We Are the Wave (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The 99%!

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Fellow compatriots! Friends! Ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Horst Berndt.
I am your mayoral candidate! ELECTRICAL ROOM.
When we take power, which I truly believe we will, then we'll clean things up and get rid of the muck.
Then, politics will finally be done for the German people once again.
We are German, my dear friends! And I am proud of that! You give me strength to fight for this office! Let's show the press out there that we're here! From kindergarten until they graduate from high school, our children are pumped full of all kinds of ideologies.
The protesters of '68 left a cratered landscape behind them.
This is war against the land of thinkers and poet Poets and thinkers! We're now We're now coming to the darkest chapter of German history.
Isn't that NfD dude.
- Yeah.
- It's actually him.
- I don't belong here.
- This is exactly where you belong.
I agree.
Let me out! GREAT CAMPAIGN, GUYS! HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE! GREAT CAMPAIGN! You think this is funny? Well, overall, yeah.
Lea? - Hmm? - Where are you going? I'm meeting Sophie.
- Were you involved in this? - Why? What is that? Berndt from the NfD had his horizons broadened by someone.
You don't think I did it, do you? Don't act all innocent.
Mom, getting arrested once was enough for me.
I don't want to go to prison.
Can I go? Sophie's waiting.
- Yeah, bye.
- Hold on.
What are you doing? Hi Sophie, it's Rike.
Are you meeting Lea now? Andreas asked if he should cook for two or three.
Thanks, bye.
Don't be home too late.
Did you have to do that? Go.
Go, my mom's watching us.
Let's go.
I don't give a damn what those freeloading environmentalists think about me.
They should go get compensated by the EU.
Exactly, yeah! Bye.
So, that was my last call for today, sweetheart, okay? The weekend is all yours.
You say that every time.
You You need to call an ambulance.
This is our waste sludge! It's caustic! What the hell? What the hell? WHO IS THAT GUY? SHOULD WE RECOGNIZE HIM? WTF IS GOING ON? WHO IS THAT ANYWAY? NO IDEA.
KEEP IT UP! Let's watch it again.
POLICE Unbelievable.
Do you think the group has a leader? RIOT AT THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE This guy.
And this girl.
Hard to say.
You've been a member of our party for two years now, isn't that right? Yes.
Why do I never see you at any of our political events? Civil servants are expected to be politically neutral.
One day this game of hide-and-seek will come to an end.
I promise you that.
Can you let me know when I need to lie for you? I'm sorry.
What did you tell my mom on the phone? That we were getting together to study.
I really like him.
I know.
He doesn't deserve you, you know.
Who does deserve us? PRINCIPAL Do you remember the slaughterhouse? Yeah.
Everyone we arrested at that time goes to this school.
I mean Most of them are probably just followers.
The question is: who are they following? Is there maybe a new teacher with unusual teaching methods? No.
A conspicuous student? We did have a new student start at the beginning of the semester.
I had concerns about him from the start.
Tristan Broch.
He came on day release from the juvenile prison.
REGISTRATION He thinks I was behind the molotov cocktail.
- Why does he think that? - Why? - At the slaughterhouse.
- He's there.
- The detective.
- He's coming.
Look down.
He can't see us together.
- Hey! - What about data privacy? Fuck you! Split up inconspicuously.
Don't you want to drop by the club to say hi? What's the point? Most of the people I knew have been six feet under for a long time.
And I can't shoot a disc anymore.
You could show me how to shoot.
You said the area's more dangerous, and we should defend ourselves.
That's right.
You must look out for yourself.
Well, go get it.
What's the code? The year your mom was born.
Hey, look! I have to show you something.
Now that's a tattoo.
Wow! Wow! Awesome.
Zazie gets to suggest our next operation.
Okay, okay.
I hate SUVs.
Those polluters driven by helicopter moms on their high horses have always got on my nerves.
- SUVs.
- Yeah, SUVs.
- Fuck yeah.
- SUVs! SCHNEIDER CAR DEALERSHIP If you want Rahim! Yeah, twice, actually.
As you wish: L as in Ludwig, E as in Emil, S as in Yeah? You got it? Oh, man.
Of course I'm I can't believe it.
How's it going with Hagen? Why? Just wondering.
Yeah, I have regularly It's going great.
No, you stay there! - And you and Paula? - Good.
Her parents go on a lot of business trips.
I see.
