We Bare Bears (2015) s04e08 Episode Script

Baby Bears Can't Jump

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Young Grizzly: He goes for the 3! He scores! What a shot! And the crowd goes wild! Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Go, Grizz, go! Hey, Pan Pan, how's my form? - Ha! Ha! Ha! - Young Panda: Mm, I don't know.
This Charles Barkley basketball card still looks way cooler.
Ah, give it up, man.
You've been shooting and posing for an hour now.
It's my turn! I've got to practice my dribbling! And little bro still needs to learn fundamentals! Dude, just a couple more minutes.
Got to work on my one-on-one game.
[Stomach growls.]
Whoo, a little hungry! This card says that Charles Barkley is more a team player.
That means you should share! Hey, man, take that back! I'm a team player! - Then let me try! - But I'm more like Charles Barkley! What! My muscles look more like his! - Aah! You don't even have muscles! - Give me the ball! No, it's mine! - Aah! - Then give me the ball! - I'm the oldest! - We don't know that! Aah! I can't see! Aah! Aah! [Crash!.]
Both: Huh? Both: Whoa.
Both: Free pizza.
[Stomachs growling.]
Well, uh, don't mind if I do.
Ow! What the - Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop! - Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Hey, who's there!? [Whistles.]
[Dart gun cocks.]
[Bubble gum pops.]
Hey! Who are you guys!? [Kid chuckles.]
Hand over the pizza, bears.
It belongs to the Ragtag Crew now.
All: Ragtag! Ragtag! Ragtag Crew! What? No! This is our free pizza! Yeah, finders keepers! Losers weepers! - Then you better start weepin', boys! - Both: Hey! - 'Cause you just lost that pizza! - Suckers! This is our turf.
And what's on our turf belongs to the Ragtag Crew! - No fair! [grunting.]
- Unh-unh-unh, nice try, bears.
Come back when you got real game.
Aah! Then we challenge you! Unless you're chicken! [Record scratches.]
Whatchu call us? You heard me, you chickens! We challenge you for that pizza! All right, bears.
You're on.
But we get to pick the game.
And that game is Basketball.
First to 11.
Full-court style.
All: Full court! Full court! Full court! Whatever.
That's cool.
We only play full court.
My jersey's a baby shirt.
It's too small for me.
Hey, stop whining.
It's all I could find.
Y'all bears in trouble messing with us.
My boy Shady here can touch the net.
Show 'em, Shady! [Gulps.]
[All cheering.]
Psh, whatever.
Let's play.
Whoa! Oof! I got it! I got it! - Huh!? - You won't get past me! Grizz, over here! Pass it over! N-No, no, wait! I can shoot this! Ha! - Nice shot, loser! - Hey! Emotional foul! Come on, shorty! Where am I gonna go? - Come on, come on! - Aah, oof! See ya! [Laughs.]
Heads up! [Swish.]
Nice shot, Shady! [Chuckles.]
You need to pass it to me more! [Groaning.]
- Dude! Hurry up! - Yeah, pass it to me! Hey, let me do this! I got it! Uh! Whoa! Oh, no! The ball! No! [Grunts, chuckles.]
Nice D, sucker.
Aah! Hey, you're hogging the ball! - No! You'll lose it again! - No, I won't! - Aah! - Aah! The ball! [Whoosh.]
[All cheering.]
Time-out! Stop! I call time-out! We don't have all day, bears! Game's almost over.
Well, I, uh, got to go potty! - Come on, bros! Let's go potty.
- Potty? [Chuckles.]
Shouldn't you guys still be using diapers? [Laughter.]
What's the deal, bros? What game are you even playing out there, huh? You got to let me have the ball more.
What are you talkin' about? I've hardly even touched it thanks to you! You You You pig! You ball pig! Hog, Panda.
I think you mean ball hog! I know what I meant! Now, we got to get our act together if we want to win that pizza! You're the one who's been missing every shot.
