Watchmen (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

This Extraordinary Being

Who are you? I'm the one who strung your chief of police up.
Can I have my pills, please? Helps me get my memory.
Long time since I've been home.
Welcome to your family tree.
These are your great grandparents, tragically killed in the massacre of 1921.
If you want her to know who you are, just tell her.
She's not gonna listen.
What are these? I was hoping you could ask your ex.
It's Nostalgia.
They outlawed those.
So I highly recommend you tell your lady-friend not to take them.
These are memories.
Whose memories? They're my grandfather's.
Show me your hands! Cuff her.
- What did you fucking do?! - I had to.
Hooded Justice.
It all started with you.
You're the alpha, pal.
It was your idea to put on that mask and fight crime.
As fellow enforcers of the law, I gotta tell you what an honor it is to sit across from you right now.
Captain Axis, King Mob, Moloch the worst villains in the city, all in jail thanks to you and your buddies, the Minutemen.
You're true American heroes, all of yous.
But you, Hooded Justice, you most of all because, like I said, you were the first.
Hey, help us settle a bet.
What's the story with that noose around your neck? See, I-I think it's an executioner thing.
You know, let your enemies know you mean business.
But, Jerry here Jerry, how about you tell him what you think that noose is for? Sex stuff.
What do you want from me? We want you to take that fucking hood off so we can take a photo of your beautiful face.
Look, pal, we don't know who you are, but we know what you do, and who you do.
Captain Metropolis, aka Nelson Gardner, aka your fairy princess.
He's got a safe behind the painting of the white horse in his boudoir.
Now, in that safe is a roll of film.
Jerry, you wanna tell him what's on that film? Sex stuff.
That's right.
Your boyfriend has got other boyfriends, and he's trying to blackmail Director Hoover just because he bears a passing resemblance to the fellow Captain Bigcockalus is violating on that film.
A fellow who is not Director Hoover because Director Hoover is not a depraved homosexual.
So, you're gonna bring us that film, and we're gonna rip up the photo we're about to take of you.
Why should I trust you? Because Jerry and me, we won't show it to anybody.
Hell, nobody even knows we're here with you right now.
This is all hush-hush.
Just the way you like it, sweetheart.
So what do you say, HJ? Well, well.
Ain't you pretty.
Jerry you wanna do the honors? Say cheese.
Aah! Cheese.
I should probably be worried that I just murdered two federal agents, but all I could think about is that Nelson Gardner is cheating on me, with J.
Edgar Hoover no less Turn that shit off.
How's Detective Abar? Agent Blake, is she okay? - Is that the release? - Yeah.
Um, you really need to get her to sign it, now.
And you need to move her to an actual hospital before goes into a coma.
She needs help! You shouldn't have swallowed your grandfather's pills, Angela.
You wanna tell me where he is? Do you know how Nostalgia works? Or how they make it? You know, they insert these little chips into your brain, and they harvest your memories.
And then they put them in a little pill and you pop one, and you get to experience that shit all over again.
It was supposed to be for older folks, you know, dementia treatment, but that limited the market because, you know, who wants to be in the present when you can live in the past? Well, you know the rest.
People got hooked, dependency, ODs.
So, Redford and the FDA outlawed it, and the company that made it had to stop.
And do you know who owns that company? Lady Trieu.
Hey, maybe she knows your Grandpa.
Those were his pills you swallowed, Angela.
That's very, very bad You're not supposed to take someone else's Nostalgia.
You need to sign this release so we can get your stomach pumped.
I can't do it without your consent.
Angela? You're about to turn into a vegetable.
Is it starting? Is it starting? God damn it.
Do you know where your grandfather is, Angela? Where is he? Where is your grandfather?! Where? Where is he? I want you to think about what you're wearing, what you put on when you wake up, what you take off when you go to bed.
The uniform a man wears changes him.
Make sure yours changes you for the better.
And God bless you for taking an oath to uphold the law and honor the badge.
Do us proud.
Be safe out there.
