Welcome to Eden (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Trip of Your Life

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [unsettling, rhythmic music playing.]
[wind whistling.]
[girl, echoing.]
Hello? Judith? Judith! Where are you, dude? Judith! [sighs.]
- [music building.]
- [waves crashing.]
Where the hell is everyone? [soothing music playing.]
[background sounds fade.]
[sound distorts.]
[girl, yelling.]
Judith? - [soothing music swells.]
- [girl.]
Judith, where are you? [dramatic sting.]
[music fades.]
2 DAYS EARLIER [computers whirring.]
[tense music playing.]
[rapid typing.]
FOLLOWERS, FOLLOWING [computer chimes.]
[tense music building.]
[music fades.]
[mouse clicks, echoes.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
- [hip-hop playing on headphones.]
- [panting.]
Hey, girl! - [keys clatter.]
- [woman on phone.]
Please tell your sister.
Wait, she's here.
I'll pass you to her.
What's up? - Why didn't you answer me? - Just a sec.
It's Mom.
You wanna talk to her? [sighs.]
Gabi, I told you not to answer her calls.
Mom, she can't speak now.
She'll call you later.
[hip-hop continues on headphones.]
- [girl sighs.]
- [cell phone chimes.]
[phone unlocks.]
ARE YOU HAPPY? - [typing.]
- [cell phone chimes.]
WHO IS THIS? [rapid typing.]
ARE YOU HAPPY? [typing.]
[cell phone chimes.]
[energetic music playing on cell phone.]
- [Zoa chuckles softly.]
- Satisfied? - [assistant.]
I am.
But it was hard to get 100 of them this time.
That's because we demand more each time.
They're in for a surprise.
- ["Edén" playing.]
- I'm locked ♪ Locked in a perfect cage ♪ Askin' myself again ♪ Is this how it's gonna end? ♪ This fuckin' game ♪ To me ♪ Life is only really about two things Put in work and shutting your mouth ♪ I see lot of talk, little action ♪ But not from our side No, we always get it crackin' ♪ Big-boss babes Snap my fingers, make it ♪ - Boo! [laughing.]
- [gasps.]
Shit! You scared me, girl.
Damn! Hey, we're goin' to an island.
It's gonna be a blast.
How are we gonna explain that I invited you? The contract was clear.
Ah, you know how many fucks I give about that contract? Zero, dude.
Girl, you're always so paranoid.
Let's go to paradise.
Let's do it.
- Hey ♪ - [song fades.]
- [crickets chirping.]
- [train whistle blows in distance.]
[dog barking.]
Hey, are you sure it's here? Fuck.
Hey, look at that guy.
He looks as lost as us.
- Hey! [laughs.]
- [Zoa.]
Judith, get back here.
- Hey, get back here.
- [Judith.]
Zoa, get your ass over here.
- Hi.
- [Zoa.]
Oh my God.
- Are you going to the party at Eden? - Yeah.
Are you? - [Judith.]
Us too.
- I'm Aldo.
- Judith.
- Nice to meet you.
- [both kiss twice.]
- And this is my friend Zoa.
- Your friend Zoa.
Nice to meet you.
- You too.
[both kiss twice.]
You girls are lucky.
I wanted to come with a friend.
But my contract said I couldn't.
It wasn't allowed.
You signed one too, right? - Yeah, sure.
We did.
- The both of us.
Of course.
- [drone whirring.]
- [Zoa.]
What's that? [Judith.]
What the fuck? - Look.
- Check it out.
- Hey.
- [Judith.]
Dude! - [Aldo.]
There we go.
There it is.
- [Judith.]
I'm gettin' dizzy.
- [laughs.]
- [Aldo.]
What the fuck? I guess it's that way, no? [soothing music playing.]
- [whirring fades.]
- Whoa.
Fuck me.
[classical music playing inside.]
I hear music.
Dude, I think we should knock.
Yeah, right.
You're gonna break the door down.
- [bottles clatter.]
- [Judith chuckles.]
[cat yowls in distance.]
There's no one here.
[Zoa gasps.]
[door creaks open.]
[Aldo, quietly.]
What the fuck? [Zoa exhales.]
Um Eden? - [indistinct chatter.]
- [classical music playing over speakers.]
This place really gives me the creeps.
What can they do? Dismember us? Take our kidneys? They can have both of mine if they get me shitfaced.
- [Zoa.]
- [Zoa and Judith laugh.]
