Waterloo Road (2006) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Before we tell anyone else, and you'll soon notice, anyway - I'm pregnant.
- You have changed Waterloo Road.
- Sorry? I'm not saying it again.
I might choke.
Why did you kiss me if you don't fancy me? I begged you to tell me how you felt about me.
Right, Donte Charles, I'm arresting you for dangerous driving.
- Feeling naughty, Miss Haydock? - (Shrieks ) Chlo, what you doing? Chlo! - Chlo, watch out! - (Horn ) - You've got to say it was you driving.
- Don't ask me to do that.
I can't.
I'm too scared.
That's the reason I married you.
Cos I didn't want to embarrass you.
But I swear, if I'd have known you were pregnant, I'd have never have gone ahead with it.
- Eh, Zoe? What you saying? - Will you go away? - Can I have your number? - No.
Go away.
- Give us a kiss.
- You're joking.
Get off me! Will you get off me? - Problem? - Yeah.
Him! Sir.
It's Zoe's first day at Waterloo Road and, er - I'm just being friendly.
- He's trying it on! Well, it looks like Zoe's already got herself a boyfriend, so leave her alone.
- My boyfriend'll see you do.
- We don't want any threats, all right? It's him that's threatening, not me.
Perhaps we should have a little chat later, Miss Ramsden.
- Over there.
- I think he fancies you, an' all.
- Ah.
- Yeah, well, you say that.
But wait till this one finds out he's in the same team as this one.
- There's gonna be hell to pay.
- If it's worked at Eton for 300 years So, what next? White frilly shirts and dress coats? As long as it doesn't come down to who's the best fighter.
I think our pupils have got more to offer than that.
Well, whatever they've got to offer, they're gonna get points for it.
Attendance, behaviour, good manners.
On your head.
I think it's all going to depend on who gets elected house captain.
Erm, there's a new girl arriving this morning.
- Zoe Ramsden.
- Yeah.
I interviewed her mum.
I'd say she was at least six months pregnant.
That takes us up to five mums-to-be.
We could start our own antenatal classes.
I think she could be trouble.
I said I'd have a word, but she's a tad full-on, if you know what I mean.
- Leave you hot and bothered, did she? - Don't be ridiculous.
Don't worry.
I'll speak to her.
- Leave it to me to protect your honour.
- Thank you.
(Groans ) Houses.
In Waterloo Road.
What next? - A croquet team? - Ludicrous, isn't it? You know what smart aleck's behind all this, don't you? When he told me about it, I couldn't keep a straight face.
I said, "jack, tell me you're joking.
" Can't you persuade him out of a daft idea, using your new influence? And what is that supposed to mean? I'd have to be braindead not to guess who you've been lavishing your attentions on.
And you did helpfully hint it was someone we all know.
Well, he doesn't know you know, Grantly, so keep your lip zipped.
However, entre nous, we are planning to schedule another date.
Mm, getting serious, is it? I'm not a one-night stand girl, Grantly.
Particularly where jack is concerned.
Hm, well, we'll have to keep our mouths shut, then, won't we? Don't want you pillow-talking the boss with staffroom gossip.
Whatever is said in this room No matter how close jack and I are.
D'you fancy a cuppa? No, I've got to pull something out of the hat for my Year 9s.
Can I have a tea, please, Lorna? - Are you rushing off? - Go on.
(Bell) I've got a clinic appointment tonight.
What, a checkup? You've no idea how bad it's made things between us, Izzie.
We're just not ready to have kids yet.
You can't have an abortion just because Tom wants you to.
You're doing this behind his back? Are you mad? This is a huge decision to make on your own.
- It's for the best.
- Yeah, but he's gonna find out sometime, isn't he? And you're gonna need his support.
I'm going to pretend that I've had a miscarriage.
Lorna, this is such a bad idea.
You need to discuss it with him.
- No way.
He'd try and talk me out of it.
- I hope he would.
It's not fair to make him choose now.
Tom and I have got plenty of time to have kids.
What's the point in rushing into it when we're not ready? - (Chatting, yelling) - OK, listen up.
