Waterloo Road (2006) s07e21 Episode Script

Series 7, Episode 21

All right, mate.
Keep your hair on, yeah? MUSIC: "Pushing Me Away" by Linkin Park Take it easy, bro, yeah? Dale Sken Crew in the house.
Wish me luck.
You're going to make a great acting head.
Isn't she? Give it a rest.
You've been trowelling it on about every five minutes.
What's up with you? Nothing.
You're so negative.
You always have to make everyone's lives a misery.
I'm not Good luck.
Thank you.
Madi, listen, all right, if I can forgive Sian, so can you.
We're all guilty of making the wrong choice every now and again, aren't we? It's your life.
I'm so glad you changed your mind about resigning.
Well, I wasn't going to give Michael the satisfaction.
You all right, mate? Well rested? Morning.
Yeah, well, I was till I saw that.
Uh, this is all we need.
What does DSC stand for? Trouble.
Meals on wheels.
I'd have been here sooner, but the traffic was murder.
I didn't think.
Bit of a late night.
So I see.
The governor's report needed revising.
I'm going to stick this in the fridge and I'm going to tidy up.
Linda, you don't need to do all that.
It'll take five minutes.
PHONE RINGS Hello? Yeah, sure.
May I ask who's calling? Right.
It's Detective Inspector Harcourt? About the hit and run.
Thank you.
Will you show me where the toilets are? You've only just been! I can't help it if I'm nervous! Look, if anyone gives you grief, just shout me and I'll be there.
I'll be all right.
What would we do without you? You'd soon miss me.
You would! Hey, I got distinction in my hotel management course.
I'm a career girl, me, destined for the top.
Keep dreaming! You all right? I'm fine.
Yeah, thank you.
Not good news? No, they've scaled back the investigation.
Apparently, they sent me an email.
But why? Well, they've exhausted all lines of inquiry.
No CCTV, no witnesses.
I mean even the victim can't remember a damn thing.
This isn't your fault.
I won't let you beat yourself up about this.
You're going to be late.
Text me if you need anything, yeah? Yeah, and thank you.
For everything.
I really appreciate it.
Oh, here.
Have you seen the graffiti? Place is going to hell in a hand cart.
If it's not wanton criminal damage, it's attempted murder.
How's Michael doing? Well, he's fractured his pelvis but he's up and about.
As for the head injury, he can't remember a thing.
Oh, you seem very well informed.
Well, Linda's been looking after him over the holidays.
We, er, we went out for a drink the night it happened.
Aye, aye.
Cupid been sharpening his arrows again, has he? Oh, no, it's early days.
We've been on a couple more dates.
Small acorns and all that.
Do the police have a suspect? (One hardly needs the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes.
) Really? Woah, woah, woah.
That's how rumours start.
(Well, he had the motive.
The cuckolded husband.
) Look, he can't be in two places at once.
He says he was at the gym but can he prove it? Hmm? I could sleep for a week.
Not surprised, bro.
You were caning it last night.
How much have we got left? Blazed it all.
It's all gone, my friend.
Yo! You changed your number or something? What? I text you loads over the holidays.
Kick around in the park and all that.
Yeah, I've got more important things to be doing these days.
What a tool.
Check out the hot chick.
I got a Saturday job at Bernie's.
What, the beauty salon? Yeah.
What do you think of my new look? Yeah, if there's anyone who could turn me it's you, babe.
Trudi! Happy birthday.
Ahem! Oh, sorry.
My sister Naseem, Nas.
Nice to meet ya.
I thought you said he was good looking.
A hijab? Yeah, got it online.
Look, I know it's really bright, but I think it'll look good on ya.
You don't like it, do you? I love it.
Thank you.
Hey, Tariq! Look what Finn bought me for my birthday.
Like I care.
Morning, everyone.
As some of you may know, Michael is still signed off sick.
He's asked me to step into his shoes.
So, any problems or queries, my door's always open - and Tom's, of course.
Now, I take it you've all seen the graffiti.
Sorry I'm late.
Popped in to see the patient.
How is he? On the mend.
Well, physically, anyway.
Anything you need to run by him, just let me know.
As I was saying, any student caught defacing school property Is the big cheese in here? Mr Byrne is still away on sick leave.
