Waterloo Road (2006) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Basically, the situation is this - three schools in the area are under threat of closure and Waterloo Road is one of them.
Are you happy with yourself, Lewis? With who you are? Yeah.
Happy I'm no poof.
So if you're OK with your own sexuality, why do you feel so threatened - by somebody else's? - You what? - Look, just say what you need to say.
- I want a divorce.
I want you to tell my solicitor I'm changing my plea.
I'm not guilty.
I was sitting in the back of the car with Adam.
You were in the passenger seat.
Donte was driving.
You don't think he's got somebody else, do you? No.
No, I'm sure he hasn't.
See you in court.
Oh, come on.
Don't go all frigid on me now, Miss.
just wait till the lads find out you like 'em young.
They'll be queuing up.
- Get out of my school.
- You can't prove anything! I've got all the proof I need.
Now get out before I kill you! It's gonna have to go through the Board.
I'm gonna have to testify.
I'm gonna have to repeat every vile thing he said to me! God knows what she's going through.
It's a scandal, stressing teachers out like that.
They've got it down to a fine art, haven't they? No matter how damned hard you try.
Well, if they're daft enough to close us down, I pity the other schools that have to take our kids.
I don't want our kids taught anywhere else but Waterloo Road, by teachers like Kim Campbell.
- I must have left you a dozen messages.
- 14, actually.
You must be feeling guiltier than you thought.
- Lorna, I know this is a hell of a shock.
- Oh, don't worry.
I've not been sitting at home, clutching a box of tissues, if that's what you think.
- Estelle said you had a bug.
- Well, I'm over it now.
So, are you back for good? I work here, don't I? Or do you and Izzie want me to walk away from my job, as well?.
Don't blame Izzie.
It was me.
I pushed it all the way.
Oh, spare me the protective lover act.
You make me puke! So, meet me outside the drama room after morning break.
- Is it gonna be like you see on the telly? - At least you'll miss double maths.
D'you have to swear on the Bible? Why'd you ask that? Well, I'm not religious, am I? Of course you'll be swearing on the Bible.
Because you're gonna tell the truth and the jury are gonna believe it.
Lawyers can make you say what they want.
They can't make you lie.
(Phone ) - Hello? - Izzie, it's me.
Lorna's back at school.
- I just thought I should warn you.
- Right.
Problem? We're leaving in five minutes.
Rehearsing your speech for the discipline committee? I know exactly what I'm gonna say.
The problem they're gonna have is shutting me up.
I only wish I could be there with you.
These things can be fairly nerve-racking.
just so long as you know the whole school is behind you.
No matter what I say, Lewis Seddon isn't gonna get expelled.
Not for good, anyway.
jack's determined he's not letting him back.
That's why we really need you to go for it today.
Make them see that we can't run a school when a pupil's word is equivalent to a teacher's.
Right, and I'll just put a plea in for world peace at the same time, shall I? - Don't be so pessimistic.
- I wasn't.
Until you just came in and made me.
I'm sorry.
No, Andrew I am.
I could just do without the whole, you know, tally-ho thing.
Erm Good luck.
- Feeling any better, Lorna? - Not really.
(Grantly) What you doing back here, then? You don't have to make sacrifices for them, you know.
Too many teachers crawl out of their sick beds and what thanks do they get? Maybe you could spread some germs around.
Then we could all go off sick.
The truth is, I haven't been ill at all.
You might as well all know the real reason I've been off.
I've been a little bit erm well, depressed, I suppose.
- Lorna.
- (Steph) Well, that's understandable, love.
Oh, my marriage breaking up was bad enough.
But I didn't expect it to be because my husband was having an affair with Izzie Redpath.
- Have you taken leave of your senses? - It's none of your business, Grantly.
I think Lorna's just made it our business, Tom.
You must be reeling, are you, love? And with your best mate, as well.
That is just too much for one little heart to handle.
And what's Izzie Redpath got that you haven't, eh? - You tell her, Tom.
- I'm not discussing it here.
(Door opens ) Lorna.
