Waterloo Road (2006) s09e09 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 9

1 Are you aware George Windsor isn't qualified to teach Mandarin? Here is a list of all our grievances.
You sure about this? You want to make a formal complaint? Yeah.
When I get this job, and I will get it, those two will be history.
The cooking thing? Look, I don't care what my mum thinks, it's what I want to do.
You'll be brilliant.
Seaweed bhaji.
Mmmm! I'm still hoping he'll go down a more academic route.
CHEERING, BELL RINGS CAROL: You're not exactly Rocky, are you, love? She said that I'll be in competitive form at the end of the training camp, ready to try out for national level! What? Fly halfway across the world? If you don't sign these forms and let her go, you will lose her, maybe for good.
Are you sure this is what you want? CHILDREN CHATTER MUSIC: "Silver Rays" by Django Django Just get it going cos I can't get started It doesn't matter if you can't say no You say I'm never gonna be dishearted You only tell me what I need to know What do you think you're doing? Hey! Excuse me, who are you? Frankie McGregor, supply teacher.
Oi! Let him do it.
Get down on your knees and put that stuff back in the bag.
What?! Are you going to make me? I can take it from here, Mr McGregor.
He'll put the stuff back in the bag.
I'll stand here till he's done it.
Mr McGregor? Christine Mulgrew, Acting Head Teacher.
I see you've already met our Deputy, Simon Lowsley.
Give it back, nicely.
If you'd like to come this way Get to registration, lads.
Come on! Keep up! You know, the girls in Miami are expected to do this distance every morning.
Really? In under 30 minutes.
My best is 33.
With you tagging along, I'm going to miss registration.
You're the one who wants to spend quality time with your big brother.
I can't wait.
It's actually happening.
I'm going to be in Miami.
Oh, change the record, Kace! PANTING What did you say? It's just a place, innit? You don't even know anyone.
Bet you'll be on the first plane back.
No, I won't.
Whatever! PANTING CONTINUES Barryare you jealous? Why would I be jealous of you? You are! Oh, honestly Barry? What? Love ya! CHRISTINE: 'I see you don't have a problem with challenging pupils.
' I reckon the teachers who have problems with discipline try to be liked too much.
Pupils need guidance and reassurance, but they also respond to a firm approach.
Sorry, bit of a rant.
SHE LAUGHS Connor? Connor! Bolshie pupil? Bolshie son.
Hellbent on making a stupid career choice.
I mean, why? Why, when he's university material, would he be dead set on chopping onions for the rest of his life? Sorry, now I'M ranting.
University qualifications are no guarantee of a job.
People are always going to want to eat.
Are you always this insightful? I know you haven't got any classes for the first few periods - how about sitting in with another teacher? It'll be good to get a feel of the place.
Fourth year physics with one of our NQTs, a Miss Sue Spark.
I can pick up some tips.
Actually, I think she would benefit from working with someone with some gravitas.
You flatter me.
In fact, I'd be very interested in your feedback.
Got you.
Not that she'll be in a minute before five to.
Morning, all.
This is Frankie McGregor, new supply teacher for science.
He's covering for Alex's maternity leave, so he will be with us for quite a few months.
Please, make him welcome.
And if you see him in the corridors looking lost, point him in the right direction.
Christine? You know I've been in touch with Nicola Adams' management? Well, I've just taken a call.
She's in Glasgow today for a meeting and she's willing to come and meet Kacey this afternoon.
She's even suggested they have a training bout.
It's too good an opportunity to miss! What, the boxing gold medallist? Wow! Great PR for the school.
And Kacey Barry.
She's showing real boxing potential.
She's heading for a training camp in America next week.
We're really proud of her.
At least I'll have good news for her mum.
I've had to call her in this morning.
Is there a problem? Yeah, we've totally underestimated the accommodation costs.
Well, maybe we could use this visit to fundraise? I used to fundraise for my son's football team.
If you need a hand Are you serious? I usually have to nag people for help.
Well, I'll catch you later.
Don't want to be late for Mrs Barry! So you've no idea why Boston wants to see me? Maybe it's about me going to America? She'll have heard about my accommodation by now.
I hope so.
It's better than being dragged in for your bad behaviour.
I haven't done anything! Why do you always think that it's me that's in trouble? Let me think! Last week, magic mushrooms, the week before All right! All right! And you better watch your step.
You upset my Dynasty again, you'll have me to answer to.
So you're telling me there's nothing I need to know? I said, didn't I? BELL RINGS Hughes shoots! Oh! Hughes scores! Get in there, lad! What do you think you're doing? Aw, Lenny! Your sister's so cute when she's angry! Aw! Oi! Pick on one sister, you pick on us all! Mmm Aw! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm, that is what heaven tastes like! I ground the hazelnuts and the almonds myself, like you showed me.
