Walker (2021) s02e13 Episode Script

One Good Thing

You know, if you get back in bed, I'm pretty sure nothing bad can happen today.
Is that how it works? Just, uh, you know, close the blinds, - pull up the covers and, uh - Pancakes.
- Banana pancakes.
- Yeah, well, I'd probably burn 'em.
- Oh, I know you would.
- Thanks.
Did you get any sleep? Yeah, yeah.
You know, uh, maybe a couple minutes between 4:00 a.
and-and rooster.
- Just thinking about Bonham's bail hearing all night? - Yeah.
And what I'm gonna say to the ranch hands.
And how to even start packing.
And why the hell - I went back for Dan Miller.
And - Okay.
I think that's enough "ands" for one morning.
You know what? Cordi? You clearly need your one good thing.
- My my what, now? - Your one good thing.
It's something my dad used to do.
Back when we used to move a lot.
Back when Frank was taking you all over - for the heart treatments? - Yeah.
Every moving day, Dad would have something waiting for me.
One good thing.
A gift.
A meal.
You know, s-something special.
It made days like today feel a little less A little less, uh, painful? Exactly.
He was a port in the storm.
And maybe you can be, too.
Mama, morning.
- Hey.
It's, uh, time, Cordell.
- Yeah.
- Morning, Geri.
- Hey.
One good thing.
All right.
Well, let me tell you, uh it's not gonna be this.
How do you end an era almost 150 years in the making? I don't know the answer to that, and the man who would have the answer to that can't be here.
Families were born here.
Friendships cemented.
Boy, we had some good times, too.
Christmas parties.
Uh, Fourth of July fireworks, right over there.
Y'all remember.
But there were some hiccups.
You know, we had some failed businesses.
I mean, who who really ever needed Walker Hooch? I've known some of you for, uh, longer than I can remember.
Others, not quite as long.
But I want to tell you this: if you ever did one honest day's work at Walker Ranch, then you are family.
How's it coming with the prep? One thing I just don't understand: why did Dad bury that lantern? - It was the murder weapon.
- Because he didn't know what it was.
But what he did know is that lantern has brought this family nothing but pain for years.
Good riddance.
Now, could you please sit down and eat? You need to be at your fighting weight to bring your father home today.
- Right? - Yes, ma'am.
My daddy always says, uh family shoots you straight.
Tells you how it is.
So, that's why I wanted everyone together here today, one last time, uh, for, uh for the last day of operations at Walker Ranch.
I wanted to thank you for all the blood and sweat you've poured into this place.
I also wanted to be here to answer any questions, uh, you might have.
So, what, 25 years and all we get is "I'm sorry, grab a handful of peppers out of the patch on your way out"? I don't know what the Davidsons' intentions are.
- My my hope is - Maybe you should have asked before you raced.
Trust me, you, uh, you don't want me asking the Davidsons for anything on your behalf.
He just had to turn around.
Sorry? I-I didn't - I didn't catch that, Leon.
- Dan Miller.
We're all in this mess because you just had to turn around and be the bigger man.
Do you feel like the bigger man now, Cordell? My family will not rest until y'all are all squared away somewhere.
Okay? That's a promise.
I'll just I don't know where yet.
Well, by all means take your time.
Bonham Walker is guilty, Your Honor.
He perpetrated a fraud.
And not just against my family, but the people of this city.
25 years.
The Walker family have built a business, a legacy, on their good name.
In the coming weeks, we will lay out witness testimony, financial transactions and evidence that prove the defendant was inside the barn at the time of Mr.
Davidson's murder, struck him in the head with a lantern, and then buried his murder weapon so that his crimes could never be unearthed.
Well, I am sorry, Mr.
Walker, but your 25-year fraud is over.
Well, that was a remarkable string of fiction about everything other than why we're here, Madam D.
, Thank you so much for that.
Your Honor, this is very simple.
A 68-year-old man has been charged on very thin evidence.
This man has no priors.
Not only is he innocent, - but he's definitely not a flight risk.
- He's not a flight risk? He was just out destroying evidence last week.
He tossed out a 25-year-old lantern.
Can we please stay on planet Earth? Of course, of course.