Can we talk? (Muttering) Hey! You were out of order! You need someone to pick on, pick on me.
Take a good, long look at yourself, cos our marriage was never gonna last! - Not with her around! - We aren't having an affair.
Not before we were married or after we split up.
You expect me to believe that? Why else would you try and cancel our wedding? Cos I didn't wanna marry you! Because you just took control, steamrollered it through, like you always do.
- Don't blame me for your deceit.
- I'm sorry for what's happened.
- I really am.
But life goes on! - Does it? How nice for you.
You can't stop it, Lorna.
Not with your hurt or your anger or slapping Izzie.
You can't tell me how to behave.
Not any more.
(Bell) I'm surprised they haven't asked us to put on a buffet lunch for the little monster.
I can't believe we're having to go through all this rigmarole.
I mean, in my day, if the headmaster said "On your bike," that's what you did.
Now it's judge and jury decides.
Welcome to the education system of the 21st century.
Yeah, well, I think it stinks.
Well, the chairman of this committee doesn't.
He's a right-on, self-righteous - Ah, Mr Hinchcliff.
How you doing? - jack.
- This is my deputy, Mr Treneman.
- How d'you do? Don't worry.
We're not gonna gang up on you.
(Chuckles ) - Tea? Coffee? Mr Hinchcliff? - Tea, please.
Would you get Ms Davenport a coffee, please? It's white with one sugar.
- How's Miss Campbell bearing up? - How do you think - after all she's been through? - That's why we're here today.
To establish exactly what happened.
Are you all right? - just leave me alone, Tom.
- She just lost it.
If I'd been her, I would have done a lot worse.
At least there's no need for any more lies, eh? I don't think I can do this.
She's upset, that's all.
She'll calm down.
No, I don't think she will.
She's obviously still in love with you.
- I can't put her through any more.
- This is the worst it's gonna get.
But we're always gonna have this hanging round our necks.
We're nearly there.
We can't just forget it now.
We've done the hard part.
Tom, we haven't even started the hard part.
- I won't let Lorna do this to us.
- This isn't Lorna talking.
It's me.
You told me she was fine about you separating, when you knew she wasn't.
And then you didn't have the guts to tell her about us.
Well, she knows now.
She's not on the floor, is she? Maybe we just have to let her hate us for a bit.
I hate us.
Morning, Miss Campbell.
I was at Yasmin's last night.
She's dreading going to court today.
Said her nerves can't stand it.
No wonder.
You nervous? Suppose.
Must be dead hard having to give evidence against your own boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend.
Not any more.
- Yeah.
You're well shot of him, aren't you? - Yeah.
Anyways Yaz said thanks.
She knows what you're doing for her.
Any time you're looking for help, come to me.
(Subdued chatting) I took Lewis Seddon to the cooler after, for the second time in a day, I apprehended him for a homophobic bullying incident.
Carry on.
Once we got to the cooler, I told him to get on with some work.
But he stood in front of the door, blocking my way.
Did he give a reason? He said he was He said he was going to take my bra off.
- Those were his exact words? - Quote "I could take your bra off " "Could"? Yeah.
He went on to say "I could take your bra off right now if I wanted.
"And there is nothing you can do to stop me.
" - I'd say that was a threat, wouldn't you? - That's what we're here to establish.
All right, maybe when he was leering at me, saying I shouldn't go frigid on him.
It's a load of rubbish, that is.
- Shut it, you! - Calm down, Mr Rimmer.
Shall we go on? D'you know what? Is there really any point? Erm There was me and him in a room.
Nobody saw him blocking the door but me.
Nobody heard what he said but me.
And, hey, I could be lying for England, because that's what teachers do, isn't it? There's your evidence, for what it's worth.
(Door closes ) (Bell) OK, everybody.
Thank you.
(Chatting) - What can I say? - You can tell me the truth.
Were you and Tom having an affair before I got married? No.
No way.
Lorna, you know I would never do that to you.
Stop acting like you're a saint.
Did you have feelings for him before I got married? I loved him I think.
