Wayward Pines (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Don't Discuss Your Life Before

1 Previously on "Wayward Pines" Where am I? You're in Wayward Pines, Idaho.
Idaho? Could have been much worse.
It was a nasty car accident.
- Hello? - Theresa, there's been an accident.
So, what exactly are you doing here, Mr.
Secret Agent Man? Missing person's investigation.
Does your wife know that one of the missing agents you're looking for is Kate Hewson? What happened between Kate and I, it's over.
I followed the address that the bartender gave me.
And that's where I found the body of my colleague.
- What happened to Evans? - He tried to escape.
I don't have answers for you, Ethan.
You should go.
Kate, I'm in trouble.
They're watching us.
- Who? - Shh.
And listening.
- All I want to do - Okay.
- is get out of this rotten, insane town! - Okay.
It's just a town.
You didn't make it too far, did you? How do I get out of here? You don't.
Put your hands on top of the hood.
Look, I'm a government agent.
Yeah, and Mary Poppins is your grandmother.
You're a guy with no I.
, no badge, who just stole that car! You want to move that gun? Yeah, gladly.
You just assaulted a federal agent.
I just restrained a suspect who was resisting arrest.
Get up on your feet.
You see, I called the Seattle Secret Service Office.
They've never heard of you.
Who did you talk to over there? Never mind who we talked to.
As far as I'm concerned, you're still my number-one suspect.
Look, I didn't kill Evans.
I was sent here to find him.
I can help you.
I've got 15 years of law enforcement under my belt.
I don't care what you think you got! If I want your help, I will ask for it.
Otherwise, you stay in that hotel room.
Hey, Alex! Larry! Don't try to leave, Mr.
That's rule number one.
Uh, who gave you permission to be back there? I did.
You know, you seem to be the, uh, manager here.
Thank you.
Do you have any working computers? No, I'm afraid not, no.
How about a newspaper? The Wayward Pines Chronicle, yes.
We haven't had an issue for about two weeks now.
I guess there hasn't been that much news.
No, I guess not.
Oh, sorry, sir, you're not supposed to Mr.
Breaking and entering is a major felony in the Gem State.
Now, what part of "stay in your hotel room" did you not understand? Didn't realize I was under house arrest.
Look, this is my colleague.
I can't just sit back and not do my job.
Now, maybe you can't understand that, being a one-man operation and all.
What were you just doing when I walked in here? I saw some mud and some pines needles on the bottom of his boots.
He might have been killed in the woods and brought here afterwards.
Yeah, that was already in my report.
What's his body still doing here? Where's Forensics? Forensics is coming from Boise, and it's gonna take them a couple of hours.
I hope you haven't tainted my crime scene.
No, the flies already took care of that.
Burke, I want you to go back to the hotel room.
We'll let the professionals do their job.
I'm gonna go back to the hotel.
Time and time Yeah, hey, hey Hey.
Thanks for the clothes.
No problem.
They look cute.
I want to ask you some more questions about Bill.
Do you know this song? Oh, I love this song.
It's the same thing, same thing Come here and dance with me, Mr.
Come on.
We have to talk really quiet.
There's mikes under the barstools.
You said he tried to escape.
I was supposed to escape with him.
How were you gonna do that? He had a plan.
He had this notebook.
I found it.
It was stuck in his boot.
Well, don't show it to me here.
There's cameras everywhere.
That's okay.
I don't have it.
But I'll go get it.
- Hey, Beverly.
- I get off at 4:00.
You can meet me at the mausoleum, and we'll talk about it then.
Why don't you get yourself come coffee.
- Thanks.
- Oh, hey, Stan.
You know, we've out of ketchup for two days.
Bye, Mr.
Burke! You've reached the Burkes.
Sorry we aren't here to take your call, unless you're a telemarketer, and then we are thrilled to have missed your call.
Secret Service.
Yeah, Ethan Burke for Adam Hassler.
He's not available at the moment.
