Warrior (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

The Chinese Connection

Whenever you're ready,
I'm betting I can help.
I don't need any help.
Saw these guys at the fight pit.
They call themselves Teddy Boys.
Chinese scalp is your way in.
If you can't find me
one fucking swordsman
I'll get someone to come.
Give me something I can use.
Don't overestimate how much
I'll suffer to keep your secret.
Speaking of secrets,
have you gone to see yours?
I did everything I could to
keep you out of that tournament.
Then you ordered my death.
We need a local source we can trust.
The mayor's wife has 100 coolies.
You understand the position
you're putting me in?
Is he stable enough to move?
Fuckin' cunt!
Get back here, you bastard!
I I think you broke my fucking ribs.
Yeah, well that's nothing
compared to what
the Fung Hai'll do to ya.
Now pay up.
Okay, okay.
God, you fuckin' stink.
That's for making me run.
This deal had better work.
If this guy fucks us
we won't have a dime left
to buy from China.
Father Jun won't start
treating you like an equal
till you make him see you as one.
Why are you pushing this
so hard all of a sudden?
I thought this is what you wanted.
Yeah, maybe.
But it's starting to feel like
you want it more.
I'm just saying, if there's
a fuckin' agenda here,
I want to know about it.
I'm the one who lost
that fight and let Mai Ling in,
so I guess my agenda
is to kick her the fuck back out.
Okay, I can get behind that.
And you may have lost that fight,
but Father Jun should never
have agreed to it
in the first place.
You're late.
Happy Jack doesn't like
to be kept waiting.
He's in the back.
They're with me.
You're late.
Happy Jack?
He doesn't look so happy.
You didn't say anything about tongs.
I don't need that kind of headache.
Just hear them out, okay?
What do they need me for?
They have their own sources.
If he doesn't want to take our
money we'll find someone who does.
Look who speaks the King's English.
Oh, he's not my king.
200 a crate.
That's the going rate, right?
We'll need a dozen to start.
To start?
You vouch for them?
I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
And we'll need you to store it for us.
Somewhere we can pull it out in pieces.
How's 210 a crate?
For 300 I can
keep getting it from China.
Then maybe that's what you should do.
I import it, I sell it, I deliver it.
I'm not in the storage
business; too much risk,
so you're going to have
to pay extra for that.
If this works,
the orders will get bigger.
You have the cash?
I've got half on me.
Leave it.
Come back tonight with the rest.
I don't have all fucking day.
In or out right now.
Guess now we know what makes him happy.
There you are.
I've been doing some thinking.
In a minute.
The first victims Morgan and Davis
They had a history of
harassing the Chinese, right?
They beat those poor bastards
to death, got off in court,
were killed soon after
One beheaded, the other disemboweled.
Jesus, Lee. It's 8:00 in the morning.
A quarter past, actually.
Now we have these Teddy Boys,
the dead hooligans from the other day.
Also known to attack the Chinese
and in their case
take their queues as trophies.
Where the hell are my cigarettes?
In the months between Morgan and Davis
and the Teddy Boys now,
we have had three other
instances of murder by sword,
all of which makes sense in
a Chinese vengeance scenario.
Okay, okay.
Lee, you're standing there
spewing information
that I already know, so I assume
Timmons and McCormick.
- The real estate tycoons.
- Yes.
Neither had any business
dealings with the Chinese
or were ever known to express
any anti-Chinese sentiment
Not publicly, anyway.
They were businessmen,
capitalists who no doubt
approved of coolie labor.
- They don't fit.
- No, they do not.
Did you even go home last night?
Look, I spent the last few days
going through Timmons' business dealings,
bank deposits, property records,
looking for any other inconsistencies.
What the hell are you doing that for?
No wonder you're still getting headaches.
You're a cop, not a fuckin' accountant.
Just listen.
The last deal Timmons made
was to sell a piece
of property in Spring Valley
to a Leonard Patterson for $5,000.
So that property was originally listed
at just over $2,000.
That's less than half what
Patterson paid for it.
And the deal was signed over
on the same day
Timmons and his partner were murdered.
Your theory is that this Patterson
discovered that he'd overpaid
and in a blinding rage
he grabbed his trusty sword
and disemboweled the sellers.
Look, I'm just saying
there's something fishy about that deal.
So, um
I guess you'll be wanting
to talk to this Patterson.
Never get the lard
unless you boil the hog.
I'll take your word for it.
You must have
property insurance, Leland.
Against fire, flood, and theft.
Not dynamite, for god's sake!
Not sabotage!
This is a closed-door session, dear.
This is an emergency meeting
for business owners, is it not?
Now, Leland.
I'm sure we can find
some tax relief for you
that will soften the blow.
An interest-free loan, perhaps.
Yes, we'll get you back on your feet
as quickly as possible.
