We Own This City (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Part Four

I blew off roll call 'cause I got that itch, man.
It's hot up here.
Yo, dawg, I'm feeling this spot.
- Yeah, why's that? - Man, I just I can smell it.
We about to get that work.
Look at this cat right here.
See that? That right there is a drug deal.
It's 11:30 in the morning, man.
How the fuck do you get that? Come on, man.
Fucking make of car.
The backpack he's wearing.
In Baltimore, it's all the PC we need.
Hey, Sean, I like these two cats in the black Acura.
Let's jack these fools.
Let's light them up.
- Show me hands! - Hands! Hands! Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Come on! Let's go, man! Let's go! 17-0-2, be advised.
We're in pursuit of a black Acura travelling at a high speed on Belle.
Headed towards Gwynn Oak.
Wanted on CDS violations.
- 17-0-2, 10-4.
- Motherfucker, you wanna roll? Roll.
- The driver's wanted for CDS.
- Get on the right! Get on the right! - Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - Just take it slow.
See me on the back? - Stay the fuck there! - KGA to 17-0-2, - break off pursuit.
- Shut the fuck - Break this off, motherfucker.
- Do you copy? Careful, bro.
I ain't gonna fucking stop, motherfucker.
I'm right on you now.
Hang on! Hang on! Ah, come Motherfucker! Slow down.
- Show me your hands! - Get out of the car! - Get the fuck out of the car! - Hands! - Hands! - Hands! - Out of the car! Hands! - On the ground! On your belly! Hands behind your back! Why the fuck did you book? - Get up.
Come on.
- Man, we didn't know you were cops.
- You didn't even show us your badge.
- Don't give me that fucking bullshit.
You seen our misery lights.
I don't wanna hear that.
Man, I ain't seen shit! Cross your legs.
- Damn! - 44-51.
- 10-4, 44-51.
- Yeah, I need an ambulance at the corner of Gwynn Oak and Belle Ave.
- You're not gonna find nothing.
- Okay.
Requesting a 10-38 at Belle and Gwynn Oak right away.
Ma'am ma'am, are you hurt? Ma'am ma'am, I need you to try to hold still, okay? There's an ambulance on the way, all right? - Ma'am, I need you to try to breathe.
- Please, Allen - Are you hurt? - wake up! - Okay.
- No, no, no! Fuck! Told you, there's nothing in there.
I don't have that number in the system.
- Please repeat the last four.
- Car's clean! - Bullshit! - 5-4-0-1.
You know these fuckers are dirty.
What'd you do? You toss it out the window? - No.
- What's up? - No.
- 5-4-0-1, running it through the system.
- Fuck! - Why? You got nothing? - No, man.
- 23-12.
23-12, go ahead.
They're clean, there's nothing on 'em.
23-15, copy? Jenks.
They're clean.
There's nothing on 'em.
I'mma call the sergeant.
- Back up.
- Back up.
Baltimore is a poster child for the basic failure to stop lawlessness.
No justice, no peace! I've heard your calls for "no justice, no peace.
" No justice, no peace! Where there's smoke, there's fire.
These officers, they're 1930s-style gangsters.
You said Jenkins was worried, why? There's only a few situations where we're supposed to initiate or continue a high-speed chase.
A narcotics offense ain't one of them.
I mean, we've got helicopters up there that could track a fleeing vehicle without endangering innocent people.
And the old man in the Monte Carlo? He rolled a seven, yeah.
He was pronounced dead at the ER at University.
Baker 10, good morning That's quite a CDR.
Make sure you add it to inventory.
Right on.
This was fatal.
Hey, Sean.
Do me a favor and just go toss the car one more time.
You know? In case we missed something.
Jenkins Jenk! It was on the floor, right under the seat.
Man, you fucking planted that shit! Man, y'all cruddy as hell! Y'all petty as shit.
That's what y'all is.
Get off me, man! Look, you guys know damn well I ain't do that shit! I ain't got nothing to do with that! Man, you fucking planted that shit on me, yo! You tryin' to frame my ass! Hey, how you gonna do me like that knowing I had nothing to do with it? Everyone sees you looking at me.
It was nothing! Detective Ward, do you have any knowledge of the Umar Burley incident that Wayne Jenkins was involved in back in 2010? No, sir.
I wasn't with Wayne then.
Before we go any further, my client, Mr.
Ward, has something to say.
Go ahead.
I just wanna say I was wrong.
I was involved in some bad things.
I knew it was wrong at the time and I know it now.
I'm sorry for what I did.
Not just 'cause I got caught, but sorry for real.
I just want y'all to know that.
Let's move on.
By the time you got together with Jenkins in 2015, he had made sergeant, correct? Yeah, Sergeant Jenkins invited me to a new SES squad.
I was hyped because Jenkins was considered one of the best guys we had in plainclothes.
Nobody warned you about him? The only blowback I got was from this guy I knew from the Western, Sean Suiter, who who works Homicide now.
Suiter said, learn what I could from Jenkins, and get out of the squad.
He said Wayne was involved in some crazy shit.
Sean said they protect Jenkins, and they leave the guys who work for him to the wolves.
- Who's "they"? - The brass.
I should've listened, especially when I heard Jenkins just got off of being in some jackpot over some case of his that went south.
All I know, they took him off the streets for a couple months.
And the complaint came from the State's Attorney's Office.
But you joined the unit anyway? I made a poor decision.
When I was making that list, I might have forgotten a few things.
There were so many.