Is there something I can help you with? - Is this Marcy? - Yes.
Marcy, I left a message the other day for Adam Hassler, and I haven't heard from him.
If I said I would give him the message, then I'm sure I did.
Are you sitting at the reception desk at the Seattle Office? I have to go.
It's a simple question.
Are you sitting at the seventh-floor reception desk at the Seattle Office? Yes.
Now I really must go.
There is no seventh-floor reception desk at the Seattle Office.
Who are you? All set, Mr.
You give that to me.
And I give this to you.
You must know just about everybody in this town.
And almost everything about them.
Do you know where I might find Kate Hewson? Kate Hewson I don't know her.
How can that be possible? Ah.
She's super nice.
She's been coming in here for years.
She works at the toy store.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
8:30 is late, Ethan.
It's midnight.
Huh? Oh, yeah, I should have called.
Things got a little complicated at work.
Really? Anybody I know? Theresa, it's over.
Come here.
I love you.
Okay, get a room.
Get a room? Last time we got a room, we ended up with you.
Still no clues in the Queen Anne district assaults.
Why isn't it on the news? Because it's classified while while they investigate, sweetie.
What isn't classified when it comes to Dad? It's his excuse for everything.
- What if he's dead? - He's not dead.
How do you know that? It's been five days.
Unless he's with that woman again.
Which would be worse? To what do I owe the pleasure? I just thought I'd stop by and say "hi.
" That was so nice of you.
How are you today? I'm great, I think.
I haven't been able to get ahold of anybody since I got here, and I can't leave.
And the only reason that I'm here is because I was sent here to find you and Bill Evans.
And guess what? I found both of you.
Only you're working in a toy store and living in a house with a picket fence and a man named Harold, and Bill Evans' mutilated corpse is rotting in an abandoned house on the outskirts of town, which I found a little bit surprising.
But other than that, I couldn't be happier.
What happened to him, Kate? And what happened to you? Everything okay out here? Oh, we're fine, Harold.
Thank you.
Ethan, I don't think you've formally met my husband.
No, not formally.
Nice to meet you formally.
Well, I'm a little under the gun.
I'm filling an order for the school, so I should get back to that, but let's get to know each other better real soon.
I look forward to it.
I never got the wedding invitation.
We kept it intimate.
Yeah, so did we.
Is there anything else I can help you with? Yeah, here.
Ring up this.
Ring up the ducks.
What wrong with this money, Kate? The date on every bill is 1988 or earlier.
The treasury seal, it's counterfeit.
Any trained agent could see that.
This whole town is flooded with counterfeit money.
It's fake! What are you hiding? Would you like me to wrap this up? No.
I want you to answer me.
What happened to Evans? It really is so sad about Bill Evans, especially for his widow.
He wasn't married.
You know that.
I don't think she's left the house since he died.
I used to see her every morning, watering her pink hydrangeas in front of their light brown house.
Patricia has a real way with flowers.
"Do not try to leave.
"Do not discuss the past.
"Do not discuss your life before.
Always answer the phone if it rings.
" Ballinger Toys.
Can I help you? Are you Mrs.
William Evans? Yes, I am.
You are? My name is Ethan Burke.
Bill and I were colleagues.
We worked together at the Secret Service.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Oh, Bill didn't work for the Secret Service.
He mowed lawns.
Do you mind me asking how long you and Bill were married? Almost a year.
Well, I don't mean to alarm you, Mrs.
Evans, but there's no record of Bill ever having been married.
Look, I'm alone with a newborn baby, so if you'll excuse me.
I was sent here to find this man.
Now, I have reason to believe that he was murdered.
My husband wasn't murdered.
He killed himself.
Are you sure? Am I sure? I watched it.
This town is getting old Is Pope back there? The whistle blows May I help you? We're not gonna do this again, are we? Come on, you know who I am.
Yes, we all know who you are, Mr.
Burke, and we're all very impressed by your credentials.
- Well, where's Pope? - I don't know.
