Welcome to Eden (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Other Shore

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [crickets chirping.]
[gentle breeze blowing.]
[birds singing.]
Good morning, guys.
- Good morning, África.
Come on in.
- [door opens.]
- Would you like something to eat? - Yeah.
Try the mango juice.
It's delicious.
So, how did you sleep last night? Very well.
I haven't slept that well in a while, honestly.
That's great.
When you're finished, you've got Mayka waiting for you.
Why's that? - [Astrid.]
To make your decision public.
- Decision? What we talked about last night, yeah? Don't you remember? We're just so happy you're staying in Eden.
- [Astrid.]
- Uh, staying? [Astrid.]
And I know you'll fit right in here.
[ominous music playing.]
Uh It's just a formality, you know? I imagine you're used to this kind of stuff.
We'll do great things together.
You'll see.
I'm sure, but I wanna understand what I'm signing.
What, you don't trust us? [Astrid and Erick chuckle.]
No, sure.
It's not that.
I just have to make sure it doesn't conflict with the contracts I already have with my agency.
Oh, sure.
The decision's important, so you're right.
No rush at all.
You take your time.
[ominous music building.]
[crunches loudly, echoes.]
- ["Edén" playing.]
- I'm locked ♪ Locked in a perfect cage ♪ Askin' myself again ♪ Is this how it's gonna end? ♪ This fuckin' game ♪ [waves crashing.]
[gentle music playing.]
What's wrong, huh? Now you're embarrassed I see you like this? Of course not, fool.
But I have to get ready.
That's right.
- You're leaving me today.
- [Zoa sighs.]
I'll come visit you.
You'd better invite me to the next festival.
[Zoa sighs.]
"Little Squirrel, I need some time to myself.
" "Respect my decision and don't look for me, because I'm fine.
" "I love you, and happy birthday.
" [radio beeps.]
This the first time she's missing? [Gabi.]
- [officer.]
It's happened before? - It was different.
I mean, she'll go for a couple of days, but she always comes back.
And she'll come back again, honey.
She wouldn't just leave you like that.
- She loves you.
- What do you know? [indistinct radio chatter.]
[mom sighs.]
Problems at home? Their father.
He doesn't give a shit about them.
They've always had to fend for themselves, and there's nothing I can do about it.
- [radio beeps.]
- [officer.]
14-21 to HQ.
Go ahead.
Please report a missing person named Zoa Rey.
Nineteen years old.
ID, 60712388-F.
Copy, 14-21.
- Thank you.
- [radio beeps.]
Any information about your sister comes in, I'll let you know.
Okay? [car door opens.]
[Gabi sighs.]
Have you looked through her stuff? They always leave something.
A receipt, a message, a picture of where they're planning to go.
[somber music playing.]
[Gabi sighs.]
Thanks for everything, Pete.
Gabi, let's grab some breakfast.
Your dad's treat.
[ATM beeping.]
How much? Twenty? What's the limit? - [Gabi.]
I think it's 500, but - Five hundred? That's good.
Don't worry.
It's all right.
[ATM beeping.]
- [ATM chimes.]
- [bills shuffling.]
Ah, here we are.
Let me take it.
That's great.
- Get yourself whatever you want, okay? - And you? You're not coming? I just remembered I have to take care of something.
But I swear I'll get you the money back by tomorrow.
[indistinct chatter.]
- [Ulises.]
Last push.
Come on! - [group panting.]
[birds singing.]
Charly! Charly! [sighs.]
[Charly groans.]
- [snores, gasps.]
- [Zoa sighs.]
- You good? - [weakly.]
Holy shit.
- You had too much fun, huh? - Ugh, that's the last time I'm drinking.
- I swear.
- Yeah, right.
For real.
My head's gonna explode, and I had the weirdest dreams last night.
- Get up.
The boat will be here soon.
- No.
Give me five more minutes.
- Not 5, not 10, not 25.