Pick one.
I can start with this one.
What's BT stand for? Belvedere Towers.
Okay, when did this happen? Spring, 2015.
And who was with you? Jenkins and Taylor.
Yo, we about to get up in that car trunk.
Yeah, that's the fucking jackpot.
Check out those two.
Come on, let's get some.
Dealers were always hangin' around the BT.
It was hot.
Let me see your hands, gentlemen.
What's going on, fellas? Now, look, I am a federal agent.
We are conducting a wiretap.
You are not the targets of our investigation, but we did overhear that there was going to be a drug deal on this lot.
That's why we're here.
Now, we do detect the smell of marijuana.
For that reason, we're gonna have to go ahead and search your vehicle.
Why don't you guys do me a favor, go ahead and take a seat on the curb for me? - Come on, man.
- Yo, I didn't give you permission to search my shit, yo.
- Fuck is you talking about, yo? - Calm down.
- You can't do this.
- I don't think you listening, dumb-dumb, - I don't need a reason.
- I don't know who the fuck you think - you talking to.
You don't know me.
- Tell your boy to calm down.
Cross your legs.
Hands behind your back.
- And quiet.
- You don't know me.
Y'all ain't got nothing better to fucking do, yo.
- Yo, this shit is phony as hell, yo.
- This shit is fucked up.
You don't know what the fuck y'all talking about.
- What is that on your shoe? - Quiet, yo.
- What you talking - Look down.
Don't look up, okay? Just On that wall behind you they've got a security camera.
Just in case we find something in the car and we want to put it in our car.
Don't wanna get caught on camera, okay? So, just pull the car up a little bit and lose the camera.
Can you do that? - Copy.
- My man.
Go and get a donut and coffee.
You You You hungry right now? I know you want that donut, yo.
You need your man's help? Look, he's gonna come up to me real quick.
What's up fellas? You good, my man? Ain't got nothing better to do, I hear you.
You know, you need to be worried about your mother at home.
- Yo, don't worry about it, man.
- You ain't from around here, yo.
They just got you on duty, yo.
That's your little That's your puppet master over there.
- For sure, yeah.
- Damn straight.
Okay, gentlemen, we're gonna cut you loose.
You give their IDs back.
You're gonna get something from us in the mail called a target letter.
Okay? We apologize for the inconvenience.
We hope you guys have a good night.
You guys stay safe.
- Think they got us, yo? - Hell yeah.
All the green.
See you around.
Hell yeah, them thieving bitches got it all.
I fucking hate them, yo.
Where the fuck are we going, yo? Let's go.
Well, I just gotta check to see if there's a GPS tracker in here.
I think we're good.
That's five stacks for you.
Five for you.
Good shit, gentlemen.
What about the rest? Come on, man.
Come on, Sarge.
Gonna buy a crash bar.
- A crash bar? - Crash bar? Yeah.
For the front of my new departmental.
- Aw, hell no.
- For what? For that piece of shit? Hey, don't do that, don't talk shit about my ride, all right? Hey, listen to me, listen to me.
You be smart.
You understand? No fucking banks, all right? Don't pay off fucking credit card bills.
No shit like that.
You just go a little bit at a time.
- Let it trickle out.
You understand? - Got it.
- Yeah, you good? - We got you.
Shut the trunk.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
I think we need to go look at some women.
How 'bout we hit up that Millstream? - That farm to table strip joint? - That's the one.
Hey, Maurice? Man, what the fuck you doing? While we still got teeth in our heads! But I put my share of that money back.
Why? Why would you do that? My wife is a BPD officer and she clean, all right? But, also, I was scared.
We took a whole lot of money and pounds of weed.
I I didn't know who we just jacked up, it could've been DEA, it could've been informants, I didn't know.
Look, I know y'all don't believe me, but I put that money back.
You can put me on the box under oath, you'll see.
Let me see if I understand this.
You were uncomfortable with taking money, or you were uncomfortable with taking that amount of money? That amount.
When I was in district plainclothes, you know, we'd jack up corners and skim a little bit off the dealers.
You know, tax 'em a little bit.
But, man, this was another level.
It was It was too much.
So why take it in the first place? Jenkins was my sergeant.
He told us what to do and we did it.
Nobody bucked him.
We just did what he said.
You gotta understand, he'd been working plainclothes for like ten years at this point.
And he was a damn legend for all the drugs and guns he could put on the table.
He owned them streets.
There's a little more about that night.
If you wanna hear it.
Ain't you done, girl? You smell good for a white girl.
That's my fuckin' shit.
- Holy motherfuckin' shit.
- Oh, my Lord.
- You're on fire, baby.
- That's fire! I don't believe it She's fucking gorgeous.
Holy shit! Okay.
Okay, girl.
Goddamn! Hey, this is the greatest motherfuckin' place on earth.
This is Fuckin' look at her! Hey, hey, hey, listen, listen.
Do me a favor sweetheart, go talk to her.
Get her ass off this stage, tell her to come meet me in a VIP, all right? Yeah, yeah, I got you, boo.
You know I'm gonna come correct.
Fucking stick your fucking hand out like that.
Go get her.
- Fuck you, man.
- Just go fucking get her.
- Oh, she's twerkin'.
- Let me tell you something, I'mma fuck her.
I swear to God.
Mother Yes, I am.
Watch me, I swe Deadass, I'mma fuck her.
Watch me! - Calm your ass down.
- I I swear to God, on my own life, - I'm gonna fuck her.