As you've been told, today you'll vote for your house captains.
All around the school are posters indicating which house each of you belongs to.
Collect your ballot papers from Miss Campbell as you go in.
You can vote during this morning's break, which is being extended.
(All) Yes! And the house system begins in earnest tomorrow morning.
In you go.
And may the best man win.
Sir, don't we get anything? For winning.
Like a prize or summat.
Think of it as the glory of competing.
We should at least get some money.
That's a really good idea, Lewis.
Straight out of my pocket, yes.
Get some cash.
I'm gonna have to wing it with Anthem For Doomed Youth.
Soon have them bored out of their skulls.
I'm off for my checkup after school.
I've got five-a-side.
I wasn't asking you to come with me.
I just want to know that you wish me luck.
Eh? Don't be daft.
Course I wish you luck.
Well, would you cancel and come with me to the clinic, then? Can't let the kids down, can I? Vote for me, janeece Bryant, for no more homework! Yay! - And for longer lunch breaks! - Yeah! - How is that gonna happen? - Anything can happen if you make it.
OK, vote for me and I'll get rid of maths, yeah? Yeah! That's in the curriculum.
Can't get subjects changed without going through parliament.
- So he is talking - Oi! Come on.
- Get to your classes.
- (Moaning) Fill out the ballot paper on your way out.
Name of the house and name of captain.
This is such a brilliant idea, jack.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
I was just saying to Grantly, if anybody can pull this off, it's you.
Well, it's Andrew's idea.
And it looks like there's gonna be fun.
Talking of which, I'm still trembling at the memory of our naughty night together.
You know what? I was so out of it, I can't really remember what happened.
Seems like a long time ago now.
Too long, jack.
Seems to me like we should be doing it again very soon.
- I don't think so.
- Oh, stop fighting it, jack.
But I don't know how much longer I'm prepared to do all the running.
(Donte ) Dear Chlo, it's hell on earth in here.
I don't know if I can cope much longer.
Please come and see me.
You have to tell the police it wasn't me that was driving, so I can get out of here.
I'm counting on you, babes.
Please, come and see me.
Love Donte.
(Toilet flushing) Something to tell you about Mum.
She's lying about it being Dad's fault they split up.
It's him that's the liar.
- I read her diary.
- You did what? That's a well-minging thing to do.
She'd never read yours! - You won't wanna know her secret, then.
- Dead right! - We smacked him right in the teeth.
- Anthony Sugden.
Qu'est-ce que vous faites? - Asseyez-vous.
- Miss! - Give that ruler back now.
- Ow! - (Commotion ) - And enough of your noise.
- Could have damaged my baby, you.
- Tais-toi! He nicked my ruler and threw it at me! He should get detention for that.
- You will get detention.
- She's telling you how to do your job.
- Chuck her in the cooler.
- Cooler! Cooler! Cooler! Cooler! Right, that's enough! Miss, you've got a right cob on today.
Probably got her period.
(Laughing, taunting) Miss, did you hear what he just said? He said you've probably got your period.
I mean it.
Now I can see why you're a year behind in French.
(Laughter) For a new girl, you've got far too much to say for yourself, young lady.
The next person to speak will go in the cooler.
(Talking) Miss Grainger.
- Did you hear me? - (Angrily) What? - Don't you speak to me in that tone.
- Give me a break, will you? I'll give you lunch-time detention, madam.
Do you want evening detention, as well?.
Why don't you shut up, you ugly, old bat? Right.
That's it.
Mr Rimmer's office now.
Move it.
The loss adjuster came and went days ago.
Yes, the glazier's been.
But now everything's ground to a halt.
- So when will I see the rest of the money? - (Knock on door) Well, can you make sure that you actually do call me back? Mr Rimmer.
I am so sorry to interrupt.
I know how terribly busy you are.
- What is it, Miss Haydock? - It's this one here.
I have been subjected to the most terrible abuse.
Not only did she turn up for class She told me to shut up.
Is this true? - I asked you a question.
- She thinks she's a law unto herself.