He was just casually burying his own murder weapon.
Your Honor, if the Defense is not able to finish a statement Mr.
Walker is correct.
Davidson Miller - tighten it up.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you, Your Honor.
You know what, while we're at it, why don't we discuss this very wild conflict of interest? If the D.
won't proactively recuse herself, then the Defense will be filing a motion for disqualification.
- Can the bench please step in here? - There is no state law - that specifically prohibits me - I don't want to hear it.
You're not gonna prosecute your own father's murder, Madam D.
The Defense's motion is granted.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- This'll be your last hearing on this matter.
Now, on the matter of bail.
Given the previous attempts at destruction of evidence, bail is denied.
Thank you.
Well, ain't this this the horseshoe on the other foot.
Bet you've been in this room hundreds of times.
Never like this.
Daddy, y-you're not gonna be in here for long, you hear me? Now, don't blow sunshine up my ass.
How'd it go with the ranch hands? The-the bunkhouse is behind you.
Uh, uh, a few holdouts.
Uh That's how it's gonna be, you know.
So, you need to steel yourself.
Hang tough.
You okay? I'm fine.
How are you? Oh, I'm fine, darling.
I'm fine.
So, where we at? I'm required to tell you, by law, that the D.
's office has offered you a plea deal.
Ten years.
Seven, with good behavior.
You would plead guilty and admit to the murder.
Well, I'm sure you told Denise exactly where she could put that.
In more lawyer-appropriate terms, I did, yeah.
So, ten years if I admit to murder.
- I'm not a guilty man, son.
- I know that.
We know that.
I don't think Denise is gonna take your word, though.
Well, speak up, Cordell.
You and Cassie been looking into Marv's murder.
Can we beat this? Uh Well, I-I think I said I would win the race, and look where that got us, so I don't-I don't think I'm the guy to-to really That wasn't my question.
I think we, uh - I think we fight.
- I think we win.
Well, there's that sunshine again.
So you tell her where she can put it, Liam.
Walk with me real quick, please.
- What's up, Cap? - Just a heads-up: D.
's been lobbying hard, winning over stars and Stetsons.
Let me guess Bonham's bail hearing didn't exactly help the counter-offensive? Davidson knows they got a lot of carrots and sticks at her disposal to help people see it her way, you know? - Cowards.
- I don't disagree.
I just, uh I hear the violins, I see the iceberg, and there are not enough life rafts.
But you should get one.
- You just got here this isn't your fight.
- Maybe.
Walker asked me to look into Marv's case.
I believe Bonham is innocent.
And I think you do, too.
So, if you don't mind, I would like to go down with your ship, Captain.
All right.
Just so we're clear, this wasn't, like, a - test or anything.
- Mm.
Of course not.
- But if it was? - It wasn't.
But if it was? Then you would have passed.
Okay? Do me a favor don't ever wink again.
Got it.
Now, can we chat for real? Because I think I have the beat on Marv's true killer.
Why didn't you start with that? 'Cause you wanted to do the test thing.
Oh! Can you please be more careful, all right? Gramps is gonna get pissed.
You haven't said a word to me all morning, and now you're worried about horseshoes? - Yeah, what's there to say? - I don't know maybe, "I'm sorry, Stella"? "I know I've been acting like a jackass - all morning, Stella, but " - Wait, wait, "I I'm sorry"? No, this is happening to me too, you know? You know what? - Forget it.
- No, no, no.
No, I want to know.
I mean, are you seriously - blaming me for Grandpa? - Fine.
You just had to go and climb that barn, didn't you? You just had to impress Faye.
You do realize that she only acts like she likes you - half the of the time, right? - It's not just half the time.
What? Look, Faye doesn't like me any of the time.
All right? She broke up with me.
Did she say why? Yeah, it's-it's it's too much drama, Stella.
Too many lanterns.
It's not just about court.
Plus, I think everyone at school thinks Gramps did this too.
It's real nice to know whose fault you think it is.
- I'm going to HQ.
- Wait, just hold on, hold on.
- What? - What you said to Dad in there about the race.
Okay? Of course you had to go back.
You're a Ranger you save lives for a living.
