Wayward Pines (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

The Friendliest Place on Earth

Previously on Wayward Pines.
This fake little town is all that's left.
There's a faction.
They're gonna take down the fence.
Surrender your arms and explosives by tomorrow morning and everything stays between us.
Wayward Pines needs a new generation.
You and Ben look so nice together.
How is that working out? It's great actually.
You were right.
They got to Ethan.
- We execute tonight.
- Who's that? Ted Laufer.
He drives the delivery truck.
It's always right on time, right at 8:00.
Okay, let's go.
Help! I need a doctor.
Help! Come here.
Come here.
- I need a doctor.
- Sir, we can help? Okay, hold that.
What happened? - Truck exploded.
- Prep Radiology now! - Oh, my God! - Wait a minute.
- Is this guy a real doctor? - Of course he is.
We need to move.
Ben will receive the best possible care.
You know the children are our most precious resource.
Fifteen to ICU, please.
Ripped By mstoll Try to remain calm if you're able.
There you go.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God.
Here's Dr.
So far, I see no significant injury to his brain but we won't know exactly where we stand until he regains consciousness.
- But he's gonna be okay? - If he comes to in the next 24 hours the odds of a full recovery are very good.
It could be a long night.
Try to get some rest.
What kind of person sets off a bomb in the middle of town? I told him to stay home.
I did.
It's not your fault.
He's just a kid.
He's 14.
Do you remember what you were like? Do you think he's involved with any of this? No.
If you need anything at all - just press this buzzer, all right? - Thank you.
- Oh! Dr.
- How are the children? Amy Breslow's gonna be all right all things considered.
Ben Burke is still unconscious but not to worry, Dr.
Carol is with him.
He's absolutely going to pull through.
How have they been able to do this? Settle yourself down now.
Remember where you are for God's sake, David.
W-W-We put out an issue of the Chronicle.
We explain this as a an explosion, as a gas leak.
It's a fine idea.
I just hope they buy it.
I'm worried about the townsfolk.
And people have already started talking.
I think we should do something for them, something very, very special.
- For the entire community.
- A celebration? Yes.
Yes, a celebration of life in Wayward Pines.
Remind everybody exactly how blessed we actually are.
Hmm? This is internal bleeding.
It's bad.
- We should keep moving.
- No.
No, we have to stay here and wait for the others.
- No one's coming, Harold.
- We don't know that.
And he is not gonna survive another move.
Here they come.
Thank God.
There's some food, water and first aid in there.
- Wait, what's Ruby doing? - She had to go back.
She can't risk showing up late for work.
- What happened to Eric? - He got pinned between the truck and the Dumpster.
- We should take him down to the hospital.
- So they can execute him? What happened at the fence? Two got away, four got taken - and Kate's in jail.
- Oh, my God.
Look, I really want to help you guys, but I can't stay.
I want to get out of this town! Why? Because none of it's real.
It's a It's a Potemkin village.
They have them in Syria, North Korea.
They're fake cities built to impress.
Yes, it is.
Who's behind it? CIA? Is it social or medical? - What? - This government experiment.
Is it social or medical? It's just a town.
Just a town? With an electrified fence? W-W-W-With a microchip in my leg? You have to write that down, huh? I'm just noting your progress.
I'm not making any progress.
I don't wanna make any progress.
I wanna talk to someone in charge now! It's been two months.
I-I am sorry.
Poor Katie.
Not feeling so well, eh? Don't worry.
We'll get you all fixed up.
That's a good girl.
Shh, shh, shh Heard the driver and two kids are still in the hospital.
If that was the gas line, then how come the asphalt wasn't damaged? Only thing exploded was the truck.
Had to be a bomb.
What do you think, Dr.
Jenkins? Well.
When a disaster like this occurs in a town as beautiful as ours it's natural for folks to ask questions.
But We should be careful not to spread rumors.
