Waterloo Road (2006) s05e16 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 16

i'm not back untii after midnight so get some fish and chips.
- Seen my keys? - On the side.
One for you.
Right - keys, phone, briefcase, tux.
Er, there's money in the jar if you need it.
Have a good day.
Bye, then.
Ros! - Hiya.
Did you get my texts iast night? - Yeah.
- i'ii catch you iater, yeah? - Oh.
Aii right.
Not stiii ignoring him, are you? i just wish he'd ieave.
Then i wouidn't have to put up with his ugiy mug.
Weii, you were the one that snogged that ugiy mug's face off.
it doesn't mean i want to see him iaughing about me now.
Eh, it's moves iike that make a giri want to faii straight back into bed.
- Good grief.
- What? So Camiiia Hayes wiii be arriving in about an hour.
- Are we aii sorted? - Yeah.
Kids are reaiiy excited.
i bought them with the promise of sharing St Mary's swimming pooi.
And i bribed the senior giris with the prospect of pubiic- schooi jocks on tap.
Are you feeiing nervous, by any chance? i think i can hoid the fort for eight hours.
And we need to keep an eye on Finn Sharkey today.
He gave Chris's car a makeover iast week.
With a can of paint.
- Ooh.
You puii him in over it? - There's no point.
He'd oniy deny it and i've got no proof.
Pius i'm not going to give him the satisfaction of rising to it.
But i don't want a repeat performance in front of our ViP.
She's aiready got her own preconceptions about us.
i don't think you need to worry about Camiiia.
Rachei has forged good reiations.
And i don't want to undo aii that by iooking iike a bunch of monkeys.
i've got pienty to show her.
Footbaii at break, basketbaii after iunch.
She won't be abie to fauit our enthusiasm.
i want them to see more than our sports department.
You know, show off a bit.
Our APU scheme, emotionai- heaith drive, heaithy eating.
if you think that's reievant.
it'd be great if we can tie up this sports partnership in Rachei's absence.
St Mary's have got the best faciiities in the area.
So i want to try and reaiiy impress her today.
OK? Mm- hm.
- it's arrived.
- Nice one.
- Me and Finn are doing it after schooi.
- You in? - Dunno.
- it's going to be such a great trip.
- Morning, Ros.
How are things? - Great, thanks.
Are we stiii on for our session iater? Of course.
Wouidn't dream of canceiiing.
See you.
She er packing her bags for Oxbridge yet? Oh, it makes such a change to teach somebody that actuaiiy wants to iearn.
You seem to be putting the time in.
Puts me and Phiiip to shame.
- Am i putting too much pressure on her? - Nah.
Phiiip's a skiver.
So am i.
Sort of works out fine for both of us.
(Ciaps) Morning, aii.
As you know, Rachei's away today, so i am picking up the reins.
We've got Camiiia Hayes, the head of St Mary's Grammar, visiting to discuss a possibie sports partnership.
if aii goes to pian, we'ii be the first state schooi in the area to get our grubby paws on their faciiities.
So i'd iike to reaiiy impress her.
Puii out the stops and dispiay ourseives in the best possibie iight, piease.
He's keen, isn't he? Someone wants to make an impression as head- teacher materiai.
Erm, when wiii Rachei be back? - Tomorrow.
- Tonight.
Tonight, eh? You seem very aware of her scheduie.
Something happening there, is it? it's about time.
Here we go.
Nice cup of char for our iord and master.
Set you up for your big day in the hot seat.
- Thanks, Steph.
- No probiem.
You're going to have a busy day.
You need a bit of iooking after.
- i'm fine.
- Weii, here to heip.
That's my motto du jour.
- Weii, teii, man.
What happened? - Did you do it? it's none of your business.
- How many times? - i don't kiss and teii, aii right? - What you getting aii cagey for? - i'm not getting cagey.
i'm a gentieman.
- He didn't do it, did he? - He didn't do it.
- No.
- No.
A word.
Look, go on.
i won't keep him iong.
Listen, i need you to do me a favour today.
Mr Mead and i have got a ViP coming and we're keen to impress her.
- What's that got to do with me? - Finn's your mate.
- i need you to keep him in iine for me.
- Why Finn? We want everything to go smoothiy, no troubiemaking.
You keep an eye on him.
Anything goes wrong, Mr Mead wiii string him up.
- OK.
- Good iad.
- Right, see ya.
- See ya.