Congratulations, son.
Do us proud.
Be safe out there.
Congratulations, son.
Do us proud.
Be safe out there.
Congratulations, son.
Do us proud.
Be safe out there.
Congratulations, son.
Do us proud.
Be safe out there.
Looks like I get the honor of putting a badge on you.
- What's your name, Officer? - William Reeves, sir, and the honor is mine, Lieutenant Battle.
I joined the force because of you.
Sorry to hear that.
Beware of the Cyclops.
- What? - Congratulations, son.
Do us proud.
Be safe out there.
Here you go, June.
Thank you, Officer.
Thanks for coming today.
Meant a lot to see a friendly face.
I was there for work, not you.
So, why are you writing your story about me? Because the Amsterdam says a Negro cadet making the force is big news.
So, I'm big news.
You're a big something, but it ain't news, Officer.
- You gonna keep calling me that? - If you don't want me to call you officer, you probably should've chosen a different line of work.
All right.
Let me have it.
- Let you have what? - I know what you're thinking.
What am I thinking? I've joined the enemy.
The police in this city smother our people under their shoes.
Lieutenant Battle is a Tom, and now I am a Tom too.
They just hired me for the publicity.
And besides all of that, you're worried about me.
They gave you a gun and a stick.
That's what I'm worried about.
What you're gonna do with them.
Because you are an angry, angry man, William Reeves.
I'm not angry.
It's okay.
Most of us are.
I'm young, I'm healthy, I got the job I always wanted.
What have I got to be angry about? Folks were murdered right in front of you.
Right in front of you.
The whole town, all of them.
Your mother and your father That was a long time ago.
I don't wanna live in the past.
And that, Will Reeves, is why you are so goddamned angry.
Good evening.
Hey! Hey, yourself.
Call the fire brigade.
Stop! Stop in the name of the law! Ha! I thought they only said that in the pictures.
- So, what is it? - Huh? The name of the law.
Who are you, boy? What's your name? Fred.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I wanna get home in time for Amos 'n' Andy.
I saw what you did.
Oh, you mean at that fine Jewish delicatessen over there? You know, I heard they have a rat problem.
Maybe one chewed through the wires, started a fire.
You're under arrest.
Oh I seriously doubt that.
I'm booking this man for arson.
He burned down a delicatessen - on Jamaica Avenue.
- That is not what happened, sir.
I was just out for an evening constitutional.
Must be a case of mistaken identity.
That's a lie.
I saw him do it with my own eyes! - Everything okay? - Yes, it's fine.
Fellas, this spook is accusing me of a horrendous crime.
Who you gonna believe, me or him? What'd you just call our fellow officer? Nothing.
- Sorry, I - Don't apologize to me.
You apologize to him.
I'm so sorry.
- We'll book this fink.
- But Reeves made the arrest.
- We got it from here.
- Yeah.
- Sure, okay.
- Good work, Officer Reeves.
- Beats the news, huh? - Yeah.
More hopeful.
- What's it about? - A boy, a baby, his-his father put him in a rocket ship and sent him to Earth just before his planet explodes.
Will you come, too? We're gonna be right behind you.
Hey! Pardon me, Officer.
- You let him go? - Let who go? The man I brought in for burning down a deli.
I got no idea what you're talking about.
What? You were standing right there! The other officers took the guy to book him.
I think you're having memory problems, Reeves.
My memory is fine.
Just let it be, okay? I saw them do this to you.
What does this mean? What is it? It's gonna be the hole in your head if you don't let it be.
I'm trying to help you out here, Reeves.
Go home, please.
Hey there, Reeves.
Need a ride home? - No thanks.
I enjoy walking.
- Oh.
You sure? We just got off duty.
How about you come join us for a beer? I appreciate it, but I got an early shift tomorrow.
Oh, come on.
We're buying.
Maybe another time.
Okay then another time.
You know what? Another time ain't gonna work for us.
No You keep your black nose out of white folks' business, nigger.
Or next time, we won't cut you down.
