We Bare Bears (2015) s02e05 Episode Script

Ranger Tabes

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner When you jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there A little to the left.
Two half-steps to my right.
Two half-steps is just one step, Grizz.
Too many steps.
Ice Bear getting frustrated.
Come on, guys.
It's gonna look so good when you're done.
Okay, keep going.
My body is not built for this.
Get ready to drop it mmmm now! Perfect.
This is great, guys.
Hup! Worth all the effort, right? Now, that's what I call remodeling.
Still missing something.
Lend me your phone.
- Don't look up anything weird.
- Don't worry.
We just need one last thing to tie this room together.
Oh! Hang on! Fairy lights! Ooh! Ooh, let's get 'em gift-wrapped! It'll be like a gift to ourselves! I have a membership, so they'll get here really fast.
- See? 30 minutes! - What?! We are in the future, guys.
Ice Bear's intrigued.
And afraid.
Great! Yeah, we can go do whatever we want until it gets here.
Or just watch the tracker for half-an-hour.
Ba-ba-ba Ba-da It's here! Whoo! Huh? What's going on here? Where's our package? It should have been delivered.
It's always worked before.
I know what we can do.
Let's call law enforcement.
They love sorting out this kind of thing.
Yeah, what is it? Uh, good morning, officer.
My brothers and I were expecting a delivery today to our cave, and Hang on, hang on.
- Did you say cave? - Yes.
- And would you classify yourself as a bear? - I think so.
I'm gonna ask you to stop right there, sir.
Don't worry.
We'll send someone with the right jurisdiction.
- Speak.
- Uh, we received word - of a problem with some local bears.
- I'm on it.
Shouldn't we wait inside? Nah.
This won't take too long.
I read online how this works.
They'll see your package is gone and give us a signed report so we can get a refund.
Piece of cake.
Stranger approaches.
- That must be the police.
- Wow, they're fast.
- Whoa.
- So you three are the bears in question? Uh, yeah.
I-I mean, yes, ma'am.
- We're, uh - All right.
Stop right there, sir.
There can be no movement until I thoroughly assess the scene.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Excellent.
All right.
I think I've got a handle on what happened here.
- Really? - You! You're the victim here hapless, bumbling, et cetera.
- I - Sir, don't interrupt me.
- Okay.
- You! Prime suspect.
You've got that darkness in you.
I can see it in your eyes.
Ice Bear's eyes are blameless.
Yeah, you're right, sir.
That's my mistake.
Moving on.
- You! - Yeah?! The bystander who made the call responsible.
Excellent judgment call.
- Ever consider joining the force? - So nice of you to say.
Let's iron out the details.
Can anyone tell me what exactly is missing? Oh! I know! Our package! - Contents? - String lights.
- Color? - Uh, blue! - Country of origin.
- Uh uh Oh, I know this.
Oh, come on.
Um, actually, we only really needed you to sign a form so that we could get a refund.
Your package isn't the first to go missing.
There have been reports coming in about missing shipments all week.
- Our thief has struck again.
- Thief? You really think there's a serial thief out here in the woods? I mean, sounds a little far-fetched.
There's nothing far-fetched about seeking justice! My mother was a ranger before me, and she taught me to fight for what's right, - no matter how inconvenient.
- I smell a crazy.
So, do you want to do what's easy and get a refund or do you want to do what's right for justice? Huh.
Well, if you can't find anything out, you can just come inside and sign our form.
Sirs! You're part of this crime scene! There's no movement until this investigation is over.
That look like enough tape to you boys? You missed a spot on the left, ma'am.
- Grizz! - Incoming! Oh! That should do it.
Come on, boys.
Look lively! We're not done here! We need more clues.
They must have left something behind.
Oh, let's kind of look over here.
Aha! Whose hair is this?! - That would be mine.
- Oh.
You have very nice follicles.
But good hygiene isn't gonna catch our thief.
Wait! I know! - We'll reconstruct the crime scene.
- Uh, R-Ranger Tabes? Okay.
You be the box, and I'll be the thief.
Ice Bear not meant for this.
Ma'am, you don't have to do all this.
You can just sign our report and we'll order a replacement.
Brilliant idea! We order another package and do a stakeout to catch the thief in the act.
You stripes.
Get your phone.
Panda, don't! This isn't what we Oh.
And ordered.
Now we wait.
- Pbht, pbht.
