Walker (2021) s02e16 Episode Script

Champagne Problems

1 Whoa.
What's going? What is this? 40 years.
We're celebrating.
Is that scarlet sage? - Sure is.
- I loved how it grew wild near the porch at home.
Where do you think we got it? Little anniversary trespassing.
He's kidding.
You are, right? Okay, scooch.
I mean, this all looks beautiful, but, uh, we're a little particular about our bacon.
No, Mama, please, go and relax outside.
We know how Dad likes bacon.
Why don't we get you situated outside? Outside.
- Make 'em happy.
Go outside.
Come on.
- Go, the two of you.
Happy anniversary.
- Thank you very much.
- Thanks.
- Y'all are the best.
- It's very sweet.
BONHAM I guess.
- Let's go.
- Thanks.
Thank you, Augie.
Is anyone else getting cold feet? Mawline seemed a little bit Trust me, after all they've gone through lately All right.
getting showered with love is exactly what Mama needs right now.
Uh, let's just go over the plan again.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm-I'm gonna get the bubbly.
Trey actually told me about a place here in town that deals rare wines, so He's in Vegas with his mom, but - Bubbles? - Yes.
Uh, kids? - Don't ruin the surprise.
Be on time.
- Mm-hmm.
And, uh - Yeah, I think we got it.
- And we may have a little something else planned for them as well.
- Yeah? Awesome.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, one more thing, uh, Cassie wants to tag along today, so we'll have all hands on deck, plus one.
Well, she can ride with me.
Love to get a chance to meet your newest victim.
Let's do it.
Divide and conquer.
- Divide and conquer.
- Divide and conquer.
Hey, Pops.
I'm just, uh Listen, uh, these windows aren't double-paned, and you already can't whisper worth a damn, son.
Yeah, that-that's that's nothing.
Okay, listen, if you're really looking for something to get your mother, there is one thing that you can do.
Great, sure, anything.
Well Abby hasn't been the same since everything with Geraldine went down.
You know, we all feel the way we feel about that, but your mother Well, hell, the one thing that'll make this day really special is Geraldine giving her a chance.
- Yes, sir.
- So, you're working on that? I will do.
All right.
That was so nice, huh? Just three of us getting out of town for a couple days.
I know it was a little tense with Denise.
- I get it.
It's-it's a lot to process.
- Yeah.
You know, waking up in your 30s, learning that you have a sister and that Well, you know.
- Yeah.
She'll come around.
- It's Yeah.
I know that.
I mean, Lord knows I'm still wrapping my head around it, but I am glad that we're trying.
Me, too.
Well, thank you Aw.
- for everything.
- Of course, of course.
Um, hey, you know what, though? You and I haven't really had any mother-daughter time, just, you know, just one-on-one.
Wow, that's still so so crazy.
Um, Yeah, no, I guess you're right.
Why don't you come on by tonight? I'll pull out some family recipes and, you know, read you in on some secrets.
I think I'd like that.
All right.
All right.
Bye, honey.
You really know your Syrahs.
I guess I just like to think about the life of wine, how it's a living thing.
I like to think about what was going on the year the grapes were growing, and Are you really buying this? Seriously? There's, like, one movie about wine, and you, a wine person, haven't seen it? Uh Oh, come on, it's Paul Giamatti.
It's a great film.
It's Sideways.
My dad's a real bourbon guy, so the fact he brings up this wine that they toasted every time that he talks about their wedding I mean, it must be special.
That or just because it gives my mom the giggles.
I Oh, the Chalamet Esprit Brut Vintage '82.
Bottle that nice would give anybody the giggles.
It's a wonderful gift, if you can find it.
So can you get it? For you, I'll see what I can do.
I'll say this, they're lucky to have a son like you.
Well I'll place some calls with local collectors.
- If you'll leave me your info - Yeah.
Uh, William.
Well, Liam.
Everybody calls me Liam.
Um, but, I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.
You two know each other.
I-I didn't realize you worked here.
Clearly, given that you're here.
You two know each other in-in a not great way.
I just wasn't sure where you No, of course.
The city's chock-full of specialty wine and spirit shops.
I mean, it kind of is.
I'm sorry.
I'm late for my lunch break.
