We Bare Bears (2015) s04e16 Episode Script

Family Troubles

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Your life awaits at an open door Take my hand, we'll both go in There's a sign ahead For what's in store Better days along the way Now we find better days Ooh, ooh, ooh Better days along the way [Music.]
Who wants poutine? [Canned laughter.]
Both: We do! We do! Sorry, but this looks delicious! Yeah! This will really fuel me for my hockey practice! Oh! But we're missing someone! Now where's baby Grizz gone off to again, eh? Beep, beep, comin' through! [Canned laughter.]
Grizz! There you are! Would you like some poutine, honey? Poutine? That's not what I ordered! [Canned laughter.]
Woman: Marker! Sorry, but it's time for you to go to bed, Son.
[Audience "Aww"s.]
I'm sorry your new pet didn't work out.
You know, having a pet is a big responsibility.
That's okay, Dad, 'cause I think I learned something today.
Even though they're beautiful, majestic creatures, you just can't keep a moose as a house pet.
[Canned laughter.]
Well, maybe next time, we'll get you a goldfish.
What? That's not what I ordered! [Music.]
Cut! Great work, everyone! [Applause.]
You did great, Grizz.
- Thanks, Mom! - I'll say! You're a natural star.
- Aw, Dad.
- You'll have to give me - some acting tips, Grizz.
- You got it, sis.
That was just super, everyone.
I think we've all earned a break, eh? Ah, another great episode.
It's getting a bit repetitive, Alan.
It's a sitcom.
What do you expect? - Hey! Mr.
Director, wait up! - Oh, hey there, kiddo.
Oh, man, I love my family so much! Ah! Ever since you adopted me from that fire station, everything's been so perfect! Now I'm a part of a great TV family on a moderately rated Canadian TV show.
He's being generous.
I wish some day I could have an even bigger family! - Wait! - Oof! - Say that again, Grizz.
- Uh, I wish I had a bigger family? What a great idea! Grizz, you're a genius! - Whoa, really? - Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Way ahead of you.
I'll go talk to the writers.
Hey, Grizz.
They need you in makeup, hon.
Carry me, Mom! [Laughs.]
Well, I can't say no to that cute face! - And there you go.
- Oh.
Thanks, Emma.
Beep, beep, comin' through! Thanks, Mom! What are you going to do now? Oh, I'm off to do mom things, you know? - Okay, bye! - Bye, Mom! Oh! Hi, Dad! [Humming.]
Aww, it's so cute that he calls you dad.
Yeah, it was a little strange at first, but, I don't know.
He's just a kid, I guess.
Uh, well, Son, bring your bike by later, and I'll give it a tune up! Okay! Thanks, Dad! Man, if we had another family member, I wonder who it would be? An eccentric but wise neighbor? Some sassy, independent old ladies? Two other kinds of bears? Nah, nobody would watch a show like that.
Okay! Places, everyone! Places! Everyone got the new script? And action! [Music.]
Hey, family, want to see how fast I can ride my bike - around the living room? - Sorry, Son, but not right now.
But [Doorbell rings.]
Oh! That must be cousin Lorenzo! - Huh? Who's that? - Lorenzo in the house! 'Sup.
[Cheers and applause.]
Lorenzo? Uh, hi.
I'm Grizz.
Aah! Oh, fantastic! [Cheers and applause.]
'Sup? Wow, Lorenzo! You're cooler than ice! [Canned laughter.]
I love you, Lorenzo! - [Sniffs.]
- Welcome to the family, Lorenzo! Righteous.
[Cheers and applause.]
Uh Yeah, good job, Lorenzo.
But, uh, check out my sweet moves! [Grunting.]
See? [Gasps.]
Everyone, look at Lorenzo! [Music.]
Lorenzo's in the house.
[Cheers and applause.]
Cut! [Laughs.]
Lorenzo, baby, that was amazing! - The audience loves you! - You're the best actor - I've ever seen.
- You are a natural.
Uh, wait for me, guys! Mom? I'll have that poutine now! Dad? Dad? It's your favorite son, me! Uh, Sis? Uh, I don't know, hockey or something? Hmm.
Uh That's not what I ordered! - Hmm? - Huh? - Ugh, we got to get rid of that line.
- Yeah, so cheesy.
What? No, this can't be! Whoa! Oh! Ugh! Hey, what are you doing with my bike? - That's show biz, kid.
- What? What's going on? Oh, this must be the new script pages.
Wait a minute.
"Lorenzo, Lorenzo.