Haven't you got a class to get back to, Miss Haydock? Yes.
Of course.
Sit down.
Why were you late for class? Where were you? - Toilet.
- For 20 minutes? Are you ill?.
Have you got a tongue in your head? Well, if you're not gonna talk to me Estelle, can you ask Miss Redpath to come to my office, please? (Bell) Hiya, Zoe.
D'you want to come and take a seat? Welcome to Waterloo Road.
Shouldn't it be the headmaster I'm seeing? Nope.
You'll just have to put up with the lowly head of pastoral care.
(Clears throat) Oh, you chose to leave your last school.
Can you tell me why? Didn't like it.
Any particular reason? Teachers stank.
Not literally, I presume? Well, I am sure that you're gonna like the teachers here.
- Not if Haydock's anything to go by.
- Miss Haydock, to you.
She shouldn't be a teacher if she can't control the class.
People were swearing.
Right, I'm not sure what's giving you your attitude problem, but what I do know is that you'd better drop it.
Yeah? Right, I need to know when your baby's due.
I've had enough of this.
I wanna speak to Mr Rimmer.
Excuse me, you don't just go demanding meetings with the headmaster.
He's friends with my dad.
I've got something to tell him.
I'm so sorry, Mr Rimmer.
I blame Donte Charles for this.
Chlo's never been the same since he's had his influence over her.
Don't know how many times I have to tell you It wasn't Donte's fault.
It's the truth.
Well, while you both have collective memory failure, we'll never know the truth, will we? Unless Holly Tattersall pulls through.
- Is there any news about her progress? - No change.
But she just lies there.
We just want you to follow the rules while you're in school.
It's not too much to ask, is it? Chlo.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
And you'll apologise to Miss Haydock for what you said? Yes.
Embarrassing me like that.
Me and you are gonna have to have another talk tonight.
- I said I was sorry.
- Well, sorries have to mean something.
I know this is about Donte.
You've had another letter from him, haven't you? Why don't you just rip them up and throw them in the bin? Because I love him, Mum.
Will you just stop trying to make out that he's some horrible person? He's dead gentle, honest.
Then why's he putting words in your mouth? Chlo I don't want to see you feel bad like this.
But sometimes, love can make you try too hard to keep seeing the good in someone.
It's cos I'm to blame for it.
- Don't say that.
- It's true.
Chlo Hey, come on.
Listen to me.
just because you got into that limo, it doesn't mean to say you're to blame for what happened.
If that was the case, then you'd have to blame Adam and Holly, too.
And do you? No.
Come on.
Let's get back to our classes.
(Lewis ) Oi.
You better vote for me.
(janeece ) Sweets, vote for janeece.
Here you go, love, have some sweets.
Vote for sweets.
There's more where that came from.
(Lewis ) You better be voting for me.
Vote for sweets.
I've won, I've won, I've won, I've won I've won, I've won Oi, janeece, we don't want our house captains behaving like football hooligans or they won't be house captains for much longer, will they? - Sorry, sir.
- Sir.
How many to go? james, 105.
james, 106.
Lewis, 104.
Lewis, 105.
Lewis, 106.
Lewis you're Kingfisher captain.
(Some ) Yes! Well done.
I hope you're going to set an example to the rest of your house.
Oh, you bet.
- (Bell) - Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Back to your classes, please.
Right, let's win this cash off Rimmer.
Mr Rimmer.
This is the new girl, Zoe Ramsden.
Apparently, you're a friend of her father's? - Your father? - He's the landlord of the Swan.
You used to be in there often enough.
- Oh, yes.
- He's let me pull pints the odd night.
I've pulled some for you a couple of times.
Well, you're in school now, so I suggest you concentrate on what you're here for.
To to learn.
(Knock on door) jack? Is everything all right? Yeah.
I'm sorry about walking away like that.
It's er It's this vote for house captains.
I never thought I'd end up with Lewis Seddon in charge.
God help us, eh? So, er, what d'you make of Zoe Ramsden, then? Sorry if she's your mate's daughter, but she's got a right gob on her.