Um My colleague will help you.
Yeah, I Okay.
What the hell was that? That was everyone's favorite Perez.
My brother.
You're gross.
Speaking of gross.
How's the drama? I'm sorry, the what? Oh, you know, that little love triangle you seem to find yourself in that, you know, threatens to destroy not only my band, but, like, the only real guy friends I've had in a while.
Not to make it about me or anything.
Yeah, definitely not making it about you.
But I think I've had a breakthrough, and not just about boys.
I'm at a fork in the road in a lot of ways.
You'll get it when you're a senior.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
All this stuff for Gramps and Mawline, everything that they've been through.
Yeah, horse races, murder charges.
We're here because of a turning point.
Think about it.
On what was maybe one of the most interesting nights of Mawline's life, just as she was celebrating her engagement to Marv, she met Gramps, and everything changed.
Okay? Okay, so Todd or Colton or "choosing myself.
" Am I staying here or going to freaking Oregon for college? All I'm saying is fate, like, butted in and basically pointed the way for Mawline, and 40 years later, here we are.
Something happened that night, and Mawline listened.
So, I'm just gonna wait for a sign to guide me.
What? Oh, nothing.
I was gonna burp, but it feels like you were saying something important, so I refrained.
Hey! Check it out.
- What do you think? - Wow.
It's, uh, subtle, understated.
I love it.
I'm glad that someone's making progress.
Hey, uh, you get that champagne? Uh, we ran into a little issue.
He's being nice.
We didn't get it.
- We had a - Okay.
little run-in with my big brother which sent the whole thing, well, sideways, which is a movie any so-called wine person should've seen.
Uh, hold on a second.
Let's back it up.
You have a brother? And he lives in Austin? Uh, how am I just finding this out? Well, you know what, didn't really come up between the, "Hey, get in the trunk," and the, "Oh, no, I've made a traumatic discovery about my partner," so But, yes, I do.
I'm gathering that you two aren't really close? Cordi, can I actually pick your brain - just for a second? - Yeah.
Uh about the banner.
About the Um What's wrong with the banner? I-I saw what went down between her and her brother today, and I think what she may need is a little less boom, smash, overshare, and a little more gentle.
Thanks, Liam, 'cause, mm, that sounded a little bit like a jab.
It's not a Divide and conquer, remember? How are things going with the whole reuniting of Mom and Geri? It's delicate right now, you know.
I called her earlier.
Haven't heard back, but, uh Yeah.
You know what, why don't, why don't you let me take over things here for just a little bit? You know? Yeah.
I'll, uh, you know, I'll check back in with Ger.
- Okay.
- Uh, don't touch my banner.
I'm not gonna touch the banner.
You know, your dad should really bring the porn 'stache back.
- No.
Um - Yes.
Look, I, uh, I don't mean to pry.
Okay? And you just say the word, I'll drop it completely.
I don't know what happened between you and your brother, Ben, but I do know about brothers and trauma.
Um, we were always close.
Like, uh, "matching sweaters at Christmas by choice" - close.
- Mm-hmm.
And then things happened.
Well, like you said, you-you have a brother.
You get it.
I don't know what things happened, or how Miles figures into any of this, but what I can say is that when Emily died, I mean, Cordi disappeared.
I mean, he was gone gone, you know, and I went to him when he was undercover, just to try and get real with him 'cause I was afraid he-he would never come home.
There was just this world of hurt between us that would've torn us apart, and I may be totally off base, but I felt some of that with you two today.
I just don't know what step I'm supposed to take.
I don't want to oversimplify it, but, I mean, maybe just put one foot in front of the other, you know? Repeat as necessary.
See where that road takes you.
It's got to be a lot better than where you two are right now.
So, we ditching homeroom or got a big game, varsity? No, no, I-I just wanted to, uh, copy your and Em's homework under the bleachers before biology.
Oh, memories.
Yeah, that's kind of why I wanted to see you here.
Memories, you know? Simpler times.
Uh At the Kansas show, I didn't mean to step in between you and-and your new you I didn't mean to step in between you and Gale.
- But I did.
- No, it's-it's fine.
- Why don't you Might be work, so - No, no, no.
I-I-I feel terrible about the way I acted.
