Waterloo Road (2006) s07e02 Episode Script

Series 7, Episode 2

Have you heard a single word I've said, madam? Can you just shut up? It's getting boring.
Listen, we're not exactly loaded at the minute and I need this job, if only to pay for your mistakes, eh? She's been behaving erratically all day.
You've just described 90% of the pupils in this school.
Tell her from me, don't play silly games.
Do you not fancy her? Too busy looking at her mate.
I thought this was a fresh start for you.
What's happened? It is.
I'm trying! Well, what do you call this essay, then? Sam? Sam? Rose! Obviously, it's early days, but the scans do show that Sam has a growth on her brain.
It's not migraines, Mrs Kelly, it's most likely a brain tumour.
And it explains many of the symptoms Sam's been experiencing, poor vision, headaches, nausea.
But so could severe migraines.
That's what the GP said.
Unfortunately, brain tumours can often present with common symptoms and can be misdiagnosed by GPs.
But this tumour, you can cure it, right? Well, like I said, it could be a serious cancer.
Well, this is ridiculous.
Sam's a kid, kids don't get cancer.
Unfortunately, sometimes they do, and the position of this tumour means that we can't operate.
Hold on a second.
All you've done are a few scans, and you're telling me my daughter's got an inoperable brain tumour? We need to send Sam for an MRI scan and a biopsy to find out what type of tumour we are dealing with, and how best to treat it.
I feel fine, now.
What kind of treatment? We need the results before we can give you a reliable prognosis, but it could involve starting a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
No, no, you'll start nothing till we get a second opinion.
Come on, love, we're going.
Karen? We're ready for you in the staff room.
Oh, yes, of course.
Well, we've had a fantastic response from all the volunteers we've contacted, so we've should have participants from the police, the Fire Brigade, a construction company and even a local firm of solicitors, so there should be something for everyone.
Can't see any of our lot becoming solicitors.
Needing one, yes.
Could you not have got a few more professions in? What's not professional about nursing and plumbing? I'm just saying we could be a bit more ambitious, surely? Well, I mean, you agree, don't you? Um, yeah.
Well, we have to be realistic, Eleanor.
I mean, most of our pupils are best suited to vocational training than university.
Obviously, there's room for an academic path, but I want them to be inspired, rather than intimidated.
Yeah, that's right.
So, back to business.
Richard Whitman, Director of Education for the LEA, is sending Carl Johnson along today to open the event for us.
Too big for his boots to open it himself, is he? I know Richard.
I did a conference with him this summer.
He's a sweetheart.
He's also very busy.
And Karl Johnson's pretty senior, so we really do need to impress him.
Also, Eleanor's going to be running a CV writing workshop to supplement her mock interviews.
Great, all we need now is bums on seats, so anyone not participating, can you please spread the word? Chris, it says here I'm supposed to be manning the teacher training post? Yeah.
It's just that, you know, dealing with the public, it's not exactly my forte.
It'll only our own pupils that you're dealing with.
Just be at the stand available to answer questions.
Yeah, but Sorry.
Why me? Because the only people available were you and Grantly, but, apparently, he's got an appointment this afternoon, so Any word from Rose? No.
She should have called by now.
She's probably hanging around in the waiting room, you know how long those tests can take.
I can't believe this.
I'll be OK.
Yes, you will.
Of course you will! Because he's talking out his backside, Sam.
I'll make another appointment with Dr Hill, see if she can fix us up with someone private, OK? I'll find the money.
Why don't I call the school, get the day off? We'll have a bit of lunch, yeah? No, I want to go in today, Mum.
It's careers day.
You just leave all this to me.
Have you got your football kit? No, I forgot it.
Well, it's a good thing I've got a memory, then.
Now there's no excuse.
I don't want to try out for the team.
Give it a go.
For mine and your dad's sake.
I don't like sports.
How would you even know? If you got out there and participated you might actually have some friends, Martin.
I'm all right.
Take up football, run around a pitch a bit, you might get a nice six pack on you.
Come on, you're a nice looking lad underneath that camouflage, if only you'd let the girls see it! Bye.