Secretary's office is down the corridor.
I know where it is, ta(!) I've clocked up nine years in that canteen.
Not that there's much of it left, like.
Why? What's happened? You'd better come and see for yourselves.
You coming, Tom? Here we are.
Milk and two sugars.
Oh, you're an angel, thank you.
Shame about last night.
Oh, I'm sorry, how much do I owe you for the cinema ticket? Ah, on the house.
You didn't miss much, anyway.
Let's catch up over break, yeah? Toe rags even nicked my catering cans of baked beans.
OK, we'll get the cash and carry to deliver.
Well, it'll take us till lunch time to clear this lot up at any rate.
Well, just do the best you can and Tom and I will get you some help, won't we? Yeah, of course.
It's OK.
You don't have to defer to me, you know.
Michael made you acting head.
I still value your opinion.
Kyle, will you show our new recruit where your maths lesson is, please? This is Mason.
Mason Yeah, I know.
Right, well.
They're a friendly bunch, give or take.
I'm sure you'll fit straight in.
Yeah, sure I will.
Any problems, just give me a call, OK? Have you seen what them idiots have done to the canteen? Good, yeah? It's like a bomb's gone off.
Don't be calling any of the DSC idiots, if I were you.
Still, takes one to know one.
Yeah? Come on, then.
What? Hey, stop it.
To class.
What's this, then? Is that like a gang or something? No, it's not LIKE a gang, sir.
It's THE gang.
The DSC.
And this is their tag.
Dale Sken Crew.
Who's Dale Sken? "Sken", sir, is slang for a gun.
Gang problem, that's all we need.
Oh, it's bravado.
Oh, no, you read about it in the newspapers all the time.
We'll need stab-proof vests by Christmas.
Daniel, don't you think you're being just a teensy-weensy little bit well, wet? BELL RINGS Yo, Tariq.
No way.
For real.
Thought you still had six months to go.
Nah, mate, you know me.
Out on licence.
Played the game.
Kept the screws happy.
"Yes, sir, no, sir.
" Good to see you, man.
Yeah, man, sweet.
Move yourself.
Don't think so, Frankenstein.
This is my seat.
Yo, Tariq, who's the talking satsuma? You what? LAUGHTER Go fetch.
Books out.
Now! Make yourself at home, why don't you? Michael asked me to check his emails.
You know what he's like, never switches off.
Um, is the canteen open? I'm starving.
No breakfast.
Er, I wouldn't.
Maggie's on a very short fuse.
How many staff have we got available to help with the delivery van? Er Well, no one's on a free.
We've got four off sick.
Maybe we should close the canteen.
I'm not sure Michael would be so defeatist.
Still, you're in charge.
I could always volunteer my year 12s.
All part of the Big Society, after all.
Well, we might not have much choice.
Half of those kids are on free meals, I mean, they need something.
Yeah, all right, but no slacking.
Fear not.
I shall crack the whip.
I wasn't talking about the students.
Two minutes.
No calculators.
What? Check this.
Rosary beads.
Since when were you a Catholic? Shut up, man, I ain't.
It's a gangster ting, innit? So people know you've done some time inside.
Should think about getting yourself some.
I'm a Muslim.
Wouldn't really go.
Yeah, right.
What? All that stuff when you first got banged up.
Like you were some sort of player.
Jacking cars and selling weed.
Mate, I know that you're a mummy's boy really.
No, you need to stop chatting.
What about crying on the phone every night to your family? Wearing the shorts in the shower.
The shorts were a religious thing.
Islam's in my bones, fam.
Something you wouldn't understand.
Tariq, stand up.
Answer, please.
Don't know, sir.
Maybe you'd like to share your conversation with the class? Can't remember, sir.
Surprise, surprise.
You know what? An amoeba has more brain cells than you.
LAUGHTER Sit down, get on with your work.
I thought you said you liked Finn's present.
I do.
So, why aren't you? I know what you're going say, but I'm 18, this is my decision.
Tariq's going to go mental.
I don't wear it for his benefit.
Or Dad's.
I decide to wear it.
And I decide to take it off.
You still believe though? Course I do.
My faith's always going to be important to me.
But I decide how to show it.
Ready? You do realise that all the teachers think it was you that ran Michael over.
