War and Peace (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

A peace treaty has been ratified with the Emperor of France.
Who will now be our gallant ally.
It'll come to war again.
I am in love with Sonya and I want us to be married.
You had better know that I can never recognise that intriguer as my daughter! My father made it a condition of his consent that the marriage not take place for a year.
I'll wait.
- You're so lovely.
- You mustn't say that! Why ever not? Will you tell Prince Andrei when he comes that our engagement is at an end and I cannot be his wife.
He loves me, Sonya! I'd do anything I'd run away with him! You're to come with us, sir.
We've been betrayed! No! I will go to him, wherever he is! He's a married man, he has a wife in Poland! Andrei, I'm so sorry about this.
Yes, well Just to confirm, I have received a refusal from Countess Rostova, and rumours have reached me about an intrigue with your brother-in-law.
Is that correct? Yes, but that's all over.
Anatole has left Moscow.
Well, it makes no difference.
When you see Countess Rostova, tell her that she was and is completely free, and I wish her no ill.
Is that all? Look here, I'm sure it was a moment of madness, and she regrets it bitterly.
She loves you, I'm sure of it, and you love her.
Remember when you came to me and told me how madly you were in love with her? I know you believe a fallen woman should be forgiven, Pierre, and I admire you for it.
But I'm a different sort of man.
I cannot forgive, and I WILL not.
Here are her letters, and her portrait.
I would be grateful if you would return them to her.
Andrei, think how she must be suffering.
Will you do as I ask? Yes, of course.
Then take them.
And if we are to remain friends, I ask you never to speak to me about this again.
You're not well.
I wish I were dead.
No No, no, don't say that.
What did he say? Only that you are free, have always been free, and he bears you no ill will.
Yes, that's like him.
I know it's all over.
And I'm tormented by the wrong I've done him.
But will you? Will you ask him if he can forgive me? Of course I will.
But, Natasha What happened? How did it come about? Did you? Did you love that scoundrel? Don't call him that! I don't know.
I don't know anything any more.
I'm so unhappy.
I've spoilt everything, haven't I? Don't try to talk about it now.
Later, when your soul is clear, remember, I'm always your friend.
If you need help, or advice, or just to pour your soul out, remember me, dear Natasha.
Don't talk to me like that.
I don't deserve it.
I'm ruined, aren't I? No for God's sake, no.
If I were not married myself, and a better man than I am I mean, worthy of you I would go down on my knees this minute and ask for your hand and your love.
Oh Pierre Courage, mademoiselle.
Oh, Ilya, when shall we have our Natasha back? The doctor says she's making good progress, physically.
It's as if the spirit were gone from her.
She doesn't want to read, or talk, or sing Pierre seems to bring her a little comfort.
We should never have let her engage herself to that cold-hearted man! almost as if he wanted her to betray him! Oh, Ilya where's our lovely girl gone? Oh, God, in your mercy, forgive me, and show me the way to lead a better life.
Vive l'Empereur! Vive l'Empereur! Across the river, Russia.
The time has come, gentlemen.
Sound the advance.
This breach of our treaty cannot and will not be endured.
Hear, hear! I will not make peace with that man unless he withdraws every one of his soldiers from Russian soil! Drubetskoy.
Come here.
I appoint you to take my message to Napoleon.
I thank Your Majesty for this great honour.
Make sure he understands.
Not one single French soldier to remain on Russian soil.
Now, go and may God be with you.
Wait here, sir.
Monsieur Drubetskoy.
- Sire, the Emperor - You are very young.
I do not want war and I never wanted it.
Your master has brought it all upon himself.
He could have had Moldavia and Wallachia.
Let him bear the consequences.
Your generals have no stomach for a fight.
On On the contrary, - Your Majesty - Don't argue with me.
I know everything.
I know the state of your miserable army.
You have 200,000 men.
I have three times that.
Sire, if you are prepared to withdraw your troops beyond the Neman, then the Emperor will negotiate.
C'est trop tard, mon petit.
It's too late.
I'm going to take your country.
But it's all right.
It's not your fault.
Tell your master he'll receive my letter.
It's considered a great honour, monsieur, to have one's ear pulled by the Emperor.
Oh, right Thank you.
Well, we're at war again.
Napoleon's crossed the Neman and he's advancing towards Smolensk.
- Oh, Ilya! - Don't fret, my dear, he'll be driven back before he gets anywhere near Moscow.