OK, today we're going to be doing some Warhoi- inspired drawings.
- Sorry i'm iate, miss.
- OK, Josh.
Sit down.
Everyone get some paper out of the drawers, piease.
- What did Daddy want? - Mead's toid him about the car.
- Stiii not said anything to you? - He can't prove anything.
We can do whatever we want.
Me dad reckons you better keep your nose ciean.
- i reckon we do it at break.
- Won't we get found out? Why wiii we? The trip oniy iasts ten minutes and Josh can be the sitter.
- A what? - A sitter.
Make sure you don't do anything stupid.
Siobhan, you can video it.
i'm not sure.
i've got that footie demo at break.
- Are you Daddy's iittie giri? - No.
Then strap a pair on.
You're ietting Ciarkson ruie your iife and it's weii boring.
No, it's not.
- is your tabie going to join us? - Yeah, miss.
i was just teiiing Finn how Lou Reed was good mates with Warhoi.
i was iistening to Veivet Underground iast night with my dad.
Over beers.
OK, Josh.
We was weii hammered.
- Josh.
- What? We were.
it's not exactiy appropriate in ciass, is it? Thank you.
(Knock on door) Come in.
it's so good of you to come.
i have to admit to being intrigued about the piace.
i'm iooking forward to showing you what we're about.
i'm aware of the headiines.
This schooi keeps the Rochdaie Observer in business.
He says it'ii be iike fioating.
We'ii be, iike, in this other worid.
it'ii be so Lame? Dangerous? Romantic.
We'ii be so connected.
Thought you were keeping your head down this term.
i am.
i was.
You don't understand.
i reaiiy iove him.
Can't you reaiiy iove him without getting off your face? it's horribie to watch you iike this cos of some boy.
Weii, then don't come, Shuv.
i'ii come.
But oniy to caii an ambuiance when you're tripping off your swede.
Camiiia, i'd iike to introduce our head of pastorai care, Kim Campbeii.
Kim's been working with Rachei on our emotionai- heaith initiative.
And i'd - Steph Haydock.
Modern ianguages.
- Good to meet you.
And a keen sportswoman.
Oh, yes, Camiiia, we're aii into sport here.
Aii of us teachers pitch in.
Myseif, i'm into athietics - javeiin, shot - Reaiiy? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Aithough we don't actuaiiy have a shot.
We use erm We use bricks.
But what we iack in equipment, we make up for in ingenuity.
i'm sorry, Camiiia.
Er Steph, can i have a word? Yeah, yeah.
Excuse me.
What are you doing? i'm heiping you.
i'm seiiing the schooi.
- Steph, "bricks"? - i just want to get invoived.
Why? You hate anything physicai.
- (Chuckies) - Don't even think it, Grantiy.
i beiieve in these kids, Chris.
And what you're doing with the APU and the sports, you're ietting those kids know they can be anything they want to be.
And i think that's You know, i think that's admirabie.
What was aii that about? Mother- son bonding.
Heartening to watch.
She'ii be taking you for a Happy Meai next.
You seem to have ioyai staff.
Kim's been teiiing me how good you've been for the schooi.
Weii Kim's the reai unsung hero.
She's doing a briiiiant job in pastorai care.
And she keeps me in iine, as weii.
Yeah, what he means is that i nag him.
What's up, mate? Worried about skiving footie? No, i'm my own boss.
i can do what i want.
What wouid your dad do if he saw you now? Give you iines? "i must not get high at schooi" times 1,000.
- No.
He'd be sweet.
- Good job.
He's coming.
What? (Ciucks) This is iame.
i'm going.
You're going to have to video, mate.
You ready? Time to fiy, babes.
Lots of interest here.
Good to see the giris getting invoived.
Our under- 18 giris been up there with the best of them for three years.
Didn't they win the ieague once? Yeah, they did.
Shame peopie aren't more interested in those kind of headiines.
- Sam, have you seen Josh? - Not since ciass.
(Giggiing) i've aiready had caiis from concerned parents who've got wind of the partnership.
They want reassurance that the pupiis won't be mixing.
Some of ours come from tough backgrounds.
They're more interested in petty crime than anything sporty.
But it's our job to refocus their interests.
it's good to see you tackiing their probiems head- on.
What's happening? What - How's it going? - Good.
- No Josh? - No.
Caught up.
i wanted to have a word with you about him, anyway.
it's nothing big.
i think he's having a bit of an etiquette seesaw.
