We Bare Bears (2015) s03e38 Episode Script

Ranger Games

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Martinez: Wow, folks! What a beautiful day we have today! [Birds chirping.]
The birds are singing.
The sun is shining! What a perfect day for the fourth annual Peewee Ranger Games! Battling it out today is our local team, the Poppy Rangers, versus their long-time rivals, the Ivy Rangers, for the highly coveted trophy Bertha! [Twinkle!.]
After five years of crushing defeat, I wonder if our Poppies have it in them to win it this year.
Tabes: Poppies! It's finally the day we've all been waiting for! We have a strong team this year, and with our newest member, Wallace's little sister, Chuck Wallace [Spits.]
I think we'll finally beat the Ivies and show them we're the kickball champions! [Slurps.]
Uh, Coach, let's be realistic here.
We know we have no chance of winning.
The Ivies beat us every time.
- They're like trained kickball robots.
- "Kickbots.
" Yeah.
I vote that we just forfeit and get the after-game pizza.
Yeah, pizza! [Chanting.]
Pizza! Pizza! [All chanting.]
Pizza! Pizza! Come on, girls.
That's not the Poppy attitude! And, anyways, this year we have a secret weapon.
[Dramatic music plays.]
- Uh, Grizz, can you come over here? - Oh, coming! Yut! Nailed it! [Blows.]
Our secret weapon is bear guy dressed as a flower? Not just that.
Grizz is here to be a cheerleader and boost our spirits.
Show 'em, Grizz! Five, six, seven, eight! Poppy Rangers are real great! Who's the best coach in all the town?! Coach Tabes! [Laughter.]
See? The key to winning is a positive attitude.
Yeah! You girls are gonna do great! Oh, and, hey, look a poppy! It's a sign of our coming victory! [Poppies scream.]
Hey, there, Tabes.
Long time, no see.
I'm looking forward to my team's fourth consecutive victory.
Not this year, Zhao.
We have a secret weapon.
Oh, yeah? What is it? Hello, there! Ooh! Are you a buddy of Tabes?! [Scoffs.]
Is this your cheerleader or something? Actually, yes.
Grizz here is our secret weapon.
Hi! [Laughing hysterically.]
Your secret weapon is a bear dressed as a flower?! - Okay! [Laughing hysterically.]
- [Whispering.]
Your friend's kinda weird.
Looky, looky.
It's the little Poppy Rangers.
Hope y'all ready to lose for the fourth time! We are not ready, and we are not gonna lose maybe.
Yeah! This year, we're taking that trophy! Whoa-oh! Them's fightin' words! You couldn't even kick the ball if I placed it in front of you.
Aw, snap! What you got, Poppies?! - Uh, well, your uniforms look nice.
- Cool, cool.
Kinda like a-a positive burn.
I like it.
Enough chit-chat.
Let's get this game started.
Prepare to lose, Tabesy.
Martinez: Let's play some kickball! First up to the plate are the Ivies, and, man, this team's just oozing with confidence.
The Poppies, on the other hand, look like they are already feeling the pressure.
- Ohhhhh! - Huh? Who's the best no matter what?! The Poppies! Now work together and kick their butts! Go, Poppies! Martinez: Wow! A great little cheer from the dancing flower bear! Well, that got 'em in the fighting spirit! Hmph! Here comes the pitch.
- Hah! - Wow! What a kick from the Ivies! Huh! And she's out! [Gasps, laughs.]
[Both cheering.]
Whoo! What an unexpected play from the Poppies! [Grumbles.]
Let's see if they can keep this up.
Whoo! Hah! [Breathing heavily.]
Out! Aha! [Cheering, dog barking.]
Now the Poppies are at the plate.
Go, Nguyen! Go, Nguyen! Go, Nguyen! Here comes the pitch.
- Unh! Yeah! - Oh, my! It's a home run! Looks like the Poppies are taking the first point! - Ha ha ha! - Huh! Ha ha! Whoa! [Cheering.]
And it's outta here! - Yeah! Whoo! - Yeah! Awesome run! [Grunting tunefully.]
Unh! Out! [Ting!.]
Out! Yes! Whoo! [Grumbles.]
[Breathing heavily, gasps.]
Great catch! [Smooches.]
- # So, what you gonna do-ooh-ooh? # - Here comes the pitch! Unh-huh! - Pass it here! Ohh! - Safe! - Huh? - 'Sup? [Grunting tunefully.]
Oh, my! And it's outta here! The Poppies score again! Kumbaya! Wow! We are down to our last inning, folks, and the Ivies are up to kick.
- This is gonna be a close game.
- Huh! Whoa! Another great kick from the Ivies! - Mine! I got it! - It's a fly ball! It's up there! She's headed to second base! Ugh! Oh, no! [Both gasp.]
Time-out! Time-out! - Ow, ow! - I hope that tiny Ranger is okay! - Wallace, you all right? - I'm okay.
- But my ankle feels a bit wonky.
- Zhao: Hold up! Without her, you won't have enough girls to keep playing.
And as much as I would rather beat you fair and square, a win is still a win.
Hmm! It's just too bad you don't have more Poppy Rangers.
Ah, don't be sad, girls.