But Nikolai Nikolai's a seasoned officer now.
He knows how to look after himself.
All we can do is hope and pray.
- Papa, let me enlist! - Absolutely not! I won't allow it a boy of 15! All my friends are volunteering! If you won't find me a commission, I'll run away and find one myself! It might be best to let him join up - Ilya! - find him a billet where he can look the part, but stay out of danger.
Is anywhere safe now? Ah, Tikhon it's good to see you.
- How are things? - All well, Your Excellency.
Ah, we have been waiting and waiting for your arrival! Do step in, Prince Andrei! Do I need your invitation? - No, of course - Are you mistress of this house now? No, not at all Where are my father and Princess Marya? And my son? Inside, waiting for you, Prince.
Papa! Papa! How are you, Masha? So, you're going to war again? Run along.
What else is there for me to do? The French grow closer by the day.
I wish you could stay with us.
Your little boy hardly knows you.
Well, it can't be helped.
I hope you're finding my son a responsive pupil, Monsieur Dessales? Oh, yes.
Of course, he's still very young, but already I detect a certain gift for la mathematique.
Ah! Unlike his Aunt Marya, here! The hours I've wasted, trying to instil the principles of algebra and geometry into that muddled little head! Ah, we ladies, the higher studies are not for us, I think! We have a different kind of wisdom, you know? And what might that be? If you don't know, Prince, far be it for me to tell you! I see you were entertaining your idiotic pilgrims again today, Marya.
They're good people, Father.
They know when they're onto a good thing, I'll say that for them! How can anyone be so gullible? I know, I know.
I see you looking at me.
I should treat her more kindly.
But she drives me to distraction with her stupid religiosity the way she moons about the house with her eyes full of tears.
What's she got to be mournful about? La Bourienne now, she makes the most of herself.
She makes herself agreeable! Eh? If you're asking me I wouldn't have said it, but as you ask I think you treat Marya abominably, when anyone can see how much she loves you and respects you.
And, again, if you ask me, I think that French woman stirs things up between you.
She should never have been my sister's companion.
She's not worthy.
So, that's it! You had to say it, didn't you? I didn't want to judge, but you did ask.
And, Father, you know that I'm right.
How DARE you? Get out! GET OUT! I don't want to see your face any more! and his name was Bluebeard.
Now, this nobleman had a beautiful young wife, but she died, and some people thought that it was Bluebeard's fault, but didn't dare say so.
And then, one day, Bluebeard thought to himself, "It's about time I got myself another beautiful, young wife" Tell the story, Papa, tell it! Papa! Come here, I'll tell you the story.
But I want Papa to tell it! Just come and say goodbye to him.
I will not! Go away! But Andrei's leaving Think! You may never see him again! And whose fault is that? You made me quarrel with him! I blame YOU for this! Andrei, I wish you didn't have to go.
Thank God I can.
- It's a shame that you can't.
- Why do you say that? When you're going to that dreadful war and Papa's so old that he may not Andrei, let me ask you one thing don't go with bitterness in your heart.
Only forgiveness will make us truly happy.
Forgiveness is a woman's virtue.
I'm not capable of it.
When I see Anatole Kuragin again, I shall challenge him and kill him.
And then, perhaps, my mind will be at peace.
I wish you would play again properly, and sing again.
Sometimes I try, but it feels wrong, you know? As if I've no voice left to sing with.
It will come again.
You've been very ill.
You know, it takes time.
- What I did to Andrei - He should have forgiven you.
To leave you alone for a year for no good reason and how could you have known what sort of man Kuragin is? Natasha, you made one mistake, in a life that's all been bringing happiness to everyone you know one mistake! I mean, look at me.
My life is one mistake after another.
Is that how you see it? How could I see it otherwise? I wanted to change the world for the better, help my fellow men and look at me a fat, drunken aristocrat who makes a bungle out of everything.
Natasha, I've done nothing with my life, nothing! You've been very kind to me.
And that's only because I Never mind.
No-one's as kind as you.
No-one understands me as well as you do.
If you hadn't have been there then, and now I don't know what would have happened to me, because If you knew how No, this is wrong! What? What's wrong? Natasha, I think I think it's best if I don't visit you so often.
But why? Because I Tell me.
First, get some stationery eight quires.
Here's a sample, exactly the same, get it from Minsky's, nowhere else and varnish, sealing wax It's all on this list.
Give my compliments to the Governor of Smolensk But, Papa, the French are already approaching Smolensk! They're on our doorstep.
