Waterloo Road (2006) s05e07 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 7

Right, OK.
(Laughs) Oh, thanks! What's happened to door-to-door service? Well, I know there's nothing wrong with your legs.
Max, come on.
Look, my car could be in the garage.
- You could have just given me a lift in.
- It isn't and I didn't.
No, no, no.
Get off! - Thanks for the ride, yeah? - My pleasure.
Hello, stranger! Look, I'm sorry if I've been a bit off lately.
- We did think you were avoiding us.
- No stress, babe.
- It's cool.
I'm just glad we were wrong.
- I've got something to make up for it.
I made them.
You should make some for the rest of the Waterloo Road girls.
No! They're friendship bracelets.
So no one can come between us, not even gangs.
Thanks, Cassie.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
I wish you would have told me about Dad.
I would have never have talked to him again.
Look, we'll get through this.
You could sue her.
That's like rape or something.
Any lawyer would agree.
Will you stop telling me what it's like? It's me that it's happened to.
All right, I'll see you later.
Oh, my God, Miss, I'm so sorry! My hand just slipped and I saw that and you're not fooling anyone.
You can pay for the dry cleaning.
Forget it.
It's all right.
- (Sniggering) - She wonders why they walk all over her.
Yeah? You've years of experience.
You could try supporting her for once instead of criticising.
Right, so let's be brief.
OK, Lindsay James's lawyer's coming in today for a catch-up.
And Kim, if you don't mind I'd like it to be just me and the girls.
I don't want them to feel crowded.
- Yeah, yeah, that's fine.
- OK.
Really? It was Rachel who Lindsay confided in about the sexual abuse.
Hey, no, if Kim's happy to bow out.
I'll take your lead on how you want to play it.
One positive is that with Lindsay's priorities changing, the girl gang thing seems to have run its course.
Looks like your crackdown's sunk in.
Well done.
If we're all done, I better love you and leave you.
I'll let you know how it goes with Lindsay.
- Yes, do.
- Good luck with it.
- (Bell) - Thanks.
Ooh, that was fun! Coffee? No, thank you.
I hate this, you know.
I can't even look her in the eye.
She thinks I don't approve of her relationship with Max.
It's better that than the truth.
Do you think so? Chris, I think that you should tell her.
No way.
Max is my boss, remember.
I feel bad enough that I told you.
Come on, Max is still He's still married! You said it was just a fling, yeah? So it'll fizzle out anyway.
I say that we stay well out of it.
I don't like the way she's cutting you out.
She had a duty to involve you in the James case before Lindsay became too attached.
- She's supposed to be a friend.
- That was before she found out about us.
- Maybe she's jealous.
- (Laughs) You wish! No, I really don't.
Look, however she feels about our relationship - Is none of her business.
- No.
Is irrelevant.
Look at her taking the credit for ending the girl gangs.
Come on, to be fair, that was Chris.
Yeah, all I'm saying is I don't like her undermining you.
Pastoral care is your job, Kim.
You're trained, you're experienced and you're good.
Thank you.
That means a lot to me.
TOM: Cassie, do you know the answer? Well? Erm Wake up, Cassie.
Have you heard a single word I've said? Erm, about The rabbits? - (Laughter) - Pack it in! All of you.
What does George's story about the rabbits really mean? What does the image represent? Come on, Cassie.
I know you've read it.
Can I go to the toilet, please? BO YS: Rabbit! Rabbit! - All right! I said enough! Does anybody know the answer? - Siobhan? - (Josh tuts) Sorry.
Just boiled.
What's your pleasure? - It's just boiled! - Oh Sorry, yeah, thank you.
Well, I was going to offer you a penny for them but I think I might have to stretch to 50p.
Hey, come on, I give good tea and sympathy.
All right, but you'll have to crack open the biscuits and all, though! What is her problem? She's such a freak.
We've tried to play it cool and take it slow.
It's just not working.
Going to have to watch what I say round you from now on.
No, no, no, don't.
