Warrior (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On

1 BIG BILL O'HARA: The table's rigged.
(GRUNTS) Not even a cop escapes a Fung Hai debt.
Violence in Chinatown is an ongoing problem.
- (GUNSHOT) - This is something we cannot tolerate.
O'HARA: I have orders to shut you down.
And I'm placing you under arrest.
AH TOY: It would be better if we were friends.
You think taking a little money here is the problem? This whole bust is the problem! MAI LING: I came here to talk to you about the Fung Hai.
MAN: You believe that? That would never happen in San Francisco.
The Fung Hai don't need help from anyone.
Which is why I already killed you.
(YELLS) I understand you have a proposition.
MAI LING: There's going to be a war between the tongs.
And if you're on the wrong side I won't hesitate.
Do you barbecue your pets in Savannah too? What's that? [FIREWORK EXPLODES.]
They put cats and dogs in those.
- This is pig.
- You sure about that? Yeah, I grew up on a farm.
I know the taste of pig.
Besides, think no one in America ever ate dog - when they had to? - Well, if they did, - then they didn't like it.
- I wouldn't be so sure.
Fucking hell.
- Oh, my.
- It's quite loud, isn't it? - Ah, that sound is to scare off Nian, the demon of the mountain.
In Chinese legend, he come down from his cave on New Year's Day to eat the children! [ALL LAUGHING.]
Oh, my! Oh, hello.
Come on.
Okay, love.
Come! Come along! You should see this! [BOTH MOANING.]
- Bill.
- Bolo! - [BOTH MOANING.]
He's breathing! Get a doctor! Go get a doctor! He's breathing! [DRAMATIC SPAGHETTI WESTERN MUSIC.]
This was about five years ago.
There was this guy a few towns over.
Everyone said he was the one to beat, so I went over there with some friends and challenged him.
We did that all the time, no big deal, but In the middle of the fight, I hit him not even that hard, really.
But he lost his balance hit his head on the ground.
Never got up.
It was an accident.
Didn't make him any less dead.
Turns out his father was this local warlord.
Sun Yang.
I had no idea.
Anyway, Sun Yang threatened to kill me and take my father's farm.
And he would have, but my sister, Xiaojing, she offered to marry him.
- Oh, my God.
- She gave up her life and married the old man to save me.
Guess it never occurred to me that she was the one that needed to be saved.
Well, it sounds like, in the end, she was perfectly capable of saving herself.
We can do that, you know.
Save ourselves.
I need to go.
I know.
And then Jimmy says, "It wasn't me, miss.
- It was the horse.
" - That's awful! [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Big Bill, what the hell happened to you? Oh, my God, is that blood? Trouble at the parade.
Couple of chink outlaws got a hold of some TNT.
Jesus Christ.
Was anyone hurt? [TENSE MUSIC.]
- It was a mess.
- Damn Chinese.
Bunch of savages, if you ask me.
This Chinatown squad will be the end of him.
I keep telling him to find something more suitable.
Damon's just moved back into town.
- He works in private security.
Better hours, better pay.
So I hear.
It's not for everyone.
Well, I guess you're not looking for work.
So what can I do for you? I'm working a case.
I was hoping you could give me your expert opinion.
It's a sensitive matter.
It's no problem.
I'll leave you gentlemen to it.
- Very nice to see you again, Mr.
The pleasure was all mine.
Honestly, Bill, how's a poor sod like you end up with a fine lass like that? You're in my fucking house, Damon.
Just a neighborly drop-in to remind a man to deliver on his obligations.
You do intend to deliver, don't you? You're on my property.
No one would bat an eye if I was to put you down.
Wouldn't change anything.
A debt's a debt.
I'm just the messenger.
- Damon, listen - No, you listen.
You don't give me orders anymore, Bill.
Your three weeks are up.
You either have it or the White Mountain awaits.
I have your fucking money.
Well, all's well that ends well, then.
I'll just count it and be on my way.
Not here.
I'll meet you at the Banshee tomorrow night.
10:00 p.
And if I were you I'd make damn sure I didn't forget to show up.
Have a wonderful evening, Bill.
