Wayward Pines (2015) s02e10 Episode Script

Bedtime Story

1 Previously on Wayward Pines XANDER: They just got their leader back.
It's not a question of "if" anymore.
It's a question of "when.
" Our enemy has moved close.
In numbers we've never seen before.
We will go back to sleep until the Abby threat is contained.
There's a problem with the pods.
We can only take roughly half the people.
He's going to make the selections right now.
Take him out.
I can't do that.
And now here we are with a baby coming.
That's what I want.
And I think it's what you want, too.
- JASON: You had a child.
- The baby went to Texas.
It was 2,000 years ago.
JASON: How do you know the baby went to Texas? KERRY: What? JASON: How do you know the baby went to Texas?! What are you talking about? Where's this coming from? How do you know?! (both grunting) (gunshot) We're gonna do an emergency thoracotomy.
I need an additional surgical resident.
Get me two O.
OSCAR: That's a really risky procedure, Doctor.
He's gonna make it, right? You can see He's just another patient.
No, he isn't.
I need two nurses in the O.
stat! It's for Jason Higgins! (birds chirping) (screams) (Abbies growling) (screams) (snarling, growling) (Margaret screams) (Margaret screams) (snarling) (snarls) (calling) (screams) (Abbies clamoring nearby) MAN: Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines, extraction teams are on the way.
Gather your families and your belongings.
Only take with you what is essential for survival.
Those who have not been picked up, remain calm.
Shuttles will be coming back for the next group shortly.
Just wait right here, okay? Wait right here, sweetheart.
Reminder, once you do leave, you will not be returning home.
Okay, let's go.
(monitor beeping slowly) (rapid beeping) - He's crashing! - BP 70/40 - Dr.
Yedlin - Control the bleeding, Oscar.
- It's in his lung.
- (flatlining) - V-fib! - Paddles.
- One milligram epi now! - We don't Vasopressin? Clear.
Time of death 0733.
(indistinct chatter) I want everyone to go home.
The evacuation has begun.
We do not have much time.
And you'll all be safe.
I promise you.
Despite all our efforts, Jason Higgins died this morning.
(crowd gasping, murmuring) Just a few minutes ago.
Jason served this town as best as he knew how.
And the best way to honor him is by fulfilling his wish.
To survive.
(crowd murmuring) We have an opportunity.
Wayward Pines needs strong leadership.
No one here will dispute that, but what it doesn't need, what it doesn't deserve is a dictator.
I know that many of us did not ask to be here.
I know I didn't.
But we're all that's left.
And when we make it to the other side of this and we will humanity begins anew with us.
Because that's now our destiny.
See you on the mountain.
(crowd murmuring) You've updated all the prescription records? On all but the maternity ward.
The sutures on Mr.
Welch, they holding? They should be fine.
I just wanted to say, sir, what you did in there with Jason - (groans) - The pericardial tamponade.
You didn't drain it first.
You didn't drain it at all.
That's the first thing you should've done, right? You never make mistakes.
Was it on purpose, Dr.
Yedlin? I did everything I could to save the patient.
I took all reasonable steps.
You're gonna make an excellent doctor, Oscar.
Yedlin, I-I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful little speech you made out there.
And I know you're very busy, but I just wanted to confess to you I've had a lot of different professionalities in my life.
You mean jobs? Yes, jobs.
I've been a tollbooth operator.
I've been a hockey mascot.
I've been an adult bookstore manager.
But of all those jobs, this has been the most satisfying.
I feel like I've really made a difference.
And it's all because of you.
And I just want to say I feel I can really make a difference in the future.
And I feel like together, you and I could change humanity.
I will see you in the mountains.
I will see you in the mountains.
So I noticed something interesting while doing the paperwork.
Jason's blood type is AB negative.
It's rare something like less than one percent of the population.
There were only four people awake in Wayward Pines who have it.
The first three are his family, the Mansfields.
But then the other one is Kerry Campbell.
That's weird, right? Dr.
Yedlin? CJ's waiting for you in your office.
