We Own This City (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Part One

I'm not here to tell you that you're not gonna fight.
See, there is gonna come a time, every single one of you, you are all gonna have to fight to control your post.
It's gonna happen.
All the talk in the world, all that authority you think you have, that just that goes out the window when some cat out there wants to try it.
And here's the thing.
When you have to fight man, you gotta win.
There's people who think that police brutality is when police win fights.
Last time I checked, aren't we supposed to win the fights? So if we're in a fight, fuck any talk of police brutality.
Check it.
If we lose the fights, we lose the streets.
Let that sink in.
But I'm not here to talk to you about the fights that you have to have.
See, I'm here to I'm here to talk to you about the ones that you wanna have.
And ones you, you think you're entitled to just because you're wearing a badge.
See, that, that's the real brutality.
The thing is you don't need that kind of brutality.
And, hey, not 'cause it's not fun.
Right? I get it.
Get a few licks in on some mouthy asshole who just can't shut the fuck up.
I mean, come on.
Fun is fun, right? Yeah.
But see, that kind of brutality just, it only gets in the way of doing the job.
First off, no one's gonna talk to you if you're beating on 'em.
I mean, no one is gonna tell you what you need to know.
And here's the thing.
If you really wanna kick ass out on those streets, it's information.
There it is.
Find out who's who.
No it ain't! That ain't mine.
Who does what dirt, where do they do it? Who is it that they do that dirt with? Information.
That's what will get you cases.
- That's what will get you guns and drugs.
- I don't know, man.
So you can think you're the baddest dude behind a badge, Baltimore City badass, you're beating on people, but by the time you walk into court, what are you walking in with? Let's see your hands! A bunch of failures to yield? Disorderlies, some ticky-tack nonsense? You got nothing that's gonna make a state attorney sign your court slip.
So, what are you doing? You're getting paid to sit on a bench in a hallway outside Wabash for a few hours for a case that's only gonna get dismissed? You will exit on the right.
Truth is, man, you ain't doing jack by being brutal.
See, you ain't getting guns.
You ain't getting drugs.
You ain't getting those big, hairy, balls-out cases, the ones that'll get you paid, get you promoted.
Here's the other thing about being brutal.
Get the fuck off me, yo.
I ain't do something.
Not only does it get in the way of doing the job, but I'mma tell you right now, when you beat on people, you will get I.
You'll get files.
You get enough complaints, you get a reputation.
Maybe even transferred out of your unit.
And even if you can write your way out of the hassle, and most police worth a shit, well, they can write their way out of pretty much anything.
I'm telling you, it just gets you the kind of attention that only makes it harder to do the job.
And I've heard it all before.
"No, Sarge, I never got charged for that.
We never even went in front of a trial board.
" But then a month, two months down the road, civil suit comes behind you.
City's gotta pay money for you.
You get a reputation for that, then you get pulled off the street.
Then what good are you to anyone? Look, bottom line, if beating on people made cases, shit, I'd tell you go on out there, kick everybody's ass.
But you know what? It just don't work like that.
So, if that's the kind of work you wanna do, I'mma tell you right now, you're not coming anywhere near my unit.
Gun Trace Task Force, we are not about that bullshit.
So, what am I saying? When you leave here tonight, are you gonna say, "Man, is Wayne Jenkins up here telling me that we can't fight if we have to fight?" "Wayne Jenkins, he was telling us that we can't control our post if we have to control our post.
" Man, I'm telling you, you better control your post.
"But Wayne Jenkins, he was telling us that our hands are tied?" Your hands are not fucking tied.
Get this, police officer on the street, if he knows the law - Fuck you! - if he knows how to use the law, if he can write a report, if he can make that report read clean, if he understands his own authority, he wins.
And that's not sometimes.
That's every time.
That is every fucking time.
And no matter what you're doing out there in those streets, by the time you walk into any courtroom in this city, your word prevails.
And if you're getting good cases, if you're getting drugs and guns, you're bringing in shooters? Shit.
Man, you can't lose.
Now go out there and give them hell.
Dang! - Back up! - Back up! Baltimore is a poster child for the basic failure to stop lawlessness.
No justice, no peace! I have heard your calls for no justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace! Where there's smoke, there's fire.
These officers, they're 1930s-style gangsters.
So, just so I don't keep misspelling it, give me your correct first name.
My correct first name? Momodu.
- Just like it sounds.
- Just call me G-Money.
Tell us about Wayne Jenkins.
