Weak Hero Class 1 (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I asked you
to stop.
Don't cross the line,
and knock it off.
Who do you think you are?
Me? A guardian angel
who just woke up from a nap.
Unconditional reflex.
If something suddenly shows up,
you unconsciously close your eyes.
It's an instinctive reaction
to a stimulus.
Stop it, you lunatic.
I could punch you for real.
I told you to stop.
Who are you to order me around?
What's going on?
Put that down!
What do you think you're doing?
Darn it.
I was only trying to stop
my classmates from fighting.
I was almost in danger
because of this chair.
I'm so sorry.
Apologize to her.
(Park Ji Hoon)
(Choi Hyun Wook)
(Hong Kyung)
(Lee Yeon)
(Shin Seung Ho)
(Weak Hero Class 1)
(Screenplay and production by Yu Su Min)
(Originated from "Weak Hero"
by Seo Pae Seu and Kim Jin Seok)
(Jungjin Seoul Hospital)
Yes. We just arrived at the hospital.
Yes, I'll try talking her into it.
Don't worry.
I'll get back to you.
What were you trying to do?
Ma'am, please calm down.
I told you to come
with your mom, not alone.
I'm sorry.
I want to see your mother, not an apology.
I don't have a mom.
This boy's unbelievable.
You better prepare yourself.
I'm going to send you
to a juvenile reformatory.
Got it?
Today, he made another boy
put this on my neck.
What is that?
The thing is
What are you saying, you idiot?
Do you have proof?
Do you have proof that I did it?
Do you still not understand the situation?
This is your backpack, right?
You know the school violence committee
isn't the problem.
You'll have to have Yeong Bin
transfer to another school.
If it goes public, things could get
Why don't we just let it slide?
Goodness, son.
Hey, why are you in a mess?
I got hurt during the PE class.
Let me see.
Did you pass out again?
No, I don't do that anymore.
You rascal.
Do you get into fights
with other kids now?
It's fine.
Boys fight as they grow.
I've been through it before.
That's not it.
So, did you get in a punch?
All right, fine. I'll let you rest.
Are you in puberty or what?
Hey, you punk.
See us after school.
You got me off guard yesterday,
you weasel.
You're dead meat today.
I'll just see you now.
That crazy
That son of a gun.
- Are they going to fight?
- What?
- What do we do?
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Goodness.
- Who were they?
- Oh, my.
Hey, hold on.
You two
learn poorly, don't you?
What are you saying?
- What?
- He's approaching them.
He's leaving?
If you're bad at remembering things,
you should review them.
Pavlov's dog study.
You ring a bell.
You feed the dogs.
The dogs drool.
You ring a bell.
Feed the dog.
You feed the dogs.
Ring a bell and stop.
Let's stop, please.
I said,
There were no bruises,
but I bet they were hurting.
Hey, Yeon Si Eun. What happened?
Did you beat them up to a pulp?
He's crazy.
Do you know me?
Are you close to me?
What? Where's everyone else?
I told you not to act up.
What is this?
Get your nose done while you're here.
Who was it?
A kid in my class.
How much will you pay?
How much do you want?
Darn, are you loaded?
I wish I were born rich.
"Help me,"
Say it. "Help me, sir."
Help me,
Hey, what are you doing there?
Maybe we were a married couple
in our past lives.
Where are you off to?
Me? Home.
From cram school?
I'm sorry about yesterday.
That's sudden.
If you're sorry,
treat me to a meal sometime.
I'll be going. See you tomorrow.
I'll take these two.
Do you want some candy?
It's a secret, okay?
(English, Math, Korean language)
(Eunjang High School)
- What?
- It's lunchtime.
I see. Goodness, I'm good.
You wanted me to buy a meal.
What's with your face?
I'm not eating.
I wasn't asking for something big,
but I pay for school food, you see.
Don't eat it if you don't want to.
Thanks for the food.
By the way,
- why do you sleep at school?
- Well
I come straight here
after working part-time.
I might not wake up if I sleep at home.
My grandma told me to get
the attendance award and a diploma
even if I choose not to go to college.
Do you like listening to music?
You have your earphones in all the time
like an arrogant punk.
- It's a hassle.
- What?
It's a hassle if someone talks to me.
That's why I have them on.
You're a weirdo.
Are you talking about yourself?
Hey, why isn't Yeon Si Eun subjected
to a school violence committee?
I heard
that Yeong Bin got caught
using fentanyl, darn it.
- Really?
- Are you serious?
- No way.
- I'm telling you.
They're letting him off to cover it up.
But I'm curious.
Why are they stuck together?
Tell me about it.
It's like they've become best friends.
I hear An Soo Ho is an MMA expert.
He might debut in the AFC or something.
I knew it. His counter was darn cool.
He's so good.
(Add funds)
(6,000 dollars)
(1,000 dollars)
(2,000 dollars)
(Make a bet
3,000 dollars)
(Promissory Note)
Stamp it here, here, and here.
It's a Gucci bag.
(Creditor: Jin Seok Dae,
Debtor: Kim Won Seok)
Oh, it's on. Nice.
When will you wire the money?
- You're late.
- Yes.
Must I be sorry?
They're my kids.
This is my cousin.
A rich punk.
What are you looking at?
You ugly moron.
She's so mean.
She's crazy.