THEO: Impressive, huh? I think they're real.
Yeah, well, the evacuation has begun.
The pods are almost ready.
Easier for me if we can put everyone into suspension at the same time.
I can explain to you how it works.
No, thanks.
I've been in one.
- That's enough for me.
- Good.
'Cause I don't have six months to teach you.
The plan that Jason commenced, uh, had us taking intact family first.
Both parents and all the children.
That accounts for almost 300 of the 571 pods that are working.
After that, we take the children and leave behind the adults who are nonessential.
If there's any trouble, we'll be better able to control it.
You don't think they deserve to know, CJ? They will know.
But only after the rest of us are safe.
Here, the list.
These were the decisions Jason made about who would come and who would stay.
He made them quickly, but he made decisions.
You knew him as a boy.
I did.
But I did not know the man he would become.
He was never a man.
He's in the past.
I'm not sure there's any point in arguing over him now.
You have your own decisions to make.
Maybe some preferences of your own? I said it should be random.
That's impossible now.
And the Abbies could be here any minute.
Maybe it's better to go with what was already organized and in process.
I mean, you can make changes, of course.
There are over 300 people who have never been woken at all.
You could wake some of them to free up some extra pods.
But for every action, there's an equal, opposite reaction.
You're not only choosing who to bring, but you're choosing who to now leave behind.
You will be granting a pardon and a death sentence at the same time.
Did he suffer? Did you want him to? I don't know.
Well, a pod just opened up.
You think this is funny? You were always the brains behind that tyrannical moron.
He wasn't a tyrant.
He was doing what he thought was right.
(scoffs) In a place where everything's wrong.
It's rotten.
It's all a lie.
There's been enough lies, Dr.
I'm only interested in the truth.
Incidentally you know Pilcher changed your file, right? I know that.
Did you also know that Jason was placed in a pod just days after being born? And, coincidentally, you arrived here days after giving birth.
And you both share a a very rare blood type.
A very rare blood type.
(Margaret screaming) (Abbies snarling) (screams) WOMAN (over P.
): Please proceed in an orderly fashion.
All families will be processed together.
You will all go through physical examination, then be fitted for your suit and led into the pod room.
Do not forget: you must have your identification with you.
Only residents with proper identification may enter the pod room.
MAN: One at a time, please, one at a time.
(vehicle approaching) 293 people have moved into the superstructure and are in processing.
They've begun to collect the rest.
Are you all right? No.
MAN (over speaker): Residents of Wayward Pines, if you are not on the initial shuttle lists, you must wait in your homes for group two.
Please be patient.
The next shuttles are departing soon.
I'm sorry.
You're not on the first list.
We're taking people up in two groups.
We have to sequence the people in the pod room in a specific order.
We'll be back shortly for group two.
CHILD: Daddy? - Ma'am.
- DALE: Don't be scared.
Ma-Mama's going to be there with you.
I'll see you in a little bit, okay? (car door closes) SOLDIER: All right, "A" bus is leaving in two minutes, kids.
Here we go, move along.
Keep walking, guys.
Hey, hey.
Keep going.
Single file line, single file.
Everyone on the bus, everyone on.
Go, keep it moving.
Frank? Frank! SOLDIER: Let's go, everyone.
What's happening? SOLDIER: Keep moving.
They told us to wait here.
They're taking people up in two groups.
We're group two.
What's wrong with us? Nothing.
They're coming back.
My brother have you seen him? Frank! Frank Armstrong, have you seen him? You're holding up the line.
Come on.
- No.
Frank! - Let's go.
- Get on the bus.
- (crying): Frank! - Frank! - Keep it moving.
Come on.
(yelling): Frank! Frank! Frank! Frank! Lucy! - Frank! - Lucy! - Lucy! - Hey! Hey! - Let go of me! - (crying): Frank! - You're not on the list! - Frank! - LUCY (crying): Frank.
- (groans) LUCY (crying): Frank! No.
Frank, no.
Frank, no.
I don't want to go! LUCY (crying): No.