Wayne Jenkins? That cop is fucking crazy.
No, he's off the hook, P but he understands something the way the rest of you fucking people do not.
And what you know is everything.
You understand me? It's elementary shit.
If you're on the inside of everything, if people are talking to you and you're talking to them, then you're a step ahead of everybody.
Now, this drug game is about information.
Who got it, who gets it.
You dig? Yeah, she got it.
- Come on, Jenkins.
While we're young.
- Will you hold the fuck on, man? Let's get this shit done, man.
What the fuck are we waiting for? I just like it when your panties get all up in a bunch, Marcus.
You know that shit makes me happy.
- You ready? - Yes.
- I feel like he's ready, y'all.
- Okay.
Fuck it.
All right.
Let's go.
Motherfucker! Police.
- Get the fuck out.
Get out of here.
- Shit! Police! Baltimore police! Get on the floor! Now! What'd I just say? Get on the fucking ground.
- Don't move! - Let me see your hands! What part of "on the ground" don't you understand, dumb-dumb? What the fuck I just say? - Let's go.
Anybody on the second floor? - Your mother is.
- Anybody on the second floor? - Hey, get off the couch! And shut that shit off, motherfucker.
Let's go! Hey, man, you good? Is there anyone upstairs? - Answer the question.
Anyone upstairs? - Nah.
- All right.
Let's go.
Cuff him up.
- Hey, gun.
All right.
Now you're talking.
Now we eating.
Go ahead and bag those.
You on me.
All right, we're up.
Let's go.
Who's upstairs? - Get the fuck outta here with that.
- Baltimore Police, search warrant.
Fine, all right.
We'll talk.
All right.
I got the door on the left.
Leave that one.
That's mine.
Check the hall.
64-52 to Dispatch, need a wagon on Collingwood Square.
Make that a 10-15.
Keep moving.
Oh, we got it, Sarge.
All righty.
Let's go.
Search that closet right there.
Dag, boy.
Right where your man said.
Big fucking Wayne.
Hendrix I think I'm getting an erection, man.
Big fucking Wayne.
- That's what I'm fucking talking about.
- You my man, yo.
This shit ain't stopping.
Check it out.
Go through that.
Where's that at? Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
What you got, Wayne? Wayne, what you looking at? Let's go, let's go.
I'll stop by today.
What's going on, Detective Suiter? Okay.
Hey, man, do me a favor.
Just go ahead and go down and get in line at ECU, I'll meet you down there.
All right.
Good to talk.
Look at you, man.
Up in this homicide division with your fancy ass.
I remember when we were both fresh to the V.
Look at us now.
Man, time flies and all that bullshit.
In two years, I'll have my twenty and I'm gone.
- What about you? - Man, I love me some me.
Retire? No fucking way.
I was born to do this shit.
What do you got there? That's a jackpot, Sean.
Swear to God, man, we raided a stash house over on the Eastside.
Man, these shitbirds, they got enough artillery, it's like they was trying to start a war or some shit.
I got 380s, 9 millimeters, shotgun.
I'll run this shit through Ballistics, man.
I know you guys got, what? A half-dozen fresh bodies over the Eastern the last two weeks? So, I thought I'd swoop through, you know? Solve a crime or two.
And if we do, I come at you with the info on the crew we bagged.
Another feather in your cap, Wayne.
I'll see you around, hotshot.
How long had you known Antonio Shropshire, a.
Brill, before you got involved in his drug operation? I've been knowing Brill about five years.
You grew up in the same neighborhood? Thereabouts.
And, in your recollection, when did you first start doing robberies? Was it before or after you got involved with Shropshire? Before.
It had to be around 2008 or so.
But yo, it wasn't like armed robbery.
I mean, I was just leaning into some people.
- You did that where? - All over.
Was Belvedere Towers on Northern Parkway a hot spot for you? Yeah.
The B.
I did a lot of business up there.
All right.
So, tell me something.
How you all get on to all this shit? We ask the questions.
I'm just curious.
I mean what brought you all into us? I'm just trying to peep the game.
Long story.
Lot of twists.
No doubt.
No doubt.
Gonna be 10-8, too.
We're finishing up here.
MD will be transporting the body.
Copy on the 10-8.
- Who pronounced it? - Kenneth, yeah.
- Ashley? - She was gone when the EMTs arrived.
They were able to revive you with a shot.
Oh, fuck.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Yeah, it's all back here.
What was she to you? She was my friend.
I I I met her at rehab.