Didn't you read Andrei's letter? Nonsense, don't interfere! Off you go, Tikhon! Off you go.
Go to the Governor, tell him my father refuses to leave, and ask him what can be done for us.
For how many days will we still be safe here? All right, Princess.
I'll see how the land lies.
And come back quickly.
Safe journey! No, no, no, she can't The French can't be near Smolensk already.
No, no, no, no The town is surrendered! Leave! Leave! Turn it round! Done for! Russia's done for! Go ahead, boys, take the lot! Leave nothing for the French! I'll set the fire myself.
Tikhon! What in God's name are you doing here? The master refused to leave, sir.
Tell him he must! Tell him the French will be at Bald Hills within days! Do you understand? He MUS leave now, as must you! Yes, Your Excellency.
Is everything lost now, then? Far from it.
But, for now, you have to go! GO! - No! No! - But, Papa, Andrei said Did he think I would abandon my home to that accursed Frenchman? Never! Bald Hills must be defended, to the last man! Summon the militia! Give me my jacket.
Not that one! The full dress uniform! Papa, the militia aren't here any more! Everyone's going! They would never dare disobey me! You go, if you want to.
I'm making my stand here! Tikhon, buckle my sword! Do it! Do it! Grandpa's going to war, isn't he? Quickly! Papa! We must carry him to Bogucharovo! We'll be safe there for a while, at least.
Carry on.
I'm going to take a detour.
There's a place ahead where the men can bathe, if they want to.
Very good, Your Excellency.
Good day, Master.
Where are the family? All gone away, sir.
Thank God for that.
It's all right, Your Excellency, it's not too cold.
If you fancy it, I could order this lot out, - you could have it to yourself.
- No, no, let them bathe.
So much healthy flesh.
And all of it cannon fodder.
May I be of any assistance, Your Excellency? No, thank you.
We're going to our estate in Bogucharovo.
- It's over there.
- I wouldn't advise it.
The French are only two days behind us.
Go to Moscow.
You'll be safe there.
Dear heart Daughter My heart aches Forgive me.
Of course I forgive you, Papa.
Andryushka I want to see him.
He can't come, Papa.
He's away, with the Army.
Russia lost They destroyed her.
Pu Pu What is it, dear? Put on your white dress.
I like it.
Tikhon Tikhon, I wished for his death I prayed for it, and all the while, he loved me! He loved me As soon as we've buried my father, we must all leave for Moscow.
Are you sure this is the best? If we stayed, I am sure we would be very well-treated by the French officers.
I won't stay to see the enemy in my father's house.
- If you please, Your Excellency? - Yes, what? The peasants are making difficulties about the horses.
You see? They know they, too, will be well-treated by my countrymen.
The French will put us under their protection.
Truly, Princess, it will be for - the best - I would rather die than beg my enemy to protect me.
It would be an insult to my father's memory.
Tikhon, I am sure this must be a misunderstanding send Dron the Head Man to me, please.
They're waiting outside, Your Excellency.
Dronushka, what is this? Now, after our misfortune? We all walk under God, Princess.
I need to leave, this evening, or tomorrow morning at the latest.
Can you have the horses ready and the carts loaded? There are no horses, Princess.
Of course there are horses! What are you talking about? It's God's punishment, Princess.
Most of the horses were taken for the Army, and, as for the rest of them, there's nothing left to feed them with.
Lies! What it is, Your Excellency, they've got it into their heads that they'd be better off waiting for the French.
You haven't understood.
You have my word that you will be housed and fed at our estate near Moscow.
If you stay, the enemy will destroy you.
The French will set us free and give us land! What have you ever done for us? How can you say that?! You wouldn't dare to if my father were alive or my brother were here.
Now, I order you to have the horses ready for departure! Beautiful country we should find plenty of fodder here.
We need to secure it before the French get to it.
And a few pretty girls? Mine's the little one in front.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa - What can we do for you, sweet-face? My mistress wishes to know your name and your regiment, if you please, and if you would come to the house and speak to her.
I'm Lieutenant Ilyin of the Pavlograd Hussars and this is Count Rostov, our squadron commander.
And we will be delighted to speak with your mistress She is the Princess Marya Nikolayevna Bolkonskaya, Your Excellency.
Her father, the Prince, died yesterday, and the peasants have been taking advantage of the situation.
I am sorry to hear of it.
Please show us the way.
