Waterloo Road (2006) s05e11 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 11

Morning, miss, morning, sir.
Good day for it.
- And you are? - Finn Sharkey.
I start today.
Lucky old Waterloo Road, eh? Lucky old me if all the teachers look like you.
- Well, not you, obviously.
- What? Erm Finn, it's very nice to meet you, but just a word of advice - Mr Budgen doesn't take too kindly to smart alecs, so keep your distance at least till he's had his morning brew.
Thanks, miss.
Sir Another term, another gobby git to break.
Why don't you write your memoirs, Grantly, eh? Share your wisdom, could make you a fortune.
All right, girls? Debs? Yeah, look, I've got to ask you to act up for me this morning.
I've got some stocktaking to do.
I'll be on my mobe.
Well, just tell everyone to keep themselves busy.
If not serving, they can be damp-dusting.
All right, OK, cheers, bye.
Just look at your face, Bianka.
Start behaving a bit more like a birthday girl.
I've told you - I don't want to celebrate my birthday with your boyfriend.
You'll soon change your mind.
He's taking you out on a fantastic treat tonight.
Yuk! Bianka! You two are so selfish.
Don't you want me to have a life? It's you that made Dad leave.
You only ever care about what you want.
I'll come and pick you up after school.
Don't bother.
- D'you want to go and have a game? - I'm not that good.
Go on, mate.
Trust me - you've got sport in your blood.
Go on.
See you later.
- You look like you're new, and all.
- Who are you? The new boy, Finn.
Finn? - What kind of a name's that? - Irish or something.
So what brings you to Waterloo Road? I got kicked out of my last school, didn't I? Come to think of it - the one before that and the one before that as well.
- So you're bad news, then? - I just don't like school.
Yeah, I nearly got excluded last year myself.
Won't be going there again.
Hey, Ames.
Hey, Siobhan! - Good holiday? - Yeah.
Is every girl in this school a babe? Who's that? His name's Finn.
He got excluded from his last school.
Oh, great, man, what you doing? Oi, who said you could join us? You looked like you needed some help.
It's not only him who's crap.
You couldn't dribble through an open door, mate, I'll show you.
D'you want your ball back, boys? - Oi, what's going on? - Hey! Mr Mead? Oh, my God.
You're looking well old, sir.
You want to keep that mouth of yours shut, Sharkey.
(Muffled) How I'm going to eat my breakfast now? - Who are you? - Finn Sharkey.
We go back.
- You're new? I don't recognise your name.
- My parents called and they've sorted it out.
No, they didn't.
Josh, take him to my office.
And get rid of that ball.
Looks like you're looking at your new striker, boys.
My dad wants me to be professional.
So does mine - but I don't think that'll happen.
I got him kicked out the first school I taught in.
He wasn't happy.
- That doesn't surprise me.
- So he set fire to my car.
I couldn't prove it.
- So you don't know it was definitely him? - Oh, no, I know.
Look, Rachel, that kid, he's trouble.
If we can avoid taking him, then we should.
Surely he can't be that bad, Chris? - Happy birthday.
- That's the last thing it is.
What's wrong? Everything.
I'm sorry, Denzil.
It was really nice of you to remember.
Look It's magic, in't it? (Sighs) What's up with her, is it your mum and dad? She wants to see Dad but Mum won't have it - she says she's not allowed.
(Message alert beeps) Michael - who've you got next? French.
Why? (Message alert beeps) - I don't want the bell to ring.
- I'm with you there.
At least it's not a home from home for you, like it is for me now.
Have you moved house? To the estate from hell.
It's full of Waterloo Road's finest and all their charming kin.
I just can't stand it.
Ruby, you want to watch your blood pressure.
There's nothing wrong with my blood pressure, thank you very much.
How's it going with Josh? He's a great lad.
Georgia had a rule book as long as my arm.
Bit more chilled at mine.
Must be loving living with you, is he? "Daddy No Rules".
I hope so.
Well, she's away for a bit, so I'm determined we're going to do more things together, spend some quality time.
We've a lot of lost years to make up for.
Good luck! Thanks.
A Life In The Day Of A Teacher by Grantly F Budgen, BA Honours.
You've got to beat it.
Miss, I could do it right.
Miss, how do you do it again? It's all in the wrist action.
- Ah, bet it is.
- (Laughter) Oh, shut up.
Listen to them, everybody - they're like braying donkeys.
Right, that is it.
Let's see how you do.
Miss you don't do your baking at home any more, do you? No.
