Warrior (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

This one guy I knew, this gangster
we called him the Violin Man.
He was born into nobility
and he played
from when he was like 2 years old.
No one plays the violin
when they're 2 years old.
Sure they do.
They don't make violins that small.
To a baby like that,
it'd be like playing a fucking cello.
Okay. 2, 3, whatever.
The point is, his family
was killed off in the revolution
and he wound up out on the streets.
Turned out he could scrap
like a motherfucker.
He joined a Tong.
After a while, his hands
got so fucked up from the fights
he couldn't play anymore.
So he pulled the strings
off of his violin..
- His tiny violin.
- No, he was older now.
You guys are fucking up my story.
Anyway, he pulled the strings
off his violin
and he would carry them with him.
And when he killed people
he would choke them out
with the same violin strings
he used to play fucking Mozart with.
Hence, the Violin Man.
How did we get on this topic?
You asked him
why he fights with that rope.
Oh, yeah. What's the connection?
It's my trademark, man.
The Violin Man had his strings,
I have my chain.
Did you play Mozart on it?
- Then I don't get it.
- Me either.
Fuck you guys!
"The Rope Man".
Come on.
That doesn't have the same ring to it.
It's not a rope, it's a chain.
Rope Man, you tell
any Fung Hai still breathing
they work for us now.
I don't think anyone is still breathing.
That works, too.
Nice and sharp.
There you go.
No! No! No!
You get the hell away from me!
Damn it.
Someone get something in his mouth!
Please. We're trying to help you.
Get off me! Don't!
Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't!
No, no! Don't take it! Don't! Do..
Please, don't! Don't!
Don't take my leg! Don't take my leg!
- Please!
- I'm sorry.
I-It's too far gone.
- No.
- It will be over soon.
I promise.
Mr. Buckley.
Mr. Buckley, wake up!
Yes? What is it?
The police are here.
How long ago?
An hour, maybe two.
Neighbors heard shouting.
They saw someone
running away from the house.
Sent a footman to the station.
Jesus. What a mess.
Has Mrs. Blake made a statement?
Not yet.
I thought it best not to press her
until you arrived.
You did the right thing.
Mrs. Blake, are you hurt?
Can you tell me what happened here?
Your husband has been killed, Mrs. Blake
and you've clearly been in a struggle.
I'm gonna need you to speak.
Did you kill your husband, Mrs. Blake?
He was drunk.
He attacked me.
So you were defending yourself?
He was strangling me.
I-I couldn't breathe.
The thing is, Mrs. Blake
your husband was hit
on the back of the head
with a poker, by the looks of it.
You couldn't have hit him like that
if he was strangling you.
I don't know.
It all happened so quickly.
Perhaps, your sister saw
what was happening
- and came to your aid?
- No.
She tried, but he threw her into a wall.
So, if not her..
- It was Jacob.
- Sophie!
What's this now?
I'm not letting you go to jail
for something you didn't do.
She's confused. She hit her head.
Samuel was trying to kill her!
Jacob, he hit him,
but he was defending her.
- That is not what happened!
- Excuse me!
Mrs. Blake, what are you doing?
Jacob's not a murderer.
The Mayor of San Francisco
has been killed in his own home.
Someone is gonna be arrested for murder.
Now it can be you
or it can be the man
who actually killed him.
Or maybe it wasn't him.
Maybe it was your sister.
- No.
- Is he still in the house?
Search the house to be sure
but I suspect we'll need
to track down this Chinaman, Jacob.
- He was just defending me.
- Of course, he was.
But fleeing the scene
isn't helping his case.
I think we should leave
Mrs. Blake and Ms. Mercer to recover.
They've been through a terrible ordeal.
I'll leave a man on the door.
Chief Flannagan,
may I speak to you for a moment?
So, what do you think?
I think it's clear.
The Mayor was murdered by a Chinaman.
You say it like that
we'll have pandemonium in the streets.
And that's why
we're gonna stay ahead of it.
We're gonna search
every inch of Chinatown.
Can we pull policemen from other beats?
I suppose that's up to you now.
You're the acting Mayor.
Yes, I suppose I am.
Every badge you can muster,
first thing in the morning.
I want a large scale
and very visible manhunt
already underway
before we announce the Mayor's death.
- Do you understand?
- Do you want me to put on a show?
A big one.
I wanna keep the city calm
and catch a murderer.
That'll take some doing.
For one thing,
we don't know what he looks like.
Just get it started.
It's important that the people know
we're on top of things.
- Even when we aren't?
- Especially then.
I don't understand
why we don't just burn
this fucking place to the ground,
send a message.