Hey, do you know when we're leaving for the island? No idea.
And have you asked any of the organizers? - Yeah, but they won't say anything.
- Oh wow.
What a shit show, huh? At least they could put some decent music on, right? I mean, wake up the place! It's a prelude by Chopin.
Ah, okay.
I'm sorry, man, okay? [chuckles.]
Well, it was nice to meet you, uh [mispronouncing.]
- Anyway - [song stops.]
- [guests murmuring.]
- [guy 1.]
Hey! [guy 2.]
Whoa! [girl.]
What's that? ["Pepas" blasting.]
No! I can't even handle this! [guy.]
Whoo! [guests shouting excitedly.]
[guests chanting.]
[Judith and Zoa laughing.]
[all chanting and laughing.]
Hey! Stop, wait! - [brakes screech.]
- [all yell.]
- [passengers groan.]
- [brakes hiss.]
- [driver.]
Name? - [Charly.]
Okay, go ahead.
- [guy 3.]
What's going on? - [guy 4.]
You see him? What? What's up, guys? [guy 5.]
What? This is fucking lit! - [passengers cheer.]
- Come on! ["Pepas" continues playing.]
[passengers cheering.]
[horn beeping, distorted.]
- [all cheer.]
- Yeah! - [slurring.]
I'm so fucked up.
- We are.
[both laugh.]
[song fades.]
[waves crashing outside.]
[passengers chattering.]
[Charly laughs.]
- [gulls calling.]
- [Judith gasps.]
[waves crashing.]
- This is so cool.
It's amazing! - [Zoa.]
Yeah, I don't know.
Make sure you're not carrying metal.
Leave your things, and then we'll return them at your destination.
- [beeps.]
- [man.]
- [tablet chimes.]
- [metal detector beeps.]
No phones.
I'm África.
Well, the public knows me as Afrilux.
[club music thumping.]
[África exhales.]
[camera shutters clicking.]
[fans cheering.]
[crowd roars.]
I know who you are.
Well, then you also know I have millions of followers, okay? I get that our phones aren't allowed.
But seriously, you guys are gonna have to make an exception for me.
No exceptions, África.
Don't you get that if I post anything about this event, you're gonna blow up? [man.]
We don't want publicity.
[África scoffs.]
I don't get it.
Isn't the idea to promote a drink? [man.]
We have our own cameras.
Your call, then.
Go ahead.
[metal detector buzzes.]
One more time.
[metal detector buzzes.]
- [metal detector buzzes.]
- [man.]
Why? It's the boots, guys.
Lift up your arms.
[wand buzzing and beeping.]
[wand buzzing rapidly.]
[buzzing stops.]
[wand buzzing rapidly.]
- [man.]
Okay, you can go now.
- [under breath.]
Go ahead.
- [tablet beeps.]
- [man.]
You're not invited to Eden.
Of course I am.
What are you saying? Try it again.
Those things fail all the time.
[tablet beeps.]
Please leave.
- Next.
- If she's not going, I'm not going.
You breached your contract, Zoa.
Wait here.
[gentle music playing.]
Well, no worries.
We had to try, right? - That's it.
- No.
It's okay.
- We'll just go home.
- Nah, I'll go back, but you? You stay here and have fun.
We both know you need it.
This time is different, sweetheart.
And my doctor discharged me because there's no risk of relapse.
If this is about money, please don't ask me.
Dad doesn't like it.
He's never there.
He doesn't have to find out.
Three hundred euros is enough.
Okay, I'll send it, but this is seriously the last time.
[phone locks.]
Ashamed you have a sick mother? - Are you for real? I know you do drugs.
- No, I don't.
The other night when you got home, you were fucked up.
To be able to deal with you.
You spend all day waiting for me to take care of you.
Then don't take care of me if it's so annoying.
What's annoying is that you're 15 and you act like you're five.
- You're a baby.
- Hey, hey! [Zoa sighs.]
- What am I supposed to do without you? - What? Everything! Live it up, party, tell me all about it later.
- I'll wait for you at home with Gabi.
- No.
Come here.
Your friend can board.
- Yeah, man! Yeah! - Oh my God! - [both laughing.]
- [Judith.]
Yay! Fuck yeah! [Zoa and Judith laughing and speaking indistinctly.]
[peaceful music playing.]
[man on speaker.]
You are the ones chosen by Eden to enjoy this immersive experience.
So we ask that you leave all your worries behind on land.
[feedback squeals.]