That's a generous offer.
Does it extend to everyone in this room?
Of course, the first order of business
will be to ensure this kind
of attack doesn't happen again.
I spoke with Chief Flannagan
this morning.
His men have already begun
scouring the city
for those responsible.
We already know who's responsible
and unless you're prepared to arrest
all of Leary's workingmen
- Well, that's hardly possible
- Mrs. Blake is right.
We'd be better served
with those same officers
guarding our work sites.
- Yes, but
- According to Chief Flannagan,
the force is already
overextended as it is.
You spoke to Flannagan?
Well, that's hardly appropriate.
The real question is
will this office do anything
to protect the city's
industries from Leary's thugs?
- Mm-hmm, yes.
- I like that.
Fuckin' chink.
It's light.
Work has been little hard.
New dress? Very nice.
Expensive, eh?
Lady can't come up in the world
if she doesn't have a proper dress.
I haven't been entertaining,
if that's what you're wondering.
You give her this, hmm?
- Hannah?
- Don't.
Look who's here.
Bah. Huh?
What do you say?
Thank you.
Thank you, what?
Thank you, Papa.
Not Papa.
Friend. Just friend.
Okay, go.
Don't do that.
- I just thought
- Don't think.
Truth is, I never met
Mr. Timmons or his associate.
All of our business was
conducted through the bank.
I was shocked when I heard what happened.
I mean, it's a terrible thing.
Mr. Patterson, the bank records show
you paid more than double
the asking price
for the Spring Valley property.
Do you mind if I ask why?
Well, Mr. Timmons
listed the property rather low.
There were multiple bidders.
Didn't take long to drive the price up.
Even so, sir, I checked
quite a few properties
in surrounding areas
with similar acreage.
They don't price
at anywhere near what you paid.
You must admit, it's exorbitant.
Like I said, there were other offers.
And I knew a substantial overpayment
would assure me the sale.
I took a risk.
The land has good long-term prospects.
Well, if that's all, gentlemen.
Ever do any business with
the Chinese, Mr. Patterson?
Why would I do that?
You never know what those people
are gonna use the buildings for.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
my next appointment will be here shortly.
Thank you for your time, Mr. Patterson.
I've played enough poker
to spot a bluff when I hear it.
The man's definitely hiding something.
I've also met enough murderers
to know he doesn't have the stones.
No. You never know what
a man might do to protect his fortune.
I reckon we dig into his
business a little more.
It'll lead us somewhere.
Well, to financial crimes maybe,
but to a Chinese swordsman? It's a reach.
We're onto something here.
Just gotta find the Chinese connection.
Well, every so often,
it feels good to actually
do a little police work.
You came.
Jacob told me you were
back with the Hop Wei.
Did you ask me here
just to disapprove of me?
'Cause honestly, I'm a little busy.
Of course not. I I I'm sorry, um
Would you like some tea?
How about you just get to the point?
Leary's goons
are still harassing my men.
Every day.
And as I'm sure you've heard,
another factory
that hires Chinese workers
was blown up last night.
My guards have quit
and I can't seem to find anyone
willing to replace them.
- Okay.
- I can pay you.
And your
All you need to do
is keep my workers safe
and my factory secure.
You can't be serious.
I'm dead serious.
You called me a criminal.
I was angry.
And now you want us criminals
to work for you?
I need protection.
Which, if you think about it,
makes you a criminal.
It's to protect your own people.
Even if this wasn't
a terrible idea, which it is,
for a million reasons,
your father would never agree to it.
My father is dead.
That day when they attacked the factory,
he had a heart attack.
I'm sorry.
I don't need your sympathy. I need men.
I'll pay a fair wage.
Why don't you just hire
the Irish and be done with it?
What, Leary and his thugs just
It's good to see you, Penny.
So that's it, then?
Yeah, that's it.
San Francisco Police.
This is a raid. Johns out.
- Oh, come on.
- San Francisco Police!
- The hell is this?
- Already paid you guys!
Fuck down. Move!
We good here?
You should be arresting these men.
My orders were to take you in
and take you out.
Go get your girls.
While you get your kickback.
Tell you what.
I won't tell you how
to be a bossy rich widow,
and you don't tell me how to be a cop.
Oh, come on!
Oh, God.
Got the money?
You hold it.
Otherwise you'll have
to pry it out of my hands.
I still can't believe
I let you talk me into this.
Let's go.
From the minute
you came into the world,
you carried on.
Screaming and crying
all day and all night.
Kept your mother awake
for days at a time.
My mother?
She couldn't handle you.
So at four months old, she left you here.
"He's your problem now."
She saw your stubbornness as a curse.
I didn't see it that way.
I saw a born fighter.
But the stiffest tree cracks easiest.
Mai Ling will learn that the hard way.
While we will survive
by bending with the wind.
