We Bare Bears (2015) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba [music.]
- # Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da # - Let's go.
We'll be there a wink and a smile and a great, old time yeah, we'll be there wherever we are, there's fun to be found we'll be there when you turn that corner when you jump out the bush with a big bear hug and a smile we'll be there [Thunder rumbles.]
[Siren wails.]
Man: Okay, I need two men on that aerial ladder.
Get the life net, in case the animal falls.
[Bear cub wails.]
YEARS LATER - Hey, we almost there? - Panda: Says that it's right here.
Wup, wup, we passed it.
Back up, back up.
Grizzly: There it is.
I see it! [Bell jingles.]
Welcome to Purrito, gentlemen.
What can I get for you today? Um, I'll have the veggie tacos, please, - and some extra salsa.
- Okay.
Ice Bear will have more free chips.
And what about you, sir? What can you tell me about this?! [Maracas rattle.]
Ah, yes, our famous Burrito challenge.
Succeed in eating our whole array of burritos in one hour, and you'll get your photo up on our wall.
It can be pretty hard, though.
I'd be lying if I told you there weren't gonna be tears involved.
So, I understand if you don't want to do it anymore.
Oh, that's cute.
Oh, I'll do your precious challenge.
And I'll do it in half an hour! Ice Bear wants separate checks.
Ready start! First up, the fajita steak burrito.
Omm! Another! Jalapeã'o chicken burrito.
Omm! Baja halibut burrito.
Avocado delight.
Pork wasabi.
Veggie party.
Bacon and egg.
Crazy meat.
Cilantro overload.
Omm! Finished! - Finished! - Finished.
15 minutes.
That's a new record! But there's still one last burrito.
Are you sure you want to do that one? We have no choice.
Do it.
[Alarm ringing, cat meowing.]
- Woman: Tortilla warmers! - Faster! - Get 'em off the stove! - We need them over here, - Laid out.
- Man: Cilantro, hot sauce.
- Okay, spread 'em with sour cream.
- Tortillas! Tortillas! Spread them all the way.
We want every corner covered.
- Meat, meat! Tortillas, then meat! - I know.
Tortillas! Tortillas! Tortillas! This contest is a breeze! What's one more burrito gonna do? - Uh, Grizz.
- Hmm? [Hero music climbs.]
Oooooh! Gimme, gimme, gimme.
[Romantic guitar plays.]
Um you doing okay there, Grizz? Yeah, it's just this burrito, it's so comforting.
Nice and warm.
- Safe burrito.
- Well? Eat it.
N-No! It's too perfect to eat! I will eat it! Stay away! You stay away from Burrito! Let's get outta here, guys.
[Bell jingles.]
Cash only.
Uh are we really gonna keep that thing? Of course, silly.
What else would we do with - such a magnificent Burrito? - Uh not keep it? Hey, a theater! We should watch a movie.
Come on, come on, come on.
It's your turn to pay, Panda.
Ahem, three ticke [Feedback whines.]
- Hello! Can you hear me? - Yes.
Great! Three tickets, please.
You got four people there.
Uh, no, we have three.
You'll have to pay for that thing, as well.
Uh, there must be a misunderstanding here.
You see, that's just a burrito.
It can't watch movies.
Hey, watch what you say, man.
Burrito's gonna enjoy this movie.
Don't listen to that silly Panda.
It's okay.
Um, any discounts for the burrito? Fine.
[Upbeat tune plays.]
- # Whoo-hoo! All right! # - What the? I think we gon' be chillin' Whoo-hoo! All right! I think we gon' be chillin' [Laughter.]
We took a tour down to market street Look up there Then rode a cable car and got a receipt - # Whoo-hoo # - So, we're sitting outside of a studio and then, somebody comes to me and asks me for a quarter and I looked at Burrito.
# I said right on, my brother # - # Have a nice day, hey # - Ahem.
Hey-ey! I think we're gon' be chillin' - Whee-ee-ee! - # Hey-ey! # I think we're gon' be chillin' No way! We're gon' be chillin' I think we're gonna be, we're gonna be chillin' Whoo-hoo! Whoo! All right I think we gon' be chillin' - # Whoo-hoo! All right! # - Huh? I think we gon' be chillin' I think we're gonna be, we're gonna be chillin' Ooh, shortcut.
Hey, Grizz, we're back! We got your [Sniffs.]
Ohh! What is that smell? [Sniffs.]
Uh Ice Bear feels nauseous.
Grizz, this is disgusting.
Your burrito smells horrible! [Gasp.]
How could you say that about Burrito, and right in front of him? Panda, I'm shocked.
You're shocked? I'm the one who should be shocked! You never want to go out with us anymore.
You're never two feet away from that burrito! - It's creepy, man! - Ice Bear forced to agree.
You guys just don't understand.
Also, it's not "that burrito," it's just Burrito.
You've changed, Grizz.
You're wrong! Burrito's the best thing that ever happened to me, so just leave us alone! [Door slams.]
I think it's worse than we thought.
I found this website about people who get too attached to their food.
Look at all of these.
This lady in Idaho became obsessed with a bag of chips, someone in Japan married their bowl of ramen, and this guy adopted a jar of pickles.
It just goes on and on! They forget about their families and friends and sometimes just become total hermits.
- I think one thing is certain.
- Ice Bear sees where this is going.
We have to do something about that burrito.
[Thunder rumbles.]
Uh [Moans.]
[Siren wails.]
[Suspenseful music.]
Burrito! [Hyperventilating.]
Huh? What the? Uh Burrito? [Thunder rumbles.]
Hey, come back here! Kidnappers! Don't hate us, please! [Panting.]
Oh, it smells so bad! Aah! My hand has juices on it! [Panting.]
Ahh! Oh! [Panting.]
Ow! [Shudders.]
[Foreboding music, thunder rumbles.]
We're just trying to help you, Grizz! This burrito is driving you insane! [Panting.]
Grizz needs Burrito.
Uh, up the tower! [Grunting.]
Whoa-oa! [Crying.]
Dudes, why are you doing this? I need to be with Burrito.
Burrito completes me! Grizz, please! It's wrong to be dependent on something so unnatural.
We are doing this for you! Let me cradle Burrito.
We're concerned because we love Dude, stop it.
Not right now.
Grizz, you need to understan What? - Ah-aah! - Huh? Grizz! I'm sorry.
I'm so Wha-ah-oh! I'm so sorry! Uh! Whoa! Grizz are you okay?! Oh, oh, my gosh! We We didn't mean to We didn't think it would We could still fix it.
Put this right there and There.
See, Grizz? It's not so bad.
We could just put it back togeth Whoa-oa! [Chuckles.]
Oh! That was so unpleasant.
Whoa! [Chuckles.]
Ha! [Laughs.]
Oh! [Laughs.]
Ooh! [Laughter.]
Ah, I am sorry if I was acting weird, you guys.
We were really worried there.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I feel good as new.
Come on, let's head home.
Ice Bear demands everyone showers.
Hm, I wonder why I was so obsessed with that burrito.
Ah, I guess it doesn't matter.
[Thunder rumbles.]
[Siren wails.]
Dispatcher: All cars, immediately.
Everyone [Soft music.]
Affirmative, we've secured the area and fire rescue is on the scene.
[Cub wails.]
Okay, I need two men on that aerial ladder.
Get the life net, in case the animal falls.
[Soft music.]
[Thunder rumbles.]
Fireman: It's okay, little guy.
Grab on.
- You're safe now.
- # Please take me there # I'm ready I'm not sure how this little fella got up there.
He's holding my arm so tight.
Cute little guy.
I hope he doesn't get too attached.

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