time in my life.
Let's go tonight.
You know what, tomorrow.
Uh Enjoy your one free night.
- I got to work on this, uh - Uh, yeah, y-your big case.
I know.
All right.
Uh, good luck.
the competition and declined to comment - on her decision to exit.
- And in the world of sports, Rangers play the Astros at 7:00 tonight for some home state rivalry.
That is if the game doesn't get rained out.
I'm sure dedicated fans are determined not to let - a little precipitation ruin the fun - Family Pizza.
Uh, order for takeout, please.
Two medium pizzas, one with extra pepperoni.
for Travis, Bastrop, Hays and Caldwell Counties, with severe storms firing rapidly Who is it? Bret Nam, your fiancé.
Why is it locked? - The National Weather Service is closely monitoring - Hi.
Hey there, stranger.
hail and high wind How did you how did you get in without security calling? I was on the white list.
Ooh! Oh, man.
What is that smell? - Oh, my God.
You have meetings in here? - I know.
It's just - Ugh.
- It's been-been a lot.
Oh, yeah.
I know.
That's why I'm here.
Thought we could, uh, grab some dinner, maybe air this all out.
- What do you say? - I would love to.
I just I-I got so much stuff to do, - and I got to - Oh, come on.
Let me take care of you.
- Thank you.
- potentially see a tornado - touch down.
- Let me just finish up a few things.
I'll meet you out there.
Make sure your livestock are protected, your farm equipment is secured.
Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.
Road conditions will also be dangerous.
This rain is so heavy Paranoia.
- Two words.
- "Brain" and - "vampire".
- No.
No, no, no, no, no, no! "Vampire" is the assassin, Micki.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
- "Brain" and "vampire"? Oh.
Oh, Walker texted.
Said he's gonna take us up on our game night offer.
He just dropped that in a text? That's very presumptuous.
That's Walker.
If he feels something, he does it.
If he wants information, he gets it.
Is he getting any juicy details out of you that you're not telling me? What? Ooh.
If we play this one, does it count as practice for medical school? That was some grade A deflection right there.
Oh, come on.
I answer questions all day.
I have a nosy partner and a psychologist Psychologist mom? That's interesting.
What, you thinking about disowning Adriana because she got arrested? I don't want to talk about her.
Is this about her DUI? You have no idea.
So then tell me.
Or don't.
I'm sure you'll tell me if it's important.
But the price for your autonomy is a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm never playing Yu-Gi-Oh! - Ever.
- Game night! I brought pizza.
- Uh - Hi.
Hey, why isn't your TV on? Do you even have a TV? Board games, Walker.
We play board games here.
- Uh - Walker! - Hey! - How do you feel about Yu-Gi-Oh!? Uh, beg your pardon? Yu-Gi-Oh! Oh.
Tornado Warning at Flournoy Acres.
My kids are at the school dance.
- Uh, I can't leave them stranded out there.
I-I got to go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- We? We? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
All of us.
Come on.
- Whoa.
- Wow.
No one's here.
Storm must be serious.
- Oh, hey.
- Jel Bel.
- You look so pretty.
- Stop.
- What's up, man? - You look so pretty.
Your brother didn't say anything about how nice I looked.
Come on.
We-we both know that you invited me out of pity, and I thank you.
You do look nice, though.
It's just, my dad has Austin alerts set up on his phone, and he's asking if I'm okay.
Still waiting on Todd? No, Todd is dead to me.
No, my my grandpa isn't responding to my texts.
Just worried.
Have you tried Facebook? I hear that grandparents love Facebook.
- Dad.
- You're safe.
Storm's crazy.
Augie, you good? I'm gonna go check the generator.
We haven't talked about your work trip.
How was that? - Fine.
- Yeah? I want to say something absolutely insane to see if you're paying attention, but I already know you're not.
- What? - Oh, ho, ho, what? Hey.
Oh, welcome back.
You're being weird.
Can we talk about it or what? I knew that we shouldn't have left.
Calm down.
What's your emergency? Hi.
The power has gone out in the district attorneys' office.
Oh, backup generators should kick in.
Tornado touched down in Austin, so safety personnel are stretched a little thin.
I can put you on this list, but it might take a while.
We appreciate you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Why couldn't we just go to our usual place? We'll just be a second.
Liam? - Yup.
Yup, I'm fine.
- What? Okay.
Where? Had to come to a different feed store.
We're fine.
Listen, Richard and the boys are securing the stables.
You want to go out and help? Actually, I came out to the school for Stella and August.
Um, we're short some supplies.
You mind grabbing a few things? You bet.
See you in a bit.
Hold tight.
Do you see any drop keys in here? - Drop keys? - Opens elevators.
Fire station might have a spare.
Well, we got to go.
Liam's stuck.