Cos Lauren Andrews says you buy all your cakes from that povver supermarket.
And the Yorkshire puddings.
Apparently, she buys everything from there.
Miss - this does 200 rotations in ten seconds.
I'm going to get one.
How much are they? £180.
Maybe not, then.
(Whirring) Every day a new emergency, every day the finger pointing blame blame blame.
Teaching a noble profession? Poppycock! We're glorified social workers, expected to solve anything from family breakdowns to personal hygiene problems.
(Sniggering) Oh! (Laughter) - Right, where were we? - Sir, what you doing? Something I should have done a very long time ago, Smilie.
- Sounds like a book, sir.
- Tips on how to lose at the horses? Sir, is it about you? Shut up the the lot of you.
- Any juicy bits? - Oh, yes, there's plenty of juicy bits, Smilie.
But it is for these ears only.
Ah, a Budgen novel.
You don't think it's about sex, do you? (Bell rings) Hello, Mr Mead.
Sir, there's been a bit of a mix up but it turns out that I'm staying.
Great! Great to see you looking so pleased about it, then.
OK, class.
Meet Mr Sharkey.
Hi, guys.
I'm sure it won't take you long to realise that he's all mouth.
I've got to go, but there'll be another teacher along any minute.
Until then, I want you to complete a science word search for me.
Hand them out.
And you, behave, right? Come on, class, put your word searches away.
We're not doing them today.
They're a pile of boring crap.
(Laughter) So what we're going to be doing instead is conducting an experiment to see if glass really does break when dropped from a height.
So first test.
Yep, I think we can say that's proof.
But just to make sure, can you confirm, young man, that that is actually broken glass down there? Yes, sir, I can.
Just to be scientific about it.
Finn! (Laughter) You are so for it! You're going to get yourself into trouble.
What do I care? Do you care? Siobhan, come and give us a hand to clean this up.
Will you go out with me tonight? Get lost! OK - yeah, I will.
You can come as well if you want, Siobhan.
- What about you, Joshy boy? - Yeah.
- I can get some vodka from mine.
- Yeah, cool.
Dad! Ms Lipsett? I've come to take him to the dentist.
His mum forgot about it.
She called me cos she's at work.
- All right.
Well, have you spoken to Ms Mason? - Yeah, it's all fine with her.
Come on, son.
Michael, sit down for a minute, please.
I'm sorry, I have to check with the Head before I can let Michael walk out of my classroom.
- You understand that, don't you? - Actually, I don't.
He's going to miss his appointment.
Come on.
Michael, sit down, please.
It'll only take a few minutes.
I need to make sure everything's as it should be.
Please, take a seat.
I'll wait outside.
Jenny? Yeah, is it possible I could speak to Rachel, please? Thanks.
Don't ask me what anything means because it's obvious, and no copying.
I want all your own work.
I will be at the back.
Erm textbook audit.
Chapter One: Used And Abused - The Travails Of A Long-Suffering Teacher.
- Jenny? - Yep? Can you find out for me what class Bianka Vale's in? - Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Chris Yeah? Michael and Bianka Vale's dad's in the school.
- What? - He's already tried to take Michael.
- Erm, Mr Budgen.
- Mr Budgen, thank you.
Look, contact Mrs Vale, see if she's given him permission.
Actually, Chris, you know what, phone security and let Kim know.
Oh, sorry, Mr Budgen.
I'm Gary, Bianka's dad.
I've come to take her to the dentist.
Her mum forgot all about it, so she called me.
She's stuck at work.
Bianka Vale, off you go.
- I told you I'd come back for you, didn't I? - I thought you'd forgot it was my birthday.
Since when has your dad ever not took you somewhere special for your birthday? Can you confirm they've got an appointment with you this morning? Michael and Bianka Vale.
OK, thank you.
Mrs Vale isn't answering her phone.
And he was lying about the dentist.
So you didn't you read the memo? There's a prohibited steps order against him.
Mr Vale isn't allowed any unsupervised contact with Bianka or her brother Michael, or within 100 yards of Waterloo Road, Grantly.
For God's sake.
(Mutters) Stupid! Rachel, Bianka didn't have a dentist's appointment.
So her Dad was lying? Yeah.
Do you know that he's just taken her out of Grantly's classroom? - I can't believe this.
- What, just now? Yes, just now.
Let's just calm down and have a think about this.
He's not allowed to see his kids without supervision.
That means a judge somewhere felt he's a threat to them.
Keep trying to get hold of Mrs Vale, this is our responsibility.
