Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e16 Episode Script

Welcome to Game Over!

Sukoshi miageta sora
Dekisugita nichijou
Se wo mukeru tabi ni tsubuyaku dake
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Rojiura no kage
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Sashinobeta ryoute kamiawanai pazuru
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka
Saigo no kakera wo torimodoshite
Aruki dasou
Sa Sato
Let's go, Mia.
Your friend is there, right?
You don't need to logout?
I'll ignore her. If I leave her alone,
she'll go away of her own accord.
As for us, let's enjoy our adventure, Mia.
How did he get like this?
He's had a lot of troubles until now too, but
And I thought he was generally headed
in a positive direction!
I can't believe he's even worse than before!
Sa Sato
Let's go outside. I'm sure that
would be a positive step.
Hey, the weather's nice out there!
So, what do you say?
It's nothing at all.
The person in the real world is totally bugging me.
The person who's there wouldn't be
your girlfriend, would it?
Don't be ridiculous! I told you,
it's just someone I know.
I'm so glad!
That Mia
You're not
Sato, with a girl in the game world?
No! That sort of thing is no good! Absolutely not!
I have to do something.
Sato, I'll use my body to pull you back
to the world of reality!
Slay a dragon?
You mean us?
Sa-To, you want to do R.M.T.,
real-money trading, right?
If so, you can't get by without slaying dragons.
Dragons usually have all the rare items.
But defeating a dragon at our level
would be difficult, wouldn't it?
If we had a Dragon Knight, it'd be different.
Shall we get a Dragon Knight as a companion?
Huh? But I'd rather adventure
with just you and me.
I'm not really thinking of staying
with a party forever.
We'd just enlist a little help for
when we slay the dragon.
I mean, what I want is to get a rare item
and see the joy on your face.
Well, I'll talk to some people I know.
Hold on a minute, okay?
She wants to see the joy on my face, huh?
E hoe-hoe hoe-hoe hoe-hoe
Hey, ruined-ruined ruined-ruined ruined-ruined
What the?!
E hoe-hoe hoe-hoe hoe-hoe
Hey, ruined-ruined ruined-ruined ruined-ruined
Please, Sato, come back to your senses!
Meow, meow-meow-meow, meowmeowmeow-meow!
I'll wear this outfit for you from now on,
so come out for counseling!
Kimi nya mou tonikaku
To you, anyway
Kimi nya mou tonikaku
To you, anyway
I have no idea what you're saying!
Kimi nya mazu saisho ni
To you, first of all
Meow meow!
Kimi nya sou nanibun
With you, I'm somewhat
What is that outfit supposed to be about?!
Kimi nya maji houkai
I'm seriously ruined over you
B But Sato,
you were all ga-ga over a girl dressed
like this in the game.
E hoe-hoe hoe-hoe hoe-hoe
Hey, ruined-ruined ruined-ruined ruined-ruined
Don't you dare make fun of Mia!
E hoe-hoe hoe-hoe hoe-hoe
Hey, ruined-ruined ruined-ruined ruined-ruined
My relationship with Mia isn't a matter
of appearances like that!
I won't forgive even you, Misaki,
if you do a bizarre imitation of it!
Oh my
If you want to do cosplay, go to a cosplay
dance party or something!
What's all the ruckus? Hold it down, huh?
Uh-oh, better get back!
Mia! Mia, where are you?
Sa-To, I'm over here! Look who I brought!
We heard from Mia
It's your first dragon-slaying, huh?
We'll lend you a hand.
Let's all tough this out together.
All of them?
If we have these party members,
we'll definitely be able to win!
Thanks, Mia!
I hear you want to do R.M. T? It's hard work.
Everyone says that, but I'll manage.
I have tons of time.
Fact is, I'm hikikomori.
Oh, is that right?
Hey, let's get going, Sa-To!
It's coming!
That's a dragon!
It's huge
It's all right. This thing's not as powerful as it looks.
It'll be a cakewalk.
Wings of White, protect my companions!
Here we go!
What did I get wrong? What was my mistake?
I see
There's a lot of variety even in this "Moe" stuff.
One more push.
All right!
Black gale, reside in my sword!
Hurricane Blade!
I I got him.
It's Mithril Armor, huh?
We got our hands on a great item.
We can sell that for a lot!
I'm so glad, aren't you, Sa-To?
Hey, look!
This powerful feeling can't be experienced
anwhere else, can it?
You're right.
It's wondrous.
It's truly a wondrous world.
Well, I've got work in the real world, so I'm off now.
Yeah, I have to work too.
Give us a call again when an occasion
like this comes up.
Thanks, everyone! Thank you!
It'll be great if you're able to R.M.T., won't it, Sa-To?
That's, if you're able to.
Logged Out
Logged Out
Logged Out
Do you actually think you can
make money that easily?
Big Brother, I'm leaving your dinner out here, okay?
For starters, what's up with this character name?
"Sa-To"? That's just his real name as is, right?
Huh? Sato?
3rd Year
Class B
That's right, there was a Sato
in our class in high school.
I wonder what he's doing now?
This is him.
This is him.
Tatsuhiro Sato
Tatsuhiro Sato
Lucky this hut was nearby, huh?
I never imagined it'd suddenly start raining.
Looks like there's a bath inside.
Hey, Sa-To, do you want to take a bath together?
I was joking.
Oh, right.