- [Charly moans.]
Get up now.
- [tools clanging.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [Zoa.]
Hey, have you seen Aldo? - No, I haven't.
We're all gonna make a big circle.
There you go.
Just like that.
Let's use this time to do some stretches.
I don't want anyone cramping up.
- [Zoa.]
That's Aldo's module? - [guy.]
Check it out.
You two, you'll be right over, uh here.
If you take a look at the map, what you're looking for is gonna be right over there.
Have you seen Aldo? They said he'd be here.
He's not.
[Zoa sighs.]
Where could he be? He didn't sleep here.
I thought he'd be with you guys.
- That's his bed, right? - Yeah.
- That's weird.
His stuff's gone.
- I didn't see him at the party.
If I can help [ominous music playing.]
- Come on.
- What's wrong, Zoa? Hey, what's up with you? [Zoa.]
Ulises! [Ulises.]
Excuse me.
- What do you want? - [Zoa.]
Aldo is missing.
- Huh? - [Ulises.]
Aldo? Module 11? Yeah.
I was just there.
He wasn't.
- Been gone all night.
- [Ulises.]
What do you want me to do? Aren't you supposed to keep track of what everyone does? Uh, he didn't show up to any of his morning activities.
Ask around.
Maybe someone's seen him.
Isn't that your job? I'll make sure I alert the management to your concerns.
Excuse me.
[ominous music building.]
- He obviously doesn't give a shit.
- Maybe you shouldn't have told him.
Why? I saw Aldo at the party.
I thought I dreamt it, but Did you guys talk? [tense music building.]
[waves crashing.]
[ominous chimes play.]
[wind whistling.]
[sound of waves crashing fades.]
Just chill.
- [fluorescent lights buzzing.]
- [peaceful choir music playing.]
That's, uh, Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx by Patinir.
Now you're an expert about art too? Well, a bit.
[both chuckle.]
No, not really.
I do love art, though.
I don't know technique, but I like to learn the stories they tell.
And what about this one? That there is Charon.
In Greek mythology, he's the one in charge of taking the souls of the dead to the underworld.
And Patinir painted him right at the moment of the great decision.
The soul has two possible paths.
Here, to the right, it's hell and eternal condemnation.
And And here, to the left, it's paradise.
Uh, salvation.
Well, that's an easy enough decision, right? Mm, well, it depends.
This is a copy.
The original is in the Prado.
Well It's well done, isn't it? Not really.
Actually, it's not.
In the original, Charon is looking towards the right, towards hell, as if the decision had already been made.
But here, he's looking to the left.
My favorite couple.
Come in.
- Good morning.
- [both.]
Good morning.
How are you guys? [Astrid.]
So, um, tell me what's up.
Ibón is staying.
I would love to hear it from you.
I wanna stay here.
If you'll have me, of course.
Well, obviously, we'd love to have you, Ibón.
That's great news.
Get over here.
[Ibón sighs.]
Welcome to the family.
It's been a while since you've been hugged like that.
- It has.
- [Erick chuckles.]
From the very first day, I had a feeling about you.
- [Erick laughs.]
- [Astrid.]
And I love being right.
And this is nothing, really.
Our lawyers recommend that we always keep things official.
It's a one-year contract that can be extended.
So, if you'll sign right there.
[ominous music playing.]
[Ibón takes a deep breath.]
You won't need that wristband, right? [chuckles.]
- Of course not.
Allow me.
- [Ibón.]
- [wristband beeps.]
- [Erick.]
It'll be a surprise for everyone.
How about we announce it today at the evaluation? But won't the boat have left by then? Won't they see I'm not on it? - I wouldn't worry about that too much.
- [Ibón.]
Is it going to be late again? Don't worry.
Just relax and enjoy.
Sorry to interrupt.
- It's urgent.
- Yes? [Astrid.]
What's going on? [Ulises, quietly.]
It's about Aldo.
