We Bare Bears (2015) s02e22 Episode Script

Christmas Parties

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
["O Tannenbaum" plays.]
["O Tannenbaum" restarts.]
- Dang it! - Hey, Grizz.
Do you want some vegan nog? None of the eggs, but, uh, twice the nog! Mmm, nah, I'm good.
[Knock on door.]
I'm coming.
Coming! - Whoa! - Bro, you okay? Huh?! Ice Bear found perfect tree.
Don't you think it's a little big? Ice Bear's motto, "Go big, or go home.
" Hello there, bears! Hope you're having a lovely Christmas eve.
I have some mail for you! Ow! All right, here ya go! Thank you! Happy holidays! No problem.
Have a ouch lovely day! Now, let's see Oh! Oh, oh! - What is it?! - Ice Bear hopes it's coupons.
Guys, guys guys come check it out! We just got, not one, not two, but three Christmas party invitations for tonight! Ha! What a great bunch of friends! This'll be the first Christmas we'll have stuff to do - other than sit around and eat! - Ice Bear grateful.
[Computer chimes.]
Ooh, an e-mail.
Panda: Ughh, what?! Why are we getting e-mails from Nom Nom? Grizz: I don't know.
Let's check it out.
Announcer: 'Tis the season to be jolly at Nom Nom's insane holiday bash! All your favorite celebs, the finest gourmet food, and tons of free swag! Nom Nom's Christmas rager! Are you in? Gee, that seems like a pretty neat party, huh? Yeah, too bad we're so busy tonight, right? And, before you think twice about not coming, free puppy for every guest! Can't say no to that face! He's right, I can't.
Aah! We got to go to this thing, you guys.
But how will we have time to go to all these parties? Well, I think, I mean, if we spend just a little less time at these other parties, we'll be able to end the night at Nom Nom's party and we can still see everybody! Do you think we can pull that off? Of course.
It's simple math! Okay! Well, I'll set alarms so we can keep on schedule.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! Christmas rager! ["Jingle Bell Rock" plays.]
Okay, remember, we stick to the plan.
When the alarm goes off, we gotta leave.
Got it.
You're here! And just in time! Come on in! I hope you're ready for Christmas party central! All is calm [Snoring.]
- # All is # - This party's pretty crazy.
It will be now that you're here! But I thought for starters, we could try limbo! Whoo! Yeah, limbo! Who's in?! [Slurps.]
[Snoring continues.]
Yay! You did it! Ughh! I don't know what to do! Is it so much to ask for someone with my level of energy? Oh, I don't think anyone can match your level, Tabes.
But don't worry, we got you covered.
- Pan Pan? - On it.
[Static, upbeat music plays.]
Grizz: Whoa, hoo, whoo! Let's get movin'! - Come on! - Yeah! Okay, now that we're all up, clap those hands! Come on, now! All right, there it is! It's easy! Just move your feet and wiggle on down to the limbo beat! Eh.
Whoo-hoo! [Singing in Spanish.]
Whoa! [Grunts.]
[Bones crunching.]
[Alarm beeps.]
Wha Eh? All right, who thinks they can go lower?! - Hey, Grizz, we gotta go! - Well, Tabes, sorry, this was fun, but we gotta be somewhere else.
Thanks! Guys, wait! You can't go yet - the party just got started! - Sorry no time.
It's been a jolly wonderful, uh, thing.
Merry Christmas, bye! [Switches to "Silent Night".]
[Upbeat Christmas song plays.]
Wait, where did the invitation say to go again? [Owl hoots.]
Well, the map points to a big tree, I think, or Oh.
This has to be it.
But if this is the party, then where's Charlie? Hola, amigos! Feliz navidad! Come on up, the party's inside! Eh.
I don't know how much higher I can climb.
Help me! - Oof.
- Hey, hey, you made it! Uh, Charlie, why is your party in a tree? Well, you have to have a Christmas party in a Christmas tree, silly! Everyone knows that.
- I don't think that's right.
- Of course it is! Just look, I got all the traditional festivities! Christmas cards stockings hung with care reindeer.
And, of course, if you're hungry, I got all the confection essentials.
Oh, heh heh, eggnog.
Oh, I almost forgot to check on the turkey! Hey, turkey, how's it going?! [Turkey gobbles.]
Ha, all right! You know, you guys actually just came in time.
I could use your help finding a star to put on top of the tree.
Milk carton? [Cow moos.]
Hmm - What do you guys think? - That's not a star.
A star is, you know, pointy and star-shaped.
[Alarm beeps.]
Oh, the alarm went off.
Sorry, we gotta get going, Charlie.
Uh, good luck finding the right star for your tree, though.
But I-I-I want you guys to help me choose it.
Thanks for eggnog.
You're welcome.