Has Hagen spent the night at yours? Hagen never says.
Then it's not your business.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm just saying This is outrageous.
No, stay there.
You've heard my name seven times Hello! Welcome! May I offer you something to drink? What was Zazie thinking? You wanted equal rights.
I'd rather order you guys around.
Dream on, Napoleon.
- This is a very nice model.
- Yes, very nice.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Commander? - Yes? - How's the position? - Perfect.
- You've picked our best model! - Thank you.
My wife has exquisite taste.
Tell me, how loud is the motor? Now? - Wait.
- It purrs like a kitten.
Oh, like a kitten? Push start.
- Me? - Yes, push the start button.
- Okay.
- Now.
Turn it off! OPEN DAY Hey! Come on! I'm dying! That was Paula! - What? Did she recognize you? - Fuck, I'm not sure.
- Lea? - Mom? What are you doing? We were grabbing a bite.
A bite? Where? Let me help you.
Lea, what a coincidence.
What are you doing here? - Let me take that.
- No, it's fine.
Grabbing a bite.
I'm Tristan.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
I'm Andreas.
Lea's father.
What's for dinner? - Dad's making ratatouille.
- Yeah.
Oh, yum, ratatouille.
- You like it.
- Yeah.
Okay, then bring your new Well bring Tristan along.
Seven o'clock? Seven it is, bye.
- Okay.
- Coming with us? Hey, don't worry.
I'll take care of it, okay? - Bye! - See you.
Rahim? We have a problem.
If she talks, we're all screwed.
Do you want that? No.
It's easy for you.
She won't break up with you.
I'M ACROSS THE STREET PLEASE COME OVER!! Dude What if she didn't recognize Lea at all? It's too much of a risk to take.
Paula, I'm sorry.
Where is Lea? Too scared? Paula Hands off.
She's sorry.
We're all sorry.
You and your stupid operations! What do you have against my uncle? - What? - Your uncle? Just because you think big cars are dumb, you thought you'd destroy some guy's business? It took my uncle years to get this dealership going, years.
So I've gotta go give my statement.
Paula, wait, please.
We can talk when you leave the Wave.
Fuck, we're screwed, dude.
Yes! Yeah! EXQUISITE APARTMENTS Beep! Paula would have answered, but I'm not available right now.
Try again later or leave it.
Fuck, that's Yeah, I'm coming.
Who is it? Open the door.
Hello, Rahim.
You and your family have 48 hours to move out.
If you refuse, we'll be forced to give this eviction notice.
Good evening.
I like your style.
I like it.
I used to walk around like that.
Seriously! When I was his age, I walked around like that, too.
Well, in the 80s.
I've seen the photos! It's the best age to rebel.
Were you at the slaughterhouse? No.
Tristan tried to talk me out of it.
Clearly, it didn't work.
Your daughter has her own mind.
Oh, yeah.
What brought you to Meppersfeld? For school.
Why here? Mom, is this an interrogation? I'll tell you why.
There's a juvenile correction facility with a day-release program.
Did you know that? Yeah.
You've done your homework.
Of course, I'm her mother.
Were you at the dealership today? No.
We bumped into you not even 200 meters away.
Whatever I say to you, you won't believe me.
I'll always be a convict.
I think you'd better go, Tristan.
And leave Lea alone from now on.
Are you nuts? Don't use that tone with us.
You can't be serious? It's okay.
Thank you.
Lea! Sit down.
I don't ever want to see him here again.
I think it would be better for you to stay home every evening.
You can't lock me up.
I'm almost 18.
We're not locking you up! We're raising and trying to protect you! Understand? - Oh, man.
You really suck.
- Lea, please.
- You said to come right away - Shh! Quiet.
My grandpa's asleep.
Do you have condoms? What? I don't know how it works either, but it can't be that hard.
- I - Come in.
Take your shoes off.
Come here.
It's gonna be okay.
It will be okay.
Nothing's okay.
When I punched Paula in the face today you know what my first thought was? She could turn us in.
I didn't think about her, just the Wave.
Don't worry.
You're not you in moments like that.
That's what scares me.
- Where are you going? - I don't recognize myself.
Where are you going? Mm-mm.
I'll tell you once and never again.
I live with my grandfather because my father ran off.
My mother's in a psych ward.
The doctors say my brain is okay.
They analyzed it, tested it, examined it They say I won't end up like my mom.