It's done.
Have Brenda organize the search.
It seems there's a problem with your friend Aldo.
- [door opens.]
- Hey.
They just told us about Aldo.
Don't worry.
I'm sure he just drank too much last night.
He must be lost somewhere.
I doubt it.
Well, he couldn't have gotten off the island.
[birds singing outside.]
Claudia, would you mind giving us a couple of minutes? - Of course.
- Thank you.
[door closes.]
Have you seen anyone get out of here? What do you mean? Last night Aldo told Charly he was leaving.
That he had found a way to escape.
What happens if someone wants to leave Eden? I don't know.
I don't know.
I suppose they have to talk to Astrid and organize their trip back.
Have you seen it happen? Mm, no.
I'm worried about him.
Listen to me.
Brenda's organizing a search, and I'm going to join them.
I'll keep an eye out for anything weird.
You don't speak to anyone about this.
If you're right, you could be in danger.
All right? Group one, to my left, north zone.
Group two, west zone.
[chimes jingling.]
Group number three.
South zone.
I want the island searched sector by sector.
Make sure you have a map, a compass, water, and a first-aid kit.
Batteries should be at least halfway charged.
- [Bel.]
- I don't want to talk to you.
I know.
Just one question.
It's about Zoa, right? - Yeah.
- [tense music playing.]
When the hell are you gonna stop, Bel? I just wanna know how she's doing.
- Bad.
- But how bad? Come here.
[in sign language.]
What's up? I need you to ask people, "Where is Aldo?" Anyone in particular? Orson.
[Eloy sighs.]
Jesus, Bel! You told me not to talk to him.
Make up your mind.
You know I don't like it, but this time it's different.
Okay? [music fades.]
- [bright music playing.]
- Hello, everyone.
- [group.]
Good morning, Astrid.
- I've been told what happened to Aldo.
The groups are ready to go.
- He can't be that far.
- I have full trust in you.
We are a big family, and we leave no one behind.
But we'll need all the help we can get.
I propose we pray to Mother Nature to bless our search today.
[soaring instrumental music playing.]
[music building.]
- [África.]
Hello, everyone.
- [keys clacking.]
I have some really big news that I wanted to share with you all.
I'm stepping away from social media.
It has been a difficult decision.
But it's something I've needed to do for a while.
I don't know when I'll be back.
Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
- [sighs.]
- [gentle music playing.]
"But you know I'll really miss you.
" - It's more personal.
- [chuckles.]
Yeah, okay.
"I love you lots.
" "Thank you for always supporting me.
" [program chimes.]
[exhales sharply.]
[clicks tongue.]
You won't need this anymore.
[wristband chimes.]
[waves crashing gently.]
Hey, what do you know about Charly? Um, I don't really know him.
- Is he really as dumb as he looks? - [laughs.]
Well, sort of.
Why? - No real reason.
- Mm-hmm? - You interested? - [chuckles.]
You're nuts.
Well, I can tell you from my own experience that everything is always simple with dumb guys, and they can only improve.
[Mayka chuckles.]
- ["We Are the Night" playing.]
- We're the creatures who prey ♪ On lies locked away ♪ The seeds you ♪ Have been sowing ♪ Uncaged and released ♪ The fear's buried deep ♪ Keep breathing ♪ Just keep breathing ♪ [Gabi sighs.]
And open your eyes ♪ Step into the light ♪ We are the night ♪ We are the night ♪ ENTER PIN Roll back the dice ♪ We are ♪ [David.]
Hey, Zoa.
I finally found you.
I promised you I wouldn't forget you.
We are the dream within a dream ♪ A silent army still unseen ♪ Growing faster ♪ ZOA ISN'T HERE.
In the nightmares of the mind ♪ THIS IS HER SISTER We will turn your world to dust ♪ WHO IS THIS? [song ends.]
- [wind blowing.]
- [horse whinnies.]
- [horse nickers, snorts.]