Rebecca Yedlin? It's time to go.
You need to wait here.
- What are you talking about? - We're taking people in two groups.
We're one group; we're married.
It has something to do with the sequencing in the pod room.
Now if you'll come with us, ma'am, please.
I'm not going anywhere without my husband.
- Rebecca.
- It's just one more person.
You can take us both there together.
Becca, Becca.
Give us a minute.
Come on, come with me.
What's happening? I don't know.
(exhales) Did Theo do this? We don't know that anyone did anything.
We just figured everything out.
And none of that changes.
I don't want to go alone.
I can't be alone again.
When you go to sleep, I promise you, I will be there.
And when you wake up, I will be there, too.
Wherever I am and wherever you are.
Both of you.
(sniffling) - (engine starting) - (quietly): Come on.
(Rebecca sighs) The last group is moving towards the pods.
Which we hope will work.
There are no guarantees in this life.
You're a surgeon; you know this.
I've had lives in my hands.
Held a human heart, beating.
Did one earlier today, as a matter of fact.
But we're not saving just one life.
We're saving the human race.
It isn't any different.
No, it's completely different.
Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if it destroyed an entire world.
And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if it saved an entire world.
You've been saving the world all along, Doctor.
- You just didn't know it.
- Hmm.
I fix things.
Reattach nerves, remove cancerous tissue, but it was never spiritual, not for me.
He was playing God when he brought us all here.
Do you think it was a mistake for him to take the fate of mankind into his own hands? A man once asked me, would you save a hundred people if you could? A thousand people? Of course the answer is "yes.
" And then some crazy nurse drugged me, kidnapped me and brought me here.
But he was talking about if the alternative was they were all going to die, so, yes, of course, but that's not the case.
That's not what this was.
Everyone here was gonna live their lives.
Die horribly or peacefully, but naturally.
And now, tonight, choices we're doing the same thing.
You said you fixed people.
Past tense.
Is this something you're not planning to do anymore? In this next life? (Abbies snarling) (shrieking) (snarling, shrieking) (computer beeping) (beeping continues) Well, I won't back down No, I won't back down You can stand me up - At the gates of hell - (people shouting) But I won't back down Gonna stand my ground Won't be turned around WOMAN: We need to get to the Mountain.
- And I'll keep this world - (glass breaking) From draggin' me down - Gonna stand my ground - MAN: I'm not going down without a fight! - (bell jingles) - And I won't back down (shouting continues) Hey, baby There ain't no easy way out (clicks) This is Dr.
Theodore Yedlin, and, uh I hope whoever hears this understands all this more than I do, but you need to know that David Pilcher was wrong about everything.
In an effort to save humanity, he created a town that is ruled by inhumanity.
An effort he had no right to undertake, but we are now, nevertheless, in a place where we've run out of food and there's an enemy soon to overtake the town and kill everyone here.
David Pilcher collected several viruses and they were kept here, I assume, for some form of future germ warfare.
I intend to inject myself with the three most virulent strains: bubonic plague, typhoid, and Marburg.
After the incubation period, roughly 13 hours, I will walk outside of the fence and be consumed.
By my estimations, just medical school memory, roughly a third to the half should be wiped out by the bubonic plague alone.
The typhoid is water bearing, as is Marburg, so the rest should follow suit.
It's only a guess but it's the best I have.
So, the existing members, when they do wake, possibly could have a new life.
So that's all.
Except this idea of the greater good There is no greater good.
There's only good, no matter how small the act.
(clicks) (door opens) MARIO: Dr.
Your wife is arriving your former wife.
But there's trouble at the checkpoint.
- (siren wails) - MAN (over P.
): Return to your homes.
You are in group two.
- If you are not in your homes, - Hurry! Quick! the vans will not be able to pick you up - and process you properly.
- Everyone, back up! Back up! - Return to your homes now.
- Clear the area! Open the gate! Open the gate, now! - Back up! Move! - Go, go, go! (angry shouting) MAN: You're not going instead of me! (Ramsey grunting) (angry shouting continues) Let me in here! (angry shouting continues) What's going on here? Theo! They left Xander.