There's always next year! Huh Wait! Grizz! - Huh? - I-I do have one more Poppy Ranger! - What? Where?! - You, Grizz! All: Huh? - Wha? - Wait, what? Yeah! Remember? You became an honorary member when we almost died in that cave.
- Oh, yeah! - Right! I even have my badge! I take it everywhere.
We can still win this thing! [All cheer.]
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
Even if he is a Ranger, there's no way a bear can play.
Actually, let me consult the rule book.
All right, let's see.
Yep, looks like it's legit.
[Charge plays.]
And the players take their places! Stepping in for the Poppies' star player is a grizzly bear! - Go, bear guy! [Grunts.]
- Whoo, yeah! Go, Grizz! Plaaaay ball! - Hey, Grizzly bear.
- Huh? Who, me? I thought bears were too busy licking honey to play kickball.
What? Hey, not cool! - And it's a hit! - Okay, wait! Don't run away! You hurt my feelings! Oof! [Thud!.]
Ha ha! And that's an easy run nope, two runs - for the Ivies! - Yeah! - Sorry! - It's okay, Grizz! - You can do it, bear guy! - Yeah! You'll get it next time! [Music.]
Me, me, me! Whoa! Gah! Both: I got it! Ha ha! [Coughing.]
- Got it! Gah-ow! - Yeesh.
[Breathing heavily.]
- [Grunts.]
Yah! - Uhh! Grizz! [Glass shatters.]
Martinez: We're headed to the last inning, folks! The Ivies are up by a point.
Poppies are now kicking.
I can't believe we're gonna lose again.
Pretty close game, huh?! - It was.
- Don't lose hope, girls.
This is a brand-new inning with no outs.
Anything is possible, so let's get out there and win! Hah! Ahh! [Yawns.]
Well, this is fine.
Right, girls? [All groan.]
Martinez: Next up, the newest member of the Poppies, Chuck! Ohh! What a big kick for such a little Ranger! - Safe! - Yeah, Chuck! All right.
Now we just need a home run and we can win this thing! You're up next, Walla [Grunting tunefully.]
Here we are in the bottom of the ninth with two outs! This is the Poppies' last chance to pull this one off.
- Can they do it? - Okay, Grizz, you got this! - And the pitch! - Huh! - Wah! - Ho-ho! And he misses by a mile! That's strike one! [All groaning.]
- Ugh.
- Huh! And that's strike two Waah! This is it folks the final pitch of the game.
Don't screw up.
Don't screw up! Don't worry, bear.
It'll all be over soon.
You know, we might've had a chance without bear guy.
- Yeah.
He kinda stinks.
- I don't even want pizza anymore.
Hi, Dad.
Can you pick me up? Yeah, the game's over.
Okay, time-out! Come on, Grizz.
You, too.
Bring it in.
And the Poppies delay the inevitable! You know what that means time for a Martinez Music Minute! ["Yankee Doodle" playing choppily.]
Okay, Poppies, let's talk.
Did you figure out a way for us to play without bear guy? - Mnh.
Sorry, guys.
- What?! You can't talk like that! Grizz is one of us! So let's cheer him on, even when he's doing super bad! No, especially when he's doing super bad.
Because whether we win or lose, we have to do it together as a team! - So what do you say, girls? - Mm, we're sorry, bear guy.
From now on, we'll root for you no matter what.
Aw, all right.
Thanks, everyone! - I'll do my best! - Great! Go get em'! - He's totally gonna blow it, right? - Big-time.
- Mm, we got to support him, though.
- Yeah.
Like Ranger Tabes said, he's a Poppy and whatever.
Yeah, but how can we do that? All: Hmmm.
Oh, I've got it! Martinez: And the Poppies get back into position.
The Grizzly steps up to the plate.
This game should be over soon.
- Wallace: Five, six, seven, eight! - Huh? All: Mr.
Bear, we think you're great! - One, two! - Three, four! All: You can do it! Beat their score! We're the Poppy Rangers, and we're here to say All: We're so glad that bears can play! Martinez: The grizzly bear looks inspired by their demonstration.
Now he truly believes in himself! Ugh.
This team is so weird.
Let's finish this.
Huh! [Suspenseful music.]
Aah! [Cackling.]
Yah! And there's the kick! It's high! There it goes! [Music.]
[All gasp.]
[Breathing heavily.]
Huh? Wait, what?! It's going! It's going! And.
it's outta heeere! I can't believe it! Poppies win! Poppies win! [All cheering.]
Bears rule! [Cheering, dog barking.]
- Yea-ea-eah! - There we go, girls! Yes, girls! Great job! Great job! We did it! Oh, we can cheer! [Laughs.]
Thank you, guys! Martinez: And now, for the first time ever, I present the trophy to Tabes and the Poppy Rangers! Thanks, Martinez.
It's a real honor to hold Bertha.
- Move it, old man! - Aaah! You know you don't deserve this, Tabesy.
- You just got lucky.
- That's right.
We won, all thanks to our lucky mascot! [Grunting.]
Aah! It's so cold! We'll get you next time.
Ivies, move out! [Sighs.]
Commemorative picture? [Camera shutter clicks.]
- Done! - Done!
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