Well, when she says that her father's a friend of mine, that's not strictly the truth.
Well, if I were you, I'd set her straight about her attitude.
I've tried, but don't think I got through.
Well, er I'll get her in for a talk.
- Hello.
- I'd like to visit Holly Tattersall, please.
- And you are? - Chlo Grainger.
I'm her best friend.
Haven't seen you before, Chlo.
And Holly's mum's having a little nap just now.
Holly's very unwell.
And her mum doesn't want her having many visitors.
She's worried about infection.
Oh, I won't touch her or anything.
I was with her in the car when it crashed.
Look, I just want her to know that I'm thinking about her.
(Beeping) OK? - What's that for? - That's to help her breathe.
She can't manage on her own right now.
- Is she gonna be like this forever? - (Phone ) Sorry.
just a sec.
Can you hear me, Holly? Holly? Please wake up.
(Gasps ) (Clattering) - Come on, Chlo.
It's fine.
It's fine.
- I'm sorry.
That's OK.
Come on.
Zoe Ramsden for you.
Sit down.
You better tell me what you're playing at.
I'll get to the point.
You do remember that night, don't you? What night? What are you talking about? The one I ended up in your bedroom.
About seven months ago.
No way.
You were too drunk to know anything.
But not too drunk to know what you wanted.
And that was only one thing.
- And you got it.
- That's nonsense.
And now you've well, we've got something else.
Right, get yourself out of this room and out of this school! I'm only trying to be fair.
You could end up in jail for what you've done, never mind what the papers'll say.
- Did you hear me? - Shall I describe the inside of your house? Your living room's on the right when you go in the door.
Nice wooden floors.
Kitchen's downstairs.
Quite scuzzy, actually.
You got one of them fancy coffee machines.
And your bedroom has got an en-suite bathroom.
That's enough.
I just want our kid to have a good start in life.
About 10,000 will do it and I promise I'll go away forever.
Or you can wait for the paternity test.
You've got till Friday to make up your mind.
Go in and take your seats.
Miss Grainger.
- Where have you been? - Erm Sir, I lost a fiver on the way to school this morning.
I was trying to find it and I didn't realise what time it was.
Your mother drives you to school, doesn't she? - Not this morning, sir, no.
- That's two lies you've told me.
I don't want you to tell me any more.
Where have you been? just walking.
Outside the school during lesson time.
That's against the rules.
- What class should you be in? - Mr Clarkson's.
This way.
(Chatting, laughing) I think you've got a child missing, Mr Clarkson.
- Chlo Grainger.
- Isn't she here? She's been playing truant.
Oh, dear, Chlo.
You missed my joke of the day.
It was a good 'un, too.
(Laughter) Playing truant is no laughing matter.
I'm taking Miss Grainger for a spell in the cooler.
Is there any work you want her to be getting on with? Er, well, we're reading Of Mice And Men.
- She could do that, I suppose.
- "Do"? Read it.
(Muttering) See, the thing is, right, we've got a bunch of muppets in Kingfishers.
We don't want none of the rest getting one over on us.
- Yeah, man.
- Too right.
So, we'll start our homework school lunch time from now on.
- Eh? - Oh, crap off, man.
Ahmed, fancy earning yourself some dosh? - May I? - Mm, yeah, go ahead.
- See what you mean about the new girl.
- Very precocious, isn't she? I'll catch you up later.
Yeah, there's something else that bothers me about her.
She knows jack, or her dad does.
But then, when jack saw her, he It was like he'd just seen his dead mum.
- Really? - He was acting dead weird.
Thought about what I said, sir? Do you really think I'd let a little tramp like you blackmail me? When I said you'd got till Friday to make up your mind, what I meant to say was you've got till the bell rings for last period.
I mean it! - Can I have a word, Tom? - Can it wait? My union says I'm entitled to a lunch break.
Your union might have something to say about your conduct this morning.
Allowing a young girl to go AWOL from your class.
She could have been kidnapped, for all you knew.
She was hardly late.
Forgive me, but you don't seem to be taking this very seriously.
