Waterloo Road (2006) s02e06 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 6

Listen, I don't want you girls going anywhere on your own while this man's still out there.
just make sure that someone's with you, all right? It's all right, Mum.
We'll be careful.
- They're sensible girls.
- There's a masked pervert on the loose.
Yeah, and Miss Campbell showed us what to do if the creep shows up.
See? There you go.
Safe as houses.
No, Tom.
They're not safe.
They're not safe at all.
You don't have to go rushing back, if you're not ready for it.
Thanks, Tom, for everything, this last week.
I know it's not been easy for you.
I just wish these things would stop happening to us.
We'll have another baby.
Come away.
(SIGHING) What are we gonna do about Stacey, Mika? (SIGHING) Nothing.
just leave it.
She won't dare go after Tom again.
I haven't spoken to her since.
She knows she's a stupid cow.
It's not as if Tom seduced her.
What's the point of upsetting Mum even more? Yeah.
You're right.
As long as Stacey keeps her gob shut.
Dead creepy, innit? I mean, he could be watching us right now.
Choosing his next victim.
Oh, come on, Janeece, don't scare yourself.
- You all right? - Hiya.
Hey, Chlo, wait up.
Looks like we're all safe.
Well, for this morning anyway.
Police still haven't got a clue, by the sound of it.
At least they've got a description now.
Dark hair, average height, local accent.
I suppose that lets you off the hook, Andrew.
Why does this have to kick off now? I mean, more bad publicity.
It's like someone up there loves giving me a kick up the backside.
I think it's a bit more serious than a kick up the backside for the poor girls this sicko got his hands on.
Of course it is.
Celine Dixon is too scared to come back to school until they catch him, and do you know what? I don't blame her.
I just meant it's one thing after another.
Well, let's just hope that they catch him before he attacks anyone else then.
At least your self-defence classes are raising awareness and morale.
Great idea.
We're being proactive.
In fact, I'm going to give the local paper a call.
Get them to send a photographer down.
They'll love it.
Girls in their gym gear, throwing each other on the mat.
Are you joking? Girls in their gym gear in the paper? What do you wanna do? Give the pervert a catalogue to choose from? Fine.
No pictures.
Listen, I'll leave it with you guys.
It's a good job I'm at the Education Offices all morning.
- Hello, Andrew.
- Good morning.
You've hardly spoken to me all week.
- Yeah, it's been a bit hectic.
- Excuses.
Here she is, Miss Haydock.
Good as her word and determined to make a go of it this time.
Well done, Maxine.
I know you won't regret it.
Without you, Maxi'd be watching her life swill down the drain with those low-lifes she hangs about with.
You mean my mates? Hey! That is no way to speak to your stepdad.
Izzie! Oh, it's good to have you back.
It's good to be back.
- Hey, do you fancy a brew? - Oh, yes, please.
Tom, be a love and put another bag in that pot, will you? Make one for me and all, milk, no sugar.
Glad to have you back.
I had to cover some of your classes, pretentious littlethespians, aren't they? - Hi, Lorna.
- Izz.
- I was gonna come around and see you.
- Tom said you called.
(SIGHING) You know how bad I feel, don't you? Well, it's your health, you should be worrying about.
You will be all right, though, won't you? I mean to have another baby? I'll be fine.
Anyway, I had some time to think while I was off, and, well, maybe this wasn't the right time for me and Tom to be having a baby.
Maybe these things happen for a reason.
You haven't said anything to Tom, have you? About any of it? No.
Have you been back to the doctor's? - Oh, I just haven't had the time.
- But, Lorna, you have to Look, Izz, I've got to go and get on.
We'll catch up at lunch time, okay? Lorna, I might have to skip the team teaching today.
- Why? - Well, it's a little delicate.
How do you mean, ''Delicate''? Well, if you must know, Stacey Appleyard has got a crush on me.
I better keep me distance.
I think it's a little late for that, don't you? - What's that supposed to mean? - Oh, for goodness' sake, Tom.
You've loved having your little gang of girl fans mooning after you.