And did you know he loved you? Yes.
So, let's get this straight, Izzie.
You let me walk down the aisle with a man you knew was in love with you.
What kind of a friend does that? I was just trying to do the right thing by everybody.
Have you had sex with my husband? Yes.
- But only after you - Where? Where did you screw him? In your house.
On the sofa.
I'm so sorry, Lorna.
You don't know how much.
This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.
You should try standing where I'm standing.
I'm so sorry for what I've done.
But I promise you it's over.
Oh, I hope you're not crying for me.
You should be crying for yourself.
Because you took me to an abortion clinic as my best friend, as the one and only person I could rely on to help me make the right decision.
And don't dump Tom on my behalf.
I couldn't care less about him.
(Door closes ) Had they been drinking? Yeah.
They'd already had a couple of beers and they were daring each other to down them in one.
- Then we went to pick up Chlo.
- And then? We got Chlo and just drove around.
It was just messing about.
After that everything's a bit hazy.
Do you remember who was driving? It was Donte.
He told me that she took him to this cooler place and started coming on to him.
She was the one that shut the door on us.
- Started snogging me and that.
- She should go to jail for what she's done.
Do we have to listen to this crap? We will draw the proceedings to an end there.
We will discuss this today and will inform you all of our decision as soon as possible.
I'd like to say something.
It really gets my goat, having to sit here and defend a teacher of the calibre of Kim Campbell.
She is the best teacher I've ever worked with.
The kids trust and respect her.
Believe me, that's pretty rare round here.
And I'm not having someone like her have to face a thug who frightened and humiliated her.
Well, it's not your decision, is it? Kim Campbell is Waterloo Road.
If she's not here, then the place might as well go to the dogs.
(Door closes ) I thought you'd bottled it.
Mum? Chlo Will you promise me, when you stand up in court Do you promise, on your heart, to tell the whole truth? I mean it, Chlo.
No more twisting it or saying you can't remember things.
Why are you asking me? If you don't tell the truth, the only person you'll hurt is you.
Do I know the whole truth? I'm sorry, Mum.
We are gonna have to be so brave now.
Come on.
(Talking) Shoosh, mes éIéves.
Lentement, s'il vous plait.
Erm it's an idea It's an idea to make them form an orderly line before you let them in.
If you're at your door, ready, it has a calming effect.
Andrew, I did actually go to teacher-training college, you know.
I do know the four "be"s.
Be persistent, be insistent, be whatever.
They were guff then and they're certainly guff in this day and age.
Can I ask what you're planning to do this lesson? A bit of comprehension.
So, you've not got a plan.
I daresay I'll start with one of my vocabulary songs.
Miss, why aren't we doing pottery today? just keep it quiet, janeece.
And the rest of you.
You said we was gonna do it today.
I wanted to glaze my pot.
We are not doing pottery.
OK? That's not fair.
Why say you're gonna do summat when you're not? I don't wanna hear another word about pottery, OK? (Muttering) j'ai mes cheveux et j'ai ma tête j'ai mes yeux et j'ai mes doigts j'ai mon visage j'ai mon visage Et ma derriére, et ma derriére Ooh-Ià-Ià! Et vous! j'ai mon nez Nez j'ai ma Bouche j'ai ma Tongue No, not tongue! En français, s'il vous plait.
Ma langue.
- # j'ai ma - Mine's long, as well, Miss.
From the beginning.
Et vous, Monsieur Treneman.
(Laughing) - # j'ai mes cheveux et j'ai ma tête - (Some join in ) j'ai mes yeux et j'ai mes doigts "I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give "shall be the truth, the whole truth "and nothing but the truth.
" So Miss Grainger, can you go through the events that led up to the collision? Miss Grainger.
We'd been driving along and then I decided to get in the front to be next to Donte.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Holly and Adam had been messing around in the back.
So I started teasing Donte.
(Barrister) Teasing? I moved over to sit on his lap.
You sat on his lap as he was driving? He couldn't see anything.
I was in the way.
Sat on the steering wheel.
