We Bare Bears (2015) s04e14 Episode Script

Lil' Squid

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Okay, easy! Bring it down! Slowly! Slowly! Be careful now! [All coughing.]
Oh, man.
Finding a family in the sea was harder than I thought.
Aah! The water made me blind! Oh no! [Man humming.]
Huh? Aah! Both: Whoa! Ah, here it is today's freshest catch.
- Hm.
I'll take the lot for 20.
- All yours, sir.
Ugh! Well, that was gross.
I think it's time for us to try a new ecosystem.
Ugh! I agree.
I don't think we're cut out for the ocean life.
Yeah, man.
Let's get out of here.
I drank a lot of ocean water.
Like a lot.
Too much.
Hey, uh, guys? I think there's another starfish stuck to my butt.
Let me help! [Both gasp.]
Aah! What is that?! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! I got you, Pan.
Come here little fella.
Wow, he's really stuck on there.
Almost! Aah! Clingy little fella, aren't ya? Huh, check this guy out.
It looks kind of weird.
Well, let's put ya back.
Hyah! Huh? Come on.
Now fly! Huh? How?! Ugh! Huh? Dude, what's up with this guy? - Why's he so clingy? - I don't know man.
Looks like he's scared.
Man: Order up! [Scary music, chomping.]
Aah! No wonder he's freaked out! We can't let him get eaten! What are you vermin Hey, that squid's for customers! Book it! Run! Thieves! Thieves! Come back here! [Shing!.]
- Oh no! - Oh no! [Laughs evilly.]
I've got you now! No! We don't even have families to miss us if we're gone! [Music.]
Huh! Aah! Whoa! Lil' Squid's got super powers! And we're bears, not vermin! [All panting.]
You're safe now, dude.
Hm, I think he needs water.
Is there a puddle somewhere bro? [Splash.]
Girl: Aah! My bucket! [Crying.]
That'll do.
Is he okay? Yes! He lives! Aww, he's so cute.
We need to get him somewhere safe, though.
Maybe even help him find other squid like him.
Yeah, but we can't go back to the ocean.
It's way too big.
We'd just get lost and probably drown.
Huh? What's that? [Gasps.]
Dudes! An aquarium! This is perfect! $50? Oh dang it.
Got anything on you? How about you? Hmm, not quite currency, but thanks.
Hmm? What's this? Ew, Grizz, you got ink on you.
Aha! Boys, I got an idea.
Panda, we're gonna need those starfish again.
And we'll need a lot more ink.
Can you hook us up, dude? [Music.]
Ha! We're going in, bros! Ha! Okay, clear.
Ohh! Huh? Guys, wait up! [Music.]
Wait! Someone's coming! Hide! Farewell, beautiful creature.
Panda: Guys, are you sure this is the right way? I saw another tank back there and [Both gasp.]
Wow! Check it out, guys! [Chuckles.]
This is amazing! There's so many fish in here! It's gonna be a piece of cake to find Lil' Squid a family! But how we do swim down there? And breathe? Hmm, good point.
Huh? [Chuckles.]
Smart squid.
Why isn't this ink coming off? Oh, that's just my fur.
Don't worry, Lil' Squid.
We'll find you a home.
Huh? Ahoy! Oh.
Ahoy, mates! Ready to board the vessel? - Uh, Grizz, is that thing safe? - Arrr, but of course! Me and me crew run a tight ship in these waters.
Now let's cast off and find ye squid family! - Hup! - Uh, what do you think? Is that a yes? [Music.]
Where's little bro? [Laughs.]
Off we go! [Music continues.]
Whoa! There's just so many fish! Oh, let's try looking in some of that coral.
Hello, fellow fish.
Have you seen this squid's family? Oh.
Ooh, check it out! What's that? Oh, wait! No, no, no, no, no! No!! [Sighs.]
Hi there, would you know where to find a family of squids? Hey, don't you stick your tongue out at us! Hi, would you happen Both: Whoa! [Air hissing.]
Oh, hello! Can you help us find a family to adopt a baby squid? Aah! [Clanking.]
There, there.
We'll find a family.
Aah! Do you see a family in there? [Creak!.]
I think it's a plant.
Hey, would you be willing to adopt a baby squid? [Whinnies.]
Oh, darn.
He's busy.
Hmm Oh, look! We haven't checked that cave yet.
Maybe there's a family hiding inside! [Music.]
- Hmm - Hmm Don't be nervous.
I'm sure your new family will like you.
Oh, look! It's a grown-up squid! - Yeah, man, do it! - Get its attention! Touch it! Touch it! Yeah! Yeah! Do it! Do it! Yeah! Yeah! Do it! Do it! Huh? Both: Oh, yeah! He wants it.
Do it! Do it! Do it! [Scary music.]
[Both gasp.]
Swim faster! Aaah! [Music.]
Look, an exit! Aah! Faster! Faster! Come on! Let's go! [Music.]
Yes! We're free! Aah! [Shatter.]
Huh? What? [Music.]
Aah! We're gonna drown! [Music.]
Huh? Whoa! [Dramatic music.]
Hurry little bro! [Roars.]
Aah! Save us! Save us! No! Aah! We're gonna drown! Aah! Huh? Lil' Squid? [Creaking!.]
Lil' Squid, what are you doing? [Roars.]
Whoa, man.
That's a big squid.
- You did it! - Yeah! [Music, singing.]
It's okay, Lil' Squid.
It's okay.
[Song continues.]
Good job, bros.
You know what? If Lil' Squid can find a family, I'm sure one day, we'll find one, too.
Yeah, I hope so.
Arr, forward, mateys! [Laughs.]
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