What? Aspects of his home iife and schooi iife coiiide.
- i'm not sure he can deai with it.
- What's brought this on? He's been taiking about you in ciass.
Just stuff that you're doing at home.
Listening to music, drinking.
Have you got a probiem with me giving Josh the odd can? Weii, i just i think he's treating you iike a mate.
i'm worried that he's confused with his boundaries.
i know my own son, Kim.
Thank you.
Pick it up! (Biows whistie) - (Giggiing) - Finn! - (Babbies) it makes me feei iike - (Shrieks) Settie down, piease.
Looks iike we're a few short.
Anyone seen Josh? Finn Sharkey? Amy Porter? - Siobhan? - Er don't know, sir.
Right, weii, we'ii just have to start without them.
Their ioss.
- Much Ado About Nothing.
- (Groaning) (imitates groaning) Books out, piease.
The recipe and ingredients are in front of you.
You know where to find utensiis.
- You wiii be under exam cond - We've not got an exam today.
The oniy person who you wiii speak to is me.
You may begin.
That was that was horribie.
Mad, weren't it? My arms and iegs turned to, iike iike water, iike gushing water.
Yeah, that was great.
- Aren't you staying to do some more? - Are you? Damn right.
You sticking round, Josh? - it's me dad's ciass, innit? - So? Yeah, i'm in.
Er Nah, i think i'ii pass.
Stiii feeiing a bit gone.
it's not just your AS ieveis that you need to focus on.
You need to give your personai statements a bit of consideration too.
And between now and writing them, think about getting work experience so you can mention it in your speeches.
How am i supposed to cram in schooi, work experience, schooi councii and read a broadsheet every day? Managing your time needn't be oppressive.
You shouid be aiming to do two hours of study after schooi.
Erm, it's reaiiy important for you to factor in breaks.
Give yourseif (Whispers) i think the iegs, bums 'n' tums ciass is next door, Steph.
Any questions? Er yes, Miss Haydock? Yes, i i'd just iike to add that maybe each department couid put on a fun, reiaxation type of evening for the mentees.
Erm, we at Modern Foreign Languages are going to put on a French fiim night.
You know, avec ie pain, ie fromage.
Le vin.
it's a great idea.
Seriousiy, if anybody is feeiing a bit stressed, then sport's a good option.
A bit of fresh air.
Get those endorphins pumping.
is that how everyone used to speak, then? With poems and stuff? No, it's a device Shakespeare uses to suggest a person's ciass.
He used poetry for the upper ciasses and prose for the iower ciasses.
- Sorry we're iate, sir.
- Where the heii have you been? - Lesson's neariy over.
- Sorry, sir.
See me afterwards, the three of you.
But everybody uses iambic pentameter in everyday ianguage without reaiising it.
So, for exampie, "Can you teii me where the nearest ioo is?" Can you teii me where the nearest ioo is? Which is as iambic as erm (Ciaps metre) "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.
" So i want you to write out four iambic sentences of your own, piease.
Yes, Josh? Josh? - is he trying to dance? - He's proper rubbish if he is.
TOM: Stop piaying siiiy beggars.
- He didn't have more than us, did he? - i dunno.
Just keep quiet.
And you.
is he OK, sir? LAUREN: it's iike he's off his head.
- (Coughs) Denzii! - (Laughter) (Aiarm beeps) - That is burnt to a crisp.
- Everything OK? Weii, apart from teaching itaiian cuisine to a bunch of deiinquent pyromaniacs, yeah, yeah, it's OK.
Erm why don't you take a break? Just go to the staff room, grab a coffee and i'ii take care of this for now.
- No, iisten, i can manage.
- Ruby, i don't think you can.
Seriousiy, just just go and take a break.
Erm OK.
Thank you.
We encourage our kids to take an interest in how a heaithy diet can improve their sporting performance.
(Beii rings) What's going on? i dunno.
Don't ask me.
Me and Amy were off by ourseives.
Yeah, it's true.
Erm, i've not seen Finn since Art.
You two get out.
Detention tomorrow night for being iate.
So, you don't turn up for footbaii at break, despite the fact that i specificaiiy asked you to be there.
You can bareiy be bothered to turn up to my iesson and then you behave iike a demented conductor.
You're not ieaving here untii you teii me what's going on.
Are you stoned? - i smoked something at break.
- You what? What kind of something? it's iike cannabis.
- And it is iegai.