- [kissing.]
I couldn't wait to see you.
What? [in sign language.]
Slow down.
I couldn't find him.
I can't understand you.
Don't ruin the moment, okay? What? [pencil scribbling.]
I don't know.
They're looking.
Hmm? Why the hell do you care? I don't know.
- And if I did, I couldn't tell you.
- [horse snorts.]
What? Did you forget this? You're at your level.
I'm at mine.
Right? Now [Eloy sighs.]
[horse whinnies.]
[Eloy exhales.]
[Orson breathing heavily.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[horse whinnies.]
[both panting.]
[Orson exhales.]
[card clatters.]
LEVEL 2 [Bel gasps.]
[energetic music playing.]
[Bel panting.]
[door beeps, unlocks.]
- [button beeps.]
- [elevator chimes.]
- [music fades.]
- [console beeps, whirs.]
[monitors droning.]
EVALUATION PENDING [tense music playing.]
[Bel gasps.]
[door beeps, unlocks.]
[Bel panting.]
[brakes screech.]
[Bel exhales.]
[wind whistling.]
"Breaking news from the city of Florence, where they are holding the G20 summit today.
" "The police had a violent standoff against NGOs and ecologist groups.
" "Thirty-two are hurt, with four in the hospital in critical condition and dozens arrested.
" "Protesters requested a firm compromise from leaders to the agreements made in Paris.
" "They only wanted to be heard, but the world governments prefer to be ignorant" - [in sign language.]
Like it? - A lot.
"headed our way.
" "A prime example of the crisis is the terrible flooding resulting from Haiti's hurricane.
" "While they are still recovering" They're still looking.
"devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.
" "Its inhabitants have been isolated for days without any electricity, waiting for international aid that is yet to arrive.
" - "The official death toll" - [Charly.]
They're not doing enough, Zoa.
- This is fucked-up! Shit! - [smashing.]
[Charly huffs, breathing heavily.]
[fork clatters.]
[door opens, closes.]
"Let's not forget hurricanes are more frequent every time.
" "They're also stronger because of climate change.
" "International organizations are still discussing the logistics of the distribution of humanitarian aid, while the population keeps suffering and dying every day, all over the island.
" [cell phone vibrates and chimes.]
I MET YOUR SISTER IN EDEN [gentle music playing.]
WHAT'S EDEN? [phone beeps.]
[phone beeps.]
- [keys jangle, clatter.]
Something's wrong with this lock.
- [door slams.]
- [Gabi.]
You're using again.
No! No.
- [Gabi.]
What's up with you, then? - I'm just not used to drinking.
Other stuff, sure.
But drinking [mom sighs.]
- You want something hot to drink? - Yes.
A cold beer.
[mom groans.]
[cans clang.]
Is that enough for you? Uh, don't be angry with me, honey.
Dad is right, though.
You're never gonna change.
Your father says a bunch of bullshit, Gabi! Mom, it's not bullshit.
It's the fucking truth! [echoing.]
Hey, I'm doing my best.
No, you're not, Mom.
You're not.
[sounds fading.]
I thought that you got clean.
[somber instrumental music playing.]
As soon as Zoa gets back, you know what we'll do? [muted.]
The three of us are going shopping.
- [music fades.]
- [birds singing.]
Hello? Who are we lookin' for? There's somebody who needs to know you're staying in Eden.
Astrid said that she would tell everybody at the evaluation today.
I really want to tell her now.
I love her like my sister.
When I got here, she taught me and took care of me and showed me a world I didn't know existed.
Do I know her? [Alma.]
Ibón is staying with us.
You ended up getting your way.
- Congratulations, Alma.
- [sighs.]
Thank you.
And congratulations, Ibón.
- [grunts softly.]
- [Ibón exhales.]
You've made the best decision of your life.
Although there's something that you should know.
If you hurt Alma, I'll kill you.
[all laugh.]
