Weak Hero Class 1 (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

What you told me earlier.
Will you explain it again?
There's a guy named Oh Bum Seok.
Oh, he goes to Byeoksan High.
- Oh Bum Seok?
- Yes.
He called me over to a cafe.
- He wasn't alone there.
- Hey.
Are you okay?
Are you okay, kid?
Where are the other students?
I was alone.
It's okay, kid. You can be honest with us.
Don't worry.
I was alone.
What are you doing?
Don't tell Soo Ho
what happened today.
Hey, Yeon Si Eun.
Si Eun!
Bum Seok.
Stop it now.
Don't mess with Soo Ho.
(Park Ji Hoon)
(Choi Hyun Wook)
(Hong Kyung)
(Lee Yeon)
(Shin Seung Ho)
(Weak Hero Class 1)
(Screenplay and production by Yu Su Min)
(Originated from "Weak Hero"
by Seo Pae Seu and Kim Jin Seok)
(Triple or Double Digit Division)
I'm just asking what you were doing
when our boy got hurt.
Is it that wrong to ask?
You aren't the only one busy.
Do you think I just kill time at home
while you're off to trainings and games?
You wanted us to do this together.
You wanted us to raise him together.
- You wanted us to have this child.
- I was clueless then.
I thought he'd grow up on his own
without getting sick all the time.
Si Eun.
Si Eun.
Si Eun, open the door
and talk to your daddy.
Si Eun, please open the door.
Si Eun, open the door. Let's talk.
Yeon Si Eun.
We weren't fighting.
We were just having a talk.
Si Eun.
Yeon Si Eun.
Si Eun.
Si Eun.
It's okay, so tell me the truth.
When you came home in a mess,
was it because of them?
I tripped on the stairs. It's true.
Be honest with me.
Why did you go there?
For no reason.
As soon as you get discharged,
I'll have you transfer.
- That's decided.
- I don't want to.
What? You
What's wrong with you, brat?
Why wouldn't you listen to me
when I'm struggling to raise you?
I've been wondering,
but since when were you
so interested in me?
Mr. Bum Seok is at home.
- How did it go?
- I talked to the Seocho police
and the principal of his school myself.
Madam is on Jeju Island,
so stay there and watch him.
We don't know what he will do.
And find a school in the Philippines.
We'll send him abroad to study.
Yes, sir.
How did you know?
Mr. Park told me that you'd be in there.
No, about yesterday.
The police called.
Yeon Si Eun?
That student wanted to let it slide.
He said you two were friends.
What did they demand as they protested?
That's the important part.
Hey, wake him up.
- Wake up.
- An Soo Ho.
Where did we leave off last time?
Why wouldn't you answer?
Class president,
which page did we leave off?
The Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876
on page 100, ma'am.
I see. Then
Turn to page 109.
Let's talk
about the Donghak Peasant Revolution.
All right, the Donghak Peasant Revolution.
In order to understand
the Donghak Peasant Revolution
(An Soo Ho)
(Something came up in my family,
so I can't go to school for some time.)
Why didn't you come home last night?
You ignored all my calls too.
I thought you were done
with the birthday prank.
Are you still doing it?
Stop it. It's not fun.
It's not a prank.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
(1 day until the finals)
- Hey!
- Geez.
- Let's go smoke.
- Darn.
Why isn't Oh Bum Seok coming to school?
- I don't know.
- Didn't you try calling him?
You guys are close.
His phone was off. Do you know anything?
If you reach him,
tell him to pay for the repair fee.
What repair fee?
It cost 800 dollars for the repair.
If you don't pay me back,
I'll kill you all.
Where's your answer?
(Incoming call: Jeong Chan)
(Incoming call: Jeong Chan)
The person you have called
cannot be reached.
Darn, Bum Seok. Answer the phone!
We've got to get An Soo Ho.
Why isn't Yeon Si Eun coming to school?
What if he's dead?
Yeong Bin went overboard that day.
Stop overacting.
If he'd died, our teacher would've
told us to go to his funeral.
Oh Bum Seok called you,
but you didn't answer,
so he brought that girl
to lure you out.
The girl who lives with you.
But Yeon Si Eun showed up instead of you.
- So?
- So,
Oh Bum Seok paid Yeong Bin's friend.
In exchange for beating you up.
Oh Bum Seok did it all.
We were only with him.
What are you doing here?
Which hospital is Si Eun at?
He got discharged today.
I'm sorry it happened because of me.
Si Eun wanted to keep it from you
no matter what.