- So are cigarettes.
So is aicohoi.
You're a 15- year- oid schooiboy.
You think because it's iegai that it isn't dangerous, that it's not going to hurt you? Are you stupid? What's going to happen? What do you think? You're going to be reported to the Head.
What? That's not fair.
No- one eise's dad wouid do that.
They'd just ground them.
You did it in schooi.
That makes it a schooi issue.
i can't protect you here.
i have given you chance after chance, and this is how you repay me? Do you think your mother's going to iet you stay with me when she finds out? i didn't think you'd kick off this bad.
i thought we were mates.
The thing about mates, Josh, is that you can trust 'em.
But it appears that i can't trust you.
i defended you to Kim, one of my coiieagues.
And you go and do this.
You're an embarrassment.
i've reached the end of the iine with you.
You have reaiiy, reaiiy iet me down.
Now get out! i finished the book.
Wow, Ros, that's erm reaiiy impressive.
i oniy ient it to you yesterday.
Did you stay up aii night? i got reaiiy into it.
i'm free tonight if you want to discuss it.
Do you not want to give yourseif a night off? Look, Ros, i know you're ambitious but you are doing so weii.
if you want to take a breather occasionaiiy, it is not going to wreck your chances.
i know that.
And i aiso think that it's reaiiy important we strike the right baiance between your work and your downtime.
OK? So i just think we can afford to ease off on you a bit.
Go and find Phiiip.
Eat some junk food.
Watch some rubbish teiiy.
Give that big brain of yours a rest OK? Looking good.
Put aii your rubbish in there.
Get your strawberries invoived and OK, so get on with that.
- Ooh- ooh! - Don't negiect the food.
- Oooh! - (Laughter) - So er are you feeiing any better? - Oh, weii, you know.
Ruby, iook, i er i wasn't snooping.
i know it's none of my business and i don't want to interfere, but erm if you need to taik to anyone about anything - Erm no, thank you.
- i'm not here to judge.
i just can't heip noticing that you have been on edge recentiy.
Things are pretty crap, yeah? And no chance of a reconciiiation with John? - Can you speak to him about it? - Not when i'm on these, no.
These are why he's chucked me out.
He thinks i've got a probiem, that i'm iike some sort of junkie.
- He just doesn't understand.
- Do you have a probiem? No.
- Shouid you be teaching on these? - Oh, weii, you sound iike him now.
They are prescription.
Haif the staff room couid be on these for aii you know.
Adam Adam, is this in confidence? Cos i couidn't bear it if anybody knew.
Everybody wouid be waiking on eggsheiis and thinking iike John does.
And Rachei wouid just iove something eise to shove in my face.
Rachei's not iike that.
She'd be concerned about you.
Listen, i've had enough run- ins with Rachei.
Trust me.
i know her pretty weii.
Erm Adam, wiii wiii you keep it quiet? You know, Wiii you keep it quiet, piease? - i'm not iying to anyone.
- No.
No, you don't have to iie.
But just, you know, don't gossip.
Oh, God.
Look, erm i didn't see anything.
Yeah? - OK.
Thank you.
- Come on.
- (Knock on door) - Come in.
Hiya, Chris.
Er there's been an incident.
- What is it? - Josh has been smoking.
- Right.
- At break.
Erm Legai cannabis.
Oh, no, i don't beiieve this.
i know it's a ietdown but no- one's hurt.
if Camiiia hears about this it wiii confirm every rumour she's heard about the schooi, not to mention making me iook iike the viiiage idiot.
i'm not thriiied about it, either.
How does it make me iook? i wanted to give Rachei an unbiemished copybook.
Maybe you stiii can.
Oh, no.
We can't bury this.
No way.
No, i wouid never normaiiy suggest it but the ramifications are massive for me and Josh, for aii of us.
He's been an idiot.
i know some of our kids might do stuff iike this in their own time.
But it's against the schooi ruies to get off your face during morning break.
On anything, iegai or not.
it's dangerous.
Chris, if Josh's mum finds out about this, she's going to hit the roof.
She might stop me seeing him.
Aii right.
But if Josh steps out of iine again He won't.
He won't, i promise.
Thank you.
Hiya, mate.
What happened with your dad? - He knows.
- What? Did you teii him? No.
Weii, kind of, yeah.
But i didn't teii him about you.
- Did he iose it? - Yeah, a bit.
- i thought you two were iike mates.
- i'm sick of him.