Maybe give that lovely wife of yours a poke for me.
How is he? The old guy's taken more licks than anyone I know.
He's given his share too.
We're living proof of that.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for? You weren't even there.
Fucking dog cunts.
Lit him up like firecrackers in front of everyone.
You see who it was? From the ink on their faces, Fung Hai, I think.
I just don't know why.
Then let's go find someone who does.
Young Jun, Ah Sahm.
I wasn't expecting you.
How is your father? He'd be doing a whole lot better if some fuckers hadn't blown him up.
Can I offer you something to drink? Why did the Fung Hai attack us? Why do you think I would know anything about that? Because I'll blow your fucking head off if you don't.
You want my help? Put that fucking gun away.
What's all this? I'm just trying to make sense of what happened out there yesterday.
Some angry chinks killed an American woman and damn near lit us up in the process.
In case you missed it.
Yeah, well, I thought maybe I'd do a little bit of police work seeing as I was sitting at my desk.
I thought we talked about that.
Yeah, you talked about it.
Guess I didn't listen.
Hop Wei territory is here.
Far as I can tell, they got the lock on the opium trade.
This section here is Long Zii territory.
How do you know all this? Because I asked.
If I had to guess, I'd say the Long Zii are looking for their piece of the opium business.
The Hop Wei won't give up the tar business without a fight.
But here's the part I can't quite figure.
The man I chased who planted the bomb ran this way.
If I'm a Long Zii hatchet man and I just attacked the Hop Wei on their territory, I'm running home faster'n a prairie fire with a tail wind.
That fast, huh? Well, maybe they got lost, Lee.
Maybe the slant-eyed fucks couldn't see through all the damn smoke.
Or maybe they weren't Long Zii.
Maybe there's another tong involved.
To which I humbly say, "Who gives a shit?" The assassins' route led me this way The assassins? So it's a conspiracy now? This is Fung Hai territory.
You know anything about them? Wild guess, they carry diseases and sharp implements - of death? - Bill.
The Fung Hai are a different breed.
The locals say they're descendants of Genghis Kahn himself, the most savage of the tongs, Bill.
And if they're fixing to go to war Listen, I appreciate your pretty little map there and your fancy theories, but calling these highbinders by a different name doesn't change a thing.
A chink is a chink.
A criminal is a criminal.
And if they wanna start killing each other in greater numbers, that's just less of them - we have to deal with.
- We just had a bomb go off on the streets of our city.
Innocent people are dead.
We ought to do something, don't you think? All right.
I'll give it some thought.
But right now, I need you to apply your talents elsewhere.
What's this? It's a shotgun, Lee.
I want you to take it and sit outside my house tonight.
There's an old rocker on the porch.
It'll give you views up and down the street.
You stay there until I get back.
And who am I lookin' for? You'll know him if you see him.
What's goin' on, Bill? Just do this for me.
I'll be back before dawn.
And if not? Well, then, um I guess you'll get a promotion.
Fuck speeches.
Fuck playing nice! The Fung Hai tried to dice my dad in our own damn bowl! They need to pay tonight! The Fung Hai have always kept to their territory.
Why would they attack us without provocation? 'Cause they made a deal to be extra muscle for the Long Zii.
That's absurd.
Who told you that? A reliable source.
And the last thing we need is for those mongy bastards to think that they can breathe the same air as us.
We're gonna put them down and send a message to Long Zii at the same time.
You're talking about starting a war.
Look around.
The war's already started.
They drew first blood.
Anything short of burning them down is just us showing our bellies.
I know you're angry.
We all are.
But now is the time for careful consideration, not an emotional reaction.
I'm just not sure Father Jun would approve of such This is Young Jun's call.
He wants us to scrap, we scrap.
Damn right, we scrap.
You sure you wanna do this? [EXHALES.]
You think I'm making a mistake? [INDISTINCT BACKGROUND CHATTER.]
Doesn't matter what I think.
You're my brother, and you're the acting head of the tong.
I got your back.
Until you fuck it up, of course.
Then it's every onion for himself.
Best not to keep the senator waiting any longer, sir.
Afternoon, Sam.
Enjoy your lunch.
