Wayward Pines (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire

1 Previously on Wayward Pines.
Perimeter guard 83.
No sign of Ethan Burke.
Be happy! Enjoy your life! Wayward Pines! Beverly Brown broke the rules.
- What are you talking about? - That's why she was reckoned.
We have a problem.
Ethan Burke's wife might be coming to look for him.
The problem is your vehicle.
It's leaking oil.
I can tighten a valve so that you don't break down in the middle of nowhere.
Where is my wife and son? Don't worry.
We made them all better.
What happened? Were you in an accident? That's what the hospital told us, but we don't remember.
- Have you told her that I'm here? - No.
I wouldn't wait too long.
It's a small town.
I was right.
He's with her.
Go, go! How many times do I have to tell you? This is my town.
You have to ask my permission in order to leave.
- Hey! - What is wrong with this Ethan! I got you now, you son of a You think you want to know the truth, but you don't.
It's worse than anything you could even imagine.
Ben, Ben, Ben.
Come outside.
Come outside with me.
It's okay, sweetie.
- Come on.
- Huh? Yeah.
Come over here.
You'll be okay.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
Come here.
Give me your hands.
Give me your hands.
There's blood.
What What were those things on the other side of the wall? Wolves.
This is wolf country.
Take this.
Ripped By mstoll That man almost killed us, Ethan.
Well, he didn't.
We need to call the police.
He was the police.
There is no covering this up.
They They already know.
There's cameras and mikes everywhere.
This house.
These trees.
This whole town is under surveillance.
By who? The FBI? The Who? I-I don't know.
I was sent here to investigate the disappearance of two of our agents.
One of them was Bill Evans.
The other one was Kate.
After the accident, I woke up in that hospital, just like you and Ben.
I tried calling you.
Tried calling headquarters.
Had no luck getting through to anybody on the outside.
But I've been trying to get out of this town from the moment that I woke up in that hospital.
So what do we do now? We keep our guard up keep playing along.
Act like there's nothing wrong.
Act like Act like we're a happy family.
If you want to survive.
Where's Ben? Ben! Ben! Wh What is that? "Dear Ben, we look forward to your first day of school at Wayward Pines Academy.
8:00 AM sharp.
" Congratulations Sheriff Burke.
Got you a cake.
And you can even eat the pinecones.
- Oops.
- Mr.
So thrilled to have you as our new sheriff.
- Mayor Brad Fisher.
- Say "Pines.
" Pines! I'm Toby.
I'm from the paper.
I know it must be a fast transition.
Well, I'd I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a little surprised.
So, uh, you wanna tell me who appointed me as the sheriff? Was that you? Not my purview.
Well, whose purview is it? You see, I'd like to, uh I'd like to talk to that person.
I'd like to personally thank them for this position and ask them some questions about my new role so I can do a good job as the new sheriff.
Uh you know, we find it better not to ask questions and just go by the rules.
Yeah, we don't really like nosy nellies around here.
- Who wants some cake? - Oh! I'll get a knife.
- Give us a minute, please? - Yeah, sure.
Personally, I'm very happy to have a new sheriff with your experience.
What do you know about my experience? Oh, more than most.
It's my job as mayor.
And it's the kind of power that your new position affords as well.
I see.
Well, Mr.
Mayor, as the new sheriff I really look forward to working with you in the future.
Best of luck on your first day.
This is just for a few days until your dad finishes his case.
Try not to draw too much attention.
- I never do.
- Be careful.
Come on, you guys! Good morning, Theresa.
Up high.
Down low.
In the middle.
- Too slow.
- Mmm.
You got me.
Come on.
I'm excited to introduce you to the academy.
You can call me Mrs.
Some of the students like to call me Mrs.
, but that's up to you.
Now, the focus here is really on your mind the arts, team building and athletics.
Everyone here plays a sport.
- Do you play a sport? - No, not really.
Oh, yeah.
I had you pegged for an artist.
Let me guess.
Musician? Hmm.
- Guitar? - Yeah.
Yes! Well, we have a fantastic music program here.
Oh! I'll tell you something that's so neat.
A lot of the students form their own bands and every summer we get together for a battle of the bands at the Rosemary Café.
- That sounds neat.
- Okay.
- School day's already begun.