Okay? And as much as I wanted Dan to suffer out there, you wouldn't want that on your conscience.
The guilt.
You-you would feel I would feel like we still had a roof over our heads.
I'd feel like y'all had a roof over your heads, like my kids would have a roof over their heads.
But can we not talk about that right now? Let's-let's stay focused on Dad, okay? - Yeah.
- Cordell's right.
Especially because there's something the two of you don't know about the night of the fire.
Uh, what? You boys remember hearing anything about the Davidson child the one that died just after birth? - Uh yeah, bit bits and pieces.
- Yeah.
Well, the night before the barn fire, Marv came to me.
And he told me the child lived.
Gale had no idea.
And I-I think she I think she still has no idea.
But we do know that Marv challenged your father to a horse race.
And that he was desperate for the money.
And I can't help but feel that those the two events are linked.
And I ju-I just don't know how.
- You knew that this whole time? - Wait, - that's how you're gonna react to this? - Okay, I'm sorry, Liam, our-our father is behind bars right now and this information could help exonerate him.
If Marv's death and-and financial troubles are linked, that could prove motive.
It's also only a theory.
O-Okay, well, fine.
Are there any other theories you or you care to share with me right now? Please.
I know this is hard for you to understand, but this was not my secret to tell.
And I couldn't make any sense out of it until after your father was arrested.
So judge me or don't, it's your choice.
But use it.
And find the man that really murdered Marv Davidson.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey there.
Uh hey, there are about, uh four or five empty desks.
Wh why are you at mine? - Okay - Hey.
How's the family holding up? Cap.
They, uh, um yeah, been better.
However, I-I think I might have something to help at least one of them.
Good, so do we.
Or so does Cassie.
So, short story first.
I understand we have a mutual friend.
- Agent Tessa Graves.
- Did she think you were corrupt too? Yeah, she mentioned you might still have that stuck in your craw.
Anyway, we did a RICO task force.
I was the rookie, - which meant I was on forensic accounting.
So - Sure.
Perez followed the money.
Turns out that Marv spent a decade paying one ranch hand a monthly stipend.
A a rancher paying a a ranch hand - that's that's your big break? - Okay, wait for it.
His name's Nate Smith.
He hadn't worked for Marv in 11 years.
We think that Nate found out about Marv's questionable business practices, put the squeeze on his boss.
Payments stopped three months later, right before Marv was murdered.
The timing begs a lot of questions.
I don't think it was questionable business practices.
What makes you say that? Let's just say my parents keep too many secrets.
But, yeah, we'll-we'll check it out.
Come on, Cass.
- I'll explain everything on the way.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Keep me in the loop.
- Yes, sir.
- Nate Smith! - Cordell Walker.
Yes, sir.
Saw about your dad on the news.
Must be a hell of a time up at Walker Ranch.
Yeah, well, you know, don't believe everything you see, Nate.
Uh, we're-we're hanging in there.
You here about your ranch hands? You send 'em my way, I'll take care of 'em.
That's, uh, awful kind of you, Nate, but, uh - But this ain't about gainful employment? - No, sir.
We were hoping you could detail some payments between March of '86 and the end of '95.
And what they were really for.
Ooh, should've seen that one coming.
We're just turning over every rock.
Coming around asking about monthly payments.
No, I think you heard the same rumors I used to.
Marv's second child, right? The one that secretly made it? - Just rumors.
- Okay, well, we have it on good authority that they're, they're not just rumors.
I had it as bunkhouse banter.
And those payments? Just rent.
Cattle he didn't have room for.
That certainly clears up our confusion.
We'll just sync up with Marv's estate on the rent agreement, and I'm sure they have it.
Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Be seeing you, Cordell.
- Ranger.
- Hey, Nate, uh, you know, I'm gonna I'm gonna need you to-to wipe that smile off your face.
Just rent? Come on, now.
We're being serious.
- Excuse me, son? - You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that, uh, it was you who killed Marv Davidson.
And I think right now you're figuring out that 25 years of lies is finally catching up with you.
Is that right? I told you to stop smiling.
I think you took that bunkhouse banter straight to the bank.
You blackmailed Marv Davidson over the existence of that child.
And then when Marv turned the spigot off, you decided you were gonna get paid one way the other.