- Jenkins, fuckin' how? What do you mean, how? I'mma fucking handle my business, baby.
What y'all gon' fucking do? - You don't think I will? - Hell, no! This liquor got you horny.
- That's the problem.
- Here she comes.
What's up, you gorgeous thing? Goddamn, it's an honor to meet you, sweet thing.
- What's goin' on? - I got you.
You're mine.
You's a nasty motherfucker.
- You see how I roll.
- He's deadass.
Hey, put it up there.
Yes, sir.
My man.
Seventy-five percent of that body weight is ass.
- He's doing his thing, man.
- He goin' too hard.
How was your steak, man? Mine was fuckin' slappin'! - Thank you.
Thank you.
- Variety in everything is the spice of life.
Bro, that's some sick shit, bro.
Let your man live.
- What the fuck he about to do with that? - Jenkins is crazy, man, but let him live.
- Bro, that's Bro.
- Why is that sick? You was just saying how she was twerking.
Hey, yo.
Yo, we gotta bounce.
- That was quick.
- Shut the fuck up, man.
When I say we gotta bounce, we gotta bounce.
Yo man, them steaks good? I'll take this motherfucker.
Lemme take the fucking beer too, let's go.
What's going on? Watch the fuck out.
Come on man, let's get the fuck outta here.
Let's go - Come on, we gotta go.
- Come on, come on.
Yo, what the Jenkins, what the fuck did you - Hot damn, man! - Get in the fucking car already.
Let's go! Wayne, man.
We wasn't even in there an hour! Hey, look, man.
All right, look, look.
That little fucking mini-me motherfucker was on top of me for, like, five seconds.
I couldn't fit inside of her.
So I knew that shit wasn't gonna happen, so I just dumped her right on the ground - and I - She put it on you, didn't she? - Nah, man.
- She put it on you, didn't she? - I'll tell you what she didn't do - She put all that ass on him.
Yeah, I'll tell you what happened motherfucker.
Hey, I grabbed her fuckin' money and I bailed the fuck out.
That's what happened.
- You kidding me? - Check this shit out.
Yeah, you fuckin' heard me.
Hey, look.
It's like twice as much as I fucking gave her.
Hee-haw, motherfucker.
- You robbed the midget stripper? - Come on, don't put it like that, man.
- That's not cool.
- Come on.
That's not cool, Sarge.
A midget? Dwarf is the preferred term.
Pardon my language, but that was one fucked-up night.
Detective Ward, besides Suiter, you must've known about Wayne Jenkins even before you joined the SES, his his reputation had to have preceded him.
Yeah, but mostly because of his arrest numbers.
I think I first met him before I joined the squad, around the time he got his stripes, right before he got shipped off to Northeast patrol.
Ain't you something.
Shit, I can't afford this nice-ass car.
How do you afford a car like this, sir? - I work.
- Shit, man.
You got You must have a nice job.
- That's a fancy ass town.
- Come on, Hersl.
Hurry it up.
Look at this motherfucker? - Aye! - Isn't this a beautiful day for justice? - You know what I'm sayin'? - Look at this pretty bitch - in his dark blue ensemble.
- Oh, no.
Three stripes for each arm, each sleeve, man.
You know, I heard it and I did not motherfuckin' believe it.
You better get used to it, motherfucker.
I guess they'll make anybody a sergeant nowadays.
God, it's a beautiful day in America, innit? - Sup, big boy? - Hey! Where you headed, baby? - I'm goin' up to the barn.
Tell you what? - All right, congrats, Wayne.
Y'all come through, man, I appreciate you.
So you're just goin' around showing everybody your pretty new stripes? I gotta do what I gotta do.
Hey, youngster, you wanna come? Hey, you ever seen the Roger Rabbit? Oh, give it to him! - Spin off with it.
- This some bullshit, man.
Hey, look, when you guys get done with this bullshit, come on up.
I bought a case of beer in my own honor.
Oh, all right.
Happy Wayne Jenkins Day, motherfuckers! Looks and sounds like an asshole.
- Okay.
- Champ is here.
What you think, LT? See, this is about the best decision - this department ever made.
- Fucker finally made it.
Tells me how fucked up the department is that they gave you stripes.
All right, so where are they sending ya? The northeast.
Thank you, Charlie.
I can't believe you drink that piss.
What, did you confiscate it off a 16-year-old girl? Ah, man Hey, hey, look, man, that's my super juice.
Northeast, so they probably just got you out there suppressing them kids on dirt bikes, now? Hey, man, I'mma make that money wherever I'm at.
Hey, happy Wayne Jenkins Day, everybody.
Oh, fuck you.
Describe your experience, please, and tell us your juror number.
Four-eighty-six, sir.
Your Honor, I was beaten by police as I was put in a jail van.
And what were you being jailed for? I attended a BLM rally.
Was there violence at that rally? As I said, I was beaten.
Were you combative, sir? I'm a pacifist, Your Honor.
Were the charges against you upheld? No, they were dropped eventually.
From that experience, you feel you could not credit the testimony of the police officers in this case? From that experience, I wouldn't believe a Baltimore officer who'd testify that his mother loved him.
- Is it soup yet? - Hardly.
- You are dismissed, sir.
- We won't have a full jury and panel until tomorrow at best.
- Thank you for your service.
- What's taking so long? Well, what do you think? Now, what about juror number 574? Stand up, sir.
Will you describe your experience for the court, please? Your Honor, I was arrested by Baltimore police.