Rehab, huh? She called me out of the blue today.
She'd been doing coke and ecstasy, and she wanted some heroin.
- You guys had sex tonight? - Yeah.
We had sex.
- Consensual sex? - Yes.
It was consensual sex.
All right.
'Cause I checked on your phone, and looks like you snapped a couple nudes of her while she was sleeping? That was just a joke, man.
I was gonna show her those when she woke up.
It was her that called 911, if that's any consolation.
She probably saved your life.
If you're gonna keep doing this stuff, make sure you keep some Narcan around.
Where'd this come from? The city.
Be more specific.
There's other Bumblebees like this in your bedroom.
That tells us that you cop from the same guy on the regular.
- Who is he? - Goes by Black.
That doesn't really narrow it down that much.
His name is Anderson, okay? That's all I know.
I roll into the city and I roll out.
- And I don't even get out of my car.
- But where do you cop? At the Alameda.
It's that strip up next to the chicken-box place.
Just "Anderson"? No other name? All I got other than Black.
Oh, God.
Sorry for your loss.
Well, whoever this Anderson guy is, he's dealing Shropshire product.
Those Bumblebee bags are Shropshire's sig.
Man, this shit is laying people out.
I've seen him He ain't doing anything! - Stop fighting! Stop fighting! - Back up! You wanna get hit? You wanna get hit? Stop fighting.
- Get the fuck off him, man! - Man, fuck the police! Give me your fuckin' hands! Yeah, go on, nigga, beat on him like you gonna do.
We know you wanna.
Give him your arm.
Dude, you're gonna get hurt.
- Give him your fuckin' arm! - Fuck this, it's not worth it.
Let him go, pig! Police yourselves.
Take care of your own fuckin' problems! Take your dumb ass to the suburbs! We're goin' viral on your bitch ass.
I bet your mama's a pig too.
Yeah, let me get some ribs, hoe! Get that shit, yo.
Bitch-ass police, man.
Hits 1,100 times in the police computer.
Now, "Anderson" with "Black" is still over a hundred.
But this guy, Aaron Anderson, grew up near the Alameda.
I printed a photo.
- Anything on the C.
? - One hit for Antonio Shropshire and a street name of Brill confirmed in the computer.
Baltimore County is also working him.
- Let me guess.
Kilpatrick? - Yeah.
No doubt.
That fucking Mick has his hand in everything.
Be nice.
The Irish are everywhere.
- Hey there.
Is Kilpatrick in? - Yes.
Who's calling? McDougall with the Task Force out of Harford County.
- Sure, one moment, please.
- Yeah.
Tell him it's about my bar tab.
That'll get him to the phone.
You a wild dude, man.
Civil Rights Office, Baltimore.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I looked for you at lunch.
- I went for carry-out.
Shore Seafood, Northeast Market.
Heard good things about their lake trout, so Lake trout? Really? - You learn a city by its food, Charlie.
- Nicole, you should see this.
iPhones are no friend to the B.
On North Avenue.
I was just there.
- They do post these quick.
- Did you see how it ended? Ends with the guy on the ground.
It ends when the police ran away.
- What do you mean? - They just quit the arrest.
Cameras pointing at them in every direction and they just cut and ran.
Left that man on the pavement just like that.
Well, that makes a statement.
Sure does.
It says that after Freddie Gray, "If we have to police the right way, we're not gonna police at all.
" Nicole, I have an acolyte for you.
An acolyte? A follower.
- A trial attorney.
- Call me Ahmed.
- DOJ sent you? - They did.
I was in Philly, but, yeah, I saw enough there that I asked if there were openings in the Civil Rights Office, and so here I am.
- You better hope that Hillary wins.
- What do you mean? She means if the election goes the wrong way, you won't have any work to do for four years.
In any Republican administration, the O.
is where good lawyers come to die.
But there's no way Trump even gets a nomination.
- And no way he can he can win.
- Anyway, welcome to the team.
You met Charlie, I guess.
And Bill, who left for the courthouse before lunch.
Charlie and Bill supervise the Patterns and Practices team.
So, this will be your first consent decree investigation? Yeah.
Washington just tossed me into the deep end.
One minute I'm doing drug and tax cases, and next minute I'm in Baltimore.
Well, it might be a while before you land in a courtroom again.
We don't usually litigate.
No? We hold hands, we twist arms.
Wanna meet the mayor? Absolutely.
- Chips? - No.
I'm good.
- Come on, have some.
Crab chips.