And I don't think you should be joking about it in front of the pupils.
Chlo's had a rough time of it recently, in case you hadn't noticed.
Why would I want to come down heavy on her? You're popular with the pupils, aren't you, Tom? It's easier to be popular.
You just let your class do what they want.
I don't nag at them like some people, if that's what you mean.
What I mean is you encourage sloppy behaviour.
It's not a good idea to let them slouch over their desks.
Turns them into criminals, does it, slouching? Tom, we need all the staff on board for what we're doing here.
Yeah, well, count me out of your little experiments.
You know what makes me sick? Teachers who turn up for school and just go through the motions.
- Children need teachers who care.
- "Don't care was made to care.
" Obviously, I'm going to have to talk to the headmaster about this.
You do what you want.
You go and talk to jack.
I think that I'm entitled, as deputy head, to point out failings as I see them.
And I'm entitled, as a local authority employee, to eat my lunch in peace.
OK? If you put "trois chiens" and you put "cinq lapins".
And, Lewis, if you could say "deux chevaux", that way Haydock won't tell they're copies.
You've spelt that wrong.
It's C-H-E-V-A-U-X.
You're too good, man.
C, apostrophe, E-S-T.
I'm even better at maths.
Right, well, we've got maths first thing tomorrow.
You two be here at eight.
I charge £3.
00 for maths homework.
No wonder you people get all the best jobs.
- (Bell) - Come on.
(Knock on door) Yes? What's this? I wanted you to be the first to know.
I'm leaving.
- Don't be daft.
Leaving for where? - Fast track out of teaching.
I can't stand it here.
I hate it.
Oh, well, thanks a bunch for your vote of confidence.
It's got nothing to do with you, jack.
But with all the changes, it's made me realise that I'm not cut out for it.
And I'm not the only one that thinks that.
Andrew Treneman does, too.
- Take it back! - I don't want to.
Take it back! Have you had words with Tom Clarkson? Inside.
As a matter of fact, I have.
It seems you've been throwing your weight around cos I've just had his letter of resignation.
As far as I'm concerned, Tom had made up his mind to resign before I spoke to him.
Well, it's funny he was happy here until you arrived.
This isn't an issue about personalities.
Tom didn't notice that Chlo Grainger had truanted from his class.
I'm happy to have another talk with him, but I shouldn't be put in the position - Chlo Grainger? What period? - Er, three.
After what I said to her! What is wrong with everybody? - Why is everything going belly-up? - jack! - Has this job got a jinx on it, or what? - For God's sake.
What's going on, jack? I'm in a right mess.
- I'm being blackmailed.
- What? Zoe Ramsden.
That's why she got herself a transfer to Waterloo Road.
To put pressure on me.
What's she saying you've done? - She's saying I got her pregnant.
- (Laughs ) You? I met her a while back.
She was working as a barmaid in a pub I was frequenting at the time.
I was drunk as hell one night.
Erm You're not telling me you actually had some liaison with this girl?.
- I can't remember.
- For God's sake.
She's only 15.
Well, she looked 20, 21! I never thought for a second she was a schoolkid.
There she was, working the bar, dead chatty.
If I'm honest I was flirting a bit, but she helped me get home.
And now she wants ten grand.
You can't give her any money.
It's tantamount to pleading guilty.
Yeah, I know that.
She's gonna ruin me.
They'll kick me out of teaching.
just when I thought I was getting the belly for it again.
I'll go to prison.
They'll put me on the Sex Offenders Register.
I would never go near an underage girl, Andrew.
Never, ever! - Have you had a brain transplant? - (Laughter) No, Miss.
He's trying his best cos he's a Kingfisher.
Miss, come and check mine.
I told everyone we really had to sweat it, Miss.
Well, you're all gonna have to pull the stops out if you want to beat Kingfisher House.
Yes! The money's in the bag.
(Bell) just to let you know.
There'll be no cash.
If the baby's mine I'll look after it when it's born.
Until then, you can do your worst.
Give jack Rimmer his due - I think this house system might actually improve things in this dump.
Oh, don't you go native on me.