I've worked that one out for myself.
Yeah, well, just say that you was at mine.
I was meant to be at the gym.
Yeah, well, just tell the truth.
What? That I came round to yours to apologise for making a pass at you.
Sian's going to love that.
It's not like she's got a leg to stand on.
She done the dirty first.
Eh, it's not that I've forgiven you, mind.
I know you want to help but it's better if I ride this one out on me own.
So, can you keep it zipped? Go on, ta-ra.
BELL RINGS Right, in you go.
Er, you lot.
Get a move on.
See, if Mr Blobby had spoke to me like that, I'd have banged him straight in his face.
No, Chalky ain't worth my time.
It's not about what you think.
It's about what other people think of you.
And what's it got to do with you? Yo, chill.
Kyle's a soldier.
Are you part of the Sken Crew? I just don't shout about it.
Kyle's right.
You got a rep to think of.
Cos people will talk.
I'll sort it.
ALARM RINGS What you doing? Sorting it for you, come on! Yo, boys, come on.
Fix up, we ain't got long.
What you waiting for? Yo, cool, boys, let's go.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Trudi, where's your hijab? like a watershed moment.
Thanks for the present.
I will still wear it at home.
Yeah, cool.
Your hair looks amazing.
Isn't taking it off, like, sacrilegious or something? You don't have to wear a crucifix to believe in God, do you? Did you do it for me? No, I did it for me.
I'm a free spirit, I can do what I want.
Here, sir.
Uh, where have you two been? Bog, sir.
False alarm, everyone.
Back off to your lessons.
My year 12s, to the canteen.
Why, sir? Spot of community service.
What? With which most of you, I'm sure, will be familiar.
That was close.
That's half the fun though, mate.
Not going to thank us, then? Yeah, yeah.
I owe you one.
Listen, don't worry about it.
You roll with my crew now, yeah? Excuse me.
Is this the way to Mr Chalk's maths class? Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm Naseem by the way.
I'm telling you, Rooney is class.
Over 100 goals in the Premier League, so far.
I know, yeah.
He can't touch Shearer, though.
takes some beating, that.
All right, in you go.
Come on.
We've wasted enough time as it is.
LAUGHTER OK, let's pick up where we left off.
Act two, scene three.
There's not enough books, Miss.
Oh, I must have left some in the car.
Do you want a hand, miss? Thank you.
Sorry to interrupt.
Um, Tariq? Can we have a word, please? Why? What's he done? Nothing.
If that's the way you want to play it, come on.
(Oi, keep your mouth shut.
) Come on.
Come on, then.
Look, sir, this isn't fair.
We're not slaves, you know.
We could always return to class and discuss the finer points of Pride And Prejudice.
MUSIC: "Bumper" by Cults I owe you.
Not a bad set of wheels, eh? Cruising the sunny streets of Rochdale.
Rather you than me.
The world doesn't end at the ring road, you know.
Slicing through them hills.
Wind in your hair.
You catch my drift, anyway.
I'm going to become a dinner lady.
Must earn a packet, I reckon.
So, where were you before? St Judes? Ah, Youth Offenders, innit.
What for? GBH.
It weren't my fault, though.
Other geezer just wound me up.
Just saw red.
Well, we all make mistakes.
Er, you carry on.
I need to make a phone call.
Hi, Michael.
It's me.
Just seeing if you're OK.
Call me.
Mr Chalk found this on his classroom floor.
I must've dropped that on my way into class.
Do you think we were born yesterday, Tariq? Is that your proof? This is harassment.
Remember who you're talking to.
In case you need reminding, you're on your final warning.
This is completely unacceptable behaviour.
Yes, Miss.
OK, go on.
Do you think he's responsible? Well, if he didn't do it, he knows who did.
And it's the same logo on the board.
Tag, not logo.
Sorry? It's the calling card of the Dale Sken Crew.
From the Bamford estate.
I think the more attention we give these kids, the more status they get.
Perhaps we should call Michael.
See what he thinks.
Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.
Let's hope so, eh? It was you, wasn't it? Chalky's classroom.
Everybody's talking about it.
Don't turn this back on me.
What are you playing at? Where's your hijab? I've seen you talking with the new bloke.