Are you excited? Will I get in trouble with Miss Mason for this, Dad? Don't you worry, princess.
The baddies won't stop us this time.
Miss Mason? I've got all kinds of treats lined up for you.
This is going to be the best day of your life.
Bianka! The security guard saw Rachel pulling out of the gates.
What? What's she playing at? (Rings) Great! I'm calling the police.
I'm going to try Mrs Vale again.
There you go, some treats for the journey.
What's up with this window? It doesn't work.
I'll have to get this sorted.
Come on.
Kim - it's me.
I'm following them, Bianka and her dad.
Have you told the police yet? Right, OK.
Tell them it's a white van - it's L831 UKF.
It's on the Meadow Estate, heading west out of town.
I've got to go.
The police seem pretty worried.
So they should be - the guy's just abducted his daughter.
Yeah, it's not just a guy, though, is it? It's her dad.
The courts don't just slap restraining orders on for no reason.
The courts can be a bit anti-father.
Yeah, so the fathers say - the same ones that don't pay the child maintenance.
Is everything that black and white with you? Mothers good, fathers bad? Hang on, if you're trying to compare my situation with Mrs Vale? Hi, it's Kim Campbell here, Waterloo Road.
Look, we're having a bit of an emergency this morning.
We wondered if you could come in.
# I watch you hang in that bar # I'm watching what you do # I'm always watching from afar GRANTLY: What? # But I know your every move Oh, for God's sake, it's dead! I've lost the entire lot! I can't be doing with these things.
I'm going to go out and get myself a proper old-fashioned typewriter.
# I'll never let you get away # I wanna hold you # I can't do without you # Hold you # There's nothing I won't do Got your text.
- Check this out, it's brilliant! - What's it about? Teachers in this school.
Bee Gee the narrator, that's Budgen, in't it? "They stripped Bee Gee of his departmental with a third-class degree in his place.
Such was the educational wisdom of the time.
" We shouldn't be reading this, Philip.
It's private.
(Ros reads) "of head teacher despite a career involving fumbling about in bed with men she didn't know.
" Why's he saying that? Right.
Well We'll see what the other teachers have to say about Budgen's little novel.
Why isn't Michael with us, Dad? I wanted him to be but he couldn't come with us.
It's a shame, isn't it? But we'll still have fun.
You're a mentaloid.
You'd have dropped that jar.
You must drive your mum and dad mad, getting in trouble all the time.
Well, what can they do? It's not that they don't nag, I just don't listen.
Have you finished translating the sentences? No.
So what exactly have you been doing all lesson? Well, I've been chatting, having a laugh flirting with Amy.
- (Laughter) Right, then you'll do it at home and the next exercise.
I won't.
And the one after that for your cheek.
Miss, there's no point giving me homework, cos I just don't do it.
I want you to leave this classroom straight away.
Only if Amy comes with me, though.
Amy's staying where she is.
- Sit down, Finn.
- I don't want him here, Amy.
You heard her.
Come on.
Right, I'm reporting you both to Ms Campbell.
Get it off your chest.
I'll help you, if you want.
- Get out.
- (Laughter from class) He said the dentist's.
But I didn't have an appointment.
He said the same thing to Bianka.
I want to know how my daughter has been snatched from here.
Do you want to come with us, please? Mum - where's Dad taken Bianka? Look, he's doing this to wind me up.
I'm going to kill him, I swear to God I am.
- Chris.
- Yeah? The new boy - Finn Sharkey? - Oh, no.
- Oh, yes, he is a problem pupil.
- "Upon being asked to" - Sorry, not now, Steph.
What d'you mean? The boy should be out on his ear.
Yes, but it'll have to wait, we've got an emergency.
What emergency? Bianka Vale's dad abducted her from school.
But I'll see to him later.
Trust me - I'll look foRWard to it.
White van heading west in direction of Liverpool.
Check all A and B roads.
When you find him, chuck him in a cell and throw away the key.
Mrs Vale, we need you to think where he might have taken Bianka.
I don't know how his rotten mind works.
If I did, I'd never have married him in the first place.
Why did you get the order against him, Mrs Vale? Because he kept going over his time with the kids.
Only cos we wanted him to.
Never mind turning up at the house every weekend, demanding to see 'em, when he knows it's every second weekend he gets them.
At least he takes us places.
He just point blank refuses to do what the court says that he should.
I'd rather see Dad than your new boyfriend.
This has got absolutely nothing to do with Frank, Michael.
This is to do with your dad being a selfish bully.