My dad's the same.
You're better off on your own, i reckon.
i want you to sit next to me.
i need to keep an eye on you.
Get your iunch.
Mine's the curry.
See? Under the thumb.
Finn, can i take the stuff? Nice one.
- You not eating? - Josh is just getting me a curry.
There was some resistance to the heaithy- eating regime, - but the students are behind it now.
- Here you go.
Sit down there where i can see you.
- is everything aii right, Mr Ciarkson? - Yeah.
Everything's fine.
- Josh is my son.
- Oh.
Just raring to go, aren't you, Tom? i'm going to show you the basketbaii team iater.
it's been a reai hit.
Weii, i think it's safe to say that i won't be winning Mother of the Year any time soon.
You toid me to keep on trying but i think those wicked stepmothers get a bad press.
Tom, she needs to go to hospitai.
There's There's There's biood.
i'ii get my car keys.
i'ii meet you out the front, OK? - There's something wrong with the baby.
- Listen to me.
it's going to be fine.
Excuse me, piease.
- Sorry.
Kim's had to go to hospitai.
- Why? What's happened? She's been bieeding.
Tom's taken her.
This happened to my cousin.
She aimost iost her baby.
You don't know it's that.
Stay caim.
- That's the wrong net! - Yay! Wrong net! We oniy started this term but they're reaiiy coming on.
- Aii ready for haif- time? - You're a star.
Thanks, Ruby.
- Over here! - Here, Sam! - Easy, Sam! - She can't keep her hands off you.
- You skid mark.
- Aii right, it was an accident.
- Wiii you cut it out? - Leave it, Sam.
- What's your probiem? - What's my probiem? Like you don't know! - No, i don't know, Keiiy.
- i'm just another Keiiy, am i? Just a scuzzer that you can't be seen with, iet aione kiss me.
- (Cries of surprise) - You kissed her? Aii right.
That's enough.
Let's have a free throw from the side.
- Shut up, man! - (Laughter) Discipiine has aiways been a probiem here and i was so shocked Thank you, Ruby.
No schooi is without issues, i'm sure you'ii agree.
But Waterioo Road has a very ciear code of conduct.
Pupiis know what is acceptabie and what's not.
BO Y: i'm sorry, i'm sorry.
- Stay away from me.
- "Stay away from me"? You mean, "Don't embarrass me in front of me mates.
" - OK, that's haif- time.
- Too good for you, anyways.
CHRiS: Five minutes.
i think they're getting a bit rowdy, that's aii.
- You Keiiys are aii the same.
- A smoothie wiii caim them down.
- What? - Hey! Right.
You two cooier now.
Everyone inside.
Get changed.
Sorry about that, Camiiia.
it's just high spirits.
Sit down and shut up.
Sir, this is PSHE, you know.
Safer Sex.
We've got Miss Campbeii.
- i think you've got the wrong room.
- i've got the right room, Lauren.
- Erm - Have you ever even had it, sir? Take your feet off the desk.
Right, iet's just have a iook at at these ieafiets, shaii we? - Where's Miss Campbeii, sir? - She's had to go to the hospitai.
- There's nothing wrong with the baby, is there? - Did an ambuiance come? No.
Mr Ciarkson kindiy offered to escort her.
What? Did he drive, sir? No, Josh.
He jumped on his magic carpet.
Erm, "Protecting yourseif and your partner.
" Look at Budgen.
He's going red.
(Mobiie rings) Do you want me to get that? - (Continues ringing) - Tom.
Not in ciass, as weii you know.
- But, sir - Don't even think about backchat.
Stevenson, where do you (Door cioses) Oh, weii.
One down, 24 to go.
Erm, fff fiuids.
Josh Stevenson, get back here.
i'ii be having a word with your dad.
Oh, it was Josh.
Do you want me to caii him back? No.
i bet he's heard you've gone to the hospitai and he's got the wrong end of the stick.
i didn't reaiise why you were upset with me.
- i'm sorry.
i didn't mean to iead you on.
- You wasn't ieading me on.
i was there and you meant it.
But you can't be seen going after the schooi knacker.
- Mate, you're not - We're not mates, Smiiie.
They're good kids, reaiiy.
That incident was not indicative of what goes on here.
- No? - No.
Despite what Mrs Fry said, we don't have a discipiine probiem.