And I know that-that's not the reason we're-we're not you know, together, but I-I-I needed to-to-to own up to it, and I need to make it right.
Um Geri, I-I'm gonna show you that I'm committed to our friendship because that's still there, always will be.
I know that.
So, you-your big ask? You-you - I mean, you texted me - Right, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh, sorry, um, it-it's-it's not for me, it's-it's for, it's for my folks.
Uh, so we're throwing them a surprise get-together at The Side Step tonight - for their 40th anniversary.
- 40? Wow, feels like they just turned 40.
I know, I know, right? Um Thing is, um And I hate putting you in this position, but Thing is, there's gonna be a dark cloud over Mama all night if you're not there, you know? Cordi - It's not that simple.
- Geri, is there anything I can do - to help? Anything? - Can you square the fact that the father I love killed the man who brought me into this world only to throw me out like trash? Or-or maybe go back so that your mom didn't sit on that secret? And, again, I understand, but I can't undo how it makes me feel.
Yeah, yeah, I-I get that.
I do.
Um Just consider it for them, please.
I will consider it.
- For them and you, okay? - Yup.
I'll see you later.
See you.
Wait, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
Wait, Twyla what? Okay, uh Hang tight.
I'm on my way.
You're saying $800 just happened to disappear - on your first day? - Exactly.
It's my first day.
I know how to hide a con better than that.
Hey, uh, Ranger Cordell Walker.
Um, I'm here.
Uh, I'm What's going on? I'll tell you what's going on, she thought she could take me for a ride.
Thought I wouldn't notice her misdirecting electronic funds transfers right under my nose.
Oh, if I took you for a ride, you'd know it, buddy.
Okay, okay, Twyla, cool it.
Cool it.
There's nothing left to solve here.
A criminal with prior felony theft convictions thought she'd try it again, but not today.
- Take her away.
- Nah, no, no.
Not so fast.
No one is putting Twyla behind bars without her getting a fair shake, you understand that? H-Hold on a second, okay? Just, um Everybody just hang tight for a minute, okay? I have to address this.
What up, stinker? You texted me SOS.
What's up? Yeah, the berries are clogged in the dispenser for my Bourbon Blackberry Collins.
You don't text "SOS" over a-a bourbon What? The signature cocktail that I'm I made just in case we can't get the champagne.
I don't really have time for this right now, Liam.
Uh I'm trying to keep Twyla out of jail, so Twyla? You're with Twyla right now? Second time in one week.
Hey, you better pray that Mom and Dad or Geri don't catch wind of this.
Don't start, all right? I'm just doing my job.
Hey, I'm serious about Geri.
This is not a good way to make peace.
Does she know that you're with Twyla? There's nothing to know, Liam.
A-And Geri and I a-aren't even, - like - Yeah, I know, I know, but Twyla equals Rodeo Kings.
She was all over the news cycle, and I-I know that she had nothing to do with Hoyt's death and that whole nightmare, but I don't think that Geri's gonna be able to make that distinction.
Liam, I got this.
Secret to brisket is to get a good sear before it slow roasts.
You're gonna school me on brisket? Well I've been searing your brisket for months now.
What? What I want to know is the spice ratio in that chili of yours.
I-I nearly forgot, you're the one who's been prepping and-and-and serving - at The Side Step this whole time.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, I guess this, uh, chili has been in family hands this whole time.
Imagine that.
- Hadn't thought about it that way.
- Yeah.
Okay, you get the spices I'll get the pot, and, uh, we'll swap secrets, all right? Okay.
Here we go.
- Let's go with this one.
- Oh.
They used to I moved them.
Here we go.
Right here.
Mm So, I'll get this one.
- You okay, sweetheart? - Yeah, no, I think it's just being in this kitchen.
Everything's Yeah.
so different.
A-And it's-it's Abeline and-and Bonham's 40th anniversary.
Oh And they're celebrating - tonight.
- Okay.
They asked me to be there, so All right, well, I'm-I'm glad you said so.
Uh, look, I-I understand you have a history with Bonham and Abby, of course I do, and after all the losses they've been through, I'd expect they need you there tonight.
So you should go.
Yeah, you g you got my blessing, not-not that you need it, of course.
