Weak Hero Class 1 (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Hey, where's the other?
Is that darn rat coming with the police?
You darn little high schooler.
Hey, hurry and load up the car.
- Did you take the documents?
- Yes, everything.
Hurry and put it in the car.
Hey, hurry.
Get in.
- Hey!
- Come.
Let's go!
(Kim Gil Su)
Gil Su, the battery was dead.
Whatever, darn it.
Where are you?
Hey, everything's over.
Come to Mangu-dong
with Young Yi, that darn wench.
Seong Chan is with me.
You better hurry
before I sell this darn boy off somewhere.
What did he say? What about Seong Chan?
I'll be back. Stay here.
Get a room and stay there for a few days.
Where are you going?
Don't follow me.
What's going on?
I came to the address you gave me.
But no one's here.
Those scums took Soo Ho, didn't they?
Add me on With Map first.
Don't you know what With Map is?
Then download that app first.
The name is With Map.
It's a GPS sharing app,
so follow me with it.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
Make sure you come with the cops.
Or we will die for real.
Seok Dae.
Don't go alone. I'm going with you.
Let's go together.
It'll be fine.
See you.
Why do we have to send
Soo Ho there alone?
What if something bad happens to him?
(Young Yi: Come to Mangu-dong.
I think your friends are there too.)
(Park Ji Hoon)
(Choi Hyun Wook)
(Hong Kyung)
(Lee Yeon)
(Shin Seung Ho)
(Weak Hero Class 1)
(Screenplay and production by Yu Su Min)
(Originated from "Weak Hero"
by Seo Pae Seu and Kim Jin Seok)
I'm so tired of you.
When will you stop following me?
Just shut it.
Soo Ho.
Are you okay?
How did you end up being here?
I got worried
in case something happened to you.
I went to his house,
and then this happened.
Gosh, that's so touching.
- You two.
- Unbelievable.
Shut up, you morons.
How can you say that?
I'm already frustrated from being tied up.
- And smoking is Stay healthy.
- You little
Young Yi.
Just stay put.
Don't act up.
You always tell me not to act up.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault that we got
involved with Gil Su in the first place.
This wouldn't have happened to you
if you hadn't followed me.
Do you have a crush on me?
What are you saying?
I'm the one who made the report.
Are you coming to Mangu-dong?
Come here.
Seok Dae.
Did I upset you in any way?
I fed you and gave you a place to sleep.
I even paid you handsomely.
Have you become a softie
with your crew to take care of?
Beat me up.
I'm just curious.
Just beat me.
Then get beaten up, you idiot.
Gil Su!
Stop it, Gil Su.
You stupid wench. It was you, right?
You caused the mess.
Guys. Get rid of this witch.
Let go!
Get off me, you punks!
Let go!
You scums, let go!
Seong Chan.
Hey, Seong Chan.
You're 14 this year, right?
You stabbed those punks, all right?
Don't be intimidated.
You're too young to go to prison anyway.
It's a concern.
(Young Yi)
Which one should I stab?
Let's take a guess
Let's talk it out.
Shut your trap, all right?
It will sting a little.
Knock it off, you darn piece of trash.
Seok Dae.
Stay put, you punks. Or I'll kill you all.
Let's just fight one-on-one, you scum.
If you lose, you'll chicken out.
Did you take me for a pushover?
Darn you
Let go, you little punk.
Come here, you little
I fed you and gave you shelter.
Stop it before I beat you more, you trash.
Seok Dae, isn't it darn fun?
Let me tell you why you can't beat me.
You're darn soft-hearted, you idiot
- Why that
- That witch smashed his head.
Knock it off, you all!
- You darn wench.
- Don't move, jerks.
Get Seok Dae.
Don't move.
I told you not to move!
Hold on.
Hold on. I'm bleeding.
You darn little witch.
Die, you darn thing.
Seok Dae has changed since he met you.
You darn
Gil Su!
I thought you were darn weak.
But you're actually gutsy.
It's over. The police are coming.
They will search your car
down the hill too.
Darn it.
Are you okay?
Si Eun, what happened?
I'm sorry I'm late.
Untie us. We almost got killed.
Easy, my arms hurt.
Let's hurry and leave this place.
I'll never go to an amusement park again.
- Why are they back?
- Darn it.
Hey, you're pretty smart.
You jerks
are making a fool out of me.
Get those morons. Get them!
Did you have to fool us too?
You little
Young Yi, let's go.
We must go now.
The cops are here.
- What?
- Why?
- Hurry and go.
- Why?
- You little
- You rat.
Darn you.
Hey, move.
Did you think
I wouldn't use a knife against a kid?
So, you should've just listened
when I told you
to give money and get lost.
Don't you agree?
Raise your hands and freeze.
Respond, 220. This is 43.
Regarding report number 2917
- You're lucky today.
- It's an assault case.
- But I'll kill you all next time.
- Respond, 220.
This is 43.
Regarding report number 2917
There must be a misunderstanding.