Right? Marv disregarded a child, and you were okay to go along with it as long as you were made whole.
Am I right? Your daddy offered me a job once.
I turned him down.
Seemed like there's something off about you Walkers.
Something two-faced.
I'm glad this town finally gets to see you for what you really are: criminals.
Don't come back without a warrant.
I don't want to hear it, all right? I don't need to hear it.
I don't need you to say it.
I know, okay? I - I stepped in it.
- Yeah, sorry what was that? I can't hear you over the sound - of our blown lead.
- All I could see was red, okay? All I could see was-was my dad and-and sand slipping through our fingers.
And-and Dan in the dirt.
And I I forced it.
Okay? I'll admit it.
I forced it.
You happy? Eat.
- What? - I always think better with food.
Next time your gut feels broke, maybe tell me before we meet the murder suspect.
Okay, my gut is fine.
Oh, right, yeah.
'Cause this isn't all a diatribe about self-doubt.
We're partners.
When you're off, I can be on.
I just - I I need to know when you're - You need you need to know I'm off.
- Yes.
- Yeah, I get it.
I'm not gonna pretend to know what it feels like to have a father behind bars.
But I do know the man I heard about in that race.
And he is someone I'm proud to call partner.
And I don't think you actually regret any of your choices from that day.
Just the outcome.
Don't really know how to separate the two.
Hey, I'm gonna take a sec.
I-I just need to, uh, um need to finish packing up the ranch and, uh, get my head on straight.
Uh I'll meet you back at HQ, yeah? Sounds good.
We can crack this thing, partner.
Uh, here's hoping.
- You're here.
- Yeah.
You're early.
It's not time yet.
I just thought y'all were finished.
Well, we're obviously not finished.
But I'll I'm working on it.
I'll be out soon enough.
Um Walker, I got to be straight with you.
Bonham needs to take that deal.
It's fair, uh, considering We've retained counsel.
Thank you.
What you have is another conflict of interest.
Says the woman who was disqualified by a judge today.
That doesn't mean I don't hear things.
I mean, do you really think I didn't have my team run down the Nate Smith theory? Do you think I would be sloppy with my own father's investigation? Or yours? So that's the real reason for this house call you're-you're you're worried about my partner and me double-checking your work.
I'm worried about you nuking someone else's career.
First your brother.
Now Perez.
Yeah, respectfully, don't bring Cassie into this.
You're the one that brought her into it.
Son of the accused? To a grand jury, that's just gonna look like witness tampering.
Well, it's good to know where the D.
's office stands.
Anything else? Cordi.
How did we get here? I mean, I thought we were gonna - be the ones to stop the feud.
- Yeah, well guess we turned out to be the exact people our parents told us we would be.
Go figure.
All right.
Little young.
But if you're looking for some happy hour therapy, - I mean - I appreciate it, but these problems may be bigger than the bar.
You're 15.
I'm old enough to destroy a family.
Well, that sounds like the root beer talking.
No, it's just the, uh, older sister.
You know, Stella says that Gramps is being taken away because I brought the lantern home.
Do you really believe that? I mean, you don't think she just had a rough day, took it out on you? You know the butterfly effect? Small events ripple into large outcomes.
I'm-I'm aware.
Go on.
So, like, if I hadn't found that lantern and Gramps never buries it, and the judge never blocks bail.
Yeah, I don't think it works that way.
I don't know, it sounds like pretty serious physics on the Internet.
Well, it always does.
Augie, here's the deal: there's about 25 years that precede your ripple.
I get it.
You're worried about your grandpa.
Aren't we all? Augie, everyone is spiraling right now.
So, why don't we talk about a little theory that my dad used to call "one good thing.
" - Cassie.
- Hey, what's up? So, I-I just had a visit from our D.
You good? You sound spooked.
I'm more worried about you.
Listen, Denise mentioned witness tampering.
Even grand jury.
Just wanted to shoot you straight.
Flying under the Walker banner right now might, uh - might be a little toxic.
- Just right now? I know coming back to the Rangers was-was a-a difficult choice, and I-I I just don't - I don't want to make it any harder.
- Damn, she did spook you.
