Watchmen (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice

1 "There will be no mob justice today.
Trust in the law.
" Mama! It's time to go.
Run! Run! Hurry! Don't backtalk me, boy! Get up there! Come on! Come on! Stay down! Hey! Get back here! Get back here! Get 'em! Over there! Watch out! All right.
We're here.
I told you, ain't no room! Just the boy then.
Hey! Hey! Goddammit, O.
! It's gonna be okay, baby.
All right? You're gonna go with Heck and Liddy, and they're gonna get you someplace safe.
Are you comin' too? We're gonna be right behind you, all right? Get her! We gotta go now! Don't move.
Hey, get your thumb out your mouth, boy.
, come on! We gotta go! - Be strong.
- Okay.
Get down.
You're okay.
Plain Jane, Jackie Chan, Richard Mille You gon' be the one, bust it down, I can see it Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it Diamonds in the face rushed up, I can see it Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it Diamonds in the face, di-diamonds in the face Half a ticket for my wrist, spill so big I put five pointers in the face, you can see it I just put my whole damn arm in the fridge Ten chains on, lucky charms Aah, shit! Shit, shit.
This interaction is being recorded.
Do you consent? Yes, sir.
It is 9:35 p.
, September 8, 2019.
Initiated traffic stop.
How are you tonight, sir? Good.
Yeah, fine.
- How are you? - What you drinking there? Oh, uh Coca-Cola, sir.
What are you hauling? Lettuce.
Lettuce? - Yes, sir.
- Can I take a look? Can I take a look at your face? What did you just say to me? Hey, I'm-I'm sorry, officer.
- I was just kidding.
- License and registration.
They're in the glove.
I'm just gonna reach over and open it on up, okay? Go ahead.
Three-five, returned to vehicle.
I need Weapons Autho.
Who's on the desk? Panda.
I'll patch you through.
No, wait.
Is there anyone else This is Panda.
What's up? Hey, I just made a traffic stop.
Subject refused a search of his truck, and I observed Kavalry contraband in his glove.
Requesting firearm lock release.
What kind of contraband? It was a Rorschach mask.
Are you sure? I saw it.
Panda, come on.
Release my weapon.
Probability of drugs and/or alcohol - in the subject's vehicle? - High.
Probability of firearms and/or explosives - in the vehicle? - High.
What's your overall perceived threat level from the subject? High.
Just buzz me, okay? Stand by.
It's not working, I didn't get it.
Buzz me again, man.
Stand by.
We good? Yeah, I got it.
Thank you.
Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet When the wind comes right behind the rain Oklahoma, every night my honey-lamb and I Every night we sit alone and talk and watch a hawk Making lazy circles in the sky We know we belong to the land And the land we belong to is grand And when we say, Hey! Yeeow-a-yip-I-o-ee ay! We're only saying you're doin' fine, Oklahoma Oklahoma, okay Okla-homa, Okla-homa Okla-homa, Okla We know we belong to the land And the land we belong to is grand And when we say, yeeow-a-yip-I-o-ee ay! We're only saying you're doin' fine, Oklahoma Oklahoma, O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A Oklahoma! They bring my uniform up? Next room over.
- Mind if I have a minute? - Of course, sir.
You running background checks on all the nurses and orderlies that saw his face? Yep.
We got roadblocks up on all the egresses, but he's probably gone to ground.
Sent a couple units out to the address on his DL, but the house was boarded up.
- Kavalry? - More than likely.
You want me to call in Red and Night? No.
Let 'em sleep.
She gonna be pissed.
Why in Christ's name would they start this shit up again? Maybe there was somethin' in the truck they didn't want found.
Somethin' like what? There was a head of lettuce in Sutton's car.
Shooter must've tossed it in.
I believe it was romaine.
Were there any croutons? Not that I could ascertain.
You don't start a war over goddamn lettuce, Wade.
Come over here and pull your face down.
Sutton? Roberta.
Roberta, I'm Judd.
May I come in? Yeah.
There was a shooting.
Charlie's in surgery now.
When he's out, we're gonna move him to our secure medical facility over at the precinct.
Can I go see him? Of course.
Did he tell anyone that he was police? That's against the rules.
But people still talk.
He didn't.
Where did he tell folks that he was going when he was on shift? Night school, for engineering.
All right.
We'll say it was a carjacking.
He was leaving school and that's when he got shot.
Why? We have protocols.
We just want to keep everybody safe.
- Yeah, I know what you're thinkin'.
- Mm-hmm.