Your mum'll have to watch her weight if she's tasting all your efforts! She doesn't.
She doesn't know what she's missing! She doesn't care.
She thinks Connor should go to university.
Have you talked to her about it? Properly, I mean.
She won't listen.
Give her a chance, right.
Let her have her say first, right? And then she'll be more likely to listen to you.
Mwah! Er, Sonya, can you put together a poster about Nicola Adams' visit? Nikki has all the info.
Nicola Adams? Ain't that the ginger one from Girls Aloud? Er, no, she's a boxer.
A gold medallist.
She's going to do a demo with Kacey.
Oh, and don't put them up until Nikki's told Kacey, OK? OK.
Shall we? Sure.
So, did you speak to our new science teacher? The irritatingly enthusiastic Mr McGregor? Yes, I did.
I think he's good news.
I've put him into Sue's class.
I thought it'd be interesting to see what goes on in there.
Thinking you might create a little memorandum of your own? Perhaps.
Sorry, I was chasing kids into registration.
Um, I was just telling George about our new supply.
I don't think HE'LL have a problem with discipline.
I thought he was heavy-handed this morning, actually.
His idea of discipline looked more like intimidation.
Well, I was impressed.
He's got some excellent fundraising ideas.
Maybe you could pick up a few tips from him.
Anything that'll help.
Help what? Claw your way to the top? George! Well, I'm merely saying what we're both thinking.
Pretty shabby kind of way to behave, assembling a "secret dossier".
And tell me, are you upset for Christine's sake, or because the main cause of complaint was your fraudulent Mandarin teaching? OK.
That's enough.
Let's get through this meeting without any more bickering? Er, two letters from parents taking their kids out of Waterloo Road.
Maisie Evans and Peter Stern.
Why? I had high hopes for them.
As did we all.
But who can fathom the whims of parents? Especially the parents of the kids taking languages.
I feel I've been landed on you.
No doubt Mrs Mulgrew thought you could show me the ropes.
Well, she probably sent you to spy on me.
I'm here to help.
BELL RINGS, CHILDREN SHOUTING Difficult class? Total nightmare.
LOUD CHATTER Quiet, please! Miss Spark said quietly.
CHATTER STOPS Could I just have a word? So what do you want me to do? Name it.
Erm Actually, I've got quite a bit of marking to catch up on.
And rather than us falling over each other, would you be happy to take the class? I'm sure I can muddle through.
We're doing speed, distance and acceleration.
Do you want to get a coffee in the staff room? And have our "Dear Leader" accusing me of bunking off? So no? OK, my name's Mr McGregor.
Can you get your jotters out so I can see how far you've got? Who's going to tell me what you've learned so far? God, he really is a poisonous little sh Well, we did give him ammunition.
And the truth is, I should never have covered up for you.
Yeah, well I am sorry about that.
But I'll make it up to you.
I'll get things back on track.
Don't you worry.
Good, because I've got a dossier the length of my arm sitting in the LA office, with your fraudulent Mandarin classes topping it.
You're kidding me! You're saying you've a gold medallist coming to do a bit of boxing with our Kacey? Is this a wind-up? SHE LAUGHS: No.
Oh! I've got to hand it to you, Miss Boston, you've done good by our girl.
There is something else I needed to speak to you about.
Oh, I knew it! I knew this was too good to be true.
Right, what's our Barry done this time? Nothing.
It's about Kacey.
I think I may have underestimated the accommodation costs.
What, you think? You don't know? There's a shortfall.
SHE SIGHS You saying our Kacey can't go to America? No.
I just wanted to talk to you about the fundraising.
Look, it has been going really well, but in truth we could do with some help.
SHE LAUGHS Well, this is a first.
No complaints about the kids and you want my help! Well, I thought you could get involved in raising more money.
Does it have to be legal? You should see your face! Listen, I know loads of people who would be well chuffed to see Nicola Adams in action.
And, trust me, I can get them cough up for the privilege! Yeah, I need to run it past Mrs Mulgrew.
And what about the local boxing club, eh? Give them an invite, they might give us a donation.
So we did this triangle to show the acceleration equation.
Speed change over time equals acceleration.
Oh, I still don't get it! What don't you get? Acceleration's going fast, right? There you go.
You've got it.
- That's acceleration.
- No, it's not! That's not right, is it, miss? Hmm? Acceleration's not about speed.
What are you talking about? CLICKS FINGERS: Hey Get on with your exercise Don't see much work in here.
Well, Miss Spark's never said anything about it.
Typical! No concentration.
That's Lenny's trouble.
His sister's the same.
Oh, thanks(!) Find it hard to concentrate? Er, he's just shy.
Well, we can't say the same about you! How about I help you? You have to let me help you, though.
OK? BELL RINGS Oh, I'm dead excited.