Look, um I can't say why Abeline stayed silent all those years, but what I can say is Marv saddled her with an impossible choice.
Don't let him do the same thing to you.
Okay, thank you.
Uh Well, good news, Mr.
O'Brien our financial forensics tracked down that, uh, $800 in misallocated EFTs.
Bad news, - looks like it was your clerical error.
- What? Regardless, you can't blame me for looking at her record and coming to the conclusion Oh, I can, and I am.
Your oversight could've upended her life.
All I need to know is that she Is that she's trying to turn her life around.
That she's a STEM grant recipient who took a job to make ends meet.
Do you think she worked all those years to-to case a bank? Twyla trusted the wrong guy, and it backfired and snowballed.
She's paid for it already.
She doesn't need to pay for the rest of her life.
I'll check in with you tomorrow.
Two Perezes, one Austin.
This town ain't weird enough for the both of us.
Look, Mom made it sound like you hadn't put down roots yet.
Well, I wasn't gonna stay in Houston after Lucas.
Oh, you're still here? Figured you would've run at the mention of his name.
All right, okay.
Well, I deserve that.
Look, I'm trying to fix this.
Just let me explain what happened.
I know what happened.
I was there.
I watched my boyfriend die.
Where the hell were you? I was trying to Pretend nothing was happening? Um Okay, right, okay.
Um Let's just stick to the champagne my friend asked about, okay? Did you get it? His family needs my help.
Oh, his family? Wow, how selfless, Cass.
What a friend.
I'm sure everything will go great for them with you in their corner.
- You know what - No, I don't.
Oh, is this when you send a postcard? He asked about you, you know.
Near the end, he asked about you.
I never really knew what to say.
Lucky for you, he was so far gone he never really knew the truth.
You're okay, you're okay.
Uh My goodness, you look as beautiful as the day we met.
You know, everything's gonna be all right in time, so let's just enjoy the night.
I know.
What do you think they got planned for us? Viking funeral.
So be it.
As long as I sail out with you.
Dad seemed super bummed to miss dinner tonight, but he had a ton of work stuff.
Anyways, it should be fun with just us and Uncle Liam, right? Of course it will.
Won't it, hon? Oh, yes.
Oh, crap.
Hey, guys, I just got a text that, uh, Uncle Liam's stuck in traffic.
He said he won't be able - to make dinner either.
- Oh.
Oh, what a shame.
You know, since it's just the four of us, why don't we just swing by a-a food truck? Oh, I'm craving Patrizi's.
Oh, Patrizi's.
Yeah, that'd hit the spot.
Oh, um, I'm gluten-free now, so Italian really might not be - the best - Oh, well, you know, tacos is always a good anniversary meal, isn't it? Well, you know, a-and-and Rosarito's has got corn tortillas.
I left my prescription at the bar.
Why would you leave your prescription? - I didn't know you took a prescription.
- Yeah, no, it's-it's really vital.
I just forget the name of it.
Um It's at The Side Step, so let's go to the - uh, Side Step.
- Well, we're right here, so it's no problem, Augie.
We might as well just all go inside.
Well, we could stay in the car.
AUGUST Let's go inside.
I don't think that's a great idea.
Surprise! Thank you.
Hey Hey, you, too.
What's going on? Happy anniversary, Daddy, Mama.
We're so proud to have you as parents.
We love you so much.
All right, come on.
Yeah, yeah.
Bring it in.
Big hug.
All right, all right.
Eat, drink, be merry.
Open bar.
Whoa, that's a good sign.
How's it going? Uh, hey, Lou, can I get another Bourbon Blackberry Collins? Gotcha.
I got what you were looking for.
Uh Chalamet Esprit Brut Vintage '82.
A real champagne in the ass to find but I finally found it for you.
Wait, a minute, I called every single wine distributor in the state of Texas.
How did you get this? A long story for another day.
I just hope it brings your folks some joy.
Or, uh, at least a good buzz.
Okay, well, thank you.
Thank you.
Uh Hey, why don't you stick around? Night's just, uh, getting started.
Twist my arm.
We're almost out, Liam.
The drink is a hit.
Thank you, Lou.
Um, you know what? You're a booze expert.