[Doo-wop Christmas carol plays.]
Oh, man, we have even less time at Chloe's.
We spent too much time climbing down that tree.
Hey, guys! Welcome! Come on in! Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Right this way, sirs.
Meet my family members, guys.
- Hi.
- Oh, hello.
- Whoa! They're real bears! - Oh, hi, bears! [Speaking Korean.]
Dad: Hi, bears! Make yourselves at home! Check out all the food, guys! Mom and I have been working on this dinner since yesterday.
This looks amazing, man.
I really wish we could've stayed for dinner.
Of course you're staying for dinner! - Come on, sit! - But but We still have a bit of time? Thank you for your hospitality, everyone.
- Oops, sorry.
- Excuse us.
[Nervous chuckle.]
[Speaks Korean.]
Ha! You guys are huge! - John, be quiet! - No, you be quiet! Ugh! Just ignore my cousin.
All right! We should start.
Oh, wow.
This all looks amazing! Ice Bear is in Korean Christmas heaven.
[Alarm beeps.]
Oh, no! There goes our alarm.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Park, but we have to head out.
Don't be ridiculous, you just got here! I'm sorry, Chloe, we can't.
Ow! [Speaking Korean.]
Oh, try these, too.
This is called jeon.
What do baby seals taste like? Oh, no, no, no, no, no! - I'm a vegetarian.
- Yes.
Agh! Oh, and this one you'll really like.
What do you think? [Muffled.]
It's really hard to get the umami flavor, but [Alarm beeps.]
Huh?! Okay, that was really good, Chloe, but we really have to go now.
We'll take these to go, and we'll let you know how we feel about the food, yeah? [Grunts, all gasp.]
Whoa! I'm so, so, so so sorry! Yeah, we didn't mean to! That was an accident! Ha ha, I knew this was gonna happen.
Agh, it's all our fault.
I'm so sorry, Chloe.
- Uh, let me help you.
- It's okay.
No, please, let me help.
Come on.
I said it's fine! Just go.
You guys needed to leave anyways.
It's okay.
It seems like you guys are in a hurry.
Don't worry, bears, we'll take care of it.
- [Sighs.]
I'm so sorry.
- We're really sorry.
[Speaking Korean.]
We'll see you later, Chloe.
- Merry Christmas, you filthy animals! - John, quiet! [Upbeat Christmas music plays.]
That didn't go so well, Grizz.
Yeah, but, hey, don't worry, guys.
Off parties happen! And Nom Nom's party is gonna be all worth it! [Grunts.]
[Distant music.]
Whoa! This Christmas, I've just one wish Bells are ringing, no silent night - This is insane! - The decor is out of this world! Ice Bear admits impressiveness.
Party very flammable.
I can't believe we're even allowed to be here! You're not! [Music stops.]
What do you think you're doing here, bears?! - Come to show me up again, huh?! - But you invited us! What!? Why would I invite you? Give me that! Ugh, whatever.
Clearly, this invitation was not meant for you.
- This was a mistake! - My phone! Hey, social media guy you're fired! [Sobbing.]
And you get lost! Or I'll have you thrown out so hard, you'll be begging for - Uh, sir? - What? Oh.
Hey, world, I'm just here, chillin' with my pals, the bears.
We're all having a dope time at my holiday bash, right, guys? - Smile for the cameras.
- Uh [Chuckles nervously.]
Don't forget your super special gift [Laughs.]
Isn't that great?! Now get lost! Come, come, let us spread even more joy! Ho ho ho ha! [Soft Christmas carol plays.]
I can't believe we rushed through our friends' parties for this.
They're the ones that really care about us.
We've been real dingles this Christmas.
I bet those parties are all over now.
[Bells jingling.]
If only, you know, we could make it up to them somehow.
Guys, I have an idea! [Puppy barks.]
[Upbeat music plays.]
All right! First stop is Tabes! Time to fix Christmas! [Bells jingling.]
Huh? Coming! Hey there Whoa! [Barking.]
Oh, my gosh, look at you! You want to play?! [Laughs.]
Oh, come on, boy! Let's go, little ranger! [Bells jingling.]
Huh? Whoa-ho-ho! Perfect! [Groans.]
What is that? [Sniffing.]
- Chloe, were you making something? - No, it's not me.
[All gasp.]
- Whoa! - Whoa! Guys? Oh, uh, good morning! We're sorry we rushed out last night, and we wanted to make it up to you! [Speaking Korean.]
Wow! This looks amazing! Ice Bear's special peace offering.
Uh, we know this doesn't right all the wrong we did yesterday, and I'm sure it's very hard getting kimchi out of a carpet, and we just want to let you know that we really care about you.
- Mmm! - It's so good.
- The ginger and the kimchi! - Oh! - There's cumin in there.
- Oh, don't forget the sauce.
Don't get cheated.

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