Sam! Hey.
Don't leave us hanging, how did it go? Good, it was fine.
Where's Finn? Sam! You OK? What did they say? Um, migraines.
Like, migraine headaches.
That's all the doctor said.
So, what, you just take some tablets? Pretty much, yeah.
Oh, God, I was really worried about you! Yeah, me, too.
So, you don't have to go to hospital and get an operation or? No hospital, no nothing.
Oh, brilliant! Give it back, I found it! Oh, please! Oh, yeah.
I swear, it was on the seat, right beside me on the bus.
Who reads an underwear magazine in public? You, you perv! I reckon that one could hit puberty for the lot of us.
I mean, have you seen the size of them? Eww, what's that stuck on the page? That's disgusting! Awh! I'll do you all a favour.
Oi, Aiden! Careers day or skive day, your choice.
I think we should let the ladies decide, don't you? SCHOOL BELL RINGS Migraine causes seizures? Severe migraine.
Still, though But, they did scan you? I mean, they checked for everything? Yes, Tom! I've told you.
That's great news! I was getting a bit antsy, there.
I called your mum, she didn't answer.
Well, she's got the rest of the day off, so she's probably gone out somewhere.
Yeah well, good for her.
I'm so glad you're OK.
I'm going get to lessons.
They'll crucify me.
Yup, they're kids, Daniel.
Have you seen The Omen? Yeah, well, little Damien scrubbed up nicely compared with my class.
Come on now, mate, what appointment could be more important than helping the kids, eh? Helping a bunch of disinterested chimps, more like.
The pleasure's all yours.
Come on, Grantly.
Hard luck, Daniel.
You should've got your excuses in first.
I tried.
Hmm hmm.
But you're going about it all wrong.
Come on, there must be some way you can win Grantly round.
Curriculum Vitae.
It's essentially a sales pitch, except you're selling yourself.
So accentuate the positives, but don't lie, you will get found out.
How am I supposed to accentuate three Ds and a U? Yeah, I agree it would help if you'd done some work in the first place, but it's always worth tailoring your CV for the job that you're applying for.
So big up your interests rather than your individual grades in your case.
Does picking your nose count as an interest? Martin, can you give me an example of an interest that might add to your chosen vocation? What do you do in your spare time? Eh? Um He tongs his hair, mainly, Miss.
No way! He took it out the bin! Oh, you naughty boy! How sad are you! If that's all you're interested in reading, then it's no wonder your grades are so bad.
I don't think he was reading it, Miss.
All right, that's enough.
I was only looking and it's none of your business.
You're coming with me.
You lot get on with your CVs.
Come on, Eleanor, give the kid a break.
He'll be embarrassed enough without you making a massive deal out of it.
I'm not making a massive deal.
I'm just saying the kid needs a ticking off.
OK, send him in.
Keep it at home, Martin.
It's not worth the hassle.
It's not even mine, I swear.
Next time it's a strike, yeah? All this is just wishful thinking, anyway.
What do you mean? Well, most women don't actually look like that, not in real life anyway.
Go on, off you go.
You've got 10 minutes before those football trials.
MUSIC: "Hang With Me" (acoustic) by Robyn Oh, look who it is! Hey, if you want some porn, come to me I got some proper good stuff.
Yeah, that's not a life skill I'd boast about, kid.
Just trying to be a mate.
The kid seems desperate.
I don't know.
It's just the way Kyle said it.
It was like he was sad it was over, like he wouldn't have minded being a dad.
Don't you want to be a dad some day? Yeah, some day.
In, like, 10 years or something.
With me? Give me half a chance, we'd start practicing now! Finn, I'm being serious.
I want a job, marriage, a kid.
The whole lot.
I already gave you a ring.
Yeah, and I gave you yours.
But don't panic, I'm not saying it's got to be with you.
I'm just telling you what I want from life.
It better had be with me! No, look, we got loads of time.
I reckon 26 is a good age.
OK, deal.
Are you sure you're going be OK playing netball? You've just had your tests.
I'm up for it.
Never felt better.
This looks really great.
Well, it's your vision, Maestro.