Fuck me and the horse I rode in on.
He liked you.
He likes me.
Egg whites are made of protein.
When we whip 'em, we get bubbles, and it's the proteins that form the walls of those bubbles.
If we don't have walls, it all comes tumblin' down.
Now, those walls are strong, but they won't stay that way if just even a little bit of yolk gets mixed in with the whites.
So, that's why we gotta separate 'em.
- Ta-da! - Wow! Can we eat our cookies now, please? Y'all go ahead.
Okay, Ms.
Abar, while they're stuffing their faces, maybe you can explain to them what they're eating.
Oh, um It's called a banh bia.
When I was a little girl in Vietnam, we called them "mooncakes.
" Oh, were you born there before or after it became a state? Um, a couple years before.
Um, I was born just outside of Saigon and when I grew up, I was a police officer there until I moved here to Tulsa.
Did you stay a police officer? For a while, then I retired.
Why? Um I was one of the cops who got attacked on the White Night.
And that was before police officers were allowed to wear masks.
So, the bad guys, they knew who I was and they knew where I lived, and they came to my house and they shot me.
Right here.
And the doctors, they had to pull apart my insides to find the bullet and get it out - 'cause they didn't want it to - Ahem.
Oh, um, anyway.
I figured making cakes and cookies was better than getting shot.
So, I quit the police force and opened up a bakery.
Mm-hmm? Did Redfordations pay for it? Excuse me? Your bakery did you pay for it with Redfordations? Tommy! Ooh! Topher! Don't tilt your head back, just pinch your nose.
Why'd you hit him? 'Cause you wanted to hit him.
He's ten years old.
You still wanted to.
He said Redfordations.
I heard him.
- He's a racist.
- He's not racist.
But he's off to a good start.
Oh, goddammit.
Maybe it's a false 'Cause every little thing is gonna be all right - Singing' don't worry - Don't worry - About a thing - About a thing 'Cause every little thing is gonna be all right Woke up this morning Smiled at the rising sun It smells.
Well, at least your nose is working.
Singin' a sweet song A melody pure and true - Oh, get the truck.
- Get the truck! Hey.
- We're cleaning up the squids.
- Thanks, baby! Hey, you left your pager.
It's been going off all morning.
What's Little Big Horn? I gotta go to the bakery.
You pick up Rosie from school? Of course.
Sweetie, I need you to go with Dad and pick up your sister from school, okay? Don't let him drive too fast.
- I love you, sweetie.
- Love you too, Mommy.
I also love you.
Don't drive fast.
No TV! The clock is ticking.
The New York Times is calling it the most important television event of the new millennium.
Tomorrow night, the countdown ends.
American Hero Story: Minutemen.
- Do you own that place? - Mm-hmm.
- When is gonna open? - A couple months.
I'll wait.
You think I can lift 200 pounds? Sure you could.
Whoa! Hey! Cop carcass on the highway last night.
Soon, the accumulated black filth will be hosed away, and the streets of Tulsa will turn into extended gutters overflowing with liberal tears.
Soon all the whores and race traitors will shout "Save us!" And we will whisper No.
We are the Seventh Kavalry.
We are no one.
We are everyone.
We are invisible.
And we will never compromise.
Do not stand between us and our mission, or there will be more dead cops.
There are so many deserving of retribution and there is so little time.
And that time is near.
Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! Kavalry's back.
Three years of peace, and we convinced ourselves that they were gone.
But they were just hibernating.
Good thing we know where their caves are.
So roll into Nixonville and round 'em up, and drag their asses into the pod for interrogation.
One of them's gonna give up the shooter.
Warrants-free, weapons hot? We are Article Four.
Panda, buzz out the guns.
"An emergency 24-hour release of deadly weapons - can be authorized only - Shut the fuck up, Panda.
if the majority of the police force believe their lives are under direct immediate threat.
" LG do you believe your life is under direct and immediate threat? Yes, I do.
What about you, Red? Absolutely.
Firearms release is authorized.
Chief, you're making a mistake.
Yeah, well it's my funeral.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Nos costodimus! Why didn't you call me? Wanna take your feet off my desk, please? Kavalry involved shooting last night, and I don't get a Little Big Horn until two hours ago? We were still working the scene.
It was late.
I know why you didn't call me.
Why? You were mad that my sitter bailed and you had to suffer through black Oklahoma without having someone to roll your eyes at.
- Sitter bailed? - Yes.
Well, you and Cal missed out, because black Oklahoma was delightful.