Our colors on the Fung Hai headquarters
is the message
one Mai Ling has to live with every day.
The longer she waits to retaliate,
the weaker she looks.
- But she can't retaliate because..
- Because of the Six Companies.
Either way, she's fucked.
It makes sense.
But I didn't ice out the old man
just to wait around for someone else
to make the first fucking move.
This is the move. Get me?
When did you get so smart?
I don't like to show-off.
Well, we both know that's not true.
Okay, we'll try this.
See how she reacts.
But I'm not gonna keep us
in a stalemate forever.
I underestimated him.
You think this was Ah Sahm?
Father Jun wouldn't authorize
a direct attack right now.
They hit the Fung Hai
when they were at their weakest.
This was strategic
but it was also personal.
He's provoking me,
daring me to break the treaty.
I didn't think they'd move
so quickly after Zing.
Because you weren't looking
at the bigger picture.
So what do we do?
There are other avenues.
People who aren't
the least bit concerned
about our little treaties.
The bigger picture.
What's this?
A celebration.
We took out the Fung Hai
and fucked the Long Zii hard
without breaking the treaty.
And how many of your brothers
did you lose in the process?
At least I did something.
You're right, you did.
And I'm sure it was a hell of a scrap.
But you've been in-charge
for, what, two days?
And you're already waging war.
- The Fung Hai needed to go.
- Of course, they did.
But maybe
there was a smarter way to do it
one that wouldn't have cost you
good men.
You've always been too impulsive.
I tried to teach you patience.
Maybe that's something
that can't be taught.
Maybe that's something
you have to learn the hard way.
All right.
I don't need to tell you boys
what we're up against here.
Every second that goes by
without that Chinaman in handcuffs
only increases the chances
that we'll never see him again.
And if that happens
God help us.
Chinatown is closed.
Effective immediately.
I want every filthy,
god-forsaken corner in that shithole
torn to shreds
until this Jacob is found.
Someone gets in your way, get him out.
Someone doesn't wanna open the door
Buckley pulled in every cop in the city.
Should be a hell of a show.
Christ, Lee. You even up for this?
Up for what?
I reckon when push comes to shove
you'll just pin it
on the first Chinaman you find.
- Right, Sergeant?
- All right.
Get it done, get it done fast.
Lee. Hey.
- I thought we were past this shit.
- You planted that watch.
Yeah, you planted it
and you made me believe.
You made me a part of your lie.
What are you talking about?
I spoke to Timmons' widow.
You had a problem with the Fung Hai,
so you framed him.
Keep your fucking voice low.
What, are you telling me
he didn't deserve to go down?
For God's sake, Bill.
We lost men. McLeod, Donnelly, Gallahue.
You think I don't know that?
They died in the line of duty.
You say that like you almost believe it.
Oh, you sanctimonious, little prick!
I don't know who it was that told you
that the world was black and white, Lee.
But, believe me, they didn't do you
any fucking favors!
At least I know where to draw the line.
And which side of that line
does killing your own kin fall on?
Fuck! You are picking up
some bad habits, Lee
and throwing punches at me
is top of the fucking list!
That's enough, goddamn it!
- What the hell is going on here?
- He's lost his fucking mind!
- Georgie, good morning.
- Mr. Leary.
Morning, William. How's the family?
I'm sorry to hear that. Truly.
It's not nearly enough, I know,
but maybe it'll help.
I don't want a fucking handout.
I want a job, like you promised.
What the fuck do you think
I'm doing out there, huh?
Day in and day out?
I'm fighting for you.
I'm fighting for all these men.
Change doesn't come overnight.
Aye. So you say.
And so you've been saying.
But we're all still here
watching the goddamn chinks
ride past us every day
on the way to our jobs.
I pay my dues, we all do
on what little we make.
- And I'm tired of fucking waiting.
- He's right!
We need work!
Settle down, all of you!
You all heard the Mayor's speech.
He's taken our side,
gonna force the coolies out.
Any day now, you'll be back to work.
And who do you think
put the fucking screws to him?
It was my boot on their fucking neck.
I delivered the message
that you take our jobs
at your own fucking peril.
If you think you can do better,
be my fucking guest.
Maybe you're right
but that's just words right now.
And a politician's promises
won't put bread on my family's table.
What happened?
Who the fuck did this to you?
- Blake.
- The Mayor?
He's dead.
He attacked my sister. I..
Oh, he was insane.
I-I tried to stop him,
but he was too strong.
Oh, my God, he's dead.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Just.. Just breathe slow and easy.
are you saying
it was you that killed him?
It was Jacob.
The-The.. Our valet.
- The Chinaman?