They picked me up for loitering and disorderly.
Were you loitering, sir? All I was doing was coming from my sister's house.
Police said I was there buying drugs, I wasn't buying drugs.
She just had a baby and I was just bringing her some baby stuff, Your Honor.
Because of that experience, you are sure you could not be an impartial judge of the evidence in this case? Is the evidence coming from Baltimore police? 'Cause if that's the case, I know they ain't gonna have no problem lying.
Sir, can I ask, was this your only experience with a Baltimore police officer falsifying evidence against you or someone in your family? Aside from when I was locked up, they also beat on my son.
Then said he swung on them first.
That was a lie, too.
- Was your son charged in that incident? - For a New York minute.
Once he got down to Eagle Street, they dropped the charges quick, but he still got stitches in his head though.
And they wrote the thing in such a way that when we tried to complain to the police department, they said, "No.
He swung first and needed to get hit.
" The court will strike juror number 574.
You are dismissed, sir.
Please report back to the juror assembly room, and thank you for your service today.
Are there any other jurors who have had prior experiences that would cause them to disregard the testimony of the police officers? Stand up, sir.
Describe your experience, please, and tell us your juror number.
452, here.
How's yours? Let's put it this way.
Chi-town's got Maryland beat on the crab cake front.
Please, tell me something real.
How's this? I've been doin' a deeper dive on that list of officers and detectives that the circuit court trial teams wouldn't put on the stand.
There was a formal list at one point, sent as a complaint to the police department but now it's just something that gets passed around by trial prosecutors.
But get this, the list comes with specifics.
Known histories of false statements or perjury in open court.
Sworn officers? Known perjuries? But here's the amazing thing, they're all supposedly still on the street, doing what they do.
Their arrests just never come to court.
Not if the P.
or evidence - requires their testimony.
- Wow.
What, nobody ordered for me? All right, we're gonna leave you to your lunch.
Come on, Ahmed.
I wanna see a man answer a simple question, and I want you to watch him try.
Motherfucker clocked the rearview for two seconds too long.
Then I seen that shoulder dip.
I'm telling you, there's an art to this shit, K-Stop.
Boss man, I don't know what you're laughin' at.
Fucking string bean-looking motherfucker.
Why does your car smell like that? What do you got? Got a little nine under the driver's seat, about 40 vials of coke in the glovebox.
I can't wait to see what's in this motherfucker's trunk.
Give me one second.
Give me a sec.
What's goin' on, baby? We're at practice and he's saying he doesn't want to play.
He's your son.
Talk to him.
- All right, I'm on my way.
- Okay.
I gotta go, man.
You weren't gonna pop the trunk? Ah, you heard what I said.
This lockup's yours, bud.
- What's the matter? - It's my kid.
You go on and take the collar.
Copy that, Sarge.
- What's goin' on, double trouble? - Oh, man! - How you doin', hon? - Hey, Wayne.
Shit, man.
Look at that uniform.
What are you, Officer Friendly? - Look at that shit, man.
- Hey, man, don't get used to it.
I just got that transfer down to SES.
- Already? - Yes, sir.
Ten months.
Rotated out of plainclothes.
I'm setting a record up in this bitch.
Most of these humps, they do a year, maybe two in patrol when they make sergeant, but hey, not Wayne Jenkins.
Don't forget, takin' tomorrow off.
We're gonna go to casino, we gonna have some fun, man.
We're gonna eat some better shit than this right here, I'll tell you that.
Listen, D, I can't roll with you on that, man.
- The fuck? - Yeah, my oldest, he he's got Peewee football try-outs, and he's he's all spinned out.
He thinks he's not good enough, might not do the league this year.
- What? - Yeah, I don't know, some kid, he rung his bell the other day, and I don't know, it got him all shook.
I mean, I went right home to be with him.
I mean, I'm in the middle of a gun arrest over on Sinclair Lane, Kristy calls me, she says he's spiraling, you know, he needs me.
So I Yeah, I just I left my squad right there, I just hightailed it home to him, and Look, man, he's got a practice on Saturday and I gotta go with him, that's what I'm doin'.
- Well, you're just a good dad, then.
- Yes, I am.
All right, well, great! Listen Donny, let me run something by you.
I don't know, I was just you know thinking about that thing we were talkin' about.
You know, if you wanna talk about it, I'm just sayin'.
You know, we could.
For real.
I ain't bullshitting you, Donny.
I'm I'm the best fuckin' cop in this department, man.
Straight up, man, these motherfuckers, they cannot touch me.
But I gotta listen to their bullshit.
Them ragging on me 'cause I ain't got their kinda fuckin' cash.
I mean, fuck that, man.
Fuck that.
I could offload it for a number upfront.
What, man.
Like, what you thinkin'? Well, you know, I'm mostly into coke, so 15? If that's steady, 15 is good.
- Yeah, steady's good.
- Yeah.
And what about if, you know, if I can get my hands on some other shit? Oh, I'd have to pass that along right now.
But you know, if this works out, there's gonna be plenty upfront, all right? - Shit, man, that's cool too.
- Okay.
This a good time to introduce the other twin tower, Derek Hines, he's joined the prosecution team.
- Nice to meet you all.
- Erika, if you would.
Well, we're getting good stuff on the wiretaps.
And it's becoming increasingly clear there's a real problem in the department's gun-trace task force.
Gondo, Rayam, maybe others.
Supervision there is in flux with their last commander, Sergeant Thomas Allers, having signed on to the DEA task force.
