We Bare Bears (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Jean Jacket

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba [title music.]
- # Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da # - Let's go.
We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner When you jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Hip-hop music plays.]
[Imitating robot whirring.]
[Guitar strums.]
[Bagpipe notes play, tambourine shakes.]
[Playing stops.]
Whoo! Hmmm.
Not looking too good.
And I stepped on gum! Awww! [Coin clinks.]
What does that guy have that we don't? [Coin clinks.]
Well, onto the next song, I guess.
Where is that No.
[Notes play.]
Whoa! [Grunts.]
Hey! Your elbow's in my face! [Grunts.]
Both: Huh? Hey, guys! I'm free! [Clang!.]
Whoa! Ooof! [Notes play.]
Aww, man.
That's all our money.
[Thunder rumbles.]
All right, maybe we should just head home.
We're not having the best of luck.
If only the world was ready for our music.
[Wind howls.]
Ah! Our masterpiece! - Ice Bear found comb.
- Huh? [Sparkle, twinkle.]
Guys, check it out.
[Sparkle, Roar.]
Both: Whoa.
- Huh? Hey, it stopped.
- What is that thing? It's some kind of jacket made of jeans.
- It's a pants-jacket! - Whoa! It's all dirty and crusty.
Maybe we should throw it back in the dumpster.
- Yeah, you're probably right.
- Hey, nice jean-jacket, bro! - Sweet jacket! - Yeah, man! Guys, did you see that? That was incredible! We can't throw this out.
I haven't had a high-five in months.
But with this jacket, I just got three in a row! Let me try it on.
Whoa! Legal tender! This is the best thing to happen to Ice Bear.
- Whoa! - It just opened! - That was amazing! - Guys! It's this jacket.
It's bringing us good luck! We should test its powers.
Uh, ha.
Me first.
One, two, three, four Come on, now - Whoa! - # Come on, yeah, ha # Come on, come on, yeah Come on, now, come on, yeah, ha - Oooh! - # Come on, come on, yeah # Wow, I'm up on this feeling, ha Gonna touch the sky, ha Haters don't phase me, got the piece of pie You feel me? Ow! - Hey, guys! Open on 2! - # I'm an instigator, ha # - What? Whoa! - # Player participator, huh # - [Laughs.]
What?! - # I'm an instigator! # Animalia nomenclature, haw Whoa! [Laughs.]
Could you feel me? Unh Got a six-pack belly, unh - # Gonna crunch the sky, ha # - What?! Hoah! [Laughs.]
# Haters don't phase me, got the piece of pie, ha # [Camera shutter clicks.]
# I got the piece of pie, ha # I got the piece of pie I'm an instigator Yes.
# Unh # This my squad, better move aside, boy This my squad, holding stacks so high, boy King for the day, yesterday a nobody This my squad, better move aside, boy This my squad, now I'm throwin' shade, boy Red carpet rolled, yesterday a nobody Yesterday a nobody Yesterday a nobody Mm.
This is like the best day of my life.
I can't wait to wear the jacket tomorrow for handball practice.
Wait, hold up.
I need to wear the jacket tomorrow.
I might run into some girls at the coffee shop.
How will I know what to say? [Clears throat.]
Ice Bear needs it for everyday hustling.
Come on, man.
That's not a good reason.
[Thunder rumbles.]
Huh? The jacket! - [Gasps.]
Cover it! - Keep it safe! Ice Bear is getting wet.
It'll be okay as long as the jacket is dry.
Oop, we're inside.
Here we are, Jacket.
Welcome home.
Our lives are gonna be so great from now on.
Panda: It's the best thing that's ever happened to us.
Ah, I'm so glad we found this! [Smooches.]
Well, it's been a long, lucky day.
I'm bushed! Hang on a minute! Where are you going? Just uh to my room.
With this jacket.
That's not fair! We have to share it equally.
You can't just hog it away in your room! Ice Bear needs to see proof of ownership.
Well, I was technically the one who found it.
- So I'm pretty sure I get first dibs.