It was me who caused the crash.
(Murmuring) You and Donte Charles are a couple, I understand.
- Hm? - I don't know.
But you are fond of Mr Charles? This is clearly an attempt by a lovestruck teenager - to absolve her boyfriend of blame.
- No, it's not.
It's the truth.
(judge ) Miss Grainger, please do not speak unless asked a question.
But she's twisting it! No further questions, Your Honour.
- Au revoir.
- Au revoir.
Hoo! Well, I hope you'll have a good report about me for jack.
Don't you think that it was a bit inappropriate? What, singing a song? I got class participation, didn't I? The idea of a song is fine.
I meant the referencing of your own body parts.
Are you serious? Was mentioning your derriére really necessary? I hope you'll have a proper lesson plan prepared the next time I sit in on your class.
Next time? And that you'll also have them in a mood to learn, rather than expecting to be entertained.
Look, Andrew, I didn't prepare a lesson for this class because I was actually doing emergency marriage-guidance counselling.
Haven't you heard the news about Tom and Izzie? What news? Been having a secret affair behind Lorna's back.
That's why she's been off sick, poor lamb.
She started blubbing her heart out to me, so I'm sorry if I should have told her that my lesson plan was more important.
I've spoken to Izzie.
I said if you want to be with her, that's fine by me.
You're joking me.
Well, obviously you'll have to find a different sofa to screw her on.
All I want from you is as quick a divorce as possible, which is obviously what you want, too.
So, hopefully, soon I'll be rid of you both.
- OK? - Lorna I don't want any more aggro between us.
I hope we can find a way to be friends again.
Are you mad? That's what we said when we agreed to separate.
That's what we said when you and Izzie were pretending nothing was going on.
Well, it's what I still want for us.
You've got what you want, Tom.
Stop pretending you want anything else.
I'm so proud of you, Chlo.
Whatever happens, you did the right thing.
Yeah, but d'you think I'm gonna get charged? I don't know.
But if you do, I promise it's better than living with a guilty conscience.
just go and sort your face out before we get called back in.
(Mobile ) (Knock on door) Headmaster.
- Any news? - Erm, this is going in the official finding.
"Despite a lack of evidence, we're minded to believe "Miss Campbell's interpretation of events.
" You're joking! That's brilliant.
"And therefore agree to exclude Lewis Seddon "for a period of 15 days.
" (Knock on door) Thought I'd bring Kim in.
They're a bunch of morons.
(Heather) They're letting him back in.
It was suggested you took Seddon to the cooler for reasons other than discipline.
That's right.
Fancied him for years.
- Took the first chance that I could.
- Kim, don't.
Hey, come on, he only threatened to rape me.
I mean, what is that in the grand scheme of things? You will get this in writing, but I resign as of now.
My loo break's going to look suspicious if I don't hurry back.
Look thanks.
Get me some Scotch.
- If we all walk, they'll have to cave in.
- Did you listen to a word I said? I don't want to teach the boy, either.
He did throw a brick at me.
You didn't get the placards out then and I do not expect you to get them out on my behalf.
It's not you that's gonna end up with your name in the papers as a child molester! - We've got to make a stand! - D'you know what, Andrew? I'm beginning to find your missionary zeal really annoying.
just go and play happy-clappy with somebody else's life! I can't talk her out of it.
Estelle! I want a letter going home with every child before the end of school today.
So Dear Parent Mr Charles, we've just heard that Miss Grainger climbed across you as you were driving the car.
Is this true? Sort of.
I suppose.
Did she or didn't she sit on your lap as you were driving? She just edged her way in front of me.
So she was obscuring your view? Well, y yeah.
But it wasn't her fault.
Look, I shouldn't have been behind the wheel.
I shouldn't have been in the car at all.
(Barrister) I'm sure we all admire your loyalty.
But the truth is that the car would not have crashed if Miss Grainger had not been distracting you.
- Objection.
We don't know that.
- Sustained.
Stick to the facts, Mr Barclay.
I'm sorry, Your Honour.