All that matters is here and now.
The trip of your lives is about to start now! - [passengers cheer.]
- [club music blasting.]
[breeze blowing.]
- [sounds fade.]
- [peaceful music swells.]
[club music continues, muffled.]
- [glasses clink.]
- [passengers cheer.]
[peaceful music fades.]
[wind whistling.]
[computer beeps.]
[computer chimes.]
Go on.
Okay, that's enough.
- Is the team ready? - [assistant.]
Yes, everyone's in position.
- Even Fran.
- [woman.]
Fran? No more of his mistakes.
This is his last chance.
We know, Astrid.
The team should receive our shortlist of candidates.
Have their behavior monitored after they've had the drink.
Copy that.
From there, we'll choose five of them to join us for our last trip together.
- [monitor chimes.]
- [assistant.]
What about the others? [Astrid.]
The others? They can enjoy the party.
- [cheering upstairs.]
- [soothing music playing.]
[banging on deck.]
Zoa, wake up.
Get up.
- Come on, get up! - What? Something's going on upstairs.
C'mon, let's go.
Come on.
Wow, I'm dizzy.
[both chuckle.]
[passengers cheering.]
- [Judith.]
Hurry up! Come on! - [Zoa.]
Yeah? - Are we there? - [Judith.]
C'mon, hurry! Let's go! [passengers cheering and shouting.]
[both gasp.]
[both chuckle.]
[passengers continue cheering.]
[soothing music swells.]
[passengers clamoring excitedly.]
[gentle breeze blowing.]
[Judith exclaims.]
Can you help me? I'm gonna fall.
Thank you.
This way, please.
- This way.
- Hello.
[wand buzzes.]
[wand beeps.]
You're good.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- [woman.]
Right here.
Wrist, please.
- Hello.
- [woman.]
You're good.
- [Zoa.]
Perfect, thanks.
- [guy.]
- Excuse me.
Mine's not on.
- That's okay.
- But can I just get another one? I said it's okay.
Keep moving, please.
This way, please.
- [Charly.]
Whoo! - [guy.]
- Thanks.
Left wrist.
Thank you.
Right here.
[wristband chimes.]
- [woman.]
Left wrist.
- Hi.
- [wristband chimes.]
- [woman.]
- The left? - [woman.]
- [Chopin.]
- Thanks.
[wristband chimes.]
- ["The Supra Star System" playing.]
- Be right ♪ Take it a while ♪ - [excited chatter.]
- Even know what you're running from ♪ Be right ♪ Take it a while ♪ Even know what you're running from ♪ [both.]
Two shots, please! - [both laugh.]
- The strongest you got.
Even know what you're running from ♪ Be right ♪ Take it a while ♪ - [camera shutter clicks.]
- Even know what you're running from ♪ You look hot, mama! Like, hella hot! [both laugh.]
- Cheers, babe.
- Cheers.
[shutter clicks.]
[somber music playing.]
Just how you like it.
Under the table and in fifties.
[cell phone chimes.]
África, you're a star.
We shoot the commercial tomorrow.
The music video on Thursday and Friday.
And we have another gig on Saturday.
Saturday, I won't be around.
["The Supra Star System" continues.]
[shutter clicking.]
Listen, before we split up or something, you know that you're my best friend, right? You're the greatest person ever, and I love you.
Why are you saying this? 'Cause in a minute, you'll think I'm saying it because I'm drunk, but I mean it.
- I love you.
- I do too, babe.
- One sec.
- [Zoa.]
Huh? Even know what you're running from ♪ Be right ♪ Take it a while ♪ Even know what you're running from ♪ - [song fades.]
- [birds calling.]
Any Afrilux fans here tonight? [crowd.]
Yeah! Well, then, get ready! [crowd cheers.]
- ["Colorblind" playing.]
- Why are you lookin' at me like that? ♪ You know I'm not perfect ♪ Don't try to color me with my past ♪ 'Cause nobody's perfect ♪ My blood turns red Yeah, exactly like yours ♪ And hurting me now Doesn't even the score ♪ Who I been is not who I am no more ♪ Oh, oh ♪ You've got flaws And, baby, I've got mine ♪ Million shades between black and white ♪ [crowd singing along.]
Will you see me in a different light? ♪ Can you love me, love me Love me, love me colorblind? ♪ - [África.]
Make some fucking noise! - [crowd cheers.]
Whoo! Love me ♪ Colorblind ♪ Love me ♪ Love me ♪ Love me colorblind ♪ [guy 1.]