What do you think about this Bourbon Blackberry Collins? Mm? It's a revelation.
This Bourbon Blackberry Collins changed my life.
Are you pandering because I made it? Wait, you crafted this cocktail? I can't tell if you're messing with No, had I known that you were the visionary mixologist of this resplendent Okay, I know you're messing with me.
No, no, no, it's good.
It really is.
It's just a bit acidic.
Excuse me.
Folks, folks.
Excuse me.
Thank you, sorry.
I-I wanted to, uh, say, uh I wanted to thank all y'all for coming out tonight and, uh, I'd like to raise a glass to the beautiful couple we are all here to celebrate.
I-I hear you.
I My sentiments exactly.
Uh, as lucky as these two are to have found each other, I wonder if Liam and I and my son and daughter aren't actually the luckiest people in here, because we got to have them as parents, as-as grandparents.
And we all know how generous they are with their love and friendship.
Uh, hear, hear.
- Thank you, son.
- Yeah, just wanted to do something special for you tonight.
Um, you know, all the family's gone through, lately, a lot of losses, with the ranch - and uprooting the family - Uprooting? - Yeah.
- Our family, our marriage, it's-it's not a ranch, son.
Tonight, I'm remembering Hmm.
Hmm Uh-oh.
Marriage is something you grow.
And something we grow.
Through the dark and murky and through the daybreak.
It's us.
It's always us.
And it's all of us.
You know, we, um 40 years ago, it was fate we met.
You know, it could be that I followed her to the Driskill.
What? Stop it.
No, he did not.
Listen, it was fate we met.
But we choose each other every day.
And 40 years ago, we planted a promise that grew with everyone we welcomed into our family.
Everyone we loved along the way.
So when I look out at all of you, I do not see a family uprooted.
I see a family thriving.
To this thriving family.
To this thriving family.
You know, all this mushiness hits a little different when you just got dumped.
Time will heal, brother.
Yeah, I guess it wasn't so much about fate for them after all, huh? Yeah.
You know, I don't know what the future holds, but like Mawline said, the universe gave me options.
But I have to choose.
Todd or Colton, or whether my next chapter starts here or across the country.
I might not have an answer yet, but I just hope to one day have what Mawline and Gramps have.
You will.
I think you will, too.
You know, once you leave the whole gulp and burp thing behind.
All right, you're just ruining the moment, Stella.
It's just fun, you know? Hey, thanks again.
Of course.
Hey, you know, anybody could've brought that bottle of champagne.
I don't think your brother is sticking around for my mixology skills, so Fine.
- Yeah, um, over here.
- Okay.
Um Thank you, for helping them out.
Heard they needed a win.
I-I screwed up.
Earlier today.
Well, for months, really.
I, uh, I couldn't reach out.
Uh, something stopped me.
It was pride, guilt.
Couldn't really admit it to myself earlier, but when I ran into you today and and Liam made me take a harder look at what I did Cass.
Talk to me.
Look, when you called about Lucas, I don't know what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn't expecting Huntington's.
We all knew it was coming.
All of us.
We were prepared and No, but No, I wasn't.
Okay? And that's the thing.
I loved him, too, Ben.
And I couldn't accept it.
And then, boom, Miles disappeared and Uh Y-You're seriously comparing my boyfriend of nearly a decade to some partner you were assigned, like, what? - Six months ago? - No, no, no, no.
I I mean, I didn't mean to.
Look, I, um I saw you and how you were handling Lucas's fate with grace.
And I was just I was bumbling.
And then Miles went missing, and I lost myself in it because it felt like something I could possibly fix.
Because I couldn't fix Lucas.
So your answer to that was sending cards and, uh, catering? I thought I was helping, by giving you space.
At least, that's what I told myself.
But I was really just avoiding his his Huntington's.
Lucas dying.
I thought if I could find Miles, I could protect myself from more loss.
And it's ridiculous, I know.
And, oh, he's gone, too, and I hurt you.
And I am so sorry, Benny.
Uh, excuse me.
Everybody, can I have your attention? So, Daddy, you always mentioned this, uh, every time you talked about the wedding, so I figured - it meant something special.
- It does.
And it means a lot, son.
Thank you.