No wonder one of them has picked up the wrong signals.
You're talking rubbish.
You can't afford to feel flattered by a student's infatuation.
You should know that.
You've got to squash it right away.
Maybe I just didn't realise what was going on in her stupid schoolgirl head.
(BELL RINGING) just help me out, okay? So are you going to tell me what's going on with you and Stacey? just leave it, Donte.
No, come on, Chlo.
We share things now.
If she's done something to you, I wanna know.
I can't tell you, all right? Yes, you can.
You can tell me anything.
Following on from our work from the poems of Thomas Hardy, we're going to be looking at one of his contemporaries, WB Yeats.
Isn't Mr Clarkson teaching us an' all? I think you should concentrate on your work, Stacey.
Mr Clarkson's busy elsewhere.
- She knows.
- Knows what? I was in bed with him.
Not saying we did anything.
Hang on a minute.
You was in bed with Clarkson? You said yourself you thought he fancied me.
You liar.
If you don't believe me, ask Chlo.
Why d'you think she's had a cob on all week? She saw it with her own eyes.
Didn't she tell Redpath? Well, after the abortion I thought she had a miscarriage.
Well, I think, maybe, he asked her to get rid of it 'cause he don't love her any more.
At least that's what it seemed to me when I saw them together.
(SIGHING) I can't believe it.
You and Clarkson? Well, loads of men are into younger women.
Nothing wrong with it.
Mr Clarkson? Can I have a word? Yeah.
Of course, Chlo.
What is it? Stacey.
She's gobbing off to Janeece about last week.
- Why, what's she said? - I don't know exactly.
But Janeece was sucking it up like a flaming vacuum.
All right.
Well, thanks for telling me.
You better get on.
Are you all right? Yeah, fine.
Just lost in a lesson about Sylvia Plath.
Huh, enough to give anyone a downer.
And how are you? Are you managing okay? Tom, stop worrying.
I'll catch you later.
Hello, Janeece, what is it? Can I have a word, Miss? Yeah.
Is something wrong? It's about the pervert.
I reckon it might be Mr Clarkson.
(LAUGHING) Don't talk rubbish.
Well, the papers reckon he's got dark hair and he sounds local.
I mean it could be him.
And the police said to say if you've got any suspicions.
Now, Janeece, this isn't funny.
Any more of this, I'm gonna have to send you to the cooler.
I know it might not be him but what sort of teacher sleeps with his pupils? Not Mr Clarkson, now, out, before you get yourself into real trouble.
He's having an affair with Stacey Appleyard.
janeece, that is a very serious allegation, and I want you to take that back right now.
I've seen the text that he sent Stacey, with me own eyes, Miss.
If you don't believe me, ask Chlo Grainger.
She were there when they were at it.
This is exactly what happens when you soften the line between teacher and pupil.
Yeah, Andrew, I know, if it was up to you, we'd all be stood at the front of the class with a mortar board and cane.
Believe me, if Jack wasn't at the Education Offices, I'd be talking to him about it.
We've got to hit this on the head before it's all around the school.
And further.
janeece is about as discreet as a pillar box, with a mouth twice the size.
I just hope to God she's making the whole thing up.
Tom attacking girls? Of course she is.
And sleeping with Stacey Appleyard? I reckon I can see what that perv sees in girls in uniform.
You're looking well fit, Maxi.
Lewis, this is such crap.
Yeah, but it's crap for cash.
Has that Haydock coughed up yet? It don't work like that, teachers don't pay you like you do a shift at work.
It comes from the government.
- Well, how long does it take? - I don't know, do I? Anyway, it don't matter, does it? You said you'd look after me.
I was thinking maybe you could get us a flat.
You're having a laugh! I work my backside off in that pub for us, they don't even pay me enough to drink there, let alone get us a flat.
That's why I need you to make us some money.
Lewis, this place is doing my head in.
And I reckon my Mum's had enough of me already, an' all.
I'm in the way with Kevin there.
Well, look, that's not my problem.
All right, well, maybe I'll find someone else to look after me, then, like Miss Haydock.