No, but you got it spot on.
Well, I had a bit of help from the volunteers.
They've been brilliant bringing in their displays and their kit, and Mandy here's even lent us her spare rack.
She has a spare? Her spare exhibition rack.
Hiya! Mandy Bellows from Beauty Within? Oh, yes, the salons? Yes.
I do lots of shows.
You need to be prepared.
That's very generous of you.
And thanks for participating in the first place.
Oh, it's a pleasure.
You know, it's dead important the kids don't just think in terms of painting nails and cutting hair.
A business is a business, you've got to have it up here to make it work.
Right, best set my stand up, I'm late as it is.
Thanks, Mand.
You two already know each other? Nah, just met this morning.
You just seem very friendly.
I'm a friendly guy.
Problem? No, no, not at all.
Mrs Fisher? Mr Johnson's arrived! Karl, thank you for coming.
I'm looking forward to it.
It's looking impressive, I must say.
Yes, well, that's thanks to Rob, our site manager.
Shall I show you around? Hey, I thought Chalky was supposed to man the stand? Well, I decided to cancel the meeting and step in for him.
Poor man was dreading it.
OK, so how much is he paying you? Oh, please! 20 quid, a bottle of scotch and two weeks' detention cover.
Poor Chalky.
Well, it's me that's gotta sit here all day trying to sell light bulbs to pygmies.
Thankless task.
Hiya, I'm Mandy.
Looks like we'll be neighbours for the day.
Somehow I think you'll cope.
You've pulled a muscle, have you(?) Which one? In my leg.
That's not what I've heard.
Shut up, Sharkey.
I can't play football, Mr Clarkson, I can't run, I swear.
Well, if you can't participate in the trials, you'll have to stay in here and do some homework.
Can't I study in the common room? No.
This isn't a free period, Martin.
Right, you lot, on the pitch in five.
Eh! We know you enjoy a bit of light relief.
Don't worry about it, mate.
Yeah, Finn, you more than most! MUSIC: "Half Asleep" by School Of Seven Bells Sam? Sam, you all right? OK? I'm OK.
Yeah? Come on then.
Oh, my God, you total perv! He was sniffing Sam's bra.
I swear! You some sort of pervert, or what? That's my bra, you dirty pig! Pig! GIRLS SHOUT OVER EACH OTHER Whatever you were doing, you know you weren't supposed to be there.
It's the girls' changing rooms.
It's a violation of their privacy.
There wasn't anyone changing.
That is not the point.
There could have been.
I know that it's not easy being your age.
There's all sorts of different emotions springing up, not all of them welcome.
But you're surrounded by people going through the same thing.
Yeah, right! Or similar.
Nobody's going through what I am.
Well, why don't you tell me about it, then? You wouldn't understand.
There's not a lot I haven't seen.
And I was once a teenage boy myself, remember? Just shut up, will you? All right, fine.
But whatever it is that you're going through, you need try and have a bit of respect for the girls.
I do.
And for yourself.
Look, Martin, if there's something that you want to tell me, you know you can don't you? Can I go now? It's just you seem a bit unhappy? I just want to be left alone.
OK? Well, let's get him involved in the careers fair, take his mind off his hormones.
I just can't help thinking that something's not quite right.
He doesn't seem like the type of kid to be sex mad.
Tell me a teenage boy who isn't? Yeah, but he's withdrawn, he's antisocial and he's angry.
Well, as I said, Chris, is there a teenage boy who isn't? He was looking at you that way earlier.
Who? If you ask me, I think he fancies you.
Chris? Don't be daft.
You know full well who I mean.
So think big.
Follow your dreams and see what life has to offer you.
You're in charge of your own futures, if you're prepared to work for it.
What do you want? Just wanted to say sorry.
I know I shouldn't have touched your things, but I wouldn't perv over 'em like everyone said.
I promise.
So what were you doing in the girls' locker room with my bra? I'm just sorry, that's all.
So, what makes you suited to the police force? I'm physically fit, done a bit of kickboxing, and I've seen loads of crime round my estate.
I could tell the pigs a thing or two.
Police rather than pigs, Kyle.
