We Bare Bears (2015) s03e21 Episode Script

The Kitty

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music] [Animal snarls] Panda: So then I messaged her, "How about a sun-date this Sunday?" - Grizzly: Yeah, and? - Never heard back.
- I think I used too many emojis.
- Aw, that's too bad.
[Animal roars] - So what are you guys doing today? - Nothing.
Got anything in mind? There's this really cool documentary about anime! It's only five hours! [Soft growl] Huh? What was that? [Purring] Panda, stick your paw in there - and see what it is.
- What? No, you do it! Uh, hey, there! You okay? Oh, my gosh! It's coming out! What is that thing? [Meows] [Both gasp] Aww! - It's a little kitty! [Meow] - Oh, look at that face! Oh! We have an Internet celebrity in the making! [Laughs] It tickles! Ahh.
My body feels like fresh dough.
[Meows] [Purring] - Ice Bear's cold heart is melting.
- [Gasps] Wait a minute! I'm allergic to cats, and yet, I don't feel any different.
This cat is magical! Can we keep it? Ice Bear thinks we need more roommates.
Grizzly: Welcome to your new home, roomie! This is where we spend most of our time, you know, just chilling.
Now, this is my room, A.
, the coolest room in the whole cave.
[Meows] This is my room! Sometimes this room is off limits, but you're a VIP, so the door is always open for you.
And here's the bathroom.
This is where the magic happens.
[Music] [Coos] [Meows] So here's my plan.
We get a couple pizzas, chips, some guac, and watch a couple action films.
- Best party ever! - Wait.
This website says that cats only eat cat food.
I guess that makes sense.
Okay, to the grocery store! [Laughs] Wait, shouldn't he come with us? He probably knows more about this than we do? Ah, it's all good.
Let him adjust to his new home.
[Meows] - Aww! - Aww! Oh, ho, ho! [Clock ticking] [Cat meows] Grizzly: How about Whiskers the Cat? Nah, too simple.
How 'bout Tiger Claw? - Hmm, sounds a bit too evil.
- Ah, you're right.
Okay, I think we can all agree that Thunderbolt is still the best option.
We're home, little bud [Roars] [All gasp] [All scream] Wow! Cats grow up really fast! Grizzly: [Gasps] It's a cougar! Panda: Huh? There's more of 'em! [Meows] Whoa! It's not eating Thunderbolt or anything, it's just treating it like it's her son or something.
But why would it do that? Oh! [Loud crashing] [Fabric rips] [Crash] Augh! It's headed for the kitchen! [All panting] [Growling] Ice Bear's axe.
[Cracking] Ice Bear will avenge you.
No, no, no, no, no! It's too late, bro.
- It's Cougartown! - Ah! Did I close my room?! [Panting] Phew! That was scary.
Well, there's no way they can open the door, so - Uh, Pan Pan - Huh? [Rattling] [Meows] [All snarling] Oh, no, no, no, no! Not the laptop! I'm still working on my memoir! [Yawns] Well, that was unnecessary.
I mean, it's just a first draft.
Oh, please, oh, no! [Music] [All gasp] Miki-Chan! [Purrs] [Meows] [Mewing] [Sobbing] Oh, Miki-Chan! That's it! They have gone too far! Yeah! This is our home! Ice Bear's casa, no es su casa.
But how are we gonna figure out how - to get rid of these cougars? - Not a problem.
We'll just do some research! Nope, no Nope, nope.
Nothing on cougars.
But there's a ton of cat videos.
Well, cougars are just bigger cats, right? - Yeah, I guess.
- Well, then, it's time to learn everything about cats.
['80-style synth pop plays] [Meows] Slipping through the entrance Heading out to face the crowd [Bubble wrap popping] Keys in the ignition Don't even care when or why [Meowing] We're tearing through the city lights Oh, baby, I'm burning up those city lights Burning up the city lights Pedal to the floor Screaming over double lines Punch it to 100, dreaming [Martial music plays] [static] Grizz to bros coast is clear! Grizz, we're right next to you, I [static] Pan Pan, Pan Pan, Pan Pan! [static] Ugh.
[static] Panda to Grizz, hear you loud and clear.
[Music] [whispers] I'm at the front door.
Initiating phase one.
Aah! [Screams] Phase one is complete! Nice one, Pan Pan.
Fire in the hole! [Grunts] [Growls] [Meows] [Growls] [Meows] [Growling] [Dramatic music plays] [Purring] [Soft music plays] [Gasps] Yes! It's working! [static] Grizz to Panda, the yarn is in the chicken coop.
I repeat, the yarn is in the chicken coop.
Roger that.
Initiating phase two.
[Panting] This one's for Miki-Chan! [Pops] [Growls] [Growls] [Sniffing] [Roars] [Popping, soft music plays] Phase two is a success, over! He took the bait! - He took the bait! - Hear you loud and clear.
[static] How's your situation, little bro, over? Ice Bear's in position, over.
["Yankee Doodle" plays on electronic keyboard] [Cougar yowls] [Growls] ["Yankee Doodle" continues] [Roars] [Growls] [Snarls] [Musiic] Ice Bear bringing party to you.
[Popping] [Plinking keyboard notes] [All panting] Did we do it? [Popping continues, keyboard plays] Aw, they're pretty cute when they're playing like that.
Okay, now! [All growling] [All screaming] [All panting] We're alive.
We're alive! Oh, Miki-Chan, your samurai has arrived! [All roar] [All screaming] [Cougars roaring] Aah! Aah! - Whoa, whoa! - Grizz! Oh, no, Grizz! We gotta to do something! [Phone buzzes] Huh my phone? [Cellphone beeps] It's the laser pointer app! We can use this! [Cellphone beeps] Aha oh! [Music] [Cougar growls] Grizzly: Aah! [Panting] Oh, man! [All mewing] Oh! Great thinking, Pan Pan! Point them away from us! [Grunts] [All roaring] Oh, no our closet! Give it here! [All snarling] Oh, our couch! [Music] - Hey, you did that on purpose! - Ice Bear swears he didn't.
Guys, guys, we don't have time for this! [Cougars yowl] [Music] [Panting] Oh, no! The battery is dead! The battery is dead! Quick, Pan Pan, go get your charger! Wait! I don't think we need to! Look! I think they're stuck in that tree! [Snarls] [Hisses] Grizzly: Huh? They're stuck? Whoo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha! Yeah, we did it! We did it! [Laughing] Ah.
Good job, guys.
Let's go back inside.
[Meow] Huh? [Meows] [Music] [Meows sadly] - What is it, Grizz? - I I think the kitty misses his family.
Ice Bear can throw him into tree.
No, bro, I think we gotta help 'em down.
I mean, what if we got separated like that.
- But they'll eat us, Grizz! - No, not if we help him.
Don't worry, bros.
We'll get through it.
[All growling] Okay, stay back! Stay back! [Grunting nervously] [Music] [Meows] [Meowing] [Purring] Aww! Aah! Um, sorry for taking your baby, Mrs.
Cougar! Aah! Please don't eat us! [Purrs] - Huh? - They're leaving! [Music] [Meows] [Music stops] Bye, baby kitty! It was great while it lasted! I'll see you again sometime! And don't forget about us, okay? [Sniffles] Because we won't forget about you! [Sobbing] Ice Bear needs space.
[Sniffles] Huh? Where's Grizz? Bros, bros look what I found! [Chirping] Isn't he adorable?! I'm thinking he can stay with us for a bit.
Um, Grizz, where did you find him? [Hawk screeches] [Tense music] - Done! - Done!