[Alma sighs.]
["Mami" playing.]
[car alarm chirps.]
- [keys clacking.]
- [monitors droning.]
HELLO, I NEED TO ORGANIZE [door beeps, unlocks.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[Mayka exhales.]
[elevator bell dings.]
[keys clacking.]
[program chimes.]
[song continues indistinctly on headphones.]
[siren wailing in distance.]
Everything I have about my son is on this drive.
So, go out there and get me what I don't know.
I need to see the message.
I need to organize my thoughts for a while.
" "Don't look for me.
You'll hear from me when I feel it's appropriate.
" The country code is from Asia.
The message was probably rerouted to hide where it came from.
Ibón could be in Singapore or two blocks from here.
Forget everything I assigned you and focus on this.
He's of legal age.
If what he says is true, I can't force him to come back.
We'll see about that.
["Mami" continues playing.]
- [song fades.]
- [waves crashing.]
[wind whistling.]
[África sighs.]
Aldo knew it from the fucking beginning, man.
That boat will never come.
He infected you with his paranoia.
Yeah, you're right.
We should ask Aldo to stop putting these crazy ideas into our heads.
Oh fuck! That's right.
Aldo's missing.
- He left voluntarily.
- Yeah, sure.
Where would he go? You can't leave this fucking prison.
- I think you're exaggerating.
- No, I'm not exaggerating.
So, why don't you talk to Astrid and have her explain how things work here? Why can't you talk to her? [Charly.]
I don't know.
You seemed pretty friendly last night.
Well, you know.
At a party, I'm always friendly with everyone.
- That was my job.
- Oh yeah? It was? You decided to quit your job, and you quit smoking.
What's next? Shit.
This island has changed you, huh? And is it wrong to evolve? Come on.
I don't want you alone, freaking yourself out.
Come on.
Don't be silly.
Come with me.
Let's go.
[guy 1 cheers.]
[Ibón exhales.]
[guy 2.]
Whoo! [Astrid, echoing.]
Ibón, now that you're part of this big family, tell us who you think we should evaluate next.
[chimes jingling.]
[fountain splashes, thunks.]
Dude, are you fucking kidding me, or what? He only wants what's best.
No! He wants what you want because you fucking brainwashed him.
No, Charly.
Nobody influenced my decision to stay.
Trust me.
Tell your friends to get us off this fucking island.
You can stay with África.
But Zoa, Aldo, and I are going.
No one wants to keep you here against your will.
- [Charly.]
Really? - No.
Then what's up with Aldo? Where the hell is he? We haven't had any luck yet.
But tomorrow is another day.
Another minute in this place is too fucking much because I am drowning here! [tense music playing.]
Come back to us, please.
- WOW! [phone chimes.]
Charly, I'm glad you decided to come back.
The first thing I want you to know is we all feel your pain as if it was our own.
But this island is not causing it.
It's the island inside you.
[bamboo fountain thunks.]
What are you saying? [Astrid.]
Make the most of your time in Eden.
Talk about your feelings.
[chimes jingle.]
You can break away from what's haunted you since childhood.
Your sister.
How do you know about my sister? Every year on November 22, you write her the same message on your social media.
Drop it.
Come on.
"Beatriz, I think of you every day.
" "I don't expect forgiveness, but know I love you.
" Please, I'm asking.
Drop it right now, please.
Charly, everyone has a past.
- That's enough! - No one will judge you here.
- Astrid! - [Astrid.]
Tell us your story! - You wanna hear the story? - Yes! You all wanna know the fucking story? [tense music playing.]
Then here's the full story.
[breeze blowing gently.]
[somber music playing.]
My siblings and I spent our summers at my parents' house on the island of Minorca.
At a port up the north coast called Addaia.
Three boys and one girl.
She was the youngest one, Beatriz.
We were always playing around together.
We'd jump from rock to rock.
Or we'd do contests.
Who could dive deepest.