Let me look in my magic 8 ball and find out.
Oh, wait a minute, I don't have a magic 8 ball.
Why don't you have a seat? Find any suspects, Mr.
Burke? Because I found one.
This ice cream cone here? It's been up to no good.
Like somebody else in this room.
You know, Mr.
Burke, I'm starting to get the distinct impression that you're not so happy with your accommodations.
Perhaps I should upgrade you to a suite - or one of these cells.
- Come on.
You don't expect me to stay in that hotel room all day, do you? You haven't spent any time in there at all.
I hear you paid Patricia Evans a visit.
Here the poor woman is grieving over her dead husband, and you go banging on her door like a drunken Bible salesman.
I didn't know Evans was married with a baby.
You think the baby did it, huh? Any word from Forensics? They picked up your friend's body about an hour ago.
They said they should have results back by tomorrow morning.
His wife says he killed himself.
Now, Mr.
Burke, I know that you think that nothing seems to make sense in this town, but one very important detail you haven't mentioned is that you were in a big-time accident with a very large semi, the doctors found bleeding on your brain, they wanted to drain the blood, but you fled the hospital.
Am I right? Is the body in the morgue yet? Sure is.
In the hospital.
Well, I-I'd like to go over there now.
I want you to stay away from the body.
Leave it to the professionals.
Let me know what the coroner says.
Can't seem to stay away from this place, can you? Is the coroner around? No, he left.
Maybe I can help you, hmm? I thought you worked upstairs.
I go where I'm needed.
Do you need me, Mr.
Burke? No.
Were you able to reach your wife? I know you really wanted to talk to her.
Bet when you two get back together, you're gonna bang her brains out, huh? Ben, Theresa! Mr.
Thank heaven you're back.
Where are they? Who? My wife! My my wife and my son.
I just saw them coming down this they were they were on, uh, stretchers coming down this hallway.
Burke, no new patients have been admitted since you left.
You should come and lie down.
No, no, no.
I'm fine.
We lost track of you the other night before I had a chance to treat your brain hemorrhage.
We've been very concerned.
I just saw them! I'm not saying you didn't.
You miss them a lot, don't you? I'd like to see my my chart.
- By all means.
I'll find your chart.
- Please do that.
But please, won't you sit down just for a moment? Mr.
Burke every second, your condition is worsening.
Unless I can get you into surgery, these hallucinations will will become more frequent and more intense.
Have you noticed anything else go unexplained? I want to help you, Mr.
But you have to give me your consent.
Do I have your consent, Mr.
Burke? Nurse, would you get his charts, and then we can get started? Of course, Doctor.
Right away.
Thank you, Nurse.
You know we can't break protocol.
If his face was on TV, we could get leads or tips or something.
We are doing everything that we can.
Except anything that could embarrass the Agency, and in the meantime, he could die if he isn't dead already.
I am as frustrated as you are.
Then act like it! I'm sorry, Adam.
How's Ben holding up? He thinks his father ran off with Kate Hewson.
He would not do that.
Not after He transferred to Boise, right? Theresa, I can't You can't disclose any details.
I know, I know.
I heard it a million times from Ethan to the point where we barely talked.
I need to know if Ethan is in Boise.
I can't believe you went to the hospital.
Maybe you do have brain damage.
I thought I saw my wife and kid.
Maybe you did.
Get this.
It's some kind of escape plan.
Maybe we can use it.
Well, before we do anything, we're gonna have to take out your microchip.
My what? - Aah! - Sorry.
I don't have any actual medical training.
No kidding.
Let me get it.
Can't they track us in here? I've hidden in here before with the chip.
I think the thick stone walls disrupt the signal.
I got it.
I got it, I got it.
Okay, now put it in your pocket so they don't know you removed it.
You'll ditch it as soon as we run.
This is the same technology they use to track animals.
You got anything to close this wound? Just duct tape.
- It's better than nothing.
- Hmm.
All right.