I am ashamed to have to beg for your assistance, sir.
Not at all, Princess.
This is an outrage, and I am only too happy to be able to assist you.
It will be both a pleasure and an honour to escort you away from here and I promise you, no-one will dare cause you any trouble.
Thank you, Count Rostov.
My dear Prince, can it be true? Smolensk in flames, and Napoleon advancing on Moscow? Oh, our army will stop him well before Moscow, and you know, Moscow is a long way from Petersburg.
But if it comes to the worst, what is to happen to us? Are we all to be guillotined? No, no, no, dear lady, Napoleon is magnanimous.
I suppose, we shall all have to brush up our French again, though.
Ah, Bilibin! Interesting times we live in.
The lovely Helene not here this evening? Ah, no she had to accept another invitation.
Two lovers, one absent husband, and she's in a delicate condition.
Of course, the child is not Bezukhov's.
I'm sure she'll sort it out.
Marry me and I'd be yours and yours alone.
- Aren't you still marriedto Bezukhov? - No! Well, only in name.
You see, we've He's never I can't say it in modesty You're saying it could be annulled? Why not? I'm sure if I write to Pierre, he'll do anything I asked.
He's such an obliging soul.
You do want to marry me, don't you? Well Yes, of course! Then I'll write to Pierre directly.
You're still wasting your time, turning over cards like a little boy? I'm trying to determine my fate, Catiche.
Someone told me that you were going to the war.
Yes, I'm considering it.
You? You know nothing about war.
Then perhaps it's time I found out.
'My dear mother and father, 'I hope you are making plans to leave Moscow.
'Otradnoye will be much safer for you.
'As for myself, you will be happy to hear that I am well and safe.
'The Pavlograd Hussars have been held in reserve, 'so I have been buying new horses for the regiment.
'We're in a beautiful part of the country.
'No-one would think that we were at war.
' "A short time ago, I was able to be of service - "to Princess Marya Bolkonskaya" - Ah! "The family estate was in the path of the French advance, "and as I happened to be in the area, "I was happy to escort the Princess for part of her journey "to a place of greater safety.
"She was very grateful, as you can imagine" There's a bit crossed out there, can't read it.
" and asked me to send her warmest good wishes to you all.
" Well! If something should come of that, it could solve all our problems.
'I will soon be arriving in Voronezh, where I have been invited 'to spend the evening with the Governor and his wife.
'I understand they're old friends of yours, 'so I am very much looking forward to meeting them.
' Ah, here they are, the men of the moment! You are welcome, gentlemen! Please take a drink.
Thank you.
Rich pickings.
It is such a pleasure to meet you at last.
A pleasure for me, too.
We heard of your rescue of Princess Marya.
Ah! Well, it was fortunate that I was passing.
You made a great impression upon the Princess.
Did you know that she's here in - Voronezh, with her aunt? - Really? Yes, she is.
And, of course, you will call upon her tomorrow morning, to pay your respects.
I should be very pleased to see her again.
You know, it's just the match for you.
Would you like me to arrange it? If only it were that simple.
He's here! Count Rostov.
I was so happy to hear you were in Voronezh.
It really does seem like fate, doesn't it? Yes, it does.
I hope your family are well.
Yes, very well that is to say, my sister was quite ill, but I believe she's recovering now.
Oh, I hope so.
I liked her very much when I met her, and I hope to see more of her.
I hope you do.
Strange how things turn out sometimes, isn't it? Yes, it is.
Ah, Prince Andrei! Welcome back, Your Grace.
I'm delighted to be under - your command again.
- Good lad! I'm very glad to see you.
How is your father? I learned of his death only yesterday.
Oh! I'm so, so sorry to hear that.
I loved and respected him.
He was a great soldier in his day.
Well, well.
So, you'll be at my side on the day? I thank you for the honour, but I request permission to be allowed to fight on the front line with my regiment.
It'll be bloody.
But you don't need me to tell you that.
I expect to lose 20,000 men.
God-willing, he'll lose more.
He thinks he's invincible.
He'll find he's not.
We're fighting on our own soil now.
We can't give him a clear run to Moscow, not without a fight.
So it has to be here.
We'll stop him here at Borodino.
Good luck, my boy.
I hope we meet again.
Excuse me, sir what's this place called? Bordino No, Borodino.
And are all these ours? That's right and over there, the French.
Look! There.
You can see their fires on the hill.
And you are, sir? What, a doctor? No, no Um I'm just here to see what's going on.