That's exactly why he didn't want anyone to know about it.
You know, he's right.
I mean, look at Rachel.
It's really come between us.
Stuff Rachel.
If you like him, that's what matters.
And I do.
Steph, I really, really do.
I don't know what it is about him.
He just He just does something to me.
(Crying) - Are you OK? - Leave me alone.
Tom? - It's Mr Clarkson in school, please.
- Right, sorry.
It's my mum's birthday soon and I thought what if the two of us took her out? I don't think that's appropriate.
It was all right for you to come for tea the other night.
Don't push your mother and me together.
It's not going to happen.
- Sorry.
I was only trying to be nice.
- I just want you to understand.
Mr Clarkson! There's a girl crying in here.
I know it's not your colour but it'll do for today only.
Now, it's cashmere, so please be careful.
HELEN: Thanks, Ruby, that's really kind.
Hey, don't worry.
Get me in the break.
I've got a spare top in the car I can lend you.
I'll give it you later.
(Bell rings) Kim, we've got a bit of a problem.
Cassie, why won't you tell me what's happened? I want to say but Look.
I am here to help you.
Right, I'm not here to punish you.
They'll kill me.
Who's they? Some girls in my year.
Number one, they're not allowed to kill you.
It's against school rules.
They'll get off, though, cos they're clever.
When there's any teachers around, it's like they don't know me.
But when they catch me alone, they go on and on.
"Cassie's the Waterloo Road slapper.
" "Cassie should go do everyone a favour and top herself.
" But if I grass them up, they'll do it for me.
- How long's this been going on for? - A few weeks.
They follow me home, shout stuff through my bedroom window.
- It's driving me mad.
- I'm not surprised.
Look, this is where it stops.
OK? I need you to tell me who's threatened you.
- No, that's fine.
- Yeah.
Girls, can I take you out? Anyone should be in trouble, it's her! Always staring at me.
That's harassment.
You're saying you have never said or done anything threatening to Cassie? - Too right I am! - Liar.
- You're the liar! - Why was she crying by the lockers, then? - How should I know? - You know what you said.
Oh, come on! OK, so I said something to Siobhan but it was private.
How is it my fault if Cassie's a nosy cow? So what did you say? Only that she reckoned Cassie fancied her cos she's always staring.
It was a joke, though.
- How gay is she if she's that upset? - Excuse me! That is a verbal warning for using homophobic language.
It's her that's homophobic if she's offended cos I called her a lesbian.
- This is so unfair! - That's not what happened.
- What else did you say? - Nothing! God! What about doing everybody a favour and killing herself? What? You have crossed the line too many times.
I do not believe you.
Siobhan, why do you think that Cassie was so upset? I don't know.
Honestly, miss.
Then you'd better start thinking! Both of you.
You can do it in the cooler over lunchtime.
Because bullying is a serious accusation.
And if I get even a sniff that you have been bothering Cassie or any other pupil, then I'm going to take formal action, do you get me? So I held a "no blame face-to-face".
Course they denied it.
So they lost their lunch breaks and I wrote to the parents.
Sorry, how is that a "no blame"? Oh, come on, Rachel.
We all know what Amy Porter's capable of.
And Cassie was genuinely afraid.
Looks like your crackdown wasn't as successful as we thought.
You should have consulted with pastoral care.
Look, we can't let kids like Amy Porter continue terrorising their classmates just because they know how to play the system.
OK, fine.
Let's resolve it without a fanfare.
Excuse me.
What more do you need to know? She doesn't trust you to do your job.
OK, look, you're too nice, so why don't you let me be the big bad man? She's got her professionalism mixed up with how she feels about us.
And I'm telling you I want the girl gang stuff stamped out.
OK? Yeah, OK.
Don't let her faze you, Kim.
You know what you're doing.
- I'm so glad I told Miss Campbell.
- You should've told us.
We are your mates.
That's why I wanted to protect you.
Why do you think I made these bracelets? Er Sorry, Cass, it was itching me.