Giving it swagger.
Who is he? Don't matter.
What matters is you're bringing shame on this family.
I'll ask him myself.
Mason's a psycho, we met inside.
Just leave well off, yeah? Get off her, you.
Look, if you're not going to listen to me, you'll listen to Dad.
What is the big deal? I'm going to wear it at home and at mosque.
You're a disgrace.
I'm not hurting anyone.
You've changed since you've started hanging around with that.
You're an embarrassment to this family.
Oh, says the one who's got a criminal record! Ah, you know what? Forget this, man.
Well, that went well.
See you in the library after, yeah? Is Tariq giving you grief again? Oh, mate, same old.
The guy's doing my head in.
You need to chill out.
I know just the thing.
We've got no more stuff.
Phone your dealer.
Get more.
Kev's not a dealer.
He did us a favour, yeah? Just a tenners' worth.
Josh, it was just a laugh over the holidays, a one-off thing, yeah? On your own? Checking out my fantasy football team.
You have made some friends? Rooney scored a hat-trick for me this week.
You should set your own league up in school.
You'd own these fools.
Nah, too easy.
I'll catch you later, yeah? What you saying? Going on? Look at 'em.
What's the point in doing that? It's not like it's going to stay that way for long, is it? Muppets.
So, er, what's your skills like with a spray can? Throw one of them in no time.
Show us how it's done then, can't you? Me? Initiation, innit? MUSIC: "Ritual Union" by Little Dragon As I thought! Off the back of a lorry, no doubt.
Fencing stolen goods is a serious offence.
I beg your pardon? Oh, please, spare me the mock indignation.
Mrs Diamond will hear about this.
Er, hang about.
You can take up her cleanser while you're at it.
Save me a trip.
She knows? I'm a rep for Candora Cosmetics.
My card.
Apology accepted.
Bet your boss won't be too impressed to learn that you're flogging your wares to kids on the firm's time.
I am the boss here.
But I tell you what.
Why don't you try the men's moisturiser? On the house.
What's this? A little sweetener in return for my silence? Don't come cheap that, you know.
That one costs a tenner.
Daylight robbery.
Cheaper than the shops.
I buy them seven quid a pop.
Everyone's a winner.
Three quid on each?! That's over a 40% mark up.
I know.
This lot Liquid gold.
Thought you said you were good.
You can't even tag.
It's this can, man.
It's car paint.
Where'd you get it from? Jacked it from Miss Radleigh's motor.
You know what I think, Tariq? I think that you're a plastic gangster.
What you doing? Who's this? My sister.
Yeah? Kept her quiet.
Was this you? Don't know what you're talking about, love.
Come on.
Is this what you call sorting it out? Joining some gang? If the school find out, they'll kick you out for good this time.
Look, forget that.
Finn's no good for you.
Yeah? Says who? Look, he just wants to get in your pants.
You might as well charge him while you're at it.
Then you'd be a proper skank.
Trudi, wait! Trudi, look, I'm sorry, I was just trying to protect you.
You watch my back, I watch yours - that's how it works.
You're trying to control me.
Big difference.
But you need me! Need you? All right.
I need you.
Look, I've been good since I got out and that's because of you.
You keep me on track.
Calm me down, help me think straight.
Look, Tariq.
I'll always be there for you.
But I can't take responsibility for your life.
It's time we both stood on our own two feet.
You didn't text so Perfect, you can give me a lift.
Where are you going? School.
I need to see the car park.
Retrace my steps.
But I think my memory's coming back.
Michael! Oh, ah.
No, I'm OK.
I just stood up too quickly, I'm OK.
OK, you are going nowhere.
Come on, come on.
Mate, don't suppose I could borrow your mobile? Mine's out of juice.
You need to give them gay chat lines a rest, bruv.
Give it here.
Guess what? Booked a table at Pinocchio's tonight.
My treat.
How'd it go? I've just seen Tariq spraying DSC on a wall in the car park.
What? It's like this Mason's got some sort of hold over him.
You can't live Tariq's life for him.
He's still my brother.
I don't want him throwing his life away joining some gang.
Well, I can have a word with him if you want.
Let him know he's not losing a sister, he's gaining a brother.
And that's going to go down like a cup of cold sick.