Who could hold his breath the longest.
She didn't think it was fair.
She was always saying, "Why can't I come with you?" "Because you're too little.
" But one day, she convinced me.
I don't know if it was because I knew the cave by heart or because I saw her as older than she was.
[takes a deep breath.]
So, I dove in first.
She was right behind me.
I kept checking on her all the time.
She dove so well.
She was so relaxed.
I don't know why, but I stopped checking on her.
And I got to the surface.
But she didn't.
And I was just eight.
She was five.
[Charly sighs.]
[birds singing.]
[Zoa sighs.]
[Charly breathing shakily.]
My parents, especially my mother, never got why I let her come with me.
And Beatriz was her favorite.
She hasn't been able to forgive me, poor woman.
She hates me now.
Your mother has been very unfair to you, Charly.
No one should blame an eight-year-old for an accident [Charly sniffling.]
or hate like that.
These people would never do that.
Nor would I.
[somber music building.]
[Charly sighs.]
Leave him alone.
- His pain is everyone's, Zoa.
- No, no.
His pain is his.
And if you care so much, why don't you let him leave this place? - You and Charly will be leaving soon, Zoa.
- [sarcastically.]
And Aldo? We're looking for him everywhere.
- No, it's not.
- [Zoa.]
Yes, it is.
You're all lying.
You're a bunch of fucking sadists.
Is this fun for you, torturing us? What are we, an experiment? - What the fuck do you get out of this? - Zoa, would you please? - [Nico.]
I'm sorry.
Come with me.
- What are you doing? - Leave me the fuck alone.
- Come on.
- [waves crashing.]
- Forget about Charly.
How? They ripped him apart.
Zoa, you're freaking out.
Please calm down.
I'll calm down when we get on the fucking boat.
The boat's not coming.
- Ever.
- [tense music playing.]
- What do you mean, ever? - You'll understand tonight.
I'm not in the mood for riddles.
- Just tell me now! - Zoa, right now I can't.
Tonight when everyone's asleep, you'll understand.
- Nico! - [Nico.]
Trust me.
Leave your bracelet next to your bed tonight.
And don't let anyone see you.
- [tense music fades.]
- [chimes ringing.]
Are you here to keep me in check? No.
I was just worried.
You guys are really interested in what I'm posting, huh? It's the reason you're here.
Well, it's really creepy that Astrid memorized what I wrote.
Why? What you said was beautiful.
[gentle breeze blowing.]
[chimes jingle in breeze.]
Sometimes I dream I jump in and save her.
She's not here.
But you have a lot to offer the world, Charly.
[calming music playing.]
So, what's this? Now I'm not a dumbass anymore? You still are.
It's just that your smile's real now.
[Charly chuckles.]
I'm glad that we met.
- ["Get Out" playing.]
- I've been inside so long ♪ [man on PA.]
Attention, please.
The bus to San Sebastián is departing momentarily.
- [Gabi.]
- Good evening.
[door squeaks closed.]
I've been in my mind so long ♪ [Gabi sighs.]
- [bus engine starts.]
- How do I get out? ♪ How do I get out? ♪ Hey! ♪ How do I get out? ♪ How do I? ♪ How do I get out? ♪ - How do I ♪ - [cell phone vibrates.]
INCOMING CALL MOM How do I? ♪ How do I get out? ♪ How do I? ♪ [song pauses.]
["Get Out" continues playing.]
[song fades.]
[crickets chirping.]
Zoa, you know I just want to help you, right? Well, now I need you to help me.
Promise me you're going to stay calm.
Yes, I promise.
Come on.
[sounds echo, distort.]
[somber piano music playing.]
[ominous music playing.]
[ominous music building.]
[screams inaudibly.]
[dramatic sting.]
[ominous music continues playing.]
[somber piano music playing.]
[waves crashing faintly.]
[music fades.]
Subtitle translation by: Meredith Cannella
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