He's just trying to make my life a misery.
This is where I've been living for the last month.
Really? Why? Gives me time to think - away from prying eyes.
But you don't live here full time? Look, don't you bother about me, this is your birthday and we're here to celebrate.
Dad! On our own? Mikey was supposed to be here too.
I got it all decked out nice for both of you.
Come on, let's take a look.
- There you go.
- It's lovely, Dad.
And check this fridge out over here.
Any one you like.
And then get yourself a big slice of that birthday cake.
- Who's that? - You stay there.
- Hello.
- May I help you? - Mr Vale - Miss Mason? Hi, Bianka.
I'm Bianka's head teacher and I just wanted to check that she's OK.
Well, now you've checked.
Bianka's fine.
Mr Vale, you shouldn't have taken her.
Miss - it's my birthday, Dad was just giving me a surprise.
But your dad also knows that we need to tell people where you are.
I'm afraid the police have been informed.
You're in violation of your contact agreement.
Please, don't get him in trouble.
We just want to see each other.
The police have no right to keep him from us.
Miss Mason knows that a father shouldn't be banned from seeing his own flesh and blood.
I don't make the law, Mr Vale.
No, you don't make the law.
It wasn't her who got us separated, was it? That was your mum.
Look, why don't I call your mum, tell her where you are? She might be happy if she can come and supervise here.
Mum'll just spoil things, won't she? Make Dad angry, like she always does.
Go and settle down in your bunk, Bee.
You've got your own TV in there.
I just want to say cheerio to Miss Mason.
Oh, my God.
- Well, he came for Michael this morning.
- I know.
Thank God that I checked.
It seems Bianka wasn't so lucky.
Oh, come on, Tom! to remember every domestic barney.
Hear, hear.
Sounds like more than a domestic.
What's going on in this bloke's mind? You wouldn't believe this.
Some thieving toe rag's gone and stolen my best food mixer.
Hello? Thief in the school.
A child's been abducted, Ruby.
Bianka Vale.
By her own father.
This isn't helping anyone, Mr Vale.
It's time to stop.
Have you got a husband? No.
I didn't think so.
All that yakking you do.
I do understand how frustrating this is for you.
But you must realise it's not the way to do things.
I know what's best for my family.
She's my daughter.
I'll do what I want with her.
But you can't keep dragging it out like this.
The police are looking for us.
The best thing we can do now is take her back to school.
Back to her mum, you mean? I don't think so.
Bianka's seen the last of her.
What do you mean? She'll live the rest of her life regretting the day she turned her back on me.
She'll learn that she can't just replace me.
Now why don't you get back in your car and drive off? Because I am not leaving without her, Mr Vale.
Dad? Go back inside, have some more cake.
It's your favourite.
- Miss Mason's just leaving.
- Stay, Bianka.
That cake is a birthday treat.
Now you've ruined it.
- You've ruined my daughter's special day.
- Hey.
She hasn't, Dad.
Come on, let's go back inside.
We can have a party still.
Leave, Miss Mason.
Miss, you're getting him angry.
If you're so intent on having a birthday party, why don't you invite me? Hm? We'll be fine, I think you should go.
No, cos I really fancy a cup of tea and a piece of cake and I don't think it's going to be a problem.
Come on, show me what you've got.
Come on.
We're checking with his family and friends.
Friends? He doesn't have any friends.
All he's got is his precious maggots.
Ugh, he's a maggot himself.
He goes fishing? Yeah, that's all he does - since his plumbing business went down the pan.
Whereabouts does he go fishing? In the sea? By a river? I don't know.
A lake.
We go together.
- He took me a few weeks ago.
- Yeah? Can you remember where? What lake? No, I don't think so.
- Can I have another little bit, Bianka? - If you want.
As your dad says, it's delicious.
Here, let me.
Then maybe after you can leave us in peace.
Bianka, why don't you show me what presents you got? Let's have a look.
Haven't you got a school to run or something? Miss, I think you should go now.
I'll come in school tomorrow and I'll work extra, extra hard.
There, you heard her.
Look, Miss Mason, I know that I flouted the rules a little bit, but just give us today, and tomorrow I'll drive her back into school and I'll sort it all out with her mum, OK? He's got a caravan he uses to make tea.
He said it was his hideaway.
Hideaway? From what? Dunno.
My mum? He was saying a lot of bad things about her, especially last time.
I didn't like it, but he wouldn't stop.
What was different last time? Did he say anything that seemed odd? Just the normal stuff about Mum - that she needed to lose something, like he had.