OK, well, if he's got his mates around then Mason can't touch him.
Finn, I don't want you getting involved.
It's complicated enough.
It seems simple enough to me.
Promise me.
Now, where you going? To the bog.
MUSIC: "CMYK" by James Blake Yo, where's Tariq? You want to speak to my man, got to go through me.
Look, he's trying to get his head down, make something of himself.
He doesn't need you getting involved, all right? Yo, Tariq.
Your mummy's here.
Yo, what you playing at? I'm sorting it.
Aww, does he wipe your bum-bum for you as well, Tariq? LAUGHTER You're a dead man walking, you know, blud.
I swear down! You never learn, do you? Hey, pack it in.
Got my eye on you.
That geezer's just raised the bar big time.
You don't understand.
Big time! Who you phoning? Shut your mouth! Yo, Gaz.
It's me, look, I need a favour.
It's a new one.
When did this happen? Sometime this morning.
What we going to do? Maybe Chalky's right.
I'm sorry, but Michael needs rest and recuperation.
You can't avoid him for ever.
MUSIC: "Hitz" by Chase and Status Watch out.
Friends of yours, are they? Yeah, he's my brother, sir.
Forgot my dinner money, innit? Doesn't take all of you, does it? Come on, back into school, you two.
See you later.
See how you go, boys, yeah? Right, well, that's mission accomplished, so, if you just want to, erm Boo! DOG SNARLS Hello.
Yeah, Michael.
Sorry to bother you.
It's Daniel.
Let's have a look, then? So, when you going to do it? Man, like I'm going to get MY hands dirty.
Talk about rubbing your nose in it.
Can't afford to get in any more trouble, can I? It's not just you he's dissing though.
You're part of the crew.
Got our reputation to defend.
Or maybe you're not fit to wear the crown.
Put the word out.
It's open season for Billy-no-mates, here.
Hey, wait.
Michael! I mean, Mr Byrne.
Aren't you a sight for sore eyes? Sore everything as it goes.
But what you doing here? Mmm, good question.
Daniel phoned.
I gather we have a potential gang problem.
Thanks for the lift.
Well, I'll go then, shall I? Honestly, it's nothing we can't handle.
You weren't the ones staring down the jowls of a pit bull terrier.
Chalky informs me there was a group of youths hanging around the gate this lunchtime.
It's news to me.
Well, if we don't deal with it now, we'll regret it.
Someone's been sleeping in my bed.
We found a bunch of tags sprayed on the wall.
Same gang.
The Dale Sken Crew.
The latest one's in the car park.
This time in a tasteful light blue.
Gather the staff for a meeting.
I'll be there when you and I have had a tour of the damage.
Do you want me to come and help? We'll manage.
Perhaps you could tidy your classroom.
I'm Finn's best mate.
He said it'd be cool if I rang you.
So, do you think you can sort me out? Oh, cheers, Kev, nice one, mate.
Not sampling the delights of the canteen? Sorry.
I've got to be somewhere.
Oh, just a small portion for me, please.
I'm watching my weight.
What? There's nothing to you.
Well, every little helps.
Same for me, please.
So, it's all right for you, then? I'm saving my appetite.
Finn's taking me out later.
Is that before or after he gets strung up? What are you talking about? Oops.
Tray stackers are over there.
Merely making a point.
Didn't you like it? Valiant effort.
But the standard isn't exactly high at the best of times.
Do you know what? You really are the most conceited, pig-ignorant, excuse for a man I have ever met.
I pity your poor wife.
How she puts up with you! For your information, my poor wife is in a nursing home.
She had a lucky escape.
I know, but I thought I could sort it.
Yeah, and you probably made it ten times worse.
Look, if you've come for another go.
Nah, I just wanted to say thanks.
What? Am I hearing things? I've been thinking, you know, maybe me and you should just call a truce.
What about Mason? I was just putting on a show.
He's backed off.
I owe you one.
Any time.
Maybe we could hang out some time? You know, go down to the arcade.
I'll smash you at air hockey.
That's fighting talk, that.
I'm free tonight.
Well, he's busy.
Yeah, it'll only take a couple of games.
So, I'll see you down there? Yeah.
What were you saying? Thanks for this.
I'd never have got this done by the end of lunch.