It seems clear to me that Donte Charles is not responsible for the crash or the death of Adam Deardon.
Miss Grainger is.
(Murmuring) So we need you to get onto the local paper, pester your local councillor, make your MP's life a nightmare until Waterloo Road gets rid of Lewis Seddon for good and welcomes back Miss Campbell as a valuable member of the teaching team.
I'll do the Yours etc.
(Bell) (Prosecution barrister) Whether or not she was distracting you is not the issue.
The issue is whether you drove that car safely or not.
I know how to drive.
I'm a safe driver.
Despite not passing your driving test or ever having had a lesson? Well, my dad He showed me how to drive when I was little.
- I'm as good a driver as anyone else.
- I doubt that very much.
Not only are you an inexperienced driver, but you'd been drinking.
- Yeah, but I passed a test.
- You were borderline.
But let's say, for the sake of argument, you weren't drunk, that you are a good driver.
Why didn't you pull over when Miss Grainger distracted you? Or brake? Or even just take your foot off the accelerator? Surely, if you were, as you claim, a safe, sober driver, these would be the first things that you did.
No further questions.
I think now would be a good time to adjourn.
We will reconvene in the morning.
Please don't forget.
This is probably the most important letter you'll ever take home.
Sir, is the school shutting down? - D'you want it to? - No way! It's a brilliant school.
- Who's your favourite teacher? - Miss Campbell.
- Sorry, sir.
- Don't be.
She's mine, too.
I mean, what would you rather have? A rapist or a really good teacher? If Miss Campbell goes, I'd want to go to another school.
- You can't talk to other teachers like her.
- Yeah.
Well, my dad will be talking to Lewis.
And his rotten mum.
OK the day of truth telling.
Chlo's been brave enough to do it today.
So now it's my turn.
Mum, honest, you don't have to tell us anything.
Yes, I do, because that's how we're gonna handle all the big things in our lives from now on.
Saying exactly how we feel.
I want no more lies, no more covering up.
Is it true Mr and Mrs Clarkson are getting a divorce? Yes.
I think it's true that they will get a divorce.
And I also think it's true that Mr Clarkson is in love with me.
And you know my feelings for him.
But I've told him today that it's not gonna happen, so don't worry - I'm not gonna suddenly spring a new dad on you.
Why not? The old one's crap.
Mum If you love him, then you love him.
Why should she give him up for me and you, eh? Yeah.
We like him.
Honest, Mum.
It's your life.
Good night.
(Lorna ) Dear Izzie, I've spent all night thinking things over.
Tom and I were never going to work.
Deep down, I've always known that.
I'm so sorry for the way I've treated you.
You and Tom have a real chance to be happy.
Don't throw that away because of me.
Please know that I am happy and I will make a new life for myself with a new, bloody gorgeous husband.
Let's all stay friends.
We need each other.
Have you any idea where Mrs Clarkson is? Er, yeah.
She's taking some time out of teaching.
- Eh? - She just needs a rest, I think.
- She's not depressed, is she? - She's not ill, Estelle.
I know you're looking for some gossip, but not this time, I'm afraid.
Well, she won't be getting any sick pay.
That's dead nice.
Not much standing in your way now, is there, Mum? Come on.
We've got a court case to get to.
I might not be coming home tonight.
You're not gonna miss Enders for anything, are you? Come here.
Ah, the lovely Mrs Seddon and son.
This school's full of bloody liars! Look what I've had to put up with cos of that letter, calling me all t'names under t'sun.
We've had some letters, too.
"She's on invalidity benefit for a bad back when there's sod-all wrong with her.
"And she works in a pub.
" "She's a lying, thieving " Maybe not.
- Rubbish.
- It's a load of crap, that is! I thought so.
Fine, upstanding member of the community that you are.
There's another one that says you've been paid over £6,000 in an insurance scam.
I mean that's serious fraud.
Still, the press will find out the truth.
Unless you take your thug of a son to another school.
- Tell him to shove it, Mam! - Shut it, you! There's no way I'm getting expelled.