Buckle down, Travis County.
The tornado's reportedly headed your way.
Hope you're staying safe out there.
This was not my plan, believe me.
Abby What the hell's the matter with you? Were you hoping he'd be there? You know I ended it.
Just trying to manage a crisis, Abeline.
Nothing more.
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna move closer to ya I wanna, I wanna, I want no space between us Yeah.
Yeah, Sacred Heart High School.
We'll be here.
I need you by my side - Hey, doors are secure.
- Good.
Called EMS.
Uh, they're sending out a mobile hospital unit.
- Just in case.
- Great.
Kind of sweet they're still, um, clumsy dancing during a natural disaster.
All school dances are natural disasters.
Julie Bramlett, science teacher.
- Oh, uh - Hi.
Cordell Walker, Ranger.
Father, husband.
Uh Uh, for-former husband.
Uh Lost in your body - This is good.
- Mm.
I know.
It's nuts.
Get it? Because it's literally nuts.
I see what you did there.
Dad, we got to do a rescue.
Uh, Ruby's grandpa, Mr.
Cofield he isn't answering his phone.
We live close to where the tornado hit, and my app says he either lost his phone or hasn't moved.
He had heart surgery last year, and I-I'm just worried.
Hey, do you know if they put an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator by his heart? Something electronic? - Yeah.
- They did.
Okay, so it sounds like we got a rescue mission that needs a medic? - Shall we? - Yup.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
- Let's go.
- Yup.
- Yeah.
A magnet.
Ah! I need a magnet.
Uh, you know what? I'm-a ask your new science teacher girlfriend - if she has one in her class.
- Ha-ha-ha, very funny, Trey.
Hey, why do you need a magnet? Well, Trey Why does he need a magnet? Yeah, why were you so weird with that woman? Has no one ever flirted with Cordell Walker before? Okay, look, it's been a while, okay? Since before Emily, I haven't really been feeling it.
But you know what? Back there, I almost did.
That's good, isn't it? Maybe.
Hey, um, since we're going to be out here with Trey, I need you to keep quiet about the whole Adriana not being my mom thing.
Hold on, uh, haven't we learned that secret secrets are no fun? - Excuse me? - But-but seriously, why haven't you told him? You know when you say something out loud, you kind of have to accept that it's true? - Mm, yeah.
- Well, telling Trey about my aunt is that for me.
But telling me isn't? No, you don't count.
Excuse me? Look, you're my partner.
Trey's my person.
I I'm just not ready for that level - of acceptance, honestly.
- Hey.
Uh, why did you need a magnet again? It's about the most important thing a storm-chasing medic can have.
- All right.
- Can I see? Yes.
Ah Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, I need you to calm down.
Babe, we're safe.
We're-we're Come here.
Come here.
Okay, come here.
Calm down.
We're good.
We're okay.
Something happened on my work trip to Mexico last week.
Ah, tell me.
I I hooked up with a bartender.
You, Mr.
Family Values, are saying you cheated? Yes.
What? Yeah, I was drunk, and I made a bad choice, and I have ruined things.
You're serious? I know I've It's-it's unforgivable.
I-I-I I can't believe that I've done this.
I You're better off.
You do not get to decide what I forgive.
Liam, you Okay, boys, come on.
You're all right.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Sure know how to get yourself in a pickle.
Glad we got here in time.
Come dance with me, the one that you are always looking I remember sheltering at a school one summer during tornado season.
August and I built this fort out of gymnasium mats.
Always on time It's weird to think about that.
I guess that was the last time.
What? Last time what? The last time we felt like kids.
It was the year before Mom, so What do you miss about being little? Pencil sharpeners.
Yeah, I never use them anymore, so - I just love the smell of a sharpened pencil.
- Mm-hmm.
Someday, you're actually gonna give me a straight answer.
I wish you would talk about your parents more.
There's nothing really to tell.
Mom's dead.
Dad's in prison.
- End of story.
- Come on.
You wouldn't even be in Austin if you didn't care about your dad.
That's nice.
I'm only here for you.
Don't make me dance out here with underclassmen on my own! Come on.
I think we need a trio name.
Micki and I are "Tricki", so feels like, if we add Walker, it's got to be - Trickier.
- Wicki-ay.
- Wick-Wicki - Ooh, ooh.
No, no, no, no.
I think hers is much better.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Cofield must be close.
Power lines are down.
- Looks like we're walking.
- Yup.
- Okay.
- All right, come on.
Let's do it.
Cofield?! Mr.
Cofield? Mr.
Cofield! Mr.
Cofield?! There he is! Micki! Micki! Get away from that thing! - Walker! - Whoa, whoa, okay.
- Hey, hey - Walker, I need help! Give me a sec.