Senator Crestwood, welcome to San Francisco.
I'm sorry we kept you waiting.
- We weren't expecting you.
- I guess the past few days have been full of surprises for you.
You're, uh you're talking about Chinatown.
That's all anyone's talking about.
They're blowing each other up now, is that it? I suppose we're to blame for teaching them demolition - on the railroads.
- Drink, gentlemen? - Whiskey, please.
- Neat.
Thank you.
- Right away, sir.
I assure you, what happened yesterday was an isolated incident.
Gang wars.
The murder of two Irishmen whose killer walks free, and now they're setting up dynamite in public squares? I hear there were some legitimate citizens - hurt in the blast.
- One fatality, sir.
- There were three more injured.
- A tragedy, we can all agree.
And they will pay for it.
My office is aggressively targeting the criminal elements in Chinatown.
I've recently formed a new police squad dedicated solely to that purpose some of my best men.
Men who could all be put to better use, I imagine, for the citizens of San Francisco.
The Chinese have depleted their own resources, and now they're swarming across the ocean to deplete ours.
We need to put an end to this immigration.
I'm sure you know I had a hand in drafting the Exclusion Act.
But there's strong opposition not only from Congress, but from President Hayes himself, which is why I intend to run for president.
I see.
It will not look good for me if American citizens are being slaughtered in my own state.
We'll redouble our efforts.
You have my full support.
A rising tide lifts all ships, Blake.
I hope I can count on you.
To do what exactly? What needs to be done.
Buckley, will you escort me to my carriage? With pleasure, Senator.
You've been busy, Mr.
As promised.
This is political gold.
Feeds my platform perfectly.
Soon enough, you'll be applying those talents - with me in D.
- I'm counting on it, Senator.
In the meantime, keep that one on a short leash.
I will, sir.
Happy fuckin' new year.
Ah! This is for my father.
You had that the whole time? [DISTANT CLANGING.]
Goddamn, Bolo.
That's two drinks you bought me now, Bill.
A man might suspect there's an ask - hidin' beneath all that foam.
I need you to talk to Jack Damon for me.
I owe him some money.
Jesus, Bill.
Even a blind dog learns after a few beatin's.
- How much do ya owe? - I can scrape it together.
I just need a few more days, please.
- He'll be here soon.
- Swingin' his stick, no doubt.
He respects you.
He'll listen.
I'm not vouching for you, Bill.
God knows you're a bad bet.
I should never have let him stake me.
A white man working for the chinks I don't know what I was thinking.
What the fuck you talkin' about? I just said, I should have never taken Damon's marker.
I heard your fuckin' words, Bill, just as you fuckin' intended.
I'm askin' for fuckin' specifics.
Damon's in the employ of the fuckin' slopes? Yeah.
Over at the Fung Hai casino.
I assumed you knew.
Did not fuckin' know.
Which is why Damon can still hold his prick when he pisses.
Fuckin' gobshite.
The people are anxious.
They should be.
This attack on Father Jun was unprecedented.
Until we know who did it, we have to assume we're all targets.
- Yah! Yah! - [HORSE NEIGHS.]
He's Fung Hai.
Mai Ling.
What did you do? [HINGES SQUEAKING.]
Fifteen years married to a cop, I should know better than to startle a man with a gun.
Evenin', Mrs.
You've been out here a while.
I figured you might be hungry.
Uh you shouldn't have.
Since you went to the trouble thank you.
This is the part where you tell me what you're doing on my porch with a shotgun.
Just precaution.
Bill and I have been chasing after some pretty nasty men.
He asked if I'd keep an eye while he worked late.
I like you, Lee.
You're sweet.
You've got good manners.
Thank you.
But you're gonna have to work on the lying.
- Ma'am - Stick with Bill.
I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.
Thank you.
For the sandwich.
It's delicious.
See? You're getting better already.
I'll be honest, Bill.
I didn't think you'd have the money.
He doesn't.
It's mine.
Bailin' out degenerate gamblers, now are ya? Thought you were smarter than that.
And I thought you had some Irish pride.
What happened? You cash it in along with your badge? Irishmen need to eat, just like everyone else.