- Is it impolite? - They make you feel good.
- Tell me about Shropshire.
You know, we've been up on him for a while now, but he's slick.
He mostly stays away from the hot spots.
And so, what about his guys? Glen Wells, Twan Washington.
You ever come across a guy named Aaron Anderson, goes by Black? - You're gonna make me work? - Come on.
Look it up for me.
Take a second out of your day.
Yeah, I got the name.
But I don't have him dealing the same weight as Shropshire or his lieutenants.
He might be with them, or not.
Well, I got four ODs out in Harford County.
All of them Bumblebee bags.
Latest one last night, and apparently Anderson dealt it.
Fact is, I've been tracking this stuff through the M.
These fucking Bumblebee bags have dropped like a dozen people so far.
Six in the city, three in your county, one down in Arundel.
See, I got Anderson working out on the Alameda, that shopping center they got below Belvedere but I don't have a good address on him.
You know, he stays with girlfriends mostly.
He drives a Cherokee, if I remember.
Also in a girl's name.
My last OD copped off the Alameda.
You know what I'm thinking? You could set up shop.
Well, I don't wanna step on your toes.
We want the same thing.
It's all coming out of the city anyway.
It's hard to make a county case without us all showing up downtown, right? All right.
Throw in together on this one? - Sure.
- Come on.
But Harford and Baltimore County only, for now.
- Why is that? - I've been to the Alameda.
It's an open market, but you rarely see a bust.
Corner boys there, they see B.
radio cars cruise by they don't even flinch.
We're not gonna make a dent in this shit, are we? If I thought about that, I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning.
Thank you, brother.
- Here you go.
- Little milk, extra foam? Double cap with a dash of vanilla, dry.
I told the barista, but he told me to go fuck myself.
Anything? That's terrible.
I might be confused, but seems to me there's some drug-related activity going on here tonight.
It's too dark to make out the players, huh? Our guy from BG&E will be here in the morning to put a camera up one of the light poles so we can read the monitor.
You know that lot across the street? The guys are parking their whips there before they go to work.
Good to know.
This is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.
I think it's dinner.
What do you do for dinner? I drink it.
You will too once you see what this job has to offer.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding, but just a little bit.
It's that bad? This is my fourth go-around.
Seattle, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and now here.
In fact, I got to Baltimore before Freddie Gray, with an independent consulting team that was requested by the mayor after the newspaper here revealed a shit-ton of city payouts to brutality victims.
So, that was voluntary.
But after Freddie Gray, the mayor went all-in.
Asked DOJ for a full-bore investigation to support a consent decree.
But the truth is, she didn't have to ask.
After Freddie Gray, we were coming whether she asked or not.
Excess brutality, profiling, selective prosecution.
In a city of 620,000, B.
cops reported over 300,000 pedestrian stops in the last five years.
Right? And of those stops, less than four percent resulted in a citation or an arrest.
We have seven Black males who were each stopped more than 30 times.
Driving while Black.
Walking while Black.
Same damn bullshit.
You seem angry.
Aren't you? Sure.
But I don't make it my everything.
Drive-thru windows, for Christ's sake.
These guys just don't give a fuck.
I think Anderson just got out of his ride.
It looks like him, anyway.
Late model Cherokee.
That's it, there.
Can you make out the plates? - Yeah.
- All right.
I'm not your opponent here, Ms.
No one is.
We began this process with you in good faith, even before Freddie Gray.
And as far as I'm concerned, everything that can be done to turn this thing around needs to happen sooner, not later.
Thank you for that, Ms.
But I asked for this meeting today because I wanted some insight as to why you've asked the police commissioner to resign.
Have you seen the crime stats? Since Freddie Gray, the city is out of control.
Murders, shootings, robberies, everything is way up.
And you blame Commissioner Batts? See, I have the impression that a lot of your rank-and-file officers are quitting on you.
A work slowdown is the new Commissioner's worry as well.
Beginning with Mosby's indictments in the Freddie Gray case, arrests have nosedived.
But you asked why I replaced Commissioner Batts, and the honest truth is that I began to lose faith in him, even before the crime rate exploded.
In fact, I'd date it to the day of Freddie Gray's funeral.
Funeral and the rioting that followed.
- The uprising.
- Uprising.
Pardon me.
Call it what you will.
With the funeral scheduled and the city on edge, I called Commissioner Batts to ask about our preparations.
I reached him on his way to the airport.
He was taking a vacation in Greece.
I had to order him back.