Well, tell him! I should've drowned you at flaming birth.
Come on! Mam! - What are you laughing at? - An ex-pupil.
You wanna take me on? - just try it, mate.
Come on! - Do your worst, Seddon.
Lewis, come on! Get out! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have a difficult task ahead of you.
The law states that a person in charge of a vehicle takes total responsibility for the care of all passengers within that car, no matter the distractions.
You must consider whether or not Donte Charles was acting within the law and if he was responsible for the death of Adam Deardon.
I would ask you to strive for a unanimous decision either way.
Thank you.
All stand.
(Knock on door) It's Ms Davenport, Headmaster.
- Sorry, we weren't expecting you.
- Er, Ms Davenport.
So any decisions on the closures? Oh, I'm the bearer of several news items.
Had a call this morning from the chair of the discipline committee saying that Mrs Seddon has decided she doesn't want her son, Lewis, to return to Waterloo Road.
Really? The chair's also been the recipient of scores of phone calls and emails from parents raising objections to Lewis's return.
When the chips are down, that old community spirit really kicks in.
Amazing that you would risk disciplinary action for professional misconduct - and breach of confidence.
- What's this? Did you think that signing it "A Teacher" would fool us? I suppose, if it's come from the school, I'll have to carry the can.
Don't think you'll escape investigation, jack.
You breached my confidence.
It's academic if all that you've come to tell us is we're shafted.
Well we issued a press release this morning.
And, thanks to my hitherto favourable report, and to avert further parent protest, Waterloo Road stays open.
At least that should put you in the governors' good books.
I've got to tell Kim.
She's won this for us.
Maybe I'd better pay her a visit.
I'm free after lunch.
Easier to explain things face to face.
Er if you'll excuse me.
So have I made your day? Erm, right, I've got Estelle working on a letter to go round to the parents, but I thought I'd let you guys know, as it affects you most.
You'll all still have a job, come the autumn term.
- (Cheering) - Even you, Grantly.
Well, you should take a bow, jack.
Well, I think we've all got a lot to thank Heather for, - for championing the school's cause.
- (Under breath) And her own.
There was no contest.
And let's hope we'll soon be moving you - to a new, state-of-the art building.
- Any chance of leaving the kids here? And I shall see you all at the pub tonight.
And the drinks are on me.
I hope to see you there, too.
- Have you reached a unanimous verdict? - We have, Your Honour.
On the count of causing death by dangerous driving, how do you find Donte Charles, guilty or not guilty? Guilty.
(Muttering) (judge ) There is no way to describe what happened that night, other than as a tragedy.
Not only did a young person lose his life, but the three young people we have heard from during this trial have, for different reasons, had their lives ruined, too.
Miss Grainger, you were not on trial here today, but it seems that your actions on that night contributed to the crash and to the death of Adam Deardon.
And Mr Charles.
Due to your stupidity in taking that car and driving it after drinking alcohol, a young boy, your best friend, was killed.
You will both have to live with this for the rest of your lives.
I don't think there's any sentence I could give you that would compare to that punishment.
However given the remorse you have displayed and your eventual willingness to admit full responsibility I don't think it would be appropriate, or in the interests of anyone involved for you to spend any more time in custody.
You have already served three months on remand.
So I'm sentencing you to 18 months' imprisonment, suspended.
- (Hum of voices ) - You are free to go Mr Charles.
You know, you two are very lucky.
Not everyone's celebrating.
Go on, son.
I know you must hate me, but I'm really sorry.
Come on.
just tell them that I mean it.
Adam wouldn't have wanted you sent to prison.
Give me yours.
- Andrew.
- You're not gonna believe this.
Lewis isn't coming back.
- Well, that's good news, I suppose.
- There's more.
We've won.
The school's saved and it's because of you.
Look, thanks for the cuddly thoughts, Andrew.
I'm watching Murder, She Wrote.
But we're having a celebration.
It won't be the same without you.
- I'm flattered.
- Truth is I don't want to be at Waterloo Road if you leave.
Well, it's one less soppy, child-centred teacher, isn't it? One fewer.