- She didn't want me to say anything
but I couldn't let them
arrest her for it.
She hates me now.
The Mayor is dead.
Someone's gonna swing for it.
You did the right thing.
If Blake's gone,
who the fuck is in-charge?
Raise your right hand
and repeat after me.
I, Walter Franklin Buckley..
I, Walter Franklin Buckley..
Do solemnly swear..
Do solemnly swear..
That I will support and defend
the Constitution of the United States..
That I will support and defend
the Constitution of the United States..
And the Constitution
of the State of California..
And the Constitution
of the State of California..
Against all enemies,
foreign and domestic..
Against all enemies,
foreign and domestic..
That I will bear
true faith and allegiance
to the Constitution of the United States
and the State of California..
And that I will bear
true faith and allegiance
to the Constitution of the United States
and the State of California..
That I take this obligation freely
without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion..
That I take this obligation freely
without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion..
And that I will well and faithfully
discharge the duties
upon which I am about to enter..
And that I will well and faithfully
discharge the duties
upon which I am about to enter..
And during such time
as I hold the office
of the Mayor of San Francisco.
And during such time
as I hold the office
of the Mayor of San Francisco.
Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.
The city is yours.
Have you seen this man?
Have you seen him?
This man, have you seen him?
Come with me.
Down! Down with the chinks!
You've seen this?
If it's any consolation, it bears
almost no resemblance to you.
I don't give a damn
about the quality of the rendering.
Where are we in the search?
We're looking for a Chinaman
in Chinatown.
- Could be a while.
- I don't have "a while".
And neither do you, if you hope
to remain Chief of Police
- during my tenure.
- Sir, if you want a Chinaman
I can get you one this morning,
but not the Chinaman
not the one who murdered the Mayor.
I can't just yank him out of a hat.
Put a curfew in place. And road blocks.
No one comes or goes from Chinatown
without talking to a cop.
I take it you'll approve
the extra hours for the men.
I want the entire force on the streets
I don't care what it costs.
Nobody sleeps until we have our man.
Mr. Mayor.
Just the man I was looking for.
Acting Mayor.
Sorry to hear about Blake,
God rest his soul.
He may have been
a twisted son of a bitch
but he was a friend of the working-man.
Is there something
I can do for you, Mr. Leary?
I'm in a bit of a rush.
It's okay, I think I can keep up.
These are dark times.
First, they attack a cop in his own home
and now they've assassinated the Mayor.
They're straying from their pen
more and more.
Some might get the idea
that our local government
has lost all control
of the Chinese situation.
If there's a point
you're trying to make..
You don't have nearly enough men
to find the chink who did this.
I have one of the most
highly-trained police forces
in the entire country.
That may be, but you're still
outmanned 100 to 1.
I can tip the odds in your favor.
And yours, presumably.
The important thing
is to see justice served.
Especially for a brand-new Mayor.
Show them he's up to the job.
Demonstrate his will and whatnot.
And how is it
you propose to help, exactly?
Deputize one working-man
for every cop you've got looking
until the search is over.
You'll double your reach.
I'll get you the sharpest fellas we got.
$3 a day ought to do it.
Even if that was a reasonable suggestion
which we both know it isn't
the city's budget won't accommodate
anything close to that.
$2, then.
A small price to pay
to keep these men occupied
tensions being as high as they are.
We wouldn't want to see vigilantes
roaming the streets
on your watch now, would we?
I mean, how would that look?
You weren't able to intimidate me
when I was Deputy Mayor.
What makes you think
you're gonna intimidate me now?
There's more to lose, I guess.
Before he went tits up,
Blake made a speech
promising the working-men
would be taken care of.
It would be a big fucking mistake
for the man who succeeds him
to forget that promise.
Mayor Blake never gave a speech
I didn't put in his mouth.
It could be I will have use
for your crude tactics down the road.
Until then, you and the working-men
will have to wait in line.
I have more urgent matters to deal with.
San Francisco Police Department!
Everybody stay where you are!
Easy there, big fella.
We're not here for a fight.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are looking for this man.
The sooner you help us find him
the sooner we can get out of your hair.
Harrison, start upstairs.
Search every room.
- Ah Toy.
- This man not here.
Then you've got nothing to worry about.
Too many cops not good for business.
Well, I've got more bad news for you.
It's curfew, means everyone's shut down
until we find our man. Including you.
Look who's back from the dead.
Remember me?
Hard to say, you all
kind of look the same to me.
Well, it's a wonder
you're here to crack wise
after that beating you took.
You saw that?
And stopped it, too.
See, that pause there
is where you thank me
for saving your life.
That's a lot of cops for one man.