So, what's our plan? "Our" plan? You're the Secret Service agent.
You're gonna come up with a plan.
If I could come up with a plan, I would have left a year ago.
Did you tell me that you came here in 1999, or am I hallucinating? You weren't hallucinating.
And that was a year ago? Mm-hmm.
Well, I came here five days ago, and it was 2014.
Who was your president? Bill Clinton.
You ever heard of Obama? 9/11? When's your birthday? November 1st.
What year? Huh.
You look pretty good for 54.
Well, I guess that's a point in the "plus" column.
Look at these tombstones.
There's no names, dates.
The more you see, the less anything makes sense in this town.
When I first woke up here, I was so disoriented that I believed them when they told me I lived here.
I remember walking around in this fog with no competing memories.
Eventually, they came back, and now I just keep my head down, I go to work, I go home.
And I know this isn't my life.
Didn't take me too long to realize that it was the fear that keeps everybody in line here.
Fear of what? What happened to Bill Evans.
Who killed him? Sheriff Pope.
He cut his throat while the whole town watched.
Bill and I had a time and a place all figured out and everything, and then two days before I think he just snapped.
And he took off all by himself, and he gave me no warning.
Well, you're alive because of it.
Yeah, I'd rather die than pretend this is normal for one more day.
Hold this.
What the hell are you doing? The cameras ping off the movement of the chip.
There's hardly any cars around here.
Yeah, cars.
I haven't seen a single airplane the whole time I've been here.
Now, look who it is.
Kate! Kate.
Hi Harold.
Um, Ethan, this is Kate and Harold Ballinger.
We know each other.
I'm so glad you two are Is this a date? - Well, I'm - No.
I-I-I mean, well - It's not - I have an idea.
Why don't the two of you come over for dinner tomorrow night? We should get to know both of you better.
That would be perfect.
Oh, great.
That that would be great.
We'd love that.
We look forward to it.
Let's say 7:30? 7:30? - Okay.
- Yeah.
See you then.
Are we really going to dinner? Yes, we are.
Trust me.
Light rain for the next three days in much of the Pacific Northwest, but by Thursday, we're looking at a week-long streak of sunshine and I'm going to Boise.
What? Yeah, I'm gonna find him myself.
Now? No, in the morning.
Either Ethan is dead or he has abandoned his family, and I'm gonna find out which one it is.
And if it is the latter, then I am going to kill him myself.
Oh, can I help? Yes, you can stay with Ben.
I'm coming with you.
No, sweetie, you have to stay with Aunt Darla.
You have school.
No, I'm coming with you.
- And very demanding.
- Mm-hmm.
He's barging in, saying "Where's Sheriff Pope? I'm a Secret-Service agent.
I got a big emergency.
" It's driving Arnie crazy.
Well, he's a wild one, that's for sure.
Thank you.
Slammed me into a wall just a few days ago.
You ever try and suture your own nose, Arlene? I heard he's been here quite a bit.
He's probably got a little thing for you, Beverly.
Wouldn't that be nice, Beverly? Finally settle down with someone, hmm? I don't think so, okay? He has a wife, and he misses his wife a lot.
Oh, so you talk to him.
Well, it's my job, if somebody's gonna sit there, that I talk to them.
But not about the past.
in the shadows by the street light On the sidewalk Nice house you got here.
I hope I never see this house again.
Maybe we shouldn't go to the dinner.
We could just not go.
I don't trust Kate.
I don't trust her.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Evans didn't trust her.
You trust me, don't you? The last time I trusted one of you guys, I got ditched.
All right, well, I'm not gonna ditch you, okay? Look, I've known Kate for a long time, and right now, I don't trust her any more than you do.
But if we skip out on this dinner, they're gonna know something's up.
I worked it into the plan.
I found a route that will conceal us till we get to the outskirts of town.
And tonight, at some point during the course of dinner, I'm gonna excuse myself to the bathroom and check for mikes.
When I come back, I want you to wait three minutes.