- No! It's all of ours! Okay, okay.
Geez! Here, I have an idea.
Um hmm.
Mm Ah! Found it! Our decision-machine! Panda: Buh! I hate that thing.
This little beaut will help us decide Who gets the jacket first, - fair and square! - Ice Bear highly doubts that.
Let's give her a little spin-a-roo! - [Laughs.]
Look at it go! - I can't believe we're doing this.
Ha ha! Whoo! Probability, am I right? - Thanks! - Hang on, Grizz! That wasn't fair, and you know it! Grizz! Come out of the bathroom! It's our jacket, too! Grizz? I'm coming in! [Clears throat.]
It's time to pass the jacket now.
- You've had it long enough.
- But I'm not done with it! - Fair is fair.
- Ugh, fine.
- Okay, time's up.
- Aww, come on! - No buts! - [Groans.]
Wait! Come back here! - Aah! - What are you doing?! - Come back here! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - We have to share! Oh! - Oh! - Get back here! Ha! - Wait, what are you doing? Oof! Take off the jacket! - No! It's mine! - Give me the jacket! I look better in it! [Slap!.]
Aah! [Gasps.]
You guys, we're not wearing this jacket.
This jacket is wearing us! We have to get rid of it.
Agreed? Frankly, I'm glad we chose to get rid of it, bros.
Too much power can really mess someone up.
- Yeah, we don't need it.
- [Slurps.]
I think I just burned my taste buds off.
[Knock at door.]
Huh? Uh hi, may I help you, sir? Yea, I have the three extra large, - Double meaty pizzas you ordered.
- I didn't order pizza.
Uh I dunno.
They're free.
Just take them.
- What? Really? Gee, thank you.
- No problem.
Oh, hey, I found something on your front lawn.
Is this your jacket? It's super-cool.
[Jacket roars.]
Here you go.
Have a nice day.
- Um, it came back, you guys! - It's like it's drawn to us.
Jean jacket is mean jacket.
Whatever we do, we can't give into [Grizz chomps.]
G-Grizz! - What? - You can't eat that.
By eating that pizza, you're accepting this evil thing's gift.
Aah! You're right.
We've got to get rid of that thing.
[Wind gusting.]
[Thunder crashes.]
It's a bunch of dance class coupons? Ugh! Enough of this! Be gone! Phew! Wha? [Cellphone vibrates.]
Huh? Stop it! No, stop it! [Sobbing.]
This jacket is haunting us.
Guys, it's clear.
We must return the jacket from whence it came.
[Jacket roars.]
[Thunder crashing.]
[Wind gusting.]
Hey, free cupcakes! Special one time offer.
They're completely free.
We have to resist the siren songs of this evil jacket.
Come on! [Thunder crashes.]
There it is.
All right, guys.
On three.
three! [Wind gusting.]
[Thunder crashes.]
Grab it! [Panting.]
Ow! [Slap!.]
Aah! Aah! Aah-aah-aah! Aah-aah-aah! Grizz! The jacket.
It It chose me.
I must protect it.
It wants me.
It's mine.
Grizz, no! Remember what it did to us.
You're right.
I [sighs.]
I can't think clearly.
It's the jacket.
It won't release us.
There's nothing we can do.
There is something I can do.
- Forgive me, brothers.
- Wait! What're you doing?! - I love you guys.
- No! Grizz, stop! Don't do it! [Birds chirping.]
[Wind gusts.]
At least his music will live on.
I miss him so much.
[Grizz groans.]
Huh? [Grunts.]
Grizz! Grizz, we thought you were a goner.
Ice Bear cried, but just inside.
- What happened in there? - Doesn't matter.
That jacket will never bother us again.
Let's go home.
Panda: Well, I'm just glad things will finally be back to normal.
Grizzly: Me, too, guys.
Me, too.
[Horn honks.]
Get out of my way.
[Air brakes hiss.]
[Ominous music playing.]
We're the best of friends, man.
Nothing will ever come between us.
Huh? Whoa, sweet jacket.
[Jacket roars.]

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