When does he come out?
Yeon Si Eun.
Yeon Si Eun.
You're done with school, right?
Are you off to cram school?
Which cram school do you go to?
I'm planning to go to cram school too.
How is it there? Should I go there too?
You don't have to win my favor.
And I won't accept your apology.
I'm tired.
Let's hurry.
- Goodness!
- What the
That startled me.
What? Is school over?
I feel darn lonely and upset.
No one bothered to wake me up?
You told us not to wake you up.
I did?
Wake me up after ten minutes.
Is this the guy?
Are you kidding me?
You should be ashamed. This is a no.
I need to go to cram school.
I've got nothing against you.
This is just business.
- It's him, right?
- What a pity.
- He's darn strong.
- Be quiet.
- This is crazy.
- It's no joke.
Right, his cousin is notorious
in this neighborhood.
An Soo Ho.
An Soo Ho.
Jeong Yeong Bin dragged Yeon Si Eun away.
Jeong Yeong Bin dragged Yeon Si Eun away.
Help him. You should help him.
You used to do martial arts or something.
I'm not that close to him though.
How close should you be
to help someone then?
Ask the homeroom teacher.
I need to go to my part-time job.
I'll pay you your wage instead.
Twice the amount.
Thank you. Shall we?
Let's go, dear client.
What are you waiting for? Hop on.
Should we go that way?
Go stand watch.
This is darn boring.
What are you, little kids?
Gil Su's calling. Make it quick.
His hands.
Crush that rat's hands.
So he can never even study.
Three on the left.
They need to be taken care of quickly.
Two on the right.
They might respond conditionally.
Deal with them later.
I need to make the first move.
Let's finish this quickly.
What are you doing?
Darn it.
You little
Darn it.
Sorry I underestimated you.
Move over. Let me at him.
You punk.
You little rat.
Darn you.
Hey, grab his hand.
You punk.
You little
You should've known your place,
you stupid moron.
- Gosh.
- Are you okay?
Who's that scum?
Are you okay?
My arm hurts.
This ends here.
Got it?
Hey, get that darn punk.
You darn little
Stay still, punk.
Or you might actually die.
Stay still.
Darn you.
Good job.
Aren't you ashamed to gang up on someone?
If I were you, I'd be humiliated to death.
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
I guess your cousin is embarrassed.
Let's call it a day.
He's leaving.
Hey, Gil Su called.
Let's go.
- You fool.
- Gosh.
You fool.
Jeong Yeong Bin.
Stop it.
I said, stop.
Let's go.
Let me see. You got a big scratch.
Gosh, all that fighting
has made me hungry.
Let's go eat. I know a delicious place.
You have a payment to make.
What are you doing? Hop on.
- I need to go to cram school.
- Oh, come on.
Don't be so cold to your life saviors.
You didn't even thank us.
I said I knew a good place to eat.
- There's no such thing.
- No way.
It's on me, so don't worry.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Hey, you're late.
- Sorry.
- Did you eat?
Not yet. I'll eat later.
It must be hard for you.
I'm late for my part-time work
because of you,
so help out.
Are they your friends?
Hey, mop it cleanly.
You're so meticulous.
Your mom must adore you.
Good boy.
Hey, there's one more box.
Do you have two part-time jobs?
I make deliveries
around three days a week.
I don't do it every day.
Is it tiring?
It's no big deal.
I work at a moving service on weekends.
Do you suddenly have respect for me?
Yes. Hey, finish up with this.
What would you like?
Take your time and tell me.
About the mock exam,
I'm really sorry.
Jeong Yeong Bin threatened me to do it,
but I didn't know what it was.
I know. It's okay.
Darn, I'm hungry.
Is it good to eat it that way?
Isn't it to die for?
It's hot.
Mr. Si Eun, try a wrap.
You've got to stuff your mouth with it
to enjoy the real taste of meat.
No, thanks.
Hey, no one has ever regretted
listening to me.
Open your mouth.
Did you wash your hands?
You're so clueless.
Hands make the food taste better.
It's okay. Open up.
Open your mouth. Come on.
What do you think? Isn't it amazing?
It's really good.
Right? Come often.
- I better.
- Right.
(Father: Where are you?
Didn't you go to cram school?)
(The business is so slow today.)
(I just woke up.)
(You're so handsome
even right after you wake up.)
(Oh Bum Seok, Si Eun, Soo Ho)
(Soo Ho, your barbecue restaurant
is good.)
(Let's go again later.)
(Soo Ho, can you follow
my social media account too?)
You may think
your current job doesn't suit you
after all you went through to get hired.
But don't dwell on it.
As you keep working in the field,
you'll get many chances to earn money.
Especially in this country.
(A new delivery request has arrived.)
Next, let's talk
about an indeterminate equation.
This is the core of high school math.
It's mainly covered in all areas of math.
So let's go over it meticulously today.
All right. An indeterminate equation.
What does it mean?
It's an equation
with more than one solution.
Why is it indeterminate?
There are several solutions,
and it's hard
to say one of them is the answer.
So let's define this mathematically.
When you compare
the numbers of unknowns and formulas,
the number of unknowns should
Hey, you little punk.
Who is it?
(All firms, characters, locations, names,
and events in this work are fictitious.)
(Any resemblance to actual events
or persons is purely coincidental.)
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