Warrior (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

To a Man with a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

I know a place where
the purse is much bigger.
Thanks, but I've got a day job.
If you're looking
to prove something to yourself,
there's no better place to do it.
You don't know me.
I can't imagine
anyone buying you out at this point.
It'll be good to have you at home again.
I came as soon as I heard.
That makes sense,
considering the amount
of opium you had stored here.
It's gone, by the way.
All of it.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
He doesn't know anything.
Father Jun may be checked out,
but you better believe
he watches the fucking books.
All roads lead
to some kind of major fuckery.
I'm not looking to sink your ship,
I just want to help.
Pitting father against son.
You're going to tear apart the only tong
that can stand up to Mai Ling.
Vega, that tournament you told me about,
you still need a fighter?
Did we cross into Mexico?
Not exactly.
Rooker's Mill is a border town.
It's not even a town, really.
It's all private property
owned by one man.
And that's, uh, Rooker, right?
Elijah Rooker.
- Rich guy.
- Yes.
And like I said, obsessed with fighters.
I guess he gets off on watching
men beat each other to death.
He hosts this tournament every year.
Fighters come from all over the country.
The cash prize is a hell of a lot more
than you could earn fighting at my boat.
You said that's $2,500, right?
Less my cut.
Of course.
I think I'm gonna like it here after all.
So that does nothing for you, huh?
Not a thing.
And you really like men?
Certain men, yes.
Do you like me?
Why the fuck not?
Would you fuck your sister?
I don't have a sister.
But if you did.
Of course not.
Wait a minute.
So this Rooker really owns all of this?
The land, the buildings,
everything from
the tavern to the tannery.
Even the cops are his.
There'll be less of this riffraff
once we're inside the gates.
I'm used to being the riffraff.
Today you're on the guest list.
Open your fucking coat.
No weapons allowed on Rooker's ranch.
You get them back when you leave.
- Move along.
- Wait here.
All right, step up, amigo.
Open your coat.
- What's the deal?
- No weapons inside.
I don't give up my blades for anyone.
One of these days, you should
learn to fight with your fists.
Fuck off.
Uh I think you should
probably just give them up.
I'll get them through.
Not a fucking word.
Get some rest.
I'll see you all at the welcome
dinner in a few hours.
Look at this shit hole.
It's not so bad.
I'm glad you feel that way,
because you'll be sleeping on the floor.
Slept on a lot worse.
But enough about your sex life.
Speaking of which
What is the deal with you and Vega?
Purely professional.
She is very attractive.
You hear that? Even Hong is hot for her.
She's our ticket to the show, that's all.
You're either in there,
or you're about to be.
I have a nose for these things.
To a man with a hammer,
everything looks like a nail.
It's a business arrangement,
and I keep my dick out of my business.
Says the guy who fucked the
duck lady who hid our opium.
- Wait, what?
- Long story.
We've got hours until dinner.
Good point.
Where you going?
Just going for a walk.
Get centered.
He's a complicated man.
That he is, Hong. That he is.
Watch where the fuck you're going, mate.
Oh, shit, he's throwing you the evil eye.
Is he?
You got a problem with me?
No, no problem.
You sure about that?
I don't know; You sure you won't
be needing that hand anymore?
Listen to this one.
Your English is pretty good.
Thanks, I thought so too, you know,
but for some reason,
your hand is still there.
- Yeah, it is.
- Mm.
So what you gonna do about it?
Come any closer, and I'll break his arm.
All right, let's do this, boy.
I let you out of my sight
for one minute
You're Dolph Jagger, right?
Who the fuck are you?
Someone who'd much rather see him
take you apart for the money.
Is there a problem here?
Hey, just, uh, stretch out the arm.
Maybe you'll get the feeling
back in an hour or two.
You're a dead man.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
- All right, move along.
- Come on, boys.
Let's get a drink.
I'm gonna have to keep
a close eye on you, aren't I?
Can I at least trust you to stay
inside the gates until the tournament?
Where are you going?
A little business in town.
You want company?
What I want is for you
to stay out of trouble
and get some rest.
Think you can do that?
Stay out of trouble or rest?
See you later.
Damn, someone cleans up nice.
Shut the fuck up.
- Strictly business, right?
- Strictly business.
Good evening, boys.
Thought I'd come a bit early,
get the lay of the land.
Interesting crowd.
You can relax. I saw the roster.
You're not fighting until tomorrow.
I hope you're hungry.
Have either of you
had Mexican food before?
No Mexican in Chinatown.
Well, you're in for a treat.
Take this, and you dip it in.
That our host?
Yes, that's Rooker.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome to Rooker's Mill.
I'm Elijah Rooker,
and I thank y'all for coming.
Now, I came out West 20 years ago,
looking to make my mark.
When I settled on this land,
it wasn't much to look at
- Mm-hmm.
- But I saw an opportunity.
I knew that with a little
vision and some hard work,
I would find my fortune here.
And now you have all come
to find a fortune of your own.
About a hundred years ago,
the gun replaced the sword
as the civilized man's weapon of choice.