Thank you, Daddy.
Um on their wedding night, my mom and dad said "I do," and they sealed it with a kiss and a toast.
And so, 40 years later, we go back to that same vine.
- Everybody stand back.
- Oh Here we go, all right? Thank you so much.
All right, so I would like to Oops.
Propose a toast to my mom and dad I'm gonna stop you right there, son.
I know you got some beautiful things prepared, but I There's just, there's a little thing I Something I want to do.
- All right? - Sure, Dad.
Yeah, of course.
This one's for you, darling.
I guess it's I guess it's for all of you.
All right.
I don't know why ♪ I act the way I do ♪ Like I ain't got ♪ A single thing to lose ♪ Sometimes I'm my own ♪ Worst enemy ♪ Well, I guess that's just ♪ The cowboy in me ♪ He's still got it.
I got a life Hey.
♪ Hey.
I didn't think you were gonna make it.
Well, you show up for the people that mean something to you.
Wake up fightin' mad ♪ At where this road I'm headed down ♪ Might lead ♪ Well, I guess that's just ♪ The cowboy in me ♪ - The urge to ♪ - Ger, um You know, I I've been so worried about what being a Davidson means.
But what I'm realizing is that I want you both in my life.
The Davidsons, all you crazy Walkers.
Okay, well, you can have that.
I'm not sure what comes next.
What comes next is this family, and our-our friendship, and, Geri, I'm all in.
I promise.
I like that.
A new chapter.
A new chapter.
But you set your mind to see ♪ This love on through ♪ Well, I guess that's just the cowboy ♪ In you ♪ We ride and never worry about the fall ♪ Well, I guess that's just the cowboy ♪ In us all.
♪ I love you.
Here's to 40 more years.
Thank you, my boy.
Oh, thank you, my sweet girl.
Thank you so much.
I am so happy you're here.
I may be a Davidson now, but I am still a Walker through and through.
I love you.
Thank y'all so much.
Thank you.
Thank you, New York, thank you, too.
Nice pipes, Coach! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go on, go on, go on.
Look at this.
All right.
Chariot is here.
Drive carefully, Stella.
Precious cargo! Welcome, welcome.
- Make yourselves at home.
- Wow, this is great.
Put on some music - Hey.
- Yeah.
I, um I don't think I would've been able to face this without your help.
Well, you're Cordi's new partner.
It's kind of a package deal.
You're family now.
And you're welcome.
- Well, good.
- Hey, since you're all warm and fuzzy, how would you feel about me asking your brother out? All right.
So you've picked our poison.
I've been feeling this lately.
TX Whiskey.
Well, I will be right back.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Hey, I wanted to float something by you.
I'm all ears.
So, I've been playing it safe, you know, focusing on my family and their needs.
And, uh, I had a good guy with me for a while.
But, uh, I wasn't really focusing on what I wanted.
And I'm done waiting.
A-Are you okay? This is a lot.
- I can be a lot someti - Oh, no.
- I'm here for it.
- Okay.
I, um How would you feel about seeing where this could lead over dinner? I think I'd like that.
So, what'd I miss? I was about to tell Liam about the time you tried to go on a hunger strike but missed snacks so you settled on a pants strike.
Well, let's just not.
"Pants strike"? Let me hear about that, actually Never.
- Cheers, y'all.
- Cheers.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Come in! Uh, door's unlocked.
Jackets, keys, anything left behind, I-I put into the lost and found.
Uh Twyla.
I didn't want to crash the family shindig.
I never got the chance to properly thank you earlier.
Well No, don't-don't Don't worry about that, Twyla, I just just doing my job.
You know, I guess I hadn't really put it together till today.
Even when you were playing dress-up, calling yourself "Duke," you really were getting to know me.
Whatever happened to, uh, that clean slate we talked about when I helped you secure an early release from prison? Look no gun.
Ain't that clean enough? This song has, uh too many memories for me.
Well, I think we can find something to share that's short of a dance.
Um - Be my guest.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Of course.
Long day? Good day.
Well, that's good.
Mine was crap.
Save one bright spot.
So tell me about yours.
Well, woke up and we surprised my folks with, uh, breakfast, homemade.
Uh, at our, new place, which, you know
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