But that's a good answer.
So you've suffered from crime yourself, and you'd like to give something back to the community.
Yeah, and I've seen all of the CSIs.
So it's actually forensics that you're interested in then? Whatever.
Bring it on.
Well, Kyle, you're going to need some serious grades if you want to go straight into forensic science and that means university.
Or you could just start at the bottom, with police training.
But, you know, good eye contact during the interview and keep working on your social motives.
Oh, nice hair.
Very indie.
Do you like glamming up? Bit of varnish, eyeliner? It's a good look for a bloke.
Hey, I'm serious.
I don't have to tell you, you know the eighties are back.
Have you tried leggings? Make my legs look a bit skinny.
No! If you're wearin' an oversized jumper, leggings are fab.
Give you great definition.
Would you like me to do your make-up? No.
It's all right.
Have a look through there.
You'll find a colour that suits you.
Hey, Vik.
That beautician stand thing, it's giving out free treatments.
Do you want to go over? You two do not need more beautifying.
Can we go? We are supposed to be looking for careers.
And we've got four years to decide after university.
Speak for yourself.
I'm not going.
Ah, mate, I'm sure someone will have you! Nah, I don't want to go.
I can't wait to get out there and earn some money.
Won't you feel a little bit stupid when you're a cab driver and your girlfriend's doing a chemistry degree? No, don't be daft.
I'll be dead proud.
I'd quite like to be a nurse? Y'know, like in Scrubs? I mean, you get loads of fellers fancying you, parties, sexy doctors.
You two thinking about nursing? Well, it's a valuable profession.
It's hard work, long hours, training.
It doesn't pay that much.
You have to really want to help care for people.
Why not? Go on then, get stuck in.
Don't be shy.
It's not for me.
Yes, I suppose you've had enough of doctors and nurses, eh? Can everyone just stop going on about it! It's over and done with, OK? I don't want to talk about it any more.
Hey! Go near my girl again and you're gettin' it, OK? Finn! Stop it! Don't know why you're defending him.
He's a little sicko.
And he's said he's sorry.
Yeah, that's right, you turn the waterworks on, you little girl.
Yeah, cos you're so butch and manly.
I'm dead jealous.
Leave it.
If you so much as look at her again, you're going to need to defend yourself, OK? Aren't you trying a bit too hard, mate? What do you mean? Well, the magazine, leering over Sam.
All this macho stuff's just a big beard.
We both know that you're not into girls.
You don't know a thing about me.
I know you're gay.
I'm not gay! How dare you stand there judging me like you've got it so hard.
You're the big pro.
You've got it easy.
I flaming wish I was gay.
Whoa, steady! You like yourself.
I can tell.
And people like you.
They know who you are.
Nobody knows what I'm capable of.
Martin, inside please, no more sneaking off.
Just having some fresh air.
I've signed you up for Miss Chaudry's workshop.
Should keep you busy.
Look, I know Aiden's really arrogant and stuff, but there's just something about him.
And it's really obvious that he fancies me.
I mean, I know he's not going to come out and say it, but Jess, he flirts with everyone.
So, anyway, I was thinking, maybe you and Ronan could set something up? You know, ask us to go out for a drink tonight or something? Yeah.
Oh, actually, I think Ronan's busy tonight.
Oh, great.
Even if you don't know what you want to do, you'll still need good interview skills.
It's about instilling a sense of confidence in yourself and your prospective employer.
Martin! I'm giving you my time, the least you can do is look at me.
Be quiet or move away from the stage.
Right let's try this again.
You've put down the arts as one of your interests on your CV.
Could you be more specific? He likes photography, don't you, mate? Good, OK.
Martin, look at me.
What kind of photography? I don't like photography.
What do you like, then? Cinema? The theatre? He likes sleazing on other people's girlfriends.
Finn, he wasn't sleazing.
But you caught him, Sam! Be quiet! Martin, I asked you a question.
I don't know.
How do you expect to get a job if you show no interest in anything even the person you're talking to? I don't expect to get a job.
Excuse me? Speak up.
I said, I don't expect to get a job.