I'm not sick.
And as for us I'm not into that couple shit.
If you're okay with that, we can do this more often.
Hello, Tristan.
We met at school.
We can talk here or at the police station.
I read your file.
Your mother seems interesting.
Would she be proud of what you're doing? Is your family proud of you? Well, my wife left me.
She took my son with her to Berlin.
She thought I was too too "me.
" You're looking for someone to take your anger out on? You should understand.
Aren't you angry at your mother? Huh? Other kids were more important than her own son.
That's not true.
No? Why did she go and risk her life while you waited at home? You know what I think? If your mother were alive she wouldn't be proud of you or anything.
She'd keep taking care of starving kids, and you wouldn't matter to her, as usual.
You must be desperate if you're trying to get to me.
But it's good we're talking.
Now I know that you have nothing on us at all.
Paula I'm so sorry.
I Please write which company or employer you've decided on in the table.
I'll explain later.
one of these companies on the board.
INTERNSHIPS 2019 The commitment that you're making now is, of course, binding.
And I hope that you will all represent our school appropriately, okay? INTERNSHIPS 2019 Mr.
Fleisser? I have a question.
Yes, what would you like to know? Well, I can't really decide between Ruff Divorce Agency and the tattoo parlor.
Well, they're both interesting options, right? A little quicker maybe, please? Rahim, phone off, please.
Rahim! Sit down, please.
Rahim! Mom! Dad! Dad? How could they do this? I can't take it anymore.
It's okay, Dad.
I'll do it.
I'll find a home for us.
I swear, I will.
You don't have to do anything.
Calm down.
You don't have to do anything.
Okay? Come here, Mom.
I'm glad you're here, Rahim, honey.
We'll move in with your brother first, and then we will see.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Of course.
We'll finish them.
Are you nervous? Maybe a little.
You've got this.
- Okay? - Yeah.
The appetizers can go out! Have I seen you before? I'm just helping with this event.
Hi, sexy.
Hey! Hey, sexy! then we'll do it.
Good evening.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear shareholders.
My name is Frank Karius.
This evening, I'd like to speak to you all about good and evil.
If you believe the public then we're the bad guys.
They call us capitalists, sociopaths, locusts WHAT ARE THEY DOING? Because we're rich we're greedy we're ambitious.
- That's right! - Yeah.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Frank Karius just called.
Frank Karius? Mm-hmm.
But he's speaking now.
the companies, the yachts, the villas, and the Van Goghs of the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, we We are the one percent.
And we're the bad guys Yeah, fill it up.
because we don't belong to the 99% of those listless, penniless, powerless people who think they're the good guys? That's not the man speaking in there.
Yeah, that's not the only weird thing today.
What are they doing? But what's good about that? What is good about being superfluous? What is so virtuous about insignificance? Chief Inspector Serner.
I see.
Keep calm.
We're on our way.
Nothing at all.
On the contrary, that oh-so-good 99 percent WHAT KIND OF EVENT IS THIS? is causing all of today's crises and problems.
- That is what I thought, too.
- Yes.
POLICE So, imagine a world without them some day.
No overpopulation, no famine, no floods of refugees, no more environmental pollution.
Without that useless 99 percent, this planet would be much better off.
Bravo! Bravo! And so, I ask you: who are the real villains? The 99 percent.
Who is lazy, uneducated, overweight, and guilty of causing all this misery? The 99 percent.
Who is destroying our economy, our nature, our democracy? The 99 percent.
Who needs to be done away with? The 99 percent.
Enjoy your meal.
Outstanding, really.
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Don't panic! Shit.
Hey! Come out! Rahim! Rahim! Shit.
The cops are all over it.
We have to go in the woods.
And Lea and Tristan? - Oh, no! My phone! - Fuck! - Shit, they're everywhere! - Into the woods.
They're behind us! Fuck.
There's three people.
- They're coming.
- Faster.
- Fuck! - Faster, faster.
Shit! Go, go! Fuck! Shit! We'll never get across! - We have to go! - It's crazy.
Don't pee your pants.
No, Zazie! You can do it! Hey, take my hand.
- Come on! - Let's go.
Awesome! We're invincible! - Go! Go! - Come on! Now! Come on! Come on! Go, go! Into the bushes! Don't move! - Let's go! - Fuck.
Stop! Quick, come on.
- Lea! - Oh, God! Hey! Shit! Shit!
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