Well, a Chinaman killed the Mayor.
We take that sort of thing personally.
- Mayor Blake?
- That's right.
Caved his head in with a fire poker
and then went underground.
No one's seen him since.
I don't have to tell you this doesn't
bode well for your people.
The sooner we catch this guy,
the better for all concerned.
Maybe you know him? Name's Jacob.
We don't all know each other.
Well, maybe.
But he was Mrs. Blake's manservant.
I know you know her.
- Barely.
- Barely?
Well, in the meantime,
no one gets in or out of Chinatown
until we find our man.
And my men will not stop
tearing this place apart.
- So, if you know anything..
- I don't.
Would you tell me if you did?
Well, then
fuck off.
And tell your friends
to stay off the streets.
Today would be the wrong fucking day,
do you hear me?
Evening, Mr. Mayor.
Come to check up on us?
Something like that.
- Any action?
- None to speak of.
But we'll get him, sir.
Let him through!
All right. Yes, sir.
Move along.
It's been a while, Mr. Buckley.
I was beginning to think
you'd forgotten me.
- I've been busy.
- So I hear.
Congratulations on your promotion.
It's funny. When I came to San Francisco
I never imagined I'd be granted
an audience with the Mayor.
Well, let's see if we can make it
worth your while.
I need to find this murderer, Jacob,
That won't be easy.
Chinatown may not be long or wide,
but it's very deep.
True. But anything's possible
with the proper motivation.
If you don't help me
locate this criminal
it'll mean the end of your opium supply
and the beginning of a new era
in Chinatown
one in which the Long Zii
are no longer immune to prosecution.
So, not the carrot, but the stick.
I cannot stress how not in the mood I am
for repartee.
I can find your Jacob.
But I'll want something in return.
- I already told you my terms.
- And now I'm telling you mine.
It's simple, really.
I want my enemies to be your enemies.
And when the time comes
your cops will help me
crush the Hop Wei.
Do we have a deal?
Find the coolie.
It's me. Nellie.
Come in. Quick.
I heard about the curfew, I was worried.
Oh, it wasn't easy
getting into Chinatown.
The police were everywhere.
Have they given you any trouble?
They close business.
But.. But I'm okay.
You must think me ridiculous
checking up on you.
No. It's very kind.
I'm gonna head back out to the vineyard
I thought maybe you might
wanna come with me.
- Now?
- Yeah.
With things in Chinatown how they are
I thought it might be good
to get away for a few days.
And, well, to be honest
it would be nice
to spend some time together.
Can I help you?
Is there anyone else in here tonight?
No. Just us.
Ma'am, you need to leave now.
Excuse me?
There's a curfew in effect.
It's okay.
Sergeant O'Hara already come.
He sent us back. Surprise inspection.
I don't care who sent you.
You can't just barge in here
without a proper..
Get back here, you whore!
Stay down, bitch.
Get it over with.
Ah Toy.
You must go.
I'm not leaving you here like this.
You need medical attention.
Not safe for you here.
Don't be ridiculous.
- We need to get you to a doctor.
- I said, go!
You don't know me.
And you don't belong here.
No place for a white woman.
Now, go!
I asked you a question, slant.
What's your fucking name?
It's Wang Chao. And he's not your man.
You shouldn't be out here tonight.
- It's dangerous.
- Dangerous for everyone.
I told you, he's not your man.
Now get on with you,
or I'll feed you that fucking stick!
You save that cop's life.
And here I thought I was saving yours.
Forget about him. It's probably
his first time in Chinatown.
Well, I see him again,
it will be his last time.
Well, help me find this Jacob
and we can get all these cops
out of here.
I give you Zing and the Fung Hai.
I help you with your swordsman.
How many time I do your job
for you, Sergeant, hmm?
Maybe you give me badge.
I'll make it worth your while.
Until next problem.
Then you shut me down again.
I got you up and running
as fast as I could.
I don't know this man.
You sure?
I know who I know.
Well, if you hear anything,
you know where to find me.
Of course.
I am friend to police.
Good night.
And stay off the street.
I am sorry
about shutting you down, Chao.
Ah Toy?
My God. What happened to you?
You try to kill me.
What? What are you talking about?
I-I've been home all night.
Dear God.
Oh, no.
I don't understand.
Who are those men?
Did they do this to you?
You sign.
Sign what?
You sign, or you die.
Make choice.
Surely you don't think
I had anything to do with this.
I would never hurt you, Ah Toy. Never.
Lie again
your children die in their beds.
Finish sign.
You go far away.
I ever see you
you dead man.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? What the fuck do you want?
Help me.
Please, help..
Help me.
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