Oh, yeah, that's a great idea.
Like she's gonna let a junkie like you move in with her.
Maybe I can persuade her.
She's got a soft spot for me.
Oi! Seddon! Get away from her! What are you gonna do? Beat me up with your rolling pin? I told you before.
She doesn't want you hanging around with her.
You can't tell me who my mates are.
You're not my dad.
- Did you hear that? - You hear this, you little slug.
You come anywhere near her again and I will knock you into next week.
Oi, Lewis Seddon! You're banned.
Hop it! You should stick to boiling eggs, mate, because they're harder than you.
(LAUGHING) He should learn to keep his nose out, he could get it broke.
I wish you could see what a bad lad he is.
- Maxine.
- Leave me alone.
Come on, sweetheart, I'm just looking out for you.
Lewis Seddon is a cheap thug.
He's not good enough for you.
Well said, Kevin.
Why can't you just crawl back down your hole and leave me and Mum alone? What is it with young girls, eh? They always end up with the wrong types.
Maybe you could persuade her, Miss Haydock.
Oh, it's none of my business.
I know she's relying on you.
Why did I get involved? Of all the horrid, hideous notes of woe Shut up, Grantly.
Well, I've done nothing wrong.
I mean, Stacey, she's a fantasist.
So, it's a lie then? She wasn't in your bed? Well, I was asleep.
I mean I had no idea she was there.
I mean Well, for God's sake, I wasn't gonna invite her into my bed.
janeece Bryant said you were texting each other.
She sent me a text.
I sent her one back saying that she should cut it out or she'd be for it.
It appears that isn't her interpretation.
- Yeah, well, the girl's an idiot.
- But, Tom, you're not.
You must have known that she had a crush on you.
Why didn't you do something about it? I did.
I spoke to her.
I told her to lay off.
I mean, I don't think I could have made it any clearer.
Did you speak to Izzie about any of this? No.
Look, I get daft girls billing and cooing over me every bloody day.
I mean, how was I supposed to know that this would turn out any different? Tom, you do realise Stacey is 15? We could have the police involved.
And, right now, with everything that's going on outside the school janeece is already making wild assumptions.
You are joking, aren't you? I think you might need to speak to Izzie.
I thought you said you were done with this place for good.
Yeah, well, maybe I am.
Maybe I forgot just how crap it is.
Like, what the hell was Dickey on about earlier? I hadn't got a clue.
You just need to get back in the swing of it.
I'm getting B grades now.
I'm telling you, I'm out of here.
Why? You got something better to do? Me and Lewis can always find something better than this heap of muck.
You're never still seeing that creep? - He's not a creep, he's a laugh.
- Yeah, if you think rape's funny.
Don't talk stupid.
Why do you think he got thrown out? He raped Campbell.
- He never touched her.
- He's dangerous.
For all you know, he could be that pervert out there.
That is crap.
Sir, I've wrote this for you.
It's a poem.
- No thanks.
- Read it now, Tom.
I don't want your poem.
''We sit in that cold room, divided by lines of faces.
'' What do you think? I think it's time that you remembered that you are a 15-year-old schoolgirl.
And that I am your teacher.
No more poems and no more texts.
You got that? Don't be angry with me.
I didn't mean for us to get caught.
just keep away from me.
All right? Hi, darling.
You all right? Tom? What is it? Look, this isn't going anywhere, Izz.
It can't.
There's no truth in it.
What are you talking about? What's happened? Stacey Appleyard is saying that me and her are having an affair.
What? Is she crazy? She's a stupid schoolgirl with too much imagination.
Honestly, you couldn't make it up.
This job is scary sometimes.
That night when you went around to Lorna's, when we lost the baby.
Yeah, she was round at ours with Chlo.
She got into bed with me.
Say that again? You heard me.
I just can't believe what I'm hearing.
Like I can't believe it's taken you a whole bloody week to tell me.
What else was I supposed to do? We'd just lost the baby.
- I didn't want to dump this on you.
- Don't you dare put this on me, Tom? I'm not.