Who's got that unit now? Wayne Jenkins is taking over, he's coming over from SES.
He's got a reputation as a hard charger.
I actually crossed paths with him about three years ago when I was on the safe streets team.
Somewhat of a cowboy, but I don't think he's corrupt.
Erika thought we might advise Jenkins that he's walking into a buzzsaw with Gondo and Rayam.
Something wrong, Scott? No, I I don't know Jenkins personally, but his name has come up a few times.
Especially on a jailhouse call that I listened to about three years ago between our two narcotics targets, Shropshire and Glen Wells.
Not without them coming out and saying it point blank it felt like they knew he was dirty.
We have a transcript of this call? Yeah, it's in our files, and I'll I'll get it to you.
Why don't we let it run? Revisit this in couple weeks.
Makes sense to me.
Thank you.
Why are these cops still on the street? If they can't even testify in a Baltimore courtroom for having perjured themselves already? Between you and me, the history of this thing is tangled up in all the infighting between the State's Attorney's office and the department.
It goes back to Pat Jessamy and Fred Bealefeld being angry as hell at each other and not listening to anything that either one had to say.
When Fred was commissioner, he was furious at Jessamy for dropping cases and refusing prosecutions and Jessamy was critical of the quality of the case work.
They stopped talking.
And so, any list of officers who was unwelcome to testify in circuit court was seen as just another shot fired in that ongoing argument.
So, these cops caught lying remained on the street? They did, and here I am.
- He's honest at least.
- To a point.
He told us what happened when Bealefeld was commissioner.
But that list was still around when Batts was commissioner and it's still around now.
And whether or not the state's attorney charges a criminal case, what's to stop this department from, right now, researching all the false statements and firing every cop caught in a lie? That's a good point.
- How the fuck did you run him over? - Fuck! Hey, don't fucking freeze up on me.
Cut that engine and go look at that lawn.
Go find a gun.
Hey, you trying to win an Academy Award out here, huh? - Over here? - You find anything? No.
- How far can he fucking toss it? - The fuck you run for, dawg? Let me get you an ambulance.
- 10-4, 24-50.
- Yeah, I need an ambulance at the corner of Anntana and Belair Road.
I got a number one male hit by my vehicle.
Also send A.
- Sending a 10-38.
- Fuck.
- Copy, ambo on the way.
- You find that gun? I'm not seeing it.
There's no fucking gun.
Oh, quit being a hump and keep fuckin' looking.
Son of a bitch.
Keith, what's going on, man? Hey, look, I need your help.
I got - I'm in a little bit of jam, all right? - I'm eating.
Hey, fuck your food, okay.
I need a piece.
No, I need it, all right.
I'm I'm on Anntana Road, off Belair.
Just hurry up.
The fucking shift commander just posted.
- Copy, on my way.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- The fuck you do? - Yo, dawg.
I'm chasing this motherfucker.
He runs across the street, he stops, he points a gun right at me.
I had to hit him with the car.
Where's the gun? It's around here somewhere, man.
He fucking pointed right at me.
Let's find this gun.
All right.
Fan out, canvass the area, look for surveillance cameras.
Casey, escort the ambo.
Hey, hey, you check that yard? Nothing over here.
Yo, how about those bushes? Got to recanvass that side.
I got that, let me take a look.
What exactly did you witness? I was responding to a 24-50 on my radio.
I was the S.
for the shift but I got there after the event.
Jenks had already run that boy over.
Fuck, Wayne, Jesus fucking Christ.
It's under the truck up there, all right? Just be cool.
Uniform's gonna find it, all right? - Appreciate it.
- You're all right.
Found evidence.
You might wanna get back up here.
- What kinda evidence do you have? - A firearm.
- Hey, you got a gun, brother? - Just under the rear of the truck.
All right.
All right, hey, hey, everybody stay the fuck back, all right? Let's just We're gonna wait for the crime lab.
- Copy that.
- Yeah.
Good shit.
Keith, man, you saved my ass.
Well, I was in the middle of my goddamn Peruvian chicken dinner, motherfucker, down at the Inner Harbor.
Yeah, well you know I owe you.
You fuckin' A right.
Now that Now that's a good one.
Shit is off the hook.
You know how many jurors we requested at the Judge's court today? A hundred-eighty.
And at the end of the day, we had seven souls empaneled.
The rest I had to strike or wait for the Judge to do it.
- Defense strikes? - Just a few.
Retired cops, sheriff's deputies, and one angry mother whose kid was killed in a street robbery.
Hey, you got seven actual Baltimoreans who are willing to believe police.
Well, this is what it's come to, Sean.
I mean, you guys have locked up and beat on so many people we can't get 12 in a box who are willing to trust what a cop says.
Yeah, see you later.
Following up any complaints that came in on Wayne Jenkins, and I think I might've stumbled into a little bit of ugly.
- What do you have? - Video - of a car stop Jenkins did two years ago.
- And? He searches the car, comes up dry.
He then talks to the defendant for close to 60 minutes, both on a lot and in his undercover car.
Then the tape ran out.
But subsequently, the defendant is charged with possession of seven ounces of cocaine found in his vehicle.
Upon seeing the tape, which outright contradicted Jenkins's signed arrest statement, the prosecutor dropped charges and notified the department's Internal Affairs Division.
Let's take a look.
But it's not on the tape.
Wayne, they're accusing you of lying about finding cocaine in the defendant's car and the seizure's not on the tape.
