Warrior (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low

Two fighters.
The best from each of your tongs.
A duel.
Where is everybody? What the hell is this? Tonight is about something more than competition.
Get him! He's gonna break his neck! No! When construction begins, I'll need skilled workers.
I'll hire on your recommendation and in return you will keep salaries manageable.
Buckley! What's this I hear about you telling Mercer to lower his pricing? We got in a lower bid.
Why didn't I see it? 'Cause it doesn't exist.
There's no way we're cutting the Long Zii into our business.
I gave my word.
What about Ah Sahm? I got you.
He fought for us.
And he lost.
I didn't see things going this way.
What happens now? This is the last time I can talk to you.
Murdered tycoons, maniac swordsmen, any idea where to start? Five.
Shift's over.
Okay, keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
Okay, keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
Gonna work today.
No, no, no, no.
We discussed this one.
He's on the list.
He's okay.
Very strong.
I think you'll be very pleased.
Okay, okay.
Six more workers.
Strong back.
I find you now.
Get on up.
You can't wait next time to try to get labor at this kind of late hour.
- Hey.
- Make room.
I got two more carts for you.
- Come on.
- Back up the cart! Come on! Go! I came to tell you, next time, come to me first.
Okay? Then I give you all the best ones.
I need them on site in half an hour.
Any change? No.
It's been over a week, Bill.
You can't keep spending the night here.
Come home.
Hug your children.
Get some sleep.
He's not going anywhere.
I can't.
- Bill - He's got no people here.
There's no one to be there when he wakes up, no one to mark his passing if he doesn't.
Okay, then.
I brought you some breakfast.
Thanks, love.
You wake up in your own time, Officer Lee.
Any idea yet who did this to him? No.
I have to get home before the kids wake up.
As you can see, we've marked off a zone to correspond with your territory.
As per our agreement, the Hop Wei will no longer sell opium to businesses in this area.
The Long Zii can import and distribute here as they see fit.
Our agreement was for an area beyond our own territory.
That's not how I understood it.
We'll accept this map.
Mai Ling, this agreement was a victory for your tong.
We made a deal, and I will abide by it.
But as you can imagine, I am not happy about it.
My point is, if you take one step out of line, I won't stop until I have your pretty little head on this table.
Thank you for coming.
That's it.
That's it.
No, no more jobs today.
Come back tomorrow, all right? Two whiskeys, please.
Evening, fellas.
Good evening.
What the fuck are you doing? - I'm pouring some whiskey.
- Not for them, you're not.
Come on, boys.
On your way, now.
We just wanted a fast drink, sir.
That's all.
I understand.
I do.
But you need to understand, word gets out that we let you drink in here, soon others like you will be coming in.
We can't have that.
What the fuck is this, Mac? Oh, nothing, Mr.
These daft bastards thought they could have a drink in our pub.
Then give them their fucking drinks.
But, Mr.
Leary, these These men have done nothing to you.
Everything's been done to them.
You think their people wanted to come here? They were fucking dragged here in chains.
They've paid their fucking dues, Mac.
As far as I'm concerned, they've paid for their drinks, too.
Sit down.
Have your drinks.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me.
Drink your drinks and be on your way.
You lot should know better than to come into an Irish pub, for fuck's sake.
Shouldn't you be home sleeping? You're on the Mercer job, aren't you? I was.
Not anymore.
Why the fuck not? Why do you think? Mercer! Mr.
I don't think you've met my daughter, Penelope Blake.
She should step outside.
I think I'll stay, if it's all the same to you.
Does it look like it's all the same to me? It's okay, dear.
We'll only be a minute.
If that.
I'll be right outside.
Listen, Mr.
Leary, I am as upset I made promises! I made promises based on your promise.
These are a hundred jobs that belong to Americans.
The mayor's office kept grinding me until I had no choice.
You had a choice.
- You chose a larger profit.
- What profit? I'll be lucky not to lose my shirt.