I mean, why would she get into bed with you? Because you encouraged her? I didn't know anything about it until the girls came in with the phone.
The girls saw you? There was nothing to see.
Nothing happened.
Don't you believe me? When I left the house, all that talk about your special chilli, I mean, you were showing off to her.
And that message you left on my mobile.
You were drunk, weren't you? - I'd had a few, yeah.
- No, you were drunk, Tom.
How was I supposed to know she'd do something so mad with Chlo and Mika there? Don't you dare bring the girls into this! This is your fault, nobody else's.
No, this is Lorna again, isn't it? - What? - She hangs over us like a damn curse.
If she hadn't have got you to go round and hold her hand, then none of this would have happened and we wouldn't have lost the baby.
I don't believe I'm hearing this.
You're worse than a flaming kid, blaming anybody else but your own stupid ego.
Showing off to a child, like I have to be there to keep an eye on you.
just get out.
I don't even wanna look at you.
I suppose you'll be wanting to talk to Chlo and Mika.
Now, I want you to think carefully about what you say.
She was after Tom.
She couldn't have made it more obvious if she'd taken out an ad.
ANDREW: Exactly how was it obvious? She kept on asking all these questions about him and my mum.
How they got on and stuff.
She was jealous, you could tell.
Yeah, well, she was practically pushing her boobs in his face.
Like Chlo said, it was obvious.
Turned my stomach.
And what about Mr Clarkson? What was his reaction to Stacey's demeanour? I don't think he even noticed.
I thought you said that it was so obvious? Well, he'd had a few drinks.
I'm not saying he was drunk or anything.
He was a bit annoyed that Mum had gone around to Lorna's Miss Dickey's when he'd gone and cooked a meal.
Chlo, when you went into the bedroom, what did you see exactly? Stacey had got into the bed, next to Tom.
He was asleep.
I mean, she could have only just got in there.
She only went to bed five minutes before the phone went.
I don't think he even knew she was there.
Until I came in with the phone.
And you're both absolutely certain that Stacey's apparent feelings for Mr Clarkson weren't reciprocated? No way.
Mika? No way.
Can you not remember anything we did last term, Maxine? No, I can't.
This is a waste of time, I knew it would be.
Look, calm down.
I can see it's all a bit overwhelming.
What do I want to learn flaming French for? I don't want to go there! I don't need any of this.
Look, I can understand that a handful of GCSEs might seem like a heck of a mountain to climb right now.
But when you get there, and I know you will, then it's all gonna be worth it.
Maybe I'm happy like I am.
So where do you see yourself ending up with Lewis Seddon running your life, aye? Social housing and half a dozen kids living off state benefits, or living in a battered wives refuge.
Lewis doesn't hit women! (CLASS SNEERS) All right, settle down, everybody.
Thank you.
Get back to your work.
- What's going on? - Take a seat, Stacey.
Have you got your mobile phone with you today? It's switched off.
Can we take a look at it, please? Right.
There's been a serious allegation made.
That Mr Clarkson has acted inappropriately towards you.
I don't get it.
Who said that? Mr Clarkson's always dead nice to me.
Have you ever had any text messages from him? No.
- ''You are for it.
'' - That.
That was when I brought my phone into school when I shouldn't have.
It's telling me off.
It's not He's not in trouble, is he? 'Cause he hasn't done anything.
Nothing at all.
Is that true? Because that's not the story that you've been telling other people, is it? You mean Janeece Bryant? The cow.
She's making it up! She's just jealous because, Tom Mr Clarkson likes me better than her.
Thank you, Stacey.
- What? - We'll speak to you later.
Who's upset you? - Who says I'm upset? - Uh You.
Look, please, Brett, just leave it.
I know you're only trying to help but You're right.
Sometimes talking about it is the last thing you want to do.
More like you want to but you just can't.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I know exactly where you're coming from.
Do you mean your dad? I suppose there's a lot of stuff.
Can't you talk to your girlfriend about it? You know what, why don't we go out tonight? - Out? - Walk.
Whatever you like.
- What about your girlfriend? - She's away.