Hello? Who is it, Ruby? A fellowship gathering.
Mandatory attendance.
Give me a reading on Ruby's chip.
She was late to work.
Pine needles in her hair.
She's at home in bed.
Let me see.
She must have taken her chip out last night and left it in her room.
I wonder how many more people are home in bed.
All right, where are they, Kate? Five of your people are off the grid right now, including Harold.
You think I'm gonna help you find my husband? Your husband blew up a truck last night on Main Street.
Nearly killed my son.
Ben? Wh-What are you talking about? Is Is he gonna be okay? Don't even say his name.
Just tell me where they are! I am so sorry, Ethan.
Something must have gone wrong with the timer.
It was meant to go off at the fence.
Well, that's the last thing that we need to have happen.
You know what the difference is between you and me? I believe what I know in my heart.
You believe what they tell you.
I know you don't get it.
I know you think they got to me.
But I know what's out there, and it's not Boise.
You ever think about why they picked you to be sheriff? 'Cause I have.
I'm gonna take you up there so you can see it with your own eyes.
- But we don't have time for that now.
- See what, the monsters? Where are they? You have really good instincts, Ethan but when push comes to shove, you will always follow orders.
You have made the same mistake before.
Well, I'm not following orders this time.
I'm just trying to make sure that nobody gets killed.
What happened to you? We were partners.
Don't you trust me at all? These people wanna be free.
And I owe them that chance.
Amy is holding steady and Ben Burke looks like he'll pull through.
Ruby's one of them.
Ruby? Have you, uh, notified Ethan Burke she needs to be locked up? We need to put our own house in order first.
I'm not following.
We have 24 people manning Surveillance around the clock.
Yet somehow these insurgents are managing to meet in secret and build bombs.
Someone must be helping them.
Everyone up here is family loyal to you to a fault.
Someone's betraying us, and we need to find out who it is.
If it'll help you to feel better I'll conduct a full security review.
Yes, it would help me feel better.
Snipers have checked the north quadrant.
All clear.
You still happy with your decision to join us here? It's an absolute privilege to be here.
Indeed, indeed.
And working Surveillance Is it ever uncomfortable for you? Do you ever feel like you're, I don't know, invading people's privacy? Uh, it's the job.
We do it to protect them, right? Absolutely.
- How's Reggie? - Very good.
- And the kids? - Full of energy, as always.
Super, good.
How about your post at Surveillance? You enjoying that? I like it a lot.
But sometimes you might wanna I don't know, avert your eyes, or maybe even wipe video 'cause of something you've seen, erase it? Are you kidding? Oh, I love it when they let something juicy slip.
Very good.
Thank you so much, Gina.
- Will you send the next person in? - Sure.
Ben, sweetie.
How are you feeling? Water.
Oh, yeah.
Here you go.
Don't lift your head.
You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you open your eyes.
Your dad and I were so scared.
Where's Amy? She's here in the hospital.
Is she okay? Yes, she's fine.
She was asking about you.
Can you go check? Yeah, sure.
I will.
I love you so much.
How are you feeling? Okay, I guess.
Oh, Ben.
Everyone in town has been so worried about you.
- I'm so relieved you're all right.
- Yeah, me too.
Oh, it's just terrible what's happened.
Sometimes the choices one makes can lead to consequences we don't intend.
I never should have snuck out with Amy.
Oh, no, no.
No, I'm not talking about that.
We want you to grow your relationships here.
I'm talking about decisions made by the sheriff in pursuing the case.
He's a good man, Ben.
He's well-intentioned.
And I'm sure he had his reasons for letting Harold Ballinger go.
I just hope his judgment wasn't clouded by the fact that Harold's wife is an old friend of his.
Kate and your father are friends, right? Yeah, sort of.
He arrested Harold, and then he let him go.
And then I guess I just don't agree with that kind of leniency.
I believe, as David Pilcher believes in a philosophy that I like to call "Clear and Severe.