ALL: Oooh! Bra sniffer, bra sniffer! Be quiet! THEY CHAN Be quiet! Stop it! ALL: Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! That is enough! Freak, freak, freak.
Quiet! Let's just take this somewhere.
Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! All right, I am a freak, cos somehow I got born a boy when I know deep down inside I'm not.
Whoa, dude! I'm a sick, sad, freak of nature and I hate myself more than any of you do.
So don't waste your time.
SCHOOL BELL RINGS Now look what you've done, you idiot! Martin! HE SOBS Hey.
Go away! I can see that I got things totally wrong with you earlier today.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Oh, right, and now you do it's all OK? No, no, clearly it's not.
But perhaps it could be if you talked about it.
It's going to take a bit more than talking to fix me.
You OK? Have you had a row with Finn? No! I'm just angry about what happened with Martin.
Finn was so nasty to him, all right? I didn't know you and Martin were friends.
I don't have to be friends with someone to think it's wrong, do I? No, of course not.
You just seem particularly upset about it that's all.
You look like you're in pain.
I'm fine.
Look at me.
Look at me.
What's going on? It's just a migraine.
I've told you.
Right, well where are these tablets, then? I've took 'em, and it'll be OK so I just need some air.
Have you told your mum and dad how you feel? They'd just hate me even more.
They're always going on at me to be more of a lad.
It's just, you know, things seem insurmountable when you keep them to yourself.
No chance of that any more.
Kids can be cruel.
You know that yourself.
But you've sort of managed the first hurdle bycoming out.
Coming out? I'm not out.
I don't even know where I am.
Except trapped inside this flaming body that I can't stand, pretending to be exactly what I hate.
I can arrange for you to talk to somebody professional.
What's the point? What's the point in any of it? Martin.
I just wish I was dead.
Oi, watch it, Fringe Boy! Oh, come on, Rose.
What do you want? To say I'm sorry.
About Finn.
About what happened.
You've said it now.
Go back to school.
Janeece is phoning his mum.
I knew something was wrong.
Come and have a look at these.
These are a few signs that a child has gender identity disorder.
Poor self image, reluctance to do games, gets bullied, poor educational performance, depression self-harm and suicide attempts.
HE KNOCKS ON DOOR Rose, wake up! Sober up! ROSE! My baby.
What's wrong with Sam, Rose? SHE SOBS Give my love to Richard, will you? And tell him I'm thinking of applying for a job at Clifton Secondary.
Well, you'd have to be a time lord.
It's not even built yet.
Yes, but it is going to be built, isn't it? Maybe you could have a word? Pretty please? Now, you know that's up to the governors, not him.
Yeah, but they do listen to him, don't they? I mean, I know I do.
You know what they say about flattery, Eleanor.
Anyway, aren't you, ermhappy here? Oh, it's challenging, for sure.
The kid with the baby last week? I mean, if ever a school needed pastoral care.
Still, I'm hoping this is just a stepping stone for me.
Well, I'm sure you'll make your mark while you're here.
And there's no harm in keeping me posted, eh? When did you do your teacher training course, Sir? Oh, er20 some, some time ago now.
That explains it.
Do they do refresher courses, Sir? Are you interested in teaching, or in wasting my time? Dependson how much you get paid? Well, in the public sector there's a scale.
No, how much do YOU get paid? That's none of your business, you cheeky little Of course it is.
How can we aspire to be what you are, Sir, if we don't know how much we can expect to get paid? How about 70 grand a year? Net.
Oh, only my business is beauty.
You get 70 grand a year for cutting hair?! No, I get 70 grand a year for getting up at six in the morning, working my backside off all day, managing three salons, 40 staff and paying the tax man on time.
I mean, I do hire subcontractors - nail technicians and hair technicians if that's your thing? I'm going uni, me.
In a pig's ear.
70 grand a year and no uni? I'm deffo gonna be a beautician.
What I need after today is a stiff drink.
I don't suppose I could entice you to join me? I'm afraid not because my boyfriend's picking me up.
Seeing as though you like a drink or two, let me give you something for them veins round your nose.
It's a dead giveaway.