Where's your friend? - [Zoa.]
I'm pretty sure she's good.
- Love me ♪ Colorblind ♪ Love me ♪ - Don't you know? ♪ - Can you love me, love me ♪ Love me, love me colorblind? ♪ Love me ♪ How do I find you? - Can I have your number? - Hit me up at Zoa - [music stops.]
- [crowd gasps.]
[loud chiming.]
You're here because you've been selected from the best.
Tonight, you're all part of the very exclusive launch of our newest brand, and we are honored to have you in our company.
It's time for you to try Blue Eden, our new energy drink.
It's not on the market yet, and you will have the privilege of being the first to try it.
We took the liberty of making a small random selection.
Those of you with an illuminated wristband, please raise your hand.
Go grab your bottle of our new Blue Eden.
But don't drink it just yet.
- One for me too, please.
- [Astrid.]
The rest of you, don't worry.
You'll have plenty of time to try it back at home.
Got those bottles? Three, two, one.
Have a good trip.
- [crowd cheers.]
- ["Blah Blah Blah" playing.]
Is blah, blah, blah ♪ All we ever do is go ja, ja, ja ♪ And we don't even care About what they say ♪ 'Cause it's ja, ja, ja, ja Blah, blah, blah, blah ♪ - You don't want any? - No, thanks.
I'm not big on parties.
Problems at home? Uh, no.
There's no problem.
In fact, my life is perfect.
Every day, you're more out of it.
- What the hell is wrong with you? - Nothing.
What a disgrace.
Everyone thinks my son is a screw-up! All that music in your head, and you don't give a shit about the company, right? Answer me! - I said answer me! - Don't put your hands on me! [tense music playing.]
I'll do whatever the fuck I want, you useless little shit! [grunts.]
[Chopin breathing shakily.]
SIGN INVITATION CONFIRMED SEE YOU IN EDEN! Even with a perfect life, you need to break out sometimes.
"If a bird doesn't try to fly, it'll never know it lives in a cage.
" Lovely.
- [chuckles softly.]
- [Chopin.]
Is that why you came here? To escape from your cage? Here, Ibón.
Trust me, you need this.
Do you like it? - Too sweet.
- Really? [laughs.]
- [guy 2.]
Let's go somewhere more quiet.
- Okay, one sec.
I gotta tell my friend.
- I'll be right over there.
- [Judith.]
'Cause it's ja, ja, ja, ja Blah, blah, blah, blah ♪ All we ever hear from you Is blah, blah, blah ♪ [man 1.]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Yo! [man 2.]
Hey, are you blind or what? Are you, asshole? - Give me a fucking bottle! - What's going on? Your buddy didn't get the memo.
He won't give me my bottle.
Move, Fran.
Go ahead.
Here you are.
- [bottle opens.]
- [girl.]
[ominous music playing.]
[guy 3.]
This shit again, Fran? [dramatic sting.]
[crowd cheering and laughing.]
Excuse me.
Have you seen a girl, about my height, with shorter brown hair? Ugh, never mind.
[Fran panting.]
When are you gonna learn to obey? - Never.
- And if it costs you your life? [spits.]
I have no life.
You're right about that.
Not anymore.
[guys grunting.]
[Fran moans.]
[crowd continues cheering.]
[guys continue grunting.]
[distorted, frenetic music playing.]
[Fran screams, muffled.]
[Fran screaming underwater.]
[guy 3 grunting.]
[Fran continues screaming.]
[Fran panting.]
[tense music playing.]
My bad.
I got lost.
["Blah Blah Blah" continues.]
[guy 1.]
Zoa? Are you okay? [mom, echoing.]
Why aren't you answering my calls? Why don't you want to talk to me? - Mom? - [mom.]
This time is different, sweetheart.
Why don't you want to talk to me? I just want to know how you're doing.
I I just need a little more money.
[África retches.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
Dude! You won't believe what I just saw.
They were drowning this guy.
The chick serving the drinks wasn't trying to stop it or anything! - [guy 2.]
- They were like two psychopaths.
- [guy 2.]
Take it easy.
It's okay.
- [Judith.]
I can't believe that.
Is everything okay? Not everything.
We have a problem.
I think we should report them.
Wait, report them? To who? - Well, I don't know, but - Did they do anything to him in the end? - No.
- [Judith.]
No I dunno, dude.
- I don't know.
- We're here to have fun.