You're gonna lose a lot more than that.
Fix this today.
You don't know Buckley.
He won't budge.
You shook my hand, Mercer.
I know I did, and then they You shook my fucking hand.
Hey, Po.
Shift's over.
What's wrong? Shh.
What happened? I got hurt a few days ago.
It will be fine.
I just need to rest.
You are a gigantic pain in my ass.
But you're a good cop.
And while I am in no position to judge these things, I suspect you're a good man, too.
I know you can't hear me.
And that's probably a good thing, because I've got no excuse.
I put you in harm's way.
And I-I just I want you to know that I am gonna find the bastards that did this to you.
And I am gonna make them pay.
Go get your boss.
I want to see him.
I said, go get your fucking boss.
I won't ask you again! Don't you fucking move.
You owe money, policeman.
That doesn't give you the right to terrorize me or my people.
I no kill your partner.
Just make lesson for you.
I don't need your fuckin' lesson.
I don't need fuckin' money.
You don't? What, then? What the hell do you want from me? Mr.
Fancy running into you here.
Are you here alone? I am generally alone.
Yes, well, the mayor's no doubt burning the midnight oil down at City Hall.
Hmm, of course.
If by that you mean he's out whoring.
I pray it's only whores.
I've seen some things.
I naively thought that by encouraging him to marry you, I might curb some of his more unsavory impulses.
You put my father in an impossible situation, forcing him to hire Chinese labor.
How your father manages his payroll is none of my business.
We had a visit from a particularly nasty man today.
It would not be the first time the Irish workingmen have resorted to violence.
We need protection.
That sounds like a discussion you might have with your husband.
I thought I might cut out the middleman.
I serve at the mayor's pleasure, Mrs.
We have that in common at least, don't we? I do wonder, though, whose pleasure he would choose if it came down to a choice.
Well, if it were you, he'd be home right now, not debasing himself in some Chinese brothel.
I don't respond well to threats.
I'm sure you would feel the same way if I were to threaten to reveal to your husband that you were seen alone at a Chinese boxing match a few weeks ago.
I dare you.
We can't be seen to be protecting a private company.
But as a gesture of my esteem, I could have a small squad of men standing by in close proximity, ready to go at a moment's notice.
How does that sound? A day late and a dollar short.
Perfect description of municipal politics.
I came here to make money for my family.
I thought I'd be here for a year.
That was eight years ago.
I've never been able to buy my way back.
Ah Sahm, Ah Sahm I failed them.
I failed my family before I ever left China.
You did this to help them, to feed them.
Now I'll be buried here, in this awful place.
And my spirit will never find its way home.
The ghosts of a thousand coolies will haunt this country.
I suppose congratulations are in order.
The king is dead.
Long live the queen.
- Thank you.
- I do worry, though.
Now that the Hop Wei have cut you in on the opium business, it seems you've inadvertently achieved the peace your late husband so badly wanted.
You're not getting soft on me, are you? Trust me, I'm just getting warmed up.
Yes, I imagine you didn't come all this way just to be under another tong's thumb.
I won't be under anyone's thumb, Mr.
It would be a good idea for you to remember that.
I'll certainly make a note of it.
And as for the opium? I'll need twice what you brought last time.
Let me know when it clears customs.
Mai Ling.
You might be a big deal now, in Chinatown.
Go half a mile in any direction, and you're just a Chinese woman of no consequence to anyone.
You could disappear tomorrow, and it wouldn't even rise to the level of police matter.
A lot can happen in half a mile.
Get home safe.
That's it for today.
The itchy onion, back from the dead.
Hi, Chao.
So this is what it's come to, huh? Come on.
A guy with your skills, your smarts? You don't have to be doing this.
I'm no different than anyone else here.
I think we both know that's not true.
Hmm? Nice to see you, Chao.
We're starting to staff a big job.
Decent conditions.
I'll make sure you get picked if you're here tomorrow.
Thank you.
But I hope you won't be.