" Clear laws and severe punishments.
"Clear and Severe.
" To be honest, I think your father and I disagree on this issue.
But you're gonna have to give it some thought.
People are gonna wanna hear from you.
What is the proper punishment for speech or actions that harm Wayward Pines? Leniency or "Clear and Severe"? You say that people are gonna wanna hear what I have to say.
What does it matter what I think? Ben, you survived a terrorist attack.
You're a hero now.
- How long you think we can survive out here? - We'll think of something.
Mmm, good.
That's what people always say when they're at the end.
Hey, don't fall apart on me.
We'll think of something.
I'm not doing this by myself.
Not here.
What do you mean? I'm not gonna let him rot for all eternity inside this prison.
- What are you talking about? - We're not burying him here.
I'm burying him in free soil.
On the other side of that fence.
How you gonna do that? You ever feel uncomfortable working Surveillance? Thoughts, feelings, concerns about invasion of privacy Oh, no, no.
I think our methods are well-reasoned and, uh necessary for the continued preservation of human life.
You don't have to quote the manual here.
Hmm? Well, in that case, um sometimes, um, a little bit.
It must be strange, peering into people's lives all day long like that.
Oh, no.
It's not that.
I know we're here to protect them.
It's just Sometimes people say, uh personal stuff.
Like what? Maybe they ask certain questions, like, uh "What's outside the fence?" Or, "Who's watching the cameras?" And you're telling me you don't record those infractions? Look, if it's just innocent then sometimes I'll blur the tape.
Or I'll, uh, erase a spot.
But I just don't want anyone to get in trouble for just asking questions.
These people are scared.
You know? I see them sobbing in their rooms, holding each other.
They just don't understand what became of their lives.
It's just human nature to ask questions.
Yeah, absolutely.
Human nature.
- Thank you so much for coming in, Reggie.
- Yeah.
This is a bad idea.
The construction crew was finished for the day.
Besides, who cares? If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die trying.
It's a wonderful gathering, don't you think? Hmm.
It's nice, bringing everyone together like this.
This would make a perfect target, wouldn't it? Whole town together in one place? I just came from the hospital.
Ted didn't make it.
He's dead? Burned over 90% of his body.
Maybe you should say a few words, Mr.
Lift their spirits.
That's not a bad idea.
Hey, folks.
Can I have your attention, please? Move in here, move in here, move in here.
I just wanted to welcome you all to our wonderful fellowship gathering.
So relax, everyone.
Have some fun.
Hey, say hello to your neighbor.
It's just another beautiful day in the friendliest place on Earth.
Mayor, I'd like to say a word.
Sheriff Burke, ladies and gentlemen.
Listen, folks.
This really isn't the best time for this.
As many of you may have heard last night a bomb went off right here in the middle of Main Street not far from where you people are standing.
And several of the people connected to this crime have gone missing.
So until we get this situation sorted out I think it's best if everybody goes home and stays safe.
Let's wrap it up, please.
All right, everyone.
You heard Sheriff Burke.
Let's go.
Why didn't you tell me about this? I didn't want to interrupt your investigation.
Nothing matters more than keeping the populace calm a-a-a-and quiet.
I'm afraid the ship's already sailed.
- Hey.
- How are ya? You know, I had a concussion when I was your age, playing football.
I got hit running a quick slant across the middle.
I don't remember too much of what happened after that.
My ears were ringing for a couple days.
I guess it hasn't been all that much fun, huh? - Hey.
- Hi.
I guess not.
Especially considering that it all could've been avoided.
Wh-What do you mean? You had the guy, Dad.
You had him, and you let him go.
Ben, what are you talking about? Your dad saved your life.
No, no, no.
That's okay.
I heard that you arrested the guy who made the bomb and then you let him go.
Well, there's a reason for that.
Sometimes we let a suspect walk to see where it'll lead us.