Help me! Help! Help me, somebody! No! Thank you.
My God, thank you.
I'm angry.
Hey yourself! - What time is it? - Three.
Already been to work and back.
I didn't wanna wake you.
How is it? It hurts.
You were in the paper this morning.
Calling you a hero.
What? "Had the hero not intervened, both victims of the attack were convinced they would not have survived the encounter.
However, the identity of their mysterious hooded savior remains unknown.
" Hmm.
Why'd you put it on? The hood.
I already told you.
The cops put it on Yeah, but then you put it back on.
Why? I don't know.
What's the name of that picture? Huh? Stop saying "huh.
" The movie, the one you watched over and over when you were a boy.
You used to tell me about it all the time.
- Oh.
Trust in the Law.
- Trust in the Law, that's the one.
Tell me how it ends.
There's a sheriff on a horse.
He's shooting at somebody riding after him.
It's a man all in black, a man in a hood.
And he's got a lasso, and he throws it at the sheriff.
Pulls the sheriff right off his horse.
And they're in front of the church now, and doors burst open and all the townsfolk come running out to see what's going on.
The man in black tells them the sheriff's no good.
Cattle thief.
He's stealing from the town.
And now they ask the man who he is.
He throws his hood back, and it's Bass Reeves, the black marshal of Oklahoma.
He shows his badge.
The townsfolk cheer.
- They cheer for him, huh? - Yeah.
And they start shouting for him to string up the sheriff, but Bass Reeves won't have it.
"There will be no mob justice today.
Trust in the law.
" What color were those townsfolk? White.
Tell me, what happened to the Dreamland Theatre, where you watched that picture, over and over, while your mama played the piano? What'd the Klan and the fine white citizens of Tulsa do? They burned it down.
You ain't gonna get justice with a badge, Will Reeves.
You gonna get it with that hood.
And if you wanna stay a hero, townsfolk gonna need to think one of their own's under it.
You sure you wanna do this? I'm sure.
I'm gonna start with that bastard, Fred.
Turns out, he owns a market in Queens.
They wanted me to stay away from him for a reason.
I think it's got something do with what Lieutenant Battle said to me at the graduation.
Beware of the Cyclops.
Beware of the Cyclops.
No, no, no! Aah! What the fuck are you supposed to be? Angela, can you hear me? It's Agent Blake.
How do I know she can hear me? Angela.
You swallowed a lethal dose of Nostalgia and you're in a coma.
We just gave you a shot of adrenaline to try to wake you up.
You may be confused as to who you are right now, or when or where, but you're still at the precinct.
You're not moving, but your eyes are wide open.
It's kinda fucking freaky, Angela.
If you can hear what I'm saying right now, I need you to blink.
That's great.
Angela, I-I've got Cal here with me, your husband.
He's gonna read something to you that they said would help get you out of this, or you're gonna fall right back in.
Blink if you can still hear me.
Your name is Angela Abar.
You were born in Saigon in 1976.
I'm your husband, Calvin.
We met in Vietnam.
Now, we live in Tulsa.
We have three children, Topher, Emma, and Rosie.
The year is 2019.
The president is Robert Redford.
You need to come home now.
You need to You need to wake up.
I love you.
Your name is Angela Abar.
You were born in Saigon in 1976 We have three children, Topher, Emma, and Rosie The year is 2019.
The president is Roosevelt? You really think Roosevelt is gonna save us? Eleanor, maybe.
Good evening, ma'am.
I'm sorry to bother you at this hour.
Is your husband home? Officer Reeves, I'm Nelson Gardner, sir.
Pleasure to meet you.
Uh, this is my wife, June.
If you don't mind excusing us, - I'm hoping to discuss some business with your - Oh! Business! How can I help you, Mr.
Gardner? I'm here on behalf of a costumed adventurer named Captain Metropolis.
Have you heard of him? - Costumed adventurer? - Yes.
Crime fighting in disguise.
It's a new phenomenon, but it's growing at a brisk clip.