God knows, it's how the West was won.
It's how this great country was won.
Without gunpowder,
there would be no America.
But something was lost
The intimacy and the honesty
of hand-to-hand combat,
men fighting the way nature intended,
with nothing but the weapons
they were born with.
You men are the last
of the true warriors.
I started this tournament
to celebrate all of you.
And one of you is gonna go home
a lot richer than when you came.
And that's what America is, isn't it?
A place where every day is another chance
to go to sleep richer
than when you woke up!
Ladies and gentlemen
my wife, Marisol.
Now, I've been living
on the border with the Mexicans
so long that I actually
left my wife for one.
And today we celebrate our anniversary.
And since you're all here,
we invite you to celebrate it with us.
Happy anniversary, darling.
Enjoy your dinner.
And may the best man win!
Something wrong?
Not at all.
You should eat.
You'll need your strength.
You ready?
And fight!
Come on, pendejo!
Come on!
Let's go, come on!
Did I miss something?
We had a moment.
Damn, this tequila is something else.
You know you gotta
eat the worm too, right?
Come on, man, eat it.
It's part of the culture.
You gotta eat it.
It's bad luck if you don't.
There we go.
You disappeared.
I'm just enjoying the quiet.
It's nice to get out of the city
every once in a while,
go somewhere where you
can actually breathe.
I guess, in the city, you tend to forget
how beautiful America can be.
Actually, this used to be Mexico.
Everything you see here,
even where we're standing,
long before they drew
their invisible lines
and decided it was California.
So you, uh,
come to my fight club.
You win. You leave.
I don't know anything else about you.
I feel a little cheated.
Well, there's not much to know.
I grew up in China.
My sister came here
a few years before me.
I came to find her,
to bring her home.
Turns out, she wasn't interested.
But you stayed.
Yeah, she was my only family.
I have a sister too.
Like you, we're all
that's left of our family.
You and me, we're both
strangers in this land.
They say we're welcome,
but by that, they mean
we're tolerated, and just barely.
They take away our rights,
our land, our money.
Whatever we have left over,
they can take that away tomorrow too.
So really, all we have
are the people we love,
our family.
And what if you don't have one?
Then you find one
and hold on to them as tight as you can.
You make it sound so easy.
I guess it is if you find
the right people
or person.
We're not gonna do this.
I'm sorry.
For a moment,
it kind of felt like we were.
Okay, come on.
I'll walk you to your room.
Let's go. Come on!
Come on!
He's strong.
You think you can take him?
- Yeah.
- Good.
'Cause you're fighting him next.
Guess I'm up.
You ready?
I'm ready.
'Cause the last time
I bet the fucking farm on you,
you whiffed it.
I need that fucking prize money bad.
Whatever you do
Don't lose.
That's good advice.
Okay, he's got the power.
You use your speed.
By that, I mean finish him fast.
You know, before he kills you.
I'm gonna fucking enjoy this.
Agree to disagree.
And fight!
Watch his left hook.
You okay?
Never better.
You can relax.
No more fights today.
Oh, I was just getting warmed up.
Good afternoon.
You speak English?
I'm Smits.
I work for Mr. Rooker.
He was very impressed with your skills.
He'd like to invite
the two of you to join
him and his wife for lunch
tomorrow in the main house.
Thanks, we'd love to.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it.
You took some strong hits.
I know.
After a while, you get used to it.
I thought the point was not to get hit.
Well, the point is just
to hit harder than you get hit.
You see, that's the damn
problem with these Chinese.
It's that they're everywhere these days.
Well, uh, this is where I leave you.
Today went well.
Yeah, I guess it did.
You have a good night.
I thought we're not gonna do this.
Sorry, for a moment there,
it felt like we were.
Where the fuck did you go?
Too much wine.
Needed to get some fresh air.
This is Ana. I'm teaching her Chinese.
- How's that going?
- Terrible.
Took her half an hour to learn my name.
But now that you're back,
I was thinking I might
take her back to see our room.
Can you hang here for a bit?
What do you think, ten minutes?
Fuck you.
Universal language of love.
- For a price.
- Mm.
We all pay for love
One way or another.
I was thinking
- Hmm?
- When you win tomorrow
When I win?
I like your confidence.
Well, I didn't get this far
by picking losers.
I was just thinking
You don't have to go back, you know?
To San Francisco.
Dealing opium, fighting for the tong.
I've known my share of gangsters,
and you're no gangster.
You'll have money, time, options.
What about loyalty?
To the tong?
Do you really believe
that's a two-way street?
Where would I even go?
You never think about going back home?
There's nothing there for me anymore.
How about you?
Every day.
Well, we've had other fighters
from the Orient here before,
of course, but
none with your level of skill.
And none that I could
really talk to, which is
Is truly a gift.
You trained in China?
What discipline did you study?
Gung fu.
The martial art of monks.
Something like that.
Sahm, you're too good to be fighting
in Barbary Coast fight pits.
Now, my guess is,
maybe you weren't there
for the competition at all.
Huh? You were there for the girl.