I've got a crowd to drum up.
I do need to speak to Mrs Mulgrew first Sweetheart! Mum? I can't believe it.
I'm so made up for you! My Kacey, boxing with an Olympic champion.
What?! Mrs Barry Nicola Adams is coming here to Waterloo Road to see you.
Imagine that! Oh, that's so cool! I'm sorry, Kacey, it was meant to be a surprise.
Oh, sorry, me and my big mouth.
Is she going to bring her gold medal? Well, I'd hope so.
And I'm getting a crowd together to watch.
How amazing is that? All right I'll see you later I'll talk to you about it more later.
And that's what I love about physics.
Well done.
OK, Nicole likes Bunsen burners.
Can anybody expand on that? Who wants to go next? GIRLS GIGGLE How about you? Me? Tell us what you like about physics.
But I don't.
It's rubbish.
Well, you have to find something - that's the point of the exercise.
What's going on? Aren't we getting experiments? We always get experiments in a double period.
Sir? One sec.
Miss Spark, um, I'm not sure what it is you want me to do, or where the equipment is? Um, do you want me to set up the pendulum experiment? They can do that in pairs.
That'd be great.
OK, everybody, into pairs for the experiment.
You're with me, Lise.
Yeah, of course.
What are you waiting for? Your dummy? THEY GIGGLE OK, Lenny, you can pair up with me.
Now, I'll need you in groups of four for this.
Remember, this is an exercise to test your understanding of grammar, which, hopefully, you will be rather better in French than your somewhat tenuous grasp on English.
What's that, sir? Is that anything like the "tenuous grasp" you have in Mandarin? LAUGHTER Tres drole, Imogen.
Come on! Groups of four.
That's not an excuse to gossip.
Kevin? A word please? Now, Kevin, eryeah you may have heard that the Mandarin classes have been suspended.
Well, the thing is that I don't like to let any of the pupils down.
So I've come up with this plan to continue the classes outside of school hours.
Um, and you want me to help? Exactly.
You, me and Archie Wong.
You mean, like, teach? Well, I appreciate it will mean giving up some of your free time Yeah, I'd love to! And I realise that it is a big ask Sorry? Yip, of course.
I'm up for it.
Oh, great.
Well, um This is a bit of a tricky time for me, I'll admit, so I will be wanting complete discretion.
Will he be wanting a fee and all? Well, I heard you were giving Archie Wong a backhander, so Kevin will be wanting more.
Sir! Ours keeps falling over! Shall I? GIGGLING OK, that's enough.
Just tie the ball bearing on.
It HOOKS on, sir.
GIGGLING CONTINUES That's what I meant.
Just do it.
Ahem Maybe it's time they collected their data? Absolutely.
OK, everybody, let's write up what we've observed.
What should we write, sir? You haven't told us anything.
And that's why it's called an experiment - you're suppose to deduce from your findings.
I can't do all the work for you.
Um, right, how about we bin the other one? This is for class work only, though.
No artwork unless it's called for.
Got it? I still don't know what to write, sir.
Has Miss Spark not told you how to report an experiment? Come on, you lot, you know this! You write a list of the apparatus you've used and you can draw diagrams to illustrate.
And remember to write in the third person.
Past tense.
It's similar to the marble experiment, remember? Write it up in the same way.
And don't forget to use measurement tables.
So when's the big day? Oh, next week.
I know I said I was marking, it was just I'm a bit behind with the arrangements.
No worries.
And are you happy what I'm doing with the class? Absolutely.
I'm a wee bit rusty.
Well, they're behaving - that's the main thing.
BELL RINGS CHATTERING GROWS LOUDER Quietly, file out! And listen, write up today's experiment for next time, OK? Like I said - I'm here to help.
If I set up the lesson, would you be free next period? I'd really appreciate it.
Be my pleasure.
Hey! Miss, I Is everything OK? It's this thing today.
Yeah, it's great, isn't it? Sorry you got it sprung on you.
I only found out this morning she was coming.
It's just I can't get in the ring with her.
I mean, I'm not ready.
It's OK, Kacey, don't worry.
It's not a proper fight.
It's just a demonstration, it's a bit of fun.
But everyone's going to be there, watching.
Yeah, and it'll really help raise your profile.
Look, the thing is, Kacey, we heard about the accommodation and it's way more expensive than we thought.
So while we are trying to do our best There's not enough money for me to go to America? No, no, no, I didn't say that.
It's just this demo will really help you.
Everybody's really looking forward to it.
You just need one final push.
Kacey? LAUGHTER AND CHATTER What's going on? We're going down to the mall at lunchtime.
Me and Shaz are going to nick make-up.
And it's girls only.
It's not your kind of thing anyway.
But we always have lunch together.
One day's not going to kill you.