But we're losing, Father.
There's a difference between
bending and bending over.
All my life,
I've never backed down from a fight.
But we must pick our moment.
You're the only one I trust.
But now I need you to trust me.
We uphold our end of the treaty
until I say otherwise.
Get me?
I get you.
What the fuck are you talking about?
We had a deal.
Then give us back that money
and we'll find another source,
how about that?
That's not how it works.
Your order is already in process.
It'd be a shame to waste that
beautiful hairdo on a corpse.
Now everybody calm the fuck down.
I have your shit.
But the cops have been cracking down.
They raided two shops
in the area today already,
and I cannot get caught holding.
So you can walk out of here
empty-handed and broke
or you can tell me where you
want the opium delivered
before I turn around
and find somebody who will.
Bit thicker than usual.
Long Zii used to say
you always want your partners
to be fatter than you.
Fatter is fine,
but that wasn't the goal
of our arrangement, was it?
Your little truce with the Hop
Wei is starting to try my patience.
That truce has allowed us
to increase our share
of the molasses trade.
And yes, business is good,
but the other tongs are getting restless.
It's only a matter of time
before they get greedy and make a move.
Until then, enjoy the spoils.
You're assuming that
I have the luxury of time.
And worse, you're assuming that you do.
I need chaos, and quickly.
Mai Ling
Never make the mistake of thinking
that this arrangement makes us partners.
I sell, you buy.
That's the market
we find ourselves in today.
Tomorrow could be a different story.
What can I get you?
Uh, whiskey.
With a little something extra in it.
Extra what?
You got laudanum?
You got money?
Keep going.
I can't make change for that.
Keep it.
What's your name?
Look, friendly warning
You don't wanna be
walking around alone out there
when that stuff kicks in.
Why don't you come in the back?
I got a place you can sleep it off.
Or if you don't feel like sleeping
We can talk.
I'm Abigail.
You okay, honey?
What what'd you do to me?
Don't wake the kids.
To hell with 'em.
You seemed to enjoy that.
Can you blame me?
Not having to do all the work
around here for a change?
Last time you made love to me
like that, you gave me twins.
I swear, Bill O'Hara,
if you put another baby in me,
I'll kill you.
You have my permission to do so.
But before you do
What's this?
It's jewelry.
Goes around your neck.
I've seen a necklace before, Bill.
I'm asking what are you doing with it.
Please tell me this isn't poker winnings.
Have you ever known me to win anything?
Come on.
You've been strangely flush lately.
put in a few extra shifts.
There's a chink swordsman on the loose,
if you haven't heard.
Enough shifts
to buy something like this?
Fine. I'll take it back.
God forbid your husband should
try to do something nice
for you in once in a while.
I love how badly
you want to give us
everything you never had.
I just want you to know that
I don't need jewelry or steak.
I just need my husband to come home
at the end of every shift spent
in that godforsaken place.
Nothing is gonna happen to me.
It better not.
What's this?
The Suey Sing have apparently decided
to start selling opium now.
In back alleys and brothels.
Who told you that?
He did.
After our men caught him.
The Suey Sing are too small
to take on the Hop Wei or Long Zii.
Why would they risk it?
The Hop Wei had a stranglehold
on the molasses business for so long,
now that we've broken it,
it makes sense other tongs
would see what they could get away with.
They're not a threat.
But we have an opportunity here
to send a message.
A message?
That the Long Zii
will protect what's ours
every bit as much as the Hop Wei.
Mai Ling.
Their leader is young.
Lao Che can be reckless,
but he's not stupid.
Let me talk to him.
Li Yong.
Bring Zing with you.
Let them see who's behind us.
Are you reconsidering my offer?
Why are you doing this?
You could easily sell it.
Go back to your painting.
Why go to all this trouble?
I tell my sisters
it's our father's legacy.
And that's true.
But the real reason is actually
more of a lie I tell myself
That this place means I don't
depend on my husband's money.
So, uh
I can offer you protection.
what can you offer me?
Eight guards should do it.
Let's say $4 a week, per man.
That's above market rate.
I can't afford that.
As long as we're here,
no one will touch this place.
You know that.
Five. That's as high as I can go.
I'll be back in an hour
with the first shift.
We are watching the slow,
relentless decay
of our hard-won democracy.
We cannot allow anxiety and dread
to become the law of the land.
We cannot stand by
and watch our moral fiber be compromised.
Yet here we are
in the throes of uncertainty,
living in a time
when people feel the need
to blow up buildings
in order to be heard,
when the yellow peril is spreading faster
than your mayor can contain it.
And your police chase their own tails
while citizens continue
to be cut to shreds
by Chinese swordsmen?
Where, I ask you, are hardworking,
God-fearing Americans like you
supposed to turn?
Send them back! Send them back!
Send them back!
Send them back!
Send them back! Send them back!