You are not allowed to call it that.
You gonna give me the speech now? What speech? About how I'm overreacting by calling Article Four, and I should calm down and take a breath before we're at war again.
There's a guy in my trunk.
I knew you were gonna tell us to round up the likelies.
I just got a jump on things.
You knew? Yes.
How do you know he's Seven K? I got a nose for white supremacy, and he smells like bleach.
So, put him in the pod? Put him in the pod.
I'm just gonna ask you a series of questions.
Answer them honestly and you can go home.
Do you know why you're here? Some bitch dressed like a nun kicked in my door and put me in the trunk of her fucking car.
That is correct.
I want my lawyer.
Yeah, we really don't have to do that with terrorists.
I I'm not a terrorist.
How long have you lived in Tulsa? Uh, five years six.
Almost six.
What did you have for breakfast this morning? Cereal, I think.
If I defecated on the American flag, how would that make you feel? Defecated? Shit.
If I took a shit on the American flag, how would that make you feel? Confused.
Are you a member of or do you associate with members of the white supremacist organization known as the Seventh Kavalry? No.
Do you believe that transdimensional attacks are hoaxes staged by the U.
Government? I dunno, maybe.
Are you a member of or do you associate with members of the white supremacist organization known as the Seventh Kavalry? You already asked me that.
- Should all Americans pay taxes? - Yes.
Are you a member of or do you associate with members of the white supremacist organization known as the Seventh Kavalry? Are you a member of or do you associate with members of the white supremacist organization known as the Seventh Kavalry? Are you a member of or do you associate with members of the white supremacist group known as the Seventh Kavalry? No No.
Well? He knows.
You sure? He's not gonna talk sans motivation, but he was off the charts on the bias questions.
Eyes dilated on all the Rorschachs.
I'm sure.
Like I said bleach.
Cop got shot, so we're all a little wound up here.
But still that's no excuse for how I treated you.
Yeah, okay.
Appreciate your understanding.
Fuck! Fuck you! Where is he? Where is he?! Where is he?! Where is he?! Where is he?! Where is he?! Cattle ranch.
We're almost at the house.
Is there any movement inside? Do you got a head count? Looks like four.
Maybe five.
Cops! Pack it up! Let's go! Let's head on out! Come on! Aw, shit! They're moving! Go.
Go now! Take that.
All right.
Come on, boys, let's go! Come on! Come on! Down! Down! Everybody down! They've got a fucking plane.
Come on, go! Aah! Fucker! Spit it out! Spit it out, motherfucker! Spit it out! Fuck! Pill? Fucking coward! Where are the others? Shit! Crawford! Crawford! Two of them got out.
They're taking off.
They're right under you.
All right.
Bring her out.
Stay with 'em.
- Higher, damn it! - I'm trying! Chief, fucking quit! The ship can't take it! Fuck! Are you okay? Oh, shit! What the fuck? - Welcome home, Master.
- Thank you, Alphonse.
Your thighs are quite raw, Master.
Yes, I rode quite a distance yesterday.
But don't worry, Ms.
Have at it.
Shall I dress you? Looks a little formal, Mr.
- Is it a special occasion? - Of course it is, Master.
It's your anniversary.
BOTH: For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow Which nobody can deny Well, it looks delicious.
We used the honeycomb you gave us, Master.
Would you like to cut it, sir? That is a horseshoe, Mr.
I'm so sorry, sir.
- Would a knife be more appropriate? - No, it's It's all right.
It's the bee's knees.
Happy anniversary, Master.
You had discarded some drawings of it, sir.
The pieces were most intricate.
But I tried my very best to get it to function.
I wanted to surprise you, sir.
It's exquisite, Mr.
Speaking of surprises, I have a surprise for you.
I've started writing a play.
It's a tragedy in five acts.
When it's finished, I want the two of you to play the leading roles.
And what do you call it, Master? The Watchmaker's Son.
Unforgettable The Watchmaker's Son.
ROSIE, EMMA: Truman, President Eisenhower, President Okay, we get it! ROSIE, EMMA: Nixon, President Ford, President Redford! - All right, baby girl! - I'm gonna get another bottle.
Rosie and Emma, I am officially convinced that one day another little girl will be listing your names.
You hear that? Maybe Aunt Jane will be your campaign manager.
Alas, as wonderful a president as you both would be, I've quit politics.
My mommy quit her job too.
She was a policeman.
Um, I didn't quit, sweetheart.
I retired.
What's the difference? Topher, don't be disrespectful.