Hey, if it works, Grantly Far be it from me to comment, but are you sure you're thinking with the right organ? Well, he'll certainly be getting a few brownie points from me tonight, over and above the ones he gets for his bedroom skills.
Can I have everybody's attention, please? Er, you're gonna hear about this very shortly, so might as well hear it from me.
I, erm I've made a potentially very big mistake.
Some time ago, I might have slept with a young woman who I believed was at least 18.
Turns out she was only 15.
That girl, Zoe Ramsden turned up at school today, pregnant.
Obviously, the situation can't continue, so, er this will be my last day here.
I've seen it all now.
Bet that was a shock to you, love.
I had her in my class this morning.
A right little Lolita, she is.
So that explains jack's reaction when he saw her this morning.
Actually, there's a little more to it.
She's blackmailing him.
What lesson have you got next? Want me to walk you there? No.
- What house are you in? - Look, I'm not in the mood.
You could ask to be in mine.
Get lost, Lewis! - Who is he? - Oi! Leave her alone! - Nobody.
- He better not be.
- And you'd better get that money.
- I've done what you said.
He's not giving it.
You tell him to get that money tonight or you're going the cops and doing him for rape.
I said get off her! Get the money or else.
- What are you doing with him for? - Forget it, OK? I can take him out if you want me to.
Don't be stupid, Lewis.
He'd kill you.
I just want you to know that none of this makes any difference.
- What? - It won't come between us.
I won't let it.
Oh, give yourself a shake, woman.
Look, jack, I know you're upset, and you've every right to be.
I told you what a nasty piece of work she was.
- I'm busy, Steph.
- I know you are.
Which is why we should talk about this over a nice dinner and a bottle of wine.
I don't quite know how to say this, Steph, but I don't want to go out with you again.
This is all gonna blow over.
You don't do it for me! OK? I beg your pardon? I've got things to do, all right? (Bell) Come on, Canaries, get to your lessons.
No hanging about.
You want to know how to beat the Kingfishers at homework? How's that, then, brainbox? It'll cost you, but if you pay me more than Lewis does Lewis pays you? I'm a service provider.
But it's a free market, right? Izzie.
Can you come with me tonight? I can't.
Look, Lorna, I really don't think you should be Please don't judge me.
I just can't face it on my own.
You know I'm here for you, darling, yeah? But it's it's too quick.
I don't think you've thought it through.
I think you're gonna end up doing something that you don't wanna do.
Look, just give it two or three weeks and see if you change your mind.
I won't.
And, you know, the quicker I get it done, the better.
If I wait any longer, it won't be an option.
You're my best friend, Izzie.
Who's gonna read? How about you? Yeah.
You're Zoe Ramsden, right? - Yeah.
- OK, then.
Scene seven.
(Yelps ) Oh, God! Sorry? - Sir, I'm not feeling very well.
- Neither am I.
(Tom ) "The matter's in my head and in my heart.
"I will be bitter with him, and passing short.
"I prithee, pretty youth.
Let me be better acquainted with thee.
" (Cries out) - What's the matter with you? - The baby! It's coming! (Boy ) Oh, man, that's gross! - What's this? - It's horrible! Kim! Kim! I need you! Quick! I need you! (Tom ) Everybody move back.
Move out the way.
- All right.
Come on.
- I can't.
I'm sorry! - Tom, move these desks out the way.
- Right.
Everybody else, out! - Come on, move it, you lot! Scram! - (Wails) All right, Rebecca, go to the school secretary, tell her to call an ambulance quickly.
Scram, you lot! Am I talking to myself? Move! I won't tell you again! Out! - Out! Come on, move it! - It's coming! (Groans ) - All right, just let me help you, yeah? - Yeah.
OK? I'm just gonna take your underwear off.
Oh, God, I can see the head.
I thought you weren't due for a couple of months.
You're gonna be fine.
just keep doing what you're doing.
(Screams ) (Bell) What's going on? Mr Treneman caught me skiving from Mr Clarkson's class.
I don't believe this.
After everything I've said.
As of now, you are grounded for a whole month.