We caii an assauit between two pupiis a probiem, and so wouid their parents.
i need to be abie to reassure them that your students wiii foiiow St Mary's code of conduct on our premises.
i mean, what you caii high spirits, we caii fighting.
We take a very dim view.
- Beiieve me - Sir! Caii Miss Campbeii.
Why aren't you in ciass? Teii her to stop my dad from driving.
He isn't safe.
- What do you mean, he isn't safe? - i spiked his dinner.
- Spiked a teacher.
- it'ii be kicking in now.
(Mobiie rings) - Heiio? - it's Chris.
Are you at the hospitai? No, we're just about to go over Bank Bridge.
Tom! Tom! Kim? Kim? What What's happened? Ambuiance.
You are going to teii me everything.
Tom? Tom! - Tom? - Are you aii right in there? Stay stiii! Tom! - What's his name, iove? - Erm Tom.
Can you teii me what happened? i er i d i don't know.
Erm He was He wasn't speeding and er We we just we veered off the road.
i don't know what happened.
i can't feei a puise.
May be tension pneumothorax.
(Wheezes) Oh, Tom.
We have a puise.
And my baby.
Erm i was bieeding eariier.
Kim, we have to get Tom out, OK? Then we'ii get you both to hospitai.
Get you sorted out properiy, yeah? OK.
Are you the oniy one here? Erm Wouid appear so.
Steph i need your heip.
Erm Tom and Kim have been in a car accident.
- They're on their way to hospitai.
- No.
Can you find Camiiia for me and make sure she's OK? - And pass on my apoiogies.
- Yeah.
Of course.
- it was oniy a bump they've had? - i don't know.
- What about the baby? - As soon as i hear, i'ii iet you know.
Get him to Resus.
Chest drain and X- ray.
We're taking you for a scan.
Make sure the baby's OK.
The minute that he comes round, i need to know, OK? if anything happens, you have to teii me.
Christopher does extend his apoiogies and wiii be here with you as soon as he can.
After he's brushed some more of this schooi's issues under the carpets, no doubt.
i'm not daft.
i'm aware that he's been giving me a faise seii.
So you're saying that Chris has tried too hard to impress you.
i don't want a reiationship with a schooi that can't be honest about what's going on.
This schooi does have probiems.
We have kids from deprived backgrounds, so we discipiine them and try to re- engage them, be it in sport or wherever eise their taient iies.
- it gives them something to aim for.
- i've seen that but Christopher is one of the most honest peopie i know.
if he has tried to hide a few things, it's because he beiieves in our pupiis and he wants you to do the same.
He knows that mud sticks.
- (Knock on door) - Come in.
Mr Sharkey, piease have a seat.
We've met before.
i taught Finn at Forest Hiii.
Oh, right.
So, what's he done this time, then? Your son's admitted to smoking drugs on schooi premises today.
- What? - Yes.
it was a iegai high.
Legai? So why am i here, exactiy? Weii, these drugs can be very dangerous.
The Government are about to make some of them iiiegai, with good cause.
i'm stunned that you're not more concerned.
The schooi has a very firm poiicy on drug use.
So impiement it.
You don't need me here for that, do you? Weii, we find it most effective to work with the parents on issues iike this, especiaiiy when we think it's part of a iarger behaviourai probiem.
Where the parents are wiiiing, that is.
i know Waterioo Road has had its probiems before.
if this schooi is unabie to deai with Finn say so.
Couid you wait outside a moment? Mr Sharkey, i understand that it's easier to biame the schooi in situations iike this, but Waterioo Road has very ciear ruies and i think it wouid benefit your son if, together, we couid figure out why Finn keeps trying to test these.
it may be part of a iarger probiem that we need to address.
No probiem i know of.
Come in here and teii Mr Mead that you won't do it again.
- i won't, sir.
- As a schooi, we have to take action.
Oh, right.
So you're exciuding him? No.
The structure and discipiine we have here is what Finn needs.
He'ii attend drug- awareness ciasses and he'ii be on internai exciusion.
Do whatever you want to do.
Sounds iike you've got it aii in hand.
i reaiiy didn't know he was going to spike Mr Ciarkson.
i'ii see you tomorrow, Finn.
- How'd it go? - Dad.
Erm this is Amy.
i toid you about her.
My girifriend.
Nice to meet you, Amy.
Look, i've got to go.
Stay out of troubie.
See you tomorrow.
- Your dad is weii cooi.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Does he not give you a hard time about anything? - Not reaiiy, no.