I've still got it, though.
Doesn't mean we're not friends or anything.
RACHEL: Alison and I have discussed things with your aunt and we'd like you to have counselling before the trial.
I can arrange it all from school.
- What, like a shrink? - Someone you can talk things through with.
She's got me.
I don't want to talk about it.
It's bad enough I've got to say it in court.
It won't be a matter of just telling them what your father did to you.
It'll be a matter of trying to prove it.
Yeah But that's why all the tests and stuff, right? It's been too long a gap to get any physical evidence and you're not pregnant.
Look, I'm not lying.
It happened.
RACHEL: Lindsay, we believe you.
We do.
But we need to be realistic.
We have to assume the prosecution will accuse you of making it all up to protect your mum.
And we have to prepare for that, cover all bases.
- Are you saying we can't prove it? - There's every reason to be positive.
We thought Linds saying what happened would get Mum out for sure.
I know, Emily, and we're going to try our best.
It's not going to be easy and if we stay strong Stop saying "we"! It's not "we".
It's me who's got to take the stand and I can't handle it any more.
Lindsay! Oh, Em She will cool off and then we'll talk again.
Why can't everyone just leave us alone? Look at the state of that! - Oi! - Sam! - You did that on purpose! - What are you going to do about it? Do you want to get us in more trouble? This is why I didn't tell you! I knew you'd get involved in this gang stuff! Ow! - What? - You know what! (Shouting) Michaela! - What's going on? - She attacked me! - I was defending myself.
- What? - I don't know.
I didn't see.
- She punched me just out of the blue! Punched her? I don't know her! - We'll see.
In you go.
- Are you kidding? - In! - God! Freak! Move! Just call me Gok from now on.
Da-daa! What do you think? You wear this to work? No, but I like to keep something handy in case I go on somewhere.
Well, it's better than the dirty one and if you've got it, flaunt it.
- For a bunch of teenagers? - Come on, Helen.
You're drowning and everybody knows it.
So if somebody offers you a helping hand, take it.
She's Year 10.
She's not in John Foster's.
Why would I have a go at her? - So you are still involved in the gangs? - No.
If you don't know her, how do you know she's not John Foster's? - Her face is familiar.
- Yeah, clearly.
This is out of order.
I haven't done anything.
Why am I in trouble and not her? - Because she's the one being bullied.
- She is lying! She's a very good liar, then.
Somebody's making her very frightened and mis - Well, it's not me! - Calm down, Michaela.
I want you to meet me in the cooler.
At lunchtime.
Why punish me for something I haven't done? It's not a punishment.
It's positive reinforcement.
You won't be the only one.
What is your problem? You know I never touched you.
I I heard you.
- You heard what? - It was one of them told me to.
- One of who? - I'm not sure.
Someone's put you up to this, you better tell me who it was.
I just I don't know.
I can help you, Cassie.
What do they look like? What year? I didn't see them.
They just said it.
Well, you tell them to come and talk to me.
Cos they're using you.
And if they're using you, they'll turn on you.
Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
What on earth is she doing, squeezing herself into that cheap number? Cheap? Looks designer to me.
Just that she clearly can't carry it off.
Who'd want to? It's not good enough to just say don't do it.
I want to show them what it's like to have the shoe on the other foot.
So I thought a bit of role-play might hammer it home, yeah? Good.
Immediate positive action.
I like it.
And I like you.
' Ey up! I don't know why I haven't seen that before.
You could start a fire with it! Oh, sorry! - Sorry.
- Oh, not again! Have you still got that cardie, please? It's like Kim's totally got it in for me today.
Between you and me, I think Kim's got her mind on other things.
It's going to be public knowledge but I'd rather you didn't spread the news because she is a friend of mine.
Kim is going out with the boss.
And I don't mean Rachel Mason.
Ma Max? Kim's going out with Max? - Cass, wait up, where are you going? - Don't try and call my bluff.
- What? - I thought we were going to the chippy? You claim to be my friends but I heard what you said in English.
