We Bare Bears (2015) s03e02 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
One, two, three! [Beeps.]
Ha! Fitness tracker, monitor my workout! How's my health? [Beeps.]
Ah, I'm doing great! Wha! I'm so happy I used all my money on this.
Grizz, stop it get down! I feel so motivated.
I think I'm even sweating! Hya! [Intercom chimes.]
Man: East Bay train arriving.
Beep beep, coming through.
Oh! And one, and two.
Come on, Grizz, move! The train's coming soon.
Ah, guys, this fitness tracker's incredible! Mm, I don't know, man.
You spent a lot of money on what looks like a donut that beeps.
The beeping [Beeps.]
means I'm healthy.
Phew! Oh, I love this thing.
Ha, I can't believe you didn't get one, too, Panda.
No, I'm happy with my purchase.
This selfie stick is perfect! I just had to get something for my precious cellie.
You guys want to test it out? [Grunts.]
Oh, boy, we look terrible.
- It's really dark.
- Okay, let's scoot.
Mm, no No.
Make sure my fitness tracker is in view.
- Oh.
- This is Ice Bear's bad side.
Okay, what if no, that's worse.
- How is Ice Bear's hair? - Uh, yeah, pretty sharp, man.
Oh, this will do! Okay, pose.
All right, here we go.
Three, two [Intercom chimes.]
No! - Our train no! - Stop, wait! [Panting.]
Oh, man.
[Intercom chimes.]
Next East Bay train in 40 minutes.
Ugh, 40 minutes?! Ice Bear should have brought a magazine.
Oh! What do we do for 40 minutes? [Laughing.]
Whoa, ho look at him go! Oh, he wants that bagel so bad! Go, go, go! Go, Bagel Rat! [Laughing.]
He's a legend! Ooh, let's watch another Bagel Rat video! I heard the first one happened here at this station! Ugh, let's watch something new, instead.
Ice Bear wants to watch dancing babies.
- Hey, come on! - I get to pick the videos, it's my phone! - Let me choose the videos.
- Ice Bear wants dancing babies.
Give it back, guys, give it back! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! - No! - Please step back! Do not cross the yellow area! [Gasps.]
Help, police! What What do I do, what do I do?! Oh, selfie stick [Grunting.]
Oh, it's not working! Why is this selfie stick so short?! O-Okay, don't freak, man.
We'll find something that can reach it.
Okay, maybe there's something in here that can help.
Ugh! All these things aren't long enough.
Maybe, uh Huh? Agh! My fitness tracker! [Beeps.]
Where did it what?! [Squeaking.]
Is that Bagel Rat? [Beeping continues.]
Oh! Oh, my gosh! Hey, man, that's not a bagel! [Clatter.]
Uh, give it back! It's not for eating! Please, stop! [Panting.]
Wow, we're getting quite a workout.
Grizz, wait come back and help! [Screams.]
Somebody, anybody, my phone is on the tracks! Does anyone have anything long enough to reach it? Help! Hmm.
[Ethereal music plays.]
Do you have an idea? [Squeaking.]
[Grizz panting.]
Bagel Rat, please stop! My quads are getting sore.
Huh? Wait! "Do not enter"? Huh.
[Fitness tracker beeps.]
Huh? [Distant beep.]
Panda: Okay, be careful.
Steady, steady now.
Steady, careful! Almost ooh, oops.
It's too short.
A text message! That's it! I need a phone.
- I need a you! - What? - Froyo guy! - Hey, what the - Please, let me borrow your phone! - Uh, okay.
[Text swooshes.]
Come on, come on! Yes, it's working! Text me again! - What do I text? - Anything! All right.
Uh, well I just got some new emojis.
You guys are gonna love these.
Keep texting, man, it's working! [Buzzing.]
Almost We got it! Yeah! [Laughing.]
Yeah! Yeah, hang on, I got one more emoji.
Nooo! [Screams.]
Wait! [Groaning.]
[Fitness tracker beeps.]
Huh? [Beeping continues.]
Uh, Bagel Rat! [Intercom chimes.]
Train arriving in 20 minutes.
What a bummer, man.