Not that he came back to Baltimore and turned anything around.
By then, I had people in the police department telling me a job action was underway.
And arrests are still way down at this moment, with the crime rate at an all-time high.
They're mad as hell about the state's attorney charging those officers.
Reform has a cost.
It does.
And if it was going to be up to me, I would certainly pay it.
It won't be up to you as Mayor? I've yet to announce this, Ms.
Steele, but I won't be running for reelection.
I'm stepping down.
Wifey's got a kid in the car.
Man, I've seen guys roll up here who look like they work at T.
Rowe Price.
Cars with Hopkins stickers in the windows.
Heroin's cheaper than Oxy.
And we think that's Anderson's jeep? We do, but he rolled out and we don't know when he's coming back.
Well, patience then.
- You think your latest intel is good? - On Anderson? I think so.
I got two C.
s that say he's not using Brill anymore.
He's getting his shit somewhere else.
Oh yeah, there's something else I got.
Last spring, Anderson got pulled up by B.
for selling in the parking lot of Belvedere Towers.
So, city guys roll his car.
They find 300 grams.
That's federal weight.
But he wasn't charged.
What, he talked himself out of it? You gotta trade something good to get out of weight like that.
I like that history.
I like a man who cooperates early and often.
Or, I don't know, maybe Baltimore City just does things different than we do.
Who fucking knows? Who fucking knows? Well, Her Honor's had enough.
After Freddie Gray, I can't blame her.
- But you know what that means? - No.
The politician that asked us to come to Baltimore and fix things won't be the same politician that actually has to do it.
Going down.
- Yeah, Cherokee.
- Tags match.
That's Anderson.
Yeah, this is definitely where he lays his head.
Our man's home early tonight.
Just the girlfriend on the apartment lease? The Cherokee's also in her name.
Let him settle.
All right.
Go, go.
All right.
We're up on him.
You wanna sit and watch a while? No.
Let's get home and see what the tracker gives us tomorrow.
You've been a public defender for how long? - Hi.
I'm almost done.
- Twelve years.
Too long.
- What does D.
want from me? - Give me two minutes? Thank you.
How about a name? If I was gonna look up one problem cop as a prime example of what's gone wrong here in Baltimore, where would I start? Hersl.
Daniel Hersl.
- Where's he stationed? - Eastern District, last I checked.
A collection from only my own cases.
These are some of the people Hersl arrested.
This is what they look like going into the jail van - after Hersl's done arresting them.
- Wow.
Any of these have complaints attached? All of them.
All unsustained.
- Unsustained? - Not a bug.
A feature.
Daniel Hersl.
Pick of the litter.
And it's a big litter.
10-11, meet in the 2700 block of Eager with a citation book.
License and registration.
Holy shit! You know that stop sign at the four-way back there? You know that means stop, right? Not pause.
Not tap the brakes and proceed.
I made a full stop.
What you want me to do, put it in park and sit a while? Funny.
License and registration.
Why don't you step out of the vehicle, sir, so we can get a good look at you? That's Hersl! Give it here.
- You want me to pull my license out first? - Give it here.
Give it here.
No need.
Let's see here.
Let's see what we got.
Come on! All right.
Here it is.
Oh, yeah.
David Baker.
Monument Street.
That's a nice neighborhood.
Congratulations on all your success.
You can go.
In the future, Mr.
Baker, obey the law.
A little less backtalk, okay? Put that in there.
Eager is clear from the incident on Eastern.
Thirty-four, 10-4, ma'am.
We are on And we're up to twenty O.
's in three counties and the city.
Twelve fatal.
That's how I got on Shropshire and Anderson both.
We've also been on Shropshire for a while now, trying to build something.
Given all of the different jurisdictions, we figured we might do better if the task force took it federal.
These overdoses are interesting.
We've got some statutes we could apply in ways the locals can't.
You can definitely tie the heroin to these crews? Testimony of at least four survivors.
- It's all coming out of the city.
- How close are you on it? Shropshire's insulated.
It might take some time.
But Anderson is sloppy.
We've got a tracker on his vehicle, and we're probably a week from writing warrants.
Our boy rolled out.
- Ain't nobody else in that crib, right? - No.
Not that I know.
- Watch our six.
- I got you.
Where's my shit at? Where the fuck's our money at, bitch? Okay! Okay.
What do you want? What do you The fuck is this? Man, what? What's "affaint"? - Affiant.
- Yeah, the I comes before the A.
Oh, my God.
