We Bare Bears (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Our Stuff

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go.
We'll be there a wink and a smile and a great, old time yeah, we'll be there wherever we are, there's fun to be found we'll be there when you turn that corner when you jump out the bush with a big bear hug and a smile we'll be there We got next.
Grizzly: One velcro wallet.
One cellie.
Panda: Be careful with this, please.
- It is my life and soul in rectangular form.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear has ninja stars.
[Ninja stars clink.]
Grizz for three.
[Pigeons coo.]
One, two, three! All: Game time! Hunh! [Whistling melody plays.]
Buckets! Unh! [Bang, Car alarm blaring.]
I'm open! W-Wait not too fast.
Ow! Time out.
Time out.
I got this.
I got this! [Growls.]
Defense! [Growling.]
My bad.
[Net swishes.]
Nice shot, man.
- Aah-yee! - Man: Out-of-bounds.
I got it! Pick and roll.
Pick and roll.
- It's long! - Panda: Sorry.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear meant to do that.
Outlet! Outlet! Cut baseline.
Back door.
Triangle offense.
Play seven.
Ooh! [Gasps.]
Yay! - [Laughs.]
Whoo! Boom.
- Boom.
- Oh, yeah! Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
Wait, we're still up 20, right? [laughing, cheering.]
Ha-ha! Game time.
Hunh! Good job, bros.
I'm proud of you.
I saw improvement.
And I saw heart.
And you can't teach heart.
Wait a sec.
Did we forget something? - The backpack.
- The backpack! My wallet.
Ice Bear ninja stars.
I thought for a second there you said we left our stuff back at the court because my phone is in there, and if I lost that, I would totally freak out.
- We left your phone.
- Aaaaah! Oh, it's gone.
Somebody jacked us! Panda: No, no, no, no.
Noooo! Bears: Police! Police! Police! Whoa, sorry guys.
I'm already writing this ticket.
No, no.
We were robbed.
T-The guy had a knife a-a-and one eye.
- They stole my phone, my apps, my soul! - Ice Bear wants justice.
Arrest somebody! Use your gun! Wait, where's your gun? [Whirring.]
My phone is gone forever.
I will wear this in remembrance.
Bros, keep it together.
I have an idea.
We're gonna take justice into our own hands.
Taxi! [Tires screech.]
We're on a very important case.
Take us everywhere a criminal would hang out now.
- Oh, but can we go to the bathroom first? - Ice Bear needs latte.
[Car door opens, closes.]
Hey! [Tires squeal.]
Ugh, this is gonna be tougher than I thought.
Look, a diner.
Grizzly: Okay.
If I was here, and you guys were here and here, that would mean somebody took the bag where? Ice Bear has a conspiracy theory.
Panda, how are the mug shots coming along? It's a good thing I've got a photographic memory.
Here's what I got so far.
Hmm, they kind of look similar.
Really? But they're so rendered! So, I just talked to the manager, and he said if you guys want to sit here, you'll have to order more than three ice waters.
Well, maybe you wouldn't say that if we were FBI, lady! We're doing official business! Step away from the table! [Groans.]
And stop wasting table mats! We're losing time.
Got to think.
Need a clue.
[Slurping water.]
Maybe someone who was at the scene of the crime.
Ha! I know just where to go.
[Ice Bear slurps.]
[ice rattles.]
More ice water, please! Yes, it's a yellow backpack.
Any of you birds know anything? I've got sugar packets.
[Pigeons cooing.]
It's almost like they don't understand me.
Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.
Squawk, squeak-squeak, tweet, squawk.
Tweet, tweet, tweet.
Chip chirp chirp.
Squawk-squawk! Whoa! Hey, look at that.
[Mumbling indistinctly.]
- Idea! Excuse me.
- Careful! It's art.
Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.
Squawk, squeak-squeak, tweet, squawk.
Ice Bear: Meow, tweet, squawkity-squawk-squawk.
Okay, do any of you birds know which guy here took our stuff? Whoa.
Hey, there little guy! Come on down.
Okay, take your time and look carefully.
Who was it? [Pigeon coos.]
Aha! Here's our guy, fellas.
Number 41 evil-est number of them all.
Tell us where this criminal is, pigeon! You tell us right now! Whoa, whoa, whoa, Panda, he may have taken your stuff but not your dignity.
Wha [panting.]
Hold on.
W-W-We'll follow you! [Action music.]