- The tracker says it should be here soon.
- Shh! You'll blow our cover! - Yeah! Shh! - You shh! - Shh! Shh! - Shh! Shh! - Shh! Shh! - Something's coming.
- What is that? - A drone.
- Oh! That must be how they get the orders here so fast.
Ranger Tabes requesting backup.
- Wha darn thing must be busted.
- Look! - What just happened? - Delivered? - Something weird is going on here.
- It certainly is! Hey! Where you going? Hop in, boys.
We have a drone to find.
There! Oh, man.
The package is already gone.
- No sign of the thief.
- Oh, well.
We tried.
Why don't we just head on back and I got it! My friends on the police force can help! - Back in the cart.
- Oh, man.
I just want this to be over.
Hey, you're gonna drive us home when you're done, right? - Oh! - Hi, guys.
Hope we're not intruding.
No more car rides, please.
Well, what do you know? It's our favorite forest ranger and a bunch of sweaty bears.
Ice Bear doesn't sweat.
Ice Bear glows.
So, what brings you here, Tabes? Found any interesting lost cats lately? Ooh.
Or maybe a beehive fell on another campsite.
Actually, I've cleared all the campsites of bees, thank you very much.
Believe it or not, I'm in the middle of investigating something much more sinister.
More sinister than bees? This I got to hear.
That's right.
You do.
You know those reported missing deliveries? - So, when these bears called - Hey.
about their missing delivery, I figured it was connected.
So I went to view the crime scene, - did some snooping, and I saw - I'm gonna stop you there, kiddo.
- Kiddo? - Listen, Tabes.
You tend to blow things way out of proportion.
Honestly, this isn't that important.
Heck, I bet even these bears agree with me.
Well, we did only need you to sign a form.
I didn't realize I was inconveniencing you.
Well, why don't we get that form started for you guys? Just fill this out, and I'll approve it immediately.
Uh, thanks.
You know what? I'd like to say one more thing.
I don't think wanting to do what's right is blowing things out of proportion.
These bears had something taken from them, and I want to help because I care.
Someone has to care about missing packages or stolen cats or beehives falling on a campsite and all the campers don't know what to do and just run around throwing water on each other because there's just too many bees! They may sound trivial to you, but I think everyone deserves justice.
- No matter what.
- Yep.
Couldn't agree with you more.
Here you go, boys.
Hope you get your money back or whatever.
We don't want our money.
We want justice! Justice! Uh, are you guys sure you don't want your money? - Lead the way, ma'am.
- Yeah, let's catch that thief.
Okay! Follow me.
- Whoo-hoo-hoo! - Whoo-hoo! Ice Bear will take money.
I'm glad you guys chose the path of justice.
We can solve this case.
- We just need to find another lead.
- Yeah.
Hey, while we're looking, - you mind if I kick on some tunes? - Sure thing.
- Aw, man.
Nothing but static.
- Static.
Wait a minute.
Turn the volume up.
- Whoa! - Whoa! What in the Hmm.
We found our lead.
This way! Hmm.
Follow me, and keep quiet.
I wonder what's in here.
- Panda! - Oh.
Guys, have you seen all these pack Whoa.
Whoa! Whoa! Your package has been de delivered.
These robot things must be broken, - delivering everyone's packages here.
- Hey! Look! - Our package! I'm gonna get it.
- Whoa.
Hey, wait! We don't know if it's dangerous! Don't worry.
These robots are all busted.
Hey! Give it back! Whoa! Guys, help! Panda! - What do we do? - Follow my lead.
- Hey! - Got you, brother.
Hyah! - Lights out.
- Help! Hey! Guys, help! Stop! - They're getting away.
- Come on! We can catch 'em! Pull over! I repeat, pull over.
- Take the wheel.
- Okay! Hyah! - All right.
Hit the brakes.
- Brakes.
Um - Big pedal.
- I knew that.
Whoa! Hey! Oof.
That was outstanding! Mwah! Well, thanks for helping us out, Ranger Tabes.
So, what are you up to now? - You want to maybe have dinner with us? - Ice Bear will cook feast.
Aww, that's sweet of you, but I need to get back to HQ and write up my report.
Maybe some other time.
Dispatch calling Ranger Tabes.
We've got a fallen beehive in campsite 11.
Need help A.
You guys want in on this action? Yes.
This is Ranger Tabes.
We're on our way.
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