Isn't there anything I can say to change your mind? Sorry.
Then what about this? Well, that's the naffest line I've ever heard.
Who d'you think you are, james Bond? I'll go back to a nice, posh school where the children want to learn.
- That's blackmail.
- That's how I feel.
Try it on again and I will walk.
This time for good.
- A treble.
Estelle? - Same again, please.
- Tom? - Er, pint please, mate.
- Hey, jack's tab.
- Well, what's happened to him, Estelle? He had a few phone calls to make.
I'll have a double vodka.
- Are you looking for someone? - jack said he'd meet me here.
Haven't you left the profession to go into admin? This is a teachers' do.
Well, then I must be very special for the headmaster to invite me when I'm not a teacher.
I'm going to the loo.
Did you er did you get my message? It's over.
They're both free.
- Oh, you must be really pleased, Chlo.
- Yeah, I am.
- You got your boyfriend back, then? - Yeah.
True love, is it? - Mum, can I get a half-pint of cider? - No.
Orange juice for you both.
Go on.
- They're good girls, aren't they? - They have their moments.
Like their mother.
Can we do this, Tom? (Tom ) Could I get another pint when you get a minute, please? She helps out at the slimmers' club.
Well, thank you very much for your support.
All right, then.
(Door opens ) Estelle? It's a bit of a surprise to see you dressed like that.
Like what? Well, look at what you normally wear to school.
Sometimes, your clothes, I can't distinguish between you and the children.
Yeah? Well, maybe you can tell me how to distinguish between you and somebody whose face I want to slap.
Anyone would think that my opinion mattered to you.
Wakey, wakey.
Bloody hell! You idiot.
You know what? You use them words too much.
Nobody gets away with making a prat of me.
- (Groans ) - And d'you think you're funny, winding me mam up? No.
Listen, Seddon, just calm down, will you? Listen to me.
Look, I've got some nice Scotch here.
We can have a drink, yeah? Talk things through.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.
We'll sit and chat things through, eh? Think you're summat special, Rimmer, cos you're a headmaster? Looking down on us.
You're nothing! No one gives a toss about you.
Or whether this school gets burnt down to the ground! - We can sort this out, yeah? - Yeah.
- That's it.
Time to say bye-bye, Rimmer.
- No.
(Alarm ) Are you all right? Here he is.
Hey! See? What did I tell you? She's coming back to school.
Yeah, only because Andrew promised not to wear his dad's suits to work any more.
- What d'you want to drink? - Er, red wine, please.
Stick a treble in it, will you? And a packet of peanuts.
Oh, yeah, that'll soak it up.
Oh, you can't resist it, can you? Try slapping a smile on your face.
Our school's saved.
Ours? It was never your school.
Never will be your school.
You're an alien.
Not any more.
So, we'll all just have to make the best of it, won't we? Listen, don't say anything, don't spoil the party.
They'll find out soon enough.
Well, you owe me big-time.
- After all I've done for you? - No, look, you don't understand.
Lewis Seddon tried to burn me alive.
Pull the other one.
I can see who's been lighting your fire.
No wonder you didn't want to sack her.
No, wai Am I glad to see you! jack, look, you've been brilliant.
Have you been playing squash? Yeah, I just I thought I'd come casual.
Excuse me.
I think I deserve a bottle of champagne.
If they have it, Steph, you are getting it.
That policeman thinks I might get a medal.
You deserve it.
Don't tell your mother.
Erm, your mother knows.
- Are you moving in with Mum, then? - Mika! - I'm only asking.
- Yeah, she won't tell you it herself, but me and Mika both know it's what she wants.
Well, you only get one life, Iz.
It's too short not to do what you want.
We love each other, don't we? Yes.
Well, we can be happy.
Or we can be sad.
- (Cork pops ) - Whoo! - A nice perk.
- You know we may come to regret this.
But Waterloo Road lives to fight another day.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Nice perk.
- Cheers! - (All) Cheers! - Waterloo Road.
- Waterloo Road.

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