It just kind of makes me wonder if you would've I don't know, if you would've made the same decision if he wasn't married to Kate Hewson.
Ben, that's a terrible thing to say.
He can say whatever he wants.
You're supposed to enforce the laws of Wayward Pines.
You're not supposed to be lenient with people because you know them.
I would've done the same thing no matter who it was.
Is your teacher telling you to say all of this stuff? - Is that what's happening? Is it the teacher? - Hey, look.
Ben, it doesn't matter.
Ben, we love you.
And we're just we're just happy that you're okay.
Get Get plenty of rest.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi, Amy.
- Look who's here.
We'll talk about this later.
So no one in Surveillance is breaking any rules or protocols? No.
If there's a problem it must be a software glitch.
Never had to punish anyone on the inside before.
It would be a terrible line to cross.
And happily, we don't have to.
No one is helping the insurgents.
Oh, no, no.
That's not what I asked.
What I asked was is anyone in Surveillance breaking any rules or protocols? No.
At least we have each other.
Thank goodness for that.
Did I ever tell you I wanna be a nurse here when I grow up? No.
That's cool though.
I can hear your heart.
Yeah, well, I'd hope so.
Boom, boom.
Boom, boom.
It's getting faster now.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
It's just a headache.
I'm actually not supposed to be leaving my bed.
Well, I'm glad you're okay.
I'm glad you're okay.
I never really thought about it before, but last night made me realize how at any day, any point we could just die.
We didn't.
We're alive.
I think that teacher Megan's been whispering in his ear.
I can just feel it.
I can't stop thinking about what he just said.
About how I had the guy and then I let him go.
That's what happened with the Easter bombings.
This now just in to the newsroom.
We are getting live video feed Terrorist attacks in DC and Los Angeles at the same time.
On an Easter day, when so many families I gotta go in.
Ethan, do you know something about this? - No.
- Please tell me what's going on.
I could never tell you.
I was part of a joint terrorism task force and we got word that Narwaz was down in Mexico.
So we went down, we grabbed him secured him put him on a plane to transport him back to DC.
Then I got a call from headquarters.
They told me to let him go.
The guy is dirty.
I knew he was dirty.
"Let him go.
" Well, that's exactly what I did.
It was an order.
And then, three weeks later 621 people are murdered.
By Narwaz Al-Salaam.
And I had the guy.
And I let him go.
And it was classified.
You know how bad I wanted to tell you? That's why you went to Kate.
It was the toughest period of my life.
She was there.
She was my partner.
There's no excuse for what happened after that.
I've been sorry about it ever since.
I'm not blindly following orders anymore.
I'm sorry.
We have an emergency call from the truck depot.
Yeah, I'll check it out.
Thank you for telling me.
I love you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I came to check up on Ben.
How's he doing? You don't have any children of your own, do you? Brad and I have not been so blessed.
You do realize that Ben is our son and not yours? Theresa, we are on the same team.
Are we? Because I'm starting to feel like every single thought that you put into Ben's head is meant to undermine us.
Let's be honest here.
You've got an agenda, and I wanna know what it is.
You're starting to sound a little paranoid, Theresa.
I simply believe that the children of Wayward Pines are the future of Wayward Pines.
And to that end, I try to be as helpful as possible.
Helpful, right now would be for you to stay very far away from my family.
Hey, Sheriff.
- So what happened? - I got here about an hour ago.
Someone smashed one of our cameras cut the lock stole one of our trucks.
- What kind of truck was it? - A 30-foot dump truck.
What's going on, Sheriff? Is there gonna be another bomb? Maybe the truck is the bomb.
What about the nightmares? Nothing the last few years.
Any explanation for that? Acceptance, I suppose.
In my life before, I was always running searching, fighting.
But the questions I had then are no different than the questions I have now.
Why are we here? Why do we breathe in and out? Is there a God? But if I'm honest in my old life there was also a great degree of fear.
There was terror everywhere.