A month?! Get in the car.
I don't want to hear another word.
I'm sorry, Andrew.
Is it true they put you in the cooler all day? Wanna know what I read in Mum's diary now? - She's in love with Mr Clarkson.
- Him? That's why Dad went off her.
- I'll meet you there in half an hour? - OK.
- What you meeting her for? - Don't start, and get in the car.
Well, why's it so secret? It's all right, Zoe, it's all right.
- String.
Have you got any string? - String? What d'you want string for? To tie off the umbilical cord if we need to.
(Zoe yells) - Bands.
I've got rubber bands.
- No, no, no, they're too stretchy.
Give us your shoelaces, come on.
You'll be OK, Zoe.
- (Groans ) - Take some deep breaths, darling.
Take some deep breaths.
Tom, breathe with her.
Deep breaths.
Deep breaths, love.
In And out In And out Right, you're gonna do exactly what I tell you.
You get in, you order a pizza.
When it's delivered, you lock the door and stay there until I get back.
You do not even think about stepping out of line or I will swing for you.
You're dead narky.
Don't you want to meet Mrs Clarkson? - None of your business.
- What if a mad axeman breaks in? Are we supposed to tell him we don't know where our mum is? Tell him to ring me on the mobile.
Dad! - Mum's not in.
- No? Oh Let's party.
It's Dad! Mum doesn't want you here.
That's not a very nice welcome, is it, Chlo? Well, you shouldn't be sneaking behind her back.
just a minute.
I didn't know your mother wasn't gonna be here.
So don't speak to Dad like that.
He's only here to see us.
You wish.
Come on.
Let's go out for a burger.
Then we'll go and see a movie.
Mum said that we weren't to see you.
Cos last time, you went out and got people killed.
That's nothing to do with me or Dad.
She's turned you against me, hasn't she? It's you that's always been against us.
That's why you left us for your girlfriend.
So don't pretend that you wanna be with us.
Cos it's crap.
Mika, get your coat.
I never thought I'd see the day when my own daughter spoke to me like that.
(Door closes ) Lorna, before you do this, please can you think how you're gonna feel after? I'll be fine.
It's not as if I can't have any more babies.
You don't know that.
This could be your only opportunity.
- Suppose you never get pregnant again? - Oh, I will.
Come on.
Lorna, millions of women only have one child.
This could be your first and last.
Look, I've got to ask you this Are you just having an abortion to stop Tom walking out on you? - Izzie - Suppose he dies? For God's sake! It happens.
You'll have got rid of his baby, a part of him.
Look, we could walk away from here right now and just go for a drink.
(Buzzer) - We've got you.
You're all right.
- OK, Zoe, now push.
- You're all right.
- You're doing really well.
One more push.
- (Cries out) - Has someone called an ambulance? Push, Zoe! Come on, really dig in.
Push! - Oh, my God! - One big push now, one big push.
(Yells) (Baby cries ) Oh, my God! Oh! You've done absolutely brilliant.
She's beautiful.
Lorna Clarkson? Mm.
- Could you come with me? - Yeah.
You've got a gorgeous little thing there.
Thank you.
She's beautiful, in't she? The paramedic says that she's not premature.
Think you've been pregnant for a bit longer than six and a half months, haven't you? So it's not Mr Rimmer, like you said.
Presumably you'll want us to contact the father.
- No.
- Shouldn't I at least let him know? What for? So he can bash her about, as well?.
You can tell him to sod off, if you like.
He's outside the school gates, waiting for me.
It was his idea.
You know.
To blackmail him.
News just in.
Zoe Ramsden has just given birth in Tom's classroom.
What? See that chap over there? Craig Harris? I expelled him three years ago.
- He's the father.
- Eh? He's where the idea to blackmail you came from.
According to Zoe, you were chivalry itself the night she took you home.
Apparently, young girls don't do it for you.
I doubted you, jack.
I'm sorry.
Mr Harris.
Your girlfriend's just given birth to your baby.
My baby? I don't think so, mate.
That kid's got nowt to do with me.
It's his.