Wha Bill.
What what happened to me? You don't remember? No.
You got jumped in Chinatown.
How did I do? Not as well as you could have.
I guess not.
Easy there.
- H-how long have I been out? - About a week.
- A week? - Mm.
Did you at least get the guys who did it? We're still getting them.
Get back here! Stop! Come back here.
Come on, coolie! Get in there! Get back! Get back! Get back! Cut off the back alley! Bring those crates over here! - Get in there! - Come on, you Let's go.
Get up! Again? Another raid today.
The police are making a statement.
Why now? We've given them no reason.
Apparently someone put a cop in the hospital.
And who would be so reckless? You're a hard man to find.
I'm in the same place every day.
Yeah, well, it's a shitty place.
Ah Toy is worried about you.
She said that? I might be reading between the lines a little bit.
Listen I'm waiting for a job here, and you guys standing around like this, it could hurt my chances.
It's okay.
You don't need to do this anymore.
I want you to come back.
Father Jun hasn't been the same since the explosion.
He's giving away the fucking store.
Meanwhile, the Long Zii and the Fung Hai are getting too close for comfort.
It's only a matter of time before they make a real move on us.
We need to be ready.
I need people I can trust.
No, thanks.
What do you mean, "no, thanks"? You'd rather stand out here every day hoping for the privilege of breaking your back for duck pennies? It's honest work.
I'm sticking my neck out for you.
You can't just walk away from us.
Hey! I didn't walk away.
I fought for you.
I almost died in there, and then you tossed me out like I was garbage.
Look, there are rules.
I didn't make them.
I don't like them.
But I'm here to fix it.
Take care of yourself, Young Jun.
You're not a fucking coolie.
I'm not a hatchet man.
No? Then what the hell are you? I see the Hop Wei haven't forgotten about you.
Fuck them.
You're not the first onion to lose a fight, you know.
You said you have a job for me.
You know, I was a lot younger than you when I crossed the salt.
My parents died in the Taiping Rebellion.
I didn't have any reason to stay in China.
So I figured, I'll come to America and make my fortune.
Now the captain of the ship, he had a different plan.
He sailed us to Cuba, sold us as slaves.
You know, I think it took a week before I understood I wasn't actually in America.
I was a slave for 11 years.
Not a servant, not a coolie, a fucking slave.
I think about the people I left behind.
As far as I know, most of them are still there, in Cuba, but not me.
You know why? Why? Because I know I'm not a fucking slave.
Now you got your ass kicked.
It happens.
But I'm not buying this whole coolie act.
Warriors have only two paths: get killed or get better.
That's it.
Do you have a job for me or not? Well, like my father always said, if you're going to bow, bow low.
Last one.
Your costs are out of line at these margins.
You don't have to tell me.
Well, apparently I do.
You have to go back to your suppliers.
- They have contracts.
- So did you.
- That didn't stop Buckley.
- Penny Renegotiation is part of the process, Daddy.
You're making large purchases.
You have to leverage your position.
I appreciate your help, dear.
I really do.
But why don't you let me handle the balances? If you keep handling the balances like this, my sisters will be out on the streets.
And God knows I did not make the sacrifices I did to see you squander this opportunity.
So there it is.
I never asked you to do anything.
You didn't stop me either.
You there! Get back to work! Ah Sahm! What are you doing here? Same as everyone else.
I sent Jacob back to check on you, and he told me you were gone.
I didn't know what happened to you.
Well, now you do.
This is your father's business? At least I know who I'm working for now.
Is this really what you're gonna do? This is what we do.
With your English, you could translate for the foreman.
I you'd be invaluable to the managers.
I can get you a better position.
This is my position.
I think we both know that.
There's been an increase in police presence ever since your men beat up a duck cop.
What were you thinking? That was Fung Hai business.
It doesn't concern you.
We're about to start running opium through this territory.
With the Long Zii supplying and the Fung Hai distributing, we all stand to profit.