Did you get it wrong just the once, or every fucking time? Shit.
We're gonna be serving this warrant at Christmas.
There it is.
- Got what we came for? - Got what was there.
Bitch was so scared, she damn near pissed herself.
His girl was up in there.
Wasn't expecting her, but she wasn't expecting us neither.
I bet.
I love it.
The warrant was all ready to go.
We were gonna take Anderson's door.
But one hitch.
He suddenly changed his pattern, and the tracker has given us a second location on where he lays his head.
Where? Red Roof Inn.
The one up on Timonium Road, off of 83.
The last couple nights, he started staying there and not the apartment.
- Either another girlfriend - Or a stash house.
So now we write on both locations.
He had eight years of your shit.
Plainclothes, too.
I decided I would That's your lieutenant? He's I.
We're required to have an Internal Affairs supervisor with us on every raid.
We can't kick in a door without bringing one of their guys with us.
That's standard in your county? Yeah.
With him along, no one gets sticky fingers, right? You think they do that in the city? What do you think? I'll see you in my chambers at 11:00.
Judge Moore, I really do appreciate you making the time to meet with me.
Kevin Haughton in the P.
's Office, he said that you might be able to provide some insight.
How can I help? I'm trying to find out about Baltimore officers whose names keep coming up repeatedly in complaints, either excessive force or civil rights violations, and he threw a name at me.
Daniel Hersl.
Hersl's not the only one, but Kevin and I have talked about him before, so He seems to be a multiple offender.
You could say so.
About 50 complaints against him.
That's pretty multiple.
Why is he still on the street? Simply put, Hersl and guys like him, they get out of their cars, and they make arrests.
And that's more than you can say about too many police in this city who are collecting a paycheck.
And it's become a bigger problem since the Freddie Gray indictment.
- The work slowdown.
- Exactly.
So, strangely enough, Hersl has become an asset these days, despite his many faults.
In fact, I've had to throw out several of his arrests on cases in my court.
And he's come damn close to perjuring himself on Fourth Amendment stuff time and again.
Of course, that's not unique to him.
You should get a copy of The List.
- The List? - Yes.
There is a list of about 24 Baltimore Police officers who can no longer testify in court because they have been exposed for on-the-stand perjury.
- That many? - And more being added all the time.
And Hersl's on this list? Not yet, but he should be.
You gonna toss my shit? I ain't even holdin' nothin', Hersl.
Officer Hersl to you, shitbird.
What? Told your ass.
You ain't even had no cause to even stop me.
This here is harassment.
Keep runnin' your gums.
Sick of this shit.
And fuck you.
Fuck me? Yeah? You see that? He put his hands on me.
He touched me.
Turn around.
I said turn the fuck around.
Back the fuck up.
Call the van.
Call the van.
31-17 to dispatch.
10-15 at Lafayette and Bethel.
Back up.
Get back.
Get the fuck back.
Stay back.
What's the charge? - Assaulting a police officer.
- I got him on my phone.
You fucked me up! Y'all got nothin', man.
This is bullshit.
Look, look, I'm canceling that jail wagon.
I'm calling for a fucking ambo.
What the fuck? Throw a Band-Aid on him in Central Booking.
He's all right.
You banged him, Hersl.
Fuck if I'm gonna help you dump him in a jail van bleeding and have Marilyn Mosby indict my ass.
31-17 to dispatch.
22 to Webb.
- Everybody's so fucking sensitive.
- I got my phone.
He's all right.
- There you go.
- Thanks! - Thanks, baby.
- No problem, darling.
Oh, my goodness.
Bro, this is what I'm talking about.
Look at this.
You know what's up.
There's your girl.
- Look at him.
Lover boy.
- Give it to her, yeah.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Good to be the king.
Y'all scored.
Your boy Glen had it right.
Anderson kept it all at his spot in Pikesville.
You heard? You took him off your own self? Nah.
It was me and Glen both.
It was nothing though.
He gone.
He left his girl at the crib though.
She see you? No, she did not see my face, all right? Relax.
Man, he gonna think I sent Twan and Munch to do it.
But I ain't give a good fuck what he think.
That's a broke-ass nigga now.
You cop that Rolex out the deal? Look at that thing shine.
To the winner go the jewels.
Shakespeare and shit.
This nigga don't know.
- Yo, look.
- There she is.
Her name Keisha.
I'm throwing 20s at that, like that.
I own this bar, and have no money by the end of the night.
Wait for my go.
Police! Move in! Go, go, go! - Let's roll.