Have fun on your own, little man.
GIGGLING Come on! Kacey? I thought you'd be made up about Nicola Adams.
What's bothering you? Talk to me, Kacey.
I'll be fine.
I've got science.
Come with me.
I thought this was what you wanted.
You've got a real talent, Kacey, and when I see youin that ring it justfits.
How do you know? How do you know I'm any better than average? SHE LAUGHS Of course you're better than average! Not everyone has to be the best, do they? No.
But you wouldn't be happy if you weren't challenged, would you? I believe in you.
The whole school believes you're destined to be great.
But if you're a fighter, right, if you're a real, proper fighter, you will get through this.
Nicola Adams? Do you think that all those thousands of people went to the Olympics to see HER? They came to see her opponent! But she fought like she didn't care what anyone thought of her.
Now, THAT is the difference between someone who is good and someone who's a champion.
It's not just talent, it's perseverance.
You just don't get it, do you? See, this is what's freaking me out! Everyone expecting me to be someone that's just not me! Maybe I don't want to leave my friends and family.
Maybe I don't want to fight Nicola Adams and look like a complete idiot! What?! Are you saying you don't want this? I won't believe it! We have worked too hard for you to suddenly turn around and say you don't want it! So when do I say it? Because I haven't had much chance, have I? It seems like it's been more YOUR dream than mine! What? You just assumed that I wanted all this.
But you've never actually stopped to ask, have you? DOOR SLAMS, SHE SIGHS That you writing up the experiment? Can I see? You know what impresses me the most? The fact you've made so much effort.
Is it true what Miss Spark says? You find it hard to concentrate? Ever tried fishing? There's nothing like casting a line out in the water waiting for a bite.
Really focuses the mind.
I've never done fishing.
Your da no' take you? I don't have a dad.
Takes you a whole other place, you know.
Away from all your worries.
You'd like it.
Yeah? You could teach me.
I could, could I? Yeah.
When? Today? Well, not sure we can, er Yeah, course.
As if.
Suppose we could nip to the pier at lunchtime? I've got my rods in the boot of the car.
For real? Why not? I need to clear it with Mrs Mulgrew, but if she's OK, it's a deal.
So I'll get you in the canteen? We'll leave soon as.
You settling in all right? Yes.
What was that about? Er, what? Er, nothing.
Ermlooking through his science work.
I'm trying to help him with his concentration.
So the visit from Nicola Adams will be this afternoon and I want to free up Years Four, Five and Six to come and support it.
Oh, and we need a big push to get Kacey Barry to Miami.
Is everything OK? Do you really think this demo's a good idea? Is there a problem? No.
It's nothing.
She's so lucky to get this opportunity.
Christine? Ah, how did it go this morning? Actually, I was wanting a word.
This might seem like a strange request, but I was wondering if you would be OK if I took Lenny Brown fishing today.
With the exhibition fight on, he wouldn't miss any classes.
What's brought this on? He seems a little isolated.
Miss Spark was saying he's easily distracted.
There's nothing like a spot of fishing to help you concentrate.
I appreciate you've a great record with kids, but a new teacher taking a pupil out on his own Fair enough.
I totally understand.
AhemI don't want to make hassle for you, but Miss Spark Oh, yeah? It seems like she doesn't care if Lenny sinks or swims.
So, you didn't find her good with the students? I think she's got a lot on her mind - you know, the wedding - she's preoccupied.
So she's more interested in planning her wedding than teaching her class? LAUGHTER Right, everybody, you can start rolling it out now.
Uh-oh, here's your bruv.
Do you think I'm bothered about what you're up to? I'm doing something this lunch anyway.
Let me guess? Hanging out by yourself.
I'm going fishing with Mr McGregor, actually.
Oh, my God.
You're so sad.
Talk about saddos? Least I'm not nicking stuff from the mall.
Simon, Simon, I've been thinking about favours.
You know, for the tables? How about little soaps rather than sweets? Aren't you meant to be teaching? I've got Frankie McGregor helping me.
He's great with the kids! Sue, it's YOUR class.
But there's so much to organise for the wedding.
Get back in there! OK, first of all, why don't you start me off by telling me about these equations? Aren't you supposed to tell us, sir? I don't mind doing something else.
But we've got to do equations for our exams.
Well, maybe we could do the pendulum experiment.
Gravity and acceleration.
GRUMBLING Er, we did that last year.
GRUMBLING CONTINUES - Quiet! - Aww! This is rubbish, this is! All right, what's the problem? Mr McGregor is telling us stuff wrong, miss.
He said V is for velocity.
Just testing you.
I'm sure Miss Spark will put us right.
V is for voltage.
P is for power.
Come on, you lot, wake up.
I'll miss her when she's in the States.
You going all soft on me? No, you know, she's my little sister.