The Fung Hai make sure I don't go hungry, which is more'n I can say for you and your workingmen.
You think your father would be proud to see ya now, huh? Lappin' up chink scraps and preyin' on your own kind? My father died a penniless drunk, in this fuckin' bar, by the way, with nothing but the shirt on his back and the shit in his britches.
You'll forgive me if I don't concern myself too much with his opinion.
This isn't gonna end well for you, Bill.
You got bigger concerns, Jack.
The fuck you talkin' about? I'm talkin' about goin' two rounds with me.
A chance to regain your honor as an Irishman.
Stay on your feet for two rounds, and I'll let you walk outta here a new man, cash in hand.
Resurrected like Jesus Christ himself.
Guess I can't say no, now, can I? Mm-mm.
Do you wanna dance or just take a beatin' like your mom used to? [INTENSE MUSIC.]
Ah! Ugh! Ah! [GROWLS.]
You look thirsty, Damon.
Would you like some water? - [SPITS.]
- Somebody get this - poor bastard a drink.
Here ya are, Mr.
Feels like a round to me.
You keepin' time over there, Bill? - [GRUNTS.]
Ugh! What's the matter, Damon? No more jokes about me mother? - [BLOWS, SPITS.]
- Your mother was a germ-ridden cunt.
I wouldn't fuck her with my stick.
Ah! Leary! [GRUNTING.]
- Stop! - [BLOWS LANDING.]
Leary, stop! You're gonna kill him! Ah! [PANTING.]
No, Bill.
You're gonna kill him.
Get in the fuckin' ring, Bill.
I can't.
You can't ask me to do that.
If you don't kill him, we'll drop him off with the chinks.
They'll stitch him up, give him their fuckin' herbs.
And when he's good and rested, with a face like a leper and a head full of revenge, what do you think he's gonna do? You think he's gonna come after the man that broke him? No.
He's gonna come lookin' for you.
Your wife.
Your wee ones.
You asked for my help, and I gave it to ya.
But if you let him leave this ring, you are on your own.
Come on, boys.
Let's give the man some privacy.
See if he can locate his balls.
Please, Bill.
Please don't.
I won't come for you.
I swear.
Please, Bill [CRYING.]
Bless you Ah! [WHEEZING, GAGGING.]
I don't know why you agreed to meet with the old man.
We should be burning down his house right now.
You can't negotiate peace with your cock between your legs.
And you can't go to war if you don't have the stones to look your enemy in the eyes.
Father Jun, thank you for receiving me.
I'm glad to see no harm has come to you.
It would take more than a couple of Mongols with firecrackers to put me on my ass.
I've known you for a long time, Long Zii.
Long enough to know this wasn't your doing.
It was my house that betrayed you, and it falls to me to make things right.
The most important thing now is peace.
I hope you'll forgive this terrible misunderstanding and agree to accept my offer to renew the truce with penalties, of course.
You and I, we crossed the salt as young men couple of itchy onions looking for the gold mountain.
But the pale fucks lied to us.
The gold wasn't on the mountain, it was under it.
And while the coolies and the worms broke their humps building duck railroads and mining duck ore, we built empires of our own.
I have no desire for our houses to go to war.
But you fucked up.
There can be no peace until the Fung Hai are dealt with.
Those are my terms.
Of course.
I will see to it immediately.
Fuckers try to dice you, you shake his hand? Only to say good-bye.
We won't be seeing him again.
What did he say? It doesn't matter what he said.
They're going to kill me.
You look chewed up, spit out, and stepped on.
Uh that's better than I feel.
But you made it home.
I made it home.
All right, then.
See ya at work.
What, that's it? You're not gonna ask me what happened? Would you tell me if I did? That's what I thought.
Thank you, Lee.
Kids are up.
I could use a hand.
I just need to sleep, just a few hours.
- How bad is it this time? - Everything's fine.
- I took care of it.
- Sure, that's why there's an armed cop sitting outside our house all night.
- I said I took care of it.
I remember when that used to mean somethin'! [CRYING SOFTLY.]
Mai Ling, she's my sister.
She was your sister.
Here, she's your enemy.