Get back! Go home! (people screaming) Go home! (people screaming) WOMAN (over P.
): Please stay in line while awaiting processing.
Rebecca! Where's Frank? Where's Xander? (distant shouting) Give me some of that.
You're too young.
(distant shouting continues) I wish I was born somewhere else.
Yeah, unfortunately, there is no "somewhere else.
" What was it like out there? Scary.
So, like how it is in here.
You know, um, she's like a mom to her.
(tires screech) THEO: Get in.
Both of you.
Come on, get in.
Let's not make a moment of this.
We got to MAN: Get out of the car.
Who's that? I got this.
We're gonna need that Jeep, Xander.
Don't do anything stupid.
(man screaming) (tires screeching) ARLENE: Dr.
You could have just told us.
I know.
Well, I thought I did a pretty good job for you, but I guess I was wrong.
So, you say hello to the future for me, okay? Arlene.
You're taking his pod.
Come on.
Thank you, Dr.
Thank you.
I still don't know why you did that.
And I don't, either.
Things are gonna be different? CJ: They have to be different.
(elevator bell chimes) I'll get to the pod room.
It's time.
Get them processed.
How's your head? I'm fine.
Becca? WOMAN (over P.
): Please stay in line while waiting to be processed.
Becca! Frank! Whoa, whoa, easy.
I was so scared.
I'll protect you.
WOMAN (over P.
): Please proceed in an orderly fashion.
All families will be processed together.
MAN: One at a time, please.
WOMAN (over P.
): You will all go through physical examination, then be fitted for your suit and led into the pod room.
(gasps) CJ: Hey.
It's not your fault.
We've all believed in things here that weren't real.
You don't even know.
I know.
Pilcher isn't here.
Neither is Jason but you are.
You survived everything with your intelligence, your instinct.
What if for once, it was put in the service of something good? We need all of that.
I need it, and you certainly deserve a fresh start.
MAN: Move in an orderly fashion.
One at a time, please.
One was enough.
Thank you.
I guess the future needs ice cream.
I guess.
We couldn't save our marriage but you can save the town.
(scoffs) Only you can.
(shrieking) (clamoring, shrieking) (beeping quietly) (button clicks) THEO (on tape recorder): I intend to inject myself with the three most virulent strains: bubonic plague, typhoid, and Marburg.
The incubation period roughly 13 hours.
I will walk outside of the fence, and be consumed.
(clicks) There is no greater good.
Only good, however small the act.
I make this sacrifice with the knowledge that with everything that has been taken from me here, there is still a way I can serve my purpose and makes things right.
Don't do this.
It's done.
You're needed here, Dr.
Humanity needs you, and more people like you in the future.
And less people like my son.
(beeps) It's morphine.
Inject the entire vial into a vein two minutes before you go outside the fence.
You'll still feel them.
It's the right choice.
For us both.
(elevator bell chimes, doors opening) Don't worry.
The future's not going to miss me.
I'm just a girl from Idaho, Doctor.
Good-bye, Theo.
Nonessential systems have begun shutting down.
Only power to the pod room and the fence will remain.
That's that.
Look, I'm not much for making speeches, and I already gave one today.
I don't know the world that we're going to wake up to but I know we did everything, because that's what humans do.
It's our nature.
And I've seen our worst here, but we've also shown our best so let's carry that.
Let's carry that.
Good luck to us all.
And hopefully, I'll see you all very soon.
(power whirring down) (person whistling "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain") (whistling continues) (groaning and choking) (doors hissing) (beeping quietly) (Abbies clamoring) (Abbies continue clamoring) You look tired, baby.
Was it a mistake? You can make the world whatever you want.
You have that power.
(metallic rumbling) (gate thuds) (alarm blaring) (alarm continues blaring) (beeps rhythmically) (doors hissing) (metallic rumbling) (gate thuds) - - (Abbies snarling) (baby crying in distance) (crying continues) (crying continues)
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