It's what my job as an agent was all about.
And I won't lie I fed on that adrenaline.
But here I don't know, it's as if I've been forced to live one moment at a time.
I'm still asking all the same questions, but the answers are less urgent now.
Maybe because I feel safer.
Have you and Harold, uh, thought any more about children? Hmm.
We have been talking about it, yes.
You'd make a great mom, Kate.
Can I get that refill? Oh.
Uh, yeah.
- Thank you, Dr.
- Thank you, Kate.
Why didn't you come and talk to me before all this? You know I couldn't do that.
Besides, what would you have said? Forget the truth? Your friend Ted has died.
Two of our young are seriously injured in the hospital.
Others are missing.
That's the price of your truth.
You know it's not like that.
You didn't mean for anyone to die.
How many more need to be sacrificed? I thought you were happy.
I thought we made progress.
I know you did.
How can you be so cheerful with neighbors you're putting into lethal danger? Only a fanatic could be so callous.
Are you sure you're talking about me? Because it sounds like you're talking about yourself David Pilcher.
How long have you known? Doesn't matter.
Just, please tell me what this place is.
You were its model citizen.
I thought that if I could make Kate Hewson conform then I could make anyone conform.
There'd be no more need for reckonings.
Whatever you're trying to do here it will never work if you keep people in the dark.
It's not a question of keeping people in the dark.
It's a question of keeping people alive.
Freedom or safety.
Not both.
And who anointed you to make that choice? I did.
There you go.
Thank you.
I'm getting you a piece of pie.
Don't want that blood sugar dropping.
Reggie Hudson's been deleting surveillance footage.
But you know that already.
Well, he did show some sympathy for the residents but - Did he help the people who bombed the perimeter? - No.
No, David.
Not at all.
He had no idea He's a traitor.
He needs to be taken care of.
"Taken care of"? David, he he's no traitor.
How do you define "traitor"? Is it someone who lies to the people who trust them the most? You need to punish someone? Is that it? Punish me.
I'm the one who lied to you.
Not Reggie.
Reggie told the truth.
These are our people, David.
They came to us by choice, not like the people down in town who don't know how they got there and probably will never be happy.
We tolerated those reckonings.
"Okay, we'll kill one and keep the rest in line.
" But if we start killing our own people in the name of saving humanity then we've lost everything.
If you need to punish, David, punish me.
Kill me.
There'll be no more killings.
We have all had to accustom ourselves to the meting out of punishment in Wayward Pines.
But now we are forced to address the insubordination of one of our own.
I have asked you here to bear witness.
We all know Reggie Hudson.
We all love Reggie.
But his mistakes have led to serious injury and death and that can no longer be tolerated.
- All right.
- Okay.
Got him.
You ready? It wasn't supposed to go like this.
Look, I'm sorry about Kate.
There's nothing we can do about that now.
I say we just keep driving till we hit San Francisco.
This time tomorrow, man, we'll be drinking beers by the bay.
- I can't.
- You gotta be kidding me.
I can't leave without her.
You change your mind you know where I'm gonna be until the sun goes down.
Good luck.
Harold! Last warning, Harold.
Get on your knees.
Put your hands up.
Get up.
You almost killed my son.
I swear to you it was an accident.
We just wanted to get out.
Where are the others? No, it's just me.
I'm the only one you want.
- I planned the whole thing.
- Where are they? - Are you listening to me? - No, you listen to me.
I'm about this close to letting them cut your wife's throat in the middle of Main Street.
Where are they? You're too late.
These are dangerous times for all of us.
Everything we've risked our lives for will be destroyed.
We're entering a time of war where new rules must be applied.
Security must be tightened protocols reinforced.
Everything we've achieved has been due to your hard work.
But we're battling terrorists.
So stay alert, stay vigilant.
Report anything suspicious.
I got ya.
We made it, buddy.
Ah! We made it! Ripped By mstoll
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