This is a real gun.
Yes, I know.
We played soccer together the other day
Don't move.
Yeon Si Eun, where are you going?
Oh, gosh.
This is darn annoying.
Hey, why did you follow me?
That idiot.
You've got to be kidding me.
Darn you.
How should I stab you?
This won't do. You need a beating.
Why are you all messing with me today?
Darn you little
Fine, bring it on.
- You're pretty good.
- How slow.
You little
- Geez.
- Hey!
Hey, are you insane?
You shouldn't have gone after him alone.
You came.
Are you kidding me?
You're a total weirdo. You know that?
Talk about yourself.
You always talk back.
If I were you, I'd just submit.
You weirdo.
Seok Dae.
What are you doing?
- Go without me.
- Don't be ridiculous, and come out.
Just listen to me, darn it!
Go. You're innocent in this.
- Let's go.
- Hey.
- Come on.
- Hey! Darn it.
This is so annoying! Hey, Jeon Seok Dae!
- Goodness!
- Kid.
Put your hands up.
Your hands.
Let go!
- It hurts.
- Darn, I told you!
- Stop messing with me!
- Be quiet.
What? I asked you to do this.
- Let go!
- This is embarrassing.
Hey, you punk.
Wait until we get released.
What's going on?
I'd rather not see you anymore, you punk.
Ox knee soup.
I'm starving.
I want ox knee soup.
What are you, a glutton?
The thought of ox knee soup
grazed my mind,
and I just couldn't let it slide.
With radish kimchi You know, right?
You guys are here.
What on earth? You're alive.
I thought you were dead.
After you two went after him,
I looked for Si Eun's phone.
It took some time to find it.
The screen cracked a little.
Yeon Si Eun?
Come to the police station with me.
I need your statement.
You too.
(Seoul Seocho Police Station)
- Let go!
- This is darn annoying.
My wrists are about to break!
I'm sorry.
You were right.
Soo Ho got hurt because of me.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
You were late because I took a taxi alone.
Let me apologize too.
I talked to the police chief.
They will keep it
from your school and families.
You two have nothing to do with this case.
Don't let your family know, Si Eun.
You can go home now.
Kim Gil Su is to blame,
but the others are innocent.
He threatened and exploited them.
I'd appreciate it
if you showed mercy on them.
All right. Goodbye.
Did you keep it from my father?
We should get going too.
I asked you to keep it from him.
Let's go.
Hey, weirdo.
Let's eat together once.
You guys just love to eat, don't you?
What are you doing?
What about Seok Dae?
He's being investigated.
He will be all right.
What about the others?
I don't know. I can't reach them.
The youngest went home.
What about you?
Hey, what are you doing?
The assemblyman wants you to do
just the same as he did to you.
Hey, we're in a police station.
- You'll beat me up here?
- It's okay. Beat him.
But I'm all right.
You morons are unbelievable.
Stay still, and don't move.
Watch me.
One, two.
One, two.
It hurts.
Think of it as punching a sandbag.
Okay, punch me.
Hey, Maltese.
Come at me like your friends did.
You're not their friend, right?
You're their minion.
You're darn too weak
compared to those rats.
Okay, you punk.
Hey, beat me.
Beat me!
Go ahead. Beat me!
Well, she wants to apologize.
She doesn't sound at all
like she's here to apologize.
What a weirdo.
How did it go?
I'm not sure if this is a good thing,
but Bum Seok's father covered it up.
We're no longer part of the case.
Kim Gil Su got arrested though.
Is his father a chairman or something?
His secretary or whatever came
and offered to pay for my hospital bill.
I declined, but maybe
I should've just said okay.
He's Assemblyman Oh Jin Won.
When can you be discharged?
It's just a slight fracture,
so I can be discharged tomorrow.
Then can I sleep over here today?
As you please.
You were so cool back there.
I know I am.
I got goosebumps.
"Hey, you son of a gun!"
"Knock it off, you all."
Stop impersonating me.
Did you fall in love with me?
Knock it off.
Too bad. I belong to Si Eun.
- You guys are going out?
- We obviously aren't.
We obviously are.
We even share each other's locations.
That's just a core function of that app.
You two look great together.
Just go out with each other.
Knock it off.
I hate you.
What's that?
What is it?
You craved it.
But eating at night
could make me gain weight!
It's late at night.
You're so inconsiderate.
But since you got it for me
Hey, this looks so good.
What's with this emotion?
I'm getting goosebumps.
What's your deal?
- What?
- I mean, you
You're so warm-hearted.
Your eyes, how you behave,
how you speak,
and your face.
It feels awfully strange.
Eat up.
You should eat some too.
Are you psychic or what?
Before being an assemblyman,
I'm an adult
and a father myself.
So of course, I'm very interested
in policies regarding teenagers.
What are you waiting for?
I don't know why I took you in.
You are
You know that, right?
(All firms, characters, locations, names,
and events in this work are fictitious.)
(Any resemblance to actual events
or persons is purely coincidental.)
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