Look at me.
You're safe here with me.
Okay? Look at me.
[both panting.]
[Zoa, echoing.]
 Mom, is that you? [breathing shakily.]
- [sounds distort.]
- [Zoa.]
Mom? [both continue panting.]
["Blah Blah Blah" continues playing.]
Uh Hold on.
Wait, wait, wait.
[guy 2 chuckles.]
[both breathing heavily.]
All we ever hear from you Is blah, blah, blah ♪ This is my friend.
Does it bother you? And we don't even care About what they say ♪ 'Cause it's ja, ja, ja, ja Blah, blah, blah, blah ♪ [sounds distort.]
[Zoa breathing heavily, groans.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
[Zoa grunts.]
What? [ringing grows louder.]
[ringing stops.]
[gentle music playing.]
What are you doing? You crazy? [music distorts.]
[music stops.]
Only five of the hundred guests will stay.
Should we select one more? No.
I think that they'll all work out well.
- Well, you have great intuition.
- [Astrid.]
With you, I didn't.
[man chuckles softly.]
Don't get your hopes up just yet.
The new ones can disappoint.
Only at first.
The drink showed them a glimpse of their true situations.
They feel alone in their lives, abandoned, rejected.
And they need a family to take care of them.
Our family.
Who are you betting on? Who am I betting on? I'd place a bet on Zoa.
I think she's strong.
What about you? [Astrid.]
I'm betting on Ibón.
He's reliable and obedient but still sensitive.
He's got it all.
- Aldo? - [Astrid.]
A good option.
The entrepreneur with leadership skills.
[Astrid chuckles.]
 He's a complete mess.
That means he's malleable.
- [Astrid.]
What about África? - [man.]
Rebellious, narcissistic, ambitious Perfect.
- You'll handle her brilliantly.
- Uh, me? [Astrid.]
I don't think I'm the right person to handle her.
Besides, the only thing she loves are her boots.
When all of them learn about the wonderful trip that is awaiting them, they won't be able to live without our light.
- [high-pitched ringing.]
- [somber music playing.]
[wind whistling.]
[Zoa gasps.]
Judith? [sighs.]
Where are you, dude? [yelling.]
Where the hell is everyone? [bottle clinks.]
Hello? Hello? - Is anybody there? - [Charly groans.]
Hello? Anybody? [Charly moans, grunts.]
Hello? Shit! [sobs.]
What a fucking hangover.
- Hey, dude! - [Charly.]
How long was I out like that? - [Zoa.]
Is there anyone else? - Oh, fuck, dude [grunts, laughs.]
Judith! Where are you? Okay, okay.
Please, stop yelling.
My head's gonna explode.
Judith! [Charly grunts softly.]
Judith, where are you? [gulls calling.]
Hello? Hey.
- Are you okay? Are you okay? - [África grunts.]
- Hello? - [groans.]
- Hey.
Let's go.
There are people outside.
- Huh? Hmm? No, let me sleep a little more.
- No, no, no.
Let's go.
Come on.
- [África groans.]
Can you just? Fuck, these boots.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, thanks.
Oh man.
Over here.
What's up, dude? Look, another one.
And look.
That one over there just landed.
[whistles, mispronouncing.]
Chopin! Over here! [Aldo.]
I don't get why there's no one here.
They fucking left us, man.
No, Judith wouldn't leave me.
- Who? - [Aldo.]
Her friend.
What do you mean? You brought a friend with you? But we weren't allowed to.
What, did all of you bring a friend? I didn't.
- Who needs friends? - [Ibón chuckles.]
[Charly chuckles.]
This chick.
- So, where's this friend of yours at? - [África groans.]
She was hooking up with some tall, buff guy.
I don't really remember anything.
Yeah, I blacked out too.
After I tried that drink, I forgot everything.
- [Zoa.]
Exactly! - [Charly.]
So fucking disgusting.
[loud whirring.]
[soothing music playing.]
[console whirring.]
That fucking thing again.
It wants us to follow it.
Hey, hey, hey! Come here, dude.
[speaking inaudibly.]
- [gulls calling.]
- [music building.]
Yo, chill.
Are you nuts? [horse whinnies.]
[wind whistling.]
[birds singing.]
[whirring fades.]
[music fades.]
[somber instrumental music playing.]
Welcome, all.
Welcome to Eden.
[somber music swells.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
- [rustling.]
- [screams.]
[dramatic sting.]
[suspenseful music playing.]

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