I don't think your instincts were that off, here, Hoss.
I think they put the fear of God into our prime suspect.
Our prime su Wait, Nate Smith? Wait - did he do something? - After your late-game ejection, I hung back, surveilled his place.
Our innocent rancher he packed up his luggage and swung by the bank.
Looks like getting out of town to me.
Okay, wh-where are you now? You're not gonna believe this, but I'm at The Side Step.
What the hell is Nate Smith doing there? I don't know.
But toss that raft and bring some hell down here.
Yes, ma'am.
Geraldine Broussard.
You don't remember me? - Uh - It's it's Nathaniel.
Nate Smith.
- Nope, sorry.
- I haven't seen you since you was a kid.
Um Yeah, who-who are you? I'm a friend of your dad's.
Friend of Frank.
Uh I helped pay for your heart surgery, in a way.
Clear the bar.
Texas Rangers! Everybody out! - Nate, what are you doing here? - Walker, do you know this guy? He's a a person of interest in the Marv Davidson case.
This isn't just about Marv.
It's about Bonham.
And her.
- Okay.
I'll ask again.
- What? What are you doing here? All right, your instincts were right, back at the ranch.
But you j you just, you got it all twisted in the end.
But Bonham is a good man.
Now, he don't deserve what's happening to him.
And she needs to hear this from me.
Hear what? Can I have this conversation with Geri in private, please? No, if this is about Bonham, then whatever you tell me, he can hear it too.
All clear.
All right.
If you don't remember me, do you remember a pink music box? Uh, yes.
My-my father gave me one when we - came to Austin for the first time.
- He bought it for you when you were staying with me in Brushy Creek.
He said it-it helped you sleep.
- Yeah, I-I remember.
- Okay, Nate how do you really know Frank? I used to work up in OKC a lot.
And we became friends.
And Geri got sick, so she was spending a lot of time with specialists in Austin.
I'd-I'd go with your dad a lot to the hospital.
It was near a duck pond.
It's by a creek.
Austin General had this new treatment, but Frank couldn't afford it.
They were gonna discharge you, and Frank came to me with this idea.
A robbery.
N Uh, no.
Okay, that's that's not my father.
He wouldn't-he wouldn't do that.
Oh, I agree, but-but he was-he was desperate.
- Who were you gonna rob? - Marv.
Frank and I used to work for him before he moved up to OKC.
Marv was always living high on the hog, but shorting his employees, so Frank asked him for his back pay to help cover the surgery.
Marv told him to pound sand.
But I knew where Marv hid his money.
Hell, all we had to do was go up to to Hill Country, take the money out of a slick that Marv kept in his barn.
Not all of it, mind you.
Just just enough.
Got it.
Right there.
Come on, Frank, hurry up.
We were just there for the money.
But then I saw smoke creep in under the door.
We got to go.
We've got enough, right there.
But the barn caught fire, and it was getting out of control.
Frank, the window! We split up.
Smoke got to me, and I think I passed out.
When I come to I see Bonham, and he's got this crazy look in his eye.
He was trying to save a life.
Not take one.
What happened, Frank? It's taken care of.
The hell you mean? And Marv won't be a problem ever again.
Frank came back with the money and Marv Davidson was dead.
He caught him in the act, Geri.
I'm sorry.
I d Um I-I guess I'm not understanding why-why would my father kill someone to pay for my-for my treatments? Uh, this-this doesn't this doesn't make any sense.
I'm I'm I'm sorry, but you're lying.
Wish I was.
Okay, Nate, those payments they weren't hush money.
They were, uh they were child support.
What? And, uh, and-and you you were the middle man between Marv and Frank, right? - For a long time.
- What are you talking about? Cordi.
Hush money? Child support? There is no one alive who can even speak to this.
That's not entirely true, Ger.
Uh Maybe we should - hang back? - No.
No, no, no, no.
My, uh, my my my gut is telling me something, and, um What? I I think we should get Abby here.
- You know? - He's accusing my father of murder.
Are you hearing that? Yeah Why would he murder some random man? Ger, Ger, M Mar Marv, uh, w-wasn't random.
Marv Davidson is, uh What? is your father.
- What?! - He's your birth father.