- Okay.
Um, I will pick you up at 3:00.
Oh, I have a welcome brochure for you.
Thank you.
Come on.
You're from New Jersey.
Do you ever wanna go back? No.
I love it here.
Holy crap.
Oh! Good morning, Sheriff Burke.
What is this? Citizen's arrest.
You can go, boys.
For what? He's an insurgent.
He propagates propaganda.
This morning he defaced public property with subversive graffiti.
There's gotta be a reckoning.
A reckoning? Let's get something straight.
Nobody's getting reckoned here.
Oh Believe me, it's not what we want either, but Peter's given us no choice.
It's his third strike.
Oh, but how would you even know about the third strike law Sheriff? You've done your civic duty, Pam.
You can go now.
Ethan darling if you don't want to do this I'd be happy to do it myself.
It's taken care of.
Well I'll be looking forward to how you take care of it.
I'm gonna ask you some questions, Ben.
I need to get a feel of where you're at so I know exactly where to place you.
Don't think of this as a test.
Think of it as us getting to know each other.
- Okay.
- Great.
Where are you from, Ben? Seattle.
And where do you live? Seattle.
And where is home, Ben? Do you need me to repeat the question? I already told you where I live.
I didn't ask where you live.
I asked, where is home? Seattle.
And do you miss it, Ben? Uh, yeah, I guess.
Why do you miss it, Ben? I-I don't know.
Uh, a lot of reasons.
You miss something, and you don't know why you miss it.
Why won't your parents take you home, Ben? 'Cause they can't.
Why not? Because my dad is in the Secret Service and he's been assigned here.
What makes you so sure of that? Because that's what he does.
What if he made it up? He wouldn't do that.
Has your father never lied to you, Ben? Um, he's he's lied, but Then how can you trust him? How can you trust him, Ben? Can I help you find something? Yeah.
I want a gift for my son.
Wh-What's the occasion? There's no occasion.
I just want to get him something.
H-He likes music, right? Uh, I have, um These are handcrafted by my husband.
Each one has a different melody.
This one's my favorite.
You have 30 seconds to say exactly what you need to say to me.
I do not think you are in any position to be setting the rules.
And they're not my rules.
I stopped training to be an agent because the job always comes first and I wanted to be a mother.
But Ethan didn't make that choice, did he? You hurt my family, Kate.
I know.
I'm sorry.
A lot has changed since then.
Maybe for you.
For you too.
You just don't know it yet.
Would you like me to gift-wrap this? No.
No, thank you.
I changed my mind.
It's Ben, right? Hi.
I'm Amy.
Are you waiting for your mom, or No, I'm I'm walking home.
You live by the woods? Uh, I don't really know exactly where I'm staying.
Well, do you live by the really tall trees or the kinda tall trees? Come on.
Wayward's not that big.
We'll find it together.
Come on.
She was asking me a lot of questions about, like where I live.
She probably just wanted to make sure you weren't getting homesick.
Are you? - What? - Homesick? I guess.
You're probably really popular at your old school.
Uh, sort of.
Probably have a girlfriend too, I'm sure.
Uh, well, I I did.
But, you know, right now it's kind of like long-distance, I guess.
Well, guess if everything's perfect in Seattle it makes sense for you to want to go back.
Have you ever been to that fence or wall or whatever it is? No.
Why would I go there? Do you know about those animals on the other side? How do you know about them? Ben! Ben.
What are you doing? I told you I was going to pick you up at school.
It's my fault, Mrs.
I asked Ben to walk me home.
He didn't even want to, but I practically forced him.
- Okay.
That's all right.
That's fine.
Let's go.
- Sorry.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
Um, bye.
That's You have the wrong person.
Really? And what about these people here standing there with you? That's a long time ago, another life.
How long? I stopped keeping track after four winters passed so probably another four, maybe five.
There aren't any calendars here.
What about these numbers here? No idea.
I don't know.
Well you don't have a cane in this picture.
Rock climbing accident.
Where? Here? Tried to climb out.
Silly me.
Why can't anybody leave this town? There's one way out.
Sheriff Burke, you must call a reckoning for Peter McCall tomorrow, 10:00 PM sharp.
How did it go? Well they made me sheriff today.