[People shouting, screaming.]
Oh aah! [Trolly bell dings.]
[Crowd cheering.]
Man: What in the world is Ohh! [Splash!.]
T-shir Whoa! Whaaat? [Pigeon coos.]
A library why would the pigeon take us here? Because it lied to us! Bad birdy! Wait a minute.
The library has internet, right? Yeah, so? [Gasps.]
Phonefinder! It'll track where my phone is.
Aww, who's the little genius birdy? High five, friend.
Mm, maybe he's tired.
Hello, library! Take me to your internet! Shh! [Softly.]
Oops! Sorry about that.
[Alarm beeps.]
[Dramatic music plays.]
[Mouse clicks.]
[Mouse clicks.]
[Printer beeping.]
Grizzly: I got it.
Grizzly: Okay, let's go.
[Siren wails in distance.]
Well, this is the place.
[Speaking indistinctly.]
Grizzly: Aah! Evil number! Panda: Where? Do you see our stuff? Oh, he has our stuff, all right.
Let's move! [Ominous music plays.]
[Telephone beeps.]
[Telephone rings.]
Woman: 911.
What's your emergency? Man on TV: And now Jones inbounds the ball.
Shot clock at 18.
- Wait, Grizz! What's the plan? - Waves the screen off.
We'll I'm going to go in there and get our stuff back.
What if he's, I don't know, crazy? I mean, what if he works out? - He can hurt our faces and stuff.
- Ice Bear wants to get moving.
Okay, okay, okay.
We'll go in ninja-style, cool? And here they come down the stretch.
Double on the post now.
Jones manages to get rid of the ball But almost turns it over.
Look at that perimeter, Dave.
- Grizz! - Oh, right.
Man: He's got nowhere to go, and he's going to take a tough shot with a hand in his face! Looks like they're running a play for Jimenez on the right block.
With under a minute left, he draws a second defender.
He's shadowing the ball handler beautifully.
Oh, and a beautiful pass! They get the defensive rebound.
Oh, look one Jersey is in the paint.
And what a slam! - Ho-ho! - Yeah.
- Bears: Yeah! - Huh? Who are you guys? - Aah! - Man: Ball is loose.
Everyone's scrambling for it.
Who will come up with it? He throws a pass to the left side.
Dangerous skip pass to cross court.
- I got it! - He's got it, stumbles back - Aah! - And he's out of bounds! - Panda! - He's lost it.
- Panda? - It's going away.
Panda: Here.
- Help, guys.
- Panda, be careful! Man: Hyaaaah! Aah! We're coming out.
You'll never get our stuff, evil-doer.
That was close fellas.
[Police radio chatter.]
Man over P.
: This is the police.
We have you surrounded.
Give up now.
[Spectators gasp, murmur.]
This is all a big mistake.
We were just getting back our stuff.
See? Wait, what? "Action Buddies" this isn't ours.
It's mine, dummy! I rented it an hour ago.
What the [Gasps.]
[Laughs nervously.]
Uh, so, innocent mistake not our stuff.
No harm, no foul, right? Those guys have been running around the city destroying stuff.
They ruined my T-shirts stand.
Those guys came into my restaurant and only ordered only ice water.
- Hey! We tipped! - Yeah, with a table-mat drawing.
Man: Jump now.
We will catch you and then put you in jail.
Do the right thing.
[Pigeon coos.]
Okay, brothers, group huddle.
I'm not gonna lie it's not looking good.
Looks like the real criminal might've been us.
And now we must face the consequences.
Nooo! [sobbing.]
Man: Please jump one at a time slowly.
Hey, guys, if we go down, we do it together.
I repeat do not jump all at once.
Do not - Grizzly: One, two, three! - All: Game time! Ha! Do not aw, they all jumped.
[Spectators gasping, camera shutters snapping.]
[Spectators gasp.]
Huh? [Pigeons cooing.]
FBI! [Police radio chatter.]
Is this your bag? [Gasps.]
- My phone! - My wallet! Ice Bear bought these legally.
You boys sure did us a huge favor stumbling upon those criminals.
Pigeon cartel is one of the most elusive of criminal gangs.
So that pigeon at the park really was misleading us? Oh, you mean this guy? He's actually been working undercover for us.
Wears a wire and everything.
Ain't that the cutest thing? Nobody's pressing charges, but don't ever do that again.
Thanks again! Good night! You guys wanna watch a movie?
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