Better not stand up for her or she'll take away your TV too.
All right.
Cal, I'm taking away your TV.
Ha-ha! Mommy took your TV away! Wait a minute.
What happened? What'd I miss? ROSIE, EMMA: No TV for anybody! Oh, no! That's horrible! Cal, this was a wonderful meal.
Totally worth getting ditched for Oklahoma.
Ditched for what? Oh.
Oh, well, you didn't even tell him? - I spared him.
- What? What's happening? You didn't know that your sitter bailed? Babe, you hate musicals.
Nobody hates Oklahoma! - You did.
- No.
I thought it was great.
Then why'd you tell me at intermission that their hearts weren't in it, hmm? - Really? Okay.
- Yeah He's just jealous because he played Curly in high school.
No way! ROSIE, EMMA: Who's Curly? Curly Curly is the star of Oklahoma.
He gets the girl, he kills the bad guy, - and he sings a lot.
- Sing, Uncle Judd! - No, no, no.
- Yeah, Uncle Judd, sing! No.
No! All : Sing! Sing! Sing! Some people claim that you are to blame as much as I! Why do I take the trouble to bake my favorite pie? Don't take my arm too much Don't put your hand in mine Of course he sings.
Your hand feels so grand in mine People will say we're in love - Don't dance all night with me - Oh, my turn.
Till the stars fade from above They'll see it's all right with me People will say We're in love Watch batteries? Mm-hmm.
Pulled a duffle out of that plane you blew up.
There was a couple hundred of them in there.
Well, can't you just buy those at any old store? No.
Not anymore, they're the old kind.
The synthetic lithium the ones that were making people sick.
Oh, I get it.
Kavalry's gonna make a cancer bomb.
I don't know.
But that fucker in the video said that they had a mission, and it was gonna happen soon.
Aren't you worried? Oh, Angela.
I'm worried as fuck.
What are you two talking about that's taking so long? Oh, nothing.
Just the end of the world.
The clock is ticking.
We're running out of time.
Evil is rising.
Second by second we all cry out Yes, sir.
You bet.
We got them all.
Well, shooter took some sort of damn poison pill before we could interrogate him, but you know.
Uh, well Yeah, there's always a chance of reprisal, Governor, but we just gave 'em a pretty good taste of what happens when you take one of ours.
Well, you're welcome, Governor.
Bye now.
- How'd I do? - You sounded very confident.
That's because, my dear, I am full of confidence.
Yeah, I noticed some of it coming out of your nose at dinner.
It's been a tough week.
It's the hospital.
- Charlie Sutton just woke up.
- Oh.
I'm gonna change into my uniform, and I'm gonna go over there and I'm gonna see him.
Baby, maybe you shouldn't drive.
I'll get one of the boys out front to take me.
You don't have to wait up for me.
But it's a helluva name, isn't it? Senator Joe Keene was a real cowboy, unlike our current Sundancer in Chief.
Thirty years of Redford and what've we got to show for it? More land we can't live on, more animals we can't kill, and a six-month wait to get a gun for our own protection.
Hell, if Joe Junior wants to mount up and gallop into the White House, I say let him ride! Shit.
Oh! Jeez We should we should answer that.
I'm close, I'm close.
It's gonna wake up the kids.
Okay, okay, okay.
Is this Angela Abar? Yes.
Is your father Marcus Abar? Who is this? Big oak tree out on Rowland Hill.
Something you need to see there.
I know who you are, so don't wear no goddamned mask.
What? Watch the street.
If anybody pulls up other than me, fucking shoot 'em before they get to the porch.
Turn it off! Or I'll shoot! Who are you? I'm the one who strung your chief of police up.
You're 90 fucking years old, how the fuck did you hang him? I am 105, and you curse too much.
You didn't kill him.
This doesn't make any sense.
Just get those fuckers who did this to him.
Laurie Blake, FBI.
I'm here to help.
Folks assume the Seventh Kalvary did it.
But that's not what you assume? There are people who believe that this world is fair and good.
It's all lollipops and rainbows.
We don't do lollipops and rainbows.
'Cause we know those are pretty colors, that just hide what the world really is black and white.
The only way to stave off mankind's extinction is with a weapon more powerful than any atomic device.
That weapon is fear.
There's a vast and insidious conspiracy at play.
I have a secret plan to save humanity.
And it starts in Oklahoma.
She threatens to disrupt the peace.
Are we safe, Angela? What did you do? Mankind is ready for change.

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