I must've found the drugs after the camera went off.
Camera goes on, it goes off, that's what they do.
- Wayne - I'll call the prosecutor.
I'll explain everything, I'll make it right.
Well, it wasn't long before the prosecutor got this text message from Jenkins.
It spooked her.
Jenkins complains that she's slandering his good name by calling him a dirty cop.
Then he ends with the following, "This is not a promise, nor is it a threat to you in any way, shape, or form, this is just hurting me and my reputation.
" And how did the department deal with the accusation that Jenkins lied and then allegedly planted drugs? Internal Affairs recommended that Jenkins be demoted, transferred, and suspended for 20 days.
Was he? Detective Ward, early in 2015, Sergeant Jenkins was nearly suspended for falsifying arrest reports.
That punishment was reduced to verbal counseling, and then they put him right back on the street.
Wasn't no way they was gonna throw a shadow on a hero.
I don't follow.
You wanna know what happened to that disciplinary case? Freddie Gray happened.
What's going on, Major? Where is it bad? Where is it worst? Motherfucker.
Is that fucking Danny? Well, look at that shit, man.
Hersl is on TV.
Look at this simple motherfucker.
Danny Hersl takes no man's shit.
I'm gonna tell you right now, it ain't gonna be like that bitch-ass shit we seen in Ferguson.
- Not in Baltimore.
- Signal 13.
Signal 13.
Any available units respond to the entrance at Druid Hill Park to assist injured officers.
- Signal 13.
Signal 13.
- We got fucking officers down.
Fuck this shit.
Hey, let's fucking go.
I'm fucking going, anybody wanna roll with me? - I'll go with you, Jenkins.
- Okay, Ms.
- Let's do it.
- Okay, let's get some then.
Geez, fucking gun belt's too short.
I haven't worn this shit since Ripken was playing.
Sarge, you're gonna have to put me on report, I can't get into these things.
Come on, all you shit-talkers, show us what you got out there.
I am too out of shape for this.
Fuck Freddie Gray.
And fuck the rioters.
What we got? We got shit.
Fuck me.
Could you slow down just a little bit? What the hell is wrong with you? Could you slow down? Come on, Ms.
Ellis, you know I keep it sexy.
- Driving like a bat out of hell.
- Hey, Nicky, you good? Hey, what are you humps doin'? You guys wanna go get into something and help these cats out? Let's go! Hey, my man, we gonna need that van, okay? Here's the deal.
They're gonna hurt us, we gonna hurt them worse.
You understand? That's how it's gon' work today.
- Get out! - Let's go! Let's get into this fight now.
Let's go, load up! Let's go.
Load the fuck up.
Hold on! Jesus! Could you wait till I close the door? Fuck the police! Fuck the police! - Fuck the police! - Fuck the police! Let's get these injured officers into the van.
Hey, you good? - Hey, look.
I got you, I got you.
- You're going home.
You're going home.
- Head's up.
- Let's load these up, all right? Hey, keys in the ignition, we're getting them to the staging area by the zoo.
Open those doors, get them shields out.
No peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! Let's go! Grab your signs, let's go.
No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! Make some space.
No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! They're just pissed.
Every single one of us is going home tonight.
You understand? We're going home, we hold this fuckin' line.
Don't you fucking do it.
Don't you fucking do it.
Don't you fucking do it.
- Go on, man.
Go ahead and throw it.
- Watch what happens.
Come on.
Hold the line! Hold the line! We'll fucking show you.
Motherfucking Stand the fuck back, man.
I see you.
Hold this line.
Stop fuckin' throwing shit.
That's right.
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Come on, then.
Come on then.
- I can't breathe - Do something else! You're going to fuckin' jail, man.
You understand me? You're going to fuckin' jail, man.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
The CVS here at North and Penn was the first to be looted.
Again, this is the scene in Baltimore city where officers in riot gear are still arriving.
Trying to contain the crowd Commissioner Batts, welcome back.
Deputy Davis, I was on my way to the airport when the mayor called.
Followed a smaller group for a few blocks and saw several windows smashed.
Thankfully it appears there isn't a police officer inside Sir? but if there was Hey, major.
Are we gonna do anything about that car? Sean, fuck that car.
At this point, it's better to let them blow off steam.
This is fucking bullshit.
The fuck are we doing here, - watching this shit? - Fuck y'all.
Got chicken.
What's going on, Freddy? You holding all right? What's going on, y'all? Let's eat! The man here just plopped down 600 to feed your faces.
Go on, pass them round.
Don't leave no boxes or crumbs in the car.
Make sure somebody else gets some, I know you like that dark meat, girl.
Come on, pass that out, y'all.
Hey, make sure you guys stay hydrated, all right? Everybody get some water, yeah.
Suck it down.
A few hours ago, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's curfew went into effect across the city.
But the fires still burn.
For West Baltimore activist Danisha, the curfew is not bringing peace - nor quiet.
- You can hear the helicopter - You want backup, Sarge? - Nah, I'm good.
Fucking city has going batshit crazy.
Been chasing alarms all night.
Got a 10-31, B and E in progress at Maryland and Lanvale.
I'mma stay here till this place gets boarded up.
Go and get that.
And stay safe.
Hey! Anyone else in there? Just us.
Hey, drop that shit and get the fuck goin'.
We will fight for Freddie Gray.
All night, all day, we will fight for Freddie Gray.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
All night, all day What's goin' on, man? The fuck's this? Fucking animals were looting a Rite Aid.
