We Bare Bears (2015) s01e22 Episode Script

Pet Shop

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there a wink and a smile and a great, old time yeah, we'll be there wherever we are, there's fun to be found we'll be there when you turn that corner when you jump out the bush with a big bear hug and a smile we'll be there Mom, look! Aww! Hello! Ooh, ooh! Pick me! I'm a good one! Just look at how cute I am! Unh! I'm cute, too! And I'm hypoallergenic! Pick me! - Pick me! Over here! - Me! Pick me! Over here! Over here! Pick me! Just pick me! Oh.
Dang it.
Lost another one.
I just don't get it.
I thought us coming to this adoption store would help us find a home for sure.
But all this store has brought us is pain and rejection.
Cheer up, brother! At least we have a roof over our heads.
And besides, we're better than all these other orphans.
I mean, come on! Look at that guy.
Who would want to take that thing home over us? Huh? - Guess we're not so hot as we thought.
- Sure we are! We just got to wait for when the right person comes along.
You'll see.
Hello! Wonder what that was about.
Maybe he's gonna kick us to the street! I saw him do it to those hamsters last week! I don't want to go back out there, Grizz! It's cold and full of outdoor allergens! Hey, don't worry so much, Panpan.
We're gonna figure out how to get adopted, and then we'll be chillin' in our forever homes.
- Really? - Of course! You just got to keep your eye on the prize.
That's why we have our vision wall.
My future owner's gonna be a radical dude who likes long naps on the beach and stuffed-crust pizzas! My future owner loves fresh-laundry smell and sharing ice-cream sundaes.
What about you, brother? That's cool, buddy.
You do you.
Huh? All right, guys.
Time to call it a night.
Bedtime stack, just like we practiced.
Ugh! Shhh! Quiet! Dude, we need to get adopted soon.
Wha? Huh? Guys, wake up! Something's going on! Whoa! Ooh! Come on! Hello oh? - What's happening? - I'm not sure.
Bunch of people in a Man: All right, let's set it up over here, guys.
By the fish tanks.
And, uh, put those over there by the puppies.
Okay, so, we have a standard setup.
Who dat? What's happening? I can't see.
Brother, recon! All right.
Good work! Let's see what we got.
Hmm hoo! They're a camera crew! Here to shoot a tv commercial! This is it, guys.
This is our ticket to getting adopted! We got to get in that commercial! Good afternoon, sir! How are you? Let me tell you why you need to choose us.
Uh okay? Well, me and my bros are very remarkable.
We're huggable and compact! Ignore the moving pile.
So um we're really, really strong and have won many awards.
I've taken a bath once uh Iy-Yo hablo Espaã'ol! Hey, what's taking so long? Just take those cats and puppies.
Um, no! Hold on! Please! Please! Don't worry, guys.
We'll get in that commercial.
I have a plan.
Okay, go get an animal, we're ready to shoot.
Okay, now go ahead and make a sad look to the camera.
A sad look.
Sad look.
Okay, got it.
All right, and action! I drove her away.
I can't even look at myself in the mirror.
Because all I see is the man she doesn't love anymore.
But why, Janice? Why did you take the kids?! I tried my best to be a good father! I tried! Cut, cut, cut! Maybe try toning it down a little, okay? - Okay, I got it.
- All right, action! Janice, why!? Why did you take the children!? Why, why, why!? Janice, they're my kids, too! Cut.
And action! Uh, I'm sorry, but is this food gluten-free? I'm also pre-disposed to a nut allergy, so Ah-choo! Can we tone down the flowers? They're triggering my allergies.
Ah-choo! And do you think the camera can not shoot me from my left? - My right side is better.
- Ugh, cut.
Play together, please! No Oh! Please don't spin them around.
No! Okay, stop that! Stop.
Just stop! Cut! - Hey! Look at me! - Adopt us today! - Pick me! - Pick me! Guaranteed discount! Ugh we're out of time.
Wrap it up, guys.
We'll just use what we got.
Every morning hundred of dogs and cats wake up wondering "Is today the day I'll find my forever home?" Maybe you'll wake up this morning wondering, "Is today the day I find my forever friend?" Call today.
They're waiting.
- Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! We're awesome! Your acting was amazing, Grizz! So believable, and such pathos! You were beautiful, too, Panpan! Such skill and professionalism.
And you! Give yourself a round of applause! We're getting adopted in no time! We need to start dreaming bigger.
We're gonna get everything we ever wanted.
Okay, bros.
Let's suit up! All we got to do is wait.
- That's strange.
- We're the last ones.
Wha? - Wha! Hey! - Grizz! Oof! He threw us out! He thinks we're trash! He thinks we're garbage! Oof! That, I can assure you, we are not.
Ugh! Ew.
Grizz? Why don't people want us? I don't know, man.
I guess people can't see how great something is, even when it's right in front of them.
Brrrr it's cold out here.
Come on, guys.
Hey, man, you got any of those animals from that commercial last night? - The weird, goofy-looking ones? - I'm looking for that cat.
You know, his nose was sort of running? - Weren't those guys hilarious? - He was so cute! I want the funny-looking one! Can I get one of those, too? Do have more than one? - Do you have any left? - I saw them in that commercial.
We'll be okay, bros.
Things may be bad, but we still have each other.
Someday I'll find you, dream woman.
Dream woman! - Come back! - Wait up, Panpan! Oof! - Panda, you all right? - Yeah.
- I can't believe it's you! - That's totally them, all right! - Ohhh! - I was sure someone would've bought them by now! There they are! Oh, man, I can't believe it's them! - They're so cute! - Oh, gosh! It's even cuter in person! Woman: They're so cute! Guys, guys! They love us! They love us so much, they're fighting for us! I had him first! - Good luck, brothers! - Bye, guys! See ya! Have great lives! I'll miss you all! Here you go, little buddy! Man: Hey, new buddy! We're gonna have so much fun catching waves, brah! Oh, and help yourself to some pizza! Huh? Oof! Hmm All right, new buddy.
Welcome to your new home! What the? New buddy? Rah! Grizz! - Oh hey.
- H-Hi.
Bro! Uh hey, Panpan, wait a sec.
Are you still wearing your collar? Oh, yeah.
I kind of like it.
What do you guys think? - Uh, it's very sparkly.
- Thank you! Well, we should probably get moving, I guess.
- Come on, Mr.
- Hey! So, where are we going now, Grizz? I don't know, man.
Maybe Japan? - We can walk there, right? - I think so!
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