This kind of thing's not bad, huh?
Here we go, Mia!
I'm ready, Sa-To.
Azure Flames, burn away all these enemies!
Spreading Flames!
Sa-To, our combined attack worked!
It did It worked, huh?
We did it!
Mia, you're my ideal partner.
You're exaggerating
I've finally realized it.
This world is exactly what I've been seeking
for so many long years!
There's not a single thing in the world of reality
that has more value than life here!
People in reality spout off all in unison
about love and friendship,
but in fact it's a dirty little world full
of lies and desires, isn't it?
But in this world, there are genuine
adventures into the unknown!
There are also true friends!
I think if I'm with you, things will go well for me.
Adventure with me from now until forever!
But I
If it's about money, I'll earn it through
R.M.T. and we'll get by!
So, I'm begging you!
All right
I have just one condition.
I want to meet you in reality, Sa-To.
Can I come to your place in the real world?
The real world's not good for me.
What? I can't come?
No, it's not that you can't come
Really? I'm so glad!
The truth is,
I'm already right in front of your apartment building.
I'm going to climb the apartment stairs now, okay?
What are you talking about?
I can see your
now, Sa-To!
I can see your apartment now, Sa-To!
She can't possibly be
I've reached your apartment, Sa-To.
I've reached your
apartment, Sa-To.
I'm going to
knock on the door.
I'm going to knock on the door.
It's not locked, is it?
It's not locked, is it?
I'm going to
open it now.
I'm going to open it now.
I'm Mia.
Y Yamazaki
How was your adventurous journey with
the beautiful cat-eared girl, Sato?
I wanted to teach you what online
games are all about,
so I created a character named Mia
and was playing with you.
Mia's true identity was you?
Sato, it can't be that you thought the real Mia was
also a beautiful, young girl like this, can it?
On the Web, anyone can freely change their name,
their age, their gender or their appearance.
"True friends" are nothing but mere illusions.
I IIlusions
I I knew that much.
My starting the online game was only for the
sake of earning money through R.M.T.
R.M.T., right.
To earn money from R.M.T.,
it's necessary to form a team and use
very rigorous means.
It's only an extremely tiny percentage of people
who've been able to do that.
For a person like you, Sato, who's easy to fool
and has no knowledge of programming,
it's impossible!
But I have a lot of time.
Well, how many years do you plan to keep at it?
Are you going to keep this up for 10 years?
For 20 years? For 30 years?
Try picturing what you'll look like
30 years from now!
30 years from now
Your dreams of R.M.T. shattered,
called back to your parents' home
Picture yourself at 50, supported by your parents!
Dinner is ready.
Come down to eat for a change!
Give it a rest, you old bag!
Don't go bellyachin' about me!
Oh, you need to eat vegetables once in a while.
Leave him be.
He's already 50.
He's too old to have you nattering at him.
It's too late now. Too late for anything.
I'll tell ya, this harping on stuff
whenever they feel like it
I'll tell ya, this harping on stuff
whenever they feel like it
I may not look like much,
but I'm Sa-To, a Level 13,000
I'm the hero of Vina Teelo!
I still haven't managed to make any
money off R.M.T. though.
You guys
Oof Urk
If I use my magic Confusion, you'll be
My back
It's because I put on a little weight recently. Damn
You'd be the ultimate NEET.
When your parents pass on,
your means of survival will be cut off!
That being the case, are you still gonna do R.M. T?
I'll mention too, that the
free trial period is long over,
so you're already in the red.
You're wrong. Somewhere along the way,
R.M.T. stopped mattering to me.
I really wanted
I really wanted
Feelings of romantic love are, in the end,
just some chemical reaction.
Under the right conditions,
they occur no matter who the other person is.
That's right.
Even if the other person is, for example, me.
Sato, trying to attain something
in a game is fruitless.
The ones who make the most money are
the people who create the games!
So, let's get back to game creation,
with the Winter Comic Stall in mind!
Get out!
Get out of my apartment!
Sato! A game isn't something to play!
It's something to create!
My medicine may have had too strong an effect.
What am I supposed to do now?
Umm, is this Sato?
It's Megumi Kobayashi. We were in the
same class in high school.
Maybe you don"t remember me.
I was on the class committee and stuff.
The class committee
Oh, the Class Rep?
Right, right! Do you remember me now?
What's the sudden phone call all about?
Are you having a reunion or something?
Better news than a reunion, maybe.
My uniform from when I was in middle school,
an apron and homemade food.
My uniform from when I was in middle school,
an apron and homemade food.
With all this, I'm absolutely sure I can
pull Sato back to this world.
I'm sure everything'll be fine.
I'm coming in. It's all right, isn't it?
Episode 16
Welcome to Game Over!
Moshimo ashita kono sekai ga owaru to shite mo
Kimi no koto dakara
"Sore nara sore de mo ii ka"
Sokkenai taido toru no kana?
Muri suru koto wa nai kedo
Tama ni de mo ii kara
Kao wo agete kocchi wo mite yo
Watashi wo mite
Chippoke na sekai na no ni
Naze darou kono ryoute ni wa ookisugiru
Hateshinai sekai na no ni
Naze darou kono ryoute ni wa chiisasugiru
Nee modokashii asa no hikari no naka de
Kimi to waraitai
As if I'd ever play an online game again.
When he gets hungry, he'll come home.
There are no dreams that can't come true!
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