I like having her around.
She's better company than your brother, that's for sure.
What?! HE SIGHS Excuse me! Er, Mrs Mulgrew? Could I have a word, please? Were you not going to tell me about this? Didn't you know? Shouldn't it have come up at the SMT meeting? It was a last-minute thing, Simon.
I'm sorry, I thought you knew.
Are you deliberately trying to undermine me? Of course not.
You sit there in a meeting, you don't think to tell me about this and let George snipe at me.
It's hardly professional, is it? Don't lecture me, Simon, you're not Head yet.
Although no doubt you think it's only a matter of time.
It seems your plan to discredit me has worked.
I got the letter from your future father-in-law bringing the Head Teacher interviews forward to next week.
I didn't know that! Oh, please, don't insult my intelligence.
You might think I was about to throw in the towel but you're in for a hell of a fight.
MUSIC: "Cough Cough" by Everything Everything Hi.
Umabout Connor.
I'm not sure I want to have this conversation.
He's got talent and he's passionate.
And, if he decides it's not for him, he can always go to uni later.
You're joking me? But you said! I'm sorry, son.
What's going on there? It's our new supply teacher.
He wanted to take Lenny fishing.
I put the kybosh on it.
You were never going to take me, were you? You were just saying that for show.
Lenny Brown! Please don't speak to a teacher like that.
It's OK.
I've got it.
Look, I know you want to kick off right now.
You're just making things worse.
Sit down and we'll talk.
We might not be able to go out right away, but I can teach you how to tie a fly to a line.
They're not real flies, are they? HE LAUGHS No, that one's a That's called a bibio buzzer.
This one's called a bead eye humungus lure.
And that one's a Bristol hopper.
He's very experienced, you know.
We were lucky to get him.
Do you think it would do any harm? The lad's been a bit lost since Grantly.
Um OK.
You can go.
But make sure Sonya has your mobile number and tell her exactly where you're going.
Are you sure? I'll expect a trout for my tea.
Ready to go? Yeah.
Is that everyone now? Yeah.
Right, er, thank you for giving up your lunch break and I hope you've managed to keep our little meeting to yourselves.
What's all the secrecy about, sir? Well, some of you may have heard the scurrilous rumour that the teaching of Mandarin is to be suspended.
Now, I have no intention whatsoever of letting you, your parents or Mrs Mulgrew down.
Now, whilst these sessions will continue to be conducted on the QT, I hope they'll go some way to reassuring your parents that you're not losing out.
Now, we have a winning team to present to you - Mr Archie Wong, who is a native Mandarin speaker Go, Wong! And, despite the slight shadow of doubt still hanging over my own linguistic abilities, I have to say that I did live in Shanghai for many years, so have picked up one or two tricks along the way, so to speak.
Ahem! Oh, and Mr Kevin Chalk, of course.
Who can always be relied upon to bring it down to your level.
Yip, see I started learning from scratch and, er, and I'm pretty hot, if I say so myself.
Now, I don't know about you lot, but I want to give those posh schools a run for their money.
Yeah! Yes, well, I wouldn't get too carried away.
This is Waterloo Road.
GIRLS CHATTER AND GIGGLE This is cool! You know, I've been thinking, the pier's going to be busy this time of day.
You know the reservoir up the hill? Yeah.
That's the place to go if you want to bag a trout.
Nice and peaceful up there.
Nice and quiet.
ENGINE STARTS You don't look happy.
It's Christine! She undermines me at every turn.
Oh, there's a surprise.
She's got an extra crony now.
Your friend, Mr McGregor.
I wouldn't worry about him - he won't last - once she realises he knows zilch about science.
THEY CONVERSE IN MANDARIN It means, er, "thank you" Just a bit of detention.
Um, has anyone seen Kacey? Is something wrong? No, no.
I just thought we could use Nicola's visit as an extra fundraiser.
Perhaps you could help? I think she just needs to know you all believe in her.
Look, if you do see her, will you let her know I'm looking for her? Right.
Where do you think you're going? I need to speak to Miss Boston.
But you're in detention.
Great idea! Connor could make some snacks and sell them at the fight.
Maybe I can look through the Junktion stuff, find some really good raffle prizes.
We could print some flyers and hand them out in town? That's very noble of you all, but can we return to the task in hand? Sorry, sir, but if we've got to do it for this afternoon, then we've got to use all of lunch.
Come on, everyone! Don't, wait We are supposed to be Pleasedon'tall of you MUSIC: "I Still Follow You" by Frankie and The Heartstrings I think she's just having a bit of a wobble.
What kind of a wobble? Well, she seems a little bit overwhelmed by it all, but, Dynasty, has she spoken to you at all about not wanting all of this? Boxing? Yeah.
No! Kacey's not much of a talker.