We got the entire fuckin' pharmacy there, man.
Tell you what, I don't even know what half that shit is, man.
It's fuckin' oxy, man.
It's worth 20 bucks a pop.
Well, shit, good.
What you want me to say? Fucking good for us.
God damn.
But what the fuck am I gonna do with all this? You'll figure it out.
Let's get breakfast.
Lieutenant Rice, Officer Miller, and Officer Nero illegally arrested Mr.
While each of these officers are presumed innocent until proven guilty, - we have brought the following charges - You believe this fuckin' horseshit? Officer Goodson is being charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder.
- Damn.
- What? Murder? That's extreme.
- Are you fucking kiddin' me? - second-degree negligent assault.
Bro, fucking murder? What the fuck is that? - No fucking way, yo.
No fucking way.
- You phony fucking bitch.
- You phony fucking bitch.
- It's crazy.
She's out here dishin' out fucking charges to these police officers for doin' their job! - That's all they doin'.
- That's all they did! - They did their fuckin' job.
- The fuck else we gonna do? What the fuck is "second degree depraved-heart murder?" Hey, why not charge him with fuckin' mopery if you're makin' bullshit up? I mean, she loadin' up on the charges.
Even if you pin negligence, on the fuckin' wagon there, how the fuck do you come out with second degree murder? - Fuckin' murder.
- It's crazy.
- It makes no fuckin' sense.
- And them guys they charged for makin' the arrest? He ran.
- And they got him with a knife.
- That's what the fuck I'm sayin'.
- That's it - And now this little fuckin' animal, they're gonna make him out to be a fuckin' hero, watch.
That's what they're gonna do, you hear these people cheering for this bullshit? Nobody has a fuckin' idea.
Can you imagine our guys right now? Seein' these charges? You know it's gonna fuck 'em up.
Them motherfuckers ain't gonna wanna work.
I tell you what? Fuck it, I'm goin' out with city-wide email.
I'm doin' it tonight.
I'm goin' to every fuckin' member of this department.
I don't care if you're retired or active.
You fuckin' donate.
You're pitchin' the fuck in.
You don't be selfish.
You don't be judgmental.
You pitch the fuck in.
We're goin' to have an answer for this bullshit.
You wanna help your brothers and sisters in blue? You do it fuckin' now.
We fuckin' answer to this.
Like I said, there's more than one Wayne Jenkins.
- So, what's next? - According to Mr.
Ward's list the robbery on Heathfield Road.
Go ahead.
So, it was Sergeant Jenkins, Taylor, Hendrix, and me, and Sergeant Jenkins is drivin' the wrong way down Jonquil Avenue when he spots this guy, Brown, getting into a mini-van.
Now, Jenkins had this thing about anybody over, like, 18, carrying a bookbag.
He figured they were concealin' drugs or weapons.
Now, this one started off like our usual takedowns, but man, then it just went of the chain.
- Shit, what the fuck, man? - Hands! - Put your hands of the fuckin' wheel.
- Put your hands on the steering wheel.
Put your hands on the fuckin' steering wheel.
- It's all right.
I'm sorry, dude.
- Why you come in so fuckin' hot, man? I wouldn't worry about all that.
You got something on you, player? - Half a key of coke.
- Oh, look.
You a baller, huh? How much money was recovered? Twenty-one-five.
But we only submitted 15 thou.
I think Sergeant Jenkins took 6,500 off the top.
Then what happened? Then Sergeant Jenkins told the two suspects he was a federal agent, just like he did at the BT.
And he told us Stevenson probably had a lot more cash and coke.
so he had dispatch run Stevenson through the watch center, and they came up with an address for the man's house up on Heathfield.
So we tossed the house.
Down in the basement, Jenkins hits the jackpot.
Down here! My man.
When was the last time you seen one of those, huh? Oh, man.
- What you got? - Hey, come look out for yourself.
You just know there's money up in that bitch.
Hella money.
All right, Mo, you stay here.
You two, with me.
- Where you goin'? - We're gonna go get a warrant.
Ain't this some shit.
So they left me to guard the house and they're taking a while, I'm startin' to get nervous.
And I hear females come into the house.
It was Stevenson's wife and her sister.
And I advised them as to what was going on, but the wife started actin' a fool.
So I called Jenkins and he says he'll send Taylor back and I was to call a marked unit.
The uniform arrives, the females, they settle down in the livin' room.
So, this must've gone on for hours.
Yeah, it was like a couple hours before Hendrix and Jenkins finally showed up.
And that's when they brought the prybar and the ram.
That shit popped.
Let's go, let's get it.
Oh, fuck yeah.
Holy shit.
Fuck I tell ya? I told you Reese was a big dog, right? The fuck I say? How much he say was supposed to be in there? Hundred.
Hundred thousand.
That's a lot fuckin' more than a hundred thou.
Bet your ass, all right, let's go.
Let's get it out and count it.
All right, let's go.
Get it all out.
Get it all out on the floor right there.
I'd say there's about 10 Gs in each one of those stacks, that seem right? - Same here.
- Okay, here's what we're gonna do.
You count out ten of those piles, 100,000 dollars, that goes in the safe.
All right? We're gonna shut that shit up.
Everything else goes in the duffle bag.
Okay? Right in that fuckin' duffle bag.
Let's make it happen, let's go.
Come on.
Duffle bag, by the car.
Got ten right here.