Captain Metropolis would like to capitalize on that growth by forming a team.
Patriots, heroes.
They call themselves the New Minutemen.
It's a great group of fellows, and there's even a couple of ladies.
I'm sorry, but I don't understand what this has got to do with me.
The team is incomplete without the hero who inspired them.
Hooded Justice.
Captain Metropolis is a master of strategy.
He scrutinized the different locations where Hooded Justice appeared, and cross-referenced them with patrols of local police.
- So, you think he's a cop? - No.
I believe a cop is feeding him intelligence about criminal activity.
But you know all about this, Officer Reeves, because that cop is you.
I'm sorry? I didn't mean that as a joke.
Mind if I ask, is this strategic mastermind, Captain Metropolis, blond? About your height? I I don't understand what you're implying - What does the word "cyclops" mean to you? - Not much.
Is it some kind of underground criminal enterprise that Hooded Justice is investigating? Well, if you consider the Ku Klux Klan a criminal enterprise, then yes.
And they're planning something.
Sounds like a job for the Minutemen all right.
Let's say I do know Hooded Justice.
- Why should he join your team? - He shouldn't.
He should join because brave men like him are rare specimens.
Why fight alone, when you could have true companionship? Well, I have overstayed my welcome.
But I hope you do know Hooded Justice, Officer Reeves.
If only to tell him what a huge admirer Captain Metropolis is.
Something tells me they have a lot in common.
Good evening, Mrs.
Again, I am so sorry to have intruded.
I'll see myself out.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! When did you know? When did I know? What? That I was Hooded Justice.
The moment I laid eyes on you.
You're lying.
You thought he was a white man.
Until I met you.
And then I just knew.
So You'll join us? The others, you sure they want me, too? Are you kidding? The Minutemen are thrilled.
Fighting crime in league with the Hooded Justice.
Your participation legitimizes the whole operation, and they know it.
What they can't know, of course, is your secret.
Some of them aren't as tolerant as I am.
You'll have to be sure you're covered up.
Wear the makeup and hood, at all times.
Actually, I was hoping we could try something on the next go-around.
I wear mine, and you wear yours.
It's a shame.
The others can never see how beautiful you are.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's him, isn't it? Captain Blond and his masquerade squad don't care about you.
They only care about what you can do for them.
I can't take Cyclops down alone.
I need a team to help me.
- I'm your team.
- I know, but I need them, too.
Tell me about the first time you saw me.
- Come on, June, not again - Tell me.
I woke up in the tall grass and there was a wrecked car off in the distance.
Tulsa was on fire.
I thought I was the only person still alive in the whole world.
But then I heard a cry, so I walked to it.
And there was a baby wrapped up in an American flag, so I picked it up.
And I said - you're okay.
- You're okay.
And she stopped crying.
You stopped crying.
Don't you ever make me start again, William Reeves.
I won't.
Because I'm pregnant.
Hey, Captain Metropolis! Captain Metropolis, can you tell us about Hooded Justice? The Minutemen would be nothing without the man who inspired us all.
Gentlemen, please welcome our newest member, Hooded Justice! HJ, how do you respond to rumors that your strength is supernatural, like the heroes in the comic books? I'm just a man.
Now that you got a team behind you, exactly what kind of crime are you gonna target? I believe there is a vast and insidious conspiracy at play in the city, and I have evidence that a secret plan is being developed by A new crime boss who calls himself Moloch the Magnificent.
Now, this villain is planning to harness the sun's energy into a deadly solar weapon, threatening every man, woman, and child in New York.
So, if you'll excuse us, fellows, the Minutemen have a city to save.
But first, let's talk about your savings and our good friends at National Bank.
- Get out of here now! - I was just watching the movie.
I wasn't doing nothing! - You better get out of here right now! - Get your hands off me! - I got to get my son! My son - Shut up, miss! Hey, Reeves.
About time you showed up.
- What happened here? - Same thing that always happens when you put a bunch of animals in the same cage.
Go on in.
We need someone who speaks their language.