I'm not two-timing, or anything, Mika.
We're just friends, right? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Just friends.
Of course.
So what do you feel like? Look, I best not.
What's the problem? I don't want to be just friends, Brett.
What's the point? I want to go out properly.
What do you think you're doing? Mouthing off to Campbell about me and Tom? There's girls getting attacked, isn't there? - Not by Tom.
- Hello! You don't know that.
I mean, any bloke his age that's got a thing for you What do you know? You're just jealous.
You messed everything up.
Sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing.
Yeah, well, you weren't.
And now Tom hates me.
Oh, my God.
I don't believe it.
This is the last thing you need.
I don't know what to do.
I feel like there's a tornado in me head and I just can't pin a single thought down and make me mind up.
You don't think there's something in what Stacey says? He'd been drinking.
He was showing off to her.
He's always enjoyed getting the girls' attention, hasn't he? I mean, not that I'm suggesting he'd do anything out of order.
I wondered if you were coming for lunch.
Told you, has she? Sounds like you got yourself into a bit of a mess, Tom.
I haven't got meself into anything.
She's just a stupid young girl with a big mouth.
Grantly says the union's gonna back me 100%%%.
The union's one thing but what about you, Izz? Have I got you behind me? - Stacy.
You happy now? - Tom Mr Clarkson Look, my job is hanging by a thread and over some stupid fantasy.
It's not a fantasy.
Not the way I feel.
I never gave you any encouragement.
And I certainly never led you on.
I told them nothing happened.
I can't help it if they don't believe me.
I'll keep telling them until they do believe me.
Mr Clarkson.
Mr Rimmer's back.
He'd like to see you in his office.
Mr Clarkson never touched me.
Nothing's going on.
I'm telling you.
Getting in his bed like that, it was just a stupid joke.
Are you listening, Kim? I hope you realise now, Stacey, that none of this is a joke.
I'm gonna have to talk to your dad and tell him what happened.
I'm also gonna have to arrange for you to see a counsellor, okay? I don't want to see a counsellor.
I just want Mr Clarkson not to hate me.
Why don't you get yourself off to your next class? This is a serious mess.
I mean, we're not just talking about the reputation of a teacher, or the reputation of a school.
We're looking at a phone call to the police.
Hold on a minute.
You're a fine one to talk.
Let me handle this.
Bringing in the police, inflammatory nonsense.
Yeah, that's what you're making it.
We have to take these allegations seriously.
Sadly, yes, I should know because it's happened to me.
She's a manipulative young liar.
Tom's already admitted that she was in his bed, Grantly.
I've admitted nothing.
She got into my bed while I was asleep.
And she told you not 10 minutes ago that nothing happened.
Well, maybe she was trying to protect you.
Maybe you told her to say that.
For God's sake, why can't you just believe her? - Perhaps if you hadn't been drinking.
- I wasn't sodding legless.
You were supposed to be looking after her.
I wasn't in school.
I was in me own house, minding me own business.
With a couple of bottles of red to keep you company.
She asked me for some wine, I said no.
Does that sound like I was irresponsible? All right.
Come on, Tom.
There's no point in shouting at the ref when the team's headed for the showers.
I didn't say we'd finished.
If you want to take this any further, Jack, let me know.
I'll put it to me members.
Oh, for God's sake, Grantly.
The union will do whatever the union considers necessary.
- Come on, let's get him.
- LEWIS: No, not yet.
- What about my ASBO, you moron? - What about it? Beating up a pillock outside the school gates will be breaching it, don't you think? Let's find a nice dark, quiet spot.
If she's infatuated, she's as likely to protect him if something happened as if it didn't.
Which gets us nowhere.
Damn it, can you imagine the headlines if the papers get a hold of this? There's no option but to suspend him pending a full investigation.
Especially if you're concerned about the papers finding out.
Shows we're taking the matter seriously.
What? Even if her fantasising, assuming that's what it is, could end a teacher's career? No.
All we've got is classroom gossip.
Listen, thanks for handling things while I been away.
It's good to know I can rely on you.