Where you park? - You parked it.
- Police! Don't move! Don't move! - Shit! Put your hands on the railing! Do it now, put your hands on the railing.
- Hands on top of your head.
- Don't move.
Put 'em on your head! - Right there, Anderson.
- More of this shit.
No, there's nothing here.
- Yeah, no drugs, no money, no guns.
- You're kidding me.
But someone turned this place over, or Anderson cleared it out before he moved.
- Really? Shit.
- And get this.
The door had already been splintered when we put the ram to it.
- That's interesting.
- Yeah.
What about you? We just started our search.
Looks like him and his girl moved out here for keeps.
All their shit is stacked up around the room.
All right.
- And hey - Yep? make sure you get the tracker off of his jeep, okay? - Those things are expensive.
- Got it.
What the What the actual fuck? I told Vanita, "This agency is open to you," because the truth is I'm not afraid of a consent decree.
I policed under a consent decree when I was Assistant Chief down at P.
County, and And that decree helped us restore some trust in the community.
Well, a consent decree is just a piece of paper unless the politicians and the police agencies actually implement change.
Yeah, very true.
Water? Please.
So, let me ask you this.
And I'm fully aware you've only been Police Commissioner for a few months, and I'm not asking you to personally account for all of this.
But how the hell does an officer rack up over 50 civilian complaints of brutality and abuse in one career and remain on the street? - Hersl.
- That name came easy enough.
I first heard it from one of the West Baltimore ministers when I got to town.
In fact, he gave me two names of shady cops, Daniel Hersl and Fabien Laronde.
Hersl, as you point out, is still on the street, but do you know where Laronde is? He's awaiting a trial board and he's off the street.
And he's not charged with anything big, but I've told my I.
people that if the trial board finds against him, he's gone.
So, what's the difference between Laronde and Hersl? Laronde has sustained complaints.
Five, in fact.
So, his jacket has enough that I can say, "Screw the union.
Screw the rank and file.
" "This guy is bad.
This guy goes.
" Hersl has a single sustained complaint.
So, how does Hersl generate so many complaints, year after year, and so little is sustained? And how is it that Laronde, with five sustained complaints, is still on payroll and is still awaiting a trial board? This is the department that I inherited, Miss Steele.
These are the tools I have.
Seven-oh-seven - is that one-six or one-eight? - It's one-six.
Seven-oh-seven-four-one-six, A as in apple, C as in Charlie.
It's on the subpoena that we faxed over to you.
Crazy, man.
If it hadn't felt a little different in my hand, I wouldn't have known.
It was only inches from our tracker.
One jeep, two trackers.
- Crazy.
- Can you spell that for me? - C-L-E-W-E-L-L.
- All right.
All right, thanks.
Appreciate the assistance.
Who the fuck is John L.
Clewell, and why is his tracker on our suspect's Jeep Cherokee? But she got them titties, though.
- Nigga, that's all you care about.
- Stop playing.
I like that ass too.
Women gonna be your downfall.
Look, I like to have the ones I ain't had.
- I bet you do.
- Don't be so critical, my nigga.
- God damn.
- Whatever, nigga.
You - We gonna collect some taxes today? - Hey.
Easy in front of choir boy.
Yo, you come empty-handed? You ain't bring me no sandwich or nothin'? - Fuck you, Gondo.
- Sorry, Detective Clewell.
No sandwich for me today.
Let's go get some guns off the street.
Clewell was a jarhead.
Before he joined B.
His bio says he was a city cop since '09.
Gun Trace Task Force now.
So, they put the tracker on his truck? They were up on Anderson too? If they were, they didn't put anything in the database for deconfliction.
Another thing is this is not a department-issued tracker.
Man, city guys are always on their ass.
A lot of them even buy their own gear.
But I guess we should call them and let them know we have it.
We just popped Anderson.
That's going in the computer, right? Right.
So, if they're up on him, they'll come talk.
When they do, I'll make sure and remember to give that back to Detective Clewell.
I'm also gonna let the feds know.
- Bingo.
No? - Yo, that ain't mine.
There's a dude I gave a ride to for the party last night.
- He must have left it in my car.
- Really? He got a name? - I expect he does, but I don't know it.
- Okay.
Why you pull me over, anyway? Why did we pull him over? Rear license obscured.
- It don't look obscured to me.
- Why you acting brand new? - We good here? - Yeah, I got it.
Hey, Gondo, what's up with that tracker I lent you? - Yeah, what about it? - That shit costs.