You just had to send another text, didn't you! - Hey, man, lay off.
- We had it! [Clears throat.]
Ice Bear didn't want it to come to this.
Whoa! [Grunting.]
Come here, Bagel Rat! [Grunts.]
[Beeping disappearing.]
No, no, no! [Growls.]
Huh? Whoa.
Bagel Rat's bagel stash.
Whoa! Why didn't we just use this in the first place? Ice Bear drone not technically legal.
A little more to the left.
You got to straighten it out! [Whimpers.]
Oh, bro, it's off-balance! Whoa! Holy crispies.
Just look at this place! [Beeping continues.]
He's close.
I sense it! [Beeping grows louder.]
Aha! Got you now! Nope.
Now, that's a nice tote bag.
[Beeping continues.]
Huh? Give me back my fitness tracker! [Growls.]
Can't squirm out of this one! Gah! [Beeping.]
Huh?! What the? [Yelling.]
Bagel Rat! [Grunts.]
There go my fit dreams.
Just a little more! Oh, bro, it's off balance! [Whimpering.]
Ah! Quick, grab it in now! Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! [Laughs.]
We got it! [Laughs.]
Okay, okay, bring it in.
Careful, careful.
Huh? Wait, do you hear that? What's was that sound? That can't be our train.
It's still too early.
Train on platform 2 now arriving.
It's the other train! Give it here! - Ice Bear's got this.
- Come on, give it here, man! - Hands off Ice Bear.
- That's my phone out there! You're too slow! [Grunts.]
Aagh! [Crunch.]
- Sorry about that.
- Ice Bear regrets not getting warranty.
[Intercom chimes.]
Train arriving in 5 3 minutes.
Three minutes?! What What are we Oh, sweet, the train's coming early.
No, no, no, no, no! Oh, no, it's hopeless now! Bros, my fitness tracker is gone forever.
What happened here? Ice Bear lost a part of himself.
My phone, it's still stuck on the track.
Oh, man, today is not our lucky day.
Huh? What?! Hey! It's Bagel Rat and now he's after your phone, too! What? Wait, hold on! Maybe he can help grab it! He's already so close! Come on, come on! Come on, Bagel Rat! - Come here, little Bagel Rat.
- Over here! Over here! Bagel Rat, bring us the phone, okay? - Over here, over here! - Oh, he's not interested! Oh, it's too square for his taste! [Growls.]
Bagel Rat, come on, man! Do this one for us! Come on! [Ethereal music plays.]
Ice Bear has idea.
Whoa! What are you huh? - Oh, bro, you're a genius! - Perfect! [Buzzes.]
- Get the phone! Ah, come on! - Yeah, Bagel Rat! Whoo-hoo! Yeah, Bagel Rat! [Laughs.]
[Intercom chimes.]
Train has arrived.
[Gothic choir singing.]
Run, run! Run as fast as your little rat feet will take you! - Get out of there! - That's it so close! [Tracker beeps.]
- Aagh! - Come on, come on! [Screaming.]
- Oh, no.
- Oh, Ba Bagel Rat? Later, dudes! I'll shoot you a text! Bagel Rat, I I can't believe we lost him.
[Fitness tracker beeps.]
Huh? [Clatter.]
He's alive! [Laughing.]
Oh, gosh, my phone! Oh, my baby's back! Oh! Little sneak! Oh, I'm glad you're alive! And I see you got something for me, too! Ice Bear admires Bagel Rat's survival skills.
Great bagel, great rat.
Thank you, Bagel Rat.
You're a life saver.
[Intercom chimes.]
Oh, we got to get going! Well, little fella, ah! You know what, you worked really hard for this.
Here you go, buddy.
Carry on! You're gonna be so fit! Keep doing what you do.
Love your videos! [Squeaks.]
Aw, look, there he goes! And so the urban legend lives on.
- Eh, I guess today wasn't so bad.
- I agree, Pan Pan.
And I even got a decent workout.
[All sigh.]
Um, hey, you guys want to watch Bagel Rat videos? [Laughs.]
Oh, heck yeah! Whoo! [Laughing.]
[Upbeat music plays.]
- Done! - Done!
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