Count Bezukhov! Dolokhov.
I am so glad I saw you, old friend.
God knows whether either of us will be alive after tomorrow.
I am very sorry we fell out.
I wronged you, Petrushka, and I beg your forgiveness.
- Hey, watch yourself! - I do beg your pardon.
I'm looking for Prince Bolkonsky.
He's that way.
Pierre? Looking for you! And I thought I would see if there was anything I could do, for Russia and so on For God's sake, Pierre we're about to fight the bloodiest battle yet I have to look after you now? You just turn around and go straight home, - while you still have the chance - No, no! I'm here now.
Very well.
Come on, then.
So, you think we'll win tomorrow? I think we'll hold them to a standstill, which is as good as winning.
I sense it in our men.
They're ready to die this time, they won't run away.
It won't be pretty.
No, no, not now I've come all this way.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
- You're not afraid? - No! No, why should I be? If death comes, it comes.
What do I have to lose? I feel very much the same, my friend.
I spoke to Natasha just before I came here.
She still loves you, Andrei, and she longs for your forgiveness.
That's all over now, and I thought we'd agreed we'd never speak of it.
I went back to Bald Hills.
I was walking through the orchard.
There were a couple of peasant girls there, very young, picking the plums and eating them.
They thought they were doing something naughty.
When they saw me, they ran away laughing.
I wanted to tell them, "It's all right take as many as you like.
" They were picking up their skirts as they ran away.
I could see their little feet flashing white.
It was her soul I loved.
Was it all an illusion? You know, one time, she was trying to tell me about some old man she met in the forest, who'd been very kind to her.
She was trying to find the right words to tell it how special the moment had been.
She couldn't find the words, but it didn't matter.
It was in her eyes, Pierre.
I know.
- It was her soul I loved - I know.
and that animal, Kuragin all he saw in her was a piece of sweet flesh to feed on.
Well, it's all over and done with, now.
- No, it doesn't have to be.
- Enough.
Time to sleep.
You need to be fresh in the morning and so do I.
- Andrei - Enough! Warriors! Here, at last, is the battle you longed for! Act as you acted at Austerlitz and victory is assured! "Posterity will remember you "as the heroes who fought and won "in the great battle of Borodino!" Vive l'Empereur! What? - What's happened? Has it begun? - Yes, if you please.
My master left a horse for you all the gentlemen have gone, and General Kutuzov left an hour ago.
Why didn't you wake me? My master said to let you sleep, Your Excellency.
Excuse me I beg your pardon.
Excuse me, excuse me I beg your pardon.
Who's that? You, sir! Count Bezukhov, at your service, Your Grace.
Anything I can do to help I should like to get in the thick of it! Oh! Would you now? All right, show him the way.
God be with you, my boy.
Follow me.
Sir, you shouldn't be here it's too dangerous! It's all right.
I won't get in the way.
Let me know if there's anything I can do.
Are you not scared, Master? No, I don't seem to be are you? When you could have your guts spilled at any minute? Of course I'm scared! - We're getting cut to pieces! - Nothing to do but endure.
Courage, lads! Colonel, it is my duty to report only eight charges left.
Do we continue firing? Yes, of course.
You - run to the ammunition cart, get the reserves! I'll go! I'm strong.
- This is no place for you, Master.
- No, no, I'll help you carry them.
Here they are, Master! Sir, the ammunition boxes got blown up! Help me, brother! Help me! Sire, Marshal Murat's compliments.
Reinforcements are necessary! Reinforcements? We're only two to one! Marshal Murat says one more division would finish the job.
Sire, the Russians are attacking our left flank! We can't hold them! - Sire the Imperial Guard? - No.
I'm not going to risk losing the Imperial Guard in this shambles.
Meanwhile, keep up with the bombardment.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
Look at that dog! The things you see in a war.
Look out! Get down, sir! Get down, sir! Get down! All right, Your Excellency.
It's a bad one, but we'll do our best.
Show it to me There you are, sir.
Anatole? Anatole.
Bolkonsky, have pity.
Look what they've done to me! Gentlemen, we have endured everything the enemy could throw at us and have driven them off.
Napoleon has suffered a mortal wound from which he will not recover.
The spirit of his army has been broken.
And now? Do we go on the offensive? No.
We retreat.
We lost half our army at Borodino.
Let us not lose the other half.
Abandon Moscow? Abandon Russia's sacred capital without a fight?