Okay! Hey, Micki! Micki! You're having a panic attack! Uh, all right, remember those grounding exercises? Stay with me, okay? Uh, we got a tree branch.
- Yes.
- Uh, uh, telephone pole.
- Asphalt.
Your turn, your turn.
- Uh, uh, a tree-tree branch.
- Yeah! Yes.
- A telephone pole.
You're an ass.
Yes! There she is.
You good? - Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Okay, you good? Okay.
Trey! The tornado! Walker, we got to move him.
- Okay.
- Grab around his neck.
- Easy, easy.
- Slowly, all right? - Got him, got him.
- I'll grab his legs.
There's a storm drain back there.
- I got you.
- You got him? Yeah, yeah.
I got you.
All right, right here.
Right here.
Here we go.
All right, let me get the magnet.
I-I dropped it by the power line.
I got it.
I'll be right back.
Walker! You're gonna be okay.
Walker! Walker I'm here.
Are you okay? You okay? Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Roll over.
Roll over.
Roll over.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Come on.
Ready? - Yeah.
Come on.
Come on! Here.
Keep that on your chest, all right? Keep it on your chest.
Good ends are hard ends, too And this game between I play to lose It just doesn't square with me that Liam would stray.
Do you believe it? I haven't known what to believe in some time.
You got me, too You look like you're settled into a good brood.
I just, uh I just got a few things on my mind.
Sounds like you ought to be saying them out loud to someone if you care about him.
Daddy That man traveled across the country for you.
Now, if you're not ready to get up every day and show him that you love him maybe you don't deserve him.
Love is a verb, Liam.
It's something you do actively.
You have no idea what I'm sacrificing, Dad.
It just looks different, depending on who you are.
I'm gonna go call Bret.
- I'm focusing in.
- Wait, wait.
Oh! All right.
That's fantastic.
All right, ready? - Okay, now take one with you in it.
- Yeah, come on.
- Oh, that'd be cute.
- So cute.
Grandad just texted me.
He's okay.
Thank you, August.
Where's Trevor? Come hither, my lady.
- Bye, guys.
- Come on.
Oh, my God.
I figured since it turned out to be more storm than dance, maybe it was time to break out the mats.
We wasted Oh Whoa Oh, my gosh.
Okay, I'm going in.
W-Wait for me.
I will You're always so dang cold.
- There you go.
All right, let's go, let's go.
- Okay.
We're doing it.
I'll follow you Did we waste it all doing what friends do? We were faking love till we dared you to I'll follow you I will follow you Stella Hey, um, I'm sorry I froze back there.
And I'm sorry I got you hurt.
No, you didn't get me hurt.
My shoulder is fine; it'll heal.
But I think, um you know what is a bigger deal than you're giving it credit for.
What "you know what"? Uh, the, uh, the Adriana arrest.
You know.
Yeah That was a pretty intense reaction.
Is there more? Because if it's something important, you'd you'd tell me, right? Uh, yeah.
Um I found out last week that Adriana's not my mother.
She's my aunt.
Micki Wait, wait last-last week? It doesn't change anything, Trey.
It's really not important.
No, no, no, hold up.
Walker knows already? Trey, I don't know, it was big news.
- It was big news or it's not important? - Trey Micki, we've hid under Mylar blankets together so that drones couldn't detect us.
You really thought that this information was too big or too small to tell me? Hey, guys.
- Look at that.
- We gotta go.
We gotta go help.
- Trey! - There's someone in there.
- Help me out here.
- You guys, right here.
Come here.
- She's alive.
- Hey, hey, hey, let me go up there.
I'm the medic.
The driver.
Trey, be careful.
What? You're gonna be all right.
Relax, we're gonna get you out of your car, okay? Be careful, Trey.
Stay where you are.
Let me do the rest.
- That's it, all right? - Be careful, Trey.
- You want to bring her to me? - Yeah.
Okay Easy.
Ma'am? Okay, ma'am, I'm gonna put my arm underneath your armpit.
I'm gonna take your other arm, okay? - Ready, set, go.
- There you go.
Okay, she's okay.
Don't touch her, don't touch her Trey! - Walker! - Don't let her move.
You know what, I'm going to the truck.
- I'll be back with a stretcher.
All right? - Okay.
- Be careful.
- Yep.
I'm pretty sure I have a concussion.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Guess we gotta keep you awake, then, huh? So you gonna tell me about Adriana? 'Cause I'm not into this "keeping secrets to protect you" thing.
I did it to protect me.
I just I didn't want it to be true.
I just wanted to pretend like it wasn't part of my story.
And you Trey, you are such a big part of my story.
I just If I told you it would mean that it's a part of me, too.
Only if you want it to be.
I love you, Micki.
But there's still some things that I need to say when we get back.