- All that laughing and whispering.
- We were laughing at Hopewell's cleavage.
You'll be next.
I'm not stupid.
Cassie, what's going on? I'm sick of your moods.
- Come on, Sam, she's being bullied.
- Just leave me alone.
With pleasure.
Come on, Lauren.
I just wanted to let you know.
I'm bringing your mum in to fill her in on everything that's happening.
- Has something else happened? - No.
You know where I am if it does, don't you? All right.
Ros, could you do something for me, if you don't mind? See that girl there, Cassie Turner, she's Year 10.
She's being bullied and I think it's isolating her.
Could you just keep an eye on her? Buddy her up if you see her struggling? - Yeah, I'll try.
- Thank you.
- This is so unfair! - I haven't even done anything! Yeah, well, join the club.
You trying to say we have? Someone has or we wouldn't be here, would we? All right, you did, you didn't, it doesn't matter.
Either way, I want your help to fight the war against girl gangs.
Up on your feet and help me move these tables to the side.
Up on your feet.
Move the tables.
Thank you very much.
OK, Amy, I want you to imagine that you're Michaela.
What, ugly and thick? I want you to imagine that it was the other way round.
Yeah, so Waterloo Road comes to John Foster's.
When they come they start saying what a dump the place is, how stupid they think you all are.
How do you think you'd feel? John Foster's was way nicer than this place and we had way better teachers.
Just imagine you had to move from somewhere brilliant to this place.
I moved and my parents landed me here.
So you know how it feels, then.
- Yeah, but I didn't cry about it.
- Who's crying? So you didn't put your guard up and start to act out? Look, it's hard for everybody concerned.
Yeah, but when people come together, it can make everybody even stronger.
A new start, eh? Yeah? Great.
OK, go and get yourself some lunch while there's still some left.
- What, twice in one day? - Why's it any of your business? Sorry? If you'd bothered to check her file, you'd see I sent Michaela to the cooler today.
So that's a week of detention you've earned yourself.
Well done.
Hopo's had it.
No way! You're kidding me! Has she never heard of security? Sad cow's going to wish she never woke up this morning.
What you doing? I reckon "I know how to have a good time" Hopewell has to prove it.
All the girls have been spoken to.
The parents have been informed and we're keeping a close watch on Cassie.
Now it's out in the open, Cassie knows to come to me if anything happens.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I'm just so relieved.
Cassie's been acting so strange lately, distant and I thought maybe she was taking drugs or something.
I checked her room.
It isn't unusual for victims of bullying to withdraw.
It can make them feel ashamed and isolated.
We wanted you to know so that you can support her at home as well as here.
I'm I'm just so pleased you found out.
All right.
Thank you.
Look, I'm on to her, that's the point.
- (Door opens) - Hey.
I saw you in here.
I'm Ros.
Miss Campbell asked me to say hi.
- I saw you talking.
- Did you? Look, you should go.
I've Look, there's nothing to be scared of.
I know you're having trouble with bullying.
I've been there myself.
- I wanted to see how you were - I'm not being bullied.
- Oh.
Only Miss Campbell said - She was lying.
She's, you know wrong.
I was making it up.
You really don't need to be here.
Are you sure nobody's, like, making you say that? - Who do you mean? - I don't know.
I'm asking.
Like, maybe someone that's bullying you? I'm not being bullied.
You see? OK, cool.
If you want to talk or anything, just let me know.
I told you.
I'm not listening to you.
I'm on to her! Make sure you text all your mates outside school as well.
Yeah, cos everybody's welcome.
- Josh.
- What, Mr Clarkson? - Everything OK? - No.
He thinks I hate him.
- Tom, why don't you tell him? - Don't be ridiculous.
- He's got a right to know.
- He's a kid.
He wouldn't understand.
At least it would be honest.
Love, I don't want to fight.
- Whatever you decide, OK? - I'll see you after school.
Pie and chips, please.
It's going to be OK, Lindsay.