I hope you're satisfied.
Sorry? Phoning Michael.
He's recovering from a serious incident! Yeah, sorry, I didn't think.
What you apologising for? He's the boss.
No, no, no, Linda's absolutely right.
I should have been a bit more sensitive.
Oh, "Michael this, Michael that".
It's like you're one of his disciples.
I don't know what Michael sees in you.
Oh, here she goes again, she's obsessed.
Well, are you just going to stand there? No - listen, thanks for your help, but I think it's best that you leave.
There's a name your kind - bunny boiler.
Wouldn't surprise me if you mowed him down yourself.
How dare you? Michael is my friend, my oldest friend.
I would do anything for that man.
So, don't you ever, ever question my loyalty to him again! I rest my case.
No, listen.
For your information, Linda had a puncture that night.
She waited two hours for a replacement tyre.
So, you go find her and you apologise.
Why should I? I was only sticking up for you.
Because she's a teacher and you're just a secretary.
Ah, yeah, Mr Chalk.
It's going round finally good, yeah? Fall for it then? Yeah, he's too keen to impress my sister to say no.
You see, Mason? He thinks with his head and not just his fists.
Finn's going to be picking his teeth up off the floor when I'm done with him.
Yeah, mate - or his guts.
No-one said nothing about no knife.
You've got to man up, blud.
You're in big boy league now.
Watch out.
I must admit I was a bit surprised you didn't call me yourself.
Well, you were recuperating, I didn't want to bother you.
Yeah, as long as that's the only reason.
I wanted to phone, of course I did.
But Jez would hit the roof if he knew that I was calling you, so Gets angry, does he? You as well? Why not? I mean, everyone else thinks Jez did it.
And what about you? What do you think? Of course he didn't.
Welcome back.
Thanks for holding on.
Now, I'm sure you've all seen the graffiti.
The DSC are obviously staking a claim but this school belongs to us.
What are we supposed to do? Be vigilant.
Look for the tell-tale signs.
Codes of dress.
Kids wearing the same trainers.
Hooded tops, items of jewellery.
Any particular hand gestures that you might notice.
Look for large, isolated groups in the playground.
And watch out for any increase in violent or aggressive behaviour, particularly with PE and games.
Yeah, course.
(He'd be the expert on that.
) If any of you become in the least bit suspicious, I want you to flag it.
Thank you.
Mr Byrne.
I just wanted to say, for what it's worth, that I'm sorry.
The situation was unfortunate.
Well, that's one way of putting it.
Jez At least have the decency to come out with it.
What? You think I ran you over.
I wouldn't blame you if you had.
What? Well They all think I did it.
So, call the gym, get a copy of the CCTV footage or something.
That'll shut them up.
Look, I haven't got to explain myself to anyone.
The thing is, he's lost his mobile and the insurance company want details.
We think it might have been at your gym.
Jeremy Diamond.
Might you be able to check on your computer what time? Great, thank you.
Come in quietly, please.
Yes, hello.
No, he must have just gotten his dates mixed up.
Thank you.
Watch where you're going.
Sorry, Sir.
Let me help you.
Is that paint? No.
Think we'd better go and see Mr Byrne, don't you? Yo, Tariq.
See you out front after the final bell then, yeah? You'll have a long wait.
Soz, fam.
Tonight's off.
Is Mr Byrne in, please? Oh, sorry, Mr Chalk.
He's in a meeting.
Do you want to take a seat? I take it you wrecked my class as well.
One-man crime wave.
You got the spray paint? Where'd you get this? Miss Radleigh's car.
What would Miss Radleigh be doing with a can of car paint? Saving some money on a DIY job.
Waste of time though.
Seen better looking write-offs, you get me? Would you keep an eye on him for me, please? Oh, you sure you're all right with that? Seeing as though I'm just the secretary(?) MUSIC: "Cut My Teeth" by Peggy Sue This better be important.
I thought you'd like to know I put Janeece straight.
You pulled me out of class for that? Yeah, well, I told her you had an alibi.
For Michael's hit and run? You were having a new tyre fitted.
Please, can we just do this later, yeah? Only I just had a look at your car, and there's no new tyre.
Looks like a new windscreen, though, and the, erm, well, there's a dent in the bonnet.