Now, obviously it's green, but it counteracts the red.
It's on me.
What the hell were you thinking? Didn't want to think.
So you run straight to the bottle.
My daughter has got cancer! And you passing out drunk, that's going to make her feel better, is it? I couldn't cope with what the doctor said, I just needed to blot it out.
And then Oh, God, I was so tired, I just needed to sleep.
Will you listen to yourself, Rose? I, I, I! That's not fair! You need to pull yourself together.
This is Sam that this is happening to.
She's gone to school pretending everything's OK.
I just need some time, OK? To get my head around it, you know.
It's so much to take in.
Yeah, well, Sam hasn't taken anything in.
She's telling people that she's having migraines.
Oh, Tom.
I can't believe any of this is happening.
You haven't got the full story from the doctor, but you listen to me.
You listen to me.
You need to be a mum.
She's a kid, she needs you.
Are you stalking me or something? Makes a change from you stalking me, doesn't it? Why are you here, Sambuca? Bit of space.
So what you doing in mine? If you can't do your eyeliner straight, I wouldn't bother.
You'll end up looking like some crazy old lady.
Go for it.
"That freak was sat there putting make-up on!" Go on, it's done now.
So just sod off back to your mates and have a laugh.
What if I don't wanna go back? Come here.
No no! Sit still! You can't go out looking like that.
Who says I'm going anywhere? Well, you're getting dolled up for something.
Let's see.
I have done my own make-up before.
Well, you've done it wrong then.
You blind as well as messed up? It's better to go subtle.
You're a teenager, not a middle-aged slapper.
I'm sure Martin will come back once he's cooled off.
But we did think you need to be alerted about his state of mind.
He seems very isolated, Mrs Dunbar.
He's shy.
He likes his own company.
See, I don't think he does.
In fact, I think there's a great deal of self-loathing going on here.
It's me.
I've been on his case to make more of an effort.
Y'know, get stuck in.
I just want him to be a normal, happy boy.
Mrs Dunbar, he's saying that he isn't a boy.
What do you mean, not a boy? He's got someerm, conflicts with his gender identity.
You must have noticed something different about him? When he was little for instance? All kids experiment.
We think he should be able to talk to somebody in confidence, somebody who specialises in this area.
What, the area of being some sort oftransvestite? Is that what you're talking about? Transgender is more likely.
What is that? Martin was very upset when he ran off.
I heard what he said in the assembly hall.
He said it at some cost to himself and he wasn't joking.
Being trapped in the wrong body must be a nightmare.
But there are solutions.
Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
We just wanted to let you know what was happening.
You might not wanna deal with this Mrs Dunbar, but for the sake of your son, you need to.
Sam'll be with Amy and Lauren at the beauty stand mate.
She wasn't when I checked.
I don't think she's talking to me.
What, cos Fringe-Boy's a lady-boy? Do you even know what a lady-boy is? Bet you do, Wendy.
I feel bad though, he seemed well upset.
Yeah, wouldn't you? Coming out to the whole school you're a trannie? He's not a trannie.
He's Yeah, well, whatever he is, he doesn't seem too happy about it, does he? Where's Sam? How do you know you're not a boy? I always knew, I think.
Just took me 16 years of hell to finally admit it.
I can't carry on like this.
And I can't hide any more.
It's not like anyone would miss me.
What, so you're going to top yourself? Why not? Cos that's a cop-outbecause some people actually want to live.
Yeah? Well, let them.
They don't have the choice, Martin! Think I had any choice in this when I was born? You could have the change.
You know, hormones an' all that.
"Hi, Mum, Going to lend us 15 grand to surgically remove me penis? "Oh, and from now on, you'll have to call me Martina.
" You don't know how lucky you are, Martin.
You have a future! I don't want a future.
Not like this.
You're a coward! You know, you could speak to your mum, you could make her listen.
I wish that's all I had to worry about.
What IS your problem? What've you got to worry about? Aw, what is it, boyfriend trouble? Your mum don't understand you? I've got cancer! I've got a brain tumour.
Shouldn't you be in hospital? Yeah, that's where I'll be, if I go back.