He said it a lot.
I do understand how you two want to spend the day together, it being your birthday and everything.
What about if I stay for another hour, then I drive her back, as a compromise? No.
She's staying here with me.
I don't want Mum having a go at me.
We're going out tonight.
I bet he's coming along as well, isn't he? No, you're staying here.
And your mum's not going to say a word about it.
Gary, you mustn't drag your kids into the troubles you have with your wife.
It's not fair on them.
Don't worry.
It's Joely who's going to suffer.
Dad, what are you talking about? Nothing for you to worry about, princess.
Nothing at all.
Done? You all right there, Ruby? Oooh, yeah.
Weighs a ton! What are you doing, judging a pie-baking contest? No.
No er Ooh.
I've erm I've got marking for the weekend, bit of a backlog and I can't concentrate at home.
Not with all those mad chavs and that woman next door.
Did I tell you about her in her boudoir? (Grunts suggestively) Anyway, listen, don't tell Rachel.
We should show you Waterloo Road properly sometime, Gary.
Show you all the great work that Bianka's done last term.
My children mean everything to me.
They're doing so well at school.
They're an absolute pleasure to teach.
I've always told them they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it.
You've been as good your word.
Gary why don't we take her back? Why don't we? I'm sure we can work something out for you.
Maybe we should, Dad? And spoil this special party? I didn't mean that.
You know, why would you bring her here for a special party in the middle of nowhere? No family or friends.
Why are you doing that, Gary? I think we've heard enough from you.
Get out.
- Stop it! - Just think about it.
- I want to go home.
- Back inside, princess.
Go on.
Fancy coming round to mine tonight mate, play a bit of pool? Dunno, mate.
What about you two girls? Amy's coming to mine for her tea tonight.
OK, we're at the Helmsley Forest.
Yeah, we're down by the lake, and it's like a white caravan.
Get the police down here now, Kim, cos I've got to go back.
Are you mad? Kim, I've got to go back.
I'm terrified that girl's in danger.
No, Rachel, just wait until the police get there.
Erm she's at the caravan.
Helmsley Forest, by the lake.
She seems to think that he might turn violent.
Oh, don't be daft.
He's never touched a hair on her head.
Look, I'm sorry, I don't believe this.
Well, she's going to go back in there, to make sure that Bianka's all right.
- I want to come.
- We wouldn't advise that.
Either you take me with you or I will drive myself.
Come on you, get your stuff.
We'll keep you posted.
(Gas hisses) This is the worst birthday I've ever had.
Shush, love.
Just calm down, will you? Bianka, get out now! Run! (Screams) What's this? "Hysteria, one could argue, comes with the territory.
Most teachers learn to keep a lid on it - not so our queen of so called 'food technology'.
Seldom in the history of Trafalgar Street has there been a teacher whom one would wish to turn on a garden hose at full power.
" (Chuckles) Who sent you that? - I don't know.
But we've all got one.
- Have we? Is that supposed to be funny? Spare yourself, dear lady.
There is clearly a poison pen on the premises.
Please, erase all memory of it and allow me to pursue the perp.
Ever the gentleman, eh, Grantly? Do you know something? You are a sad, pathetic little man, clearly in need of psychiatric help.
Grantly! Do you know Rachel's putting her life in danger right now because of your laziness and your incompetence? The man that you let skip off with Bianka this morning from your classroom.
Now he's threatening to hurt his daughter.
If anything happens to either of them, Grantly OK, Kim come on, you've made your point.
Kim, I'm sorry.
You're sorry? No, no, Grantly, sorry is not good enough! It's just going to happen again because you don't care! And you so have to care in this job! Look, Kim, if you want to be angry at someone, try Rachel.
Sometimes you call the police and let them get on with it.
You honestly expect her to just walk away from a child? She's got responsibilities to the entire school, not just one kid.
(Phone rings) Hello.
They've located the caravan.
We have to go careful here.
(Gas hisses) I'm sorry, princess.
(Coughs) Gary Vale! - Are you in there? POLICEMAN: Mr Vale? - Bianka! - Mum! - Bianka! - Mum! Mum! - This is the police.
- Bianka! Mrs Vale! Mrs Vale, come back! Gary! I am going to flaming kill you! Make him stop.
Please, make him stop.
Gary! Get off! Gary! Mr Vale, can you come out and talk to us? Go away! Stop it, you're scaring me.