- Unit Six, come in.
- Unit Six, go ahead.
- Hey.
Um, driver and passenger are-are stable.
- Hey.
- Oh, good.
- How's Trey? Uh, they're checking up on him now.
I-I know you didn't want it to come out like that.
I'm sorry.
Um You get why I didn't tell him.
Right? Yeah.
Yeah, you didn't want it to be real.
Remember that.
Now go on.
Get out of here.
- Go be with your family.
- Yeah.
I need to take care of mine.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You, uh Can I can I grab you for a second? Yeah, I was gonna check on a few things.
I'll meet you out on the field after I talk to Bret.
Oh, hey.
Glad your team made it back safe.
- Yeah.
Yeah, me, too.
- Mm.
Look, I don't know how things are for you right now, but if you're ever in the mood for some overshares, I'd love to grab a drink.
Uh, I No, no.
Just saying "Wow, I-I didn't realize people still - wrote their numbers down on a slip of paper".
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, don't we, like, ping each other? - Or, like, what do the kids do these days? - Oh.
All right, well, I didn't realize I was giving my digits to a pickup artist.
- Thank you.
Um - Yeah.
I don't know if I'm quite ready - for this yet, but, um - Sure.
I'll hold on to it.
I'm around.
What I did, how I how I messed up, I just want you to know, it-it didn't have anything - to do with you.
- What, so I - shouldn't feel anything about it or - No.
No, that's not what I meant.
I-I just It's me.
It's-it's my It's my stuff.
- You didn't do anything wrong.
- Ah, but I did.
- No.
- I was ignoring all the moments where you were already picking people over me.
Hmm? Okay.
That's fair.
Bret I love you.
You don't get to say that! You just love being in control, Liam.
You want to control how the jurors see your clients, how your family views trauma.
Look, even now, you want to control how I view this breakup.
You can't control how people react, Liam.
All you can do is show up, be honest and let people make their own decisions.
It's probably best if you just stay with your folks for a while.
Okay? Okay.
Goodbye, Liam.
Frost on the walls Your hands grew so cold Mrs.
To stone Like crystals on the lake We grow until we break I've been angry.
For so long.
More than I thought.
I have, too.
At myself.
For screwing up.
Then at you, for how you handled it.
And then at me again, for how I handled you handling it.
It's just, we never really talked about it.
Did we? I sure as hell don't want to now.
You move I freeze Only white noise It's not gonna work, Bon.
I know.
But I was thinking, tonight, maybe the dancing's not about the dancing.
It's just about being close.
Lost my innocence And the heart to begin again The day we turned away From who we were You went looking for a change This is why you won't talk about your parents? Just answer me.
Is Clint West your father? So us meeting, us everything, was that just something that you planned? - With your dad? - I would never plan that, Stel.
The way I grew up, I didn't even know if I could ever love someone.
You move Let alone someone as good as you.
Only white noise I wouldn't have ruined that for anything.
Our song is playing Can we just dance here for the rest of this song? Let's just dance, pretend that you're not a Capulet and I'm not a Montague.
Don't want to dance Don't want to dance.
I'm sorry, Stel.
You know, it's tough to run around here pretending like I don't have my own feelings.
Trey, I don't expect you to No, no, no, no, just Micki, let me talk it out.
- All right? - Yep.
- Sorry.
- We're in a relationship now.
You're not responsible for what hurt you in the past, Micki.
But you are responsible for what you do in the present.
And keeping me in the dark about important life stuff, that's just not that's not okay.
I hear you.
And I'm sorry.
I promise, I will let you in before trying to make everything neat and easy to explain.
I promise you get the messy, too.
Thank you.
Y-You're still gonna have to do some penance.
- Penance? - Mm-hmm.
When we go home, it's Yu-Gi-Oh! time.
Oh, yeah? - Not Yu-Gu-Oh! time.
- O-Okay.
You just wait till I tell you about Fusion Monsters.
- The Dark Magician - Let's, uh I got a number.
How do you like them apples? I, uh I'd forgotten what it was like to flirt just as myself.
And, uh, I am not good.
Frankly, I'm probably not ready.
But maybe.
Uh, maybe soon.
What's going on? I really, I want that for you.
- So much.
- Yeah.
Damn it.
I lied to Bret so he would leave me.
W-Why? Because I think something really bad is about to happen and I keep trying to control it and keep the people that I love safe.
But all it's doing is taking away their choice, and I'm not gonna do that to you anymore.
James and I did some digging further into Emily's case.
And you were right.
There is now irrefutable evidence that Carlos Mendoza is not Emily's killer.
So whoever took her from us is still out there.
And they have ties to the Northside Nation.
And they are dangerous.
I I'm sorry.
That must have been really hard for you to say out loud.
Come on.

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