Oh, yeah? How can you say that? Cos I'll help.
I'll do anything.
Just tell me what.
There's nothing that you can do.
Don't you get it? Neither Lindsay or Emily have turned up for period five.
I have called their aunt but I don't want to overreact.
I'm sure they just need a bit of time out.
Time out from the thing that gives them a sense of stability - their schoolwork.
Still, as you've insisted.
- Hey, how did it go? - Yeah.
Pretty well.
I'm thinking about doing role-play sessions for Years 10 to 12.
Give it a floating agenda, depending on the issues of the school.
Kim, sorry, can I When you've got a minute, can I have a word? - Yeah, course.
- Thank you.
I'll do it.
- Hmm? - I'll tell it in the court instead of you.
I'll say I saw him abuse you.
That you told me about it and all.
So you don't have to say anything.
Em, you can't, you'd be lying.
I can.
I've thought it all out.
No, no, seriously, Em, you haven't.
There'll see through you and they won't believe anything we say.
They won't see it.
I'll tell it good.
It's not really a lie.
It did happen.
We can get her back, Lindsay.
If you can't do it, you've got to let me try.
It was genuine resentment I saw from those girls.
Amy's an accomplished liar but Michaela usually stands up for what she's done.
So you think Cassie's lying? God, she'd have to be some actress for that! I just think the situation may be more complex than you think.
Rachel, why can't you just trust my judgement? I've given you my backing over Lindsay James.
Why can't you show me the same respect? - I'm just trying to help! - Except we both actually know why.
It's because of my relationship with Max.
You don't like him, ergo you don't trust me any more.
- It's not that! - Then what? What is it? We're friends, aren't we? At least I thought we were.
- That is why I'm trying to give you advice.
- No! No! No! Stop hiding behind work for one minute.
I want to have this out.
Whatever you think about Max, it is serious between us.
- I thought you said it was casual.
- Well, it's not.
Not any more.
In fact, if I'm going to be honest with you, I I think I'm in love with him.
And I'm happy, Rachel, I'm so happy.
I think that Max is lying.
I think he's lying about his wife, about them being separated.
- His ex-wife.
- No, his wife.
It's Jennifer Headley from the LEA.
She was here at the open day.
She said something that made it obvious that they're still together.
No, they've stayed friends, he's always maintained that.
She and Max are still very much married, Kim.
Ah, right, OK, I see what's going on now.
I am not going to wreck my relationship because of some hate campaign you've got for Max.
- Oh, come on, Kim! - (Knock at door) Yes? Miss Campbell, I've been looking for you.
It's about Cassie Turner, the Year 10 girl? I caught up with her like you asked and she says she's not being bullied.
She said she made it up.
I thought you should know because she's acting really weird.
OK, thank you.
I can still hear you.
Cassie, just sit down.
Can't you hear what he's saying? We'd all be able to hear him a bit better if you would be quiet.
Now sit down, please.
- Shut up! - How dare you! - What? - Are you all right? - You can shut up too.
- Right, that is it.
You're going to the cooler, I'm going to report you to Mr Tyler.
ALL: Whoa! Not talking to me like that! OK, settle down, everybody.
Are you all right now? - I found you before when you were crying.
- Ssh! Listen.
Can you hear them? - We've not got much time.
They're coming.
- I think they're outside.
You don't understand.
They're coming! - I don't think we're allowed - Come on! I sent her to the cooler, which is exactly where he'll be going if he doesn't get our film back.
I know it's round here somewhere.
Give it to me, Josh.
What is going on? - This isn't like you.
- You don't know what I'm like.
Just stop it and sit down! - I'm going to tell your father about this.
- I don't have a father.
- Sit down.
- (Text alert) Hey, check this out.
There's a party tonight.
We can hear them but I don't think they can hear us.
I can't hear them any more.
They can get into my head now.
- But who are they? - That's the point.
I thought it was Amy and Siobhan, these girls from my year, but they were just trying to confuse me.
- I hate it.