I just I just hope we haven't pushed her too far and too fast.
SHE SIGHS Right, I only know rudimentary physics and even I know this is total rubbish.
You didn't think to say anything? Well, Twinkle, he was so good with the class.
You know, he kept them interested and quiet.
The kids loved him.
Oh, for goodness' sake, Sue! That's no reason for letting him carry on! As soon as you thought there was anything suspect, you should've come to me.
I'm sorry! I knew there was something funny about him from the start! Where are you going? Twinkle? What's wrong with your face? Miss Boston says you've chickened out of that fight with the boxer.
I've not chickened out! I'm justfreaked.
I mean, one minute, I'm learning to box and the next I'm going to America.
And then, it's all about raising money.
All this big fuss.
All over me.
Well, don't you want to go? I don't know.
You know I've never been away from home before.
What if I hate it? What if I miss you, Mum and Barry? What if this has all been about what Miss Boston wants? I didn't know you were this unhappy.
I didn't think I was.
Not until today.
So don't go.
What? Do you think I want you to move away and get your face bashed in? I've seen that film with Hilary Swank.
That was a freak accident.
Look, I know it might be a bit of a rush, but wouldn't you rather stay out of harm's way? What'll Mum say? She will be made up, and she'll get to protect her baby.
Won't people be disappointed? Since when have we cared what people think? And I'll get to have my little baby sister at home.
And anyway, who's going to put the fake tan on my back? Do you want me to come with you to tell Miss Boston? Or I'll tell her for you, cos she's going to need to know.
No, no, no, wait I'll tell her myself.
I love you, babes.
Never got what you saw in this boxing rubbish anyway.
Make sure you've got the wind behind you when fly fishing.
You don't want to get one of these hooks in your eye.
I've never been here before.
Great, isn't it? I love the peace and quiet.
We don't get much of that in the schoolhouse.
So you don't live with your ma, then? My brother, he used to look after us, but he's in prison now.
It's just you and your sister? We used to be dead close, but But? She's all pally with Shaznay now.
But you were close before? Yeah.
I mean, even when Larry was there - me, my brother and her - we did everything together.
But not now? I've got nothing to say that she wants to hear.
Well, I want to hear what you've got to say.
Well, you're the only one.
I'm looking for Mr McGregor, have you seen him? Maggie, have you seen Mr McGregor? You just missed him.
He took Lenny Brown fishing.
Right, come on! Get your hands in your pockets.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
We need your cash! Where were you? I can't do this without you Checking on Kacey.
Well, she's counting on us so you best get shaking.
People really want her to do this, don't they? Thank you.
I know, I can't bear her being away, but you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, eh? Cash now, thank you.
I don't think I could stand being away from home that long.
I mean, what if she's worried? Listen.
We've got to be strong for our Kacey.
Even Barry's in there doing his bit.
Barry? He'll come back with an empty tin and pockets full of money.
This is family.
He knows this is her big chance.
Now, come on, girl, get shaking.
Come on, here we go! Woo! Come on, dig deep for Kacey! Woo! Miss? Kacey.
I'm sorry about earlier.
No, I'm sorry.
Look, I've pushed you too hard.
No, I wanted to be pushed.
But now It's just all happening so fast.
You, the school, my mum.
It's like I've lost control.
It's completely natural to have doubts and fears.
I should have prepared you better.
I guess I just thought If life puts you in the right place at the right time, then you should just grab those chances.
What if it's all for nothing? There's no shame in losing, Kacey, as long as you know you've put everything in.
People already think I'm a champion.
You are.
People need heroes.
And yours is on her way here now to support you.
And that's great, but everyone's going to know what I'm trying to do.
It's going to be in the papers and everything! Yeah That's something you'd have to get used to.
You know, you have to feed off that pressure.
The only time one of the Barrys is in the paper, it's because we're being sent down.
Isn't it time you change that? OK.
I'm in.
Let's do this.
It's going to be great! Er, she's here.
Is everything OK, Kacey? Yeah.
Is he answering? No, there ain't no voice mail neither.
Where's Christine? She's with Nicola Adams.
I cannot believe she sanctioned an unknown teacher taking a child out of school.
We've had all the paperwork! I dunno know why you're making such a fuss! Because I don't believe he's a real teacher! Phone the council.
What? Just phone them, will you? We are so pleased to have you visit Waterloo Road.
It is such a boost for the pupils.
Oh Hiya.
I'm Nikki, um, and this is Kacey Barry.
Hi, Kacey.
I've heard a lot about you.
I think someone's a little bit starstruck.
I hope you don't mind, but we're using your visit as a fundraising opportunity for Kacey.
Yeah, that's cool.
Right, get your hands in your pockets cos I don't know about you lot, but I cannot wait to see my Kacey bash seven bells out of someone at the Commonwealth Games.