It's where you'll end up, if you don't.
I don't even know where to go.
Maybe I should top myself, too.
Get it over with.
Do you reckon it's deep enough? So what's the deal? Can't have an operation? Chemotherapy? I don't know.
My mum wants a second opinion, but I don't even want to know.
Now who's being a coward? Would you want to swap? I don't really think you're a coward.
And it must really suck, feeling how you do.
It's justto throw it all away, when you've got the choice Maybe we've both got choices.
ExceptI might take this off, before I go back.
One step at a time, yeah? Poor kid.
I know.
I know, top ten things I wish I hadn't of said in front of the whole school.
It's always the quiet ones.
AMERICAN ACCENT: "He was so nice and soft spoken, who'd a thought he had the whole family in the freezer!" How did a mixed-up kid turn into a serial killer? I bet Fred West was a mixed-up kid at one point.
You're out of order, mate.
It's a joke.
Yeah, remind me never to send my kid to you if he's got a problem.
Our kid, you mean? Yeah, hypothetically speaking.
Are you still up for the cinema later? I thought you said that Ronan's busy tonight.
Oh, no, I got that wrong.
There's this film that Vicki keeps banging on about.
D'you want to come? Yeah.
Why not? You, too, Aiden? Yeah, the more the merrier.
Sounds cool.
We could go back to my place afterwards.
Dad's working late.
It's a date.
Urgh! Jeez! Sorry, I thought you were busy in the hall.
You nearly gave me a heart attack! I was just, erm, just having a little break.
Fancied a bit of time alone.
No, you weren't.
You were hiding.
Look, it's nearly the end of play.
Can I just wait until they clear off? You can't carry on like this.
I mean, the careers day thing, I kind of understand, but if you can't face them in the corridors, you'll get sacked.
Wouldn't be the first time.
You just need to get your confidence up.
Teenagers, they smell fear.
Yeahand I reek.
I'm justcrap at it.
Have you tried adult education? Not much better at that either.
It's my last chance, Rob.
I blow this, I might as well use my CV as toilet paper.
OK, so don't blow it.
You're the adult, Daniel.
Take charge.
I just don't seem to know how.
Course you do.
You just, you reach inside and you harness your inner Rambo.
You're on.
Here we go.
I've printed off some information from the website that I found.
I think it's very useful.
Plus, we've got a really good centre that we've used before when our pupils have had problems.
The counsellors are great.
I need some time to think about this.
Look who turned up.
Martin! Mum.
I need to talk to you.
I'll leave you alone for a bit.
You found them both.
They found each other, actually.
Samthank you.
I'll go and update Mrs Fisher.
Your mum's been frantic.
So have I.
She told me what happened this morning.
I just wanted one more day where I could be normal, Tom.
I'll take you home.
I knew it.
Even when I was a kid.
Remember? I wanted to grow my hair long, butyou wouldn't let me.
And I always dressed up.
I shouldn't have let you spend so much time with those girls upstairs.
But it wasn't them.
It was me.
You can't just explain it away.
I'm sure about this.
I've always been sure.
And it's killing me.
So what are you saying, Martin? I need to be me.
What I am inside.
I need to change.
I don't want you to change! You're my son.
My little boy! I'd miss you.
I'm so unhappy.
I can't live like this any more.
Hey, hey.
Oh, it's OK.
II need to get my head round this, OK? Look, why don't we just go home and we can talk about it there, yeah? Y'all right, Dad? What's up? You still working late tonight? Yeah.
Why? Just thinking of having a couple of mates over, that's all.
Not if it's going to disturb you.
"A couple of mates"? Yeah.
You know, Ronan Mm-hmm.
Oh, Vicki? That's a funny name for a bloke.
Ade, we've only been here a few weeks.
So no trouble, nose clean, etc.
There won't be any trouble.
Just going to go to the cinema and get a few pizzas at ours.
No surprises.
You should try getting out yourself sometime, while you've still got all your own teeth.
Cheers, Dad.
I can't believe I was being all matey with him about that magazine.
I just thought he was another horny teenager.
It must have been so painful for him.