I want you to get up, I want you to go to the same bathroom, I want you to take out your chip, and I want you to leave it there, somewhere where they're not gonna find it.
Maybe behind the toilet.
- Okay.
- And then come back to the table.
We finish dinner, and then we say goodnight.
And we leave, and we go to the cemetery, where I stashed Evans' bag behind the mausoleum.
What if they catch on to us? - No.
- No, I mean it.
- You know - Hey, hey.
They're not gonna catch on to us as long as we stick to the plan.
Just pretend.
Woodworking was just always my thing.
And, uh, when did you open the store? Oh, um, when was it, Harold? Eight years ago.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
- Has it been that long? - Yep.
Eight years? That's almost hard to believe.
Time flies, doesn't it? Yeah, sure does.
Can I use your bathroom? Of course.
It's right by the front door.
Ah, thank you.
Harold's specialty is rocking horses.
Back in Portland, my daughter has a rocking horse.
Oh, I didn't know you had a daughter.
No, I mean W-W-What's her name? What? Harold, how did you get into woodworking? H-Hold on, Ethan.
We were talking about Beverly's daughter.
Will you excuse me? No.
Yes! No, he does not want to hear it.
- He won't let me say this.
- You're embarrassing me.
Harold won the horseshoe tournament for the second year in a row, and I happen to think that's something to brag about.
Uh, that certainly is.
D-Do you play horseshoes, Ethan? Huh? You know, it's funny.
I-I never did play horseshoes.
You know, Beverly seemed a little uneasy.
I'm gonna go check on her.
You know, she was complaining about an upset stomach earlier, but don't let it interrupt your dinner.
Well, I'm already up.
No, I'm gonna go check on her.
If I don't, I'll never hear the end of it.
You know what I mean, Harold? You know that, yeah.
But I appreciate your concern.
Sit down, sit down.
I'm sorry, look Beverly apologizes.
It seems that stomach ailment has really gotten the better of her.
Oh, no.
I hope it wasn't my cooking.
Oh, God, no.
No, no, no, no.
She's outside.
I'm just gonna I'm gonna walk her on home.
Oh, of course, yeah.
You should definitely Oh, uh, can I give you a piece of pie for the road? Uh, oh, no, no, no, thanks.
But let's do this again real soon, okay? Thanks.
- Sure.
- Definitely.
You think they're gonna run? Absolutely.
Psst, hey.
Listen to me.
What the hell happened? I told them that I had a daughter.
I slipped.
I'm not a good liar.
They could see it in my face.
- Okay, it's okay.
- I said Shh, it's okay.
All right.
Let's just walk calm.
What did you do with the chip? I left it in the bathroom like you said.
Okay, okay, okay.
I didn't know you had a daughter.
She's six years old.
She lives in Portland with my mom.
Listen, promise me one thing.
If I don't make it out of here, just promise me you'll - Hey, hey, hey, none of that.
- go to her.
We're gonna make it out of here.
- Oh, God.
- What is it? That's how it started when they killed Bill.
- The telephones.
- All right.
All the telephones! Come on! We're looking out for them.
Grab my hand.
Don't let go.
They're gonna kill us! Don't let go of my hand.
- All right, shh.
- Okay.
Get to the cemetery.
Get the map.
I won't leave without you.
Go and get your daughter! I'll distract them.
They ran that way! That guy was last seen by the Ballingers! They've been spotted! - Right? - Yeah.
A male and female.
Hey! Where is she? Right there, right there! - Do you see him? - Yeah.
We'll meet them back at the rendezvous.
Before we begin, I'd like to thank everyone for being here.
I'd like everyone to take a moment to thank Kate and Harold Ballinger for doing their civic duty and bringing this woman to justice! Beverly Brown tried to leave.
She discussed the past.
Oh, no.
As I've said many times before it is not just my job to keep this town safe.
It's everybody's! Justice! She deserved it! Way to go, Sheriff! We cannot tolerate people who don't play by the rules!
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