They made you sheriff? I guess when you kill somebody in this town, they give you his job.
They want to have a man executed for spray-painting graffiti and they're expecting me to do it.
And if I don't do it they'll find someone who will.
Everybody's a prisoner here.
I met the mayor today.
His name is Brad Fisher.
Fish Ben Ben's teacher's name is Fisher.
- I met her this morning.
- Megan? That's his wife.
I checked their files.
Before Wayward Pines, she used to be a hypnotherapist.
They made a hypnotherapist a schoolteacher.
I feel like that mayor was trying to tell me something.
- How do you mean? - I don't know.
I feel like we can get more out of him.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
- Hi, Ms.
Oh, Mrs.
I love seeing parents who are so involved in their children's lives.
- Shall we be expecting to see you every morning? - Actually, I came to see you.
I believe our husbands met yesterday.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
How exciting to be the wife of the sheriff.
It is.
It is exciting.
- Um - Good morning.
But we're new and we don't have any friends and we were hoping that you guys might come over for dinner tonight.
Oh! Oh, we'd love to.
How nice.
But you and Ethan really should see more of the town.
What do we say, the Biergarten at, uh, 7:00? - Perfect.
- Wonderful.
We'll keep it intimate.
A little booth in the back.
Burgers and beers.
You do eat meat, don't you? Yeah.
We eat everything.
- We'll see you then.
- Okay.
Come on.
Morning, Peter.
Is that my last meal? Nothing's gonna happen to you.
I've read through this thing 10 times.
I forgot how much I forgot.
Why don't you tell me what you remember.
It was 2001 and I was in Los Angeles for a conference.
I went down for a, uh, quick drink at the bar.
Struck up a conversation with a brunette named Denise.
We really hit it off, you know.
And, uh after five drinks I asked her to come back to my hotel room, take the party up a notch.
I was still married at the time.
I'd like to say that it was a temporary, fleeting moment of weakness a mistake that never happened before.
That'd be a lie.
Anyway, uh we went back to my room where I blacked out.
Next thing I knew, I woke up in a hotel room.
It wasn't the same hotel.
The brunette from the bar was still there.
But she was older.
And her name wasn't Denise.
It was Pam.
All right, let's start where we left off yesterday.
Where are you from, Ben? Seattle.
And where do you live? Uh I don't know.
Good, Ben.
So good.
Tomorrow you can start class with the other students.
And guess what.
I'm gonna be your teacher.
Close your eyes.
Ready? For your heart's own.
- That's her.
- Ah, good.
- Sheriff Burke.
Good to see you again.
- Mr.
- Good to see you.
- This is my wife, Megan.
- You must be Theresa.
Very nice to meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Please sit.
- Theresa! Hello again.
So nice to see you.
- Did you have any trouble finding the place? - No, no trouble at all.
They sure do make a fine buffalo burger.
How's your steak? What? - Your steak.
Is it okay? - Oh.
Yeah, it's great.
You all right? Well, this is nice.
I'm glad we could do this.
Oh, please.
It's our honor to be having dinner with our new sheriff.
- Yes! Congratulations.
- Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Of course, we all will miss Sheriff Pope.
He did retire so abruptly.
Yeah, I think it was a a bit of a surprise to all of us.
You know, I always thought that being a good sheriff was a lot like being a good schoolteacher.
You need to set clear boundaries and you need to let people know there are consequences for their behavior.
Well, I have to wash my hands.
Can you show me where the bathroom is? Excuse us.
Follow me.
- Your wife's very lovely.
- Thank you.
So, what are your impressions of our little town so far? I just love it here.
I think it's great.
The mountains, the pine trees the look of fear in everyone's eyes.
- Wine? - Absolutely.
Nothing like a nice glass of wine to loosen up the conversation.
Your son, Ben.
I hear he's a good kid.
Yeah, I think so.
See, the thing about this town is that, um they focus on the children.
The school very dedicated.
It's all about shaping the mind of the child.
- Your wife is a teacher at that school.
- Yes.
Be careful.
Everyone raves about the buffalo burger but if you ask me the trout is sublime.
Buffalo burger.
So, how does everybody feel about the public executions? What? You know what Pope did to Beverly what they're expecting me to do to Peter McCall.
Oh, the reckonings.