Come on! Hey, are you still OK? Yeah, yeah.
It can seem a bit overwhelming sometimes, can't it? Yeah.
CAROL: Come on, bring it on! So, it's this way to the changing rooms Come on.
Well, yeah! You should've let us know! Apparently there's no way that bloke can be Frankie McGregor.
Why not? Because Frankie McGregor is seriously ill in a hospice.
Oh, God! There's been some sort of clerical error.
Right, who's off fishing with Lenny Brown? I don't know.
That's it, I'm calling the police.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Am I going to get in trouble for this? We've got some guy masquerading as a teacher, gone off with a vulnerable kid, and you're worried about yourself? That's not what I meant Call the police.
My grandad just lives down the road.
I mean, he'd have us all the time, but it'd be too much for him.
People can live to 100, you know.
Mr Budgen wasn't even 60 when he died.
Are you worried about your granda? Folk die, mate.
It's a fact of life.
That's why you got to keep a bit of yourself back.
You can love them, just .
just don't depend on them.
Hey, listen to us.
Life's good, Lenny.
Fishing in a beautiful place with a mate.
What could be better? Nothing, sir.
And how about we drop the "sir"? When we're out here, just the two of us, we're just Lenny and Jim.
I thought your name was Frankie? It is.
My mates call me Jim.
We're mates now, yeah? CheersJim.
Ladies and gentleman, Nicola Adams! CHEERING MUSIC: "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk ft.
Pharrell Williams Come on! We are absolutely thrilled that Nicola has agreed to spar with our very own Kacey Barry! CHEERING Kacey! Kacey! It's a chance for Kacey to show you some of what she's learnt.
So enjoy it! CHEERING Christine, we've got a problem.
SHE WHISPERS, SPEECH INAUDIBLE And you've no idea where he's gone? He said he was taking him fishing on the pier.
The police are there now but there's no sign.
He seemed so genuine.
He was even showing Lenny how to tie flies.
Well, that should've told you.
I mean, no fisherman worth their salt would go fly fishing at the pier.
The reservoir maybe, but Reservoir! Contact the police, tell them where we're going.
I'm leaving you in charge, George.
LENNY TUTS Oh, I can't do it! Here.
Let me show you.
Do you honestly think he's taken Lenny fishing? Just don't, Simon.
Right, now keep your wrist straight.
Follow the movement of your rod without moving your wrist, OK? See? Oh, yeah.
Feels good, doesn't it? CHEERING SHOUTS OF ENCOURAGEMEN The reservoir is definitely down here.
I can't see a car or anything! Just keep going straight! It's got to be down here! OK, that's it.
That's it.
Come on, come on! They've gotta be close! BELL RINGS Give it up for Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams! HUGE CHEER Let's hear it for Kacey Barry! CHEERING I've got one! Well done.
What are we going to do with it? Take it back for Mrs Mulgrew? We could cook it ourselves.
What, here? Or back at mine.
Cool! OK, easy.
There's his car there! Just keep going down this road.
Look, there's the water! There they are! Get away from him! No! I can't swim! He just fell.
I never did anything.
Where is he?! I can't see him! There he is! There! Help me! I never did anything wrong.
Abducting a pupil, impersonating a teacher How would you like me to start?! Tell them.
I never did anything.
SIREN WAILS I just wanted to help him! Spend time with him! He's happy, aren't you, Lenny? He's happy being here with me! Tell them you're happy! He was happy.
I never did anything! I just took him fishing! That's all I did.
CAROL: 'That's my girl, eh?' In a few years' time, you'll be queuing up for her autograph.
Mum! Yeah, come on.
Bye, love.
See you.
See you.
My mum's the same! KACEY LAUGHS VOICES ON POLICE RADIO I'll be back in a sec, Lenny, all right? I'm going to go to the hospital with Lenny, get him checked out while you give your statement.
I want to make sure he's all right, you know? Thanks, Simon.
I tell you, we've done not too bad on the raffle.
And this is what we made on the snacks.
You're kidding me?! Pffft! Greedy little beggars, aren't they, eh? This is amazing! Our Kacey will be made up.
And that Nicola Adams.
What an inspiration she is.
Can I have your attention, please? So, George, where's Christine? There's been a situation.
Turns out the man who said he was Frankie McGregor wasn't even a teacher.
How can this have happened? An error on the council's part.
But someone here probably should have spotted it.
How intense was that? I can't believe I nearly bottled out.
I know I can't.
What made you change your mind? KACEY LAUGHS Does it feel more real now? Yeah.
I really want this, you know.
I know.
You were amazing, babe.
I'm so proud.
And you totally showed up that Nicola Adams.
Mum! She's an Olympic gold medallist.
Right, I reckon this calls for tea out.