- I'm scared.
I know.
I'm scared all the time.
What I'm scared most of is what if they get to my mum and dad? They've already started to turn on me.
I don't understand.
I know.
Me either.
When I get confused and scared, I count my times tables.
I like seven because it's a prime number.
Seven, BOTH: 28, 35.
Oi! Poussez pas.
That means you, Paul.
Miss Haydock, Karla's not come back from the toilet.
(Footsteps overhead) I wish Miss Campbell was here.
I thought I could trust her but she's one of them.
I trust Miss Campbell.
- Has she spoken to you? - She speaks to me all the time.
You tricked me! You heard what she said and you tricked me! Oh, my God, you're in on it! - I don't like this.
- It's been you all along, hasn't it? Oi, boys.
What you doing tonight? - Nothing, why? - Cos we know where it's happening.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
More the merrier.
- Yeah? - We'll text you later.
Steph, have you seen Cassie Turner? I'll swap your Cassie Turner for my Karla Bentham.
She went to the loo and she's just - Oh, my God.
Karla! - I tried to stop her.
Everyone outside.
You've seen enough.
- Karla, Karla, what's happened? - I can't explain.
- Where are you hurt? - I'm not hurt.
Cassie Turner is.
- She's in the boiler room.
- You stay with Miss Haydock, OK? OK, OK, calm down, deep breaths.
Come on.
Cass? Cassie? Look, stop, it's dangerous down here.
You're cut.
- You're hurting yourself.
Cassie! - You're the one hurting me.
You think I don't know but I do! - In what way? - You can say what you want but I won't I know she's a faker! She can't call my bluff! I'm not listening to you! - Cassie - Get away from me! Get away from me! Where are you? Just get away from me! Cassie, Cassie, look Whatever you are being told, I'm Miss Campbell and I am safe, OK? - Miss Campbell? - Yeah, it's me.
It's me.
It's all OK, Cassie, all right? Miss Campbell What is happening to me? We'll find out, right? Just Just remember, you're safe now.
You're safe now, that's all that matters.
Her mum's going to meet us there.
And you don't need to say anything.
I know I was wrong.
You did what you thought was right.
It's an easy mistake to make.
It's not.
I know about mental health and I should have spotted it.
I should have listened to you earlier.
Listen to your instincts, they're not often wrong.
- Often enough, though, eh? - I just heard.
We're going to take her in the car.
It'll be quicker.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
I don't want anything to frighten her.
I can't believe she'd make all that stuff up about being bullied.
She didn't make it up.
She did think it was real.
Some sort of auditory hallucination is all the nurse would say.
Too soon to diagnose.
I'm not stupid.
She's hearing voices.
That's - That's schizophrenia, isn't it? - Let the doctors assess her.
They'll be able to help her.
I knew it wasn't right.
I knew there was something wrong with her.
I just didn't want to face it, what it might mean, you know? And then when you said it was bullying I'm sorry about that.
I really thought it was.
I was wrong.
She'll be bullied all right now, won't she? Kids can be cruel at the best of times.
I'll look after her.
This is the beginning of her getting better.
You had me worried.
Are you OK? No.
But I will be if my mum gets off.
- Where's Em? - I sent her home.
Erm We had a talk.
I'm going to go ahead and testify.
Even if there's a chance that it could help, I've got to try.
- That's very brave of you.
- It's my mum that's brave.
And she needs me now.
So does Em.
Kind of made me think, though.
You know, if just talking about it in front of you lot freaked me out how am I going to feel saying it in front of a whole court? Alison will do everything she can to protect you and I do think we should look into that counselling.
- And I can help.
- That's what I was thinking.
You know, cos if you If you would, kind of, erm If you could kind of be there, miss, cos I I don't think I can handle it on my own.
You can count on that.
Let's go.
Flaming kids.
When I find out who did this.
Well, at least it's spelled right, eh? - How did you get on with Cassie Turner? - Erm They're keeping her in to treat all her injuries.