Hey there.
- What's your name.
- Lorna.
I'm Officer Reeves.
- Can you tell me what happened here? - I don't I-I don't know.
I can't When the picture started there was a-a flicker a bright light going on and off and the whole room was full of lightning, and I I heard a voice inside my head and it said it told me I had to hurt people, and I think I think maybe I did that.
I heard a voice inside my head and Beware of the Cyclops.
voice inside of my head Excuse me.
I know their plan.
You need to come down here right now.
Come down where? The meatpacking district.
There was a riot in a theater.
Cyclops is using film projectors to turn Negroes against each other.
I followed them to a warehouse.
So, this is your vast and insidious conspiracy? William, you of all people should know.
The residents of Harlem cause riots all on their own.
No, no! This is real! It's some kind of mesmerism.
That book I found - Cyclops is - Yes, yes, yes.
Cyclops, Cyclops, Cyclops.
Dear God.
So, the Klan is using mind control? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? Have you been drinking? - No.
- Well, maybe you should be.
Come over.
You can bring your red file and we can talk about it.
I don't want to come over.
You need to get the others and come down and help me.
You said you would help me.
I'm sorry, William, but this sort of thing isn't really the Minutemen's cup of tea.
I'm afraid you're going to have to solve black unrest all on your own.
Now, if you change your mind, I would love to see you.
Jeez Louise.
Rough day, huh? What are you doing down here, buddy? I know all the cops who walk this beat, and you ain't one of them.
Oh I know what you're looking for.
Free steaks.
Any boy in blue willing to put his life on the line deserves a little gratitude.
Come on.
Let's go to the warehouse.
I'll give you my best cut to take home to the missus.
Though, from what I've heard about your kind, you probably got more than enough meat to satisfy her, huh? This your warehouse? Yes, sir.
Sure is.
Do I know you? No offense, but you jigs start to blend together after a whi No! No! Hit yourself, again and again.
All Negroes are your enemy.
Attack them.
Do not bring harm to any white man, woman, or child.
Only each other.
Fight viciously.
Hate them.
Do not stop until their blood covers your hands.
And then hit yourself again - Shit.
- and again, and again I'm like you.
No! No.
Stop, Daddy, please! Stop! No, no, no! Stop! Marcus here was - I was just trying to take it off.
- You can't take it off.
- You can't ever take it off.
- That's not true.
I can You can't! You need to hide under that hood 'cause you can't stand to see what you've become.
- I'm still me.
- Which me? You never should've done this.
I thought it would help you get rid of this thing you have, but it didn't get rid of it.
It just fed.
We need to go home, now.
- We need to go home to Tulsa.
- No! I'm not going back there.
I wasn't talking about you, Will Reeves.
Just up here.
Keep pushing.
You're gonna do everything I tell you to.
- Understand? - I understand.
You can stop now.
What's happening? Who are you? Justice.
Whatever you think I did, you don't understand.
I'm trying to fucking help you people.
You don't know what's really happening here.
You have a Klan robe in your closet.
My granddad's.
I have a right to keep it.
It's my legacy.
If you're so proud of your legacy, why do you hide it? You don't know me, old man.
Oh yeah.
I know you.
All right.
You can hang yourself now.
The uniform a man wears changes him.
There will be no mob justice today.
He throws his hood back and it's Bass Reeves.
- Trust in the law.
- The Minutemen would be nothing Hooded Justice You are an angry, angry man.
You stay away from Tulsa, Will Reeves.
You stay away from me and your son.
As far as you're concerned, we don't exist.
She does look like you.
I'm gonna take you home now, honey.
Oh, hi there.
Welcome back.
Tell me something about yourself, Angela.
I'm gonna be a police officer.
Detective Abar.
Detective Abar.
I have a secret plan to save humanity.
And it starts in Oklahoma.
What does this have to do with my treatment? Wait, what the hell are you All rise for the Game Warden! If you have anything to say in your defense, say it now.
I know you're in there.
I took your pills.

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