We can't have you bringing extra police scrutiny on us.
I think you've gotten the wrong idea.
I agreed to this partnership with you because it was a way to get rid of Pai and to get the Fung Hai into the opium business.
But make no mistake.
I don't work for you.
The Fung Hai will continue to do business the way I see fit.
And if I decide to kill ten cops I'm gonna do it.
And I don't need your fucking permission.
Maybe you're not the partner I imagined you to be.
Well, it's a little late to second-guess yourself now.
You've been paid for your trouble.
We'll work something else out moving forward.
Thank you.
Why don't we step outside? Hmm? Come on.
I want to show you something.
Now why don't we all go inside and discuss the details of our partnership? Hey, Po.
I brought you some fresh bread.
And some medicine, hmm? Mr.
Buckley, is it? That's right.
- I'm Dylan Leary.
- I know who you are.
You're the one pulling the strings on the cable car contracts with Mercer.
I'm the mayor's liaison with the Mercer Corporation, yes.
" I like that.
Makes it sound exactly like someone who's not fucking with men's livelihoods.
I know all about you, Mr.
Backroom beatings, house fires, men going missing in the middle of the night.
So you'll excuse me if I find your moralizing tone a bit misplaced.
Well then, let me adjust my tone.
I've known men like you.
And the only way to deal with you is up close and personal.
Trust me, Mr.
You haven't known men like me.
Well then, maybe it's time I got to know you a little better.
You might be surprised to find we have similar goals.
Not while you're pushing coolie labor.
I'm every bit as opposed to Chinese labor as you are, but I'm looking at a bigger picture.
You're a common thug, Mr.
And while that might be effective in a lesser arena, you're not gonna influence state politics with threats and a pocket knife.
I think that all depends on whose belly feels the knife.
I'll be seeing you, Mr.
Sir! Mr.
Buckley, sir.
Are you all right? Let's go, boys.
I have nothing to do with this.
I have nothing to do with this.
Come here! Get the police! - Yes, sir! - Now! Get them on their knees.
Down! Shut up! Shut up, I said! They're not smiling now.
You want to pay coolie rates? You're gonna get what you pay for.
- Yeah! - Hold him, hold him.
Give it to him! Mercer! Come on.
Mercer! Mercer! Oh, shit! Hey! I know you.
Police! Hold it right there! I'm gonna find you, chink.
I hope so.
- They're running out! - Hey, come here, you! - Hey! - Don't let them run! Listen, Jonas, I know you think you're safe on the outside of Chinatown.
But I've been in your shoes.
The Fung Hai can get you anywhere.
So what, you're working for them now? It's my job to keep the Chinese in Chinatown and you safe from them.
If they come here, I've failed on both counts.
Call it what you like, but it's still fucking loan sharking.
I am trying to help you here, Jonas.
I recommend you let me.
I've only got ten.
If you're saying you've got ten, you've got 20.
If I can bring them 15, it'll buy you more time.
Trust me, Jonas, you don't want to be on the wrong side of these bastards.
I guess you'd know.
Have the rest in two weeks, or else it's the white mountain for you.
Everything okay? Yeah.
I just, uh, stopped in on an old friend.
How are you feeling? Like I was rode hard and put away wet.
You sure you're up for this? I'm sure.
Okay, then.
Back into the shit you go.
Nice enough night for it.
You're alive.
It's starting to feel that way.
So what brings you here? I was thinking I never really thanked you for taking care of me after the tournament.
I guess you didn't.
I brought you something.
So what happens now? I don't know exactly.
But something.
Yeah, something.
In the meantime, I figured you could use some help now and then, you know, fighting back.
Like you said, it's a fight we can't win.
It's okay.
I'm getting used to losing.
Chao says you've been taking work in Coolie Square.
Not anymore.
Turns out I've got a somewhat different skill set.
It's gonna get messy.
Well, Confucius says, "In the middle of chaos lies opportunity.
" Confucius never said that.
No, he didn't.

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