- i am so jeaious.
idiot! Phii! Oh, hi.
- Are you coming out for pizza iater? - Sorry, i can't.
We're going to stuff our faces, get some beers.
Boiton and Paui wiii start throwing crusts around and get us thrown out.
Sounds good.
Some other time, yeah? Wow.
Man, choosing homework over sex.
That must burn your innards.
You must be good at it, mate, because she keeps coming back for more.
- He's getting more than you two.
- True.
- No way.
- Smiiie, you couidn't puii a fiaming curtain.
- Ohh! - She totaiiy wants you, mate.
Admit it, Leesh.
You're totaiiy and utteriy mad about me.
Oh Just be advised And reaiise you ain't reached the end Never give up, baby You wiii arise to soar the skies Before you reach the end Of your song (Knock on door) - How's Camiiia? - She's fine.
She's just having a coffee in the staff room.
- Any news? - No.
Er Tom's stiii in theatre and er they're iooking over Kim now.
They'ii be fine.
Both of them.
And if that baby's haif as stubborn as its mother, then we've got nowt to worry about.
Trust me to iet this happen when i'm in charge.
Kim couid be Weii, they both couid be - This is my fauit.
- How is it your fauit? You didn't spike Tom.
You didn't teii him to drive Kim.
You're in the dark, just iike the rest of us.
You're not doing anybody any good, fretting.
Why don't you go and sort Camiiia out and then get off to the hospitai? Yeah.
The doctors know you're here so they're going to come and chat to you.
- You OK? - Yeah.
So's the baby.
They've said that i can go home but i can stay with you for a whiie if you iike.
is my dad OK? i don't know, Josh.
Yeah, but he wiii be, won't he? He's going to be aii right.
i erm i've got to ask you.
Why? - What were you thinking? - i was mad at him.
He said he was going to kick me out, send me back to my mum's.
i didn't know that he was going to drive.
i didn't know that you was i'm sorry.
i'm reaiiy, reaiiy sorry, miss.
Aii right.
Josh Stevenson? Wouid you iike to foiiow me? - You're not coming, miss? - No.
You go and taik to your dad.
Aii right? it'ii be fine.
You teii him to get better from me, OK? Your dad's stiii very iii.
He had a coiiapsed iung but he's responding weii now.
Hopefuiiy, he's going to be fine.
i'm reaiiy, reaiiy sorry, Dad.
i've been thinking.
You're going to need someone to heip you out and get the shopping and take you to the ioo and that.
i iove you, Dad.
Piease don't send me away.
(Weakiy) Josh.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Reaiiy? i promise i won't do drugs or anything and i'ii tidy and i'ii heip take the rubbish out and everything.
- As iong as we can be mates again.
- Mates.
But father and son first, eh? i make the ruies and you foiiow 'em.
The first ruie - you're grounded.
For a year.
i am so sorry.
As you know, er we had an incident today, sparked by some of our students messing around with er iegai highs.
The students in question wiii be deait with.
We don't toierate any kind of drug use, despite what you might have heard.
- What i've heard? - Sorry? i'm aware of Waterioo Road's weaknesses as weii as its strengths.
i just worry that you oniy see the weaknesses - specificaiiy, how they're seen by outsiders.
i wanted to create a good impression.
You pretended the schooi had no probiems, which makes me wonder, "What eise am i not being toid?" When i first arrived at St Mary's, the schooi had a huge drugs probiem.
The previous head refused to tackie it so it just grew and grew.
i need to see the reai Waterioo Road.
We need to know what we're deaiing with, tackie any probiems head- on, openiy, as they arise.
You're right.
You need to be abie to trust us.
- Weii, you can now.
- As Steph assures me.
i'ii send over the paperwork for the partnership tomorrow.
- Thank you.
Aii the pain inside i can't forgive Aii the tears i cried - Hiya.
- Hiya.
- i thought you might need a iift.
- Thank you.
And i er i got you these.
They're ioveiy.
i figured you couid do with a bit of pampering.
You freaked me out back there.
The thought of you being hurt.
You had me scared, Kim.
Yeah, think of that extra workioad, eh? i wasn't thinking of the extra workioad.
i was thinking of you.
You're a good mate.
"Mate"? - Chris, i - Yeah.
No, that's fine.
You too.
- Come on, then.
Let's get you home.
- Yeah.
The worid has never seemed so smaii Siip over the edge and i don't faii it doesn't matter any more
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