And then there's this.
What was it? Just a quick touch-up job? I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe Michael will.
Let's not do this here.
Hmm? It was me.
I ran him over.
Frankly, it's a relief to tell someone.
Been trying to keep the lid on everything.
Why? What's going on? I thought he just needed a shoulder to cry on.
He said there was no point in us both driving, so I got into his car and I Go on.
He made a pass at me.
I just froze.
I couldn't believe it.
I mean, you think you know someone and Sorry.
Take your time.
There's no rush.
He was trying to kiss my neck and I just felt this wave of revulsion and Did he? You know.
I managed to get out and I jumped into my car.
But he stood in front of it, wouldn't let me leave - I was so scared, I just floored it.
I didn't know what else to do.
I don't understand.
You're always there, you go round at the drop of a hat.
Why do you think he claims he can't remember the accident? Why? He was blackmailing me! Gets a kick out of me running around after him.
I can't stand it anymore.
Right, we call the police.
What's the point? It's my word against his.
OK, we hand in our notice.
Make a fresh start.
You'd do that for me? You are the best thing that's ever happened to me.
You hang in there.
It's only half an hour till the end of the school day, then this'll all be over.
BELL RINGS Whatever you want to say is between me, you and these four walls.
Look, just stick me in detention for ever, I don't mind.
You're really scared, aren't you? Me? Nah.
OK, I'll cut you a deal.
What kind of deal? You will be the poster boy for an anti-gang initiative.
Whatever that role requires, whatever I require from you, you will jump at it without question.
Like what? Q&As, monitoring programmes, community liaison.
That sort of thing.
Snitch? No.
No police.
It's a good offer.
And it's your only offer.
What about detentions? Well, I think a month sounds a nice, round figure, don't you? Look on the bright side.
You'll have arms like Popeye by the time you've scrubbed all the walls.
Thanks, sir.
Off you go.
We'll start tomorrow.
What about tonight's detention? You're lucky.
No staff cover.
Tariq? A word please, Mr Byrne.
Just a moment Now! Step in to my office(!) You so much as lay a finger on Linda again and I won't be responsible for my actions.
I beg your pardon? There's names for people like you.
What are you talking about? You're lucky she doesn't want to press charges for assault, hit and run or no hit and run! It was Linda She said you blocked her way.
You'd better start from the beginning.
Hello, can you hear me now? Ah, good.
I should like to speak to someone vis-a-vis employment opportunities at your establishment.
I want to be a Candora Cosmetics rep.
Come on, bro.
We'll miss him if you don't hurry up.
Oh, hiya.
Are you all right? You don't look too well.
Well, you heard him.
Get a move on.
Just take care of yourself, OK? Is Miss Radleigh there? She shot off.
See you in a bit, anyway.
See you later.
Right, I'll give you a bell in a bit.
I thought I might tag along.
No way.
This is a lads' thing, I'm not having you cramping our style.
MUSIC: "Shake It Out" by Florence + the Machine In a hurry? Hiya.
The kids said you let them out early.
Um, migraine.
I mean, is it any wonder? Thought I might ride shotgun, make sure you get home all right.
I'd rather just be on my own tonight.
It's nothing personal.
Funny that.
Sounded like you were giving me the brush off there, for a minute.
Erm, no, come over later.
I'll make us something.
We can talk then.
What you doing? Michael's got to you, hasn't he? Oh, he's a clever man.
It's over, Linda.
Now, do you see why I have to get away? Don't embarrass yourself.
Thanks, but I don't need your pity.
You used me.
Only because you were happy to let me.
As if I'd fall for you.
Linda Radleigh, you need to come with us.
Michael? Perhaps we could do this somewhere more private? All right, shrimp? Do you fancy walking home together? Part-timer.
I've got to psych myself up to tell Dad.
How come you're not with your boyfriend? He's gone down the arcade with Tariq.
Getting to know each other better.
You're kidding? Tell me about it.
Talk about a personality transplant.
And he kissed me on his way out, like it was some big goodbye.
Yeah? What for? Don't know.
His mates told him to hurry up.
Mates? What mates? There were a group of them.
Don't know their names.
Was one a big bloke? Looks a bit mean.
Why? Trudi! Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Please forgive me.