Are you hearing yourself? - Okay, listen - Are you hearing what you're saying? Okay, before Marv died, he-he he went to my mom, okay? And he told her - he had a child out there.
A child - Stop.
everyone thought was dead.
But who wasn't dead.
Okay? Who-who who, uh, who isn't.
Because I am looking at her right now.
I am not Marv Davidson's daughter.
Pretty sure you are, Geri.
Just as much as you're Frank's.
- Hey.
- S S Just I can't.
I'm sorry, I c-I c I cannot be here right now.
Well looks like you found your one good thing.
That man's testimony is gonna bring your daddy home.
Not like this.
Geri, I-I never wanted my my one good thing to to come at-at your expense.
Not like this.
Doesn't change how it is.
Hey, um What Nate said it-it doesn't have to change who your father was to you.
He's still the man who raised you to be who you are today, okay? - He's still your port in the storm.
He - Yeah, I know.
I-I know that you're trying to help me right now, but uh, may-maybe don't.
Okay? Yeah.
I have tried all day to help your family.
I feel so stupid.
Geri, my my family is-is your family.
We are family.
You're you're a Walker, still.
Through and through.
- This doesn't change anything.
- Cordi.
Don't kid yourself.
Did you-did you hear? It changes everything.
I've never seen it empty.
Yeah, me neither.
You know, I walked in, and the first thing that came to mind was that time that Liam covered that entire wall with crayon.
We told him he couldn't play with them at the diner, and we said, "Oh, use them at home.
" I didn't realize that we'd have to specify, - you know, that the walls were off-limits.
- Yeah.
I know I don't know - why I thought of that.
- Saying goodbye.
You prepare for the big memories.
It's it's the little ones that - catch you off guard.
- Yeah.
Have you heard from Geri? No.
I mean, I-I, um, I left some voice mails, but, uh no, I haven't-haven't heard back.
I just can't believe it's her.
That it was Geri our Geri and I had no idea.
Mama she doesn't blame you.
You know that.
Not yet.
- Do you regret it? - It wasn't easy, or or fun.
But if somebody had to say it, I guess I'm glad it was me.
Maybe tonight you'll finally sleep.
Me and Daddy.
What's that? You find something in the move? Yeah.
Something that I I thought was lost.
Well, I guess we should probably be Can you give me a sec? Course.
Hey, Dad.
- One last trip to the ranch? - No.
Nah, I don't want to remember it like that.
A shell of itself.
I'll keep the picture I have in my head.
Side Step it is, then.
We can't check in to that hotel until 4:00.
Y'all couldn't scrounge up a rental? We had a couple things going on, Dad.
I know.
Thank you, son.
For believing in me.
- Hey.
- There he is.
- Hey! - Daddy.
Ah! Oh! - Hey, little girl.
- Hi, there.
Well, uh, welcome back, Daddy.
Uh, y you you know, such such as it is.
All of us together anywhere is just fine.
- Mm-hmm.
- Amen.
Okay, sure, but, like, seriously what are we gonna do for breakfast? Okay, okay.
- Well, I think someone is 911 on that bacon.
- Yeah.
- Bacon - Maybe this could work? You know, I thought we might want to keep the breakfast tradition alive, and I got - way too many tacos down the street, so - You you can't get too many tacos.
You know that.
I taught you that.
- You get an egg - Hey, stinker, bacon, egg and cheese? - Oh, yeah, I got you extra.
- Stinker.
- Yes! - All right, here's your coffee.
I knew you'd There you go.
Pass it down, pass it down, pass it down.
Oh, my gosh.
I can't I can't believe it's you.
You're here.
- Um, I'm gonna let you - Okay, yeah.
Um I-I I am here.
But that's honestly as far asl've gotten.
And I'm-I'm still wrapping my head around being, um A Davidson.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry, is that too much? - It's - I'm sorry.
It just I just have one question.
- Yeah.
- Gale, did you know? That I was out there? As far as I know Abby Walker was the only one Marv told.
And why she would keep that a secret when I could have I could have been looking for you, I-I don't know.
I don't know.
But you're here now.
I I just I-I'm just willing to make up for lost time, if you are.

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