Well, it was a fair conclusion to jump to.
You couldn't have known.
I knew that something wasn't right, even this morning.
Why can't Martin's mum see that he's that unhappy? Finding out that your child has gender issues is a lot to take in, Chris.
Look, I know your heart's in the right place, but you were really in her face about it.
It could have backfired.
Well, isn't that a risk that we should be prepared to take, after what happened last week? To a certain degree, but be careful you don't come across as being over-zealous.
I'm sorry, Karen, but given the choice, I'd rather be accused of being just that.
We can't be parents.
And anyway Martin might change his mind in a few months' time.
Do you believe that? I'll see you tomorrow.
Eh, I've got an idea.
Why don't I tell Rob to come for a drink, and then you come, and then I'll make me excuses.
What? Janeece, will you just stop it with this match-making thing, now?! It'sdemeaning! I am the head teacher here and Rob is the caretaker.
And that's as far as it goes.
What now, Janeece? It's just the invoices from today.
I said I'd get them sorted quickly in return for the discount.
Yeah, thanks.
I'll just get back to my caretaking, shall I? ErRob .
about what was just said .
I think, erm, Janeece has been winding us up a little.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, what a joke.
Not Janeece! You know, the head mistress with the mild-mannered janitor.
I haven't got time for a drink anyway, I mean, I've got work up to here.
Wish I was taller! I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
Well, I didn't have a clue what was going on, I'm not even going to lie.
It's supposed to be art, Ronan.
OK, you can say it was art, but it don't change the fact that nothing happened.
It was cerebral.
It's meant to make you think! Make you sleep, more like.
It doesn't take much soul-searching to become a fireman.
You're kidding? You face life and death every day.
You're a braver man than me, mate.
Anyway, don't be such a bore, Vik! I thought you'd love it - a big strong fireman on your arm every day! Oh, of course.
It's just making it more real that you're not coming to uni with me.
I'm going to miss you.
Maybe I'll be keeping you company - where are you going? Aberdeen's my first choice.
Ah, bad luck - Manchester! Hey, me too! Cool.
I'll get some plates.
OK, I'll help.
Nah, you can keep your arty-farty rubbish, I'm more of an action movie bloke, me.
That and Pixar.
I don't care how old I get, Finding Nemo rocks.
About time.
Sorry, I justneeded a knife.
You know, it doesn't matter, just bring one in when you're ready.
You're always the one doing the looking after.
Even when you were small.
I'd bottle it every time.
Drown my sorrows.
But you and Marley always made sure we were OK.
Fed, put to bed.
Even the stupid dog got walked! Not too well if you remember - he got run over! Yeah, well, it shouldn't have been up to you.
Mum, you were having a hard time.
I was the mother.
And I let you down.
That's not going to happen again.
We like a bit of denial, us Kellys.
But we're also not half bad at facing up to things once we've woken up.
Because we're strong, yeah? I want to be.
I want to be strong.
I'm scared.
I know, baby.
But you're not on your own.
This time, I'm going to look after you.
I just want it to go away.
Well, let's make that the plan, then.
Let's go back to the hospital and find out what happens next.
Denzil's taken Prince to the park.
I called Mr Kanda.
He said come on in.
That's great.
I'll give you a lift to the hospital.
We were wondering .
if we could ask you to do a bit more than that.
Yeah, us Kellys, we're strong and we can handle anything, but Tom, we've been thinking that if there's three of us fighting this thing You know what they say about strength in numbers So, if you're OK with it, then will you come in with us? You try stopping me, kiddo.
We'll get through this together, yeah? "You're a loser, we'd all be better off if you left Waterloo Road.
" Oh, my God! I've got a stalker.
Vicki, my sweet darling, will you marry me? Why don't you concentrate, thinking about helping Waterloo Road, instead of the other way around? Do you think I've got good instincts? Nobody reads a situation better than you do.
We both know you're not going to marry Ronan.
Why not? Because you want me.
Don't worry about Karen, she's tough, but it's only because she wants to make you a better teacher.
No, it's personal.
It's been a while since I had a girl help me with my homework.
Girl indeed!
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