I never meant I just saw red.
Why? You humiliated me in front of Sian.
It should have been me.
Why didn't you choose me? I've waited and waited.
It should have been me! I love you! Get off me.
Michael! Michael! Are you OK? Sir.
It'll have to wait, OK? Sir, you've got to help me.
It's Finn.
I've got a really bad feeling.
What's wrong? Finn's meeting Tariq at the arcade.
Only Mason and all that lot are going as well.
I think they might be planning something.
What do you mean? I don't know.
Tariq says Mason's a psycho.
Come on.
Let's go.
Yes, Tariq.
There you are.
Which end are you? Don't care.
Don't know what you're letting yourself in for here, you know.
Where's my change gone? What's he doing here? Not so much of a big man now, are you? What's going on? What you waiting for? You.
Come on.
I can't.
You go.
I don't know which way.
Left at the end of the road, straight on, and then the second right.
Please hurry.
Police, please.
Come on, then.
And again.
Stop pulling his hair, man.
Hit 'im harder.
Get back in there.
Cut him.
No, Tariq, no.
Cut him, I said.
Do it now.
Break it up, all of you.
Go on, move back.
Come on.
SIRENS Don't be stupid, son.
Move out my way.
I swear down I'll carve you up, you know? Put the knife down.
I ain't going to tell you again! Just put it down.
Argh! He's got a knife! All right? You didn't believe me, did you? You couldn't look me in the eye.
And now, I know for a fact.
What? I called the gym.
You weren't there.
Why does that even matter? You know that I didn't run Michael over.
It matters to me, Jez.
Erm I was at Janeece's flat.
Why? What were you doing there? What was so bad you couldn't tell me? Finn! Finn! Are you all right? Yeah, I'll live.
Sure you don't want to involve the police? No, you're all right, sir.
He hit me and I hit him back.
At least get yourself to A&E, get that checked out.
Thanks to you, I'm not there already.
What? Mason had a knife.
Your brother set me up.
Why do you think I wanted a detention tonight? I was trying to get out of it.
I didn't know what else to do, man.
We'll go and see Mr Byrne together.
Let's not pretend you won't get excluded.
For now, I suggest you go home.
I'll never forgive you for this.
I despise you.
Oi! It's not over, this.
You and Janeece? All this time you've been on your high horse No, listen.
You and Janeece! Nothing happened.
You lied to me.
Why? Yeah, that hurts, doesn't it? Don't turn this back on me, Jez.
OK, look, I made a pass at her.
But it was right after I found out about you and Michael and I got really drunk and I and I was angry, and I wanted to get back at you.
But nothing happened.
I went to her flat to apologise to her.
This is such a mess.
Yes, it is a mess .
but we can sort it.
If you still want to? I'm so sorry, Jez.
I wish I could undo it.
I love you, and I'm I'm so sorry.
Look, I told Tom that we'd meet him in the pub.
I'd rather go home.
With you.
He's going to get what he's got I don't want any more trouble.
Look like you could use a drink.
Look, I didn't snitch.
My sister worked it out.
She did us a favour.
He's going to be away for a while.
I thought you two were mates.
He was a liability.
All mouth.
Not like you.
You're all there up top.
Listen, I've got a few more of these back at mine, if you're interested? After you.
MUSIC: "Pushing Me Away" by Linkin Park Vote Madi, excellent.
Is it all gimmicks or do you actually have any policies? Head girl gets the entertainment budget, and who throws the best parties at this school? Some schools have gang liaison officers.
We just don't have the staff budget.
What if there was a teacher already here, you know, someone who the kids trusted? Well, actually, I'm going to be a model.
Yeah, right.
I've been spotted by an agent.
How about running for head boy? Me? Let's hear your policies.
Oh, that is my policy, sir, keeping this place safe from the likes of him, the DSC and any other gang who thinks it can get through them gates.
I think we'd rather hear you talk about your opinions on some of the key issues.
Knife crime, for example.
It's for laser treatment and maybe breast enlargement.
What's wrong with her? She's having contractions, she's in labour.
She can't be, it's too early.
What is wrong with you? What? Not "what".
You stink of it.
Empty your pockets now.
What's going on? They're protesting over something.
Go on.
See you later.

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