Look at him
pandering to the labor class
like he's one of them.
And they're lapping it up
like hungry dogs.
They'll vote for a fuckin' millionaire
and then wonder why
they're getting fucked.
I would think you'd be used to it by now.
But now he's denigrating
my fuckin' office, Bill.
Do you see why that's upsetting to me?
Especially as I can't point
to any fuckin' progress.
We're working a lead.
I don't care who you have
to shake down to get an arrest
but find me a fuckin' swordsman
so I can shove it down that
bloviating bastard's throat.
I have done all I can
from the State Capitol.
All I can. Soon it'll be your turn.
Use your privilege as Americans
and send me to Washington
where I'll have the authority
to draft laws
Laws that will send them, all of them,
back to China!
Send them home!
Get them out of here!
Well, look who's decided to grace us
with his fuckin' presence.
Back to China!
Good morning, Chief.
The hell it is.
God bless you, sir!
God bless you all!
Get out and vote!
Back to China!
Get 'em out of here!
Yes, sir!
Rough night?
I'll live.
So this is the notorious Banshee.
Yeah, I believe my father
actually came in here once.
Somehow I doubt that.
No, I'm sure.
He, um
Came in here to hire workers
to lay track for the cable car.
Your father was Byron Mercer?
I imagine you didn't like him
very much.
to be fair,
he didn't like me very much either.
What do you think he'd say
if he saw you in here?
Well, I don't much care.
Which was usually the problem between us.
That's Beethoven, is it?
"Moonlight Sonata."
You like it?
You're very good.
I'm sloppy.
I never gave it the time it needed.
My teacher, Madame Le Claire,
said I was awash in the stink
of wasted potential.
At least I think that's what
she said. I failed French.
Finishing school, huh?
I dropped out.
Which, I suppose means I'm unfinished.
Thank you, Mr. Leary,
for letting me play.
Fuck me.
That fuckin' snake!
Why the hell did he
add fuel to that fire?
And throw me on the pyre of process?
I don't know, Mr. Mayor.
To motivate you, perhaps?
Motivate me?
He embarrassed me.
Well, if embarrassment is your concern,
perhaps it's your wife
you need to be dealing with.
You can't pretend
to be against Chinese labor
while your own wife is hiring coolies.
I'm trying to keep the city
from burning down
and you're talking about my wife.
If the people of San Francisco
were truly aware
of what happens in Chinatown
on a daily basis
How close they're all living
to the ninth circle of hell
They'd be up in arms.
We wouldn't be able to contain them.
And we'd have no trouble
getting the Exclusion Act passed.
Sometimes I wonder
who you work for, Buckley.
The people of San Francisco, Mr. Mayor.
As do you.
Mr. Nichols, I presume.
How'd you know that?
I know a lot about you, Mr. Nichols.
I know you worked for the Pinkertons.
And I know why they fired you.
Then you'll know I'm not interested
in whatever it is you're selling.
I'm not selling.
I'm buying.
I hear you still do
a little private consulting.
The Pinkertons won't work
for a Chinese gal.
That it?
Even one who speaks English
as well as you.
Walter Buckley.
The Deputy Mayor. What about him?
What do you need?
It's bullshit.
He sold some old shit
he found in his back pocket.
We're not dealing.
He's lying.
Oh, fuck you, Genghis Cunt!
I don't need your confession, Lao Che.
It just has to stop.
This is the only warning
you'll get, do you understand?
Listen, Li Yong
I only need to hear two words.
I understand.
Let's go.
I don't know why you even bother
with these bottom-feeders.
This onion just lied to your face.
You Mongol dogs think you can
come into my house
The hell is wrong with you?
When Mai Ling finds out about this
Do you really think
she didn't know what would happen?
Why else would she send me with you?
Miss Davenport.
You not come back here for many months.
I think
maybe you finally give up.
Well, there were other establishments
that required more immediate attention,
but I've been meaning to come back.
All my girls very happy, as always.
I'm sure it helps
to tell yourself that.
They choose this life.
I give them job.
Bed. Clean clothing.
Ah, Miss Davenport.
Here to save world again.
Oh, no, just your people,
since you're too busy exploiting them.
Well, someone has to.
Save them or exploit them?
My girls can go any time they want.
I own no one.
May I visit with them?
Of course.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You've played that same fucking song
three times tonight.
Do you know anything else?
I'm sorry, Mr. Leary.
I could play you
"Olde Irish Rose" if you like.
Jesus, no. I'm sick of that one.
My struggle life, it is over!
This thing between you two,
or whatever it is,
we're all gonna suffer for it.
And, what you are doing,
it's smart business.
What the f
- You must trust.
- But trust goes both ways.
This isn't gonna end well.
I'll do whatever he wants.
I did what I had to do.
This isn't the time to lose your nerve.
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