- Oh, okay, so that's what it is! - Well, if the shoe fits.
Charles: Hey, you knuckleheads! Hmm? What? Who Who said that? Down here, ya chumps! What? Barkley? Yo, you guys are terrible! - Wha - Oh, geez! Um, you guys heard that, right? I'm not going crazy? - Pretty good photo of me, right? - Wha [Music.]
- Ba Ba Ba - It's him! Charles Barkley! [Twinkle!.]
That's right! Now, as I was saying, you guys are terrible.
Y'all call yourselves a team? Um, yes, sir, uh, Sir Mr.
Barkley! Ha! And you guys want to win? - Well, winning ain't easy.
- Huh? [Zing!.]
It takes a certain savoir faire.
And it's not about how you hold the ball or how you throw.
That stuff's important, but the secret is the shoes! [Record scratches.]
Oh, just kidding.
The secret is teamwork.
Uh, teamwork? That sounds kind of lame.
Don't talk back, now.
Listen, you don't have to hold hands or sing "Kumbaya" or whatever.
But you guys are a team.
And you ain't gonna win until you act like one.
- Ha! Ha! - Bros, Charles is right! We haven't been sharing the ball or playing together.
And it's gonna cost us a fresh and zesty 'za.
Pizza? Aw, now you got to win.
Get in there and crush those knuckleheads! - Whoo-hoo! Yeah! - Aw, yeah, let's go! Thank you for everything, Charles.
Huh? [Wind whistling.]
Crush them! Whoops, actually got to go to the bathroom! [Dramatic music playing.]
[Crowd booing.]
You guys are losers! All done with your potty break, huh? Ready to keep getting your butts handed to you? No butts.
The only thing that'll be handed to us is that pizza.
So, babies picked up some tricks at the potty.
- What, do you want a sticker? - Ooh, that'd be ni Oh.
Enough with the trash talk.
Let's play! [Music.]
Just try and get past me, kid.
Grizz! Grizz! Bro! - Hmph.
And nutmeg! - Aw, what! Whoa! [Grunts.]
- Oh, man.
- Oh, snap.
- Cool shot, little bro! - Yeah, man! Hmph.
Eh, dumb luck.
Hey, shrimp, watch these moves.
Ha, ha, ha.
What's the matter, kid? Come on, just take it.
Huh? Wha no! [Grunts.]
And Barkley! Oh, yeah! [Grunts.]
Play defense, yo! Whoa! Ah! - Oh, I actually did it! - Huh? [Swish.]
Guys! We're ahead! And we only need one more to win! Kit: Like that's gonna happen.
Got to do everything myself around here.
Aah! Huh, huh, huh! Ha-ha! Suckers! [Grunts.]
Aah! I've never done that before! Wha She can touch the net, too? - Oh! - Oh, dang! [Cheering.]
Oh, man, it's tied! [Sighs.]
All right, boys, this is it.
This one's for all the beans.
- Do we have a game plan? - Well, um Huh? You have an idea, bro? [Music.]
Aah, I can't see! Hey, hey! Ready, bro! Aw, yeah, it's on! [Music.]
Huh! Ha! [All gasp.]
Yeah! [Screams.]
- Yeah, Grizz! - Yes! [Screams.]
We got ya, Grizz.
Thanks, guys! I can't believe we did Wait, what? What are we doing right now? [Music.]
I feel somehow stronger! It's like some kind of bear pile or stack! Dang.
That was so cool.
All right, bears.
You guys won fair and square.
We might be scrappy, but the Ragtag Gang never breaks a promise.
The pie is yours.
You know, it is a pretty big pizza.
I dunno if we can eat it all by ourselves.
Grizzly: Nom, nom, nom, nom.
Mmm, so good.
You know, you guys ought to be stacked all the time.
It's a fly look.
Yeah, you guys make a great team.
Well, we learned from the best.
[All sigh.]
[Record scratches.]
So how 'bout a slice for ol' Chuck? [Ting!.]
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