In the house, Lorenzo?" We're not even in the house in this scene! I need to go talk to the director.
I'm tellin' you, this kid is a genius.
If we keep this up, our ratings might even beat - "I Love Moosie!" - What about Grizz? [Sighs.]
I think our best plan is to do some rewrites and slowly fade him out of the show.
Write me out of the show? But they're my family.
Oh, hey, Lorenzo.
So I was wondering if you could give me some acting tips one of these days? - Sure, no problem.
- I thought she wanted my acting tips? Eh, Sis was always easily swayed.
But Mom and Dad would never wha?! Oh, Lorenzo, you're such a breath of fresh air.
It's so nice having you a part of the family.
- And you deliver your lines so well.
- For sure.
If they want rewrites, I'm gonna do some myself.
Places, people, places! - Perfect.
- Aren't we missing someone? Huh? Hmm.
- Beats me.
- Whatever, start rolling.
Okay, action! [Music.]
Lorenzo and I are headed into town.
Lorenzo's in the house.
Lorenzo, you can't drive.
[Canned laughter.]
Ha, ha, oh Lorenzo.
- Grizz: Oh, Lorenzo.
- Uh Just keep going.
So Yeah! We'll be back for the hockey game! We wouldn't miss it for the world, eh? Grizz: Would you miss me? Why watch the big game, when we can have one ourselves, eh? [Audience "Ooh"s.]
- We should cut.
- Wait, let's see how this plays out.
What did you have in mind? I'm talking about a race through this entire set! No.
How about this whole studio? [Cheers and applause.]
Yes, yes! The winner of this race will be the real star of the show.
- Sounds cool, man.
- Whatever.
First one back to this spot wins.
Count us down, Dad.
Um, uh, sorry.
Uh Oh! Okay! Get ready, boys! Three Two One - Go! - Oh, yeah, in the house! [Grunting.]
Come on! Yes! - This Big Wheel's got some kicks! - Oh, yeah? Engines revving up now Tearin' down the sidewalk Steppin' out to danger Don't care if haters talk Hey, partner, we're perfect strangers Won't make it for another mile - Huh, piece of cake.
- Buckle up, gonna ride or die I say driving fast is just my style Heard you found adventure Hurlin' past the cave man Hey, partner, we are perfect strangers Won't make it for another mile Ride till we die Wicked.
Ride till we die [Cheering.]
Huh? [Groans.]
Come on, Grizz! Baby, it's just my style [Cheers and applause.]
Grizz is in the house! And cut! That was a hoot and a holler! - Way to go, kiddo.
- We're so proud of you.
- Great job, buddy.
- Grizz, that was so good.
You got to share some of those acting tips.
Ah, boy, what a race.
I'm gonna grease up those wheels for you right away! That rewrite in the script was so refreshing.
We need more of that in the show! Exactly my thinking! More Grizz! What do you think? We're going to bump you back up - to star and fire Lorenzo! - Huh? Wait, wait, what? You're gonna fire him just like that? Yeah! It's gonna be great! What do you think, audience? [Cheers and applause.]
You're the real star, kid.
I should've known all along.
- Lorenzo, are you okay with this? - Ehh, yeah sure.
I don't care.
It's not like any of this is real, anyway.
Come on, Grizz, what do ya say? - Oh, Grizz.
- Come on, join us.
You're part of the family, Grizz, come on.
No! No! You know what? I learned something today.
Having a family is a big responsibility.
All this time I thought Lorenzo was getting in the way of us.
- 'Sup.
- But then I realized, it wasn't Lorenzo.
It was this family.
Families don't care about high ratings, fancy scooter tricks, or giving someone more attention based on popularity.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
- No, that is not what family is aboot! Aww.
Family is aboot love, happiness, loyalty, friendship, or something like that.
I'm actually not really sure.
But I need to go out and discover it for myself.
You go find that new family, Grizz! - Find that family, boy! - Wait a minute! Kid, what are you saying, eh? I'm saying you're gonna have to find another star.
Because I'm oot.
Hey, wait! If you walk out that door, I will pull all the episodes featuring baby Grizz! And most importantly, you'll be walking away from your fame and fortune.
That's not what I ordered.
Huh? Grizz! Sorry.
I forgot that wasn't a real door.
Okay, people, we're going to stick to plan "B" and focus on Lorenzo.
Huh? [Whispering indistinctly.]
What? Cancelled? [Sighs.]
Time to go out and find a real family of my own.
Better days, ooh, ooh, ooh Better days along the way [Laughter.]
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