Can I invite Miss Boston? Do you hear that, Barry? My mum's treating us to tea.
Don't be inviting any of your dodgy mates.
This is Kacey's night.
You know that money I owe you? I reckon I'll be able to pay it off sooner than I thought.
Lenny! I'm fine.
I don't know what all the fuss is about.
The hospital says he's fine.
I'll see you in school tomorrow, Lenny.
Thank you.
He's OK, Maggie.
Where is he? That McGregor bloke? I'll kill him! Chill out, will you? Well, he was a perv, wasn't he? You don't know anything! Jim was OK.
And I'm fed up of people bad-mouthing him, all right? At least he listened to me.
Unlike some.
Well, look, I I'm sorry.
And, from now on, you can come everywhere with me and the girls.
No, thanks.
I don't want to go nicking make-up.
I've got better things to do.
We'll just go back to me and you, then, yeah? Nah.
I'm fine.
I like doing my own thing.
Leave him be, he'll come round.
So, I kept the boat on an even keel while you were away.
Well done, George.
Excuse me? Oh HE LAUGHS TO HIMSELF Oh, umcan you give us a few minutes, please? Oh! Lenny's fine.
Thank goodness.
So, what did the police say? Have we got any idea who this guy is? His name is Jim Rawnsley.
He's Frankie McGregor's brother-in-law.
Right, so how? The McGregors took him in when his marriage broke down.
They think he took the call to come in here They charged him, right? Yes, with child abduction.
According to Lenny, all they did was fish and talk and I don't believe he's hiding anything.
We were lucky this time.
We need to have a serious look at how we check our supply teachers in the future.
Why didn't I spot he wasn't genuine? If anyone should've spotted anything, it should've been Sue.
Well, according to Mr Rawnsley, she was too busy making wedding plans.
You think she was negligent? The buck stops with me.
Right, well I'll have a word with her.
She probably feels guilty enough already so don't be too hard on her.
And, besides, her fiance made up for it with a pretty amazing rescue.
And we've discovered that, when the chips are down, we make a good team.
Listen About the memorandum Forget it.
No, it won't come up in interview.
I'm going to give you a good run for your money, you do know that? Bring it on.
Ooh! Bring it on.
Come on, then.
I'll let you buy me a drink.
You can tell me all about the joys of spending the afternoon with Mr Lousy.
I assume the egregious little toad was nauseatingly pompous about the whole mix-up.
Actually, you know what, George? I've had enough sticking the knife in Simon.
Really? I haven't.
"Simon" is it now? What exactly happened out there? I was reminded of what this job is really all about.
Not the petty politics.
But the kids.
Connor? Connor, wait a minute! What you doing? I love you, son.
And I just want you to be happy, so whatever you want to do with your life, I'll support you.
Sounds like your mum's really coming round to the idea of your career choice.
Hey, I thought you'd be made up.
No, no, I am, it's just Let's face it, I'm not going to be able to do my chef's training here.
Well, where were you thinking? I don't know.
Just not here.
What did Christine say? Did she mention me? Is that all you can think about? Not bothered about Lenny? Well, of course, I just I assumed Why didn't you notice McGregor wasn't a teacher? I was teaching.
So you weren't sitting at the back making wedding lists? Please don't be mad.
Mad? I'm furious! You were happy to let a man take over your classes, knowing he didn't know what he was teaching, but as long as he kept the kids happy, you didn't care.
You endangered a kid's life and all you're worried about is whether you got into trouble? But he's all right! That's not the point! You let me down todayagain! I've stood by you ever since you started here.
It was just a mistake.
No, Sueit was negligence.
And you know what gets me? You don't even see it.
Please! I am sorry.
Really, I am.
I'm just so wound up about the wedding.
The wedding? Is that really all you can think about? MUSIC: "Fiction" by The xx Fiction When we're not together Mistaken for a vision Something of my own creation Come via light Why do I refuse you? Cos if my feels right I risk to lose you And if I just mind And wake up alone Bring on the night Fiction When we're not together Mistaken for a vision Something of my own creation.
Just think, the last time you'll walk through these gates.
Look at you, eh? All grown up.
A Barry off to the States We have a problem with the money for Kacey's trip.
What sort of problem? It's gone.
All of it.
If I get my hands on the thieving scumbag that did this, I will kill him.
CHEERING SHE SOBS What are you doing?! You've ruined my life! Just came to wish your mum good luck with her interview.
Sorry, Imogen, but your mum and Mr Bain? Just believe.
Yeah, believe.
Ta-da! A place like this goes with a new job.
I need to get it first.
You're not going to let me down now, are you?! No, no, of course not.
OMINOUSLY: Welcome to the family.
You make it sound like we're the Mafia.
Do you love me? If you want out, you should say so now.
Does he still want me, Dad? I don't know, love!
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