Don't cause trouble.
Who is it?
What is it?
What is what? I'm thirsty.
Give me some water.
Have you been well?
- What brought you here?
- I'm just
stopping by on my way somewhere.
Are you okay?
What do you mean?
You'll come to school tomorrow
to take the finals, right?
Yes, I should.
I see.
See you tomorrow.
- Is he in his room?
- Yes, sir.
You crazy moron.
You piece of vermin.
I told you not to put me to shame.
What's your problem? What is it?
Darn you little rat.
I told you to listen to me
and behave as you're told
without showing your presence.
Is it hard?
You annoying little idiot.
Goodness, you stupid little
Go study abroad.
Whether you do drugs or die,
suit yourself.
Just don't tell others that you're my son.
Get it?
Keep a close eye on him.
I never asked you to raise me.
Mr. Bum Seok.
Get off me.
- Where shall I take you?
- Please start driving first.
(Missed Calls)
(Jeong Chan, Soo Ho, Tae Hoon)
(Messages from Soo Ho)
(Answer your phone.
Before I kill all your friends.)
Hey, wait.
bring Oh Bum Seok over.
I don't know where he is.
I can't reach him. I swear.
Then you should go through the same.
(Bum Seok)
Where are you?
Answer me, you weasel.
Oh Bum Seok.
Stop hiding.
(Oh Bum Seok)
What's up?
Let's get An Soo Ho.
I'll pay you.
(Traditional boxing, Teenagers,
Professionals, Customized Teaching)
Have you talked to Soo Ho?
Yes, he came to my house earlier today.
Soo Ho found out about that day.
He didn't come to work part-time,
and he wouldn't answer his phone.
Didn't he tell you anything?
He couldn't have
gone to meet Oh Bum Seok, could he?
I'll try to reach him.
Are you filming a movie or something?
Lunatics. What are you doing?
Where's Oh Bum Seok?
It's been a while.
You should've taken it out on me
instead of messing with innocent kids.
They did nothing wrong.
I'm sorry
for upsetting you.
I apologized,
so you should apologize
to Si Eun and Young Yi too.
I don't want to.
I have nothing to apologize for.
I said no.
Then get a beating
until you come to your senses.
An Soo Ho.
Come up here.
Did you really agree to pay this jerk?
Just to get me?
I feel bad for you.
Wait a bit. Let me warm up.
You must've kept exercising.
Others might think you're a pro.
Don't you remember
that I beat you up to a pulp?
Come up.
You've waited so long, guys.
I once mentioned my huge defeat
in middle school.
Today, I'm going to take revenge on him
through an official match.
Wish me luck.
Let's go.
Let's make this an exciting match.
Please. Woo Young, please win.
- You're our only hope.
- What a joke.
Darn. That was so close.
It's the left side, right? Your past
So what if it is?
Come on, Woo Young. Get your revenge!
Use your feet. There you go.
- Okay.
- Good job.
- Hey.
- Come on.
You got lucky.
Darn you.
- Woo Young!
- Do it!
- Nice!
- Good job.
Beat him up!
What the
Hey, An Soo Ho!
We're doomed.
You son of a gun.
- Gosh, that little
- That was crazy.
Hey, how dare you pity me?
Tell me.
Say it again.
Who are you to
give me that look
and ignore me all the time?
Please come to your senses.
Stop blaming others, Bum Seok.
Darn, stop calling my name!
You darn jerk.
Darn, let's join him.
- You little
- Die.
You darn punk.
Darn you little
You jerk.
- You darn jerk.
- Get this.
- You scum.
- How about this, you idiot?
You son of a gun.
You scumbag.
Mr. Bum Seok.
Oh Bum Seok!
Let's go.
Don't touch me.
Let go!
Get off me, you jerk.
Hey, An Soo Ho.
An Soo Ho.
- Hey, this jerk isn't breathing.
- What?
An Soo Ho.
Darn it.
You two are the last ones who hit him.
If you run now,
things will become more complicated.
I'll take care of it for you, so stay put.
Soo Ho.
Soo Ho.
Soo Ho.
Soo Ho, look at me.
Let's go.
- Soo Ho.
- Enough.
Mr. Bum Seok.
Hurry up and drag him out.
What do we do about Soo Ho?
What do we do?
Si Eun.
Did you find Soo Ho?
He's not here.
And he still wouldn't answer his phone.
Just where is he?
(All firms, characters, locations, names,
and events in this work are fictitious.)
(Any resemblance to actual events
or persons is purely coincidental.)
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