We're going nowhere, and you're going to jail! I asked you to leave, now go away! I told you! I told you a dozen times! - Dad! POLICE: Mr Vale! But did you listen? No! POLICE: Come out and talk to us! BIANKA: Tell us what you're doing.
Come on, Gary, just let her go.
She's your daughter.
Please! This is all down to you.
Dad! Bianka! Bianka? Bianka! (Sobbing) Bianka! Are you all right? Are you OK? All you all right? Are you OK? (Sobs) Dad.
Dad! You're all right.
You're all right.
It's over.
Rachel's OK.
Thank God.
What about Bianka? Fine.
I'll go and let everyone know.
Her dad's dead.
He tried to kill them all.
Thank you.
Come here.
It's all right.
Right, OK, guys.
Everyone home now, safe and sound, yeah.
Come on.
Kim, it was so close.
Actually, do you mind if you give me No, go.
Go, go.
Just Just give her a minute.
- Night, night, girls.
- Bye.
See ya.
I've just got to go now, anyway to get some more marking.
God help me! Night, everyone! Bonkers.
- Oh, no.
- What's the matter? My purse has gone.
Your purse? It was right there in my bag when I went to the loo.
I'm sure it was just there in my bag.
- Thanks for the tour.
- Wouldn't want you getting lost.
You might end up in trouble or something.
- Good as gold, me, Miss Porter.
- That why they kicked you out of Forest Hill? No that's because they just couldn't handle my enthusiasm for bunking off lessons.
Could never be bothered going in.
When I got expelled was the first time I met my form tutor.
Wicked! I thought you said you had to move forms cos your tutor fancied you.
Without even meeting you? Wow.
No, that was a different school, Ames.
Never last more than a term anywhere, me.
But judging by the warm welcome I've had today, it might be time to start settling down.
Lucky us.
Who are you? The fun police? Ruby! Ooh, I'm very busy, Steph.
You've got Jo's purse, haven't you? Oh erm no, I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on, I know you nicked it.
I bet if I looked in your boot, there'd be more than marking in your big bag.
Just go back and help Jo "find" her flaming purse, will you? After that, you and I are going to go for a little drink.
Go on.
Ruby Hey, you.
Oh, hello, sir.
A word.
Just any old word, or? Shift it, you lot.
Ms Haydock tells me you've been up to your old tricks again.
Any specific trick? I've got a few.
Right, you listen to me.
You take this as your first warning.
If I have to give you another one, I'll make sure you're thrown out of this school as well.
Which means you'll have to abandon your little fan club over there.
Are we clear? What did he say? Have to behave myself.
Fat chance.
Any hassle off him, my dad'll bop him! Come on, then, let's have ourselves a party.
We told you.
We're not coming.
Amy? See you tomorrow, guys.
Sorry, mate.
I promised my dad I'd go footie.
Oh, it's OK, I've got a few mates from my old school coming over, anyway.
See you tomorrow.
- That's what you're looking for.
- Yeah, that's mine.
I was just about to hand that into the office and Steph said.
Thank you, Ruby.
I can't understand what happened, but thank you.
I'm sorry about your equipment being stolen today.
Oh, yes.
Ruby found it.
Did she? Great.
- That drink? - Yeah.
You just don't know how hellish my life is right now.
My John, he's gone to pieces because of all the debt he's put us in.
I can't stand it.
You know, my wages, they are spent even before I've earned them, I just don't know how I'm expected to cope.
Why not stop being daft and go to the doctor? - Because I don't believe in pills.
- Well, you should! Listen after Maxine died, I eventually went to the doctor's and got some sleeping tablets.
And honestly, it was the best night's sleep I'd had in months.
Helped, I must admit, by a few of these.
I'm going to get us another one.
Steph Steph Look I I really appreciate, you know, you not telling Rachel.
(Knock at door) Right, no matter what you say, you need a drink.
Red wine is required.
Yeah, I think you might be right there.
And you also need a lecture about how important you are to this school.
- Chris, please - Never take risks like that again.
Yeah? How did he get in here? If you're determined enough, you'll get in.
We can't wrap the school in barbed wire.
As of next week, we focus our efforts.
We've got to put our pupils' emotional health right at the top of the agenda.
Yeah? Finn, it's Mum.
I'm going to be away for the rest of the week, I'm afraid.
It can't be helped.
The case is dragging out.
There should be something to eat in the fridge for you.
I've transferred more cash into the food account but call Dad if you need any extra.
He's back at the weekend.
That's all, really.
Take care, lots of love.
I'll see you soon.
Bye - bye.

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