MAN: Your old boy, Lee, just disappeared.
I did not expect to find him wearing a badge.
YOUNG JUN: We're moving on Long Zii.
MAN 2: They have no idea who they're dealing with.
MAN 3: They want a war? Let's give 'em one.
(YELLING) (GRUNTING) Chinese New Year's is the biggest celebration for Chinese culture.
San Francisco's Chinatown has the biggest celebration outside of China, - and they really nailed it.
- (DRUMS POUND) I think the most incredible set piece we ever did was the Chinese New Year.
We really wanted to sort of bring all our characters out in Chinatown and do something really vibrant and electric and exciting.
It really felt like an actual celebration.
We had hundreds of extras and performers that legitimately knew how to use the dragon and the lion and the drums, and we had fireworks going off, and confetti.
It was really spectacular.
The detail that the art department came up with to create this world, it's so real.
It's one of the most fun sequences I've ever shot.
Fucking hell.
In moments like that, you go, "Oh, my god.
I'm part of this.
" - (DYNAMITE FIZZLES) - I think it's one to remember.
And then we, of course, made something explode.
- (GRUNTS) - 'Cause that's what we do.
- (EXPLOSION) - (SCREAMING) I'm a big fan of action, so to get blown up, I was so excited, and to see how they would handle using doubles and multi-cameras and smoke.
(GRUNTS) Father Jun is incapacitated.
He's injured from the explosion.
The Fung Hai tried to dice my dad.
In our own damn bowl.
They need to pay tonight! And Ah Sahm backs me up in a moment where I need some backup.
MAN: I'm just not sure Father Jun would approve of something This is Young Jun's call.
He wants us to scrap.
We scrap.
It's a very important moment in our relationship.
You think I'm making a mistake? He's the first person to basically say Young Jun is the boss right now.
Doesn't matter what I think.
You're my brother, and you're the acting head of the tong.
I got your back.
And to me, that's huge.
Their brotherhood's cemented.
He's going, "Your father was almost killed.
I'm with you, man.
Let's do this, then.
" Happy Fucking New Year.
- (KNIVES RING) - (SIGHS AGGRESSIVELY) The casino fight where we take revenge against the Fung Hai, as we come in to initiate the fight, I slide on my knees and I stab a guy several times.
We just go in there and just cause chaos 'cause it's like, "Well, if you're gonna do that, - then we're gonna do this.
" - (GRUNTING) It's just me, Bolo, and Ah Sahm just like kicking ass.
- (GRUNTS) - (CHAIR CRACKS) It's a really important scene because I'm operating while Father Jun is unconscious, and I think this is something that's a lot to do with Young Jun's growth 'cause right now, he is the impetuous volatile, easy to fly off the handle kinda guy, but if he's gonna be the boss later on, he's needs to be calm and level-headed.
You had that the whole time? Bill has killed quite a lot of people in his time.
Killing Damon is a completely different beast.
It's a guy who was a friend in the Irish community.
It's under duress from the leader of the Irish community.
And it's also because of Bill's vices.
He's put in a position where he has to take out someone who he sees as part of the family that he exists in.
What I like about the scene where Bill comes back is that Lee still accuses him of something.
"You're still hiding something from me.
" You look chewed up, spit out, and stepped on.
"So although I'm doing this gesture for you, I still don't really understand what's going on 'cause you're just not gonna tell me.
- RICHARD LEE: See you at work.
- What? That's it? You're not gonna ask me what happened? Would you tell me if I did? That's what I thought.
TOM WESTON-JONES: And it's only in seeing how crushed Bill is at the end of it that I think Lee understands there's a lot more to this, and it's a real moment for them.
I think that's when trust really is cemented.
Thank you, Lee.
WESTON-JONES: I think he can see in Bill that if he was to push in that moment, that it probably would break him.
He will probably find out about it, but he's willing to bide his time.
KIERAN BEW: The worst aspect for Bill is not that he's killed a human being, he's killed a friend.
It's that he knows that he's gone over a line.
It's really about himself thinking he's lost control.
Things have gone so bad.
So it's actually the guilt of that weighing on him that haunts him.

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