Both of you.
And if anything was beyond the call of duty, then today was it.
So, dinner's on me.
jack, there's really no need Davina's coming as well, so no need to think of it as a foursome, if it makes you break out in a sweat.
She can keep notes, or score, if you prefer.
Look, I'm sure that me and Andrew can fly the flag of peace for one night.
Of course.
Where'd he go? - He's legged it, ain't he? - Oh, you're sharp, aren't you? Let's go wait for him down by Maxine's, yeah.
- I can't.
I've got to go to work.
- What? You're letting him off 'cause you got to get off to work? He'll get what's coming to him, ASBO or not.
Hello, stranger.
I totally heard what you were saying last week.
Why spoil things by getting too heavy? We could both do with a bit of breathing space.
- You almost sound mature.
- I am.
Can still be fun, too.
No doubt about that.
Only I'm not sure you can handle a relationship with someone like me.
Let me prove it to you.
Take you out for dinner tonight.
Somewhere really special.
I promise I won't ask you to marry me.
I can't tonight.
I'm already booked.
- With Rimmer.
- Ah, you see? There you go again.
Like I've got to report what I'm doing every night.
I've already made arrangements, okay? Have a good time.
And don't forget to give him his cocoa when you've finished.
- Davina.
- Hi.
Listen, sorry, but I've invited Andrew and Kim out for dinner with us tonight.
- I hope you don't mind.
- Sure.
just trying to stoke a few fires, you know.
Why, are they an item? Well, not like you and me, they're not.
I didn't know we were either.
The thing is, uh I really missed you when I was on the course.
And I even found myself thinking about asking you to move in with me.
But that would be crazy, I mean, we've only known each other two minutes.
(MUFFLED SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) - Stacy, what's the matter? - Keep away from me, you pervert.
What you on about? I just heard you scream.
Yeah, right.
You tried to rape me like you did Campbell.
You know what, you can stick it.
I didn't touch Campbell.
And I'd be scared of what I'd caught off you.
You know what, if some saddo tried to rape you, it weren't me.
Keep away from me.
I'll scream.
Oh, whoever it was, they must have been right hard up.
Flaming heck.
It shouldn't take long.
I thought it was the least I could do.
The least you could do? I don't expect to put everything right just like that.
I'm just trying to make a start.
Put everything right.
(YELLING) Get out, Tom.
Get out.
And don't ever come back.
What's so urgent? You sounded panicked on the phone.
Shut it a minute.
- Is that Kevin back at yours? - You gonna give him a doing? No, I'm going to the cops.
He's the one that's been attacking the girls.
You're talking crap! Stacey Appleyard's just been done over in the park.
- What? - Just now, I found her.
just now, on my way to work.
And Kevin was there and all.
So you didn't see him attack her? It was him.
Why would he go into the park and come out the same way? Look, I wish someone would lock him up but that don't make him a pervert.
I was just coming to find yous then.
That's a coincidence, we've been looking for you.
I know who the pervert is.
I've got a tenner says it's you.
And so does Stacey Appleyard.
Lewis, why is Stacey saying that you're the one that's done it? Because she's a stupid cow.
I told you I was only trying to help her.
Model citizen, aren't you? Lewis Seddon, I'm arresting you on suspicion of indecent assault.
No way, man.
I've not done nothing.
You do not have to say anything.
However it may harm your defence if you don't Are you deaf as well as stupid? I haven't done nothing! Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
You're now under caution.
- Do you have any questions? - Yeah, are you listening? - It's nowt to do with me.
- I can't believe this, Lewis.
Look, Maxi, I'm innocent.
Lorna's put you up to this, hasn't she? You heard what I said, Tom, why can't you just go? You really think there was something going on between me and Stacey, don't you? No, I don't.
I just need you out of here, and it's got nothing to do with Lorna.
I just I I just can't find any feelings for us any more.
I'm too tired.
It's the baby, isn't it? To be honest, Tom, the way things have worked out, I really think that losing the baby was for the best.
You've just got it in for me because I've got an ASBO.