Oh, why? You can't afford it, a big timer like you? Whatever.
Just get it back to me, okay? - This man.
- What's up, Sarge? - What we got, the brain trust here? - You lost, Sergeant Allers? - You lost? - No, man.
I mean, I see you guys standing around looking all helpless.
Nobody helpless.
I'm thinking you can use some assistance from your actual supervisor.
What'd you pull? A gun, but no drugs or cash.
- You want some of this? - Ain't know Sarge had them hands, boy.
- Didn't know Sarge have them hands on him.
- Gonna get this two-piece.
Charlie come with that one-two.
All right, ladies, I'm 10-7.
I'mma head on down to Pulaski Highway, get that pit beef.
I'm on the radio if you need me, all right? - All right, Sarge.
- Man, get out of here.
Gondo, pay attention, man.
All units be advised, Sergeant Allers is 10-7 and procuring pit beef.
Hey, yo.
Allers? - He's one of yours now.
- One of ours? He got himself assigned to work with the D.
task force, right? I'm just saying he ain't street police no more, if he ever was.
Yo, I didn't mean any offense.
You feds got some game.
I mean, she got moves.
I'm just sayin' when it come down to the street, we're the ones who got the guns, who brought the drugs.
We were the cops they wanted.
- It's a hell of a rip, Sergeant Jenkins.
- I appreciate that, sir.
In the wake of this seizure, let me ask you if you have any thoughts on the fact that many of our officers have been reluctant to even attempt arrests in the two years since the Freddie Gray indictments? Now, look, D.
, I'm sure you know the deal same as me.
Officers involved in the Freddie Gray arrest, they got the raw deal in that indictment.
But those cases are coming out the right way in court.
Now, I can't think of any reason whatsoever, why would we need to stand down on making arrests, as long as they're the right arrests? But many in the rank and file disagree with you, Sergeant.
Citywide, our arrests are down 60% since the indictments.
I can't speak to that, sir, but I can speak to my unit.
Gun Trace Task Force, our arrests are up over the last eight weeks.
Now look, the numbers don't lie, you compare our stats post-Freddie Gray to before, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.
You don't worry about going out on the street and ending up on someone's viral video, Sergeant Jenkins? Hey, as long as they get my good side.
Ladies and gentlemen, what you see here, this is the result of one raid on one house in Collington Square.
Now, we are the Gun Trace Task Force.
We get guns off the street.
It's what we do.
Now, with a little more personnel, a lot more overtime, there's no telling the effect that we could have reducing the surge of violence in this city.
Tell us about the P.
that got you through that door on that raid? That's a good question, sir.
I've been working with the same C.
over in the Eastern for the last 18 months.
Seven? It may go further.
And the Bureau couldn't have told me any earlier? Of course not, Kev.
You know this.
Tomorrow morning? I heard you on the funding for the plainclothes work and we're gonna do what we can, Wayne.
I know you will, D.
I appreciate you.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
We got a lot of guns on the table today.
I need these officers to report - to the offsite tomorrow.
You tell them.
- I mean, it's a million things.
Tell you what.
You know what I'm saying.
Well, as it happens, Sergeant Jenkins, I.
just called down here and asked if they could see you up on Kirk Avenue at 9:00 a.
Oh, yeah? Doesn't sound like anything you can't handle.
Something about some damage to the rear quarter panel of a department vehicle that you didn't report properly.
A real career-ender.
Thanks, D.
Look at you, Steve.
Getting that good police work in, huh? You know, committing suicide by cigarette.
- You got a date with I.
? - Yeah.
Some nuisance shit.
You know, vehicular.
Can't fuck with Superman.
- What's the word, Charlie? - Hey.
- What's going, fellas? - What's going on, Wayne? You know.
What's going on, hon? You good? Hey, Wayne.
Let's go up to the meeting room.
Man, you looking at my ass? I know you are.
Nigel told me you don't know how to swim.
Is that true? What kind of grown-ass fuckin' man doesn't know how to swim, man? Please tell me that's a bullshit rumor, man.
FBI! FBI! Give me your hands! Hands! Hands! - Hands, hands! - I'm one of you! I'm one of you, man! I'm one of you.
You're not one of us.
It's all good, Commissioner.
Man, get your fucking hands off me.
You're on my fucking arm What's the holdup? Waiting on our S.
The Commissioner wants just a moment.
The rest of them looked away.
Not this motherfucker.
Not for a second.
Do you guys know who I am?
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