And he knows it.
If you don't mind, I don't think this is the right way to discuss these matters.
That is.
- You're gonna get sued for that! - Go ahead, you piece of scum! While you're at it, I'll do you for extortion and threatening a schoolchild.
Now shove off! So, er, do I unpack my boxes or are you gonna report me for ABH? I didn't see a thing.
I hope you'll do your best by that little baby, now, Zoe.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
You look after her, yeah? My wife's having a baby, too, you know.
Well, at least yours has got a nice dad.
- Are you OK to drive? - I could use that drink.
You've got to go home and talk to Tom.
I just hope he takes your news the way you want him to.
So, I live to fight another day.
I always knew you would.
Thanks for today you two.
- Good night.
- See you tomorrow.
(Kim ) Poor jack.
What a day.
I know.
So, Andrew, after you've finished your marking, what do you do at the end of an evening? Well, I don't head down the pub to be escorted home by 15-year-old girls! Actually, I like to cook.
- Mm You cook.
- Not very rock 'n' roll, is it? I suppose it depends on what you're cooking.
- Can I offer you a lift anywhere? - Are you going my way? Well, I'm gonna go and meet Christopher, but I can drop you anywhere on the way into town.
I'd forgotten Erm, talking of marking, I Look, you you head off.
I'll get the bus.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
See you tomorrow.
- OK.
- Good night, Kim.
(Cork pops ) Lorna.
You won't believe what happened to me today.
That new girl, Zoe, went into labour right in front of me.
I saw the whole thing.
This tiny, little girl just came out.
I've never seen anything like it.
Hey, what's wrong? The checkup.
Sorry, I forgot.
Our baby.
It isn't alive.
(Door opens ) Where's Mika? Dad took her for a burger.
I told you that you're not to have anything to do with him.
You said we weren't allowed! Why d'you think I'm still here? God knows why you're here.
I'm sorry for shouting at you, darling.
I went to see Holly today, Mum.
It was horrible.
Is that where you went when you bunked off school?.
Chlo, why didn't you say? I just I can't believe what's happened.
Come on.
Try not to let it get to you.
I can't help it.
It's just It's always in my head.
Maybe Holly will get better.
Then you and her can be best mates again.
(Door opens ) just before you kick off, I've been out for a meal with my daughter and here she is, delivered home, safe and well, at 7:15 precisely.
And you think that's gonna swing it in the family courts? - Family court? - Yeah.
That's where I'm going with this.
I don't want you coming near me or the girls.
I don't trust you and I'm making it official.
You try and take my kids away, you'll have one mother of a battle.
- Try taking me on, I'll win.
- Yeah.
Cos the whole system's run by feminists.
- Hurry along.
Shelley'll be waiting for you.
- You just wait, Izzie.
(Door closes ) Well, thanks very much for consulting us about what we want! And you've got a cheek.
Talking about Dad's girlfriend when it's obvious you fancy someone else.
- What you talking about? - Nothing.
- Mum - (Mika runs upstairs ) If I tell you something, d'you promise not to tell Mika? - What is it, Chlo? - I mean, really, really promise.
Mika's read your diary.
She knows She knows about you and Mr Clarkson.
(Crying) It's all my fault, isn't it? No.
It is.
It is.
I'm so sorry for what I've put you through these past weeks.
It's no one's fault.
All this self-indulgent crap about leaving my job.
I knew it was stressing you out and I didn't care.
And now look what I've done to you! Tom, these things happen a lot.
We can have another baby, can't we? Of course we can.
And we will.
Won't we? just as soon as you get better.
Oh, Tom I've made you feel you're not special, haven't I? There were times when I thought you were going to leave me.
I'm a changed man, I promise.
I'm gonna make everything OK.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Mika, it's your dad.
I am gonna sort out this mess, once and for all.
You just watch.
- Lewis.
- Miss? - Did you do this homework yourself? - Eh? - I know it's true.
- Know what's true? About you and my mum.
I'm gonna do it.
There's no way you're staying in here a minute longer.
I'll make a confession.
(Screams )
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