Well, I'm telling you, you've got the wrong guy.
So this is it, is it? After everything? Lorna, the baby We're not worth trying for? I had a life before you, Tom.
We had a life.
Me and the girls.
And I've wrecked it.
What, is that what you're saying? - I'm trying to protect them.
- Protect them? From me? You're trying to protect them from me? You think that one day it's going to be one of them in my bed? - No, don't be stupid - I thought you loved me! I thought that's why we went through all this crap with Lorna, why we were having a baby.
It was wrong.
It never should have happened.
- We never should have happened.
- You don't mean that.
I tried to tell you the day you married Lorna.
All those times she slipped out of the room.
I always meant it.
You just wouldn't listen.
It was wrong.
All of it.
And if you had have listened to me, none of this would have happened.
- No, Izzie.
- Oh, Tom! Lorna tried to kill herself, I lost a baby, even Stacey sodding Appleyard probably wouldn't be so messed up if it wasn't for us.
Well, who's going to get hurt next? Because I'll be damned if it's Chlo and Mika.
(DOOR SLAMS) Right, Seddon, you followed Stacey into the park, then you jumped on her out of the bushes, isn't that right? No.
No way.
- So you're calling her a liar? - She's all mixed up.
And your teacher, Miss Campbell, is she a liar and all? 'Cause she says she saw you lurking around the school last week.
You stalking your prey by any chance? How many times have I got to tell you, I was trying to help.
It's Kevin Hurst.
He's the man you're looking for.
Well, she says it's you.
- And you don't have an alibi, Seddon.
- Neither does he.
- We're questioning you.
- Yeah, but while you're at it, he could be out there attacking other girls.
I want this on record and all.
I've told yous who it was, and you've done nowt about it.
So when he does set about another girl, you're out of a job, mate.
- So, what is it then, gents? - There's been another attack.
Oh, God! I don't understand.
What's that got to do with me? We have a witness that claims you were there.
- Who? - I can't tell you that, Mr Hurst.
They're a bloody liar.
- It was Lewis.
- Him! I didn't want to say nothing in case you went mad.
You're taking notice of a scumbag like Seddon? We have to take any information seriously.
Seddon's got it in for Kev.
He banned him from seeing our Maxi.
He got her hooked on drugs.
No, he never.
I done that myself.
It's been run-in after run-in with him for months.
He's been bad news for this family.
Ask me, it's Seddon you should be questioning.
Look, thanks for your help.
just for the record, Mr Hurst, can anybody corroborate your whereabouts at 3:30? I was here, wasn't I, Patty? Yeah, we were here together.
Mum, he wasn't.
What are you talking about? 'Course he was here.
No, you didn't get in 'til after 5:00.
- Well, only one of you is right.
- Tell him, Patty.
Kevin got in at quarter past, like always, then we had a burger, and then Kevin opened a couple of cans.
- You're bloody lying.
- You watch your mouth.
I'm sorry, Officer.
See, Seddon's torn this family apart.
I'm not your family! Anything to get back at her stepdad.
After all he's done for you, Maxi.
MAXINE: He's done nothing for me.
I hate his flaming guts! Mum, why are you covering up for him? I don't get it.
He could be the pervert.
Get up them damn stairs or you'll be back on the street, which is where you belong.
Hey! I don't think I could manage another.
I'm here till closing, mate.
Probably sleep on a bench unless you've got a spare bed.
Whoa, she doesn't like guests.
Especially if I bring them back from the pub drunk.
Hey, why don't you apologise to Izzie? Yeah, I found that that's the easiest way for a quiet life.
Sod Izzie.
Sod Lorna.
And sod the lot of you.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Who's there? - Open the door, it's me.
What on earth's going on? You got what you wanted, didn't you? Tom, will you just keep your voice down? Your best mate, she's kicked me out.
You're like a couple of witches, the pair of you.
That's nothing to do with me.
Well, I'm on the streets because of you.
Look, I'm sorry, Tom, but you're going to have to find a hotel.
Fine, don't worry about me.
I'll doss in a doorway.