Then they're going to call in a specialist team, do a full psychiatric assessment.
She's OK for the moment but we have got to be more vigilant with mental health issues.
Well done.
Well done? For what? I missed it! Just imagine what could have happened! I went charging down the girl gang route because you threw me a few compliments.
If I'm such a damn good teacher, how did I fail to notice a young girl having a complete mental breakdown, eh? - Are you trying to blame me? - No, I'm not blaming you! I'm blaming myself.
Rachel was right, I've been blinkered.
It just makes me Makes me wonder what else she was right about.
What do you mean? Well, erm Rachel seems to think that you and your wife are still very much together.
Is it true? Are you still married? It's very simple, Max! You're either divorced or you're not.
Which is it? Well, technically speaking we're separated.
Just haven't done the divorce bit yet.
Never had the need to until now.
How often do you see her? Where does she live, Max? So that's why you always want to come back to my place! No, it's not like that.
We lead separate lives, Kim.
- Does she know about me? - I told you.
We lead separate lives.
It's none of her business.
I didn't want to rub her nose in it.
Maybe I should have said something but I thought it would put you off.
It didn't feel wrong because for all intents and purposes, Jennifer and I are divorced.
No, except you're not.
Which makes you an adulterer.
No, it's over.
I hate everyone and everything in that place.
Especially Max bloody Tyler and his big-mouth bit on the side.
You know, I should tell her he's married.
You're well out of it, babes.
He were using you.
He didn't want to compromise me, that's what he said.
Cos he cares about me.
No, sorry, cared about me.
Forget him.
You've got a weekend away from it all now.
It's not long enough, Shaz.
If I never see another flipping teenager again it'll be too soon.
- (Doorbell) - That'll be the pizza.
I'll get it.
We are here for the party! - (Shouting and cheering) - What party? Posted it on the Waterloo Road network and it got everywhere.
Look - Miss, the night's young! - No! - Stop! - Miss, just move out the way! - What do you want? - I need to tell you something.
- Your mother needs to tell you something.
- Tom, please.
What's he mean, Mum? He deserves to know, Georgia.
So either you tell him or I do.
What? You weren't an accident, Josh.
Your mother stole my sperm.
What? You what? (Music) Well, lookie here, it's my favourite teacher! - This is my house! - Wicked party.
Maybe I was wrong about you after all.
Or maybe you really are as sad as you look.
- Call the police! - We can't.
Look around.
I am a teacher.
I will get the sack.
You've got to do something.
Isn't there anyone you can call? I wanted a baby, Josh.
I wanted you.
- Maybe I should have consulted - Consulted? You stole his He might have said no, and I would never have had you.
I only found out about it the night I came over.
It threw me.
I'm just trying to explain why I've been so distant.
(Mobile rings) (Rejects call) You know, this actually sorts a lot out for me.
I'm glad I know the truth.
Means I don't have to bother getting to know you.
- Josh - I don't want you for my father.
- And you - We don't need him.
We've always been fine, just the two of us.
He He's just sad.
But you're evil.
- Are you happy now? - (Mobile rings) What is it, Helen? (Retching) What are you doing here? Come on, shift! Move yourselves! Get out, all of you! - (Music stops) - Miss Hopewell? Michaela? Oh, Mr Clarkson! Every one of you, move before I call the police.
I said out! Now! - Come on, you two, shift! - (Both giggle) - What the hell happened? - Waterloo Road happened.
I don't know how much more of it I can take.
(Doorbell) Max? What gives you the right to interfere in my personal life? - You know, this isn't the time - Not the time? Who the hell do you think you are to dictate the time? You stick your nose into my business when it suits you and you have the gall to criticise me.
I have every right to express my concern because she's my friend.
- If you have nothing to hide, I apologise.
- It's a little late for apologies.
It's a little late to come round here, so if you don't mind - I bloody mind, all right! - Argh! Max, get out of my house or I'll call the police.
Don't play the victim, Rachel.
It doesn't suit you.
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