You know, I think it's interesting.
You know, I'm American
and you're Chinese,
and we both have a taste
for Mexican women, hmm?
Of course, beauty will
transcend race every time.
I think we can all agree on that.
So how long did you have to train
to learn to fight like you do?
Uh, well, you know,
I started pretty young.
Sahm, I'm gonna make my pitch.
Okay, I could use a man with your skills.
Well, I was hoping that maybe
I could persuade you
to stay on with us for a while
and teach some of my boys
those gung fu moves of yours, huh?
I mean, make no mistake,
my bodyguards are good,
and Smits here,
he's as tough as they come,
but I think they could all
stand to learn something
from a man with your skills.
I appreciate it.
Make it worth your while.
What do you think, Smits?
Couldn't hurt for your men
to add a little
Chinese boxing to their repertoire.
Out here, it's bullets that'll kill you
or a fast blade.
You got a move to stop a bullet?
No, no, I don't.
I'm also not a teacher.
Uh, thank you for the offer,
but I'm gonna have
to respectfully decline.
Oh, I get it. I get it.
Take the money and run.
But I warn you,
I can be very persuasive.
Took me a while to grind
this one down, but
I won her over in the end.
Didn't I, honey?
Yes, you did.
That pistol you carry, it's beautiful.
Hmm? Oh.
she's one of a kind.
Made for me by Juan de la Estacion,
the master gunsmith in Northern Mexico.
It's the last gun he ever made.
See that flying serpent?
Quetzalcoatl, ancient god of the Aztecs.
The barrel looks wider than most.
Well, you know your guns.
Yeah, she's a larger caliber
than your basic Colt.
I gotta make the bullets myself.
Mm. How's the weight?
Well, see for yourself. Go on.
Don't take it personally.
Smits has been in charge of
my personal security for years.
You don't get to make
as much money as I have
without making a few enemies.
My survival is his life's work.
And he takes his job very seriously.
You can't be too careful.
It really is something.
You know, I saw a gun
just like this once before.
I doubt it. She's one of a kind.
My family was from these
parts when it was still Mexico.
And then the Americans came,
insisting we sell them land
that had been in our family
for generations.
My father refused to sell.
But there was one man who
wouldn't take no for an answer.
He and his men slaughtered
our farmhands and their
children while they slept.
Well, that's a terrible story.
Perhaps for another time.
Then they forced my father
to his knees at gunpoint
and made him sign the deed of sale.
Then this man shot him
in the head
right in front of his daughters.
With a gun
just like this.
Why don't you give that back now?
Put the gun down! Now!
What the fuck?
Ah Sahm.
Here, have another drink.
Hey, hey, we gotta go. Excuse me.
- Why?
- We gotta get out of here.
- Get up, come on.
- Stop them!
What the fuck did you do?
They killed Rooker!
to whoever kills them!
Any ideas?
Just the usual.
Come on!
Hold it right there.
If it were up to me,
I'd have gutted the lot of you
right here,
let the dogs clean up the mess.
But Mrs. Rooker doesn't have the stomach
for frontier justice,
so the marshals here
will take you to Sacramento for trial.
And then you'll hang.
Be careful with them.
The Chinese guys, they fight like demons.
Not in irons, they don't.
Don't you worry.
We'll get 'em where they're going.
Fuck you!
Ah Sahm.
You used me.
He killed my parents
right in front of me.
You would've done the exact
same thing in my place.
You threw our lives out
like we were nothing.
- No, I didn't.
- Do me a favor.
Just stop talking.
I don't know why you're smiling.
They don't treat Mexicans
any better than Chinese.
We're all dead when we get to Sacramento.
We probably shouldn't go
to Sacramento, then.
Okay, what the fuck is going on?
So I guess you know each other.
This is my sister, Marisol.
Did she say sister?
Thank you. You're every bit as good
as Rosie told me you'd be.
Thanks. Can we get to the part
where you tell me
what the hell just happened?
Rooker's Mill was my father's land.
It's where we grew up
until Rooker murdered our father,
and claimed it as his own.
Yeah, so you killed him. I got that part.
We didn't just kill him.
We took back our home.
As his wife, Marisol
will now inherit all of it.
So not just revenge?
No, not just revenge.
You still used me
I'm sorry.
I just figured we'd both
get what we wanted.
The prize money.
Okay, now you all better
get in the carriage and go.
You don't want to be anywhere near here
when the real marshals come.
Let's go.
So I guess this is good-bye.
It doesn't have to be.
You don't have to go back.
You ungrateful bitch.
He gave you everything.
- Hey!
- What the fuck
There's a doctor in town!
Please go get him!
- There's no time, Marisol.
- No.
Would you have stayed?
Of course. I would have.
It's okay.
At least one of us gets to go home.
You have some serious
fucking explaining to do.
Turn me up.
Check it out.
If you wait by the river long enough
the bodies of your enemies
will come floating by.
Just finish him.
Well you can't have a business
partner you don't trust.
You trying to surprise me?
I am through indulging this fantasy!
No one ever just lets go.
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