When am I ever going to get rid of you, Tom Clarkson? Come on.
Miss! Miss! - Miss! - Maxine, I thought I told you This is Kevin's.
Please, you've got to believe me.
Lewis Seddon, you are being charged with the indecent assault of Stacey Appleyard.
It's a fit-up.
I won't get believed by the police, Miss, that's why I had to come to you.
You believe me, don't you? Please, say that you do.
The police have already questioned him, Maxine.
Yeah, but he bare-face lied to them, Miss.
Do you not get it? I am living with a pervert, and he works at Waterloo Road, and all.
Can I get the soup, please, and then the duck? That's exactly what I want.
See, Jack, you were right.
I was just saying to Davina that you guys, maybe you've got a lot more in common than you think.
You just don't know it yet.
The truth is, he, um, he thinks yous fancy each other.
- Steph.
- Hello, Jack.
It's a bit inconvenient at the moment.
Yeah, well, this won't wait.
It's important.
You know the bloke who's been attacking those girls? He's on the staff.
Hell's flaming teeth.
Who? Okay, I'll be right there.
Listen, sorry, I'm going to have to break up the party early.
What? You're going to see her! - I'm sorry, love.
- What's happened? I'll call you when I know more myself.
Keep your mobiles on.
Both of you.
Right, then.
I'm off an' all.
- What about your food? - Just get them to cancel it.
I didn't expect us to be having dinner together.
Unless you want to follow them out the door.
No, no.
I'm going to stay where I am.
If you can stand it.
I'm sorry for what I said the other day.
I Don't be.
The truth is, I actually wanted to run after you and tell you how much what you'd said I deserved it.
It hurt, though.
But you didn't, did you? - Didn't what? - Run after me.
Says it all, really.
Well, I'm telling you now.
I'm telling you that I care about you.
But it's too late now.
(MOBILE BEEPS) And this is in the bag he takes with him to school? Yeah.
My mum lied to the police.
He wasn't at home with her like she said.
Are you going to ring the police? Too right, I am.
And if it turns out that he's got any previous, I'm going to put the flaming Director of Education through the wringer about his sodding police checks.
I always thought he was a creep, but I never thought If Mum's lying for him, do you think she knew what he was up to? Police.
Chucked me out.
Like that.
For nothing.
I never even touched that Stacey, and she knows it.
So why? What's it all about? Like I don't already know.
She cares for you more than she cares for me.
Maybe she knows something you don't.
Like what? I don't want you telling anyone about this, but I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
Bit of a shock, but, hey, there are bigger problems in the world, like your sleeping arrangements.
(MAN CHATTERING ON TV) This is all wrong.
It wasn't even Tom's fault.
We shouldn't have let her chuck him out like that.
Look, maybe she'll calm down and change her mind.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Brett! What're you doing here? I don't just want to be friends, Mika.
I think you mean more to me than that.
What about your girlfriend? What girlfriend? Want to come for a ride with me? - Sorry, Brett, I can't.
- Are you bouncing me? No.
Look, there's just too much going on here right now.
It's really complicated.
Well, no problem.
- See you around then, yeah? - Yeah.
All right, thank you for everything, officers.
- No problem.
We'll see ourselves out.
- Okay.
Do you want a cup of tea, Max? Miss, what's going to happen? The police will take care of everything now.
I bet you can't believe that any of this is happening to you, can you? You never liked Kevin, did you? Is that because Maxine, did Kevin ever touch you? I suppose he knew that I'd tell Mum.
But Mum lied to the police.
She covered up for Kevin.
If Kevin had come in to my room, if he'd done something to me, would she have done anything, or would she just have let him? What's going to happen to me now? Mum's lied for Kevin.
She chose him over me.
And now I've gone and shopped him in to the coppers, she won't want to know.
I've got no one.
So you're just chucking me out now, after I've missed my shift.
Probably lost me job.
Don't blame me if you find me down this nick again.
- Stop it, Seddon.
- What, and I don't even get a sorry? There.
Sleep tight.
Watch the bugs don't bite.
Miss Haydock, thank you.

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