All right, let me tell you tell you what we gonna do, okay? In case Stevenson makes a little bitch-ass complaint, we gotta cover our ass, all right? You take out your camera phone.
Okay? We gonna video this whole fuckin' thing.
We gotta make a movie.
You understand? You gonna pry that bitch open again.
Do it the same fuckin' way.
You're gonna hit that bitch and you're gonna pry it.
All right? When it opens, you say, "Oh my God.
Holy shit," all that.
Believe in what the fuck you're saying, all right? I'm gonna be upstairs.
You guys call for me when that shit opens.
You make sure you get everything on camera, you understand? - Everything.
See the whole fuckin' world.
- Yes, Sarge.
- You got it? All right - You got it.
let's go motherfuckers.
Listen, make sure you start at the same time.
What's the shit that movie assholes say? Fuckin' action.
Right? Say, "action" then start.
Don't say "action" on camera.
Where is my husband? Make sure you're on the same fuckin' page.
- Do you have a warrant? - Bro, what the fuck? - Ma'am, could you please listen to him - Are we really about to do this? - Y'all ready? - Yeah, man.
We got to.
All right, back up.
- Come on.
- Come on, let's go.
- You ready? - Yeah.
I think I'm close.
We almost got it open, Sarge.
Oh, my God.
Holy shit.
All right, somebody get a flashlight on it.
- Jesus.
- Back off.
Everybody stay the fuck away and just put a flashlight on it.
Is there more than 5,000 dollars in there? - Yes, sir.
- Okay.
I gotta call the feds.
Any time you get a seizure of over 5,000 dollars, you gotta call the high-intensity drug trafficking area agents.
Excellent work, gentlemen.
Just another seizure by the books.
Sergeant Jenkins gave Hendrix, Taylor, and me twenty thou each, and he kept the rest.
Did he get 20,000? No, it was a lot more.
Did anyone have a problem with him getting more than the rest of you? No, he was Wayne Jenkins.
He was the one who could see something goin' down on the street and put all the pieces together.
I mean, just drivin' down Jonquil Avenue the wrong way, smart.
And from that, we knocked off a big dog.
So what did you do with the money? On my way home, I had time to think.
I parked my car outside my house and I took a walk.
So you want us to believe that you tossed away your 20,000 dollars? Crazy, right? If it wasn't about the money I wanted to get in with these guys.
You know, you don't wanna be black-balled.
You don't want them to think you a snitch.
Right? So And to be truthful, if I thought I could take that money and not get caught, I probably would've kept it.
But I didn't wanna bring that money in my house and jeopardize my family.
Bad outweighed the good.
I'm an idiot.
Last spring, if McDougal and Kilpatrick hadn't flagged it, I was about to warn Jenkins his squad was under investigation.
And I could've fucked up this entire case.
But you didn't.
You don't even fucking wanna know.
Then they came through with that Remember they came through with all that slash day bullshit, right? You know, push to get guns off the street.
We gonna give you a slash day for every gun you get.
That didn't do shit.
I mean, day off, that don't put money in your pocket.
That don't fuckin' incentivize nobody, right? So then the murder rate starts to go crazy again.
Everybody's fucking head gets all fucked up, right? And they finally figured it out.
Let's turn on that overtime speed.
Look, I don't know about you guys, but over in S.
What were we doing? - Putting in work.
- Straight up.
Straight the fuck up.
What are we doing this for, right? - Money.
- That's right.
That's fuckin' right.
Fuck yeah.
How about you just Tell 'em what you did.
You know, last year, base.
Like 72, 73 thou.
Tell 'em what you made on overtime.
You got me beat.
- Oh, shit, I only made 29.
- 'Cause you don't do shit.
Nigga, shut your My base last year was 85 and my overtime was 83.
Yeah, you heard that right.
I don't know if y'all are fuckin' math wizards, but I'll tell you right now, that's 170,000.
That ain't fuckin' bad for a sergeant - doing day work, right? - Hell no.
And now look.
They just handed me the gun-trace taskforce, right? Made my ass citywide, right? Great, and it's awesome, right? But you gotta ask yourself why did they do that? See, these bosses, they think I'm the golden boy.
They think Wayne Jenkins can do no wrong.
I mean, Mosby, she jams these guys up.
What's goin' on in this department right now? There's a work slowdown across the entire fuckin' thing.
But we were out there in the S.
S, we were fuckin' kickin' ass right? - Fucking right.
- We're puttin' in work, gettin' guns.
Commissioner Davis comes up to me and he says, "Well, how do you do it?' "How do you keep your men motivated in an environment like this?" I say, "It's easy, sir.
" "It's just one little word and that word's 'overtime.
'" He said, "Cool.
Keep up the good work, son.
" That's what he said.
Well, you know something? That's exactly what the fuck we gonna do.
We gonna keep up that good work.
So, starting tomorrow, we gonna work eight to four, but we ain't comin' in till two.
- Yeah.
- Shit, I like that.
But when we do come in, we come correct.
We go proactive as a motherfucker.
You understand me? We go, and we come to fuckin' hunt.
We go get those guns, you understand? 'Cause as long as we do that, as long as we produce, as long as we put those numbers up, they don't fucking give a shit about what we do.
We literally can do whatever the fuck we want.
You understand me? We own this city.
We own it.
- Aye, I'm with that shit.
Hit me, nigga.
- Yeah.
- Fuck yeah.
- Dope.
Sounds like you runnin' for something, Jenkins.
He tryna be the mayor or some shit? I'm just sayin'.

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