We don't make the laws, we just follow them.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
That's why I write all your speeches.
What an ice cream cone-eating bastard.
- He leaves without even saying good-bye? - Come on, Arlene.
You gotta admit he was creepy.
- He was so cute.
- Yes, well, Sheriff Pope is gone.
And now we have a new sheriff.
Yippee! A lot of people didn't like him.
They thought he was too gruff.
But he was a really good man one-on-one.
- Honest and easy to work for.
- Sure.
Very generous with me.
During the holidays especially.
Arlene, I'm sure in a very short while you'll feel exactly the same way about Sheriff Burke.
You think? Just bear in mind, Ethan's a married man.
Oh, Pam, that's gross.
Friends, neighbors let's all raise a glass to our new sheriff, Ethan Burke.
I'm sure all our heads are spinning with how quickly he's risen in the ranks.
Great power requires great responsibility someone who understands that those who break the law need to be punished swiftly and, whenever necessary, severely to the fullest extent of our law.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Pam.
That was very, very kind.
I just want to say that, uh it's an honor to be of service.
And I want everyone here tonight to know that as long as I'm sheriff of Wayward Pines I will do everything in my power to ensure that the evils of this town are brought to light and that the true criminals are brought to justice.
Hear! Hear! - To Sheriff Burke.
- To Sheriff Burke.
Thank you.
It's that psychiatrist.
Did you meet him in the hospital? Dr.
How are you? And you must be Theresa.
I'm so glad you've recovered.
Thank you.
So, what are you doing out here? Oh, uh, I'm just, uh checking on the progress of my latest species.
She's a crossbreed of two different pines.
She doesn't require that much attention actually.
She's thriving, but I I worry.
Look, Doctor there's some people in this town that want me to execute a man for spray-painting graffiti.
So the rumor is true.
I'm so sorry.
We're not just gonna go along with this, are we? I know how you feel, Ethan.
Believe me, I-I do.
Well perhaps the best things in this world require the biggest sacrifice.
Look at all this beauty around us.
Hecter Gaither.
He's on the local radio every night.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- Almost all the locals tune in.
go left, go home and I'll see you there in a bit.
And we're here.
This is your favorite place? No, this is my favorite place.
Tell me about your friends.
Well, I I I didn't really have any.
I-I lied to you.
Hey, it's okay.
We don't really dwell on the past here in Wayward anyways.
You have me now.
Time to go.
10:00 PM's really the cutoff time for a reckoning, Ethan.
There's not gonna be a reckoning.
- Let's go.
- Where are we going? I'm gonna hide you, take you to the woods.
They'll find me right away.
Well, that's a chance we're gonna have to take.
We've gotta move.
All right.
Take me to the fence.
"Dear Theresa, Congratulations.
A spot has just opened at Wayward Pines Realty Associates.
One of our senior Realtors has chosen to retire.
Please come to the office tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM sharp.
" Why did you bring me here, Peter? "Before I built a wall I'd ask to know what I was walling in or walling out.
" That's Robert Frost.
Which is it? Is it keeping us in? Or something else out? Why don't you tell me? Most people want to leave when they first get here, just like you.
I didn't.
It let me be someone new, you know, and forget my past.
Problem is, you can't forget forever.
It'll catch up to you.
It's caught up to me.
There's only one way out.
But this is the end for me.
- Hey, hey.
You don't have to do this.
- You're right.
You do.
They're watching.
You gotta earn their trust.
Right? You can do this, or I can.
But if you want to survive in this place, I suggest you give me a little push.
I'm not gonna do that.
Okay? I'm not gonna do that.
I know you're not.
Come on.
Come on.
- That's why this town needs you.
- Hey! Wha Peter McCall's dead.
- How? - Doesn't matter.
I need you to stay here.
Keep playing along.
I'm gonna leave.
I'm gonna go get help.
You're strong.
Much stronger than you know.
Looks like maybe you could be sheriff after all.
I think you're better suited for sheriff in this town than me.
That's the smartest thing you've said since you got here to my town.
I know you let Peter McCall do your job for you.
You might have fooled everyone else but I'm a registered nurse.
The radio's nothing but static except for when Hecter Gaither plays piano.
He's, like, 40.
What's on the other side of the fence? Ripped By mstoll
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